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Daily Digest September 7, 2012


Provinces prove tough terrain for Stephen Harper
When it comes to provincial elections, Stephen Harper just can't catch a break.
On that score, the return of a sovereignist government to power in Quebec is just the latest contrary development for the prime minister.
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Supporting the Conservatives' plan to set workers free
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Smear mongering
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Let court of public opinion decide Rob Ford's fate
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Barack Obama's hope remains, but it is a more pragmatic hope
         Attacking NDP on Quebec separation is a foolish move for McGuinty's Liberals
Harper appoints five new senators; increases majority in upper chamber
         Final status of Kandahar cenotaph still up in the air
Herb Sparrow, who represented Saskatchewan in the Senate for 37 years, has died
         Federal minister shores up pipeline safety as Enbridge opposition remains fierce
Federal language commissioner going to keep a close eye on any changes to Quebec language laws
         Defence Minister Peter MacKay and wife expecting 1st child
Citing 'threat to global peace,' Canada cuts diplomatic ties with Iran
         "Argo" Opens Amid Real-World Drama over Canada's Tehran Embassy
Conservatives repeal long-deferred gun-show regulations aimed at sponsors
         'Dutch disease' argument wrong, Carney says
Michael Ignatieff gets teaching jobs half-time at U of T and Harvard
         Canadian economy surprises with 34,000 new jobs
Liberals will be backing a lightweight in Justin Trudeau.
         Ivison: Justin Trudeau will run for Liberal leadership
Liberals exempt travel costs, will allow candidates to keep high-profile House critics' roles in newly-released leadership rules
         Ontario NDP's by-election win leaves majority outside Liberals' grasp
Blizzard: Byelection losses bring Hudak's leadership into question
         Cohn: NDP win in Kitchener-Waterloo byelection leaves McGuinty humbled, Hudak humiliated
Elizabeth Witmer left politics after husband diagnosed with cancer
         Tories hire KPMG to conduct review of F-35 costs
Parliamentary Lights
         NDP on defensive over Quebec policy
NDP reaffirms '50 plus one' enough for Quebec secession talks
         Liberal motion prompts NDP defence of bare majority for Quebec secession talks
MP's plan to make public service union dues optional a 'bully-state' tactic, critics say
         Parks Canada pushing little-known beaver mascot Parka into the spotlight
CRTC investigating Harper Tories for failing to adhere to do-not-call list
         U.S. should 'get a grip,' Harper says
Harper Insists on China Reciprocity as Canada Mulls Nexen
         Harper Seeks More Gains From China in Exchange for Oil
Closer economic ties with China could bring 'long-term pain' for Canada: study
         Harper's one-man foreign policy winning few friends
5 topics to watch at Harper's APEC meeting in Russia
         Canada's voting system has the potential to distort electoral outcomes, expert says
PQ event MC: I tried warning police about security at victory party
         Parties jockey for position in Quebec transition
Stockwell Day gives rare testimony on why he signed security certificates
         Canada, U.S. set to sign updated Great Lakes accord     
UAV Radar Tested Along U.S.-Canadian Border Can Track Slow Moving Vehicles and People
         B.C.'s questions about oil spill insurance shut down at Gateway hearings
You don't have to obey a law 'that is clearly unlawful,' Rob Ford's lawyer argues as hearing comes to close
         Canadian on death row scores reprieve -- for now
B.C. cabinet rookie Ralph Sultan a 79-year-old up-and-at-'em firebrand
         Alberta's expense transparency policy will do little to battle culture of entitlement, critics charge
Alberta premier adds to communications staff
         Alberta Elections officials investigate alleged breach of contribution laws by three Conservative MLAs
Spiritual rights of inmates under attack as contracts halted, prison chaplains say
         Guard accused of peddling pot to prisoners
BC's Push for More Foreign Students Full of Risks Say Critics
         More Enbridge Files: Congress Grills CEO Pat Daniel
CBC/Radio-Canada license renewal process begins
         BC's former attorney general to lead grilling of Enbridge


Cato Today:
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Blog Highlight: Unregulated Is Not Unconstrained

         One-Note Economic Record

The GM financial rescue has been repeatedly touted at the Democratic National Convention as the central economic achievement of President Obama's first term. Daniel J. Ikenson explains why the bailout: 1) did not actually save GM; 2) irrevocably harmed the rest of the U.S. auto industry; and 3) slowed the recovery of the broader economy.
Details of the Auto Bailout You Won't Hear in Charlotte, by Daniel J. Ikenson
         Lasting Implications of the General Motors Bailout, congressional testimony by Daniel J. Ikenson
CEObama, by Daniel J. Ikenson
         Bailouts Beget More Bailouts, by Daniel J. Ikenson

