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Daily Digest October 6-9, 2012


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OCTOBER 9_____
Justin Trudeau beware: the numbers are not necessarily your friends
Liberal Party needs a leadership race, not a coronation
Trudeau's life experience limited
The Tories are on the right track on trade
What kind of Canada do we want?
Buffoons, poltroons have winning formula
In defence of reason
Alberta meat packing plant has troubled history
We need a "Made in Canada" energy policy
Cummins must resign or invite challengers
Canadians wooed by Romney
A lazy lightweight: Obama's debate performance revealed one bored president
Cash, red roses, Celine Dion: Allegations at Quebec probe scorch provincial Libs
Ad watch: NDP attacks Conservatives for how they're attacking NDP
Problems that led to massive beef recall fixed, XL Foods chief says
Canada officially joins Pacific trade talks
MPs chase pucks for charity in Dubai's desert
NDP says Huawei concerns in U.S. a wake-up call to Canada on Nexen
PM Harper and Quebec's Marois won't talk domestic issues in first face-to-face meeting
Prime Minister and the media wade into one of world's danger zones
Big Bird ad causes a flap in U.S. election campaign
Canada 'at risk' from Chinese firm, U.S. warns
Sheldon Kennedy honoured as Harper hands out Diamond Jubilee medals in Calgary
Former federal senator questioned by Quebec fraud investigators: report
Corporate tax revenues higher despite lower rate
Communication breakdown: How Canadians were let down on E. coli response
Canada must move on income inequality: Broadbent Institute
Broadbent Institute makes income inequality its first focus
Tony Clement clips bureaucrat spending
Canada's spy bosses think of their elaborate new HQ as 'Camelot'
Canada keeping tabs on EU's plan to cull seal population
Trade, not aid, the theme of Harper's visit to Africa
China syndrome: is sinophobia driving dread of Nexen takeover?
Canada could be headed for 'great big whacking national unity crisis': pollster Graves
When job interviews get too personal
New study finds little environmental impact from oil sands
Energy advocate doubts Enbridge's ability to get Northern Gateway pipeline built
Environmental assessment hearings on Northern Gateway pipeline return to B.C.
Nobel Prize winner arrives in Fort McMurray before touring pipeline route
Marois and Harper meet for the first time in Congo
Cheeky strokes behind the scenes in painting queen's portrait
Qur'an-burning pastor faces possible border trouble.
Ontario emergency doctors hit by audits in overbilling probe
Despite new president's claims, Ornge still plagued by problems, 'top-down culture': staff
Alberta politicians' $2.6M vehicle expense targeted
P.E.I. Muslims refuse to be intimidated
No new RIM phones until March, analyst says
Rizzuto meeting N.Y. crime figures in Toronto: Source

OCTOBER 8_____
Canada could be headed for 'great big whacking national unity crisis': pollster Graves
Canada is blithely heading toward a "great big whacking national unity crisis" over the next two or three years and,
with Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushing provincial autonomy on a range of fronts and former Quebec premier Jean Charest
now out of politics, more could be riding on the federal Liberal Party's choice for a new leader than Canadians realize, says Ekos pollster Frank Graves.

Trudeau promises bigger intrusion
         Trudeau is being underestimated – again
Justin's muddled about middle class
         Whose Liberals Will Justin Trudeau Lead?
