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should ban Russian politicians who support anti-gay law: NDP
International slams Quebec charter for limiting 'fundamental rights'
Tories promise to launch judicial inquiry into Rehtaeh Parsons case
over fracking heats up on Newfoundland's scenic west coast
police officer stable after being stabbed in neck and forearm
political parties court seniors as influence grows
cuts 4,500 staff as phone sales falter, books massive loss
reach tentative deal on beef and pork obstacle in free trade talks
to Queen for new Canadians is constitutional, court rules
Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington sentenced to jail in California
push for secular state could backfire: archbishop
agency analyzes 'insider threat'
company's plan to ship oil through Hudson Bay too risky: minister

Tory spin on robocalls ruling at odds with judge's own words


Canada Post weighs future of mail delivery
government on collision course with First Nations?
Canada heroin decision draws minister's rebuke
Liberals join NDP in push for 'fairer' voting system
BlackBerry have a future?
Scotia election poll shifts focus for leaders
Harper to discuss maternal health at UN event
bus in deadly crash moved from scene
bus crash: How safe are train level crossings?
bus crash highlights lack of black-box rules
crash victims a microcosm of 'official' Ottawa
deaths in the millions lead to government, industry action
wheeling and dealing over your tax money
Issue: The Decline of BlackBerry
'seizes' Greenpeace ship after Arctic rig protest

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sun Media
group's charitable status revoked over alleged link to terror organization
to check those balances
urges fellow PCs to look ahead to provincial election
in the clowns: Quebec's values charter is merely
a distraction from the province's real problems
scientific evidence of global humility
mess with taxes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee

Calls BS on BC Libs' Private Election Polls
         'Show me the numbers,' demands Insights
West president, who says voters simply changed their minds.
Files Defence in Lawsuit with Fracking Folk Hero
         Landmark case could change how shale gas
industry is regulated in Canada.
the Rich, Save the Economy
         Or else, warns ex-US labour secretary
Robert Reich, we're on track for another Great Depression.
Dix Successors Already Emerging
         Heyman, Horgan, Eby and Farnworth say
they may vie to be next BC NDP honcho.
Reveals Secret World of Native Erotica
         New art exhibit showcases saucy, sensual
side of First Nations sexuality.
Bad,' Latest King of Depravity TV
         I can only stand so much evil mixed with
bad decor and call it entertainment.
Labour Springs to Life as Incomes Fall
         Crashing wages, fast-food revolts renew
fight against one percenter 'apostles of greed.'
belatedly investigates Peace River oil sands pollution
agenda reveals first weeks after election win
seeks court's help to stop profiteering fake reviewer
brags about Canadian brand, despite domination of World Bank corruption list
deal puts labour focus back on teachers
Backstories to Metro Vancouver's Public Art
for homestyle submissions: Generation Rent
considering NDP leadership bid, Heyman outlines vision
hopes for 'diverse range of candidates' to replace him as NDP leader
the time to reach higher': Dix to supporters
in six Canadians needed mental health care in 2012: StatsCan

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News
PC leader Tim Hudak won't face leadership review

missing $3.1B no one is asking about
thousands of people don't pay a dime in property tax
in forced marriages number in the hundreds in Ontario
opens in Quebec over impact of charter on women 23 hours ago
Liberals, union attack Tim Hudak ahead of weekend
vote on leadership review 23 hours ago
recommend renegotiating US-Canada Columbia River
treaty for ecosystem 19 hours ago
safe injection site celebrates 10 years of saving lives 23 hours ago
found in Toronto daycare where child died 18 hours ago
ends, fall begins in the Maritimes 7 hours ago
level crossing gate down 25 seconds before crash Fri, 20 Sep, 2013

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post
Canada Provides Heroin To Addicts, Tory Minister Miffed
Won't Harper Help BlackBerry?
MPs Promoted To 'No Man's Land'
Mulcair's Back On Top
Mulroney's $8-Million Mansion For Sale
To Queen Constitutional, Court Rules
Confidential Deal With Government Agency
Canadians Picture When They Think Of Military
Not Sweating It
Was An Embarrassment'

Wynne promises no snap election if Tories hold leadership race
sitting on list of judges to fill Supreme Court vacancy
wounded soldiers told not to criticize superiors online
releases Project Traveller search warrant ­ almost entirely blacked out
government embraces Stephen Harper's approach to governance
bets are off in Freeland-McQuaig byelection battle

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer

meetings with federal ministers, Chief Stewart
Phillip urges British Columbians to take to the street
Aboriginal women outraged at Canada's refusal to heed UN review
Litres and Counting: Volume of CNRL Tar Sands Seepage Growing
Failing to Protect Public Interest, Communicate
Openly on CNRL Cold Lake Spills
Elders taunt coal mining firm to arrest them
Secrets Chart: Pssst, Mr Harper, don't let Obama see this ...

