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Charest has only himself to blame for Quebec election defeat
         PQ win a bittersweet victory for Marois
All of Canada owes Jean Charest a great deal
         Welcome to the Quebec debate Canada doesn't need.
Jean Charest's luck finally runs out
         Ignore Quebec's election results, Alberta
Sovereigntists will form Quebec's next government, but at least the PQ doesn't hold a balance of power
         PQ wins, we all pay
Overstaying two premiers' lasting legacy
         What does Quebec want? Beats us.
Quebec's demands
         Over to you, Mr. Harper, after PQ victory in Quebec election
The PQ's win is problematic, but no calamity
         Doubling down on Quebec
Law against battling an intruder is ludicrous
         Windmills, trains and Dalton McGuinty's tin ear
Byelections spawn nonsense in Liberals' Queen's Park agenda
         Don't give Dalton a majority
Ethanol and how governments bought a cleverly-packaged scam
         Environmental assessments prevent problems
Buried report on Copenhagen embassy suggests troubles have been going on for a decade
         Robocalls investigation has cost only $240 000 so far
Defeated premier Charest resigns as Liberal leader
         Budget watchdog to detail impact of government cutbacks
New Liberal leadership rules to limit debt candidates can take on
         Never mind the Pequistes: Rae pitches Liberals on pan-Canadian pipeline prospect
U.S. hands over Omar Khadr material; Toews urged to make transfer decision
         Suspect in Quebec shooting identified as Mont-Tremblant businessman
Election night shooting forces politicians to rethink security, Trudeau says
         Quebec election shooting prompts strong warning from Stephen Harper
NDP shocked by Quebec election shooting, says leader Thomas Mulcair
         New Liberal leadership rules to limit debt candidates can take on
Minister won't give up federal control of EI despite PQ victory
         Mulcair calls PQ victory a 'short minority'
'We have some concerns with the way you've spun the facts:' Senator Don Meredith's office responds
         Clark to introduce renewed B.C. Liberal cabinet today
Harper pledges to work with PQ on common goals
         PQ minority win unlikely to prompt quick referendum call
Harper offered powerful chance to smother sovereigntist dream in Quebec.
         Harper cautions PQ government not to revisit 'old battles'
Harper must walk political tightrope in PQ's Quebec
         PQ victory casts shadow over NDP's Thomas Mulcair
Canadian dollar barely registers minority election win for PQ
         Charest: He gave Canada a decade of peace and Quebeckers constant turmoil
Premier Jean Charest loses home riding of Sherbrooke
         Jean Charest weighs future after election loss
Pauline Marois and the victory of an 'opportunist' in Quebec
         Sovereignty not top of mind for Quebecers
François Legault holds the balance of power in Quebec
         Evidence against Guelph man incorrect, records show
Senate nominee expensed thousands as U of C chair
         Senator-in-waiting charged more than $25,000 in expenses on U of C board
Taxpayer watchdog group raises alarm over U of C chair's spending habits
         Canadians will be hearing a lot more from federal Liberals, Bob Rae vows
Liberal leadership race could heat up as rules announced
         Rae defended embattled senators Zimmer, Fairbairn
Tories stand to gain in B.C. from new electoral boundaries
         No more MPs! Rae decries addition of new seats in House of Commons
NDP out to prove they have the team to form government
         NDP is on track to win Kitchener-Waterloo by-election, poll suggests
Ottawa to unveil weakened emissions rules for coal-fired power
         Defamation suit dismissed
UPDATED: Lobby Watch - So, about that five-year ban on senior OLO staffers ...
         Tory senator slammed for attending Iranian event
As Arctic Council debate heats up, mixed reaction to Aglukkaq
         Bids Are In (Again) For The Canadian Forces Close Combat Vehicle
Enbridge pipeline hearing focuses on economic benefits
         U.S. rep downplays role in pipeline decision
Pallister wins Fort Whyte byelection in convincing style
         Canada's 120-year-old spanking law unlikely to change despite doctors' protest: Justice Department
Higher food prices may not hurt Canadian shoppers
         Big-hitting cabinet minister Rich Coleman to stay on for election; Lekstrom leaves
One-day strike sees 27,000 government workers walk off the job in B.C.
         Will anyone pay attention?
Nearly half of us report hacker attacks
         Akin : Debt, not separatists, the threat from Quebec
Gunter: Ignore Quebec's election results, Alberta
         Gurney: At least PQ doesn't hold balance of power
Hebert: PQ win a bittersweet victory for Marois
         Lilley: PQ wins, we pay
MacPherson : Charest's luck finally runs out
         Proussalidis : Tory senator slammed for attending Iranian event
Simpson : Charest can blame himself
         Wente : For teachers and government, the end of the affair
Worthington: New CDS is air force, but unease for army, navy
         Warrior Nation, Canada's New Brand
Does the Tutor 'Advantage' Really Add Up?
         Canada's Digital Strategy Feels Like a Seinfeld Episode
Martyn Brown's Tepid Remedy
         Labour Day: Another Canadian first


