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Sona bragged of election exploits: documents
B.C. environmental groups file fracking suit
Boom provinces say they need foreign
One of world's largest companies fined $2.6 million for bitumen
Report says EU fuel standards unfair
Fed agency audits self, finds self wanting
Alberta won't appeal critical oilsands ruling
Ontario to ban smoking on restaurant patios
Quebec government seeks to recoup overpayments
NWT set to take control of resources
Michael Sona bragged of election exploits, witnesses told robocalls
Newfoundland still wants feds Hibernia stake
Study examines risks of oilsands development
Alberta minister apologizes for bill fiasco
Strong shipping season at port of Churchill
Minister has questions about Maritime Link
Cull of blacktail deer approved in Oak Bay
Average consumer non-mortgage debt hits $27,355
Feds fiscally bullish, despite demographics
Energy East pipeline to face Ontario scrutiny
Crocodile attacks Toronto man on golf course
Marijuana laws in Washington, D.C., poised to be relaxed
Provinces open to Senate abolition argue at top court
Philippines typhoon aid: Cash the most effective donation
Sun's magnetic flip: 5 facts and myths about solar
My Rental Apartment Rejected Me
for too long, in a decaying downtown pad with a mind of its own.
Vancouver renter storytelling event tonight!
Water in BC: Three Ways to Fix Outdated Law
water is owned by the public, yet that public has no real voice in water
Permanomics? Indigenomics? Victoria Events Explore New Visions of
'Living the New Economy' brings together economic change-makers in a post
Occupy world.
New Risks Emerge as Anti-Counterfeiting Bill Fast Tracked
push to amend safeguards designed to limit wrongful seizures. By
Michael Geist
Tech ed part of 10-year skills plan: jobs ministry
Young New Democrats give Freeland the Ignatieff treatment
2015 is going to be all about tax cuts
NDP attacks Liberals' Montreal by-election candidate over use of $100,000
New warships to cost more than $100-billion, Ottawa estimates
Canadian visas send the wrong message to Mexico
Justin Trudeau still making rookie mistakes
Jim Flaherty's bullish outlook may be political
Environmentalists sue Encana Corp., B.C. over water use in fracking
Is Justin Trudeau being muzzled?
Harper government praises Australia over repealing of carbon tax
Ontario Liberal Party 'runs' unorthodox new ad featuring Kathleen
Conservative party lawyer suggested staffers be interviewed in robocalls
The resurgence of Remembrance
U of T engineers create electromagnetic invisibility cloak
CETA to benefit PDAC members: Joe Oliver
>>>>t r u t h o u
Elizabeth Warren Challenges Obama to Break Up "Too Big to Fail"
Wall Street Banks
Read the Article at The Guardian
Response Plan for Oil Spills Isn't Working
Read the Article at In These Times
Why Iran Nuclear Talks Failed and Why They Will Get Tougher
Pivotal Trans-Pacific Partnership Section Revealed
"They Were Soldiers" Author Discusses High Cost of War for
America's Veterans
The Real Web of America's Economic Life
Armed Drones Becoming the Norm? At the Crossroads of Robotic
Coast Guard Moves to Approve Barging of Hazardous Fracking Waste on Major
Work Should Adapt to Mothers: Human Shapes Don't Fit Inhuman Holes
Ladydrawers - Zoned: The Mysterious "Foreign" Outposts Inside
the US
Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence: A World Without Privacy
Chris Hedges | The Revolutionaries in Our Midst
Speech in the Digital Age
On the News With Thom Hartmann: Many Americans Haven't Heard of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership, and More
Paul Krugman | Who's Afraid
>>>>Citizens for
Cyber attack 'war game' to test London b*nks prior to big US power grid
London's fin*ncial firms to be put through 'war game' scenario  
Huge Electric Grid Failure Drill Scheduled for 13 -14
Stuxnet 'badly infected' Russian nuclear plant
Nuclear plant security to be designated as state secret
Group in U.S. and Canada to participate in 'mock power emergency'
'It's like the United States government is subsidizing the Taliban,
Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network' - U.S. Senator
Despite repeated warnings
Twitter deems CLG link to Fukushima story 'spammy' and 'unsafe'
Plan approved to lower Fukushima radiation readings by one half
Tepco plans new draining ditch to divert any radioactive spills into No.
1 harbor
'Worst Ever': Obama's Pacific Trade Deal an Attack
on Public Health, Leaked Draft Shows
Under US Occupation, Afghan Opium Industry Surges to Record Levels
'Nature Is Not for Sale' Forum Challenges Corporate Push to Financialize
the World
Fossil Fuel Industry Receives $500 Billion in Subsidies from Governments
Lisa Graves: Corporate America's New Scam: Industry P.R. Firm Poses as
Think Tank!
