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Rallies against oil sands across Canada
B.C. NDP admits election mistakes; moves on
Dozens crash in pileups near Calgary
Protest doesn't stop Santa parade elephant
Dexter resigns as leader of Nova Scotia NDP
3 Canadian choppers to head to Philippines
Consultants say Maritime Link deal is vague
Chip company criticized for native logo
Military medic guilty of sex assaults
Harper says his EU deal bigger than Mulroney's pact with U.S.
Investment in universities needed:Science minister
Government criticized over train derailment
Mitchell jury makes mental health suggestions
Toronto cop cleared of misconduct during G20
Proposed Senate reforms wouldn't have stopped expenses scandal
Canada's greenhouse gas stance slammed as COP 19 seeks solutions
Harper debates 'biggest' trade deal with Mulroney
Beautiful Relationships: Crafty Alliances Brew Local Biz Success
brewers and distillers benefit from a sharing spirit. Part of a
Don't Let BC Gamble Our Climate Future
         By pumping
up natural gas and sacrificing precious land, Premier Clark keeps loading
the dice.
You Can't Go Home Again
striking out solo for the first time. Part of a series of BC renter
Jimmy Kimmel on Rob Ford
Ocean acidification putting marine life in jeopardy, scientists
Cosmic scrapbook: Hubble images reveal for first time Milky Way's 'baby
Risk of serious medical complications as Canadians seek weight-loss
surgery abroad
Boys slightly more likely than girls to be born early: study
Lung cancer top killer, but research dollars and donor support poor:
Feds: We Don't Need Provincal Input
Justin Isn't the Only Person Who Admires China's Dictatorship
Media Bites: We Can't Reform the Senate if We're Constitutionally
Tory MP Also Backed Legalization In Talk With Students
Andrew Leslie Mulls Run For Liberals In Ottawa
Is It Finally Tory's
Linda McQuaig, NDP candidate in Toronto Centre, slammed for her former $5
million home 6 hours ago
PEI government's sex-ed guide called creepy Fri,
New NDP leader will win next B.C. election, Dix vows 5 hours ago
Edmonton snowfall causing collisions across the city 2 hours 52
minutes ago
PTSD service dogs kicked out of Dartmouth ER 9 hours ago
Proposed Senate reforms wouldn't have stopped expenses scandal Fri,
15 Nov, 2013
Canada's greenhouse gas stance slammed as COP 19 seeks solutions 17
hours ago
Comet ISON dramatically brightens: How to spot it in the sky Fri, 15
Nov, 2013
Christopher Skinner SUV death brings 3 more arrests Fri, 15 Nov,
Protests against Alberta oilsands and pipeline projects across
Inquest jury says family should be allowed to force psychiatric
Protesters build wall of oil barrels at Alberta Legislature
Possible pepper spray incident happened at downtown Earls, police
How the CSEC came to be
: Time to take back control of Constitution
Shrugging at China's crimes
: Canada gets the blue-collar blues
Governments slow to face up to economic realities
: Rob Ford & the meaning of life
: Liz May "shocked"
Thomas Mulcair vows to 'wipe' floor with Justin Trudeau
Roadmap to Senate reform points in constitutional direction
Justin Trudeau is about to discover the downside of winning
CSEC: The spies next door
Flaherty's budget challenge
Premiers talk jobs, dangerous goods, foreign investment
>>>>The Real News
Wikileaks Exposes the TPP as a Capitulation to Corporate Interests
Fossil Fuel Corporations Dominating the UN Climate Change Conference
Why Did France Thwart The Iran nuclear deal?
r u t h o u
The People Can Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Dissident Voice: With two major
blows to the TPP this week, Zeese and Flowers are urging activists to
come together and "stand in solidarity [to] defeat these agreements
and end the era of rigged corporate trade."
Trans-Pacific Partnership Opponents Score Major Victory
Read the Article at In These Times
Obama Gets More Time for Iran Nuclear Deal
Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service: The Obama administration appears
to have succeeded in preventing Congress from enacting new sanctions
against Iran before the next round of nuclear-related talks between the
US and other great powers and Tehran scheduled for Geneva Nov.
