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<>Thunder Bay»
<>Sudbury »
<>Windsor »
»<>New Brunswick
<>Prince Edward Island
<>Nova Scotia
»<>Newfoundland & Labrador

Atlantic  <>CTV
Montreal  <>CTV
Ottawa  <>CTV
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Winnipeg  <>CTV Regina
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ships to delay icebreaker construction
Canadian Press 2013-10-11 18:38:08
youth clinic opens in Toronto
herbal products not what they claim: study
posts 12,000 net jobs gain
firms gloomier about economy, hiring
quits amid questions about assault
Canada in doghouse over lost pet
kids challenged to draw Google doodle
student finds solution for cell overload

governor interested in Quebec power
Regina hospitals postpone surgeries
kills 2 kids in Parry Sound
promises up to $400M for horse racing
Scotia NDP politician seeks recount
woman run over by her own car
charged with running down man twice
dismisses push to preserve evidence
Xstrata and Vale in talks: reports
Ottawa police officers cleared of assault

Scotians asked for economic input
town to get new water plant
to open more housing for flood victims
Scotia premier-designate meets caucus
defends lack of abortion funding for victims of war rape, forced marriage
going ahead with new supply ships, delaying planned icebreakers
walking police chief makes arrest
planning $19-million plant upgrades
aid Flora Essentials recalled
monkey's 'mom' takes custody battle back to court

seeks lengthy term for Randall Hopley
Redford advisor breaks silence on severance
unemployment rates for provinces
rates in selected Canadian cities
and figures about employment in Canada
zoo plans fundraiser for Calgary Zoo
ag minister predicts record year
premier won't seek recount after losing long-held seat by 21 votes
leaders arm twist Obama on Keystone
seeking input on land use policies
premier won't seek recount after losing long-held seat by 21 votes

pleads guilty to aiding arsonists


bar urges quick hearing on Justice Marc Nadon's eligibility
Oliver welcomes Keystone XL support by business leaders
Suzuki tells U.S. not to trust Harper's Keystone XL promises
Issue: The government can't shake scandals ahead of Throne Speech
company complaints on the rise
consumer focus may put the squeeze on NDP
for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize
garment industry remains unsafe: CBC probe


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Elemental Alice
         If anyone can lay claim to being the
heart of Canada's national literature, it's our Nobel laureate.
Huge Weight
         You're the envy of your 'green bloc.'
But you hide a secret. Just sweep it under the rug?
Gasoline Problem
         Transit agency's budget woes stem from its dependence on cars
health ministry employee's death ruled a suicide
drops to 20th spot in world press freedom index
drive local food purchasing: survey

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Liberals Surging In Manitoba, Poll Suggests
Of Women Minister Defends Tory Abortion Stance
Campaign Tale Gets WEIRDER
Our Elections Watchdog Is Worried
Answers YOUR Questions
Ponies Up BIG Bucks
Key To Layton's Rise Returns To NDP
To Put Squeeze On NDP
Billion Procurement Still Alive
Trudeau Slams Harper's 'Nanny State' Stance On Pot

Keystone Or Else
Works Not Told Details Of Duffy Payment
News For Justin Trudeau
Suicide Ban Upheld
Unhappy Over Montreal Values Debate
I Saw In China
Reform? Not Now, Insiders Say
He Win One Of The Safest Tory Seats In Canada?
Of 'Jesus Got Wood'
Does This Seem Like A Guy Who Gets In Arguments?

Lost Her Census Fight
Evidence From Tory Lawyer Deemed 'Hearsay'
Death Inspired Tory MP's Bill
Binder With Duffy Docs Raises New Questions
Ontario Liberals Gutting Environmental Protections

