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Canadian-German ex-arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber convicted
Tory MP Barry Devolin won't seek re-election
Sri Lanka defends rights record at
Letter shows Liberals' plan to dismantle land reserve: NDP
Reporter's lawyer demands Furlong apologize
Trudeau says Brandon byelection winnable
NDP claims lag in response to task force
New house price index unchanged in September
Nova Scotia board told to nix Maritime Link
Sea trials for Bluenose II within month
Lung cancer top killer, but research funds low
Saskatchewan going online to tackle bullying
Hundreds of kids rescued from porn ring: cops
CRTC to report on pick-and-pay television
Child porn, allegedly peddled by children
Top court wraps up historic Senate hearing
Ottawa says telecos can't sit on spectrum
Seniors' care issues mostly ignored: report
Ottawa considers helicopters for Philippines
Guilty plea in deaths of aboriginal women
Canada lifts Czech Republic travel visa
CRTC to report on pick-and-pay television
Heinz closing Ont. plant, affecting 700 jobs
Ontario will consider 'new tools' if Rob Ford scandal cripples city
NDP says Alberta planning to cut 200 nurses
Ottawa gives New Brunswick disaster relief
Nova Scotia minister opposes energy hike
New space agency head developing 10-year
Harper's Boon to the Arbitration Industry
         If Canada
finalizes the ICSID Convention, public money flows into silk legal
Something Fishy About BC's Proposed Water Act
         Water for
the oil and gas industry? Absolutely. Water for fish? Maybe.
More Arguments for a BC Pipeline Referendum
Clark, help us break four bad habits of political laziness. By
Rafe Mair
VIDEO: A History of the English Language in 10 Minutes
Building Sustainable Communities conference giveaway
Fees announced for BC's controversial new recycling program
BC oil and gas regulator faces fracking lawsuit
Clement rejects public service unions' proposal to work together on
labour law reforms
RCMP 'disrupted' two dozen security threats last year
Mandatory victims fee unconstitutional, judge says
Shrugging at China's
Reduced program spending in August keeps Ottawa on track to shrink
Federal gov't remains on track to balance budget by 2015: Flaherty
Alberta bleeding out financial assets due to chronic deficits:
With gridlock in Washington, chill sets in among Canadian businesses
B.C. health officer says problem gambling up
Documents show National Defence knew Cyclones might not measure up,
red-flagged troubles in 2004
Credit-card reward programs raising game amid tight competition
Ottawa sits on more
than $10 billion in 2012-13, statements show
Ottawa expects $3.7-billion surplus in 2015
Budget watchdog to probe $7B surprise
Reduced program spending in August keeps Ottawa on track to shrink
Federal gov't remains on track to balance budget by 2015: Flaherty
By the numbers: How much did Canada spend on health care in 2013?
Alberta bleeding out financial assets due to chronic deficits:
Bank opens door to interest rate cut
Bank of Canada slashes outlook for economy, no rate hike in sight
Hundreds arrested in international child porn investigation led by
Why Did Justin Trudeau Get Sun News So Hot and Bothered?
Forget the Scandals and Check Out These Everyday Political Citizens
Cameras Can Be a Cop's Best Friend
Why We Should Admire Justin Trudeau's Answer Instead of Mocking It
Canada, Do What Our Leaders Have Failed to Do: Defend Our Climate
Stop Denying Our Veterans A Dignified Funeral
Philippines Tragedy Shows Canada Needs a Climate Change Wake-Up Call
Equality Unplugged: How Women "Really" Talk About Issues
We Deserve More From the Tar Sands Than Cancer
Thanks to Harper, I Recently Apologized For Being Canadian
Can Tories Turn Youth Against Trudeau?