Harper's intended destination ought to soon become plainer
new PBO appears to be spinning his wheels
Michael Ignatieff is glad he entered politics
Rule of Law and Democracy: Do we have cause for concern?
to check those balances
mid-life crisis
PBO not fazed by early criticism
leave gap between public and private sectors
explained by unionization rates and demographics: Statscan
worked, investigating bus data and human factors: TSB
will shun UN podium again, despite planned visit to New York
Harper to discuss maternal health at UN event
reach tentative deal on beef and pork obstacle in free trade talks
Said to Step Up Involvement in EU Talks

>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist
Focus on Competitiveness
Really Is Competitiveness?
Competitive Is the U.S.?
Globalist's Top Features on Competitiveness
Stock Ownership: Who Owns? Who Benefits?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams
to US: Want Our Chemical Weapons? Take Them
How Big Money Undermines Our Democracy
Nations Awash in Guns Are Simply Killing Themselves
Swords Into Solar Panels
President Rousseff Cancels US Visit Over NSA Spying
Plan to Break the Internet
GOP Axes Food Assistance as Millions of Americans Go Hungry
to an Unknown Whistleblower (or How to Build a
National Security Blowback Machine)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network
& Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Con
Objectives Attempt to Pull Them Apart
Overturned for New Orleans Cops Who Killed Two After Katrina
Ambassador Admits Toppling Assad a Longtime Goal
Military Regime Shuts Gaza's Main Border Crossing
Biblical Floods Linked To Climate Change
Masri on Reality Asserts Itself
Extends Monsanto Protection Act
Gets Clearance to Open Doors in DC
Strike on Syria Staved Off
didn't OWS transform into a political movement?
Syria Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Used, Culprit Still Not Known
Say No To Foreign Intervention in Syria
on Occupy Wall Street
City Police Violently Crackdown on Occupying Teachers
Historic Move, Feds Won't Prosecute States That Legalize Pot
Undercover Spying Unit Revealed As Extensive, Far-Reaching
Farmers and Social Strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended
Years After Lehman Brothers Fall, Big Banks Even Larger
Activists Fightback Against Corporate and Military Forces
to Build Your Own AK-47
There is Disconnect Between Growth of Richest 1% Vs. Everyone Else
Party GOP Try to Shut Down Government? & New Coal Plant Rules
President Talks Nuclear Weapons, Syria in Interview with NBC's Ann Curry
History: Bhairavi Desai From National Taxi
Workers Alliance Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News
President Rouhani | Why Iran Seeks Constructive Engagement
Rouhani writes: "We must work together to end the
unhealthy rivalries and interferences that fuel
violence and drive us apart. We must also pay
attention to the issue of identity as a key
driver of tension in, and beyond, the Middle

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times
Obama waives anti-terrorism provisions to arm
Syrian rebels <>Source
'Irrefutable' evidence for Syria chemical weapons claims lacking
Obama meets national security team on Syria again
to seek Congress approval for Syria strike
asks Congress to delay vote on Syria war
House pushes for Syria strike despite surrender of chemical weapons
IMF approves €84.7mn Cyprus bailout loan

releases bailout funds for Cyprus
stock markets plunge on Cyprus deal
Portugese Need Food Assistance
president's family to be probed
of Cyprus clients could lose up to 60% of their savings
11 Million Users Abandon Facebook
blocks EU-US espionage talks
threatens Britain not to leave EU
U.S. hold secret talks on how to arm Syrian rebels
seeks US backing on Falklands
worried about UK's EU exit
Argentina, Brazil agree on cyber defense alliance

president postpones visit to Washington over US spying
lawmakers demand answers on US spying, urge boycott
may cancel $4 billion military deal with US over NSA spying efforts
can obtain 1 billion cell phone calls a day, store them and listen
spied on Russian President Medvedev at G20 summit – NSA leaks
Brazilian president postpones visit to Washington
over US spying
Brazil agree on cyber defense alliance
lawmakers demand answers on US spying, urge boycott
can obtain 1 billion cell phone calls a day, store them and listen