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Ottawa aims to improve First Nations education by taking control of failing schools 57 minutes ago
         Study with National Ballet School aims to see if dance can help Parkinson's patients 3 hours ago
Prime minister ordered me to repay disallowed expenses, Duffy tells Senate 1 hour 24 minutes agoo
         Sea otter with severe gunshot wounds rescued off B.C. coast 1 hour 38 minutes ago
Transcript of Sen. Mike Duffy's speech in the Senate chamber on Tuesday 1 hour 57 minutes ago
         Sen . Duffy, the consummate performer, shines in role as aggrieved patriot 2 ours 18 minutes ago
Residents of Alberta hamlet near train derailment allowed home after 4 days 2 hours 11 minutes ago


NEW Widespread labour shortages a myth, TD economists say
         Unemployment rate dips to 6.9% as fewer people look for work5:25 PM ET video
Skilled labour gap evidence skimpy and selective12:25 PM ET
         Skilled labour gap exaggerated, BMO says6:06 PM ET video
Prairie prison inmates to make Remembrance Day poppies
        NEW Sex exploitation report deemed too 'harmful' to release video
Harper counters new Senate questions with trade deal talk video
         Don Iveson elected Edmonton's next mayorvideo
Harper cabinet rift emerges over Quebec secession rules
         'Insulting' Pocahontas chant sparks changes at UBC video

Wedding ring swapped for beer haunts family
         N.L. NDP Leader Lorraine Michael facing caucus revolt video
IN DEPTH Mystery of lost soldier from Saskatchewan could soon be solved video audio
         Mayor Ford won't talk about 'private' exchange with columnist video
B.C. shipwreck's oil cleanup makes waves
         Disabled Ottawa woman suing WestJet video
McDonald's supplier drops 2 egg farms accused of cruelty video
         Sask. couple heartbroken over family dogs found dead audio
NDP rift widens after caucus revolt on leadership 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Open Access to Canada's Research Nears Tipping Point
        Shift reflects the notion that taxpayer-supported findings should be free for the public. By Michael Geist
Tyee Master Class: Connecting People to Your Cause
         Communications pro Amanda Gibbs reveals digital success secrets this Saturday. Enrol!
Latest in Tory Rejections of Science: Ban on Prescription Heroin
        Treatment proven to help hardcore addicts shunned by our evidence-averse government
Another Story from Elsipogtog
        Look beyond violent imagery from anti-fracking protests and understand why Mi'kmaq put their bodies on the line.
The First Pole Raised in Gwaii Haanas in 130 Years
         Poll finds 90 per cent of Canadian scientists fear speaking freely to media
UBC faculty's responses to racist first-year chants 'good starts': prof

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Senator Mike Duffy fires back at Stephen Harper, PMO 2 hours 24 minutes ago
         Shale gas protesters' bail hearings moving slowly 4 hours ago
Video: Some senators against motion to suspend Duffy, Wallin & Brazeau4 hours ago
         Civil liberties watchdog sues Ottawa over electronic surveillance 3 hours ago
Parti Quebecois values plan: To the legislature, or the campaign trail? 3 hours ago
         Bell to track customers' web history, TV viewing, phone calls, mobile usage 4 hours ago
Rosy report calling Canada's labour shortage a 'myth' merely adds to the legend 10 hours ago
         Seattle police say Canadian fugitive Michael Stanley is suspect in sex assault 3 hours ago
Sex assaults, troubling student chants mar UBC's top-flight image 6 hours ago
         Another beef product recalled over possible E. coli contamination 3 hours ago

Ottawa says it is $7 billion ahead of pace, confident of balanced budget in 2015 4 hours ago
         Conservatives ask Supreme Court to assess Harper's latest nominee to top bench 3 hours ago
Quebec rail victims could begin to see compensation in mid-2014: U.S. trustee 4 hours ago
         Sex exploitation report deemed too 'harmful' to release 14 hours ago
Rift emerges in Harper cabinet over rules for Quebec secession 15 hours ago
         UBC campus on alert after 3 sexual assaults 11 hours ago
Elsipogtog chief says RCMP 'manhandled' shale gas protesters 16 hours ago
         First Nations Education Act rollout paternalistic, say teachers, aboriginals15 hours ago
Survey confirms federal scientists feel muzzled by Harper information clampdown 15 hours ago
         Alberta train crash re-ignites oil transport debate 19 hours ago

Scare stories of labour and skills shortages a myth, TD economists say 13 hours ago
         Mushrooms infest walls in Nunavut public housing project 19 hours ago
First Nation vows to continue fight against shale gas 12 hours ago
         Harper counters new Senate questions with trade deal talk 17 hours ago
Storm system bringing chance of snow to the Great Lakes area 16 hours ago
         UBC researchers find one third of Canadians at risk from traffic pollution 12 hours ago
McDonald's Canada called out over alleged cruelty at chicken farms 22 hours ago
         Arrests, scandals, vacationing candidates: Meet Quebec's new batch of aspiring municipal politicians 12 hours ago
Sex offender who fled Canada to Seattle registers near downtown preschool 17 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

