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Reframing beginning-of-life issues
        What Canada can learn from Britain's abortion di scussion
You heard it here: Northern Gateway's dead
         Can the beleaguered Liberal Party be regenerated?
Lessons for trudeau in obama/romney debate
         Justin? Think beyond the youth vote
Just who does Justin Trudeau think he is?
         Young politicians don't always have new ideas
Justin Trudeau: Grits toss a Hail Mary?
         Nexen decision a tipping point for Canada
NDP Nexen decision a boneheaded political move
         Nexen takeover by China: Are we being naive or progressive?
Does Canada still need the CBC? NO
         Does Canada still need the CBC? YES
Pot prohibition serving only crooks and pushers
         Open season on hunting
Need for Premier Clark to voice clear position on Northern Gateway pipeline
         Obama's Rocky Mountain low in Denver
Here's how the Liberals can make the old new again
         MP Stephen Woodworth in Granby, Quebec on Saturday.
Google Translation...
E. coli case in N.L. linked to same strain as XL Foods
         Jim Flaherty misses target as Canada deficit $1.3-billion above forecast
CBC programming would suffer if broken into a 'constellation' of subscription services: CBC
         New Quebec government: finances in worse shape than previously indicated
Canada poised to claim ownership of vast underwater territory bigger than Quebec
         XL Foods workers question food safety at meat plant
Canadian economy adds 52,100 jobs in September; unemployment edges up to 7.4%
         Non-Christian prison chaplains chopped by Ottawa
Feds nix plan for Wiccan chaplain to serve inmates in B.C. prisons
         Questions grow over why Ottawa didn't act as fast as U.S. on unfit meat
CFIA shouldn't report to agriculture minister, former senior bureaucrat says
         Who should we trust with food safety?
Canada alone will decide on Nexen: PM
         Complaint filed over Chinese wine and dine of CBSA officials
Canada's newest Supreme Court judge pitches his street smarts
         Tories go behind closed-doors in House committee to kill opposition motion to prevent omnibus bills
Liberal motion to limit scope of omnibus bills gone after in camera meeting
         Relevance of CBC debated
Concern that First Nations will be 'used as pawns' as former chief to meet Iranian leaders
         Federal policies risk alienating potential immigrants: study
RCMP's Atlantic harassment coordinator says she herself was victim of bullying
         War of words heats up between Premier Redford and B.C.'s Clark
Cost of promoting Alberta at Olympics nearly $1 million
         Ex-conservative vice-president joins BC Liberals
I BC Education Plan Linked to Private Corporations
         BC Leg Mounts Constitutional Challenge to Keep Records Secret
Why the US Debates Won't Change Anyone's Mind
         VIDEO: BC Carbon Tax: The First Four Years
Foundation grateful for BC contribution to health research
         Court rules BC election gag law unconstitutional despite changes
AB engineers group wants 'dialogue about how pipeline safety is managed'
         Linguistics expert George Lakoff on how Obama blew the debate
Trudeau says Enbridge pipeline not a good idea

 The Real News Network
Jimmy Carter says: "Election Process in Venezuela is the Best in the World"
         Elements in Iran and US that Want War

Bla ck Financial and Fraud Report

The Globalist :
Natural Resources, Natural Corruption?
         Why It's Impossible To Unionize Walmart
Destigmatizing American Government
         Iran, Oil and U.S. Electoral Politics
No Fracking Way

Europe's Support Crucial for Ongoing Arab Spring
         Economic Unrest Unlikely to Alter Iran's Political Calculus
Brazil Shores Up Industry to Keep Its Place as Emerging Power
         M Cuba's Fragile Power Grid Needs Renewable Energy
I Social Inclusion the Key to Venezuela's Elections
         Ethiopia Charts a Chinese Course
Pakistani Workers Slaving Brick by Brick
Less Than Half of International Foreign Aid Is Transparent

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The Dystopian World: Trash-Cams and Spying Smart Phone Cameras
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Senate Panel: DHS Fusion Centers Produce 'Predominantly Useless Information' and 'a Bunch of Crap'

