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Que. biz group hopeful on eastern pipelines
Brad Wall considering permanent fund for future
Flaherty ready to act on hot housing market
Ottawa open to Hibernia talks:minister
Federal government compensating Alberta $2.8 billion for flood
Vancouver recycling cigarette butts
Justices sound skeptical at Senate hearing
Canadian advance team reaches Philippines
Study urges privacy policy for drones
Sri Lankan official slams 'judgmental' countries
OPG tries for 30% rate increase for nukes
Premier questions union's pension stance
P.E.I. government delivers throne speech
Highlights from Ottawa's fall economic
Ottawa expects $3.7-billion surplus in 2015
Some highlights from the Manitoba throne speech
New Brunswick premier backs away from tax vow
Mandatory minimum gun sentences ruled unconstitutional
Wynne warns of economic crisis over pensions
Top court begins historic Senate hearing
Study urges privacy policy for drones
China, Russia in line for top UN human rights body
Watermain breaks close core Toronto streets
Greenpeace activists arrive in St. Petersburg
Study urges privacy policy for potentially 'intrusive' unmanned
Mandatory minimum cases set for rulings
More twists and turns in Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal may be
Mandatory minimum cases set for rulings
'Balance' required in Ring of Fire development
Jeff Rose-Martland, an advocate for veterans, says
the federal government has broken its 'social contract' with those who
served in the Armed Forces
Harper Moves to Give Up More Canadian Sovereignty
ratifying ICSID Convention will shift balance of judicial power to US
government and foreign firms.
Moving Beyond Our Obsession with Stephen Harper
         Press now
for a reinvigorated democracy after the fall of the Harperium
Unpacking BC's Proposed Water Sustainability Act
century-old legislation isn't easy, but we deserve better than what's
currently on the table.
BC NDP, Fight those Wavering Spirits
party's not doomed, just depressed. But there's many a reason for good
VIDEO: Rick's Rant: Veteran's Benefits
Tensions over veterans charter remain as Canada marks Remembrance Day
Canadians mark Remembrance Day from coast to coast
Harper considering battle honours for Canadian units that fought in
Canadian government not fulfilling obligation to veterans:
Thousands in Nova Scotia protest closure of Veterans Affairs
government not fulfilling obligation to veterans: advocate
Filipinos blame politics and industry for monster typhoon
As the world turns its eyes on the Philippines
after the worst recorded typhoon in history ravaged through the country,
Filipinos are pointing fingers at the Harper government for creating
How can we build an energy bridge to the future?
The oil sands, or the tar sands--that's the
picture we are looking at today, more toxic pollution, more foreign
control, more climate damage. But is it the picture of tomorrow?
Joe Oliver's Keystone XL push in Washington plagued by "brazen"
false claims
It would be nice if Mr. Oliver cared as much
about meaningful jobs in Canada's oil industry as he is about promoting
job creation for U.S. citizens.
Oil and gas industry resists new oil sands emissions standards, claims
opposition is "ideological"
New documents released through Access to
Information legislation show the oil and gas industry resisting
strengthened emissions standards in Alberta.
One simple chart explains climate failure from Kyoto to Warsaw
After 18 years of total failure to slow the
climate crisis the world's nations head to pro-coal Poland for round 19…
Watch Nathan Cullen call PM a fake cowboy and tell Parliament Keystone XL
not good for Canada
NDP House Leader says Harper tried to bully
Eat your heart out, Toronto
We've got Mayor Gregor Robertson and you've
got Mayor Rob Ford.
