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<>Prince Edward Island
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urging corporate Canada to recruit more women
U.S. grapple over Columbia River pact
to conclude EU trade deal in Brussels
speech held out a few unique promises
speech marks start of 2015 campaign
quotes from and about the throne speech
in standoff with man in Elliot Lake
lab fine-tunes Ebola virus therapy
NDP raises questions about medical labs
to ask feds to guarantee refinery loan

law promised in throne speech
Morgan: pipelines best debated
Is government trying to reshape Cdn history?
pet killer loses appeal of pet ban
causes crash on Queen Elizabeth Way
needs more schools: premier
ideas will be nixed, prisons boss says
speech text
Yards gear for Coast Guard contracts
shooting a double-murder suicide

wants province to pay for stun guns
to examine flood
TB case confirmed at Toronto high school
slashes 2013 profit outlook
report mailbox bombings in Niagara
protesters block Burnaby facility
seek witnesses in Estaire homicide
life of confusion and fear: torture victim
headed to Brussels to conclude EU trade deal
admits to terror charges in U.S.

board says northern mining to weaken
Scotia's incoming premier to announce cabinet next week
press secretary says 'reset' of cabinet coming before throne speech
probe suspicious Parliament Hill package, take person into custody
reprieve from Senate scandal for Harper
the course in next Parliament: Harper
Ford drug coverage complaint unfounded
Brunswick had $508M deficit last year
shooting leaves man in hospital
Hill becomes 'throne speech central' as federal MPs return to work

Yousafzai to get honorary Canadian citizenship
Ford drug coverage complaint unfounded
Hill becomes 'throne speech central' as federal MPs return to work

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Rent: San Francisco's Citizen Tenants
         Why does San Fran's tenant majority have
so much more clout than Vancouver's? Second in a series.
Great Canadian Personal Data Grab
         Companies like RBC, Aeroplan use
aggressive new tactics to understand customer
habits. By
May: How to Stop Harper's 'Elected Dictatorship'
         Green MP on PM's dangerous decisions,
opposition tactics and rustlings of hope in Tory benches.
Street artist Banksy drives truck of stuffed, toy animals to slaughter in NYC
giveaway: Tickets to the Real Estate Foundation's Land Awards

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

the throne speech change the channel on the Senate scandal? 3 hours ago
proposed pipeline reversal a 'recipe for disaster': opponents 6 hours ago
national lab scientists work to fine-tune
possible Ebola virus therapy 4 hours ago
cheese makers furious over Euro trade deal 5 hours ago
to conclude free-trade deal with EU in Brussels,
but needs provinces 3 hours ago
medical health officer says problem gambling has more than doubled 3 hours ago
Canadian university campuses hunting grounds for sexual predators? 8 hours ago
promoting breastfeeding older kids nets praise for Health Canada 7 hours ago
fringe candidate challenging popular Calgary Mayor 5 hours ago
MP Don Davies regrets Twitter misfire after
threat at Parliament Hill 11 hours ago

and pay cable pricing could mean end of some
channels: industry insiders 3 hours ago
in eastern Newfoundland investigate double-murder
suicide after shootings 6 hours ago
reasons Ontario Press Council cleared newspaper
reports critical of Rob and Doug Ford 13 hours ago
among 49 people feared dead in Laos plane crash 3 hours ago
Bardot' burger draws death threats for Quebec restaurant owner 10 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Speech Highlights

Promise New Cyberbullying Law
Law' Could Become A Reality
Text Of Throne Speech

Coming Up Trudeau: Poll
Threatens To Fire City Worker
Pulls Fast One On Harper
The Brink Of A Major Trade Deal
Office Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found
MP Under Fire For Harper Tweet

Mercer Rips Harper For 'Train Wreck' Appointments
Pipeline Push Cost Taxpayers
Achilles' Heel?
Star Politicians Assemble Amid Election Controversies
The Kids Make Trudeau Prime Minister?
Out Of Touch?
Ethics Guidance Quietly Issued
Copying Us, Mulcair Says
Official Backs Inquiry Into Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women
Ford: Robocalls Was Doug's Idea

Turning Against Senate?
Owes $61,000
Considered Bailing Out XL Foods
Committed Genocide: Former AFN Chief
Says Goodbye

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
8 Tribal Chief Liz Logan asks UN to pressure BC
government to respect treaty rights
activists blockade Kinder Morgan Burnaby facility
Rent Bank boasts a year of preventing evictions
trouble with Enbridge Northern Gateway's television ad
Port's expansion of coal infrastructure a high
risk gamble? Land use plan gives rare chance for public input
lead prayer ceremony and Kinder Morgan protest: photos
Quartet opens Chan Centre season with Phillip Glass World Premiere
evening with Joe Sacco
Halloween costumes are okay, now let's stop mocking them!
levels rising near Alberta's oil sands

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

delivers a tough message in the throne speech, then leaves town

MLA linked to alleged smear campaign against journalist
la carte cable TV could cost more, limit choice, experts say
Ainslie to Ford brothers: 'I'm not scared of you'
killed in N.L. strip mall shooting; shooter on the loose
must scrap perfomance pay
Milke's 'Tax Me I'm Canadian!' tackles Canada's taxation myths
is Stephen Harper's weak spot despite Conservative bragging
agenda plays to the Tory base
farmers cheesed off at reports Canada-EU trade deal near
lacked conviction, like a Botox treatment gone bad

Nationalist and Catholic Origins of the PQ's Charter of Québécois Values
and stones
Canada's Moment
Irresistible Force Meets The Immovable Object
Throne Speech must address middle-class anxiety
is Stephen Harper's weak spot despite Conservative bragging
agenda is never entirely under Harper's control
government in search of distractions
new tricks – this old dog learns Throne Speech themes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

<>The Cruz Missile
         Is a vast Canadian conspiracy
responsible for U.S. Republicans driving the
world economy to the edge of the abyss?
Bite: American Anger and the Tea Party
         A member of Britain's House of Lords on
where is the anger of the Tea Party is really coming from.
States: And The Winner Is?
         In Focus | A performance comparison of
the West's three welfare models.
Food Security: 10 Challenges
Facts for World Food Day

The West's Day of Fiscal Reckoning
Monday: <>Part I -- The Facts
The first step is to acknowledge the facts of the global fiscal condition.
II -- Dealing With Debt
In theory, there are four options to address the West's debt overhang.
III -- Restructuring
Politicians might conclude that debt restructuring is inevitable.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
than Half of Fast Food Workers Rely on Welfare
There is no debt crisis
Yasuni Proposal Would Have Made Ecuador a Pilot Project for Green Development
Tea Party and the Suppression of the Left
eases  rules on Exporting Military Technology to
Secure Role as World's Leading Arms Dealer - YouTube
Another U.S. Whistleblower Jailed? Investor
Jailed After Exposing Corrupt Azerbaijani Oil Deal

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Fascism With a Democratic Face  "The democratic
process was kidnapped by Republicans (and seven
Democrats) in the U.S. House
of         Representatives on October 1."
BP Oil Spill: Ex-Halliburton Manager Pleads
Guilty to Destroying Evidence
         The Folly of Empire
Inequality Is a Choice
         Monsanto Buys a Food Prize
George W. Bush and the Real Story of the Great
         Privacy Fears Grow as Cities Increase
The Desert of Israeli Democracy
         Chevron Goes to Trial in New York Over
$18 Billion Ecuador Award

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mysterious Missile Launch Seen From Space Station

plans to Land on Asteroid and stay for a Month
crew 'arrives at Red Planet' on simulated mission
Evidence proves existence of Space Wind
100 million years older than previous estimates