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Attack during speech Marois: a deceased victim

Harper must walk political tightrope in PQ's Quebec
Blamed by some in his own party for adopting policies that helped reawaken the Quebec independence movement,
Prime Minister Stephen Harper now finds himself walking a political tightrope as he prepares to face the demands of a fresh Parti Quebecois government.

Plane grounding an RCMP decision, not political, PMO says
The Prime Minister's Office says the grounding of a plane carrying an anti-Harper banner over the weekend
"was an operational decision by the RCMP, not a political one."

Have Conservatives won heart of the East? PM thinks so
Senate's dementia case raises questions
Possible PQ win in Quebec shows Canada's legislatures not as representative as they could be
What a PQ victory means for Harper
Debt, not separatists, the threat from Quebec
PQ governments come and go
In Quebec election, three parties, three sharply contrasting visions
Slim pickings for Quebec voters
Canada is still unprepared for ageing double whammy
Canada must refuel for cultural creativity
Byelection an opportunity for voters to do what they want
We are putting Ontario students first
Jobs and affordable housing draw young people, families away from B.C
Tory senator slammed for attending Iranian event
Tory senator joins Iranian embassy shindig
UPDATED: Lobby Watch - So, about that five-year ban on senior OLO staffers ...
UPDATE: Scroll down for a jaw-dropping response from Treasury Board President Tony Clement.
Pallister wins Fort Whyte byelection in convincing style
NDP studies new electoral boundaries with eye on GTA
Rae pushes federal Liberal role in keeping Canada united
Lobby Watch - So, about that five-year ban on senior OLO staffers ...
Letter exchange shows deep disagreement between auditor and DND over F-35
Tory senator joins Iranian embassy shindig
Liberals to set fall strategy, talk Grit leadership at Montebello caucus retreat
David Bertschi walks where Prime Minister Stephen Harper fears to tread
Ottawa highlights weight of natural resources in economy
Voter turnout up as Quebecers head to the polls
PQ headed to comfortable majority: Final poll before Quebec election
Marois serene as Charest rallies the troops on Quebec election day
Que. vote too tough to predict: Polling expert
Quebec Election Polls Predict PQ Victory
Largest union of federal employees endorses Parti Québécois as best suited to represent interests of its members
In Quebec, voting soon over, but turmoil likely to remain
Legault hopes for NDP-like late surge
5 things to watch in tonight's Quebec election result
10 must-watch ridings on Quebec election night
Que. vote too tough to predict: Polling expert
NDP, Liberal caucus meetings a tale of two parties
NDP turns page on tumultuous year as it plots strategy for Parliament's return
NDP descends on St. John's for national caucus meetings
Mulcair denounces 'right-leaning' McGuinty at K-W rally
Mulcair downplays potential struggles with a sovereigntist Quebec
Liberals meet to plot fall parliamentary plan but leadership questions dominate
Liberals' supporter category will be 'crucial' to leadership campaign
All eyes on Stockwell Day's testimony in terrorism suspect case
RCMP admits grounding union-hired plane flying anti-Harper banner
Zimmer-Sensenberger story being 'blown out of proportion': Powers
CNOOC-Nexen deal, trade issues top Tory priorities at caucus meeting
Privatized Search and Rescue A Non-Starter For the Canadian Forces
New Tory leader Pallister hopes to secure seat in Manitoba byelection today
Politics is in his BLOOD
CRTC sounds alarm over controversial phone apps
Northern Gateway hearings resume with economics focus
With by-elections, Ontario Liberals race to retake majority
Auto makers, CAW 'still shadow boxing' in contract talks
Canada to establish permanent trade presence in Myanmar
Japan to pay for tsunami debris disposal, says website

Reaction to grounding of plane towing anti-Harper banner

Presidency chair too big for Barack Obama
U.S. election: The uneasy relationship between Barack Obama and organized labourot...
Gadhafi gone, but another monster hatched
Foster the Kids: Subliminal Programming
Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate
Activists and Independent Journalists Detained by Department of Homeland Security at RNC
Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill
The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution
The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner
Government Threatens Jail Time for Growing Produce in Front-Yard Garden
[] [] []
Bona Fide Eurozone Crisis
Let's Have Another War
Israel Uses Palestinians for Target Practice
19 Signs That Israel And Iran Are On The Verge Of War
'Iran Must Steer Clear of US Interests in Gulf'
NAM Leaders Support Iran

Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace
Hillary Reinforces US-China Mistrust
US: June Foodstamp Recipients Hit All Time High: Three Times As Many Americans Enter Poverty As Find Jobs
Majority of New Jobs Pay Low Wages, Study Finds:
The Republicans Cross The Rubicon
California Passes Resolution Defining Criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism
America's Secret Deal with Mexican Drug Cartels .
US Kills 13 Civilians, Including Three Women In Yemen:
USAID to double its "aid" to Yemen:
Yemenis protest botched US drone strikes:
Senior U.S. intelligence official: Israel won't strike Iran before November:
To Calm Israel, U.S. Offers Ways to "Restrain" Iran:
US downgrades anti-missile drills with Israel; send CIA's Petraeus to ease tensions:
Former CIA Head: Iran Attack Will Push Iranians Toward A Bomb:
Revealed: US flew spy drone missions from Australia:
Democrats Remove Pro-Israel Language from Platform:
Israeli Ambassador Rebukes DNC Chair:
Anonymous claims FBI spying on millions of Apple customers:
Here's how to check if your Apple device UDID has been compromised by the AntiSec leak:
Nowhere to Hide: Secret Spy Sat Agency Plans Unblinking Array: America's future spy satellites could be more numerous, autonomous, maneuverable and cooperative, smarter and much, much more effective - together forming a sort of high-tech, unblinking eye in space capable of finding and tracking terrorists, insurgents, enemy ships and, well, pretty much anything else on the Earth below.
Epoch of 'computer virus wars' starts?:

Soap Opera Over Kabul
We're One Crucial Step Closer to Seeing Tony Blair at The Hague
27 Taliban Insurgents Killed In Afghanistan In Last 24 Hours:
Afghanistan: 20 Civilians Killed, 50 More Injured in Nangarhar Suicide Attack:
30 killed as Kurdish rebels clash with Turkish forces :
Syria says envoy can only succeed if rebels lose outside support: Syria said on Monday new U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi could only make headway if outside countries ceased helping rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad and instead declared support for a U.N.-backed peace plan.
Syria: "Rebels" with Surface to air missiles. Video -
Record 100,000 refugees flee Syria civil war in August alone:
Iran completes 30 percent of missile defense system, says military official:
Australian Zionists fear Israeli group Breaking the Silence and its message on IDF immorality:
Australia moves to buy $3b spy drone fleet:
EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour":
Barclays makes £500m betting on food crisis: bank revealed to be major speculator while millions face starvation
Depression, Suicides Rise as Euro Debt Crisis Intensifies:
Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain:

Israel Hayom
Romney's vs. Obama's attitudes on Israel
Soldiers, not civilians, are the warriors
Tolerable pain or perpetual nightmare?
Iran welcomes foreign leader at Natanz nuclear facility for first time
Iran could strike US bases if Israel attacks, Hezbollah leader says
Syrian minister accuses Mossad of assassinating Syrians
Information minister criticizes Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi after the latter voices sympathy for the Syrian revolt: "There is no difference between Mubarak and Morsi, who has done nothing for the Palestinians and continues to sell gas to Israel."
US denies Israeli newspaper report of secret Iran contacts
Israel wants Hitler clothing shop in India renamed
Top Democrat likens Ryan to Nazi propagandist
Jews slam Austrian police for allowing anti-Semitic attack
Israel: Clear 'red line' would lessen chance of Iran conflict
Obama will not attack Iran
These are fateful days
Cold-shouldering Netanyahu, coddling Morsi

MWC News
No Accountability for Torturer
Beyond Occupy Wall Street
Let's Have Another War
The RAP Vote: Alternative to Lack of Acceptable Choices
The Stealth Convention
Did America Say NO to Israel?
US halts Afghan police training after attacks
America preparing for a post-Israel Middle East?
The Republican Establishment vs. Ron Paul
Obama's Logic of War

Ethiopia's Opportunity
Congo wants UN force to 'neutralise' rebels
Iran nuclear reactor reaches 'full capacity'
Twin blasts near Damascus military compound
Deadly attacks near NATO base in Afghanistan
Brahimi says change 'unavoidable' in Syria
Read more: The Politics of Power: Burying Truth through Resolutions
Is the Syrian Crisis Being Leveraged to Weaken Hezbollah?
Israel Says: Rachel Made Us Do It

