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Political polls ­ you get what you pay for
         Canada's moral leadership
Canada severs ties with Iran, as storm clouds gather
         Some advice for Thomas Mulcair
We have a right to see Khadr tapes
         Jean Charest served his province and his country well
Tim 2.0 needs to upgrade Tory gaming ­ and delete union scapegoating
         Two leaders now at risk
Byelections' winners, losers
         Hunting shows shot down
Firm policies will push the federal Liberals to the front of the line
         M Ps should publish spending online: Watchdog group
Feds reject bid to revive Avro Arrow
         Stephen Harper's environment watchdog to investigate 'risks' of federal budget bill
Military planners worried about strain of Libyan campaign on fighter jet fleet: documents
         Franklin Expedition hunt turns up human remains, artifacts believed to be from long-lost Arctic ship wreck
PM vows not to abandon Canadians on death row in Iran despite severed diplomatic ties
         Israeli PM thanks Canada for cutting ties with Iran
Alleged PQ shooter obsessed with politics, unafraid to die: Couple
         The Messiah syndrome
Harper says nothing Iran does in wake of embassy closing would surprise him
         Iran official cancels trip after Canada severs ties
Canada, China ink trade agreement
         Iran, global security crowd trade talk at Pacific summit
Federal-provincial energy ministers to skirt talk of a national strategy
         Environmental groups voice concern over Chinese investment in Northern Gateway pipeline
Competitors try to block Bell Canada from buying Astral Media
         Growing number of stolen ID cards used to obtain real passports: RCMP report
Penalty for smoking in a hotel room among expenses Oda charged to taxpayers
         New Conservative senator warns EI reform will drive down wages
Quebecers want PQ's Pauline Marois to ease tensions: poll
         'I don't want to forget what happened,' says Montreal shooting victim
Sinkhole erodes patience in nation's capital, void filled with humour
         First Nations leery of federal changes to treaty negotiations
Sole Alberta shooting survivor makes first public appearance
         Research Stopped by Ministry Might Have Cut Big Pharma Profits
How Vancouver's Surly Fans Helped Win the '72 Summit
         BC Public Education, a Success Story

The foreign affairs minister says Canada has no knowledge of possible U.S. or Israeli military strikes against Iran.


TRNN This Week September 2 - September 7:
Quebec Election Gives Students a Victory on Tuition Hikes, Fight for Free Education Continues
         Porter Report - After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat
Do Obama Policies Help Baltimore Schools?
         Race to the Regulatory Bottom
Israel Denies Food and Entry to 20 Eritrean Refugees
         U.S. Nears $1 Billion Debt Relief Deal with Egypt's Islamist President
TRNN Exclusive Interview with Spain's Robin Hood Mayor
         Spain's Robin Hood Mayor and Landless Peasants Battle Bankers
The Real Hunger Games - Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market
         Austerity Hawks Want a Return to 1920's Capitalism
The war against unions
         Mass Murder of Miners and Neo-Liberalism in South Africa
Black Report: Majority of Wall St. Money Now Goes to Romney

The Globalist
How China's Approach in Africa Complements the West's
         Russia Can Pivot to the Pacific, Too
Why the ECB Doesn't Act Like the Fed
         Where Have All the Progressives Gone?
India's Modern Economic History: A Quick Review
        Germany and China: The New Special Relationship here.

?                                   ?                                   ?
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        A Court Denounces 'Executive Fiat' READ MORE
The Sixth Extinction Menaces the Very Foundations of Culture READ MORE
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What Happens When You Defund Planned Parenthood READ MORE
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Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG):
White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity
         FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America
US Export-Import Bank backs $2 billion loan for UAE nuclear plant
Judge: U.S. can't set limits on Guantanamo lawyers
         The Obama administration and the cover-up of CIA torture
Judge to allow Arizona to enforce key part of anti-illegal immigration law
         Romney says he likes parts of 'Obamacare'
D*bt C*llectors Cashing In on Student Lo*ns

Two NATO oil tankers burned in Pakistan's Balochistan
         Assailants torch two US-led NATO tankers in Pakistan
Teenage bomber kills six near NATO headquarters in Kabul
         Insurgents Carry Out Wave of Attacks Across Iraq
Wave of attacks kills at least 64 in Iraq
         Report: Germany Will Keep U.S. Nuclear Warheads
Culture Wars: Topshop Style Notes - Modern Military
         Did French Alps murder victim's secret work on space satellite contract make him prime assassination target?
Shell begins petroleum drilling in Chukchi Sea
         Quebec's students provide a lesson in protest politics
Canada closes embassy in Iran, to expel Iranian diplomats