Center for Media and Democracy: Reports Expose Extreme Pressure Groups
Masquerading as Think Tanks
Neocons Still Hoping for US-Iran Clash
Read more
Distorts Iranian Nuclear
US Ignores Iran's Nuke
Real-Life 'Hunger Games'
Read more
The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage
Read more
Veterans in Decline 
Read more
The Fictionalized Surveillance State – OpEd
The Indo-Pak Equation: Who Will Blink First? – OpEd
Testing Times For Washington Ahead – OpEd
Ralph Nader: Target ­ The Emperor Has No Clothes! – OpEd
Abenomics 'Strategic Special Zones' – OpEd
'Dolan Effect' Evident In USCCB Voting – OpEd
Targeted Killing And The Law: Who Is A Legitimate Target And When Is The
Target Legitimate? – Analysis
India Yet To Stabilise As A Nation State – Analysis
Serbia PM Urges Kosovo Serbs To Vote In Repeat Local Elections
US: Tougher Sanctions In Iran Could Lead To 'War'
EU's New Space Code: A Significant Improvement – Analysis
Supply-Side Reflections On Energy Security In Natural Gas Market –
Kazakhstan Increases Grain And Flour Export
Turkey, Georgia To Organize Joint Control Of Customs Checkpoints
South Africa: Campaign To Clamp Down On False Aids Cure Claims
Recent Clashes Make Saudis Wary Of Ethiopian Maids
Typhoon Haiyan And UN Climate Talks: Seeking Justice Over Loss And
Bird Has Flown – Forever
Francis Bacon Painting Becomes Most Expensive Artwork Ever Auctioned
'Killing Kennedy' Breaks Viewership Record At National
Obama, Cameron Pledge Support For Next Round Of Iran Nuclear Talks
Egypt Court Decrees End Of State Of
Emergency Matt on
Iran Viewpoint: Success Is In Sight, If Sanctions Can Be Lifted –
         Ahsan Ali
Pakistan: Is Hatf-9 Inherently Destabilising? – Analysis
Shiva on
Hiding The Elephant: India, Sri Lanka And The Crisis Of Commonwealth –
Régimes de retraite: la CAQ critique le gouvernementPlus
Les négociateurs palestiniens ont présenté leur démissionPlus
Dennis Oland poursuivi pour le meurtre de son pèrePlus
Fusillade dans une école de PittsburghPlus
Lavallée-Accurso: un duo influent auprès de la SOLIMPlus
Collusion et corruption: Québec veut s'entendre avec les
Une voie fermée durant un mois sur le pont ChamplainPlus
Washington place Boko Haram sur sa liste noire «terroriste»Plus
Guy Turcotte se livre aux policiersPlus
Guy A. Lepage et Claude Meunier en colère contre HydroPlus
Réforme du Sénat: une gifle au gouvernement HarperPlus
Philippines: Le Canada envoie du soutien médicalPlus
Luka Rocco Magnotta a plaidé non coupablePlus
Charte: Drainville annonce dans un feuillet paroissialPlus
Blessée à la garderie: la fillette toujours à l'hôpitalPlus
Climat: 2013, des extrêmes et un niveau record des mersPlus
Cri du cœur d'un Abitibien sur le web: il veut être opéré Plus
La fermeture d'une voie vers la Rive-Sud sur le pont Champlain durera un
Le nucléaire iranien - Le pas fragile
L'Hôpital juif de Montréal
Le projet de loi sur les mines renaît
Des primes qui dérangent
Réforme du Sénat : le politique et le juridique s'affrontent
Exploit accompli pour Mylène Paquette
De l'énergie à revendre
Rona connaît un autre trimestre décevant
La Chine s'engage à s'ouvrir au marché
2013, une des années les plus chaudes depuis 1850
Un rare saola est photographié au Vietnam
Les mines de la colère
Mauvais pour le climat, bon pour Harper
France - Hollande pris dans la grogne sociale
Philippines - L'ONU réclame une aide de 316 millions
Fin de l'état d'urgence en Égypte
Syrie - Les Kurdes instaurent une administration autonome de transition
dans leur
Have a "Google Alert" ? Whether you do now or do
not, get one on this subject.
I have and agree with this statement:
"Now that fracking is on hold in Quebec, Nova Scotia and
Newfoundland and Labrador, it's time for other provinces and the federal
government to do the same."
