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Provinces praise maligned, scandal-plagued Senate in top court
Brazeau's payments to the Senate put on hold until suspension is
Harper marks 'the battle that saved Canada'
Members of DART headed to Philippines
Traditions unfold at National War Memorial
Afghan war battle honours for Canadians
Minister 'not appropriate' over land plea
Cash urged as best way to help Philippines
Flaherty aiming for useful surplus in 2015
B.C. hints offsets will curb LNG emissions
Members of DART headed to Philippines
Website for cheaters calls lawsuit 'frivolous'
No more age restrictions on zoo polar bears
RER Hydro, Boeing to build Montreal river dam
Manitoba throne speech to focus on jobs
Mitel to buy Aastra in friendly $400M deal
Ontario must see pipeline benefits: study
Harper offers help to Philippines president
CN freight derails near Fort Frances, Ont.
Traditions unfold at National War Memorial
Dairy farmers celebrated in 2014 Milk Calendar
Afghan war battle honours for Canadians
Remembrance Day marked with 2 minutes of
Soaring farmland prices a crisis in the
Remembrance Day: Too little too late for Canada's Korean War
Justin Trudeau applauds China – but then, so does Stephen
Silver nanoparticle use spurs U.S. consumer
Aeroplan error causes $4,600 flight for
To Home Ownership and Back Again
         I left the
city for a house, and my heart still aches. First in a series of BC
renter tales.
You Might Be Surprised Who Is a Veteran
         We are a
diverse lot after serving, but on Remembrance Day we share a sense of
Invite Your Friends to The Tyee, Win a Tofino Getaway
         With under
a week and $50k left in the Tyee National campaign, it's time to reach
out to friends and family.
While the Crack Pipe's Hot, De-Amalgamate Toronto
reasons for Torontonians against Ford Nation to unite now and take back
their city
Learn to Make Videos that Make Change: Tyee Master Class
         Kai Nagata
drew 1.3 million views in a year. Saturday, he shares how.
Tyee Poll: Is Internet access a basic right?
Ottawa to assess Canada-U.S. data sharing project | Toronto
Rob Ford saga casts shadow on Toronto Centre byelection
Secret document spells out Tories' campaign
The help veterans need and
Supreme Court to begin hearings on Senate reform
Trudeau would rethink Harper's mandatory minimum sentences
Poppies scarce in Montreal
Brothers in arms help out homeless vets
They gave all for our freedom
Let's focus on cities: We give them a lot of tax dollars and should
expect better
Employees treated 'shabbily' in wake of Senate suspensions: Hugh
Federal Liberals propose crackdown on partisan government ads
Canada's last Remembrance Day in Afghanistan evokes poignant
Flag theft, protests dog Remembrance Day ceremonies 10 hours ago
Brazeau's payments to the Senate put on hold until suspension is over
6 hours ago
Canada poised to send military plane to assist Philippines in wake of
typhoon 9 hours ago
Canadian mining firms giving country a black eye abroad, report finds
5 hours ago
Polio virus strain in Syria confirmed as being from Pakistan - WHO 11
hours ago
Canadian leaders share thoughts on Remembrance Day 12 hours ago
How PEI Premier Robert Ghiz may have poured cold water on the Senate
abolition movement 7 hours ago
Harper government slammed for cutting welfare to failed refugee ...
Canada's Senate – Off with their heads
Reform or death? A scandal touches the government
For sheer hypocrisy, Senate hard to beat
The government Trudeau most admires
The Trudeau brand needs a rethink
Justin Trudeau's recent gaffes undermine his political
Post-Harper Tory leadership rumblings
Tories well-positioned for 2014 election
>>>>The Real News
The Untold Story of American Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
War is not About Truth, Justice and the American Way
Training that makes killing civilians acceptable
America has an Industrial Policy - It's Run by the Pentagon
Military Suicide Rate Continues to Rise at Alarming Rate
The Truth About Climate Change
Hillary Clinton: The Most Formidable Frontrunner Ever?
Philippine Super Typhoon Kills at Least 10,000, Official Says
Kerry: World Powers Closer to Iran Nuclear Deal
Terrorism That Torture Didn't Stop
How Is Washington Still Not Talking About Poverty?