No real dissent in nuclear talks between P5+1 and Iran - Lavrov:
 Russia's Foreign Minister stressed that the understanding
reached must now be fixed by diplomatic means so that it becomes a truly
joint document, not imposed on anyone from outside.
Propaganda? U.S. Official: Deal with Iran is 'Close':
The United States and other countries are "getting close"
to an interim deal with Iran that would prevent its nuclear program
"from advancing, and roll it back" in key areas, a senior
administration official said Friday, according to CNN.
Iran to take much tougher position in nuclear talks after 'France's
Tehran will be "very skeptical" about the intentions of the
six world powers during next week's P5+1 talks in Geneva, after the
initial text of a deal on Iran's nuclear program was "gutted"
following objections from France
Netanyahu to France: Don't waver on Iran:
Speaking to a French daily ahead of talks in Geneva, PM urges
Hollande not to let up his objections to an interim nuclear deal with
Minister: Israel doesn't recognize Iran's right to enrich uranium:
"Iran is a serial violator of UN Security Council resolutions,
and it cannot be trusted," Erdan said. "It mustn't be allowed
to keep a nuclear weapons-making capability on its soil."
Israel and White House Locked in an Info War Over Iran:
Some members in Congress don't trust the data U.S. officials are
providing -- they trust conflicting data provided privately by senior
Israeli officials.
Administration dismissed Israeli intel on Iran's nuke program as
The U.S. intelligence community has dismissed Israel's assessment of
Iran's nuclear program amid P5+1 negotiations with Teheran. They said the
Israeli assessment of an imminent weapons-capable Iran was exaggerated
and alarmist. "Some of the reporting on this has been frankly
misleading," National Security Adviser Susan Rice said.
Right-wing pro-Israel lobby in US slams Obama in new ad:
Video uses US public concerns over Obamacare to warn over his
untrustworthiness on Iran; new poll shows Israelis opposing president's
Iran policies
>>>>Citizens for
WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific
Partnership 13 Nov 2013 WikiLeaks has released the
draft text of a chapter of the
[anti-democratic] Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, a
multilateral free-trade treaty currently being negotiated in secret by 12
Pacific Rim nations [and 600 corpora-terrorists]. Related to the TPP is a
second secret trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership (TTIP), which ties together regulatory practices in the US
and EU. George Monbiot, writing in this paper, referred to the treaty as
a "monstrous assault on democracy".
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) 13 Nov 2013 Today, 13
November 2013, WikiLeaks released the
secret negotiated draft text for the
entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing
nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world's GDP... The
longest section of the Chapter – 'Enforcement' – is devoted to detailing
new policing measures, with far-reaching implications for individual
rights, civil liberties, publishers, internet service providers and
internet privacy, as well as for the creative, intellectual, biological
and environmental commons. Particular measures proposed include
supranational litigation tribunals to which sovereign national courts are
expected to defer, but which have no human rights safeguards. The TPP
IP Chapter states that these courts can conduct hearings with secret
evidence . The IP Chapter also replicates many of the surveillance and
enforcement provisions from the shelved SOPA and ACTA treaties.
detects locations of radioactive leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant
14 Nov 2013 For the first time, a remote-controlled robot has detected
the exact spot of radioactive water leaks from the crippled Fukushima
nuclear plant's Reactor 1, local media reported. The robot was sent close
to the lower part of the Reactor 1 containment vessel at the wrecked
Fukushima Daiichi on Wednesday. Its camera captured images of radioactive
water leaking from two holes of the vessel into the building housing the
reactor, NHK television
reported .
Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011
disaster 15 Nov 2013 Three of the spent fuel assemblies due to be
carefully plucked from the crippled Japanese nuclear plant at Fukushima
in a hazardous year-long operation were damaged even before the 2011
earthquake and tsunami that knocked out the facility. The plant's
operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), said the damaged assemblies -
4.5-meter high racks containing 50-70 thin rods of highly irradiated used
fuel - can't be removed from Fukushima's Reactor No. 4 using the large
cask assigned to taking out more than 1,500 of the assemblies. One of
the assemblies was damaged as far back as 1982, when it was mishandled
during a transfer, and is bent out of shape , TEPCO said in a brief
note at the bottom of an 11-page information sheet in August.
Researchers: Greenhouse Emissions Are Endangering our Polar Bears
Churchill in Manitoba, Canada, is known as 'Polar Bear Capital of
the World' 15 Nov 2013 Every fall, along the Hudson Bay's shore,
polar bears wait for the ice to form so they can hunt seals and build fat
reserves... But because of warmer temperatures, the Canadian waters are
freezing later and thawing earlier, diminishing the amount of time these
bears have to hunt. Scientists have calculated that the amount of time
that Hudson Bay is covered with ice has been decreasing by one day, every
year. In 2012, the bay was ice-free for 222 days. Based on the
physiological demands for food and the availability to hunt, scientists
have determined that the current polar bear population can survive about
160 days without ice. Given the data and the prospect that conditions do
not change, one of the world's preeminent polar bear experts predicts
that two-thirds of the world's polar bear population could disappear in
the next fifty years .
Wikileaks Exposes the TPP as a Capitulation to
Corporate Interests
Life in Prison for Stealing a $159 Jacket?
Jim Naureckas: Attributing Weather Events to Climate Change Is the Easy
Richard Smith: 'Sleepwalking to Extinction': Capitalism and the
Destruction of Life and Earth
Manifestations à travers le pays contre les oléoducs d'Enbrige et de
La CAQ promet l'abolition de la taxe scolaire
Algérie: Bouteflika serait candidat pour un 4e mandat
De nouveaux combats éclatent à Tripoli
Des manifestants exhortent le maire Rob Ford à démissionner
Sortie de Fatima Houda-Pepin - Là où va le Québec
Perspectives - Des nouvelles du 3e plénum du 18e Congrès
Terminal de granules - Prince-Rupert a débattu avant Québec
Dépouillement judiciaire dans Saint-Jacques - Richard Bergeron
officiellement élu
Une fleur pestilentielle menace d'éclore au Jardin botanique
Une députée «pirate» veut faire de l'Islande un refuge pour les
Le Devoir de philo - Martha Nussbaum aurait-elle signé le manifeste des
Libre-échange - Pas de temps à perdre, dit
Warrnambool - Saputo riposte et bonifie son offre
Conférence sur le climat - GES : le Japon jette l'éponge
Les militants de Greenpeace arrêtés en Russie risquent trois mois de
prison de plus avant leur procès
David Cameron se rend dans la région tamoule du Sri Lanka
Le symbole et l'énergie Kennedy
Vieux-Montréal: l'édifice Ernest-Cormier bientôt patrimonialPlus
Lac Saint-François: Déversement d'hydrocarburesPlus
Toronto: Manifestation contre Rob FordPlus
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: un homme assassinéPlus
Trois hélicoptères canadiens aux PhilippinesPlus
Oka : des manifestants s'opposent aux énergies fossilesPlus
Attentat suicide à Kaboul: au moins six mortsPlus
Charte: la CAQ va consulter ses militantsPlus
Accident de VTT mortel à Saint-ZénonPlus
Empoisonneuse en série présumée: appel à témoinsPlus
Ils braquent un livreur pour lui voler son poulet fritPlus
Grave sortie de route à HemmingfordPlus
Philippines: l'aide fait son chemin vers les
From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: Good Ole  days
When I was 13 0r 14 yrs. I was in grade 6 or 7. We could not start scool
until we had reached  7 years old.. In about 1946 we got a new
school principal. He taught grades 6   to 10 or 11.Cant recall
exactly.   He had been a Pilot instructor in ww2.  There
were 3 of us young bucks who were always late coming into class. The
class was always seat before we sauntered in.   That was
working well, for a while.  One day after he had been there
several  months ,myself, and 2 chums
were just doing our regular thing after ,the afternoon
recess.   We walked through the door, all the other kids
already seated.   I was the last in the line of our threesome.
