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<>Tar Secret #2: What percentage of Canada's GDP comes from the tar sands?
Barry Saxifrage
Any guesses?

>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<
<>An Unnatural History of Stanley Park
Imported squirrels. Fake lagoons. Renovictions. And more you won't see in the brochures.
<>'You Should Have Stayed Home: A G20 Romp'
From cage to stage, artist Tommy Taylor recounts his tale of Toronto mass arrest.
<>Canada Job Grant A 'Boondoggle' Say Critics
Those in skills training sector say new program will hurt most marginalized in BC. By
<>Drake on Top
The Toronto rapper hits the heights on milestone album 'Nothing Was the Same.'
<>Tune in to Fall's Melancholy
Film and song that honour the piercing beauty of life's sadness, with Vancouver film fest picks.
<>Families Compile Own Database of Missing and Murdered Women
Aboriginal groups take tracking of lost loved ones into their own hands
<>Clark's comms director in hot seat at Ontario power plant scandal investigation
<>Special prosecutor appointed to aid RCMP investigation of BC Liberal strategy
<>VIDEO: Backstories to Two of Metro Vancouver's Innovative New Parks

>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<
<>Does Harper's UN General Assembly no-show hurt Canada's reputation?
<>Michael Ignatieff opens up about failures, blames himself and Conservatives
<>Ex-PQ leader Boisclair to meet with reporters
<>Detention extended for two Cdns in Egypt
<>Trudeau 'has the skills' to take on Harper, Ignatieff says
<>First Nations want bigger role in resource development: Atleo
<>Tiny Sask. community complains of 'ghost town' designation by StatsCan
<>Lunenburg, N.S., blaze was accidental, fire marshal says
<>Trial to begin in Surrey gang slaying of six
<>Other parties will easily paint Alberta Liberals as 'tax grabbers'
<>New drugs 'can cure skin cancer', scientists claim
<>Legalize pot, Alberta Liberals urge at party convention

<>Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, jailed in Egypt, give account of arrest
<>Scientists more certain than ever: Humans behind global warming
<>Global warming has slowed in last 15 years despite record greenhouse gas levels, scientists say
<>Political parties collecting 'creepy' amount of information on voters: privacy expert
<>Coderre dumps Charpentier as candidate after fine for illegal ADQ contribution
<>Experts laud PM Harper's tough stance on Keystone
<>Wynne urges Liberals not to go negative
<>Lisée grants Boisclair paid leave
<>Canada's human rights museum was meant as a unifying force, but, so far, has only inspired criticism
<>NDP leader says no sour grapes after loss

<>Alberta Liberals look to reset policies at weekend convention in Calgary
<>Ukraine angry as Canada suspends free-trade talks
<>Mulcair attacks Liberal candidate for taking severance he accepted
<>Princess Anne to visit Toronto on regiments tour
<>Fired in Nova Scotia, Cole remains Saskatchewan NDP youth president
<>Michaelle Jean leads conference exploring power of art
<>No money for new guns for Arctic Rangers
<>Trudeau's plan is to 'push pot' at youth, top Conservatives say
<>Quebec NDP MPs say no to Diamond Jubilee medals
<>Mayors struggling to understand Ottawa's subway gift to Toronto

<>Canada 'skeptical' of Iran despite historic talk with U.S.
<>Three-way race shaping up ahead of 2015 federal election: poll
<>Raw video: Del Mastro refuses to answer questions on elections charges
<>Military's procurement paralysis may see big changes
<>Ignatieff writes about losing, and what he learned
<>Roaming rates getting another look by CRTC
<>Wynne tells Liberals to be ready for election
<>Nicolo Rizzuto's tax rebate cheque now under investigation
<>Courting the Tim Horton's voter
<>Striking diplomats make pay gains in tentative deal
<>Dean Del Mastro 'looking forward to his day in court'
<>Partisan barbs fly over latest climate report

<>Feds to review Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh case
<>Conservatives' long view on debt ­ and smaller government
<>Top court stands firm on sniffer dog searches
<>Justin Trudeau can't catch a bad break
<>Toronto, Montreal Byelections: Trudeau, Mulcair Put To The Test
<>Tory MP Maxime Bernier turns to ultramarathon as next challenge
<>BlackBerry reports Q2 loss of US$965 million
<>The Harper record on climate change: Believers and big spenders!
<>'We need to bring back the trust,' Coderre says
<>Charter is core topic for NDP candidate Stéphane Moraille
<>Dept. of National Defence to cut 175 civilian jobs
<>Del Mastro and the perils of pitbull politics

