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<>Sex offender prompts more school lockdowns
<>Ex-PQ premier: Change the values charter
<>B.C. government funds study on LNG emissions
<>Rehtaeh Parsons wanted to go public: dad
<>Feds must choose between 'collaboration or collision' with First Nations: Atleo
<>Mulcair slams Alberta for silencing critics
<>Airport expansion would affect boating:report
<>Government should not have withheld "do-good white people" comments: ombudsman
<>Firms sues to lift Quebec fracking ban
<>P.E.I. Tory crosses floor to join Liberals

<>A look at invasive species in the Great Lakes
<>Application for Energy East Pipeline delayed
<>Ontario gives $500K for NBA all-star game
<>NWT politicians tour Bakken fracking sites
<>Nadon formally named to Supreme Court
<>Police say mother killed children then herself
<>Interest rates may stay low till 2016
<>Entire crew of Greenpeace ship charged
<>Ballast battle brewing between Canada, U.S.
<>BlackBerry says Z30 in Canada on Oct. 15

<>Burgers possibly tainted with E.coli recalled
<>Severed cat heads discovered in Ontario town
<>CFIA recalls candies that may contain metal
<>New Toronto jail soon to open
<>Nova Scotia NDP, Tories take aim at Liberals
<>NS Liberals – Minister abuses power to influence voters, must retract and apologize<>
RBC makes $100-million pledge
<>Ontario urged to tighten inspection rules
<>Action demanded on gas sniffing in Labrador
<>No date set for Newfoundland byelection
<>Ontarians urged to avoid bottled water brand
<>Snow removal on agenda at Regina meeting
<>Woman says staffing at care homes big issue

>>>>Huffington Post<<<<

<>Environment Minister Casts Doubt On Climate Change
<>Harper Tories' EI Changes Prompted Move

<>Harper Blames Canada's Climate Woes on...Wilfrid Laurier?
<>Propaganda Won't Solve Our Cellphone Problems
<>Making Drug Regulation Smarter Will Save Canadian Lives
<>How to Judge Judges?
<>Happy Birthday to a Woman of Honour
<>Hey NDP, Canada Is Doing Plenty to Combat Human Trafficking


<>Elections Canada has case of watchdog envy
<>Application for Energy East Pipeline delayed
<>Ottawa willing to talk assisted suicide, but won't legalize it: Ambrose
<>Rona Ambrose closing 'loopholes' in drug access program
<>NDP, Liberals and Greens set Nomination Meetings as By-election Countdown Continues
<>Defence minister acknowledges veteran's death was related to military service
<>Justice Marc Nadon Backtracks On NHL Draft Claim
<>Stephen Harper's environment minister casts doubt on climate change
<>Ex-politician charged with impaired driving
<>Ambrose appears set to tighten restrictions on drug use for harm reduction
<>PEI MLA Hal Perry crossing floor to join Liberals

<>Canadian charged with piracy: Greenpeace
<>Controversy likely to follow Rob Ford deep in the heart of Texas
<>Freemen-on-the-land occupying Alberta trapper's cabin
<>Quebec's values charter forcing rethink of Catholicism, religious identity
<>'Replacement of the Champlain must be expedited'
<>We're not dodging city of Montreal: Enbridge
<>B.C. losing its position as climate-change leader
<>Kathleen Wynne withdraws Liberal support for EllisDon bill
<>Next Supreme Court judge admits he doesn't fit 'diversity' expectations
<>Ireland grapples with whether to kill or keep the Senate

<>90-year-old discharged from hospital in middle of night
<>Proposed changes to CPP spur momentum for pension reform
<>Massive dinosaur fossil unearthed by Alberta pipeline crew
<>Majority of rich Canadians feel better off than before the recession
<>Peace activist defiant ahead of census trial
<>Tim Hudak targets NDP as well as Liberals in bid to expand support
<>Ontarians flood Liberals' "Common Ground" website seeking policy ideas
<>Iggy's missive leaves Liberal back rooms grumbling
<>Harper plays catch-up for Asian trade
<>Ex-Quebec premier says PQ values charter goes too far

<>Rob Ford pal Sandro Lisi's high-profile arrest in low-scale drug bust shrouded in mystery
<>Liberal support slipping as Parliament's return draws near
<>Political party spending should not be black hole
<>Pierre Trudeau's lonely vision
<>Still want to be prime minister, Mr. Prentice?
<>How Stephen Harper picks judges
<>Save the chuckle. Government shutdowns a familiar story in Canadian politics
<>Stephen Harper, Israel and the strange metaphor of the mourning dove hunt
<>All boobs, no brains
<>Alberta's political evolution opens doors on the left
<>Turning up the heat against Nenshi as Calgary's municipal election creeps closer
<>Why is a senior cop involved in arrest of Ford friend on simple drug charges?