The Real News Network:
Spain's Robin Hood Mayor and Landless Peasants Battle Bankers
The Real Hunger Games - Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market
Israel Denies Food and Entry to 20 Eritrean Refugees
U.S. Nears $1 Billion Debt Relief Deal with Egypt's Islamist President
Exclusive Interview with Spain's Robin Hood Mayor

Citizens For Legitimate Government:
Barack Obama winning the gender gap but needs a 2008 turnout
         Phony populism from a party of corporate America
New Democratic Voice Challenges Republican Vision
         Michelle Obama pays tribute to her husband in convention speech
Deval Patrick: Mitt in Mass. was 'more interested in having the job than doing it'
         Deval Patrick: 'It Is Time For Democrats to Grow A Backbone'

Bin Laden author refuses to back down in face of Pentagon threats

         Press outlets protest Manning trial secrecy

Julian Castro defends Obama's record in historic keynote address at convention
         Camp Lejeune water contamination victim speaks out

Pentagon: Bin Laden book contains classified info
         Democrats 'talking up' Simpson-Bowles aka the Cat Food Commission

The Democratic convention opens
         Homeland Security's domain seizures worries Congress

Secret Service U-Haul truck stolen in Detroit ahead of VP Joe Biden's visit to city
         ICE chief of staff resigns amid misconduct claims

Court ruling that NSA spying violated 4th Amendment remains secret
         Feds close criminal investigation on Ariz. sheriff

Secularism and the cultures of nineteenth-century scientific naturalism
         200 Marines Join 'Anti-drug' Effort in Guatemala

Training on hold for some Afghans to find infiltrators
         Romney lacks convention poll bump as Democrats prepare to meet in Charlotte

CLG's Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. and Lori Price receive the Patrick Henry Think Tank's American Hero Award

Bush, Blair must stand trial for war crimes: Tutu
         Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu
German left-wing MP Sevim Dagdelen visits Julian Assange at Ecuador embassy
         The British Journal for the History of Science
Libor probe claims Barclays executive and a trader
         Julian Assange's backers lose £200,000 bail money

Common Dreams:
7 Ways to End the Deficit (without Throwing Grandma under the Bus)
         Obama Needs a Game-Changer on Iran
Politics and Plutocrats: A Parade of Inequality
         The US Chamber of Commerce's Multimillion-Dollar Attack Plan
CNN and the Business of State-Sponsored TV News
         The Democrats' Big Challenge
The Republicans as the Party of Big Government
         GOP Health Care Myths Belie All Evidence
See Me, Speak My Name: The Stories You Won't Hear At Either Convention
         The Rachel Corrie Verdict: Justice Denied
Lifelong Democrat Ready for Fight in Charlotte over School Reform
         The Best of Reproductive Rights at the DNC
Rave Reviews for Michelle Obama Speech
         BP Showed 'Gross Negligence, Willful Misconduct': DOJ
'Something Really Wrong': Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Lake Erie Shore
         Undocumented Activists Arrested Outside DNC: "No One Is Illegal!"
Former Democratic Strategists Now Boost the GOP
         The Union Makes Us Strong

