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House says Obama to nominate investment banker Heyman as Cdn ambassador
says Canadians among activists on ship boarded by Russians in Arctic
violence victim groups will be helped, Liberals vow
Motor invests $700 million at its main Canadian plant in Oakville, Ont.
have plan to put more detailed member of Parliament expenses online
B.C. and Ontario agree to establish co-operative securities regulator
Zealand police say they're trying to recover bodies of Canadian couple
rejects UN rights panel call for review of violence on aboriginal women
Canada recalling 28,000 vehicles over air bag deployment issues

spin on robocalls ruling at odds with judge's own words
goes off-script with continuing care assistant
regulator deal opposed by Quebec, Alberta
River residents to be compensated for RCMP searches

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sun News
trying to block Corrections head from testifying
leader' of raid on Algerian plant was Ali Medlej, Canadian officials believe
of Rob Ford's senior aide in GO station under scrutiny
has driven a wedge within its own ranks
Flaherty's EI dilemma
Ontario nuclear waste dump hits heavy weather
have an annual federal leaders' debate

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee

Advise! Burgess Thanks Marois for Crushing Progressive Politics
         This time PR consultant Steve gets a
lesson, courtesy of Quebec's values charter. By
Strokes of Justice at Reconciliation Hearings
         Though with many Aboriginal kids still
in foster care, much work for healing remains.
the Whale Is Slowly Going Crazy
         Crazy going slowly is Whale the Said.
Bows Out
         'That we fell short on election day is
my responsibility,' owns BC NDP leader in exit speech.

considering NDP leadership bid, Heyman outlines vision
hopes for 'diverse range of candidates' to replace him as NDP leader
the time to reach higher': Dix to supporters
in six Canadians needed mental health care in 2012: StatsCan
wasting defense dollars on 'cold war' tactics, warns report

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo News

bird deaths at gas plant unusual, expert says 4 hours ago
natural gas bills to drop across B.C. this winter 4 hours ago
home,' says anti-immigrant graffiti in LaSalle, Quebec 11 hours ago
student has a viral hit with geeky Queen parody, 'Bohemian Gravity' 8 hours ago
climbs onto New Brunswick family's garage roof 5 hours ago
B.C., Ontario agree to establish co-operative
securities regulator 2 hours 30 minutes ago
of boy starved to death by grandparents says he
failed his son 2 hours 38 minutes ago
you still trust Canada's public transit systems? 9 hours ago
values charter: PQ playing a dangerous game of identity politics 11 hours ago
values charter: Government has legal right on its side 11 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canada Free Press

<>Free Ontario's Buses
Pensions for Crooked Politicians
Taxpayers Federation to Award Highest Honour to
Fmr Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page
Ed: Feedback on Ontario's Economic Climate from a Manufacturing Business
Taxpayer Risk in Costs of Public Sector Projects
Tax Freeze Means Workers Will Keep Getting Plucked Until at Least 2017
Does the Math of Province's Deficit

pays $200k a year for morbidly obese troops' weight-loss surgeries
chief disappointed as Canada formally rejects UN
call for inquiry into violence against …
Tories apologize for using 'train wreck' in Wednesday transit press release


T-Mobile join Verizon in snub of Canada airwaves
billionaire funds Rhodes scholarships for China, Russia
Canadian cable TV's 'a la carte' menu begins to take hold
confirmed dead in Canadian bus-train crash: official
to recall 405,000 vehicles over airbag system glitch
Bank of Canada says economy at tipping point

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Google News

phrases on bottle caps prompt Coca-Cola to cancel Canadian promotion
House says Obama to nominate investment banker Heyman as Cdn ...
refugees in Lebanon denounce US's lack of action; look to Canada for ...
charged in Rehtaeh Parsons case get November court date
stirs charter debate with motion on religious expression
securities regulator gets frosty response from Alberta, Quebec
gives $5-million for West Bank amid rapprochement with Palestinians
Court to hear Grassy Narrows' challenge over logging
for Rhodes scholarship
Court upholds 2006 decision to keep Montreal drug dealer behind ...
convention gives Tim Hudak chance to quell Ontario PC uprising


getting a longer honeymoon of voter support than previous Liberal ...

riding is seeing red
the economy, the opposition is missing a chance to score
internships: A sensitive issue
mess with taxes
quits, but NDP's problems remain
Quebec Liberals' Achilles heel
in the clowns: Quebec's values charter is merely
a distraction from the province's real problems
with solid lead in Nova Scotia election, poll suggests
says Canadians among activists on ship boarded by Russians in Arctic
scraps Justin Trudeau's Waterloo visit on Friday
government says train crossing met safety standards
regulator deal opposed by Quebec, Alberta
B.C. and Ontario agree to establish co-operative securities regulator
newest government watchdog could use a friend
Mulcair asks the PBO to go to federal court
finds 50% of separatists believe Jews and Muslims
have too much influence in Quebec
province battle over long-term care facility

