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Scandal-stricken senators face suspension
bank robber Reid wins book award
to focus on training, manufacturing
Speech gives F-35 backers some hope
minister lobbied for Mob-linked firm
Trudeau assail Tory economic record
EU to unveil trade deal Friday
gas line leak in northern Alberta
says no timeframe on Czech visas
budget laws a double-edged sword

Canada sets new salt guidelines
protest blocks Ont. highway
new challenge to Supreme Court appointment
politicians OK to lobby for own interests
to look at MP spending dispute
offender who fled to U.S. located: U.S. police
Metrolinx manager faces charges
system at risk:
GM delays closure of Oshawa assembly line
who beat man at mall gets one year

company eyeing BlackBerry bid: report
to look at MP spending dispute
watchdog orders another E. coli beef recall
mussels found in Manitoba lake
charged after dog attacked with shovel
in U.S. cash taken in car break-in
electricity prices to rise next month
drivers paying road costs: study
ban on private health insurance in court
to voluntarily disclose expenses

waiting in ER was in distress: witness
services law challenge heads to SCOC
Senators facing suspension motion
Post unveils royal baby stamp
Zoo to fling doors wide after flood
charged in Ontario and Quebec in drug bust
freed from captivity in Syria
sanction for Alberta MLA in ethics breach
commission slams Quebec values charter
ends Kinder Morgan demonstration

lay charges in bomb threat at PMO
seeks censure of PM on Senate scandal
czar says access-to-info system at risk
conviction goes back to appeal court
court upholds environment conviction
to Canada up in August: StatsCan
prices jump in two provinces
Brunswick runway gets extension
cover most road costs: study
fishermen net escaped salmon

to refocus on Senate scandal
urging corporate Canada to recruit more women
U.S. grapple over Columbia River pact


Most RCMP withdraw after shale gas clash in Rexton
First Nations chief spoke with police trying to
reach compromise, most left shortly after

shale gas clash leads to protests across country8:23 PM ET
fracturing animation
Hydro-fracking5:55 PM ET
explain lack of intervention in Rexton protest11:04 AM ET video

moving to suspend Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy
Issue: Impact of the Throne Speech
community regrets harshly disciplining children
throne speech won't succeed in changing the channel
Sea King replacements would mean big changes to navy
'shared endorsement' ads spark user backlash
hold lead in party, leadership score: Nanos


scandal dominates first question period
Atwood backs petition calling for women on bank
first to seek compensation for yet-to-be
announced EU-Canada trade deal
blood pressure experts agree to raise salt limits
'spaceship' campus plan cleared for
         Study hints at human-ape emotional similarities
stroke patients find greater independence with technology: study

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Co-operative Response to the Greek Crisis
         From the rubble comes Bio Me, the country's first worker-run factory.
Rent: Urban Facelifts Serve the Well-Heeled
         Do nicer neighbourhoods price their own
residents out of their homes? Third in a series.
Advise! A Throne Speech from the Senate... Awkward?
         Burgess offers feedback on Harper's
great vision for the Canadian people.
DePape: Imagine a Throne Speech for the 99 Per cent
         Stop Harper page on 'stepping into our power' as more than consumers.
Paradox of Wavves
         Pop-punk's hardest working slacker.
spends 0.51 per cent of gambling revenue on problem gambling treatment

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Brunswick RCMP clash with protesters in shale gas battle 8 hours ago
challenge to Supreme Court appointment: Quebec gov't enters fray 3 hours ago
limit raised by Cdn. blood pressure experts in new guidelines 3 hours ago
first to seek compensation for yet-to-be
announced EU-Canada trade deal 2 hours 55 minutes ago
could be deemed 'dangerous offender' for years of abuse 9 hours ago
Trudeau attack Harper's reputation for sound economic management 3 hours ago
Zoo elephants to make 50-hour drive to California sanctuary 4 hours ago
probes possible pipeline leak in northern Alberta 3 hours ago
of ex-cop accused of selling information to
bikers delayed until November 7 hours ago
will face obstacles in any BlackBerry deal: source 2 hours 1 minute ago
food safety watchdog orders fourth E. coli beef recall this month 5 hours ago
Stephen Harper showing 'cowardly behaviour' by
not showing up to Question Period?10 hours ago
school bans junk food snacks from students' lunch bags 6 hours ago
living in Nova Scotia park for weeks, runaway cow returns to farm 5 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

but why are Canada's taxpayers giving $$ billions ?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

rapporteur James Anaya wraps up visit to Canada
with stern warning of need for action on Aboriginal concerns
outraged over media boycott of Harper's speech
Taxpayers Fund Harper's $65,000 Keystone XL Advertising Trip
outlines economic vision for a "City of Innovation" in Board of Trade keynote
Bus Tracker: Real-time transit app helps you find your bus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

"looking forward to turning a new leaf", says
Tory Sen. Doyle as Senate expenses scandal continues to rock Senate

respect throne away
Harper's Tories have the 'droit' stuff?
speech: Campaign document from start to finish
Harper ignores Canada's First Nations at own peril
seeking their electoral salvation in the policy margins
Brazeau's suspension lifted ­ for now
agenda plays to the Tory base
become pipeline buddies
best way to 'protect' consumers? Vigorous competition in a free market

squandered their moment
media analysis of the Throne Speech
Party leader Elizabeth May slags Tories' plan to honour victims of communism
throne speech won't succeed in changing the channel
czar says access-to-info system at risk
to refocus on Senate scandal
Speech gives F-35 suppliers some hope
Sea King replacements would mean big changes to navy
commission slams Quebec values charter
still working through information request backlog, hasn't hired approved staff

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


is a Dictator?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Nuclear Deal May Have its Beginnings in Geneva
Poverty Quietly Morphs into Catastrophe
Struggle to Recover Human Rights Archives
Veils Eid for Syrian Refugees
an Economic Tightrope with No Safety Net
to Boost Small Farmers Worldwide Faces Woes of Its Own
and the Gulf Increasingly Nervous Over Iran-U.S. D├ętente
May Do Better Than its Nuclear Rhetoric
Fight against Gender Equality Morphs into Fight Against EU
Safe Havens in Increasingly Acid Oceans

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Strike Shuts Down Port of Baltimore
Shutdown and Debt Limit Deal a Defeat for Tea Party
Embraces American Exceptionalism - Kuznik Pt 2

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

German filmmaker imprisoned for exposing dire
Qatar World Cup worker conditions
of Syria' gather to talk arms aid
athlete runs faster than Arabian race horse
main arms, financial provider for Syria insurgents
deadly mystery virus discovered in Saudi Arabia
offered Syrian ambassador in Mauritania $5.8mn for defection
Ecuador Shows Biblical Giant Humans to the World
President slams US press over Snowden asylum scandal
FM confirms asylum request from NSA leaker