Government's reaction to tainted beef scandal the real crime
         CBSA and fight against privacy
Take off the blue helmet: It may be time for Canada to leave UN and stop trying to please everyone
         Chief stymies fed housing aid
Canada's spy bosses think of their elaborate new HQ as 'Camelot'
         Tony Clement clips bureaucrat spending
XL Foods asks to resume operations after E. coli outbreak
         XL Foods beef recall reaches Hong Kong
CFIA to conduct detailed assessment of Alberta plant at the centre of recall
         Marois and Harper meet for the first time in Congo
Harper rebuked officials for doing their job, documents suggest
         Lobbying records show heavy pace of contacts with public-office holders
Kinsella pulls no punches in Fight the Right
         THIS WEEK IN FINANCE: "Better news" on Europe promised
Resources: The flashpoint of 2015's election
         House moves on restricting political loans bill, Liberals resisted legislation for last year
MPs concerned about ensuring 'communities of interest' in redrawing riding boundaries
         U.S. got almost triple amount of XL Foods recalled beef
Some Tory, NDP, Liberal MPs say continue their three-year salary freeze, but don't want office budgets cut
         Border agency hiring 'mall cops' to guard high-risk prisoners
Rookie NDP MPs say it's been a steep learning curve
         PS union CAPE facing funding 'crisis'
Treasury Board boss spars with budget watchdog over mandate
         Budget watchdog says he is willing to go to court to get information on federal cuts
PQ government set to challenge Stephen Harper's energy policies at Africa summit
         Canada woos Irish immigrants in search of jobs
Group wants Khadr charged with treason
         B.C. Tory leader Cummins tells party dissidents to quit or get on side
Father, stepmom arrested in death of six-year-old girl
         One dead in plane crash west of Ottawa
China tech firms pose security risk, U.S. panel warns

Liberal party is about to find out that there's a huge difference between media spectacle and PM-in-waiting
         Liberals need a contested leadership, then a (genuine) downing of arms
Private sector key to prosperity
         John Baird does us proud at the UN
Short leash for Khadr: Even if Canada's poster boy for terrorism serves his full sentence, it doesn't mean his tab's been paid in full
         Labour confrontation threatens Ontario's transformation
History proves it's far too early to write off the B.C. liberals
         Ford's agenda is sound
Government's reaction to tainted beef scandal the real crime
         Treasury Board boss spars with budget watchdog over mandate
Budget watchdog says he is willing to go to court to get information on federal cuts
         Romney, Trudeau each score convincing knockouts
Federal government plans online pilot project for access-to-information requests
         Clement accuses budget watchdog of operating 'outside' his mandate
Construction to begin on steel barriers for Parliament Hill
         Low flying chopper raises eyebrows on Parliament Hill
India slow to invest in Canada's oil sands: Joe Oliver
         Genny the dog files to run for Member of Parliament in her Ontario riding
Justin Trudeau grapples with his 'authenticity' as the race gets under way
         Five border officials accused of drunken gabfest with Chinese delegation
Number of Afghans resettled in Canada nearly double original estimate
         Five more cases of E.coli linked to massive beef recall
Calgary MP Anders' latest inflammatory comments spark questions on political future
         National Arts Centre Orchestra, Nunavut make sweet music together
Election anniversary: Premier Dalton McGuinty learns the hard way that minority government can be a major headache
         Here's how the Liberals can make the old new again
Is Justin Trudeau the Avril Lavigne of Canadian politics?
         Is this the dawn of the post-Laurentian era within the Liberal Party?