FULL TEXT: Duffy's Senate Speech
         Harper Tories 'On Side Of Pedophiles And Sadists': MP
Ford 'Friend' Hoped Mayor Would Help Him Land City Job
         Is Nenshi Destined For Bigger Things?
Wynne: Ring Of Fire Development Can't Go Ahead Without This
         Tories Slip In Change To Supreme Court Nominations
PQ: People LOVE Our Values Charter
         Canada's Spy Agency Sued
Ottawa Ahead Of Schedule To Balance Budget: Flaherty
         LOOK: Harper Victim Of Online Hoax

WATCH: Tory MP's 'Bizarre' Response To Duffy Question
         'Best Prime Minister In The World'
Poilievre: Probe Liberals, New Democrats
         Longest-Serving Senator Questions Suspensions
Duffy, PMO Move Toward Open Warfare
         5 Interesting Claims We Learned From Duffy's Lawyer
Harper Cabinet Divided
         Why New First Nations Education Act Has Aboriginal Groups On Edge
His Appointment Wasn't Valid: Expert
         'I Am So F------ Mad At You'

Duffy Lawyer: Harper's Office Cleared Housing Arrangement
         Scientist Survey Paints Sad Picture
The Surprising Thing That Hurt Harper
         No Changes, No Vote On EU Deal
First Nation Chief Criticizes RCMP
         Liberals Leading 3 Of 4 Byelections: Poll
WATCH: 'You're Not Going To Hotbox My Office'
         Is Moore A Future PM?
Health Care Agreement Draws On Tradition
         Wallin Threatens Legal Action

PQ Minister: Harper Government's Move A 'Devious' Attack
         Tories To Focus On Trudeau?
Mulroney On CETA: It's No NAFTA
         Tories Ready To Rumble
Harper Confidential
         Tory Presents Anti-22 Minutes Petitions
Liberals' Newest MP Spent The Most
         Guess Who Came In Last
Liberals Boast Big Lead Over Tories: Poll

Duffy May Stare Down His Accusers
         Feds Dragging Feet
Harper Spoiling For A Fight
         Suspension Proposal Sparks Debate
Mulcair Suspicious Of Harper's Timing
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Residents unsettled by excavation around Kinder Morgan pipeline
        Excavation around pipelines. 24 hour security. Trucks with "contaminated soil" written on the side. Residents of Abbotsford and Chilliwack are wondering what it all means.
Tar Secret #4: Alberta lets tar sands industry write off half their carbon penalties
        The public pays instead.
Colonialism exists in Canada, Rex Murphy. You're part of it.
        If the term "settler" irritates you, let yourself be unsettled and find new ways to relate to First Nations and Canadian history.
Orca Airways unveils aircraft with design and artwork by acclaimed Canadian artist
        Orca Airways Ltd., the leading airline providing daily scheduled flights between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and charter services throughout North America, today unveiled its newly refurbished...
Do Kinder Morgan and Shell's Canadian reps really support moving beyond fossil fuel?
        The argument used by Kinder Morgan seems to me designed to obscure the real consequences of building new tar sands export pipelines.
Once and future queens: When women surfers rip gnarly swells, Tofino bursts with pride []

        The surfers paddled out to face the swells.  Said Cath Bruhwiler, "it was pretty full-on. It was really difficult, a lot of paddling. The waves were beautiful, almost as good as it gets. Too bad...
New Study: Kochs Could Make $100 Billion on Keystone XL Pipeline Deal
        A new study released today concludes that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits if the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is given the go-ahead by U.S...
Yes, it's time to right the wrongs inflicted on Lost Canadians by Citizenship Act
        After years of relentless reporting by the Vancouver Observer, it looks like the Canadian Citizenship Act is finally going to change.
The Walking Dead S04E02 recap and review: Spoiler alert
        This week on The Walking Dead: Lessons in how to be a badass.
The Wickaninnish Inn: Luxury on Canada's rugged Pacific Coast
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Island Tides<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
        Growing opposition to coal export schemes
Blocked in their own country, American plans to get coal to the coast through Canada are facing growing opposition from BC organizations. A variety of issues are identified, from human health issues, to Salish Sea contamination, to climate change. Is the BC government's proposed bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel part of an expensive, longterm plan to turn Vancouver into coal city?Read Island Tides online | Page 1, also single article 'Reprint' in Oil+Coal+Gas
        A long way from World Class
Patrick Brown analyzes the BC government's report on oil spill readiness. It says that, far from world class,  the BC coast is simply not ready for an oil spill. World Class action in a spill requires coordination and training of oil companies, local, provincial, and federal governments and agencies, communities, and citizens. Like an oil spill – it's massive.
Read Island Tides online | Page 1,