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to campaign with Nova Scotia Liberal leader Monday in Halifax area
Khadr to make 1st public appearance as lawyers challenge his detention
investigate allegations of hazing incident in Saskatchewan
Nova Scotia premier's personal brand hurting NDP on election trail?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sun Media
and scientists are digging down to find the roots
of happiness ­ and being Canadian is one of them
is everything: Liberals need to hold off on the
release of Red Book 2.0 until it's Justin time
luminary: Grits' hand-picked candidate may be a
rising star to the Media Party, but she's dim on the economy
RCMP can't close door on High River mess
Hudak's daughter answers a lot of questions about dad


rally in Montreal draws hundreds in favour of 'values' legislation
steamed about not being able to court martial Jeffrey Delisle: documents
schools reconciliation walk draws thousands in Vancouver
road to recovery for victims and families after Ottawa bus tragedy
strategy needed to save kids from becoming 'lost' in care: advocates
up and away: High River hosts Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships
rail safety regulations to be unveiled 'this year,' Raitt says
International slams Quebec charter for limiting 'fundamental rights'
can help startup businesses get to market faster
case added to probe of E.coli outbreak at B.C. cheese farm


feds eyeing oil by rail to...
man donates $2K to youth...
government on collision...
Is the great groundwater...


Lt.-Gen. Leslie blasts Conservative government's treatment of veterans

>Liberal nomination over before it starts, while some Conservatives still fuming

>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<

Obama Administration Blackmails the Russians in Attempt to Wage War

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t
Capitalism - Redefining Outdated Terms
Old definitions of capitalism, socialism and
communism stymie attempts to transition to
economic forms that will better serve people and society.

to Autocracy: Could America Become a Police State?
Security lobbyists, the media and the government
itself continue to stoke public fears of another
attack on "the homeland." Thus there remains a
national preoccupation with "security," which
trumps our traditional values of freedom and privacy.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams
New Report: Fracking Pollution Sickening Residents in TX, Regulators Walk Away

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network
Stamps Among The Most Effective Economic Stimulus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News
FOCUS: Sen. Bernie Sanders | Angry, Disgusted, Frustrated
  "A middle-class American family made less last
year than in 1989, according to a new Census
Bureau report released on Tuesday. Meanwhile,
Forbes magazine this week reported that the 400
wealthiest Americans doubled what they were worth
a decade ago and 'finally gained back all that
they lost' in the 2008 economic collapse. 'You
want to know why the American people are angry
and disgusted and frustrated?' ... 'That's why.'"

FOCUS: Willie Nelson | Corporations Dominate Our Food System
Nelson writes: "This strength is what's grown the
Good Food Movement. Today, we're at our
strongest. More people than ever are seeking out
family farm food. Businesses sourcing from family
farmers are searching for new farmers because
demand exceeds supply. But even still, a handful
of corporations dominate our food system."

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times
Obama's meeting with Iran president 'possible,'
US says

extends unilateral sanctions against Iran
tells Venezuela to Cut its Ties with Iran and Cuba
House says the US may attack Syria soon
diplomacy with Iran is Obama's only choice: US analysts
threatens Iran in UN speech
Iran releases political prisoners, including
Sakharov Prize winner Nasrin Sotoudeh
meeting with Iran president 'possible,' US says
tells Venezuela to Cut its Ties with Iran and Cuba
Russia presidents set to discuss military ties
diplomacy with Iran is Obama's only choice: US analysts
rolls out bold design for homemade fighter jets
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House
US Struggle With Iran's Peace Offensive By Eric Margolis
America's war party is furious: its dreams of
seeing US power crush Syria, then Iran are in jeopardy.

Can Washington Reciprocate Iran's "Constructive Engagement"?
The relevant question is whether Washington is
prepared to abandon a strategic approach to the
Middle East that has done profound damage to
America's own position in this vital region-in no
small part, by rendering productive diplomacy
with the Islamic Republic impossible.

"Israel Is Moving And Shaking The Middle East"
George Galloway Vs Israeli General Video
George Galloway and former General / aide to
Ariel Sharon debate the state of Iraq after war.