'Evidence' comes in all shapes and sizes
         Justin Trudeau coverage is giving readers what they want
Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and the return of class-based politics
         Trudeau's rebels not about 'renewal': They mean to start from scratch
Why Canada bucks the two-party system
         Giving thanks for religious freedom (except for Wiccans)
Barring non-Christian prison chaplains violates inmates' rights
         Deputy commish deserves apology
China's Nexen bid calls for a public debate
         As Quebec decays, Toronto seizes greatness
Inquiry another black eye for Quebec
         Debate a strong outing for Romney even if his plan is still fuzzy
Romney is pushing for a change of CEO
         Big Bird, the Mitt-wits, and the rest of us
The Emperor is naked
         Justin Trudeau grapples with his 'authenticity' as the race gets under way
Five more cases of E.coli linked to massive beef recall
         XL Foods beef recall expanded yet again
Canada's commandos test the small submarine market
         On day of LeBlanc endorsement, poll shows Trudeau could recreate Liberals
Sacha Trudeau
         Conservative government scrambles to distance itself from health pioneer it honoured with a plaque
Life on the kill floor of a slaughterhouse is fraught with peril
         Inspectors discover litany of sanitation problems in audit of XL Foods
Alberta plant failed to follow its own E. coli protocols
         Election challenge clears another hurdle in Federal Court
'There's so much attention on me': Fathers' legacies loom large for children of Canadian prime ministers
         Human rights complaint over nude Harper dismissed
In 2010 $1.3B 'mega-hospital' was lauded. Today, the mystery behind it is the subject of police raids
         Omar Khadr eligible for day parole in 3 months
Tories blink on EI changes
         Tory changes to EI regulations do little to appease opposition
Canada Post and Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike deal despite lack of arbitrator
         Ritz is Conservative government's most-lobbied minister
Decision to close nuclear plant expected to cost Quebec $1.3-billion
         One quarter of Torontonians think Ford should be re-elected: Poll
New poll: Supporters approve of Mayor Rob Ford using city staff, resources for football
         Most Torontonians believe Mayor Rob Ford is doing a bad job
U of C chairman Doug Black resigns, pays back expenses



Federal appeals court extends stay on order blocking indefinite detention law
         Court extends stop on order blocking indefinite detention law
DHS Counterterror Centers Produce 'a Bunch of Crap,' Senate Finds
         DHS 'fusion centers' portrayed as pools of ineptitude, civil liberties intrusions
DHS Issued False 'Water Pump Hack' Report; Called It a 'Success'
         Attention small UAV designers: DHS wants you for a homeland security surveillance flyoff
Obama orders CIA and Navy SEALS to hunt down terrorists who attacked US consulate in Libya
         US says will stand by Turkey over border tensions with Syria
Turkey continues to shell Syrian military positions: Media
         Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says
Activists push for international ban on legal trade in polar bear items
         Urgent: Stop the Polar Bear Rug Trade
Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts -
         Pirate Bay Founder Remains Locked Up Without Charges
Former Pirate Bay hoster raided, and shut down by DDoS attack
         Pennsylvania voter ID law enforcement halted by judge
G.O.P., Koch Brothers Aim to Remake Florida Supreme Court
         Obama poised to betray electorate - Krugman
Presidential debate seen as potential turning point for Romney --
         Todd Akin In 2008: Doctors Give Abortions to Women Who Aren't Pregnant
Detroit workers striking in defiance of federal court order: 'We're not going anywhere'
         Dean of NCCU University College arrested in alleged assault
Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with radioactive particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology
         U.S. Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans
U.S. military death toll from war in Afghanistan reaches 2,000
         At least 14 killed in suicide attack on NATO patrol in Afghanistan
Rogue Afghan soldier kills US troops, compatriots
         Drones Will Soon Be Able to Kill During War Without Human Assistance - Professor
US terror drone kills 13 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia
         US assassination drone kills 3 in northwestern Pakistan
Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim
         Saudi 'take steps to thwart epidemic' at hajj
Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts -
         Police stakeout bill for Assange tops £1m as it costs £11,000 a DAY to ensure he doesn't flee Ecuadorian Embassy -
Nikkei: Clinton personally pressured Japan leader to keep nuclear power as 'President Obama wishes it'
         Nuclear plant repairs could hit $3.4 billion
Quebec government hints at long-term fracking ban
         The Banker Who'd Cut Social Security and Medicare - and May Become Obama's Next Treasury Secretary
GOP Quietly Hires Firm Tied to Voter Fraud Scandal for Work in Battleground States
         'Questionable' Palm Beach County voter registration forms forwarded to state attorney for review
Vote counting company tied to Romney
         Guantanamo mold, rats could force Sept. 11 case delay
Exit Polls Canceled in 19 States
         Campaign Gains a New Intensity in Debate's Wake
First presidential debate: Obama hit with left hook on TV, online
         Feds indict self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown on retaliation, conspiracy charges
Medication tied to rare meningitis outbreak reached 23 states
         Superweeds linked to rising herbicide use in GM crops

Common Dreams
Abby Zimet: Murder, Environmental Devastation and Human Rights Abuses Are Bad, Even In Nigeria
Linda McQuaig: Mitt Romney Blurts Out the Truth About Neo-Conservatism
Matthew Rothschild: Bringing Torture Back: Romney Wants to Waterboard Again
Paul Buchheit: Seven Deadly American Sins
Bob Herbert: For Obama, No More Excuses
Glenn Greenwald: The True Reason US Fears Iranian Nukes: They Can Deter US Attacks
George Lakoff: Why Obama Lost the First Debate
Paul Krugman: The Real Referendum
Dennis Kucinich: Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later
Karen Dolan: The Biggest Losers: Big Bird and the American People
Robin Marty: 'Abortions on Women Who Aren't Pregnant' Common Trope of Anti-Choice Movement 
Progressives Pan Obama Following Dismal Debate Article here...