>>>>Globe and
Justin Trudeau does ladies' night
Government readies its full-court press for Senate reform hearings
Judge to consider release of police interviews surrounding Ford
Spy agency's budget to hit $460-million after 'steady path' of
Tax cuts on horizon as Flaherty expected to unveil surplus
Federal government could balance the books earlier than thought, experts
Senators saved more than $1-million in expenses during period when claims
were under scrutiny
Federal government awards $2-million contract for prison religious
counselling to private company
Justin Trudeau's gaffes getting harder to
Tories want Liberal MP fired for comment that was "an insult" to
veterans 2 hours 20 minutes ago
Opposition parties slam Jim Flaherty's good news economic update 3
hours ago
Top court begins historic hearing on reform, abolition of maligned
Senate 4 hours ago
Tories want Liberal MP fired for "insulting" vets comment 2
hours 18 minutes ago
Privacy, intrusion issues dog rollout of unmanned drones by police 4
hours ago
Spy agency getting almost half a billion dollars, a bargain its
supporters say 5 hours ago
Ontario court ruling reignites debate about mandatory minimum
sentences 6 hours ago
Senators cut spending by $1.2 million after expense scandal: report 9
hours ago
Video: Rob Ford bobbleheads spur long lineup in Toronto 8 hours
What is Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team and why was it sent to
the Philippines? 9 hours ago
Video: 'The Kennedy Suite' a Canadian album on JFK assassination 11
hours ago
What can be done to curb gun violence? 9 hours ago
Police say vans carrying black market gasoline are rolling bombs 6
hours ago
Chilly Arctic blast brings wintry weather preview to much of Canada
10 hours ago
'Ruthless' cuts putting veterans, families at risk, Dallaire
Wounded vets battle feds over Veterans Charter revamp
Tory election document undermines Ontario unions, critics say
Harper can't be trusted to give the Wright answers
Sun's pending magnetic flip has physicists on edge
Internship regulations need 'a more co-ordinated effort'
Why the Conservatives are in no rush to end the deficit
Court begins hearings into Senate reforms, abolition
Did MP's Donors Breach Legal
Budget watchdog goes through access to information for arctic patrol ship
For Poland the Right Way Is Coal
Are Iran and the United States Headed Towards a "Heroic
Rwandans Poised to Take on African Fashion
Little Preparation for a Great Disaster
Gaps Threaten Conflict Minerals Certification
Visibility from High-Profile Human Rights Inquiries Trickles Down in
Foul Play Ahead of Russian Olympics
U.S. a Favourite Roost of Vulture Funds
World Headed for a High-Speed Carbon Crash
Breaking New Ground for Trans Children
>>>>The Real News
Filipino Gov. Misused Public Funds As People Suffer from Post-Typhoon
IAEA & Iran Enter New Inspections Deal, But What Does the IAEA
Already Know?
Is Iran Being Transparent About Its Nuclear Program?
The Untold Story of America's War in Afghanistan Pt.2
Viral Video: At UN climate convention in Warsaw, negotiator Yeb Sano says
to climate change deniers: Get off your ivory towers and pay a visit to
the Philippines
Rachel Maddow - Corporate cash sways voters on GMO foods
John Nichols and Robert McChesney on Selling out Democracy
Video: David Suzuki's Fukushima Warning Is Dire And Scary
The U.S.-Iran Talks: Ideology and Necessity
Russia Says Iran Not to Blame for Geneva Talks Failure:
source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the account of
the talks given by US Secretary of State John Kerry this week was an
oversimplification of events.
US-Israeli computer super-worm hit Russian nuclear plant:
CEO of one of the world's foremost computer security firms says the
Stuxnet worm that targeted Iranian nuclear facilities may have also
infiltrated similar critical systems in Russia.
Israel 'plans 20,000 new illegal settler homes in occupied West Bank':
plans to build 20,000 new settler homes in the West Bank, settlement
watchdog Peace Now said on Tuesday, the biggest batch of tenders since
peace talks restarted.
A Deal With Iran -- or War With Iran? By
Patrick J. Buchanan
Bibi Netanyahu succeeds in closing down Obama's diplomatic path to Iran,
only the road to war remains open. Which is exactly what Bibi wants.
Iran Deal Would Greatly Reduce Israel's Military Option, Ex-advisers
         Once the
six world powers sign an agreement with Iran, Israel's military option
will be significantly less likely to be exercised, if not completely off
the table.
Why France is Playing 'Stupid' on Iran By Pepe Escobar
         If the
Hollande gang believes they will be "saved" by the Wahhabis,
they must be on mescal.
Iranians angry and bewildered after French torpedo Geneva nuclear
         The Irna
state news agency reported that Iranian businessmen were considering
reducing their trade ties with France, saying they no longer considered
it as a good partner because of    its
"adventurist and immature behaviour" at Geneva.