How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless and the Middle Class Got Shafted
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
The Week of Living Dangerously Read the Article
Noam Chomsky | War Drums Beat Ever More Loudly Over Iran Read the Article
Hacked Intel Email: NYPD Involved in "Damn Right Felonious Activity" Read the Article
Romney's Success at Bain Capital: The Scam as Business Model Read the Article
Never Mind Super PACs: How Big Business Is Buying the Election Read the Article
Marjorie Cohn | No Accountability for Torturers Read the Article
Reforming Welfare and Gutting the Poor: A Bipartisan Platform Read the Article
On the News With Thom Hartmann: Are Republicans Trying to Redefine Labor Day? Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
Afghanistan's Base Bonanza: Total Tops Iraq at That War's Height Read the Article
The Struggle to Win - and Now Protect - Voting Rights in US Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
George Romney, Mitt's Father, "Was on Welfare Relief for the First Years of His Life" Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
Rachel Maddow | A "Record to Run On" Read the Article at MSNBC
A Summer of Easy Guns and Dead Children Read the Article at The New York Times
America's Shocking Waste in Afghanistan Read the Article at Salon
Hundreds Protest Corporate Greed at Democratic National Convention Read the Article at The Nation
Feds Shut Down Criminal Investigation of Arpaio; No Charges to Be Filed Read the Article at The Arizona Republic
Gallup: GOP Convention Had "Minimal Impact" on Voter Attitudes Read the Article at McClatchy News Service
German MP Visits Assange Read the Article at Sky News

The European Union Times

Thousands in Hong Kong protest 'brainwash' education reform Source
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23h21 -Élections 2012 · Le PQ formera un gouvernement minoritaire
Pauline Marois, la chef du Parti québécois, dirigera le prochain gouvernement à Québec. Agence QMI
23h14 -Élections 2012 · Khadir conserve son siège dans Mercier
Amir Khadir, de Québec solidaire (QS), conserve sans surprise son siège dans la circonscription de Mercier à Montréal, avec une confortable avance de plus de 5200 voix au moment de mettre sous presse, pour un total de 47,15 % des votes. Agence QMI
22h54 -Stephen Harper · les Québécois ne veulent pas des vieilles chicanes
Le premier ministre Stephen Harper a réagi rapidement mardi soir à l'élection d'un gouvernement minoritaire du Parti québécois. Agence QMI
21h42 -Région de Québec · Marois et Agnès Maltais réélues
Pour leur part, les candidats de la Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) et ceux du Parti libéral (PLQ) sont nez à nez. Agence QMI
21h23 -Élections 2012 · Le PLQ l'emporte à Montréal et à Laval
À Montréal, le Parti libéral du Québec remporte 19 sièges de députés sur 28 possibles. Agence QMI
21h06 -Élections 2012 · Le PQ raffle le «450»
Le PQ a jusqu'ici remporté dans 14 circonscriptions du «450». Agence QMI
20h14 -Scrutin général · Le taux de participation est plus élevé qu'en 2008
À 17 h 30, mardi, le taux de participation général au scrutin s'élevait à 52,74 % au Québec. À pareille heure, lors du scrutin de 2008, ce taux s'élevait seulement à 41,57 %. Agence QMI
18h34 -Élections · Charest, Marois et Legault ont voté
Jean Charest a été le seul chef à terminer sa campagne électorale en visitant des comtés de la région de Montréal avant de se rendre dans Sherbrooke où il a voté vers 15 h mardi. Agence QMI
17h08 -Élections · Le site du DGE éprouve des problèmes le jour du vote
Le site web du Directeur général des élections (DGE) a connu des ratés mardi matin en raison de problèmes informatiques qui tombaient bien mal en cette journée d'élection. Agence QMI


Conviction manifested:
Weathergirl goes rogue

From: Jean Pycock
Subject: Re: Daily Digest September 3, 2012

Hello Joe,

I would like to respond to Bob Gautier's postng about L. Ian MacDonald's article in the Ottawa Citizen, August 29th 2012. I agree that banning the teaching of French in Ontario schools in 1912 set the stage for subsequent language quarrels in Quebec and across the country. But it would be tragic if our Canada is really unravelling because of misunderstandings about learning a second language.

As an Anglophone who moved to Quebec from Manitoba, 63 years ago to attend McGill University, I can report that I have never been treated with anything but friendliness and respect by French-speaking Quebeckers during my years in Montreal, and in 30 years of living in rural Quebec. Of course, I worked seriously at improving my command of French because I wanted to understand and participate in what was happening here.

It is really irritating to read the rants of Western Canadians (whom I doubt have ever visited the province) about how badly we Quebec anglophones are treated.

I admit it is also irritating to read, or hear about rants of Quebecois who may never meet any Anglophones. This is perfectly possible if they live in Eastern or Northern parts of the province, but they don't write in the Daily Digest!