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ordered CFIA transfer to Health Canada to be kept under wraps
budget watchdog office loses key member – to former watchdog Kevin Page
to keep their name despite complaint to language commissioner
military medic testifies recruits 'inadvertently' exposed their breasts
Suncor makes pipeline case, activists have their say
reform among Stephen Harper's biggest challenges this fall
of Canadians approve of assisted suicide: poll
Wishes for Canadian Girls
NDP and Liberals are trading places
Issue: The government can't shake scandals ahead of Throne Speech

throne speech can't compete with 'Duffy Diaries'
the origins of Quebec's policy of coercive conformity
past privatizations: Like Air Canada and
Petro-Can before it, let's sell the CBC
shrug at spying
Redford runs out of excuses for not revealing severance
Marois finds her moment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Florida Woman Threatens Bankster's Life With a
Gun and Gets Dad's Million Dollars Returned
the BuzzFlash Commentary
         Charles P. Pierce | A Shooting in West
the Article at Esquire
The Kochs Can't Control the Monster They Created
the Article at The Atlantic
         Government Thinks Its Role Is to Define
Us Rather Than Listen to Us
the Article at BuzzFlash
Exile's Return to American Health Care
the Article at The Huffington Post
         The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil
the Article at The Nation
Pentagon Begins Review of Guantanamo Detainees
Held Without Charge
the Article at Reuters
         What Obama Left Unsaid About Big Money
in Politics
the Article at The Center for Public Integrity
Jesus and the Death of Shame
Details on Ocean Fracking Revealed as
Environmentalists Challenge Federal Regulators
Rural Debt and the Suicide Epidemic in India
Scalia Really Say That? Citizens
Lurks Behind Supreme Court's Latest Money-in-Politics Case
Secretary of State Has Plan to Keep More Than 17,500 Legal Voters From Voting
Ways Neoliberal Education Reform May Be Destroying a College Near You
to Commonomics: How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough for Everyone
Going to Be a Scorcher ... of a Century
Lessons From Camden, New Jersey, to US Foreign
Policy: Fences Don't Make Good Neighbors
the Spin: This Debt Ceiling Crisis Is Not Politics as Usual
the News With Thom Hartmann: Complete Economic
Disaster May Be Temporarily Avoided, and More
Update: Uneven Development, Part 1
to the Radio Segment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Need for U.S. Constitutional Reform  A country
that preaches modernization to other nations does anything but that at home.
Return of Social Europe Will Merkel's big win in
Germany usher in more progressive labor policy?
<>Who is
Janet Yellen? Who is President Obama's nominee
for Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve?
         The Globalist in the global media China
Has Inherit Financing Flaws
Care and Productivity Joshi Venugopal |
Productivity means better health care costs less, not more!
the Rise Again: U.S. Health Care Spending In
Focus | Why is U.S. health care spending about to start accelerating again?
Pharma's Expansion Into Emerging Markets More
harmful practices by Big Pharma as U.S. sales decline and patents expire.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Cuts School Nurses, 6th Grader Dies of Asthma
Attack With No Nurse On Duty Pt. 1
Cuts School Nurses, 6th Grader Dies of Asthma
Attack With No Nurse On Duty Pt. 2
Regulator Shutdown, Halts Investigations of Wall Street Crimes
President Rouhani's Record Should Calm Skeptics,
As Britain Moves to Re-Open Embassy Pt.1
does Iran's Supreme Leader Trust Iranian Pres. Rouhani? Pt.2
Autoworkers Care About Climate Change
prize for chemical weapons monitors
to go under the spotlight - World Press
Peace Prize Nominee 16-Year-Old Malala
Yousafzai's Stunning, Eloquent Comment to Jon Stewart About Pacifism
Wasserman on Continuing Fukushima Crisis: The
amounts of radiation are lethal on a global scale
Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent,
Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

UK watchdog bans government 'Go home' ads
targeting immigrants <>Source
watchdog to investigate 'go home' anti-illegal immigration campaign
more likely to be in work than native Britons: ONS
cabinet minister brands UKIP supporters as racists
braces for immigration boom if euro collapses
government debt reaches £1 trillion or £40k per household
Data shows jump in Greece jobless rate to 27.6%
in July

will need more rescue funds after 2014: EU official
to need more bailout loans by start of 2014: Germany's central bank
unemployment rate 27.6% in May
Public Debt And Deficit Worse Than Estimated
teachers clash with riot police during protests over layoffs
Brain Implants to "Reboot" Depressed People
influenza vaccine on its way
photography may reveal clues to stroke risk