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22h49 - Pétrole de schiste · Québec est ouvert à l'exploitation
        Les pétrolières s'activent de plus en plus sur l'île d'Anticosti, qui pourrait renfermer plusieurs dizaines de milliards de barils de   pétrole selon de récentes estimations. Agence QMI Vend
22h40 - UPAC · Nouvelle perquisition chez Vaillancourt
        Jeudi en fin d'après-midi, des agents de l'UPAC s'étaient présentés à une autre propriété du maire Vaillancourt. Agence QMI Vend
21h56 - Gaz de schiste · Marois corrige le tir
        Pauline Marois a affirmé que son gouvernement attendra le résultat du (BAPE), avant de trancher la question de l'exploitation du        gaz de schiste. Agence QMI Vend
18h39 - Fermeture de Gentilly-2 · Une usine d'engrais verra le jour
        La Coop fédérée s'associe à une entreprise indienne de fertilisants agricoles dans un projet évalué à 1,2 milliard $ visant à   implanter une usine d'engrais à Bécancour. Agence QMI Vend
17h22 - Enterrement de vie de garçon · Une danseuse nue fait exploser la vessie d'un homme
        Un résident de Philadelphie a déposé une plainte, car une danseuse nue lui aurait fait exploser la vessie en tombant sur lui    depuis le haut d'un poteau. Agence QMI Vend
17h16 - Laval | Fuite de gaz · Fermeture du boulevard des Laurentides
        Des entrepreneurs qui effectuaient des travaux d'excavation ont sectionné une conduite de gaz naturel de 5 cm de        diamètre. Agence QMI Vend
16h28 - Club Social Consenza · Les mafieux étaient trop sûrs d'eux
        Jamais les membres de la mafia ne se sont doutés qu'ils étaient espionnés par des policiers alors qu'ils se réunissaient au Club        Social Consenza dans les années 2000. Agence QMI Vend
16h04 - Finances du Québec · Gentilly-2 fait exploser le déficit
        La fermeture de la centrale nucléaire Gentilly-2 va faire exploser le déficit du gouvernement du Québec pour l'année 2012-      2013. Agence QMI Vend
15h52 - Bœuf contaminé · Québec recommande la vigilance
        L'Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments (ACIA) a ajouté vendredi trois autres produits du bœuf possiblement       contaminés. Agence QMI Vend
15h34 - Incendies de tracteurs · Saint-Colomban : théâtre d'une guerre des déneigeurs?
        Deux des trois déneigeurs ont été la proie des flammes. La police municipale considère les deux incendies comme         suspects. Agence QMI Vend
13h53 - Laval · La résidence du maire Vaillancourt est à vendre
        La résidence qui a fait l'objet de perquisitions policières jeudi, est à vendre par Sotheby's au prix de 1 099 000 $. Agence    
13h34 - Gilles Vaillancourt · «Je ne démissionnerai pas»
        Selon des sources, les policiers enquêtent sur l'octroi de plusieurs contrats importants par la Ville de Laval. Agence QMI Vend
11h50 - Direction du PLC · Dominic LeBlanc soutient Justin Trudeau
        Le député libéral Dominic LeBlanc a annoncé vendredi qu'il donnait son appui à Justin Trudeau dans la course à la direction du  Parti libéral du Canada (PLC) Agence QMI Vend
11h32 - Cour suprême du Canada · Les séropositifs n'ont pas à divulguer leur état
        Le port du condom est maintenant suffisant pour échapper à une condamnation pénale. Agence QMI Vend
11h14 - Mafia · Vito Rizzuto est arrivé au Canada
        L'ancien parrain de la mafia montréalaise Vito Rizzuto est arrivé en fin de soirée à l'aéroport Pearson de Toronto. Agence
09h15 - Chronique de Jacques Lanctôt · Corruption et cie
        On savait tous, sauf le maire Tremblay, qu'on paie 10, 20, 30% de plus sur les travaux de voirie, d'aqueduc, de          construction. Vend
08h38 - États-Unis · Le chômage au plus bas depuis l'élection d'Obama
        Le taux de chômage des Etats-Unis est tombé à 7,8% en septembre, son niveau le plus faible depuis l'accession au pouvoir du     président Barack Obama en janvier 2009. AFP Vend
08h06 - Déclin de la biodiversité · Des chiffres alarmants
        «La biodiversité n'a jamais été dans un si mauvais état et elle continue à décliner», estime le directeur de la section biodiversité    du Programme de l'ONU pour l'environnement. AFP Vend
07h42 - Financement des partis · Marois s'attaque à la corruption
        Le gouvernement Marois veut instaurer un système de financement quasi public des partis politiques provinciaux. Agence
07h38 - Montréal · Un dépanneur incendié deux fois en une semaine
        Le propriétaire d'un dépanneur de la rue Rachel, à Montréal, a vu son commerce être incendié pour la deuxième fois en   seulement une semaine, tôt vendredi. Agence QMI Vend
04h45 - Allégations de corruption · Mascouche menacée de tutelle
        Si les scènes « profondément choquantes » et « difficilement tolérables » de citoyens en colère se répètent lors du prochain    conseil municipal de Mascouche, le ministre des Affaires municipales Sylvain Gaudrault pourrait mettre la Ville sous    tutelle. JDQ Vend
03h17 - Facultés affaiblies · Un décès évitable
        Des actions concrètes doivent empêcher les gens ivres de prendre le volant à la sortie des bars, plaide une veuve dont le       conjoint est mort alors qu'il conduisait en état d'ébriété. JDM Vend
03h15 - Son temps compté? · Quel avenir pour Gérald Tremblay?
        Gérald Tremblay ne pourra plus redorer son image, ni regagner la confiance des Montréalais après les révélations-chocs faites   devant la commission Charbonneau, estiment les partis d'opposition, mais aussi les experts. JDM Vend
03h11 - Commission Charbonneau · Zambito témoigne dans l'ombre
        Les audiences publiques de la commission Charbonneau prennent une pause d'une dizaine de jours, et reprendront le 15    octobre avec la poursuite du témoignage de l'ex-entrepreneur Lino Zambito. JDM Vend