Obama Refuses to Talk About Drone 'Kill List' with Reporter

         US-Funded Armies Slaughtering Record Number of Elephants
Protests, Fury After US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen
         Permission to Pollute: A Green Light for the First Tar Sands Mine in the US?
Why We're Still Fighting for Voters' Rights
         Playing Patent Games -- And Cashing In Big
In 2012 Campaign Season, Anti-Choicers Show Their True Colors
         The Democratic Platform: The Good and the Bad
Wall Street South March on the DNC: Good Cop, Bad Cop

'A Great Silence Is Spreading Over the Natural World'
         The Case for Organic Food
Resource Wars Connect Yanomami Massacre and Shell's Arctic Drilling
         Israel's Policy of Displacement: An Infographic

In War-Torn Afghanistan, Children Teeter on Edge of Famine

         Study: Extreme Weather Hammers Global Food System
War Is Not Fun
         UN: Action Needed to Prevent Food Crisis 'Catastrophe'
'Blow to Justice': Bahraini Court Upholds Sentences for Activists
         Speculating Banks Profit as World's Poorest Go Hungry
The US and Israel, Not Iran, Threaten Peace
         Afghanistan's Base Bonanza
Thinking Outside the Processed Foods Box­Health and Safety Advantages of Organic Food
         We're One Crucial Step Closer to Seeing Tony Blair at The Hague
The Six Stages of Climate Grief
         It Gets Better: The Day I Ran Away From Home

The Globalist:
Where Have All the Progressives Gone?
         Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress ­ and a Plan to Stop It

India's Modern Economic History: A Quick Review
         Germany and China: Europe's New Special Relationship
The Geopolitical Consequences of a New Great Depression

t r u t h o u t:
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Democratic Platform Supports Amending Constitution to Reverse Citizens United
         Fact-Checking the Democratic Party Platform
George Lakoff | Low Information or High Morality?
         The Widespread War on Reproductive Rights
In the Shadow of the DNC, Organizers Call for a Unionized South
         Paul Krugman | A Candidate's Implausible Dream
Chris Hedges | Life Is Sacred
         Film "Won't Back Down" Models Hollywood Propaganda in Age of School Reform
Undercover Agents Assault Journalists at Democratic Convention in Charlotte

On the News With Thom Hartmann: The World's Richest Woman Suggests Australia Pay Workers a $2 a Day Wage, and More
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
         Farzana, "Two Million Friends" and a Ceasefire in Afghanistan
Addressing the Food Crisis: Let's Get Our Facts Straight

The European Union Times:
US top officials would not support unilateral Israeli attack on Iran Source
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21h27 - Élections · Legault : homme de compromis?
        François Legault a accepté le verdict des électeurs «avec humilité». Agence QMI
21h17 - Démission · Une pluie d'hommages pour Jean Charest
        La démission de Jean Charest a suscité mercredi soir de nombreux hommages, du maire de Montréal aux représentants des   syndicats. Agence QMI
19h50 - Conflit étudiant · Le PQ annulera la hausse
        La première ministre élue a indiqué mercredi dans son premier point de presse postélectoral qu'elle tenait à mettre en application      une de ses principales promesses. Agence QMI
18h31 - Attentat · «La folie a frappé», dit Marois
        Encore bouleversée par l'attentat de la veille, Pauline Marois s'est dite profondément attristée. Agence QMI
18h27 - Conflit étudiant · Le PQ annulera la hausse
        La première ministre élue a indiqué mercredi dans son premier point de presse postélectoral qu'elle tenait à mettre en application      une de ses principales promesses. Agence QMI
16h45 - Jean Charest · 28 ans de vie politique à Québec et Ottawa
        Jean Charest a été élu pour la première fois il y a 28 ans en tant que député fédéral. Agence QMI
16h34 - Parti libéral du Québec · Jean Charest quitte la vie politique
        Jean Charest a annoncé mercredi qu'il démissionne de son poste de chef du Parti libéral du Québec. Agence QMI
15h51 - Tragédie du Métropolis · «Infiniment triste», selon Legault
         Dramatique. Infiniment triste. Inacceptable. Voilà comment le chef de la Coalition avenir Québec a qualifié les évènements      tragiques de la veille lors du rassemblement du Parti québécois au Métropolis. Agence QMI
15h04 - Discours de Pauline Marois · La victime était un technicien en éclairage
        La victoire de Pauline Marois et du Parti québécois a été assombrie par un attentat mortel. Agence QMI
14h44 - Attentat mortel au Métropolis · Marois et la classe politique sous le choc
        «C'est une onde de choc, on ne s'attendait pas à une affaire aussi triste. Nos pensées sont avec les victimes et les    familles.» Agence QMI
14h26 - PLQ · Jean Charest s'apprêterait à annoncer sa démission
        Le premier ministre sortant devrait rester en poste durant la période de transition. Agence QMI
08h27 - Élections 2012 · Marois réalise son rêve
        Après 30 ans d'attente, Pauline Marois réalise son rêve d'écrire une page d'histoire et d'accéder au poste de première ministre         du Québec. JDM
08h19 - Élections 2012 · Duchesneau sauve l'honneur
        Jacques Duchesneau, le visage de la lutte à la corruption menée par la Coalition Avenir Québec, a été élu mardi soir dans Saint-         Jérôme grâce à une courte victoire sur le député sortant péquiste Gilles Robert. JDM
08h00 - Élections 2012 · Barrette défait dans Terrebonne
        Le Dr Barrette avait quitté son poste de président de la Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec pour se lancer en       politique. JDM
01h22 - Élections · Les libéraux perdent le pouvoir et Sherbrooke
        Les libéraux ont été chassés du pouvoir mardi dans une défaite d'autant plus amère que le premier ministre Jean Charest a dû    s'avouer vaincu dans Sherbrooke. Agence QMI
00h02 - Élections 2012 · Les espoirs de la CAQ anéantis
        Les ambitions de François Legault, qui avait placé la barre très haut, ont été anéanties. Les caquistes ont hérité du troisième         rang, décrochant seulement une vingtaine de sièges. Agence QMI