Iran backed out of nuclear deal - John Kerry:
reports that France's reservations scuppered an agreement, Mr Kerry told
reporters in Abu Dhabi: "The French signed off on it; we signed off
on it."
Iran blames US for 'gutting deal's draft,' foiling agreement:
FM Zarif pans US's 'conflicting statements' which damaged confidence,7340,L-4452320,00.html
Propaganda? : 'Israel will attack Iran if you sign the deal, French MP
told Fabius':
French member of parliament telephoned French Foreign Minister Laurent
Fabius in Geneva at the weekend to warn him that Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu would attack Iran's
facilities if the P5+1 nations did not stiffen their terms on a deal with
Kerry: Obama prepared to use force in Iran after nuclear talks
"The president has been willing and made it clear that he is
prepared to use force with respect to Iran's weapon, and he has deployed
the forces and the weapons necessary to achieve
   that goal if it has to be achieved," Mr.
Kerry said during an interview with NBC.
Netanyahu calls on American Jews to stand 'together with us' to stop
Iran deal:
largest American Jewish organization, the Jewish Federations, is having
its annual conference in Israel this year. Netanyahu addressed the group
tonight and said they had a
to stop the deal that global leaders are trying to reach with Iran.
A Book Review Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
         A personal
journey  of a young  American righteous Jew who finds 
plenty of faults in other Jews in general and in The Jewish State in
The Untold Story of War: U.S. Veterans Face Staggering Epidemic of
Unemployment, Trauma & Suicide Video
estimated 22 veterans take their own lives each day. On any given night,
nearly 63,000 veterans are homeless.
  Watch This Video Before You Enlist! Video
Straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what
is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the
military's marketing efforts.
Who's to Blame for Battlefield America? Is It Militarized Police or
the Militarized Culture?
Clearly, the American homeland is now ruled by a military empire.
Committees of Correspondence: To Defend Freedom and Secure Good
again, "these are the times that try men's souls." What lessons
can we learn from history to help us through this crisis?
Connected - A Film For Change Video
film aims to address the question of how we can create a fairer and more
sustainable future.
It's Business That Really Rules Us Now
Corporate interests have captured the entire democratic process. No
wonder so many have given up on politics.
The Indian "Miracle" Video
Underneath the glittering surface of India's economic boom lie the ugly
realties of modern day India: mass suicide by debt-ridden farmers and a
caste system which condemns millions     to
a life of servitude.
The United States' Self-Defeating Gotcha Culture
Car Crash Test Dummies: Another Transatlantic Divide?
China's Real Urbanization Hurdle
Civic Protest
Is Singapore
Photo Gallery: Pakistan Looking Into an Uncertain Future
Incorrigible Senator McCain
10 Facts: Social Media, Back to the Future
He's A Dove Now: John McCain's Shameless New Hypocrisy
We Are Not One Nation Under Twitter
Brasil, Objeto ou Sujeito da História?
The Coming
U.S.-China Clash
Haunted By Its History
Bite: The Chinese Colossus, Really?