<>What does the IPCC report mean for business and investors?
<>World needs pause from IPCC politics
<>IPCC 2013: Top 5 scariest findings of climate change report
<>It's still our fault
<>The politics of perception
<>Approach IPCC climate report with caution
<>Always a writer, never a politician: If only Michael Ignatieff wrote what he really thought
<>The difference between Justin and Pierre
<>Toward a theory of Canadian exceptionalism
<>Michael Ignatieff's clumsy coming of age
<>Dix's determined offensive on ethnic outreach foreshadowed RCMP probe
<>A sales tax makes sense – just not to Albertans

<>How the bottom line is changing Canada's balance of power
<>Stephen Harper's agenda on pipelines a smokescreen
<>Have the Conservatives revised the Canadian social contract? Does prosperity now trump democracy?
<>Don't be fooled by rare show of bipartisanship at Ontario legislature ­ it was merely tactical
<>At Issue: Dean Del Mastro's Election Act Charges
<>Time to end the climate of fear
<>The UN is a squalid, corrupt farce
<>Canada's growing role in global jihad
<>IPCC will show 'we are the volcanoes'
<>Assisted suicide debate rushing toward Parliament
<>Liberal ethnic scandal lands in hands of RCMP
<>The worst part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's book about hockey?

<>How political hubris turned Flaherty into the point man for fiscal folly
<>Mr. Martin's gifts rank hypocrisy
<>Fleeing Atlantic Canada for the booming West
<>Prime Minister Harper's Fourth Prorogation Looks Much like His First
<>Tipping point in byelection?

>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<
<>TPP Protestors Scale Trade Building To Bring Attention to Secretive Deal
<>Hamas Concerned Over Losing Grip Gaza
<>UN: Greenland ice melting six times faster than previous decades
<>Canada's Government Silences Scientists, Sides With Corporate Interests
<>Latin American Leaders Denounce US Intervention at UN
<>Outrage Over Province's Proposal to Arm Toronto Cops With Tasers
<>Federal Contractors Employ More Low-Wage Workers Than Walmart and McDonald's Combined, While Paying Top Execs. $24 billion
<>What's Really the Meaning of American Exceptionalism?
<>Massive Disparity Between Military and Humanitarian Aid to Syria
<>Are Thawed Relations with Iran Obama's Saving Grace?
<>Restrictions at sea deprive Gaza fishermen of fishing freely
<>Military Sells Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization to Public Pt.1
<>Egyptian Military Rejects Billions from Qatar, Accepts Billions from Saudi Arabia Pt.2
<>Opposing Intervention in Syria Without Apologizing for a Dictatorship Pt.2
<>Columbia Professor Latest Sikh Hate Crime Victim
<>Wall Street's Latest Scheme Will Cost You More at the Gas Pump
<>Is Obama Making Good on His Promise to Close Gitmo?
<>Pt. 1 BRICS Countries Beset By Economic Problems
<>Pt. 2 What Needs To Be Done To Fix The Global Economy