Differences in law in acting against someone invading your home.

Which do you prefer - or something else?
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: 'I aimed right for his heart': Second World War veteran, 92, lays in wait for intruder and then coolly shoots him dead |

As it should be.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: September 5, 2012 12:11:57 AM EDT (CA)
Subject: 'I aimed right for his heart': Second World War veteran, 92, lays in wait for intruder and then coolly shoots him dead |

Add your comments

Subject: Fwd: Ontario's Crown prosecutors insist upon confusing self-defense with assault

Begin forwarded message:

Date: September 5, 2012 10:04:31 AM EDT (CA)
Subject: Ontario's Crown prosecutors insist upon confusing self-defense with assault

Ontario's Crown prosecutors insist upon confusing self-defense with assault
by: Christopher di Armani Sep 04, 2012

Moses Mahilal is accused of assaulting the man who invaded his home and
threatened his girlfriend's mother's life. Imagine you are out with your
girlfriend for the evening. You have a lovely time together and come home
in the wee hours of the morning, only to find your front door wide open.
Your girlfriend's mother lives with both of you so your concern for her
safety immediately goes into overdrive. This being Canada you're not legally
allowed to carry a firearm, so you run to the kitchen and arm yourself with
a kitchen knife, the only defensive tool close at hand. While you hear
nothing, your girlfriend's mother's bedroom is upstairs and as you round the
corner you stare in horror at what's sitting at the bottom of the stairs. In
a bizarre twist your home invader has had the courtesy to take his shoes off
before ransacking your home.

Running upstairs you discover the intruder hiding behind your girlfriend's
mother's bedroom door. He attacks you and you defend yourself with the
knife you grabbed in the kitchen. The home invader is injured in the
struggle, seriously, but your girlfriend's mother is safe and that's all
that matters. God only knows what could have happened had you not arrived
home when you did. You call the police who come and arrest the home invader.
and then they arrest you for the "crime" of assaulting the man who invaded
your home. Exactly what country is this again???


