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to Obama: Nix pipeline regardless of Canada's climate vows
premier uses shipyard backdrop to promote record on jobs
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe talk energy before UN events
man freed after years on death row in Iran
Drabinsky fights to reclaim Order of Canada; removed while in prison
public health agency investigates 21 cases of E. coli in 4 provinces
helped fund fight against Somali militants

distrustful of 'rapprochement' with Iran
maker hires ex-general who led NATO Libya mission
pipeline boom brings message change
to Japanese Canadians leaves 'great legacy'
wireless spectrum battle heats up, Ottawa takes the first swipe
takeover offer buys company time
attack: Why al-Shabaab live-tweeted the assault

in emergency shelter told to get rid of pets or leave
clarifies poppy policy, but some vets don't buy it
loses 80 pounds to donate kidney to daughter
children's Halloween costumes getting too sexy?
addition: Barbie in RCMP uniform flying off the shelves
video: 4-year-old throws tantrum over Apple's iOS7
on cam: Lamborghini splits in half after major crash

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee
Stats Glossing over Vancouver's Housing Crisis?
         First set of data since long-form census
was axed suggest affordability progress, but
others doubt. By
P. Ball
Topp Spins BC NDP's Election Loss
         Leaked report shows former campaign
manager shoulders some of the blame -- but not
nearly enough. By
Canada Can Put Digital Consumers First
         Speech from the throne offers a chance
to set things right, starting with wireless
pricing. By
lawsuit alleging abuse filed against Furlong
scrubbing required before BC produces world's cleanest LNG: report
Furlong responds to former students' abuse lawsuits

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News
deeds, not words, are the key to thawing
relations with the West: Harper 1 hour 48 minutes ago
Post columnist takes aim at Tories' War of 1812 campaign 5 hours ago
doctor Donald Low pleads for legalized assisted
suicide in posthumous video 2 hours 12 minutes ago
preparing to toughen outdoor smoking ban, joining
other major Canadian cities 4 hours ago
Lancaster bomber marks 25 years back in the sky 8 hours ago
Bay bar unveils pregnancy test dispenser 8 hours ago
bought jet months before layoff announcement 5 hours ago
may be set for growth spurt after July retail bounce 9 hours ago
Drabinsky believes he is more worthy of Order of
Canada than sprinter Ben Johnson 9 hours ago
Scotia NDP campaign staffer released after
calling Liberal candidate a 'homophobe'6 hours ago
produce slick video of contest winners enjoying a 'BBQ with Justin' 8 hours ago
teen takes home Google Science Fair prize for hollow flashlight 7 hours ago
Canada CEO Calvin McDonald resigns in the middle
of turnaround plan 1 hour 56 minutes ago
Garth Drabinsky be allowed to keep his Order of Canada? 9 hours ago
winner critical of award gala in a 'time of austerity' 8 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post
To Iran: Talk Is Cheap
This Photo Prove The Alleged Tape Is Gone?
Pressured To Sign Arms Treaty
For B.C. NDP Leader?
Ontario Byelection On Way
Staffer Fired For 'Homophobe' Insult
PM, Harper Agree On Energy, Disagree On UN
Uncomfortable With Religious Headgear: Poll
Safety Now 'Top Of The Agenda'
Nations' Pipeline Concerns

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer
Nation fighting Canada-China FIPA in court case
"urgently" need funds, a spokesperson says
Vancouver, thousands walk for sovereignty and justice for First Nations
reveal "inappropriate relationship" between Port
Authority, coal lobby, VTACC says
Conspiracy 2: It's the Economy, Stupid!
of the heart at PNE give expression to Indian residential school tragedies

B.C. New Democrat MPs considering move to provincial politics
and after: How 7 prime ministers aged in office
Law and the Conservative Nomination Process in Brandon
Megantic cleanup: Quebec asks federal government to share bill
Suzuki says politicians should be charged over climate change
perfect pipeline problem
on terror not over: To simply pretend it is doesn't make it so
for Calgary's Mayor Nenshi a safe bet
report explains historic blunder
follies won't fix transit