<>China's Ambitions in Xinjiang and Central Asia: Pt. 1

>>>>Gatestone Institute. <<<<
British Education: Creeping Sharia

>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<

<>The Dark Side of International Migration
<>Q&A: "Guinea Bissau Is Dangerously Close to Becoming a Failed State"
<>Q&A: The Eleventh Hour for Climate Justice
<>For the Disabled, Progress Unearths More Questions
<>Less Hunger, But Not Good Enough
<>Ugandan Women Put On Their Boxing Gloves
<>Relief Brings Its Own Disasters
<>Hunger Decreases, but Unevenly, U.N. Reports
<>U.S. Government Shutdown Could Hit Foreign Aid
<>WTO: Stingy with the Poor, Generous with the Rich

>>>>Common Dreams<<<<

Five Years After the Big Bailout: Time to Begin Building a "New Economy" <>
Human Assault Pushes Ocean to Limit Unseen in 300 Million Years <>
Lavabit: The Email Service That Refused to Bow to NSA <>
Bizarre Incident Leads to Car Chase, Shots Fired on Capitol Hill <>
Amid Shutdown, Divided Government Agrees on One Thing: War <>
Nobel Laureates to EU: Classify Tar Sands Oil As 'Dirty Fuel' It Is <>
Building a Popular Mobillization to Defeat Greek Fascism <>
Digby: What Do They Really Want, Part XXIV <>
Richard Eskow: The GOP's Shutdown Tab: One Billion Dollars and Counting <>
Ralph Nader: Congressional "Mad Dogs" Render the Powerful Powerless <>
Zillah Eisenstein: Set Marissa Alexander Free! <>
Robert Naiman: This Week, Let's Help Burlington Kill the $1.5 Trillion F-35 Taxpayer Ripoff <>
Hundreds Expected to Rally Against Big Money in Politics During Argument of McCutcheon v. FEC <>
Earthjustice: Federal Court Orders EPA to Move Forward on Coal Ash Regulations <>
Food & Water Watch: Court Grants Four Groups' Right to Defend COOL <>
Amy Goodman: Herman Wallace, Free at Last <>
'Psychopaths': GOP Lawmaker, Former NSA Chief Joke About Putting Snowden on 'Kill List' <>

>>>>The Real News Network<<<<

<>Gov't Crackdown on Golden Dawn Won't Defeat Greek Fascism
<>overnment Shutdown Spares Military but Hurts Children and the Poor
<>Hardliners Determined To Undermine 'Historic' Prospect of Peace with Iran
<>razil, Corruption and the Mass Movement
<>Preventing The Next Economic Collapse
<>he Lawbreaking is Ongoing: Louisiana Levee Board Sues BP, Exxon, Shell, Chevron For Coast Damage
<>Holding BP Accountable: Environmental Justice Struggle Continues in Gulf Region After 2010 Spill
<>ea Party Forces Government Shutdown With Obamacare Revolt; How Will it Impact Ordinary Americans?
<>Rachel Maddow: Republicans Absolutely Gleeful Shutting Government Down
<>Shutdown or A Coup? How It Was Engineered
<>Time for Proof on Syrian CW Attack

>>>>The European Union Times<<<<

Nearly 5 million people unemployed in Spain <>Source
* <>Eurozone unemployment rate hits record 12.2 percent
* <>1000s of students demonstrate in Madrid against education cuts
* <>5 million people unemployed in Spain
* <>Spain parliament approves harsh austerity measures
* <>Spain reluctant to accept EU cure
Greek opposition MEPs released due to lack of evidence <>Source
* <>Greek opposition leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos arrested
* <>Evangelos Venizelos: Anyone against our bailout plan is the equivalent of Golden Dawn
* <>Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus: "ELAM and Golden Dawn have many positive children"
* <>Greek government moves forward with plan to sell islands
* <>Hundreds of anarchists carry random attacks in Corinth, Greece
German Scientists Freeze Light for a Minute <>Source
* <>Germany's Siemens to slash 15,000 jobs over next year
* <>Greece may get third bail-out as Germany signals $328bn wasn't enough
* <>Greece to need more bailout loans by start of 2014: Germany's central bank
* <>US, Germany to negotiate anti-spying pact
* <>Germany sends 'massive amounts' of phone, email data to NSA
Somalia's al-Shabab threatens to escalate attacks in Kenya <>Source
* <>Kenyan troops kill 73 militants in Somalia
* <>30 Kenyan civilians killed on Somali border
* <>Kenyan fighter jets bomb Somalia
* <>Somali security minister killed in suicide attack
* <>Interpol issues alert for British suspect in Nairobi mall siege