Emma Lui, National Water Campaigner for the Council of
To put a hold on it until  a  thorough Harm Benefit Analysis
has been completed.
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News 1 new result for fracking
boom creates unexpected billionaires
The guys behind fracking are not engineers or geologists, but a
group of maverick American independents who insisted that the U.S. still
had energy to give.
See all stories on this topic »
Water usage by fracking operations challenged in B.C. Supreme
Media Release by Karen Campbell for Ecojustice, Nov 13, 2013. VANCOUVER ­
Environmental groups are taking the British Columbia Oil and Gas
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unit in LNG agreement with BC government
Nexen Energy, a unit of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, has
signed an exclusive agreement with the government of British Columbia to
look into the possibility of building a liquefied natural gas export
facility on the northern coast of the Canadi an province.
The agreement grants CNOOC Ltd, through Nexen, alongside Aurora LNG
joint-venture partners Inpex and JGC of Japan, "the exclusive right
to pursue long-term access" to land at Grassy Point near Prince
"As the global economy continues to struggle, LNG presents a
singular opportunity to transform our economy," said British
Columbia premier Christy Clark. "While we have a lot more work ahead
of us, this agreement is another step towards realising that
An LNG export project on Canada's west coast could open up energy-starved
markets in Asia to substantial shale-gas deposits in British
"LNG export is the most attractive option for maximising the
value of our Canadian shale gas business, " said CNOOC Ltd chief
executive Li Fanrong.
"With robust financial capacity, a track record of efficient,
innovative and responsible development and significant LNG expertise,
Nexen and our joint venture partners are well positioned to pursue this
The provincial government in February put out a "request for
expression of interest" for companies interested in developing the
province-owned Grassy Point area. Four "suitable" parties
submitted requests, and the province is in ongoing discussions with the
three remaining parties for an adjacent parcel of land at Grassy
The land offered to the Aurora LNG partners comprises 614.9 hectares of
land, plus foreshore land equalling 158.7 hectares.
Aurora will now assess the viability of an LNG project at Grassy Point.
The decision to proceed with LNG development is dependant on acceptable
cost estimates, fiscal terms and well-priced sales agreements, in
addition to "a variety of internal and external approvals",
CNOOC Ltd said.
"We have a long process ahead that includes a site viability review,
a comprehensive environmental impact assessment and stakeholder
consultation," said Nexen chief executive Kevin Reinhart.
The Aurora LNG project joins a list of 10 LNG project proposals in
British Columbia, including the Chevron-operated Kitimat project, which
is aiming to be the
first export facility in the province.
From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: HAARP
I do not remember anyone posting a question on  HAARP,  set up
in the backwoods of Alaska.
I am not a conspiracy theorist.    I just have some what I
think are pertinent questions to ask now and then.
I have read about it, and depending who you listen to ,  The
American Government, its harmless.  According to some unpaid
Scientists, it is capable of some truly satanic uses. One is that it is
capable of sending ultra high frequency waves into the earth where ever
they choose.    Do they want an earthquake, a flood or
some other  "Unnatural event"?
Oh I know,  the question could be, why am I raising the question.
well, as they say in France, just because.
If this has already been talked about at length on the DD, sorry I must
have missed it, which is entirely possible. What I am referring to
is  "On Under 30"     I feel utterly
alone,   pro or  con, on some of my own deep seated
brainwaves. All I know for sure is ,that they have never caused a human
life  to be lost.    I am beginning to wonder if that
is somehow  against our loving  Gods Law.
Ray Strachan
Subject: I am so grateful
For two young fellows from Crooked River Sask.   The village I
was raised in.
They joined THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES so that they could go and fight in
The Korean War.    Heros, or may be better than  that
Dead Heeros. Killing people they did not know.    Well
they both died there,    ever hear of Pork Chop
Hill.  Jeez,   sounds like a real adventure  
for a Heeeero .    Well of course they were no doubt
protecting we Canadians????,    for   krist
sake.       Have I ever wore a  
Red Poppy,,,no,,,, will I ever?   No.    
,  Certainly would have fought  in 1812,   and
certainly if we were attacked now., I would be right
there.    But I will not make a hero out of every one who
has been in the armed forces of Canada.     Sorry, it
is not my religion that holds me back,  it is my
humanity.,   religion encourages  war ,which authorizes
killing on command.   Matters not  who ,. just listen
up  and  dummie up.
Ray Strachan
Subject: Bullying
Lets not make bullying," bullshit"  for our kids.
 Speaking as an only child,    very skinny, but
wirey. Oh yes had the fear factor.  But???