>>>>>>>>The Globalist <<<<<<<<
<>American Power: When Atlas Shrugs
<>Why the UN Security Council Still Matters
<>Systematically Silencing America
<>The Social Cost of U.S. Guns
<>Profiting from Failure at BlackBerry
<>Food Stamp Nation
>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<
Limitless ceiling? US debt doomsday approaches <>Source
* <>IMF says US debt unsustainable
* <>IMF approves 84.7mn Cyprus us bailout loan
* <>Greece unemployment rate 27.6% in May
* <>Latin American states disapprove of new IMF loans to Greece
* <>Greek civil service workers go on strike over massive layoffs
Afternoon naps can boost children's brain power <>Source
* <>Breastfeeding improves babies' brain growth
* <>Lethal brain amoeba found in US drinking water supply for first time
* <>Alexander Lukashenko wins Ig Nobel Peace Prize for applause
* <>Soft drinks accelerate behavioral problems in children
* <>Full moon may disturb good night's sleep
Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden Raid "One Big Lie" <>Source
* <>Obama waives anti-terrorism provisions to arm Syrian rebels
* <>US: 'Irrefutable' evidence for Syria chemical weapons claims lacking
* <>President Obama meets national security team on Syria again
* <>Obama considers ending NSA surveillance programs
* <>Obama Administration bypasses CISPA, allowing Internet Surveillance
Two thirds of Scots consider their nationality as 'Scottish only' <>Source
* <>Pro-independence campaigners hold huge rally in Scotland
* <>Scottish referendum countdown begins with Cameron visit to Salmond
* <>Cameron offers Scotland more powers if it votes no to independence
* <>Royal prerogative gives UK PM power to overrule parliament, cabinet
* <>British Parliament votes against military intervention in Syria
NASA rover Curiosity finds water in Mars soil <>Source
* <>NASA's Curiosity Rover finds organic compounds on Mars
* <>NASA discovers ice lake on Mars
* <>NASA Trapped Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Subsurface Water
* <>Nasa: Evidence of life on Mars
* <>Mars One colonization scheme submits 78,000 applications
FBI releases haunting video of armed Aaron Alexis prowling through DC Navy Yard <>Source
* <>First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting
* <>Navy Yard Shooting: SWAT Team Ordered to 'Stand Down'
* <>At least 13 fatalities including gunman in DC Navy Yard shooting
* <>Limitless ceiling? US debt doomsday approaches
* <>7th Graders Suspended For 9 Months For Playing With Toy Gun at Home
Russia warns Japan over disputed Kurile Islands <>Source
* <>Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed
* <>Japan's foreign minister claims Russia illegally occupies Russia's Kuril islands
* <>Russian-Japanese territorial dispute flares up
* <>Russia publishes 100-page report proving rebels' involvement in chemical attack
* <>Russia Says Syria Chemical Weapons Made By Rebels
Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus: "ELAM and Golden Dawn have many positive children" <>Source
* <>Greek government moves forward with plan to sell islands
* <>Hundreds of anarchists carry random attacks in Corinth, Greece
* <>Greece March Unemployment Rate Hits New Record 26.8%
* <>Golden Dawn On The Verge Of Asserting Athens Municipality
* <>Greek lawmakers introduce new Anti-Racism Bill
Interpol issues alert for British suspect in Nairobi mall siege <>Source
* <>Nairobi mall siege: 200 hostages freed, military 'in control' of building
* <>Islamic Terror Groups Are Targeting Christians All Over The World
* <>Al-Qaeda hold hostages in Kenya mall siege, 68 dead, 200 injured
* <>74 people killed, 99,043 others displaced by flash floods in Kenya
* <>30 Kenyan civilians killed on Somali border
Universal influenza vaccine on its way <>Source
* <>Cambridge scientists virus breakthrough could cure the Common Cold
* <>Scientists solve fat-boosting gene mystery
* <>Science will destroy humanity, says team of scientists
* <>Climate change ended Classic Maya civilization
* <>Cannabis joints can bring on Schizophrenia and Memory Damage
Criticism hits France after Interior Minister disowns Gypsy migrants <>Source
* <>French police dismantle Roma camp
* <>New wave of immigration from Eastern Europe to flood UK with beggars
* <>French government cuts immigrants welfare by 83%
* <>EU seeks to re-introduce Balkan visas to stem influx of gypsies
* <>French police smash camps and round up gypsies for deportation
7th Graders Suspended For 9 Months For Playing With Toy Gun at Home <>Source
* <>US East Coast Badly Flooded As Frankenstorm Sandy Hits Hard
* <>Swedish preschool bans gender
* <>DC Kids Ingest Cocaine at Elementary School
* <>First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting
* <>Navy Yard Shooting: SWAT Team Ordered to 'Stand Down'
UK and Iran's foreign ministers finally meet to improve relations <>Source
* <>UK pushes Iran Oil Ban, Military Action on Table
* <>UK accuses Argentina of bullying over Falkland Islands
* <>Argentina says it will control Falklands within 20 years
* <>Argentina: UK's Falkland referendum proposal illegal
* <>UK: Israeli raid on Syria is justified
>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<
<>Let's Take Diplomacy on Syria to a Regional Level
<>Does Christianity Continue to Stifle Indigenous Political Will?
<>India's New Food Security Bill Makes Right to Food a Law
<>"The Other Keystone": Seattle Gears Up for Direct Action Against Coal Export Plan
<>No "Cake Walk" for Kenya in Somalia
<>Finally, Respect: Calif. Domestic Workers Win OT Pay
<>On the News With Thom Hartmann: Secretary of State John Kerry Talks With Iran's Foreign Minister for the First Time in Decades, and More
<>Civil Society Statement to the UN High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament
<>Border Security Plans Secure Contractors' Profits
<>The Surge of Neo-Nazism in Greece
<>Creationist Climate-Deniers Reviewing Texas Textbooks May Help Set a National Standard
<>Outsourcing America: Sodexo Food Service Contractor Siphons Cash From Kids and Soldiers
<>India's Top Generals Adopt Nuclear Postures Ahead of 2014 Polls
<>Top 45 Lies in Obama's Speech at the UN
<>Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds of Public Workers
<>Seven Things You Should Know About the Wackiest "Fiscal Crisis" Yet
<>How 401(k)s Rewarded the Rich and Turned the Rest of Us Into Big Losers
<>Disaster Capitalism and Charter Schools: Revisiting New Orleans Post-Katrina
The Wall Street Protection Racket: Pay the Government Fines, and Bankers Don't Get Prosecuted <>Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the "Pathetic" American Media <>Read the Article at the Guardian UK
David Sirota | Fessing Up to Our Imperial Footprint <>Read the Article at BuzzFlash
Researcher: Extent of BP Oil Spill's Damage to Sea-Floor Life "Astounding" <>Read the Article at CBS News
Paul Krugman | Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted <>Read the Article at The New York Times
Climate Report: Humans "Dominant Cause" of Warming <>Read the Article at BBC News
Five Thousand Military Families to Lose Food Stamp Benefits <>Read the Article at
The Argentine Press Pass: Walmart Censors Local Media With Ad Freeze <>Read the Article at Forbes
Five Reasons Food Stamps Work Just Fine <>Read the Article at The American Prospect
U.N. Security Council Unanimously Passes Syria Chemical Weapons Resolution <>Read the Article at The Washington Post
Matt Taibi | Looting Public Pensions <>Read the Article at The Rolling Stone
The Four Eras of the American Right <>Read the Article at Consortium News
How the Syrian Revolution Went Wrong <>Read the Article at In These Times