>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<
Independent Media: Providing the Truth about Empire and Repression

Obamacare Is Another Private Sector Rip-Off Of Americans

>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<

Breaking: <>Attempted Breach at White House; Capitol Was in Lockdown After Shots Fired --Pennsylvania Avenue Closed --Secret Service engaged in car chase after incident began at White House; shots then fired --Several police officers injured --'There were already police cars going by before we heard the shots.' --Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) --Congress was ordered to 'shelter in place' --House and Senate in recess --FBI, SWAT teams on premises; law enforcement descended on scene --Helicopter landed in front of Reflecting Pool near Capitol --'15 shots heard in rapid succession' 03 Oct 2013 [This story will be updated.]

<>Radioactive Wastewater From Fracking is Found In Pennsylvania Stream 02 Oct 2013 In the state of Pennsylvania, home to the lucrative <>Marcellus Shale formation, 74 facilities treat wastewater from the process of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for natural gas and release it into streams. There's no national set of standards that guides this treatment process -- the EPA <>notes that the Clean Water Act's guidelines were developed before fracking even existed...and scientists have conducted relatively little assessment of the wastewater to ensure it's safe after being treated. Recently, a group of Duke University scientists decided to do some testing... As <>published today in the journal
<>Environmental Science and Technology, they found high concentrations of the element radium, a highly radioactive substance. The concentrations were roughly 200 times higher than background levels. In addition, amounts of chloride and bromide in the water were two to ten times greater than normal.

>>>>Israel Hayom<<<<

<>Iran investigates 'horrific' death of alleged cyberwarfare chief
<>Iran is worried
<>The West will wake up, the question is when
<>40 years after the 1973 war
<>Bernanke's touch felt as far as Israel
<>Kerry: US will not be played for 'suckers' by Iran
<>Netanyahu takes PR campaign to US media, calls Iran regime a 'cult'
<>May | Iran's rulers and the art of the deal
<>In a decision hailed by transgender activists, Israel recognizes two men as the biological fathers of a child •
<>Lieberman derides NY Times for accusing PM of 'sabotaging diplomacy'
<>Shin Bet concerned over Israeli Arabs fighting in Syria
<>Israeli scientists unveil latest innovations in aerospace medicine
<>European Council passes anti-circumcision resolution

>>>INFOS <<<


<>Une femme enlevée, séquestrée et sauvagement battuePlus

<> Enlevée sur son lieu de travail, séquestrée, sauvagement battue et vraisemblablement agressée sexuellement, une femme de 21 ans a vécu un véritable calvaire, dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, à Terrebonne. 13h54

<>Coups de feu près du Congrès: une femme abattuePlus

<> La femme prise en chasse dans sa voiture par la police jeudi, entre la Maison Blanche et le Congrès, est morte après avoir été touchée par des coups de feu, ont annoncé les forces de l'ordre. 14h33

<>Élections municipales: Marcel Côté a voté pour Tremblay en 2009Plus

<> Marcel Côté a déclaré publiquement avoir voté pour Gérald Tremblay au poste de maire lors des élections municipales de 2009. 18h47

<>Les entreprises coupables de collusion devront rembourserPlus

<> Les entreprises ciblées par la commission Charbonneau pourront éviter les poursuites en remboursant les sommes volées. 17h41

<>Stephen Harper en Asie du Sud-EstPlus

<> Le premier ministre Stephen Harper a quitté Ottawa, jeudi, en direction de l'Asie du Sud-Est où il doit notamment participer, dimanche, au Sommet de l'APEC (Coopération économique pour l'Asie-Pacifique). 17h35

<>Budget américain: l'économie canadienne est vulnérablePlus

<> L'économie canadienne souffrira dans l'éventualité où les parlementaires américains laisseront la plus importante économie du monde être en défaut de paiement dans deux semaines. 17h10

<>Charbonneau: Dupuis plaçait ses «poteaux»Plus

<> Jocelyn Dupuis n'avait aucun mal à «placer ses poteaux» alors qu'il occupait le poste de directeur général de la FTQ-Construction, a raconté Ken Pereira devant la Commission Charbonneau. 12h16