Eric Bronner | The Sovereign
Robert Parry | A Showdown for War or Peace
European Union
Vietnam evacuates 600,000 in fear of Haiyan devastation
         Australian troops
to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014
Virtual proof of climate science fraud
         Saudi spy chief
joining Israel for attack against Iran
10,000 killed in Philippines by super typhoon Haiyan
>>>>t r u t h o u
Student Debt Is Crushing the Economic Future of the Young
The Super Rich Reinvent US Capitalism
Robert Pollin: America Has an Industrial Policy - It's Run by the
Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the
Guns but No Butter
Seven Things Veterans Need More Than a Holiday
Truthout TV Interviews Rania Khalek About Privilege in Israel, the NSA
and Drones
Lieberman sworn in as Israel foreign minister
struck on UN inspections of Iran sites
Syria opposition sets preconditions for talks
Iranian minister shot dead in Tehran
Kerry: All options to be exhausted with Iran
Rouhani: Iran will not give up nuclear rights
UN recommendations on Qatar migrant rights
9-11 Truth Has Won
America the Beautiful's Germ Warfare Rash
Why migrants die
Australia shifts to the climate denialist right
Paying the Toll on the Economic Highway
Deadly explosion rocks Mogadishu hotel
nuclear talks at 'critical' stage
Lampedusa boat victims raped an tortured
Kerry: All options to be exhausted with Iran
Marvel Comics debuts female Muslim superhero
US naval convoy crosses Egypt's Suez Canal
Zionist Crimes Against The Jews
Veterans Day Hypocrisy
Kind Of Murderer Deliberately Leaves Fingerprints Behind?
9-11 Truth Has Won
Netanyahu the Rejectionist
America the Beautiful's Germ Warfare Rash
Trading Women for Profit
The Judaization of Israel
Arranging the Deck Chairs While Death Comes from Japan
Australia shifts to the climate denialist right
contre la collusion: des économies de plus de 240 millions $ en 201 3
au MTQPlus
Deux roches «volantes» percutent une voiture sous un v iaduc à
Le Canada envoie une équipe d'intervention aux Phil ippinesPlus
Intervention policière fatalePlus
Aluminium : les libéraux appuient ParizeauPlus
Un influent mafieux montréalais assassiné à AcapulcoPlus
Denis Coderre recrute à la CCQPlus
Irruption avec une croix à l'hôtel de ville de QuébecPlus
Trois plaisantins épinglés dans le tunnel du métroPlus
Cinq véhicules impliqués dans un accidentPlus
Khadir veut réduire l'influence des lobbyistesPlus
Typhon Haiyan: 10 000 morts seulement à TaclobanPlus
Russie: il cloue ses testicules sur la place RougePlus
Jour du Souvenir: en hommage aux vétéransPlus
Charbonneau: Jocelyn Dupuis déstabiliséPlus
Sept appels à la bombe à LévisPlus
Typhon: la petite Bea Joy nait au milieu des décombresPlus
Le commandant «a sauté» du Concordia en plein naufragePlus
Accident mortel à
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Nov 11th
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It is the VETERAN , not the
who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN , not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the VETERAN , not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN , not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN , not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the VETERAN , not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.
It is the VETERAN ,
who salutes the Flag,
It is the VETERAN ,
who serves under the Flag,
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: A poem worth reading
Joe--no truer words were ever written--including the ones
below.  Thank you so much and thanks to Aase
For when countries are in conflict,
We find the Veteran's part,
Is to clean up all the troubles
That the politicians start.
Subject: We never learn--war is hell
Liam Clancy - Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Explanation of the song
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Fw: The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man
A laugh or two and some tidbits of wisdom too
The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man -- Quite an interesting
and insightful list!!
From: Rene Moreau <rene.a.moreau@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Enbridge
The Western premiers just agreed to pave the way for Enbridge's
Northern Gateway pipeline. They think you'll be too distracted by Rob
Ford's antics to notice.
Tell the provinces our future depends on them rejecting the pipeline.
Share on Facebook.
The BC and Alberta premiers made a surprising announcement about moving
tar sands oil between the two provinces Tuesday morning. While the
Canadian media is all Rob Ford all the time right now, the Western
premiers reached an agreement that makes Enbridge's Northern Gateway
Pipeline a real possibility.
They timed the announcement while the focus was on the Toronto mayor
for a reason -- the premiers didn't want attention on this unpopular
agreement that would destroy our climate and our habitat. Let's speak
out now and tell the premiers that we are paying attention and we do not
want the Enbridge pipeline.
BC and Alberta premiers: Do not strike a deal on Enbridge's dirty
This announcement is a complete surprise. After years of public
outcry, the BC government submitted a reasoned argument to the National
Energy Board on why Enbridge's proposal should be rejected. Nothing
has changed in the past months, Enbridge has not met the conditions in
the submission -- but the premiers signed this secret pipeline agreement.
Adding to the element of surprise, on Monday night, Alberta premier
Alison Redford announced that there is still a lot of work to be done
between the two provinces, yet on Tuesday morning, Redford and BC premier
Christy Clark announced that they reached an agreement.
The approval of Enbridge's pipeline proposals would mean further tar
sands development that would only enrich Big Oil. For the rest of us, all
we will get is irreversible climate change -- leading climate
scientists agree that further tar sands exploitation would mean game over
for climate. The pipelines would also destroy key habitat for salmon,
bears, and other wildlife. The Enbridge pipeline will cross 1,000 streams
and rivers, into First Nations land and the Great Bear Rainforest, the
last intact temperate rainforest in the world. And the pipeline will
spill dirty tar sands oil in pristine habitats -- during 30 days this
spring, we had 13 oil spills. Worst of all, once the pipelines
reaches the coast, it would mean hundreds of supertankers a year carrying
more crude than the Exxon Valdez through some of the trickiest marine
routes in the world.