Judge: Obama Administration Can Indefinitely Detain Anyone Article here...
 Voyage Reveals 'Planetary Scale' of Plastic in Oceans Article here...
Stiglitz: 'American Dream Has Become a Myth' Article here...
Tar Sands Blockade Escalates with High Profile Arrests Article here...
As Climate Change Destroys Oceans, 'The Coffin is Coming'Article here..
 France Unveils Super Tax on the Super Rich Article here...
Barry Commoner, Pioneering Environmental Scientist and Activist, Dies at 95 Article here...
 Iran to Nuclear-Armed Israel: Do Not Talk about "Red Lines"Article here...
GOP Congressman Accused of Threatening Local News Station Article here...

The European Union Times
Oldest woman on Earth dies at age 134 Source
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22h53 - Sommet sur l'éducation · La FEUQ doute qu'il y ait un front commun
        Comme prévu, Mme Desjardins a confirmé que son organisation allait défendre le gel des droits de scolarité, mais ne veut pas    parler «exclusivement de la contribution étudiante». Agence QMI Mar
21h43 - Mascouche · Le maire absent au conseil municipal
        Le maire de Mascouche, Richard Marcotte, ne s'est pas présenté à la séance du conseil municipal mardi soir, sous prétexte de    ne pas vouloir donner l'occasion à ses «détracteurs» de perturber l'assemblée. Agence QMI Mar
19h49 - Drummondville · Une maison de débauche démantelée
        Une maison de débauche a été démantelée mardi soir dans un bar de danseuses de la rue Montplaisir, à Drummondville. Cinq        personnes ont été arrêtées. Agence QMI Mar
19h23 - E. coli · L'usine XL Foods sort de son mutisme
        L'usine au cœur du plus grand rappel de bœuf de l'histoire canadienne sera scrutée au microscope, mardi. Agence QMI Mar
19h04 - Commission Charbonneau · Tentative d'extorsion?