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor

Re: Canada is still unprepared for ageing double whammy, Andrew Coyne | Sep 3, 2012

The federal corporate tax rate was 40% in the 1960s but was down to 22% by 2007. Further cuts lowered it to 18% in 2010, and just 15% in 2012. Yet corporations are now sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of accumulated cash, drawing criticism from Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. So why does Andrew Coyne call for even more tax cuts? Economic insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it isn't working.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: smart meters  DD

Joe--this video is absolutely correct but our rulers are only working for corporations, not the well-being of the citizen.  Governments have no knowledge and do not care to understand the dangers they are forcing on us because their controllers(the corporations) want the money and our governments deliver--for a fee of course.  The same is true regarding the pharmaceutical industry, the sludge industry and of course all the corporations that contaminate our air.  They don't allow cell phones in hospitals but they allow us to be radiated in our daily life???  Again, don't worry, be happy, our government is looking after us--as long as corporations make money from their evil technology.  But hey--there are too many people on the planet??
Subject: smart meters and radiation--

Joe--not only is this cell tower built in the Terry Fox cemetery but it is also near a school.  I wrote to Rogers about this when I first read it but didn't receive a reply.

Planned cellphone tower threatens sanctity of the cemetery where Terry Fox is buried
Subject: 9/11: Explosive Evidence ­ Experts Speak Out DD

9/11 was a false flag op--and thousands of people died. What I never read is what happened to those passengers that 'phoned from the planes' and the rest of the passengers? Who murdered them?? They could not possible have phoned from the planes so where were they held until they were silenced??? I have read that experienced pilots could never have maneuvered around the buildings to hit the Towers and yet we are supposed to believe that student pilots accomplished this??? And surprisingly some of those 'hijackers' are still alive today!!!

There is proof that two of the planes supposedly involved in 9/11 never even took off. The israelis were set up to photograph the incident before it even happened and were high fiving each other when it occurred. This was pure and simply murder of American and Canadian citizens and Iraqi citizens have died because of it. Others are dying still because of this false flag and we are still supposed to swallow the lie. Our governments would never lie to us???


From: Robert Ede
Subject: I sent you this as a "double" item-- think it over again as a single

Teacher (etc) Wage Freeze Legislation(s)
-full version with "Ont(Att Gen) v Fraser" Excerpts included on Blog

Make things simple - use the notwithstanding clause to put a 5yr hold on litigation, appeals and Supreme Court hearings

The Ontario (shouldn't they be classified as professional contractors rather than "workers") Teachers ( soon to be followed down this "clawback" or freezr path, by all Civil Service Unions, as wage/benefit "parity w the private-secvtion PART 2 hits every sector, order and type of government "worker") believe they have the "constitutional" right (rooted in freedom of association) to collectively bargain based on an imperfectly decided " Health Services and Support...Assn vs British Columbia, 2007 SCC 27"

The imperfections of the Health Services decision were cited at length and repeatedly by Rothstein J. (Charron J. concurring) in their quest (unsuccessful) to have the (blatant when you read it) errors in the "Health Services decision" overturned in Ontario (Attorney General) v. Fraser, 2011 SCC 20 -- see blog version

Let's save a lot of time and money by "expressly declaring" that the Ont Teacher Freeze Wages etc legislation operates "notwithstanding" (ie s. 33 of Constitution Act 1982) all the (indirectly, taxpayer paid) union-dues-fed legal wrangling and court costs.

Let's face it, across the country, the Unionized-Gov't-Monopoly-Remuneration pendulum has to start swinging back, whether any individual (or group of) Canadian's personal preference/wallet likes it or not.

Robert Ede,

There is no shame in turning back, when you discover you're on the wrong path" -Rce 2006

Anthony Silvestro,
Subject: Letter - Re - Kebec election

Letter to the editor - Re - Kebec election

Minority, majority…blah, blah, blah…it really doesn't matter who governs in Kebec. They all support the racist, bigoted language laws (bills 22, 178, 101…), they are all tax and spend, big government, high taxes, high debt, brain dead socialists.

Many, many of us were hoping for a majority so another referendum would be called and you clowns would finally vote to separate. We outside Kebec are not happy with the results at all because we know what the next 4 years mean. More blackmail, give us more money, more debt…more anti-English language rhetoric…the same old crap.
We have had it with the province period. We have had it with the forced bilingual (code for French) BS while you clowns ban our language and culture. We have it with the corruption, money laundering, fraud going on in all of the province, especially government.