The European Union Times

Greeks take to streets in light of new budget cuts Source
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16h06 - Iran · Israël loue le courage de Stephen Harper
        Le premier ministre d'Israël, Benjamin Netanyahou, a appelé samedi la communauté internationale à suivre l'exemple du   Canada. Agence QMI
15h06 - Manifestation · La CLASSE veut continuer le combat pour la gratuité
        La CLASSE appelle les étudiants à manifester le 22 septembre pour demander au futur gouvernement péquiste d'aller plus loin     que le blocage de la hausse des frais de scolarité. Agence QMI
13h54 - Hôtellerie · Deux nouvelles ententes de principes
        Le Hilton Bonaventure et le Reine-Elizabeth ont conclu une entente de principe, tôt dimanche, avec les représentants syndicaux  de leurs employés. Agence QMI
07h55 - Légionellose | Québec · Assainissement incertain
        Il est fréquent de déceler la bactérie Legionella dans les conduits de tours de refroidissement, même lorsque l'entretien est bien      fait, selon une médecin experte en santé publique. Agence QMI
03h31 - Légionellose · « Ça fait peur au monde »
        Le repérage de micro-organismes dans l'une des tours d'eau d'un des édifices fédéraux situés près de la gare du Palais fait     réagir. Des voyageurs ont d'ailleurs annulé leur venue à Québec à cause de la légionellose. JDQ



Two visitors are arriving from Danmark.
Being  co-host will be my priority

Subject: Iran speaker cancels Canada trip | Metro

I thought this Metro article was worth sharing:

From: rjkoopmans
Subject: Executive Dissertations:Basic Beginner's Metallurgy: Lesson One Prime

Post: Basic Beginner's Metallurgy: Lesson One Prime

From: Jean Pycock
Subject: Re: Daily Digest September 5, 2012  015

    Hi Joe,
        I would like to reply to Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier, who quoted my posting about the situation in Quebec.  I disagree with his implication that Quebec will separate from the rest of Canada.  The results of the Sept.4th election, and a number of pollings over time, show that the number of Quebecers who would vote to leave Canada, has fallen to well below $40 %.
    Jean Pycock, Havelock, Quebec

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Wind farms: Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them | Mail Online

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Wind farms: Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them | Mail Online

From: HS Sims
Subject: European Agency Calls for More HPV Vaccinations

Hi Joe,

A good article on cervical cancer. An effective means of
reducing not only cervical cancer but oral and anal
cancers caused by Human Papilloma Viruses. It is too
bad the extreme right has such a major influence on
blocking a proven means of combatting at least one
type of cancer.


From: Rene Moreau <>
Subject: [Spam] Re: Evil, powered by Google

From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

   In the matter of dealing with media and information sources and NOT calling a spade a spade.

   There are a pile of people in the world that know full well about David Korten's book, 'When Corporations Rule the World'  being a
statement of fact, not science fiction. However, as we watch governments being undermined and dis-credited and criticized by the corporate world that seeks apparently to rule the world themselves, few are making the connections to methods used, such as shutting down the media, about the side of the argument AGAINST  corporate rule.

    This is so important because  corporations have no citizenship, cannot be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of
humans but not the responsibilities, unless mandated by government, and such mandates did once happen, but are not happening lately because corporations can infiltrate government and control it, FROM THE INSIDE! It's called 5th Column.

One of the better examples of this influencing of  government to get them to abide by corporate wishes is the charitable status given 
to pro-corporate think tanks like the Fraser Institute, the C.D. Howe Institute, the Donner Institute, (and including most business schools, who are affiliated with most universities,) who preach  Korporation 'Uber Alles',  or, the superiority of corporation over all others. So corporations can contribute to their own superiority in ruling the world and, WRITE IT OFF AS A CHARITABLE DONATION.

   The Chambers of Commerce across  North America are doing the same thing for their members, but, at least in Canada, are not listed as a charity, at least yet! But watch for it.