Some Nations Grow Fast (and Others Don't)
Real Leap Forward
Global Bite: How
China Transformed Itself
United States of Twittermania
La Presse
Canadienne|18 h 14 |Flaherty est prêt à resserrer de nouveau les règles
sur les prêts hypothécaires
The Associated
Press|17 h 28 |Bosnie: le mandat de l'Eufor a été renouvelé pour un an
sans débat
The Associated
Press|20 h 39 |Conflit israélo-palestinien:Israël envisage de nouveaux
logements en Cisjoradnie
The Associated
Press|18 h 30 |Syrie: les enlèvements d'hommes d'affaires au Liban se
Le PQ veut récupérer l'argent de la corruptionPlus
Le NPD écorche Emmanuel Dubourg Plus
CAQ: Maud Cohen nommée présidentePlus
Budget féréral: Ottawa prévoit un surplus pour 2015-2016 Plus
Le PQ comparé au Tea PartyPlus
Une enfant retirée à ses «faux» parents romsPlus
Voiture dans une garderie à Laval: trois enfants ont été blessésPlus
La CAQ votera contre un budget déficitairePlus
Réforme du Sénat: la Cour suprême entend les argumentspartiesPlus
Hospitalisée à côté du meurtrier de sa famillePlus
Sylvain Gaudreault mise sur l'Agence des TransportsPlus
Nouvelle accusation contre Piazza Plus
Égype: L'état d'urgence pourrait être levé ce mardiPlus
Union Montréal aurait détourné des fonds publicsPlus
Réforme minière: un nouveau projet de loi cet automne?Plus
Télé-réalité: elle meurt en voyant sa petite-fille triompherPlus
Une affaire de corruption ébranle la Marine américainePlus
Typhon Haiyan: un aperçu des dommages Plus
Deux hommes victimes d'un braquage à domicilePlus
Les rescapés du typhon tentent de fuir l'apocalypsePlus
Affaire Roberge: un lieutenant de la SQ suspenduPlus
Sortie de route mortelle à Saint-Jacques-le-MineurPlus
Ottawa projette un excédent budgétaire de 3,7 milliards pour 2015-16
Les candidates libérales pourront porter le tchador au prochain
Transports: Gaudreault présente son plan pour augmenter l'expertise de
Union Montréal soupçonné d'avoir détourné des fonds publics
Pipeline - Le double discours
QS et le lobbyisme - La tentation de la prohibition
Droits syndicaux - Les scientifiques préparent la guerre contre
Commission Charbonneau - Une armée de bénévoles de la FTQ-C ont prêté
main-forte au PQ en 2007
Rapport de QS sur le lobbyisme - Des «portes tournantes», très
Les victimes de la mort subite du nourrisson auraient des anomalies du
tronc cérébral
Affaire Benoît Roberge – Un lieutenant de la Sûreté du Québec a été
La guerre entre Wall Street et la City s'intensifie
Endettement - La dépendance aux petits plaisirs fait perdre le sens de la
mesure aux
Conférence sur le climat - Un délégué philippin va jeûner pour sauver la
Francophonie - La candidature de Michaëlle Jean se confirme
Tunisie - Le combat contre le niqab d'un doyen menacé de mort
- L'opposition en quête de légitimité pour aller à Genève
Iran - Téhéran s'entend avec l'AIEA sur les vérifications de ses
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Finance minister's 2015 goal: Not merely
balanced budget, but useful surplus,   Julian Beltrame,
November 11, 2013
Re:  Finance minister's 2015 goal: Not merely balanced budget,
but useful surplus, Julian Beltrame, November 11, 2013
To achieve objectives that Canadians want, such as the reduction of
poverty, the protection of the environment, and the creation of jobs, the
government has a tool called the budget. And depending on contractionary
or expansionary measures required and applied, the budget balance will
float up or down.  As Canadian-born economist John Kenneth Galbraith
explains: "If there is idle capacity and unemployment, the
government must spend more that it receives in taxes.........there is no
merit at all in a policy that just balances income and outgo, none
But at a time when 1.35 million Canadians are jobless and additional
stimulus is required, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wants the government
not just to balance but to receive more than it spends, so that when the
2015 election comes he can dangle tax reduction goodies.  In
Flaherty's machinations to re-elect his Conservatives, Canada's
unemployed are just sacrificial pawns.
Almost Everyone's Guide to Economics
John Kenneth Galbraith, Nicole Salinger
Bantam Books 1978  Page 92
"If there is idle capacity and unemployment, the government must
spend more that it receives in taxes.........there is no merit at all in
a policy that just balances income and outgo, none
Subject: -Letter to Editor re: Members of DART headed to
Philippines,  The Canadian Press, Nov 11 2013
Re:  Members of DART headed to Philippines,  The Canadian
Press, Nov 11 2013
While Canada's small disaster relief team (DART) will no doubt make a
unique contribution in the Philippines, the question naturally arises:
Why does the United Nations not have its own standing rapid reaction
force when large-scale catastrophes strike? Proposals for this service
have been well developed by Canadian academics and NGOs. In addition to
providing humanitarian and disaster assistance and an array of civilian
teams specializing in environmental services, human rights and conflict
resolution, such a service could also include military and police units
sufficient to restore law and order should that be necessary. Canada
could lead internationally and help regain its reputation by championing
the creation of a United Nations Emergency Peace Service(UNEPS). Tens of
thousands of lives could by saved by this increased UN capacity, able to
move quickly and robustly when crises erupt.
