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<>Premier Darrell Dexter loses seat
<>Inside Canada's top-secret billion-dollar spy palace
<>Feds to review any foreign bid for BlackBerry
<>Kenney touts flexibility of new jobs grant
<>Commonwealth chief is stooge of Sri Lanka regime – Canadian envoy
<>MTS head says Allstream rejection baffling
<>EU-Canada trade talks hit snag on rights
<>Infographic: Who do Canada's MPs follow on Twitter?
<>Cabinet met to legally remove Del Mastro as parliamentary secretary under Parliament of Canada Act
<>Police called in to protect Laval mayoral candidate

<>What Canada's Allstream Rejection Might Mean for Foreign Investment
<>Senate reform ideas proposed by NDP
<>Mulcair meets with UN rapporteur as Trudeau hits hustings in Bourassa
<>PM drops gloves, wades in on hockey violence
<>Coderre's lead isn't insurmountable, but it is healthy, poll suggests
<>Marois's jobs plan seen by some as prelude to snap election
<>Doug Ford backtracks on claim he knew police were following family by plane, blames media instead
<>5 things to know as Nova Scotia heads to the polls
<>Elliot Lake MPP: 'You leave no one behind'
<>Most Canadian parents prefer at-home child care: Poll

<>Lockheed sought to prove F-35 in Canadians eyes with 2012 demo flight: documents
<>Canada ranks above average on digital literacy, falls short on numeracy: OECD
<>Nova Scotia Liberals win majority government
<>Toronto backs east-end subway extension
<>U.S. charges Canadians with cash smuggling
<>RCMP looking at new allegations against Duffy
<>Harper concerned over Brazil spy claims
<>Spy cases strains Brazil military ties
<>Can G20 ministers bring Washington to senses?
<>Cdn adults OK at reading, fall short in math

<>Disputes cloud Asia-Pacific summit focus on trade
<>B.C. treaty report criticizes governments
<>Alberta minister to move on police dog protection
<>Former soldier made threats to RCMP: police
<>Feds to review any foreign bid for BlackBerry
<>Key events related to cancelled gas plants
<>9 per cent of Ont. workers make minimum wage
<>Liberals let private clinics spread: critics
<>Project Mosquito takes bite out of grow-ops
<>Labour group calls for tougher penalties

<>RCMP allege Duffy paid friend $65K for 'little or no apparent work'
<>P.E.I. lends money to blueberry operation

>>>>The Tyee<<<<

<>'The Oil Man and the Sea'
Arno Kopecky's travelogue sets sail through Northern Gateway's ground zero: the Great Bear Rainforest.
<>BC Place Advertising Grey Market Gambling Site
Poker website 'Bodog' is a foreign foe of province's own Lottery Corporation.
<>BC Poli, Why Can't We Be Friends?
Forum shows political nemeses can set aside acrimony for harmony and tackle issues together.
<>Feds Enlist ISPs in Cybercrime Fight
New service provider code of conduct would spur a more proactive front against malicious software.
<>VIDEO: 'Shit Harper Did' folks with some new shit Harper did...
<>VIDEO: There was no more beautiful goal in the world of soccer this weekend than this Vancouver goal...
<>Doctors urge Premier Clark to save BC drug watchdog
<>First Nations energy company floats oil refinery near Prince Rupert
<>First Nations national chief braced for 'paternalistic' throne speech
<>Self-driving car granted licence in Japan; is Canada next?