I was taught nothing about self defense.    I learned by
being able to think. as a God given thing, not taught.
But the first two bullies that attacked me   first when I was 5
or 6 years old the next when I was probably 10, decided that they were my
best friends.     Because I  quit being
afraid,   let them attack, then promptly threw them on their
backs,with my arms wrapped around their neck. Told them to , let me know
when you had, had enough. They made that decision and became my best
friends (in their eyes at least)   I have never kicked
anyone,  I have only knocked one man down who was pointing a shotgun
at me when he was drunk, I faced an ex RCMP who was going to kill me with
a hatchet (I have told this before)  but what saved me from him was
some absolutely untrained psychology. And I mean no formal training in
it, but   with no fear in my eyes,  just ,I guess, self
taught psychology.He turned and flung the hatchet against the back wall
of his store.I  didnt have to go to a boot camp to learn it. I
only  wish that todays RCMP officers could shed   some of
their  fear and learn some  psychology that should be offered
to them.    I certainly  don't know If it is or not,
or if they would just rather kill someone, well  lets have a
statement,  in public on that.  But my point,   
we can go on living on this   diversion of "bullies"
instead of making   victims out of our kids to the point that
they only see themselves   as victims ,with Mommy and daddy
agreeing  with them ...Not all situations are the same of course,
but please think .
I taught my sons  to be anything but bullies but to be able to
think..  All I have to fight for now, at my age , "Is my
freedom of speech"    
Ray Strachan
From: Robert Ede
Subject: "The Truth" (spoken on TV) will ... get you
fired...Feb 20/2012 -
 Andrew Napolitano -Fox News
..... earnest talk .... was too much to bear for his bosses
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Jeff Rose-Martland, an advocate for veterans, says the
federal  government has broken its 'social contract' with those who
served in the Armed Forces  DD
Joe--this is the petition site for the article you posted on the DD
Government of Canada: Our wounded veterans deserve life-long support
Subject: we need a new building rather than support our Veterans???
Joe--we can't support our Veterans but we can pay to build this
monstrous building to house the evil people that promote wars that maim
and destroy our men and women in the military and kill millions of people
around the planet--even if Harper stated that 'we only killed 34 people
in Libya'!!!
NATO builds $1 billion HQ as allies cut military spending
Subject: Labelling of GMOs will accomplish nothing--they must be
eradicated to save the planet
   Spread of genetically engineered plants out of control
Subject: More on fracking
Texas Frackers Sue Victim of Their Water Pollution for $3 Million for
Exposing Them
Subject: Mr. Harper's Big Lie -- "Not Cracking Down on Duck
Joe--bravo to Henry Atkinson for revealing the lies that Harper and
his puppets spew.  I agree totally with what Mr. Atkinson has
written.  Harper is just like any other 'leader'--they say what they
think we want to hear but it has no reality--they do what they want in
our 'democracy'. 
This does prove though that governments are afraid of the people. 
Remember what the RCMP did in High River when they broke into homes and
took the guns?  That is an indication of how the gun registry is
used by those in charge. 
From: Henry Atkinson Begin forwarded message:
From: "Bill
Date: November 13, 2013 10:47:45 AM EST (CA)
Subject: RE: Join the CPC now and get elected as a EDA Director
Resistance from the old guard is greatly reduced as you sign up more
members. Years ago gun owners took over the PC riding association In
Parry Sound - Muskoka and formed a new board by signing up 180 new
members which dwarfed the 45 members the organization had before we came
Brings back fond memories!
Great work Charles!
We found it was essential to first get and thoroughly understand the
individual riding association's bylaws. They formed the rules that the
old guard tried to use to keep us at bay.
From: sheldon_
Sent: November-13-13 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Join the CPC now and get elected as a EDA Director
I want to modify this message slightly, and then have it sent out to
all members.
Good thinking Charles!
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:05:54 -0500
Subject: Join the CPC now and get elected as a EDA Director
Please note that many Conservative Party of Canada electoral district
riding associations will be renewing their boards very soon. I encourage
each of you to join the CPC now and seek nomination as a director to your
local CPC EDA board.
We are building presence for the 2015 federal election and we need to
infiltrate the CPC from this grassroots level so that the Lisgar
resolution that was passed at the CPC convention in Calgary will be
formally adopted as an election policy plank by the CPC for the 2015
Federal election.
You can help do that on your EDA board.
This is an opportunity not to be missed.
You may encounter push back fro some EDA's is your pro-gun sentiment is
revealed but they cannot prevent you from vying for the
For those that do not have a local EDA consider starting one and stacking
it with only gunnies.
2014 will b