Canada, I Fought For You and You Let Me Down
Let's Remember the Politicians Who Send Soldiers to Die
Trying to Teach My Little Boy About War and Remembrance
A Veteran Responds to the Minister's "Facts"
Harper "Couldn't Care Less" About the Environment
Reimagining Accessibility: Competition Results and Lessons Learned
What Harper's Legal Battle With Aboriginals Is Costing
Modern life versus microbes: Our obsession with clean living is harming
Canadians living in the Philippines eager to volunteer for relief
'We lost it all': Residents of remote Filipino community await Canada's
emergency relief team
Dogs are idiots – and geniuses
Supreme Court wraps up 'high stakes' hearings on Senate reform
Police shooting inquest examines why RCMP didn't call in a
Brandon-Souris candidates target Liberal
McQuaig, Freeland spar over income inequality in first Toronto Centre
The guy with gravitas is changing the game
Canada's China
Ottawa and Ontario square off (sort of) over deficits
Only city hall, not province, can cut Rob Ford down to size
Stephen Harper right to boycott Commonwealth
victims fee unconstitutional, judge says
Canadians urged Stephen Harper as early as July to take action on truant
senators, letters show
Rather than tinker with Senate, maybe it's time to take back control of
the Constitution
Unfazed by gun-crime ruling, Tories look at new mandatory sentences
Toronto Centre byelection is becoming a spirited
Mysterious sounds over Saskatoon have locals looking for answers 4
hours ago
Environmental review panel asks B.C. mining company to explain
accusations 46 minutes ago
Canada could send three to six military helicopters for Philippine
relief 1 hour 2 minutes ago
Scuppered Iran Deal Faces Scrutiny in U.S. Congress
U.N. Peacekeeping Goes on the Offensive
U.N. Climate Meet: "It's About Survival"
Seeking Asylum Can Mean Living on the Streets
Oil Palm Expands on Deforested Land in Brazil's Rainforest
Idyllic Island Confronts Bloody Past
Middle East Women Mean Business
Cancer a Heavy Burden for Cash-Strapped Cuban Families
OP-ED: Saudi Anger Masks Concern About Loss of Influence
>>>>The Real News
Iran Talks Offer a Peace That Some Resist Desperately
Boardman writes: "Over the weekend of November 9-10, the progress of
multinational talks with Iran abruptly paused after France surprised the
other participants by raising public objections to a treaty text that
remains secret. So now we have a possibly important moment in a long
cycle of fearful futility that seemed almost broken."
to Wikileaks, We See Just How Bad TPP Trade Deal Is for Regular
Is the Ethanol Mandate Worse for the Environment Than Fracking?
Bastasch writes: "The Associated Press's investigation into the
federal ethanol mandate found that not only is it not living up to its
expectations, but the policy is also causing widespread environmental
degradation and harming drinking water."
>>>>t r u t h
o u t<<<<
GMOs for Profit: The Missing Context of Industrial Agriculture
A Trail of Tears: How Veterans Return From America's Wars
Public Citizen Report Reveals Dents, Holes in Keystone XL Southern Half
Weeks Before Planned Startup
The Invisible Refugees - Internally Displaced People
Chris Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Exposed State's Plan to Criminalize
Democratic Dissent
Economic Update: "There Is No Recovery... and the Policy Is Not
Preventing War with Iran Is Top Priority
Russian FM: Iran Backed US Nuclear Proposal
Senate Republicans Reject White House Plea on Iran
U.S. Dismisses Israeli Assessment on Iran as 'Exaggerated, not Based
on Reality'
Quitting Over Syria
America's Rampage through the Middle East
War Criminals Hide EvidenceUS Blocks Publication of Chilcot's Report
on How Britain Went to War With Iraq
What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?
The Cruel Cut - Female Genital Mutilation (FMG)
Kerry: Any Iran nuclear deal will be 'failsafe':
Hezbollah leader: Failure to reach nuke deal between Iran, world
powers will lead to war:
Senior Israeli minister: Kerry no longer an honest broker between
Israel, Palestinians:
Russia in the Middle East: Return of the bear:
Libya bows down to jihadist group by making legislation more Islamic:
Libya ex-rebels lift blockade of oil refinery:
Libya has lost $6 billion from oil protests: minister:
Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable: Op-Ed:
How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan : Video -
Americans' personal data shared with CIA, IRS, others in security
WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit
Internet Freedom:
Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here's How They Did It:
Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public
Have You Been Smoking Pot? Denver Police Have a New Way to Tell:
3D plastic guns: US lawmakers seek ban on national security grounds:
UK: Two Held by Scotland Yard for Female Genital Mutilation on Baby:
China: The Next Phase of Reform
Syrian army makes more gains
'Geneva 2 will be held on Dec. 12'
Saudi police deployed in south Riyadh
Sewage crisis in Gaza raises
Putin praises Syria to attend talks
Russia, Egypt stress Syria stand
'KSA, Israel seek Mideast
Over 40 people killed in Iraq
Palestinian kids die in settler attack
Gazans mark Israeli war anniversary
'World should focus on Israel's nukes '
Libya Almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable – OpEd
Iran Viewpoint: French Malfeasance In Geneva – OpEd
Umbrella States Should Quit Nuclear Dependency – OpEd
When Falsehoods Triumph: Why A Winning Palestinian Narrative Is Hard To
Find – OpEd
On 50th Anniversary Of JFK's Assassination, Let's Examine His True Legacy
– OpEd
Will Carl Levin's Amendments To NDAA Help President Obama Close
Guantánamo? – OpEd
Kashmir: An Integral Part Of What? – Analysis
The Needs Of Justice In A Post-Transition Somalia – Analysis
Hagel Meets With Kazakhstan's Defense Minister At Pentagon
Israel Strikes Two Targets In Northern Gaza
CHOGM, India And Sri Lanka: New Delhi's Missed Opportunities –
China: Bo Xilai Inspires A New Party? – Analysis
IAEA Report Claims Iran Nuclear Production Expansion At Standstill
EU-Georgia: About Initialling Of Association Agreement And Steps After
Burma: RCSS Play Wait-And-See On Nationwide Ceasefire Decision
Saudi Arabia: Illegal Ethiopians Go On Rampage In Jedda
Lenovo Becomes World's Third-Largest Smartphone Maker
Iran: Activists Win Fight To Halt Road In Abr Forest
Andy Warhol Painting Sold For Record $105 million
Pakistan On Alert Ahead Of Shia Festival
Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa Answers Questions On Alleged Human Rights
Hydro: un monopole pour la recharge de voituresPlus
d'Hydro: Fabriqués chez Foxconn au VietnamPlus
Confier ses économies à des «robots» Plus
scolaires: 55 commissions rembourserontPlus
Un petit appareil s'écrase à Laurier-StationPlus
         Rob Ford
tient des propos vulgaires en se défendantPlus
Obama annonce une concession pour les assurés actuelsPlus
d'Obama: deux agents renvoyés pour mauvaise conduitePlus
L'ex-parrain de Boston condamné à perpétuitéPlus
         Charte: La
CAQ ouvre la porte à des compromis Plus
Guy Turcotte de retour en cour le 10 janvierPlus
Paraplégique, sa cause ne sera pas entendue Plus
Pont Champlain: Gaudreault rencontrera LebelPlus
Marois ignorait que Catania était son voisin Plus
Femme tuée par balle à Rivière-des-PrairiesPlus
Pornographie juvénile: 341 arrestations à TorontoPlus
Aéroport d'Amsterdam: de l'argent caché dans leur corpsPlus
         Meurtre de
Salvatore Montagna: deux arrestationsPlus
Frappe de l'UPAC sur la Rive-Nord de MontréalPlus
Philippines enterrent leurs mortsPlus
Porno juvénile: les 10 ados accusés remis en
The Associated
Press|18 h 21 |Venezuela: le Congrès vote pour accorder des pouvoirs
accrus au président Maduro
La Presse
Canadienne|17 h 54 |Le gouvernement fédéral pourrait récupérer des
licences de spectre
La Presse
Canadienne|18 h 57 |La police de Montréal fait une saisie majeure de
cocaïne et de crystal meth
The Associated
Press|18 h 50 |De nouvelles normes de sécurité ferroviaire gagnent des
appuis aux États-Unis , i.
Difficile sortie de Montréal en direction de la Rive-Sud et de l'île des
Remboursement de 100 millions: la FCSQ menace de désobéir à la loi
Denis Coderre a été assermenté à Montréal
Mise à jour budgétaire - Le grand jeu bleu
C'est du sport! - Riche Canada
Repères - La planète typhon
Pauline Marois affirme ne pas connaître Paolo Catania
L'UPAC procède à des perquisitions sur la couronne nord de Montréal
Laïcité – Legault est prêt à aller plus loin et tend la main au PQ
Première infection humaine d'une souche de la grippe aviaire
Geneviève Sabourin a été reconnue coupable d'avoir harcelé Alec
Une ère de sécurité
Lockheed Martin supprime 4000 emplois et ferme quatre usines aux
Le «bon élève» de la zone euro serait-il un égoïste?
Paul McCartney demande à Poutine de libérer les militants de
2013, une des années les plus chaudes depuis 1850
Mauvais pour le climat, bon pour Harper
Les mines de la colère
Israël - Nétanyahou recule sur la colonisation pour mieux plaider sa
cause sur l'Iran
Philippines – Le typhon Haiyan a fait 4460 morts, dit l'ONU
Égypte: Morsi veut poursuivre en justice les auteurs du coup d'État
États-Unis - L'Obamacare peu couru par les
From: Robert Ede
Subject: 2014 Pre-Budget Discussion Invitation
To: "peter.kent.c1a ...snip...
Dear Mr Kent P.C.,
Thank you for the invitation to participate in the Budget process right
here in Thornhill
As an aside, I do think it's a shame about the limo and portfolio ...
but, happily, Firewall Steve-the-Expedient, our evermore Impatiently
Chief Autocrat/Emperor of the Canadian Crown cannot take the
"honourability" of your Privy Council membership away from you,
it'll be on your letterhead forever.