Which do you see as greater?

With the advent of increased foreign control over Canada's networks (i.e. one of the briefing notes uncovered by The Globe urges caution and asserts that Canada "can't feasibly block foreign technology") it seems reckless to consider a bill that would weaken Canadians' control over private data. Huawei is already doing business with Canadian wireless providers, including big telecom companies Bell and Telus.

Would you feel safer under the online spying bill?

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Vulgar Keynesianism at the root of Justin Trudeau's embrace of the middle class, Andrew Coyne | Oct 3, 2012

Re: Vulgar Keynesianism at the root of Justin Trudeau's embrace of the middle class, Andrew Coyne | Oct 3, 2012

According to Andrew Coyne, lower taxes provide incentives to galvanize the economy and increase productivity. But against that theory is the evidence: Canada's corporate tax rates have declined from 28% in 2000 to 18% in 2010, yet rather than investing, Canadian corporations are hoarding billions of dollars of cash, 1.4 million Canadians are currently unemployed, and inequality is getting worse. Far from stimulating an economy in recession, tax cuts can simply result in more money flowing to shareholders, many of whom reside off-shore. With households over-indebted and cutting back on purchases, with businesses reluctant to invest when consumption is decreasing, and with a trade deficit that extracts even more purchasing power from the national economy, there is only one remaining source that can increase aggregate demand - federal government budget deficits. Andrew Coyne may find this vulgar, but then his preference is for tax policies that disproportionately benefit the business and financial elites.
Larry Kazdan,
620 E. 23 Ave.,
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 874-9982
Australian economist Bill Mitchell explains:

At last count there were two broad macroeconomic sectors – the government and the non-government. The non-government sector can be decomposed into the private domestic sector and the external sector. The private domestic sector can be further decomposed into households who consume and firms who invest (in productive capital).
Macroeconomics is easy – thats it! 2 broad spending sectors and then some more detail.
What do we know about these sectors in the US?
1. Households are not spending enough on consumption – and why should they given they have to reduce their unsustainable debt levels and are saving to generate buffers just in case they are next to join the unemployment queue.
2. Business firms are not spending enough on investment – and why should they given they have to reduce their unsustainable debt levels and that household spending is not pushing production levels beyond existing capacity (by a long margin).
3. The external sector is deteriorating – that is, spending is contracting because the Europeans and the Brits are killing growth in their economies.
How many more spending sectors are left in the US?
The most basic macroeconomic rule – spending equals income. When someone spends another gains income. When a sector increases spending, other sectors enjoy the rise in income.
So if all these non-government sector spenders are being cautious and the private domestic sector is attempting to save overall – and – the world economy is not going to drive US exports very hard – where is the deficit spending going to come from to drive growth?
There is only one source – government budget deficits.

More of A veritable pot pourri of lies, deception and self-serving bluster at

From: Ian Berg
Subject: RE: Daily Digest October 4, 2012

From: The Natroses,
"It would not take too long, to put the Conservatives of the Harper government, into a closet, with a bare light shining upon them, to ascertained that their belief systems and values are of the same kind that Hitler and Nazi Germany employed..."

It doesn't take very long to ascertain anything a government did using its legal monopoly on the use of force to find a comparison to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Hitler ordered summary arrests of his political opponents. Trudeau ordered summary arrests of his political opponents (albeit just for one month in 1970). Hitler took away away property and commercial rights from Jews. Chretien imprisoned wheat farmers who directly sold their own crop to mills rather than sell it through the Wheat Board. Hitler purged the German government bureaucracy of those who were meet his racial requirements. Trudeau and Chretien purge the Canadian government bureaucracy of those who did not meet their bilingual fluency requirements.

See how easy that was?

Ian Berg

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Big Brother is watching!!!
Parliament hill camera surveillance alarms privacy czar
Subject: B.C.'s 'Swirly Face'  child-sex offender  released from custody   DD

Joe--That this evil creature should ever be released back into the population is an indicator that Canada defends evil.  Do they believe this former teacher was in Thailand for the scenery??  Thailand is one of the leading countries of child exploitation on the planet.  Just like in the Graham James case, these evil beings are set free to destroy the lives of more children.  Is there nothing that our injustice system won't do to make us live in fear?  This judge should also be charged when this paedophile attacks more children.  Sadly the only people held accountable in Canada are the victims of this evil recycled back into the population by our courts.
Subject: who better to set up an electronic spy network than China?
Online spying bill C-30 threatens Canada's national security
Subject: did the taxpayer pay for this boozefest???

Was booze party a national security breach?

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Criminal Code allowed Sarnia police to enter home without a warrant

All gun owners in the country could have this happen to them. Do you have a neighbour who hates guns, or has a dislike for you? They can claim anything, and the police will take them at their word.


Begin forwarded message:
Why police could make major gun seizure
DANIEL PUNCH, The Observer Tuesday, October 2, 2012 6:08:28 EDT PM
Subject: Fwd: Open season on hunting ; heritage is under attack
Begin forwarded message:

Open season on hunting 
Canadians everywhere should be upset that our heritage is under attack - 93 Comments
By Brian Lilley ,Parliamentary Bureau Updated: Friday, October 05, 2012 05:44 AM EDT

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: The process of dying: Euthanasia, Palliative Care and Power | Orph
an Wisdom

Thanks to David Creighton in Ottawa for this.

Our culture is death phobic and grief illiterate.

I watched this complete video at 6:00 AM this morning and am glad I did. It is far from morbid and there is no religious component.
Stephen Jenkens, the speaker and a Canadian, has a SW degree and a Masters in Theology. He is a palliative care expert/specialist,
His manner is low key, interesting and to me.....wise.