>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<
<>'Unequivocal' says IPCC: Planet Is Burning, Humans Are Causing It
<>Journalist Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'Pathetic' American Media
<>Crisis at Fukushima Continues to Spiral With Hole in Radiation Barrier <>Anti-GMO Campaigners Claim Victory as 'Monsanto Protection Act' Stripped From Senate Bill
<>Workers Set Factories Ablaze in Call for Decent Wage for Producing Globe's 'Cheap' Clothing
<>People Want Full Medicare for All
<>World's Top Climate Scientists Give Us Hope for a Better Future If We Act Now
<>Reading Obama's Iran Speech
<>Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business
<>'A Total Joke': Independent Review of NSA Not Actually Independent

>>>>>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<<<<<
Libya in Anarchy Two Years after NATO Humanitarian Liberation

In 2011 when Muhammar Qaddafi refused to leave quietly as ruler of Libya, the Obama Administration, hiding behind the skirts of the French, launched a ferocious bombing campaign and a "No Fly" zone over the country to aid the so-called fighters for democracy.

The US lied to Russia and China with help of the (US-friendly) Gulf Cooperation Council about the Security Council Resolution on Libya and used it to illegally justify the war. The doctrine, "responsibility to protect" was used instead, the same doctrine Obama wants to use in Syria. It's useful top look at Libya two years after the NATO humanitarian intervention.

A "Nuclear-Free Zone" in the Middle East? Why Israel will not Join the Non-Proliferation Treaty<> T

>>>>>INFOS <<<<<

<>Le tramway roule pour Bergeron
<>Des campagnes minceur à Montréal
<>Un candidat de Denis Coderre épinglé par le DGE

<>Gatineau / Ottawa
<>Saguenay / Lac St-Jean

<>Charte des valeurs: autre manifestation à Montréal
<>Le rôle de l'AMT risque de changer
<>Le matricule 728 et son collègue poursuivis
<>Affaire Guy Turcotte: au tour du juge d'être «jugé»
<>Affaire Guy Turcotte: l'appel de la Couronne entendu cette semaine
<>Deux tragédies routières dans le Nord-du-Québec
<>L'arrestation d'un militant antigouvernemental met fin à une saga
<>La Cour d'appel invalide une condamnation de Bombardier
<>Sécurité ferroviaire: le président de la FQM écorche le ministre Lebel
<>Jean-Claude St-André se retire de la course à la direction d'Option nationale
<>George Laraque fait campagne dans Bourassa
<>Manitoba: l'ours polaire qui a attaqué un homme sera conservé dans un zoo
<>Manif contre le président Kagame à Toronto
<>Accident d'OC Transpo: les enquêteurs de retour sur les lieux du drame
<>Nouveaux services: poursuite des négociations avec les pharmaciens
<>Les enfants maltraités éprouvent des problèmes de santé à l'âge adulte
<>L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec: l'opposition à l'Assemblée nationale approuve le transfert
<>McGill rend public le contrat de sa nouvelle rectrice
<>Printemps 2012: la démocratie étudiante remise en cause
<>Surveillance vidéo: des parents se posent des questions
<>Silvio Berlusconi provoque une nouvelle crise politique
<>Nigeria: une attaque dans un dortoir fait au moins 40 morts
<>Israël annonce l'arrestation d'un «espion» iranien