Back on topic, may I recommend you suggest to the Hon. Mr. ("Way
over his Head" but too dull to perceive it) Flaherty, that a review
of the mechanism of Funding the $892,014,427,913 (March 31/13) of
Interest-Bearing Debt via interest-only Bonds and T-Bills is in order.
Amount Quoted --see Table 6.1 Section 6 Volume I Public Accounts
A failure to address the 48.4% growth (increase of almost $291 billion,
from $601.073 Bn to $892.014Bn since March 31/06) in the principal
amount(s ) of the Unmatured Debt and Public Pension liability accounts
on his watch will soon force the Stewards of the Canadian economy
who inherit this mess from the also-Hon Mr Flaherty, to let loose
inflation (just a tad they'll explain, for the sake of growing the
economy ...say from 2% to say 4.5%) in order to reduce the
"real" value of these almost-perpetual bonds through the
resultant currency devaluation.
Principal Sums --see Tables 14 and 15 (pgs 22-23 Fiscal Reference Tables,
Annual Financial Report
These accounts are kept safely away from public/pundit scrutiny by the
Budget Briefing's misdirective focus on the seemingly well-contained
Public Debt Charges (due to dirt cheap rates) and the obfuscation of
fiscal comparators like the totally dis-informative Debt to GDP ratio -
as if the General/Confederal Stewards of the Crown's Treasury and Assets
were actually IN CHARGE and CONTROL of the nation's whole Gross Domestic
(ed note: Remember when we used G National P? The world-wide
switch was made to GDP because it is a "bigger number" -- it
includes the contribution of international enterprises on a country's
soil -- hence making all the "bad stuff" look smaller ...shrewd
Inflation is a borrower's best friend and a lender's worst enemy
...unless the interest rate is linked-to inflation, which reverses the
aforementioned friend/enemy characterizations.
Again if Mr Flaherty's department cannot bear the political pain of
bringing this foreseeable problem to public attention, then perhaps you
could bring public attention
Chart 6a  - a picture really is worth a billion dollars.....
to bad this pie-chart is only in Percentages  (ie 24.5% of all
interest-bearing debt is owed to PUBLIC SECTOR PENSIONS!!!! - payable at
HIGHER rates of interest than "unmatured debt" because of some
special deal worked out in (the Hon B) Mulroney's day
Robert Ede,    
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Federal government says it's headed for
huge surplus, Mark Dunn, November 12, 2013
Re:  Federal government says it's headed for huge
surplus, Mark Dunn, November 12, 2013
In order to create a budget surplus, the government is stinting on
services to veterans, reducing unemployment benefits, limiting health
transfers to the provinces, and cutting government services that impact
the most vulnerable. Meanwhile the Conservatives intend to double the
tax-free savings account so that investors will pay even less tax. This
is the core of Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty's economic prescription:
Let the poor, the sick and the disabled subsidize the rich.
Larry Kazdan,
620 E. 23 Ave.,
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 874-9982
The Cuts: Round Two
OTTAWA - A second round of major cuts to the public sector is slicing
off the hands that serve the public and the heads that serve the federal
Read Whole Story
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: my response to Ray's posting.  I agree with most of what he
Ray--I agree with you about HAARP.  They used the same
instrument to destroy Haiti.  We are not supposed to send food and
clothing to the Philippines, just cash.  And we know where that will
end up.
As for bullying--our governments bully people to join the military(my dad
was conscripted in WWII).  In schools the worst bullies are the
teachers and the principal.  My son suffered this first hand. 
He was bullied by kids and he was forced to sit in the hallway by the
principal when he finally retaliated against the bullies.  I walked
into the school and found him sitting there, removed him from the school
and homeschooled him.  I got the Principal removed from that school
(he was just moved to another school and not punished)but he was held up
as an example of a great man when the school celebrated it's
anniversary.  Our whole society is one big bully pit. 
I used to take my kids to Remembrance Day services but always told them
it was to remember never to let it happen again. 
I believe it is our 'leaders' abusing religion that causes killing in
War.  Jesus never promoted war.  War is done for the
military/industrial complex to make more money.  The only religion
they know is greed and it matters not a damn who they kill as long as
they get richer. 
Subject: CNOOC unit in LNG agreement with BC government DD
Joe--I hope CNOOC enjoys all the radiation washing up on BC
shores.  This may become a battle of who can pollute the environment
the most??
Subject: the truth about Canada and it's 'leaders'
Concerns of a Canadian by Grenville Rogers
Joe--I just re-read this article by Grenville.  He was a
Subject: Be prepared
Mysterious military exercise leads to gruff encounter