>>>>Huffington Post<<<<

<>Brazeau Bank Records Sought, Too
<>$1.1 BILLION
<>Tory Senator Says 'Honest Mistakes' May Turn Up
<>'All I Ask Is That The Rules Be Clear'
<>Damage Control
<>Kenney Promises Flex In New Jobs Grant
<>NDP Issues Senate Challenge To Tories, Liberals
<>Canada Resists Human-Rights Clauses In Trade Deal
<>Is This What Started Baird's Maldives Spat?
<>He's In Trouble, Polls Suggest

<>Harper Drops Prime Ministerial Gloves
<>Trudeau Confidant Wants Top Job In Party
<>Time To Panic?
<>Why Harper Is Justified In Skipping Commonwealth
<>Well, This Is Awkward..
<>Harper Threatens More Than Just A Boycott
<>Key MP Leaving Mulcair's Team?
<>Big Changes Ahead For Canada's Military
<>Got A Question For Canada's Chief Electoral Watchdog?
<>Legion: Tory Position 'Reprehensible'

<>Can He Turn The Tide For These Struggling First Nations?
<>Willing To Compromise
<>Harper May Have Made Wrong Choice: Poll
<>Quebec Calls Out Russia Over Greenpeace Arrests
<>Harper's Greatest Hits
<>Harper's Recurring Senate Nightmares
<>Tories To Focus On Families
<>PMO Ignored Warnings
<>WATCH: Mulroney's Not Impressed

<>WATCH: We Didn't See That Coming
<>WATCH: What It's Really Like To Be A Rogers Customer
<>Kate Middleton Loves This Canadian Designer
<>Harper Threatens More Than Just A Boycott
<>Mass Starfish Deaths Alarm Researchers
<>Shooting Of Sacred Albino Moose Outrages First Nations Communities

>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<

<>Idle No More rallies for environmental justice at BC Legislature
<>Shell Canada president dodges crucial questions on environment
<>Why Jim Alseth opposes FIPA: "It makes Canada vulnerable to corporate bullying"
<>British Columbia drug safety initiative wins support in campaign to have funding restored
<>BC's Natural Gas Minister going to Asia to promote LNG
<>Vancouver Observer Restaurant Power Rankings makes its debut
<>Movie recommendations for the last three days of VIFF 2013


<>Distractions galore for Stephen Harper and Tory throne speech
<>Susan Delacourt's real target is not so much politics as consumerism
<>Time to panic yet, Mr. Mulcair?
<>Canadian Children Once Again Return To School Hungry
<>Grey Canada loves a beige Throne Speech
<>Harper entirely justified in skipping Commonwealth meeting
<>Singing the praises of anthem change
<>Media Party-pooper: Ezra gets an "F" for not cheerleading along with other journalists
<>Is prohibition of cannabis worth the cost?
<>Holy fools of diplomacy in the Harper era


<>The Roots of the Government Shutdown

>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<

<>Pacific Pact a Minefield for Health Care
<>Treaty Poised to Cut Toxic Mercury Pollution
<>In Trinidad, Sports Complex Targets a Key Watershed
<>European Union at the Crossroads
<>Little Girls Killed, Who Cares
<>Egyptians Clash on Streets and over Constitution
<>How to Tell the Biggest Stories of Our Times
<>Mayors Leading an Urban Revolution
<>Homeless Again
<>Turkey's Reform Package Gets Tepid Reception
<>OP-ED: Bahrain Repression Continues Amid Sham Trials and Imprisonment

>>>>The Real News Network<<<<

<>Idle No More Protestors Take to the Streets in Global Day of Action
<>Young Autoworkers Ask Older Workers, "What Happened"- Hammer Pt3
<>New Report: World's Oceans and Marine Life Face Unprecedented Peril Pt.1
<>Global South Most Affected by Threats to World's Oceans Pt.2
<>Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda's Kagame
<>The Fight Against UAW Leadership and GM - Reality Asserts Itself Pt.2
<>Exposed: California's Secret Plan to Gut Public Pensions
<>"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws
<>Resistance Report 009: Former World Bank Insider "The goal is control, they want all of us enslaved to debt."