The only losers in this election is Canada. Bend over Canada because this province of Kebec will just continue to milk of dry financially, ban our language (Bill 101…) and PM Harper will do nothing about it, just watch.

Remember-The Liberals, NDP brought in a lot of this expensive nonsense, bilingualism ( code for forced french, only outside Quebec while Kebec bans our language and history, bills 22, 178, 101…), multiculturalism, the charter, rights this, rights that…but the Conservatives have done nothing to repeal any of this crap federally or provincially.

"Conservatives" have allowed all of these expensive, divisive liberal polices, and departments to remain. How come? Liberal, Tory same old story. Just look at the mess Ontario (bill 8) is now in.
We want out country back. Repeal the charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism, all the phony rights crap…give us back our real flag, our real BNA, UEL history…repeal all the crap forced upon the country by Trudeau and his gang of bigots from Kebec. After partition, just get lost Kebec!!!

Solution, only one folks - We need a new party, a new leader willing to deal with the facts, the truth for a change. We need a real fiscally conservative, common sense leader/party…. Things need to be cut, reduced and eliminated in all government. Government is too big, intrusive, and they are accumulating too much debt, year after year after year. That's right lets get cutting non essential services, expensive waste (bilingualism, multiculturalism, rights departments…)…the charter, CBC, all sorts of big government BS. The future is at stake here and no one is willing to deal with this, how sad, how pathetic, all of you clowns in government and mainstream media.

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so."-Thomas Jefferson

Anthony Silvestro,

From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada" <>
Subject: Jean Pycock, Havelock Quebec - Unraveling of Canada thanks to James Whitney.

    Hello Joe, thanks for posting my concerns about the effects of discrimination and bigotry as a result of Legislation 17 that banned French from Ontario schools in 1912.
  Jean Pycock said it accurately, "I agree that  banning the teaching of French in Ontario schools in 1912 set the stage for subsequent language quarrels in Quebec and across the country.  But it would be tragic if our Canada is really unravelling because of  misunderstandings about learning a second language."

  And, "As an Anglophone who moved to Quebec from Manitoba, 63 years ago to attend McGill University, I can report that I have never been treated with anything but friendliness and respect by French-speaking Quebeckers during my years in Montreal, and in 30 years of living in rural Quebec. Of course, I worked seriously at improving my command of French because I wanted to understand and participate in what was happening here."

  The one fact of Regulation 17 in 1912, will not be offset by all the vitriol, insults and rants and it is too late to turn back. All Canadians must break with the past hurts and move forward - time does not wait for anyone. In the interests of Canadians and former Canadians in the inevitable fledgling Country of Quebec, we should all agree that Ontario Premier James Whitney made a colossal mistake but it can't be reversed 100 years later, at any price or sacrifice.

  Under the circumstances, both Countries should work to together, let bygones be bygones, and roll up our sleeves, count our huge blessings as inhabitants of North America, and get on with moving forward. It's unfortunate that bigots exist, and there seems to be no shortage of them (us), but co-existence is not the end of the world...unless we choose to make it so.

  Thanks again to The Daily Digest and to the freedom of expression forum you provide.
Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier,
From: Rene Moreau <>
Subject: The Devil's Derivatives, by Nicholas Dunbar, printed 2011. 291 pages.

   When the financial corporate world can convince some of the human race that 'Trust us we know what we're doing', and
the subject is the most nefarious games played, next to war, in history, it is time to get educated, fast, right?

   Considering reading Nicholas Dunbar's  The Devil's Derivatives, if you would know how the banks and money men can manipulate the common man's money and some not so common, to play in their orchestrated sand box, at great cost to the players and great profit to the gamers.

   When higher maths, calculus and such can be used to insure against loss for those who live by gaming the hedging, short selling money, commodities markets, (like food, fuel, weather, and water and power, other peoples life insurance,  stocks and bonds, world currencies, etc.)  would this not turn on those who lust for wealth, great gobs of it?

   This books explains the hows and why and gives examples of the when and who and where.

   It is my belief that when people, at least some people, get tired of being shafted by the big guys, who can even manipulate the so called regulators in to letting them 'do their own thing' or self-regulate, (example IIROC, FINRA, and the Financial Services Authorities, {incorporated}  ), is it not time to 'follow the money' and learn from these games and how they work? THIS BOOK REALLY, REALLY HELPS.