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20h57 - Chefferie du PLQ · Benoît Pelletier y songe
        L'ancien ministre libéral Benoît Pelletier songe lui aussi à se lancer dans la course à la direction du Parti libéral du        Québec. Agence QMI
19h15 - Michael Ignatieff · L'ancien chef libéral retourne à Harvard
        L'ancien chef libéral Michael Ignatieff vient d'accepter un poste à temps partiel à l'Université Harvard, à Boston. Il retourne ainsi à          l'institution où il enseignait, il y a sept ans, avant de prendre la direction du Parti libéral du Canada. Agence QMI
16h42 - Rivière Niagara · Le torse retrouvé est celui d'une Américaine
        La femme originaire de Niagara Falls, dans l'État de New York, était portée disparue depuis la fin du mois d'août. Agence QMI
14h42 - Option nationale · Jean-Martin Aussant ne quitte pas la politique
         Jean-Martin Aussant dit ne pas être découragé par les résultats pourtant décevants de son parti Option nationale. Agence QMI
14h24 - Iran · Le Canada ferme son ambassade
        Il a également placé le pays sur sa liste des États soutenant le terrorisme. Agence QMI
14h10 - Nouveaux sénateurs · L'ex-adéquiste Diane Bellemare est du lot
        De l'avis de l'ex-candidate adéquiste et nouvelle sénatrice, ce sont les Québécois qui ont tourné le dos au premier ministre    Stephen Harper et non pas l'inverse. Agence QMI
14h08 - Cartel de l'essence · Recours collectif autorisé
        La Cour supérieure vient d'autoriser un recours collectif contre les pétrolières qui s'étend dorénavant à plus d'un million de  consommateurs d'essence. Agence QMI
06h34 - Rattrapage impossible · Huit cours de l'UdeM sont annulés
        Le couperet est tombé tard jeudi soir pour environ 400 étudiants en anthropologie et en sociologie de l'Université de Montréal :        huit cours du trimestre d'hiver sont annulés et devront être repris. Agence QMI
02h59 - Rentrée scolaire · Parents facturés illégalement
        Chaque année, plusieurs écoles facturent des frais illégaux aux parents pour des services ou du matériel qui devraient être     fournis gratuitement. JDM
02h45 - Landry et ses gardes du corps · «Presque une amitié»
        Deux jours après l'attentat contre Pauline Marois, l'ancien premier ministre du Québec Bernard Landry évoque le lien de         confiance qu'il entretenait il y a 11 ans avec ses gardes du corps alors qu'il dirigeait la province. JDM


Peacemaker or Powder Monkey

Definitions of powder monkey
someone who carries explosives (as from the magazine to the guns on board a warship)
a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

The latter part of my afternoon and evening were spent in responding to an action taken
by John Baird, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister while attending a meeting in Russia.

What is the need his action moves toward fulfillment or the purpose being furthered?

These no doubt will be raised as those supporting his action point out my errors to you.

To: National Media <>
Subject: CANADA vs IRAN: from Peacemaker to Pointman

There was a time prior to the Harper Government when Canada played the role of Peacemaker through acting to maintain positive relations with all the countries of the Middle East whose animosities are not just based in present differences but literally thousands of year of religious and political differences.

This path has been abandoned.  Canada acts at present against those within Canada seen as critical if Israel, KAIROS, those antipathetic to Israel Gaza Strip residents, foreigners supporting Gazans, George Galloway, and those viewed as a threat to Israel, Iran.

September 7th, 2012 while in Moscow Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird placed Canada as the point state in moving toward war with Iran  by breaking diplomatic relations with Teheran(1). This action has lauded by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who "issued a statement congratulating Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the move, calling it a courageous act of leadership."  It will undoubtedly be praised by the American government as well.

Two agreeing with Canada taking the point in justifying action on the basis of  Iran being "viewed as world's 'most significant threat to global peace and security'."  through seeking to develop its nuclear energy programme.

This coming a week after :support for Iran's nuclear energy program was "one of many articles approved in the final Tehran Declaration Friday at the end of the two-day meeting of the 120-nation Nonaligned Movement." (2)

Clearly Canada will not be seen by this act in the role of Peacemaker by other nations but rather as Pointman for Israel and the United States of America.

Joe Hueglin
Tel. 905-356-3901

(1) Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats     M ET Read 957comments957video
     POINT OF VIEW Was it a good move for Canada to cut ties with Iran? 2:16 PM ET

(2) Report: Nonaligned Bloc Backs Iran Nuclear Energy