In those days it was cool to wear tweed cap with them arranged on our
heads , pulled severely over one ear. First chum walks through the
door,  bang, he was hit with a clenched fist on the back of his
head.  Down he goes,   tweed flying. Second chum closely
behind,  bang,  same thing happened to him. By then I
envisioned exactly wat was in my near future,  I was
right,   bang ,whacked behind the head with the clenched fist,
saw some stars, tweed cap gone.    So what was the result
.  Well, one thing that didn't happen, neither of us went home from
school that day to blab about what had happened to us.  Beyond
that,  we were always in our seats with the rest of the kids, on
time I assure you.   Did we dislike that man, no never, ever.
Could that cure be initiated today, naw.
One thing about today though,  we   are absolutely
immersed in fear from cradle to grave,  being generously taken care
of to draw our attention to every possible "terrorist
situation"   even afraid to speak  our minds. Well
that last one is real. Grown people stifled with fear of doing that in
our Western ? World.
Ray Strachan
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Talking Points for the 99% (Part 1)
Talking Points for the 99% (Part 1)
The critical­and crippling­misunderstanding about money is embodied
in a narrative that is echoed daily, hourly, with drumbeat regularity, in
the national media and spin-chambers (which are controlled and financed,
not suprisingly, by the 1%.) The narrative will sound very familiar­it
goes like this:
The financial wealth of a nation is, at any given time, a finite
resource privately and individually held by the citizens; any and all
government spending must, therefore, be funded by the collection of
taxes. An "out-of-control," "big government" spends more Dollars than the
citizens are willing (or able) to pay in taxes­and this lack of "fiscal
responsibility" requires the government to borrow Dollars from the
financial markets to make up the difference. This borrowing places the
"out-of-control" government in direct competition for Dollar resources
with the business-financial class of citizens. Since all citizens are
ultimately dependent upon the business-financial class to create jobs and
pay wages, this competition for Dollar resources by "big government"
diminishes the overall prosperity of the citizens­a diminishing that is
compounded by the burden of tax payments, and further compounded by the
government's debt which represents future tax burdens.
The narrative continues with the indignant observation that
government gets "too big" and "out-of-control" because in a democracy
citizens with meager financial resources are able to vote for government
spending programs that provide services and benefits which they,
themselves, cannot afford to buy. The 1% agenda, therefore, is
specifically focused on limiting or eliminating government spending
programs which benefit the poor. The 1% perspective is that the best that
can be done for citizens with meager financial resources is to shrink the
government and limit its spending, thus making more Dollars available to
the business-financial class for job creation and wages. Providing
financially struggling citizens with assistance, or welfare, or "free"
services succeeds only in creating a culture of dependency. The very last
thing the 1% agenda would ever abide is for the government to "print"
money to pay for the costs of its "out-of-control" spending, since such a
policy would destroy the value of the citizen's Dollars (of which the 1%
own the vast majority) and create the disastrous consequences of
Why the 99% struggles to respond.
To date, the 99% have no effective response to this drumbeat
narrative for the simple reason that they have implicitly agreed with its
most basic premise: In order to spend, the U.S. government has to either
collect taxes or borrow Dollars from the private sector economy. This
premise is taken to be such a logical, common-sense truth, it never
occurs to the 99% to question its validity. Because they buy this
premise, the 99% are left with only the defensive position of trying to
justify higher taxes on the wealthy (to help the government mitigate the
pain and social problems of poverty, for example)­or having to justify
continued government borrowing (to help recover from the devastation of
catastrophic super-storms, for example.) Is there need for a special
social program targeting a collective good? "Pay as you go" is the only
logic of the 1% basic premise. Thus, for example, President Obama's
"universal" pre-school program is proposed to be "funded" with a 94 cent
tax increase on cigarettes and tobacco products. The money to provide our
preschool children with early reading and learning skills, in other
words, has to be taken from somewhere else­a zero sum game that requires
someone to lose in order for others to gain.