   We watch as Authorities are being formed, around the world that are corporate entities, masquerading as government, that even have an act of parliament, or equivalent, to say they can be an agency of government. Now, government, has a mandate to serve the people, it is their job description, (they do not always, as we know, but it is their reason for being. Corporations have a different god, the bottom line, the maximized profit. They do not DO democracy, the ten commandment, ethics, honour, integrity, etc., just by their very nature and they treat regulation and taxes as an enemy. (John Kenneth Galbraith, in his book 'Economics and the Public Purpose.)

   Do you see this argument being openly  discussed by the media or government or most of the public? Not likely, as there are many who say that is only the  voice of the corporate conspiracy theorists and we shouldn't listen the them, right?

   The story is told of a cartoon in which 2 cows are out in a field. One of them has just figured out, to her horror and shock,  how hamburgers are made.

   "They only fatten us up," she says, "so they can slaughter and eat us."

   The second cow scoffs at her, "You leftists and you crazy conspiracy theories!"

   Apt, Is it not?

                                  Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: thousands of people died so that the USI could kill hundreds of thousands more for greed and power?

9/11 Documentary on PBS
PBS Airs Explosive 9/11 Documentary
Subject: Canada is no longer a sovereign nation--it follows the dictates of the warmongers the USI and israel--finally the truth is written for all to see

Canada - Selling Its Soul To America
Subject: Canada obey's israel and cuts funding to Palestinians while bombing  Libya to give 'humanitarian aid'?  We are truly a schizophrenic country  under Harper

Canada's moral leadership
Subject: By cutting ties with Iran, we just shot ourself in the foot   DD

Joe--I would suggest we just shot ourselves in the head.  With every move, we are shown by dear leader which country he is really working for--and it ain't Canada.  Baird's venom is nothing but propaganda while hoping people fall for it.  'War with Libya'???  We were not at war with Libya--we attacked and murdered it's people and Gadaffi with not one shot being fired in our direction.  To name that 'war' is ludicrous. 

Iran is 'dishonest about it's nuclear program' while israel that has hundreds of nuclear weapons is not even questioned??  Anyone that swallows this garbage is brain dead.

Subject: wonder if Harper will have a celbratiion in Ottawa?  He is now a player on the israeli war stage

Israeli PM thanks Canada for cutting ties with Iran
From: The Natroses

Well Joe, there is some things on the web, will surprise you. For example in the past, how many  countries and its leaders were more inclined to invade countries, and today they call themselves peace brokers. all about the double-speak and what lies behind peace brokers. What got me going, was Brandon's list of countries the U.S. has invaded since 1970. I have extended the list, of U.S. military interventions, domestic or otherwise starting from 1890.  ÂÂ

On Wikipedia - a timeline of U.S. military operation from 1775.Â Â

Moving onto Canada, Canada is lumped in with the British Empire. It seems that Canada took their orders from the high command of the British, but to my surprise I found something that I never knew. The Canadian government way back in 1921, made plans to invade the U.S. I read it at a blog posting.

Bonus Fact

T he U.S. was not the only North American country with intracontinental war plans. In 1921 â€" six years before War Plan Red was drafted ­ Canada developed its own plan, named Defence Scheme No. 1. The scheme outlined plans for a counter-attack on the U.S. in case of an invasion from its neighbors to the south. Like War Plan Red, the plan was never put into action. Unlike War Plan Red, Scheme No. 1 was short lived ­ it was terminated in 1928 iin an effort to foster a stronger relationship between the U.S. and Britain."
Read the full text here:ÂÂ
--brought to you by mental_floss! Â

On Wikipedia - War Plan Red -ÂÂ

Defence Scheme No. 1 -ÂÂ

What did I find out today, that is probably has never been taught to school children?  Today, that United States had designs on Japan long before WWII. And where does Canada fit in?  Under the boring name of Defence Scheme No. 2, of which - " Defence Scheme No. 2 was a Canadian military strategy developed after World War I outlining the Canadian response in the event of a war between the United States of Americaand Japan. The primary concern of this strategy was remaining neutral in any conflict between the two countries. Plans for this scheme began immediately following World War I. However, it was not greatly developed until the early 1930s, [1] when James Sutherland Brown constructed a rough model of this strategy. The major tenet of Brown’s model was the defence of the Pacific coast in the event of a war between the United States and Japan. General Andrew McNaughton would later transform this model into a commitment towards protecting Canadian neutrality. In 1933, the strategy was finalized. However it was not approved by the government until 1936. [2]

[ edit]Issues

There were several issues that made this strategy of Canadian neutrality unlikely:

[ edit]Attitudes

In Canada, there was an anti-Japanese and pro-American sentiment to contend with. It would have been difficult for the government to maintain neutrality and retain the support of citizens if they did not at least attempt to align themselves with the United States. [3]

[ edit]Imperial ties

Due to Canada’s Imperial ties, if Britain decided to join the Americans in a war against the Japanese it would be difficult for Canada to remain neutral. If Britain went to war it would not include Canada by default, since the Statute of Westminster in 1931 had transferred war-making powers to the Canadian Parliament, but, given existing ties, it would have been unlikely that Canada would have not been drawn in. (However, the Irish Free State, at the time a Dominion within the British Empire, remained neutral throughout the Second World War. South Africa, also a Dominion, also had internal challenges to a war with Germany. Dominion status was not, therefore, a guarantee in itself of military alliance with Britain.) This relationship was untested since World War I, and was intact until Canada declared war on Germany in 1939. If Britain joined in such a war it would effectively destroy Canada’s policy of neutrality. [4]

[ edit]Proximity to the United States

Due to the proximity between Canada and the United States, it was only natural that there would be some overlap in the defence of territory. The United States was testing aircraft and flying through Canadian airspace to Alaska. If Canada allowed the United States to continue this practice, then it was feared that it would lead to an unwanted situation. Effectively this means that Canada was trying to avoid dangerous engagements between either Japan or the United States. [5] Even though the American planes overhead were creating tension and a threat to neutrality, Canada was not willing to risk neutrality in a time of peace. The “Joint Staff Committee suggested that Ottawa tell Washington that it could offer ‘no military commitment in advance of an actual crisis developing.’ [6]"

Maybe theÂ
 crazy conspiracy theories are not as crazy as one thinks. Perhaps, our Canadian military and political leaders have carried the tradition of 'defence scheme no.  _____, for tradition sake. I wonder what the Canadian authorities have cooked up regarding Iran, and other places like Africa, relating famine, climate change, drought to terrorism

Fantino in the Sahel. "Â
Compared to the bureaucratic leviathan that is National Defence, CIDA has a relatively lean $3.5-billion budget – an allotment that is shrinking because of austerity measures.

Mr. Fantino said his biggest ambition for the portfolio is to ensure that CIDA money gets to those in dire need.

“We must be accountable for every nickel,” he said. “We have to be strategic as to where we go.”

His six-day African itinerary includes stops in Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Notably, he is giving one of Canada’s close regional allies a pass. Mali is now suffering through the aftermath of an army coup in its capital and Taliban-style Islamist revolt in its hinterlands.

“The situation is really difficult there,” Mr. Fantino said.

The food crisis in the Sahel threatens to get worse because of terrorism.

“You’ve got things like the al-Qaeda tentacles spread out across Africa,” he said, noting the ascent of Islamist guerrillas like the Ansar Dine faction in Mali and Boko Haram in Nigeria.

He argues that the leap from fighting crime to fighting hunger isn’t like crossing a chasm, at least not if one considers that international security and food security can often march in lockstep.

“Food, or the absence of food, is often used as an oppressive weapon,” Mr. Fantino said. “I think it was said that in the absence of food, people who are hungry do one of three things: They revolt, they migrate or they die.”  Â

What can be said, but another article filled with........
A veritable pot pourri of lies, deception and self-serving bluster.
Below is the real goods of the background information on the Sahel. By the way, the Canadian mining and oil corporations are in the thick of things in Africa, and probably is the other half of the tag team, protecting Fantino's sorry little ass before he puts both feet in his mouth.Â

4. In September, 2012 issue of the National Geographic - Lost in the Sahel
For the major operators in the Sahel - all there to satisfied their greed, ideological stances and yet Fantino would have us believe that terrorism is causing the famine. " Alongside these perfectly legal “economic” operators, value creators and captains of industry, are the shadowy criminal gangs that roam the Sahel. They are gangs because apparently, and on the surface, no government controls them. But they are also involved in less glamorous activities. Human smuggling, drug trafficking, arms dealing, illegal trans-border movement of commodities are among the actions that are making these gangs and their mafia bosses, wherever they are, thrive amid widespread misery. And, by the way, these bosses don’t have to be in the Sahel or anywhere in Africa. In the narcotics business, they are thousands of miles away in places like Colombia and elsewhere. From their headquarters and with their billions, these drug dealers remote-control the movement of their deadly cargos moving north and into Europe. And only occasionally do we hear about them. For example the airplanes full of drugs originating from Colombia that have crashed in the Sahel."
The global miningoil and gas industries have expanded so fast in the last decade they are now leading to large-scale "landgrabbing" and threatening farming and water supplies, according to a report by environment and development groups in Europe, Africa and India.