Tar sands pipelines are disaster waiting to happen . Public outcry
has prevented tar sands pipelines like Keystone and Enbridge from being
built. Let's stand up again to make sure we stop BC and Alberta's secret
Alberta and BC: Do not approve the Enbridge pipeline. It does not meet
any of the 5 conditions set out by BC.
From: "Nick Fillmore"
Subject: Propaganda for Harper!
Globe's Barrie McKenna Would Win Special New Award!
McKenna, writing in the main article in the Globe's Focus section on
Saturday, talks about how the gap in incomes between the rich and the
rest of us is a problem – but he makes no effort to explain WHY this has
He throws around terms such as globalization as being the problem, but he
does not explain WHY we have such serious incomes gaps. (The WHY is the
most important of the four Ws of journalism.)
McKenna leaves the impression that, well, a problem such as wage
disparity just happens. Not so – it's all because of Harper
Not once does he mention that the planned policies of the Harper
government are responsible for the income gaps as well as many other
serious problems. Harper's neo-liberalism policies are to blame. Even
though Harper has been governing Canada with extremely damaging
neo-liberal policies for seven years, the term is taboo in the Globe.
McKenna makes no mention of the fact that Harper created policies on
purpose that further enrich the already wealthy and giant corporations.
Alternatively, he makes no attempt to describe how the economic policies
of Scandinavian countries are much better for the middle class because
they do not permit large income gaps to exist. 
McKenna's so-called "journalism" is terribly unbalanced and dishonest.
His feature article covers up the true destructive policies of the Harper
government. It's little more than propaganda.
In addition to holding specific media outlets responsible for the
integrity of their journalism, perhaps it's time we help individual
journalists responsible for their work. If we started doing this, Barrie
McKenna would easily win the award for "Best Propaganda Article of the
Note: I imagine some of you are going to beat me up for singling out an
individual journalist – oops, propagandist – for criticism. Going after
faceless organizations like the Globe doesn't work. So, since misleading
journalism is such a serious problem, we need to pay much more attention
to who is writing half-baked, misleading stories.
Nick Fillmore
Freelance Journalist/Social Activist
fillmore0274@rogers.com |
nickfillmore.blogspot.com |
From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Did I miss the vote?
Been trying to find it on my search but no results.
Was there a World Wide   election to install the single person
to Lead and Govern our  world? 
I see Mr. Netanyahu has the position. Just wondering if it was by
election or strictly by acclimation?
Some days  when I am out on the trapline I  sometimes miss the
latest news.
Would appreciate if someone could just give me the answer.
Ray Strachan
Subject: When was the last time
When was the last time that Canada was attacked by a foreign country?
Who was actually being protected in WW1 or W2.?
Just follow the canvass trail of  pricless paintings.  who
owned most of them?
Jeez.   Lets not keep promoting  war with a lot of
nostalgic nonsence.
Ray Strachan
From: Henry Atkinson <henry.atkinson@sympatico.ca>
Subject: Fwd:Begin forwarded message:
Obviously, Inky believes this sort of letter has more potential to
get results than would a letter to Harper.
NOTE:  Forwarded with
permission of the author.
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From: Inky Mark
Sent: November-10-13 7:31 AM
Subject: Why are Canadian gun owners registered like pedophiles.
Letter to the editor
Re: Why are Canadian gun owners registered like pedophiles?
For many years and elections before becoming the prime minister,
Harper promised over and over again that he would get rid of C-68 when
formed government.  Stephen Harper did kill the long gun
registry.  Killing
the long gun registry is NOT the same as getting rid of C-68. Under C-68
firearm owner must be registered and possess a valid government licence
long as he or she owns a firearm or else he or she breaches the
In other words possessing a firearm without a valid PAL can land you in
as well as having all of your firearms confiscated by the government and
up with a criminal record.  At this time there are over 600,000
owners who,s PAL have expired.  These are the paper criminals that
has created by not repealing C-68 or by not taking the recreational
control section out of the criminal code.
I believe that lawful firearm use regulations should be under
legislation. Hunting and safe firearm use is already under
jurisdiction. The federal government should only be dealing with
use of firearms.  Owning a firearm lawfully should never be deemed
criminal act just because a paper licence expires.
We all know that C-68 was a waste of over two billion dollars and had
impact on crime. All it did was create criminals out of lawful tax
Canadians. Did you know that only child molesters and pedofiles are
registered in Canada besides lawful firearm owners?  Why are firearm
put into the same category as pedophiles? When will this prime
fulfill his broken promise made way back when? Or will he make that
promise again before the next election?
Inky Mark, former MP
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