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<>Thunder Bay»
<>Sudbury »
<>Windsor »
»<>New Brunswick
<>Prince Edward Island
<>Nova Scotia
»<>Newfoundland & Labrador»

Atlantic  <>CTV
Montreal  <>CTV
Ottawa  <>CTV
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Ontario  <>CTV
Winnipeg  <>CTV Regina
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Edmonton  <>CTV British <>Columbia

stages rallies for seized Cdns
explores new funding models at summit
teachers' union found in violation of Elections Act
premier steps up Liberal health criticism
of Fire no magic bullet: Rae
faces class action suit in US
probes shooting in northwest Toronto
vie for Asian market share, exposure
killed lighting flares at crash scene
bid for share in growing Asia market

looks to Cyclone rivals for info
charge dropped against Sawyer Robison
kids to return to Mennonite community
foreign boats cited for overfishing
leader jettisons member
abortion funds for war rape: Paradis
demands justice for aboriginal women
isolated on charter from past PQ leaders
billionaire takes aim at Harper
responded to oilsands judgement

foes to shadow Conservatives in Calgary
endorses emissions deal
hears flood mitigation ideas
to allow less-efficient light bulbs
rejects Christmas complaint
plead guilty to G20 crimes in Montreal
looks to Cyclone rivals for info
gets acting finance minister

Scotia parties begin final push
arrested in Toronto gang crackdown
certifies class action against Bell
billionaire takes aim at Harper
minister monitoring shale gas protest
abortion funds for war rape: Paradis
hooks up help line for students
leaves Toronto man in hospital
energy arise as issue in Manitoba Liberal leadership race
expects $500M tax refund: Globe

Tory says Ottawa's EI policies prompted switch to Liberal party
czar looking into parliamentary secretary's letter to CRTC
energy arise as issue in leadership race

searchers find bones, artifacts but no ships
meets with business leaders in Malaysia
honour missing, murdered aboriginal women and girls

stalled robocalls case, says elections chief
Bouchard joins values charter criticism
veterinary bills include 'inappropriate' costs
'toxic' is sugar?
to meet with business leaders in Malaysia
Marc Nadon, gender equality and Stephen Harper's choice of judges
Issue: This week in politics
pensions: should we be forced to save?

special rapporteur, James Anaya, to gauge aboriginal peoples' progress
back national inquiry on missing aboriginal women
questions claim of 600 missing aboriginal women
providers' code of conduct appeal approved
Laraque to Yzerman: 'You're spitting on enforcers'
take over Grande Prairie cabin, trappers say
Toronto jail includes mental health, aboriginal programs
XL opponents to take message to U.S. airwaves
offers Obama climate plan to win Keystone approval

Stephenson: Behind the scenes with Canada's top general
diet: Montreal man chronicles cheap eats in new cookbook
fear financial fallout if pipeline projects killed: poll
union launches national campaign to stop district office closures
some Winnipeg companies hiding dangerous goods?

London, Ont., residents sickened by recalled burgers, health unit says
colitis patients trying do-it-yourself fecal transplants
government accused of closing doors on veterans
soldier says Canada 'well ahead' other NATO countries on veterans' issues
as good as drugs for treating stroke, heart disease: study
Jacob Barnett: One of the world's most promising physicists
'Obamacare' like Canada's health-care system? 'Not even close,' critic says

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Core Cuts May 'Neuter' BC's Farmland Protector: Advocates
         Consultation needed to defend already
lean ALR, ALC from cost-slashing public review.
These Mexican Towns, Mining Resistance Is Fertile
         Communities share knowledge on how to
'just say no' to Canadian-based companies.
Powerless about Climate Change? Join Our Shift
         Trek to Victoria this weekend, where
hundreds of youth will rally to demand a clean energy future.
Vancouver's Hack Space
         Welcome to 'the Bunker,' where crafters,
hackers and makers build beautiful things, together.
Rings Are Hardly Romantic
         Sparkly rocks remind us of a time when women were property.