>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<

Saudis Fund New Rebel Force to Fight Own War on Assad <>
Libya Demands US Return Alleged Al-Qaeda Operative <>
Obama's Rendition in Libya: It's Like George W. Bush Got a Fourth Term <>
The Anti-Empire Report The War on Terrorism ... or Whatever <>
Empire Under Obama: the 'Mafia Principles' of International Relations <>
It's The Drones, Stupid Video "Why do they hate us?"<>
Get Your Fiscal House in Order: China Warns US Concern for $1.3tn <>
The Dumbest Game of Chicken, Ever <>
Truckers Plan Jam DC's Major Highway, Arrest Members Of Congress:<>
President Carter: Middle Class Today Resembles Past's Poor <>
The Two-Party System Is A Farce <>
Their Real Goal: To Make Us All So Cynical About Government, We Give Up <>
"Twelve Bucks Fifty Is Showing Off?!"Postcard from the End of America: <>
Game, set, match: Syria May Officially Split in Two: <>
Syrian Army Kills Saudi Officer Linked to al-Nusra Front : <>
Syrian Officials Sound a Conciliatory Note Toward the Opposition: <>
Syrian opposition sets conditions for Geneva II: <>
US Downplays 'Praise' for Assad Over Weapons Removal: <>
Erdogan calls Assad a 'terrorist,' blasts Kerry: <>
New law to permit Turkish police to detain 'possible' protesters: <>
Britain says in talks with Iran about reopening embassies: <>
US-Afghan deal falters as Karzai talks tough: <>
Karzai's elder brother Qayum Karzai nominated for Afghan presidency: <>
US moves Marines to Italy as situation in Libya becomes tense: <>
Libya militants call for kidnapping Americans in retaliation for citizen capture: <>
Libya summons US ambassador over raid, armed groups call for revenge: <>
Libyan suspect's detention-at-sea raises Geneva convention concerns: <>
Amnesty questions U.S. justification for arrest of al-Liby : <>
Canadian PM says 'very concerned' by Brazil spying allegations: <>
US: "Four decades in solitary confinement can only be described as torture" - UN rights expert:
If Dems Give In, Social Security And Medicare Will Be Future Hostages:
Profiting from the Poor: Outsourcing Social Services Puts Most Vulnerable at Risk:
Prescription drug abuse now more deadly than heroin and cocaine combined:

>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<
Martial Law and the Economy: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?
Cut Through the Spin: It's Time for Truth in Media
Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth?

>>>>Gatestone Institute<<<<

Iran: Peace-Dripping Nuclear Lamb
Delegitimizing Judeo-Christian Civilization
UK Charity Commission Permits Hamas Charity
Is the British Establishment Legitimizing Apartheid?

>>>INFOS <<<


<>Les libéraux remportent une majorité en Nouvelle-ÉcossePlus
<> Vaillancourt a aussi contacté le candidat RobillardPlus
<>L'opposition exige le dépôt d'un budgetPlus
<> Réseau de trafiquants démantelé dans des prisonsPlus
<>Pierre Karl Péladeau au PQ: Marois niePlus
<> Financement illégal: Nathalie Normandeau somme le DGE de rectifier les faitsPlus
<>Harper se prononce sur la violence au hockeyPlus
<> Duchesneau sera-t-il candidat?Plus
<>Meurtre sur le Plateau: la victime frayait avec la mafiaPlus
<> Budget et dette: Obama appelle les républicains à «écarter la menace»Plus

Hydro-Québec: Thierry Vandal dans l'eau chaudePlus
<>Lac-Mégantic: 4 à 5 millions$ par semainePlus
<>Le sénateur Mike Duffy soupçonné de fraudePlus
<> Ducarme Joseph poursuivi pour 1,1 million $Plus
<>Mairie de Laval: Claire Le Bel craint pour sa sécuritéPlus
<> Espionnage: le Canada tente de calmer la colère brésiliennePlus
<>Agression: Alexandre Aubin aurait fait une autre victimePlus
<> Charbonneau: Kenneth Pereira hospitaliséPlus
<>La Suède innocente la «femme au squelette»Plus
<> Manifestation de soutien aux enseignants: violents incidents à RioPlus

<>Les restes humains d'un des deux disparus retrouvésPlus
<> L'ex-président de la CSDM au Bloc québécoisPlus
<>Diminution historique des décès à motocyclettePlus