UNEPS Backgrounder. Time for a United Nations. Emergency Peace ...
Larry Kazdan, Councillor,
World Federalist Movement-Canada
620 E. 23 Ave,
Vancouver, B.C.
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Separation of "Ecclesia" and "Rei
Separation of
Ecclesia (defn
#2) and Rei
Publicae (defn #1)
A comment on:
Two big tests of American religious freedom now in play
-A gay rights bill clears the Senate; a council's right to pray goes to
the Supreme Court
By Link Byfield
Robert Ede  

3 minutes ago
Regarding the Town of Greece v. Galloway aspect of your article:
If, ..... as you indicate, "Yet somehow – especially since 1947
(Everson) – it has meant that no tax-funded entity may prefer, endorse,
advance or assist any religion – or anti-religion – in any
Then, .... why is the anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-clerical,
anti-Old/New Covenant, pro-nature-worship, pro-wicca, humanist,
laicite-ist, "everyone does what is right in his/her own eyes"
RELIGION (def.n-- one of mankind's attempts to provide finite explanation
for infinite things) being endorse(d), advance(d) or assist(ed) by
schools/universities (and many tax-funded entities), the media and many
gosh-I-don't-want-to-offend-anybody politicos, pundits and gov't
As you correctly assert, the "Separation of Church and State"
in the USA (and by Canada, outside of Quebec) was intended as an
assurance to all extant (largely Protestant) denominations, faiths and/or
belief-systems that the USA would never sanction a "State
Religion" ie that no denomination/faith/belief-system would ever be
allowed to dominate the "religious life" in the country (as had
been in many of their citizen's Home countries) and that never would any
singular faith-system become an integral/guiding/influential part of the
legislative/executive/judicial/administrative processes of the central
government - subsequently this "separation" doctrine/policy was
deemed applicable to the states as well.
Banning the "establishment of a state religion" is far
different than banning an individual or group (??municipal council??)
from respectfully observing the "worthiness" of their
sovereign-superior, ultimate-authority-granting Boss in the public
My opinion (and I daresay you might agree) that the pendulum of
court-granted Rights has swung too far past "fair" and is way
over in the "placate, ameliorate, over-compensate,
dare-not-ruffle" category of "making amends" for past
generations' intolerance, self-firsted-ness and
One day, somebody running for office will start talking about the
responsibility of the elders, notables, leaders of a self-governing
nation to nurture/expect/demand the appreciation of the
social/political/economic importance and value of the "quality of a
person's character" irrespective of any and all external, internal
and eternal factors.
Let's all search for that someone .... and encourage them to start the
pendulum's (and the scale of justice too) swing back to
"balance" ... because that person represents how YOU think (but
dared not vocalize for fear of omni-present, poli-correct backlash) ....
and because you know that the election of that person represents the
first steps down the path YOU think must be taken to restore the New
Jerusalem that the New World once was capable of being.
"There is no shame in turning back, when you discover you are on the
wrong path" rce 2006
Robert Ede
Thornhill, L3T 4P5
Province of Toronto, CA
From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: Biological Weapons
The Americans have a great idea, attack and obliterate any country they
say may have Biological weapons, except of course Israel.
It is written that the USA has purchased billions of dollars of such
weapons since the (phoney) attack of 911.
Would it actually be Israel who were the sellers?    
Oh no, of course not.  How could I be so dumb to even ask such a
question?   I dont doubt that they have in fact purchased said
weapons, the question is, who will they unleash them on eventually.Who
knows? Maybe it will be just another unsolved mystery that our world
might as well get used too.
Ray Strachan 
From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: It's business that really rules us now, The Guardian,
Until this issue is addressed, our efforts (on many different fronts)
bear little fruit.
The flow of information I see, says that more and more people in the
"western democracies" are arriving at the same conclusion. 
"The usual" actions (talking to elected officials, voting, and so on) do
not change things in a corporatocracy.  
Different actions are required.