Will LNG development blow BC's carbon budget?
health minister calls out federal move to ban heroin therapy
the Canada Job Grant or else: Clark to Ottawa
calls for school credit for English language learners classes
website tracks route of Alberta crude on BC coast
impacts on BC to be 'substantial' by 2100: IPCC scientist
health minister calls out federal move to ban heroin therapy
rebukes Alberta for banning enviros from oil sands hearing

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
MPs be allowed to fly their families around with taxpayer money? 8 hours ago
bonuses latest bucket of cold water dumped on
Toronto's Pan Am Games 11 hours ago
governments pay to help people in remote towns move to cities? 12 hours ago
close on Irish referendum to abolish Senate: Tori
senator says no parallels to Canada 6 hours ago
Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples to visit
Canada amid tense verbal standoff 6 hours ago
pirate grocer wins U.S. court battle with Trader Joe's 6 hours ago
caterpillar concerns southern Ontario health unit 12 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Columnist Under Fire For Trivializing Sexual Assault
Billionaire Claims Harper Played Part In U.S. Shutdown
Harper Negotiating In Asia?
MLA Ousted From Tory Caucus
Gunplay Feared As Freemen-On-The-Land Occupy Alberta WIlds
Assisted Suicide Ruling On Collision Course With Ottawa
Foes Group Up
Debt Ceiling For Canada?
Received Large Donations From 17 Members Of Same Family
Treatment Of Aboriginals Under Microscope
Spend Most On Controversial Mailers

Kids And The Ultimate Food Fight
Wynne: Just Say No to


Harper: And His Blackmail
of Forests to meet with First Nations over
planned ban South Chilcotin LEH moose hunt
Nations energy company floats oil refinery near Prince Rupert
SWN issues injunction against anti-shalers,
Treaty Scholar Patles brings out eviction notice from 1778

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Harper's Throne Speech to focus on families
What's Harper's problem with Elections Canada ?
Look to Manitoba to gauge Trudeau's prospects
Harper's recurring Senate nightmares
Red flags over Arthur Porter's spy agency appointment
A non-vegan sandwich ? Oh, the horror
Canadian politics, where customer always right

Obama says 'no' to Keystone XL, Harper must turn to Plan B
rich sleep better in Canada, research
         Port Colborne school forbids costumes on Halloween

to rebuild Lac-M├ęgantic's downtown sows anger, resentment
'blindsided' by cuts in federal budget: Dewar
committee on hold as Treasury Board re-evaluates executive pay packages
U.S. to share personal information of immigrant applicants
bid for share in growing Asia
         Warning letter on appointing Arthur
Porter to oversee spy agency raised no red flags
Chr├ętien weighs in on Charter of Quebec
         Tecumseh's Ghost

is Stephen Harper's problem with Elections Canada?
future of political comms: Less is seldom more
politics, where the customer is always right
to Manitoba to gauge Justin Trudeau's prospects
solitudes: the PQ's reality of separation and image of inclusion
signs of a snap election

manufacturing growth strongest in over a year in September

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN AFFAIRS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hard Numbers on Fracking: Radiation, Toxic Wastewater and Air Pollution
Years after fracking technology prompted an oil
and gas rush, researchers are finding radioactive
and other pollutants near facilities, but the
federal government continues to exempt facilities
from hazardous waste regulations.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Assault Pushes Ocean to Limit Unseen in 300 Million Years
Water Streaming Out of Pennsylvania Fracking Waste Site
<>The Work of a Generation
Quietly Okays Military Aid to Countries That Use Child Soldiers
"Mad Dogs" Render the Powerful Powerless
End of Global Privacy': Greenwald Talks NSA
Forgotten War: 12 Years in Afghanistan Down the Memory Hole
Arctic from Plunder, Greenpeace Activists Charged as Pirates
Demand for a Global Take-Over at Fukushima has Hit Critical Mass

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Close Down - Another Grand Betrayal in the Works?
Imprisoned in Egypt Indefinitely After Filming Military Brutality
Proposed Senate Media Shield Law Hurt Independent Journalists?
Crackdown on Golden Dawn Won't Defeat Greek Fascism
Shutdown Spares Military but Hurts Children and the Poor
Determined To Undermine 'Historic' Prospect of Peace with Iran
Corruption and the Mass Movement
Shutdown Reflects Struggle Within Capitalist Republican Elite
"There's Absolutely Nothing Resembling A Debt Crisis In The US"