        Un organisateur politique de l'ex-ministre libéral David Whissell aurait tenté de soutirer 50 000 $ à l'entrepreneur Lino Zambito,      en échange de l'approbation ministérielle d'un projet. Agence QMI Mar
18h54 - Québec · Le président du BAPE a été congédié
        À la tête de l'organisme depuis 2007, M. Renaud avait été renouvelé dans ses fonctions par le gouvernement Charest en juin      dernier. Agence QMI Mar
18h17 - Commission Charbonneau · Les libéraux éclaboussés
        Le Parti libéral du Québec aurait amassé des dizaines de milliers de dollars en contributions illégales, grâce à la complicité  d'entrepreneurs et de firmes de génie-conseil. Agence QMI Mar
17h31 - Fusillade à Montréal · Un jeune homme entre la vie et la mort
        Un homme de 23 ans luttait toujours pour sa vie, mardi soir, quelques heures après avoir été atteint de deux projectiles d'arme         à feu en pleine rue, dans l'est de Montréal. Agence QMI Mar
16h20 - Usine d'engrais à Bécancour · Des retombées évaluées à 1 milliard $
        Le gouvernement péquiste a confirmé mardi matin qu'il allait de l'avant dans l'étude de préfaisabilité d'une usine d'engrais    azotés à Bécancour, évaluée à 20 millions $. Agence QMI Mar
16h19 - Centrale Gentilly-2 · Fournier demande une commission parlementaire
        Jean-Marc Fournier propose la création d'une commission parlementaire sur l'avenir de la centrale nucléaire Gentilly-2.         Agence QMI Mar
16h07 - Présidentielles américaines · Mitt Romney en avance dans les sondages
        Pour la première fois depuis le début de la campagne électorale, Mitt Romney, le candidat républicain, est en tête dans les     sondages grâce à son débat réussi face à Barack Obama. AFP Mar
15h25 - Contrebande de tabac · Cinq suspects arrêtés en Montérégie
        Cinq individus soupçonnés de faire partie d'une organisation criminelle spécialisée dans le trafic de tabac ont été arrêtés, à  Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, en Montérégie. Agence QMI Mar
15h06 - SPVM · Le syndicat mal à l'aise de relever de l'administration Tremblay
        La Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal éprouve un «sérieux malaise» à l'idée que le Service de police de la Ville de     Montréal (SVPM) soumette ses orientations et ses budgets à l'administration du maire Tremblay. Agence QMI Mar
14h00 - Cruauté · Un homme est emprisonné pour avoir battu son chat
        Un résidant de Québec se retrouve en prison pour avoir battu son chat. Agence QMI Mar
13h54 - Montréal · Motion de censure contre l'administration Tremblay
        Louise Harel dénonce encore une fois «l'aveuglement volontaire» du maire. Agence QMI Mar
12h53 - Pakistan · Une militante anti taliban de 14 ans survit à une attaque
        Une Pakistanaise de 14 ans connue pour son combat contre les talibans et pour le droit des femmes à l'éducation a survécu       miraculeusement mardi à une tentative d'assassinat. AFP Mar
11h00 - XL Foods · L'ACIA constate de nombreux manquements sanitaires
        L'Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments (ACIA) a constaté plusieurs manquements chez XL Foods dans la gestion des         risques liés à l'E. coli. Agence QMI Mar
08h59 - États-Unis · Big Bird dans une pub pour Obama
        L'équipe du président Barack Obama a remobilisé mardi «Big Bird», l'oiseau géant de l'émission Sesame Street contre son         adversaire Mitt Romney, dans une publicité ironique capitalisant sur les propos tenus par le républicain la semaine     précédente. AFP Mar
08h16 - Suède · Le Nobel de Physique à un Français et un Américain
        Le jury les récompense pour «leurs méthodes expérimentales novatrices qui permettent la mesure et la manipulation des   systèmes quantiques individuels». AFP Mar
02h08 - Aéroport Montréal-Trudeau · Les usagers inquiets pour la sécurité
        Ce n'est pas la première fois que l'étanchéité de l'aéroport Montréal-Trudeau est mise en doute. JDM Mar
01h59 - Violence chez les jeunes · Une agression aux 15 minutes
        La violence et l'intimidation chez les jeunes débutent dès la garderie. JDM Mar
01h52 - Construction et corruption · Le Québec et le Canada sont vulnérables
        Le crime organisé peut profiter du système, selon une étude du fédéral. JDM Mar

Un séisme frappe la région de Longueuil
[] National
Commission Charbonneau · Les libéraux éclaboussés
[] Faits divers
Fusillade à Montréal · Un jeune homme entre la vie et la mort
[] International
Présidentielles américaines · Mitt Romney en avance dans les sondages
[] Environnement
Québec · Le président du BAPE a été congédié
[] Dossiers
Près d'une décennie au pouvoir · Dix dossiers chauds sous l'ère Charest