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t
Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy
Krugman | The (Very) Rich Are Getting (Much) Richer
Pilger | Conversations on Palestine: The Role and Failure of Journalism
Privacy There Can Be No Democracy
the News With Thom Hartmann: Obama Addresses UN
About Syria, Middle East, and More
Take Over US Trade Rep Building, Expose Secret Negotiations
From an LA Sweatshop: How Modern-Day Slaves Become Lobbyists

Journey: The U.S.-European Relationship, Then and Now

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe
Attack Exposes Flawed U.S. Terror Policies
over Iran-U.S. D├ętente Continues Apace
Local People Stewards of the Earth
Media Crackdown Continues
Silent on Chemical Weapons
Hood Activists Take Aim at Wall Street
Afghanistan Again in a Turkish Town
Athletes Score against Violence
Faith Groups as Partners in Development

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams
Ecological 'Wake-Up' Call Counters Corporate-Friendly 'Free' Trade
Humanity's Heating of Planet is Planting Seeds of Hunger: Report
Workers Set Factories Ablaze in Call for Decent
Wage for Producing Globe's 'Cheap' Clothing
'Flush the TPP!': Protesters Scale Trade Building in Protest of Secretive Deal
Marla Spivak: Why Bees Are Disappearing
Willie Nelson: It's Time to Stand Up With Family Farmers
Elliott Negin: The Oil & Gas Industry's Fractured Fairy Tales
Christopher Calabrese and Matthew Harwood:
Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone
Oxfam: A Hotter World Is a Hungrier World Warns Oxfam Ahead of IPCC Report

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network
Intervention in Syria Without Apologizing for a Dictatorship Pt.2
Professor Latest Sikh Hate Crime Victim
Street's Latest Scheme Will Cost You More at the Gas Pump
Struggle for Syria TRNN coverage of the Syrian crisis
Shield Law Takes Away More Whistleblower & Journalist Rights
working longer and harder for less $: Non-unionized workers getting organiized
the NSA's Secrets: Guardian Editor Alan
Rusbridger on the Inside Story of Snowden Leaks
James Lawson: Our Country is Based on Plantation Capitalism
Jr's The Resistance Report: Can We End the U.S. Empire?
for Sale
Tale of Two Congress Members
Wall Street Journal Pines for the Return of Liar's Loans

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times
Nairobi mall siege: 200 hostages freed, military
'in control' of building
hold hostages in Kenya mall siege, 68 dead, 200 injured
Kenyan civilians killed on Somali border
10 most dangerous countries for tourism
fighter jets bomb Somalia
airstrikes kill 64 in Somalia
Obama to demand Syria's Assad removal at UN

'Irrefutable' evidence for Syria chemical weapons claims lacking
to seek Congress approval for Syria strike
chief opposes arming either side in Syria conflict
House says the US may attack Syria soon
House pushes for Syria strike despite surrender of chemical weapons
Dad Charged with 2nd Degree Assault on Cop After
He Questioned Common Core Curriculum

waives anti-terrorism provisions to arm Syrian rebels
military document: Rebels had sarin gas for attack in Syria
reasons why diplomatic solution is unlikely in Syria
'Irrefutable' evidence for Syria chemical weapons claims lacking
Activists Form 'Human Shields' Around Military Installations
Voters in Swiss canton pass law to ban full-face

Minister: 'Islam destroys democracy in France'
food giant Nestle hit by horsemeat scandal
and Muslim leaders vow to fight growing racism in Europe
Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia
moon may disturb good night's sleep
Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood
activities nationwide
to be tried for 'incitement to murder and violence'
draft constitution may ban religious political parties
considers dissolving Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt's future on edge after crackdown on protesters
Brotherhood vows non-stop protests until Morsi returns

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House
Iran the Fourth Reich?
to the man, Mr. President.
This Time, the West Must Not Turn its Back on Diplomacy
Obama's Speech at the U.N. General Assembly
Bold Opening to Iran?
Bashar al-Assad Condemns US Over 'War' Threat
Apartheid: a Crime Against Humanity
Attack: The Same Old Script:
         What 'Doing Something' Really Means
Act of Killing
Stories Around The World
President Rousseff Launches Tirade Against US Over NSA Surveillance
the Right to Be Left Alone
Justice Department: Trumpeting a New Victory in War on Freedom of the Press
Belief That Gov't Is Too Powerful at Record Level