>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t
Antibiotics Used to Make Livestock More
Profitable May Be Killing Us
the BuzzFlash Commentary
A Consumer Economy Depends on Disposable Products
and Disposable People
the BuzzFlash Commentary
         Many More Americans Are Killed by Other
Americans With Guns Than by Terrorists
the Article at BuzzFlash
Major Security Review Ordered at US Defense
Facilities Worldwide
the Article at RT News
         New Census Bureau Survey: Women Earn
$11,500 Less Than Men Annually
the Article at The Guardian
in the USA Is Why We Occupy
Proposes Rules for New Power Plants; Fight Over
Coal's Carbon Pollution Heats Up
Things Occupy Wall Street Made Possible (That You
Probably Already Take for Granted)
Swords Into Solar Panels: Repurposing America's War Machine
Cancellation of State Visit Marks Another Low
Point in US-Latin American Relations
Broad Opposition to War on Syria an Opportunity
to End American Empire Responsibly?
Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction From Derivatives
American Tribes Seek Help From UN, World Court
Extensive Koch Links to New Right-Wing $250 Million Mega Fund
a Capitalist Who Doesn't Understand Capitalism
Tale of Two Responses to LGBTI Violence
the News With Thom Hartmann: Obama Asks Business
Groups to Help Avoid Another Economic Crisis, and More
Rule Could Shed Light on CEO-Worker Pay Gap
The People and Money Behind the EDF Methane Emissions Study
Leg of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Flunks Climate Test, Too

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist
Mercy and German History
Reluctant Leader and Indispensable Power
Nights: Europe's New Trench Warfare
Elections: A Primer on Political Powersharing Since 1949

What to Expect After Germany's Elections

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe
Urged to Curb Militarisation in Latin America
Cornered in Russia
Nations Still Popular in Most Countries
Change Threatens Crop Yields in Brazil
Emerging Economies and the G20 Summit at St. Petersburg
Communities Draw a REDD Line

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Washington Post
Print: Syria groundwork began months ago
insists rebels, not his regime, used chemical arms
crisis reveals uneasy ties between Obama, military

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network
Biblical Floods Linked To Climate Change
Masri on Reality Asserts Itself
Extends Monsanto Protection Act
Struggle for Syria
Gets Clearance to Open Doors in DC
Strike on Syria Staved Off
didn't OWS transform into a political movement?
The Progressive Movement Finally Coming Together?
Hedges on the 2 year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street: "Something's Coming"
Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street: 3 Arrests in 3 Minutes
Morgan Tears Into Pro-Gun Panel in Epic Shouting Match Over Navy Yard Shooting
is Part of Our History": Angela Davis on '63
Church Bombing, Growing up in "Bombingham"
Agencies Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic:
Why there has only been cosmetic solutions to banking crisis
protests after 'neo Nazi' killing

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News

Iran President Rules Out Ever Building Nuclear
         US Missile Threats Make Any Syria Treaty
Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Pink Slime? The Bigger Threat
Is Antibiotics in Our Meat
         13 Arrested Protesting Keystone XL at
TransCanada's Houston Headquarters

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House
         Syria:  Whodunit?
Benjamin Netanyahu regards the initiative as a
precedent for dealing with Iran's civilian nuclear program.
         Chemical Weapons Expert: U.S. Deadline
for Syrian Chemical Weapons Is Contrary to International Law
The deadline of 2014 might be desired, but it's
not necessarily going to be a reality.
         Were Videos Depicting Victims Of Sarin Attack Faked?
One nun puts entire US intel community to shame
over 'stage-managed' Syria footage.
         Interview of Fox News with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Video
In an interview on the Fox News channel, the
Syrian president said the destruction of the
country's chemical weapons would take about a
year, and would cost $1bn (£600m).
         American Empire: A Glass House Built By Stone Throwers
The sad fact is that American hypocrisy runs deep
on the issue of non-conventional warfare.

         Taking Exception to Exceptionalism
Our national origin myth is that the United
States was born in a state of immaculate innocence.
         In an Age of 'Realists' and Vigilantes, There is Cause for Optimism
When Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain
commit crimes with US collusion and weapons,
their impunity and Obama's hypocrisy are pure
         The Thistle and the Drone: The Real Story Behind the War on Terror
U.S. foreign policy since September 11, 2001 has
been purposefully crafted to create threats where
there were none and then use the ostensible
danger posed by those threats as the
justification for the abandonment of the Bill of