<>Un tueur de chats en sériePlus

<> La police régionale de York mène une enquête concernant la troublante décapitation de plusieurs chats dans la ville Stouffville, en Ontario. 14h41

<>Stratagème d'une ampleur insoupçonnéePlus

<> Le stratagème de corruption dans lequel aurait été impliqué l'ex-maire de Montréal Michael Applebaum prend une ampleur gigantesque. 13h45

<>Immigration: un nouveau drame fait 130 morts en ItaliePlus

<> Plus de 130 migrants originaires de la Corne de l'Afrique sont morts jeudi dans le naufrage d'un bateau qui allait vers l'île italienne de Lampedusa, selon un nouveau bilan provisoire d'une des pires tragédies de l'immigration des dernières années. 08h37

<>Paralysie: un défaut de paiement serait «catastrophique»Plus

<> Le Trésor américain a averti jeudi qu'un défaut de paiement des États-Unis sur leur dette «serait sans précédent et potentiellement catastrophique», avec un impact plus grave que la crise financière de 2008. 10h44

<>Blanchet enterre le projet RabaskaPlus

<> Le ministre de l'Environnement Yves-François Blanchet vient d'enterrer le projet de terminal méthanier Rabaska, à Lévis. 11h59

<>Charte: le crucifix sur la brèchePlus

<>Le gouvernement Marois a tenu jeudi à minimiser l'impact de la sortie publique de Jacques Parizeau sur la charte des valeurs. 09h24

<>Lac-Mégantic : Ottawa réitère sa volonté de participer à la décontaminationPlus

<> Le gouvernement fédéral va partager les coûts liés à la décontamination du centre-ville de Lac-Mégantic, où des millions de litres de carburant se sont déversés lors de la tragédie ferroviaire du 6 juillet dernier. 11h11

<>Incendie mortel à GatineauPlus

<> Une femme de 58 ans est morte dans un incendie qui s'est déclaré sur la rue Robinson, à Gatineau, tôt jeudi. 10h39

<>Un Montréalais accusé de piraterie en RussiePlus

<> Le Montréalais Alexandre Paul, âgé de 35 ans, a été formellement accusé de piraterie par les autorités russes, jeudi, pour avoir participé à une manifestation de Greenpeace sur une plateforme de forage dans l'Arctique russe. 08h56

<>Fraude de plus de 19 M$ mise au jourPlus

<> Les policiers de la Sûreté du Québec, assistée de l'Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), procédaient à l'arrestation de six personnes impliquées dans une fraude à la Ponzi totalisant plus de 19 millions $. 08h25

<>Beloeil: un motocycliste de 22 ans péritPlus

<> Un homme de 22 ans, Mathieu Villeneuve, un résident d'Otterburn Park, a perdu la vie dans un accident de moto survenu jeudi matin, à Beloeil. 05h58

<>La charte des valeurs va trop loin selon Jacques ParizeauPlus

<> Jacques Parizeau croit que le gouvernement Marois fait fausse route en voulant interdire le port de signes religieux à l'ensemble du secteur public. 04h44

Harcèlement d'un gardienne de prison: un homme arrêtéPlus

<> Un ex-détenu qui a publié des photos embarrassantes d'une ancienne gardienne de prison a été intercepté par les policiers pour avoir proféré des menaces et contrevenu à son obligation de ne pas communiquer avec elle. 02h32

Fusillade dans le Vieux-Montréal: un récit à glacer le sangPlus

<> C'est un témoignage à donner la chair de poule qu'a rendu le policier Christian Viel-Rioux, mercredi et mardi, au procès des trois accusés de la fusillade qui a fait deux morts et deux blessés dans une boutique de vêtements du Vieux-Montréal. 02h24

Interesting how corporations interests are being furthered by international agreements.
read the article
Firms sues to lift Quebec fracking ban

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: L. Ian MacDonald: John Baird brings the politics
of conviction to the UN, L. Ian. MacDonald, October 1, 2013

Re: L. Ian MacDonald: John Baird brings the politics of conviction to the UN, L. Ian. MacDonald, October 1, 2013

The Conservative government should be commended for its efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality. But if our foreign policy is really principled, why have our contributions to UN peacekeeping declined so steeply, why are we cutting back on foreign aid to the poorest countries, and why are we refusing to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty intended to help protect those living in daily fear of armed violence? A values-based foreign policy would primarily be about savings innocent lives, and not about pandering to commercial interests or a gun-toting Conservative electoral base that is hostile to the United Nations.