What the 99% must come to realize, however­even if it seems
impossibly doubtful at first blush­is that because of the realities of
the modern fiat currency we use today, the central premise of the 1%
narrative is false. More important, revealing the truth behind this false
premise can create an opportunity for the 99% to build a powerful
counter-narrative with which to duel the 1% agenda. Anger and outrage are
not enough. The next time an urban plaza is "occupied" there needs to be
a cohesive argument about what the underlying problem actually is, and
how to fix it. The purpose of this small essay is to suggest a platform
upon which that counter-argument might be constructed. The platform is
composed of five simple talking points which reveal­each from a slightly
different perspective­the single, root cause of the 99 percent's
continuing frustration and oppression: The failure of sovereign
government to fairly and effectively manage the national fiat currency
(money) over which the sovereign government, in fact, has exclusive
The Talking Points
1.  Any sovereign nation which fails to provide its citizens
with the full benefits available to them by virtue of the sovereign's
inherent ability to issue and manage its own fiat currency should be
strongly challenged by its citizenry.
 2.   Any economist who makes the claim, either
explicit or implicit, that a nation which issues and manages a sovereign
fiat currency must either borrow or collect taxes in order to have
currency to spend, should have his or her diploma revoked.
 3.  Any political leader in a sovereign nation which
issues and manages its own fiat currency who claims the national
government doesn't have the "money" to pay for goods or services which
are, in fact, available within the national borders­and which would
greatly benefit the citizens­should be tarred and feathered and drummed
out of office as an ignorant charlatan.
 4.  Any banker or financial leader who suggests that a
sovereign nation which issues and manages its own fiat currency is
dependent upon the bond market to "finance" its sovereign spending should
be investigated and prosecuted for the financial frauds they are more
than likely in the act of perpetrating.
 5.  Any journalist who makes his or her living counseling
the public about economic matters, who fails to take the time to
understand and explain to his or her audience how sovereign fiat
currencies actually function, should be summarily stripped of their
journalistic credentials and pushed out the door of the newsroom.
Full essay at
Talking Points for the 99% (Part 1)
Modern Monetary Theory in
Canada - website
From: Robert Ede
Subject: UNSUBSTANTIATED (as yet) : British National Archives show a son
was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya | The D.C. ClotheslineThe D.C.
No matter if you are tempted to agree w the Birth-ers or those
knee-jerk analysts who called him a Charlatan after the 2008 election and
before he took office.
He sure talks-purdy!
I did not mean $2500 /yr saving right away with that woman, I meant in
the future, PERIOD
It all depend on your definition of "keep"
A guy (Demo i think) just said on TV ...did you forget that just 12
months ago this man was re-elected???
heck if folks had know-ed that the Free Healthcare wasn't going to be
free and the whole truth about Sept 11/12 in Bengazi (still unknown) ....
perhaps that wouldn't have happened!
But he still sure talks-purdy .... yesterday was the finest example of it
(Yes He Still Can - shoot it)  ... I shoulda taped
Clem & Jethro
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Don't Governments Have Better
Things to Do? By Chris Schafer
Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Don't Governments Have Better Things to Do?
 What the federal government is attempting to do to Bruce and
Donna constitutes, in our opinion, cruel and unusual punishment contrary
12 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms .
To: "
Subject: Collapse of nuclear-armed Soviet superpower is a reminder that a
nuclear-armed Iran might face an economic collapse
Mr. Jonathan Kay
Opinion Editor
National Post
Copy to: Mr. Robert Fulford, Columnist for National Post: You seem not to
realize that if Israel had the capability to destroy Iran's nuclear
installations, it would have done so long ago, as it did to Syria's
nuclear reactor in 2007. And, exhausted by two bloody wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq, most Americans are suffering from combat fatigue. George Bush
did not do it and Barack Obama will not do it. But the sanction will be
enough to stop Iran from going nuclear.