   It is like as if, if  a crisis is necessary  to impose your will financially on the world, so that humans are subservient, again, you need a whole lot of super complicated games  to impoverish them, kill their pension plans, and savings and nest eggs, with derivatives and such.

    If you would learn from bad, bad, corporate entities, like Goldman-Sachs, and Enron, etc. instead of cursing them; READ THE BOOK!

   This books helps, and with EXPLAINED Jargon!

                                 Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

The Devil's Derivatives: The Untold Story of the Slick Traders and Hapless Regulators Who Almost Blew Up Wall Street,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=70dbe3d14d204a7c&biw=1280&bih=873

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: The untold story of how Clinton wrecked the economy

The untold story of how Clinton wrecked the economy

Read more:
Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch
(604) 874-9982

From: Art Williams
Subject: : OHIP changes - we paid for  this???

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Fwd: Fw: OHIP changes

 I'm sending this out again because it is horrible for all of us.  They are already putting restraints on Doctors!
Coming to Ontario in 2013 re OHIP Changes

A must read for everyone. A must read for anyone over 65. Your life does depend on this. Not only did they raise the retirement age to 67 but now no emergency medical procedures after 75 unless permission is given by a review board which only meets a few times a week. We have worked all our lives and this is the thanks we get...Our government at work. This applies even if you have extra medical coverage


So much for caring for the people who worked hard for this country!!!

In a conversation about the "future," Dr. Suzanne Allen, head of emergency services at the Wilson Medical Center in Toronto, was asked if she has seen any affects of the upgraded health Care in her work. "Oh, yes. We are seeing cutbacks throughout the services we provide. For example, we are now having to deal with patients who would normally receive dialysis can no longer be accepted.

In the past, there was always automatic approval under OHIP for anyone who needed dialysis --not anymore." So, what will be their outcome? "They will die soon without dialysis," she stated. What about other services? She indicated as of 2013 , no one over 75 will be given major medical procedures unless approved by locally administered Ethics Panels.

These Panels will determine whether a patient receives medical treatment or not. While details on specific operating procedures and schedules, Dr. Allen points out that most life-threatening emergencies do not occur during normal hospital business hours, and if there are emergencies that depend to be resolve within minutes or just few hours, the likely hood of getting these Panels approval in time to save a life are going to be very challenging and difficult, if not impossible she said.

This applies to major operations such as receiving stents, bypass surgery, kidney operations, or treating for an aneurysm that would be normally covered under OHIP today. In other words, if you needed a life-saving operation, OHIP will not provide coverage anymore after 2013 if you are 75 or over. When in 2013? "We haven't been given a specific date --could be in January or July....but it's after the American election." This is shocking to any of us who will be 75 this year. Her advice--get healthy and stay healthy.

We do not know the specifics of the actual implementation of the full Care policies and procedures--"they haven't filtered down to the local level yet. But we are already seeing severe cuts in what we provide to the elderly -- we refused dialysis to an individual who was 78 just the other day....we refused to give stents to a gentleman who was in his late 80s." Every day, she said, we are seeing these cutbacks aimed at reducing care across the board for anyone who is over 75. We can only hope that some day new OHIP will be overturned by the Supreme Court --otherwise, this is a death sentence to those who are over 75...perhaps you should pass this on to your friends who are thinking of voting for Dalton MaGuinty next time around.

Regardless if you have private health care coverage now (a Medical supplement) -- it will no longer apply after 2013 if the Ethics Panels disapprove of a procedure that may save your life. Scary, scary, scary. Think about this. You? Your parents? Your loved ones? Didn't know about it? Of course, not. As Dalton MaGuinty said...."well, if you want to know what's in the bill, you'll have to read it..." after it was passed.

This is a graphic reminder of the need to stay healthy. Get your plot now at your earliest convenience..while they last. Is this a death sentence to those of us who will reach 75?... Yes! Please do pass this along to those in your address book. Dr. Suzanne C. Allen, MD is a real person. If society deems you a burden due to age or infirmity, you should be willing to die to benefit society.