It's business that really rules us now
Lobbying is the least of it: corporate interests have captured the entire
democratic process. No wonder so many have given up on politics
The Guardian ,
Monday 11 November 2013 20.31 GMT
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Email from
Sandra Finley
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: this video agrees with Ray's posting on the DD today
US 'colonized entity' reporting to Israel: Kevin Barrett
Subject: TPP same as NAFTA?  We lose again
Trans-Pacific Partnership
Subject: Coming Soon: Corporate Tools To Hollow Out National Sovereignty
.more than 600 corporate insiders and lobbyists reportedly have 
access to the negotiators and dominate the agenda. And signatory
 would have to adjust their own laws to the agreement
Joe--good bye Canada--hello corporate rule--democracy--you gotta love
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Begin forwarded message:
Subject: FW: Regarding: 
Mr. Harper's Big Lie -- "Not Cracking Down on Duck
Stephen Harper was at his oratory best in his speech to the Conservative
Party Convention in Calgary on Friday evening 01 November 2013. In
reviewing his record of accomplishments. Mr. Harper loudly boasted to the
crowd: "You don't prevent gun crimes in our cities by cracking down
on duck hunters.'This party ... ended ... the wasteful and ineffective
long-gun registry."(1)
As I stood in stone-cold silence in the back of the auditorium, my
colleague Joe Gingrich angrily murmured, "Mr. Harper is attempting
to hoodwink this  Convention with the Big Lie."
Beguilingly Mr. Harper invites us to join him in entering his Orwellian
world of "1984". As George Orwell predicted, in
"contradiction of the plain facts", Mr. Harper now tells
"deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, (and) forgets
any fact that has become inconvenient ... ."( 2)
To accept Mr. Harper's pretentious grandiloquence we would have to
suspend  reality.
Please Note Well: Stephen Harper has deliberately forgotten:. . the
promise he made to firearms owners to repeal the Bill C-68 - the Firearms
Act and all the attendant Criminal Code changes that made the mere
possession of a firearm illegal.(3) . . the Conservative Party Policy to
respect "the rights of law- abiding Canadians to own and use
firearms responsibly."(3) . . the pledge that his Firearms Critic
Garry Breitkreuz made to firearms owners(3) "to repeal Bill C-68 and
return the laws to the way they were before 1995."
Far worse, Mr. Harper has conveniently ignored the fact that his
endorsement of the Liberals' 1995 Bill C-68 licencing scheme IS in fact
'cracking down on duck hunters'.
. . Every firearms owner who has submitted to this unjust law is now on
the RCMP's Canadian Police Information Center's list of persons of
interest to police.(4)
. . Every firearms owner who has refused to submit to what is now Mr.
Harper's licencing scheme is subject to arrest and the confiscation of
their firearms.(5)
Fortunately, the CPC Convention did not end with Mr. Harper's
The next day in a near unanimous vote we delegates reaffirmed the
Conservative Party Policy that recognizes our Right "to own and use
firearms responsibly."
And for good measure we adopted a clause that declares that a
Conservative Government: "recognizes the legitimacy of private
ownership of firearms and will resist any domestic or international
pressure to the contrary."(6)
With this as our rallying cry, we reject Mr. Harper's Big Lie. In the
most emphatic manner possible we must remind Mr. Harper that we are NOT
sheep. We remember his promises. We remember Garry Breitkreuz's promises.
And we have reconfirmed our Conservative Party Policy that recognizes our
Right "to own and use firearms responsibly."
Mr. Harper must regain his memory. Mr. Harper must keep his promise. AND
Mr.Harper must implement legislation to repeal Bill C-68 - the Firearms
Act  and the Criminal Code provisions that make the mere possession
of a firearm illegal. Until Mr. Harper enshrines in law our Right
"to own and use firearms responsibly", we will seek his removal
as Party Leader.
Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS
Sunday, 10 November 2013
CC: Stephen Harper, Leader, Conservative Party of Canada
1. Mr. Harper's Quote on Duck Hunters:
2. The Big Lie
Orwell, George (1949). Nineteen Eighty-Four. Martin Secker & Warburg
London, part 1, chapter
3. The Conservatives' Promises to Firearms Owners
4. Canadian Police Information Center
5. Biggar RCMP Firearms Confiscation Court Argument; Appendix A
6. Conservative Party Policy Handbook 2013
Regarding:  Mr. Harper's Big Lie, by Edward B. Hudson DVM,
10 November 2013