"The catalogue of devastation is growing. We are no longer talking about isolated pockets of destruction and pollution. In just 10 years, iron ore production has more than doubled, coal has risen 45% and metals like lithium by 125%. Across Africa, Latin America and Asia, more and more lands, rivers and aquifers are being devoured by mining activities.
"Industrial wastelands are being formed by vast open-pit mines and mountain top removal, and the poisoning of water systems, deforestation, and the contamination of topsoil," says the report by the Gaia foundation and groups including Friends of the Earth International, Grain, Oilwatch and Navdanya in India."
Who Own's Africa's Natural Resources

Forest and farmland were now covered in a sheen of greasy oil. Drinking wells were polluted and people were distraught. No one knew how much oil had leaked. "We lost our nets, huts and fishing pots," said Chief Promise, village leader of Otuegwe and our guide. "This is where we fished and farmed. We have lost our forest. We told Shell of the spill within days, but they did nothing for six months."

That was the Niger delta a few years ago, where, according to Nigerian academics, writers and environment groups, oil companies have acted with such impunity and recklessness that much of the region has been devastated by leaks.
In fact, more oil is spilled from the delta's network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico, the site of a major ecological catastrophe caused by oil that has poured from a leak triggered by the explosion that wrecked BP's Deepwater Horizon rig last month.
That disaster, which claimed the lives of 11 rig workers, has made headlines round the world. By contrast, little information has emerged about the damage inflicted on the Niger delta. Yet the destruction there provides us with a far more accurate picture of the price we have to pay for drilling oil today.
On 1 May this year a ruptured ExxonMobil pipeline in the state of Akwa Ibom spilled more than a million gallons into the delta over seven days before the leak was stopped. Local people demonstrated against the company but say they were attacked by security guards. Community leaders are now demanding $1bn in compensation for the illness and loss of livelihood they suffered. Few expect they will succeed. In the meantime, thick balls of tar are being washed up along the coast.
Within days of the Ibeno spill, thousands of barrels of oil were spilled when the nearby Shell Trans Niger pipeline was attacked by rebels. A few days after that, a large oil slick was found floating on Lake Adibawa in Bayelsa state and another in Ogoniland. "We are faced with incessant oil spills from rusty pipes, some of which are 40 years old," said Bonny Otavie, a Bayelsa MP.
This point was backed by Williams Mkpa, a community leader in Ibeno: "Oil companies do not value our life; they want us to all die. In the past two years, we have experienced 10 oil spills and fishermen can no longer sustain their families. It is not tolerable."
I wonder what Fantino is cooking up for Africa?  I suppose he is not the type to read the history files, of what Africa once was, until the colonizers got hold and started to systematically destroy Africa's environment and the peoples' abilities to sustained themselves. The next link, is a wonderful blog, that ties in the history, the cultures and the colonizers. Things have not change much, except one might finally grasp or an inkling that Fantino does not give one hoot about the famine and is obvious using simplistic statements such as, "  Mr. Fantino said. “I think it was said that in the absence of food, people who are hungry do one of three things: They revolt, they migrate or they die.” From the blog about page - "
My blog is about Africa. It is also about the Middle East and life in general, reflecting over 30 years of work and study in Africa and the Middle East – as researcher, project-program director, evaluator, consultant, lecturer, author, and trainer.
I have advanced degrees in EgyptologyArabic language , literature and history, social anthropology, and extensive training and work in agriculture, agroforestry and livestock systems in non-industralized societies. I am particularly interested in colonial and pre-colonial dynamics, my field of doctoral research was on agricultural trans-formations inEgypt, from the 19th century to 1985. "
Isn't it funny, Iran may be the next country to be invaded, and yet Africa, is left alone being managed by the big oil and mining concerns, busy extracting the natural resources, leaving destruction in their wake. With a little bit of help from the African countries and its military along with the private armies. It is only countries that got its act together, where the citizens are not fighting each other, those countries become the threat. I guess, the international corporations want Iran, for its oil resources - the nuke situation is just the pretense.Â