Collapse of nuclear-armed Soviet superpower is a reminder that a
nuclear-armed Iran might face an economic collapse
In his November 16 opinion piece: "Imagining an imperial Iran,"
Robert Fulford writes: "An Iranian bomb, when added to a powerful
conventional army and Hezbollah, would lift Iran above every other
country in the Middle East (except, of course, Israel)." He may be
reminded that before its collapse, the Soviet Union was the mightiest
superpower (except, of course, the United States). It had the largest
conventional army and its nuclear arsenal was larger than the United
States. It had also nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles.
And it controlled the world's largest empire. And yet it collapsed
without a single American strike. Why?
Because, its economy could not sustain its military power. The Soviet
Union became a basket case economically. Because of its inefficient
economic management, it could not produce enough food for its huge
population. Its industries were producing goods that no body wanted. As
such, it could not continue as the world's No 2 superpower and its vast
empire disintegrated from within.
Similarly, Iran is facing an economic collapse due to the sanction
imposed on it by the United States and its allies. Iran is heavily
dependent on oil exports to the West for its economic survival. As a
largely agricultural country, Iran doesn't produce enough to feed its
population. It also needs to import most consumer goods from the
industrial nations. And it depends on oil exports to earn the foreign
exchange needed to pay for its agricultural and industrial imports.
Acquisition of nuclear weapons will not change the situation. As they
say, you cannot eat a nuclear bomb. If it was otherwise, the Soviet
empire would still be on horizon. In fact, if Iran decides to explode a
nuclear device like the nuclear-armed North Korea, it would become a
pariah like North Korea. But unlike North Korea, which is propped up by
its powerful neighbour, China, for ideological reasons, Iran doesn't have
any powerful mentor to prop it up. Iran will have to rely on its own
resources to survive. And its main resources -- oil and natural gas --
will have to be exported to mostly European countries, China and Japan.
Facing an economic sanction, a nuclear-armed Iran will face a far bleaker
future. Collapse of nuclear-armed Soviet Union has shown that military
power cannot be sustained if the country faces an economic
Iran wants that the sanction should be lifted in exchange for cosmetic
changes in its nuclear program. As such, the international community
should remain firm and must insist that Iran must abandon its nuclear
program if it wants to have the sanction lifted.
As for Robert Fulford's contention about  nuclear proliferation in
the Middle East in the event of Iran's going nuclear, it may be reminded
that it was argued that if North Korea was allowed to go nuclear, it
would trigger nuclear proliferation in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan and
South Korea would also go nuclear to counter North Korea's nuclear
arsenal. Well, North Korea has exploded its nuclear bomb and nothing of
the sort has happened. In fact, a nuclear-armed North Korea has become an
international pariah. Similarly, a nuclear-armed Iran will only become an
international pariah. Collapse of nuclear-armed Soviet Union should be a
reminder that a nation cannot escape economic collapse by acquiring an
atomic bomb.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Feds to spend $1M to $5M on war memorial 
Interesting that they spend this much money on a memorial and yet
leave the Vets to starve without money or healthcare??  Or is
it??  This memorial is to show how the 'government cares' rather
than their respect for those they sent into illegal wars to be injured
and die in lands we have attacked.
Subject: this is the democracy we brought to Libya???
Today in Tripoli Peaceful Demonstrators Killed - Fired on by Misurata
Armed Gangs
Subject: what has changed under Harper???  They are still keeping
records on  us all
What powers do police have for online surveillance?
Subject: Saw this on Corner Gas this morning.  This series started
in 2004!!!
Corner Gas prophetic Pamela Wallin scene.
Subject: I guess administrators need higher pay???
More cuts expected after 19 nurses laid off
Harper Government takes action to help nurses get credential recognition
and jobs