<>1. The United Nations and Canada: What Canada has done and should be doing<> at the UN
Carolyn McAskie O.C., p. 25
> It is in Canada's interest, dependent as we are on trade and international mobility, to help create a peaceful, democratic, more equitable and sustainable world. The Harper government's
> "principled foreign policy" which focuses narrowly on short term and mainly commercial or domestic political issues, actually works against Canada's longer-term
> self-interest.
2.<,d.aWc> IPS – Canada Eyes African Resources amid Shrinking Foreign Aid <,d.aWc>...
> According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issued earlier this year, the drop in Canada's overseas development assistance since 2011, as well as a decision to zero in on fewer countries that are predominantly middle income, "may undermine the support (Canada) has given in recent years to poor countries with weak capacity, especially in sub-Saharan Africa."

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: just the start of their excuse to collect all of our DNAs--it will keep us safer???
Feds looks at plan to collect DNA from suspects upon arrest
Subject: BRAVO to this courageous woman
Woman, 89, ready to go to jail over census processed by weapons manufacturer
Arms maker Lockheed Martin processes form for federal government


Firms sues to lift Quebec fracking ban

By The Canadian Press ­ <>CP ­ Oct 3 2013
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OTTAWA - Free trade critics say a $250-million damage suit being pursued as a result of Quebec's moratorium on fracking is proof Canada needs to be careful in negotiating trade pacts around the world.

The Council of Canadians, the Sierra Club and Quebec-based Eau secours say the suit by Lone Pine Resources Inc. (TSX:LPR) shows that trade deals that include investor protection clauses are a bad idea because they can prevent governments from passing laws to protect the environment.

The groups are asking Lone Pine to drop the suit before a NAFTA panel, but company president Tim Granger says he is going ahead unless Quebec lifts its moratorium on fracking for natural gas under the St. Lawrence River.

"As an organization we, in good faith, purchased leases, we paid rentals and then to just have been stymied, that's not acceptable," he said in an interview.

"What we are asking for is some level of restitution for losses we have incurred and what we could have potentially received if we were allowed to develop those leases."

The statement of claim filed Sept. 6 says the company "expended millions of dollars and considerable time and resources" on the project and that the Quebec government was "arbitrary" and "capricious" in revoking the rights even before an environment study on the fracking process was completed.

The company estimates there are between 1.9 trillion and 3.3 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered natural gas trapped in the shale in the area covered by the suit, the equivalent of about half of Canada's total annual production.

But the groups say the suit has become symbolic for everything that is wrong with investor protection clauses in major trade agreements.

The Canadian case has attracted even greater scrutiny because Quebec has yet to decide whether fracking ­ a process to inject fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside ­ can be conducted safely under the St. Lawrence.

"If a government is not even allowed to take a time out to study the impact without having to compensate a corporation, it puts a tremendous chill on a governments' ability to regulate in the public interest," said Ilana Solomon, director of the Sierra Club's trade program in Washington, D.C.

Stuart Trew, a trade campaigner with the Council of Canadians in Ottawa, which has generally been critical of trade deals, says the suit has attracted attention in Europe, Australia and other countries contemplating major trade deals.

Canadians should expect more lawsuits if it completes trade deals with the European Union and in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he said, since both are likely to include investor protection provisions similar to the one found in NAFTA.

"These investment protections are going to be built into these mega-trade deals and this Lone Pine case has become kind of the poster child for what's wrong with giving corporations the right to sue governments when they don't like certain policies," he said.

"We have no confidence the government is going to be able to limit cases brought by European countries, In fact, (the Canada-EU trade deal) could lead to more cases than have happened under NAFTA."

Even if the lawsuits fail, Trew said such cases serve as a chill to governments that want to regulate in areas of the environment and public safety and that is "entirely intentional."

Another unusual aspect of the case is that Lone Pine is a Calgary-based firm and would not have standing as a foreign entity to sue Canada under NAFTA, but Granger said it can do so because it is registered in Delaware.

Although the suit complains against a Quebec government action, the federal government would be liable to pay any damages if it succeeds since it alleges that obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement were violated.

In 2010, Ottawa agreed to pay AbitibiBowater $130 million to settle the company's claim that Newfoundland illegally seized some of its assets, a suit that was also filed under NAFTA.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said at the time he would in the future seek to "reclaim" money from the provinces if their actions cause Ottawa to lose cases before international trade process.