Look at 'Liberated' Libya and Despair
Welcome to the new Libya, a country 'liberated'
by NATO which now finds itself without the oil
revenues which could make it rich, with no
security, no stability and assassinations and
corruption at unprecedented levels.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Haaretz Editoral
mandated destruction


Prayer Changes Your Brain in 4 Simple
video presentation

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter
Snooping on Brazil's President's Emails.
Unfolding Diplomatic Fall Out between Washington and Brasilia,
"Red Lines."
Saving Syria from Chemical Weapons by "Punishing" With Chemical Weapons?,
Ghouta chemical attack: Kidnapped by Al Nusrah.
Where are the Missing Children?,
Chemical Attack or "Provocation" by Opposition Rebel Forces
Happened to John Kerry? From Anti-War Vietnam to Bellicose Rhetoric on Syria
Infiltrator in Anti-War Movement
Profiteers from Pinochet's Chile May Yet Face Prison
Evidence Shows Insurgents Responsible for Gas Attack
President Calls for Dialogue With the US
Much More Likely to Be Killed By Lightning than by a Terrorist
Conspiracy Theorists" Categorized as Terrorists:
F.B.I. Calls Half of US Population with "9/11 Doubts" Potential Terrorists,
Officials Turn Down North Korean Offer of Nuclear Talks
Warfare in Afghanistan Challenged in UK Court.
British Ministry of Defense on the "Defensive"
Syria, within the "Opposition" There are no "Moderate Rebels"
German Election, 2013,
President denied Travel through US Airspace
War against the People of Korea: The Historical Record of US War Crimes
the War on Media Disinformation, the Truth is our Most Valuable Weapon
Use of Chemical Weapons
With Your Own Eyes: The Videos of the Chemical
Attacks in Syria Show Tampered Scenes
Salvador Option For Syria": US-NATO Sponsored
Death Squads Integrate "Opposition Forces"
Gambit: The Race to War,
9/11: New Truths Dispelling Old Lies
America More Pro-War Than Ever
State USA: Missile Threats Make Any Syria Treaty Illegal
an Age of 'Realists' and Vigilantes, There is Cause for Optimism
Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Threaten World Peace
Warfare: The Great Purveyor of Violence is the United States of America
Challenges UN Report on Syrian Gas Attack
Looting of America
the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged
Debt Ceiling Debate: It's Not a Fiscal Cliff ...
It's the Breakdown of the Rule of Law
Sponsored Rebel Forces Have Taken Control of
Maalula: Snipers Haunt Syrian Christian Town
Threatens "Use of Force": U.S. "Deadline" for
Syrian Chemical Weapons Is Contrary to International Law
Dissent Becomes a Crime
Political Repression in South Korea
Is Really Behind the Syrian War?
Prejudiced Analysis of the Western Media
Delegation to Syria. Ramsey Clark, Cynthia McKinney, Sara Flounders
Global Elite's Crimes Against Humanity: The Subversion Of Happiness And Truth
the Occupation of Palestine Was Dressed Up as Peace
of War Crimes in Iraq: 'Damning Evidence' on
Congenital Birth Defects becomes 'No Clear Evidence': WHO Report,
Bashar al-Assad's Interview on Syria's Chemical
Weapons. Transcript,
al Assad,
and the Saudi-Israeli Connection: The Chemical
Weapons Attack. Who was Behind It?,
Sellstrom Report: The United Nations' Syria
Inspector Shills for NATO and Israel
Militarization: Syria, Iran and the Globalization of War
Relations: Exploring the Prospects for Change
Washington Navy Yard Gunman: Buddhist Meditation
was a Cure not the Cause of Aaron Alexis's Anger
Modified Babies
Gas Attack: Assad Wrongfully Blamed
on Syria: Obama Brushes Aside International Law
Census Report Shows Entrenched Poverty and Declining Living Standards
York Times on Syria: All the Propaganda Fit to Print
Lines" and "Green Lights": Israel still Angling for Attack on Syria