There is much food for thought here regarding the manner of our own death but this also provides us with some wisdom for ourselves in dealing with the process of dying for those we love. (length of time, the prolonging of life through medical technology etc. )

As we are all going to die at some point this is worth watching if we wish to attempt to die well for the benefit of ourselves and those close to us.

As our bodies loose their competency so do our minds. Better to consider these matters now while our brains are still working properly.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Federal government to spend less this year on food safety, budget officer says

From: The Exile <>

Insulting our intelligence

by spartikus

spartikus posted: "This following quote on the Northern Gateway Pipeline is great, not so much for the what is said rather than the who is saying it. It's from Jeffrey Simpson: What's not standing in the way are U.S. environmentalists, whom the Harper government accused "
Respond to this post by replying above this line

What's not standing in the way are U.S. environmentalists, whom the Harper government accused of being the principal reasons for the project's problems. This wild statement was, then as now, completely at variance with reality, since British Columbians are hardly to be led around by their collective nose by a handful of folks from south of the border. To suggest otherwise is to insult their intelligence.

Subscribe. It's the details that don't hold up and the rhetorical excesses that get most of the attention, at least from this observer. But in essence even if you accepted the argument at face value, this whole "foreign meddling" and "greenwashing" charge is, at its heart, simply a deep insult to the intelligences of the majority of British Columbians.

Did you really think we were that weak-minded?
spartikus | October 5, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Tags: British Columbia, canada, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, rhetoric, Tar Sands, vivian krause | Categories: Politics - The Essentials | URL:

From: "Shawn Cullen"
Subject: Yes of course...

Yes of course. I would appreciate if you could correct the few minor errors that I marked in red.
Thank you
Shawn G. Cullen
Joe Hueglin <>
Oct 5, 2012 01:22:03 PM

Is this agree able?

Joe Hueglin

At 04:00 PM 05/10/2012, you wrote:
Re: HIGHEST PRIORITY to all Politicians, all authorities and all media

I see MP's standing day after day in the House mouthing complete self condemning shit to each other. You are all wearing the Emperors New Clothes since my report is impossible to deny. Your pathetic legislative fig leafs cannot hide you from all that my report reveals.

The reason you Politicians do not communicate with me is that you fear the just power I have over words. You fail to see the doom and self condemning in having the public believe that your great capacity to intellectualize and true reasoning are not the same.

I have had email communications with the former Registered Agent of Canada's Rhinoceros Party, Blair T. Longley who the Green Party have endorsed and who made national news on the first day of his candidacy. I do not know if he intends to be a better class of the evil that I see in the Commons House but he has written some things that I am certain records real political observations..

He has written in his article that the public have been kept profoundly ignorant and intimidated by huge lies, and legal threats, for their whole lives. He has written that the real world is controlled by systems of huge lies, which have been backed up by violence and the threats of violence, so that those huge lies became triumphant.

He has written that the long history of lies backed by violence has resulted in the vast majority of people believing in bullshit, and acting like political idiots.

He has written that the most important issues are never presented in proper perspective and that instead there is a puppet show in the mass media between the dominant puppet, and its controlled opposition puppets. He has written that only controlled opposition is allowed into the public puppet show through our mass media.
Longley stated that they can simply drop rocks down on those at the bottom of that cliff, while those at the bottom can do practically nothing to hit back.

He stated that the mass media pretend that they are impartial, but that the act is just another one of their frauds. He stated that lying by omission is a skill that the mass media have perfected as they skillfully tell only parts of the story.

He has written that Canadian culture consists of fantasy worlds, deliberately disconnected from the central social facts about the money and murder systems under the control of liars, describing what they are doing using immaculate hypocrisy.

Longley has written that the government' s statements and behaviour indicate that it is going to continue to deliberately ignore evidence and logical arguments.

Longley has written that the mass media have been repeating huge lies about everything important and that it is not an accident that the more important something is, the bigger the lies that the mass media tell the public!

Shawn G. Cullen