Jean Pycock, Havelock Quebec

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: unions

Listening to SUN TV News, just wondering how can a labour union
support a political party, in this case the PQ, can the unions prove
that they have the support of union members. of which a large
amount are members for the sake of a job, not union membership.
Sun TV quoted some 10.000 Quebecois working in Ottawa.
Is puzzling to me.


From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Calgary Herald Letter: Persecuted By Robert

Hopefully, our Conservative government intends to live up to its promises. At his reception after Bill C-19 was passed, Prime Minister Harper stated repeatedly that passage of the long gun bill is "just the beginning".


Begin forwarded message:
Letter: Persecuted By Robert

Re: "Just like Russia, Canada persecutes its protesters," Karen Selick,Opinion, Aug. 30.

Karen Selick is right to liken the Ontario attorney general's office's
treatment of Bruce Montague to Soviet-style persecution. The various
attorneys general under the Dalton McGuinty Liberals dating back to Michael
Bryant, including Chris Bentley and currently John Gerretsen, have each been
outspoken about their enmity towards responsible firearm ownership in Canada
in turn. To persecute Montague, a conscientious objector to an unjust law,
to steal his property, two years of his life, his life savings, and then to
demand his family home as "proceeds of crime" is the stuff of Stalin.
Clearly, the current and former AGs will never be held accountable for the
ruination of a good man but let us not pretend for a moment that Montague
has committed any real crime, nor harmed another soul. Perhaps the greatest
injustice of all is that the law which allows such treatment of law-abiding
citizens still remains on the books, in spite of our current government's
election promise to repeal it.

Robert Oshawa, Ont.
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Letters to the editor

From: Geoffrey Laxton

Natural resource sector needs foreign capital: Ottawa

MORE RELATED TO THIS STORY ===================================
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; A concern

Canada, Israel sign energy deal | Energy | News | Financial Post

If Joe Oliver, who somehow became the Minister in charge of Canada's resources, ALL OF THEM,
can make a deal with Israel, about our resources is he acting as an Israeli or a Canadian since he is a member of B'nai Brith.
Is this not a beautiful example of a conflict of interest and there-for a learning situation for Canadians, since we seem to think,
' Oh, some-one is watching for such things, surely'.----- Nope, it's called SEP, or some-one else's problem!
Surely some-one can call and tell me I'm wrong to be concerned, eh?

From: John Duddy
Subject: 9/11: Explosive Evidence ­ Experts Speak Out (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>

Dear Prime Minister, please add this to the materials I sent you over the years.

Please pass on to RCMP and CSIS.

John Duddy. Calgary Centre.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Brian Thiesen: Technical Facts and Political Adgenda of SmartMeters - YouTube

Few will take the time to listen to this but you should....especially for the children in your lives.
Subject: British MP yells, "You make me sick!" at anti-Assad audience member on Islamist linked TV station

Interesting article with a clip of George Galloway,. British MP, speaking during his new show for al-Mayadeen TV. (Syria/Iran)
The attached article is very much anti Galloway as are all the reader's comments. It is least to me....that those commenting all believe Galloway is trying to speak with an Arabic accent, not recognizing he is speaking with a strong Scot's brogue.

He is on the rude side in as much as he asked that he not be interrupted and then proceeded to interrupt others. He passionately expresses his views. I am not aware of any other Western politician expressing views such as these nor do we see such views expressed in our mainstream media.
Subject: George Galloway vs. U.S Senate re Iraq.

This is from 2005. Same tactics being used today with Syria and of course Libya.

Not hard to understand why the Western establishment detests this man. There are many unheard Canadians and Americans who agree with Galloway. No wonder Harper took action to keep Galloway out of Canada. He really is an excellent orator.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: RCMP admits grounding union-hired plane flying anti-Harper banner DD

Non dare speak against Dear Leader??? More proof that the RCMP has become nothing but guard dogs for the government.

Joe--I couldn't read this article without gagging. What a load of double speak--would make George Orwell proud. israelis were demolishing Palestinian homes but now it was 'buildings causing security problems'?? They murdered Rachel Corrie with the same ease that they dropped white phosphorous on school children. But don't worry, be happy, israel is the only democracy in the ME????
Subject: the real reason for the 'wars' we create in the ME--the banksters--

Joe--this is the best article I have ever read re our murderous actions in the ME. "whoever controls the money controls the country"!!!

Central Banks are the Real Target for West's Imperial Wars
Subject: Lucene Charles

Joe--this woman may be deported. She has made a good life for herself and her children in Canada. She has not been arrested for committing a crime. Why not go after the department or person that helped her in filling out these forms rather than deporting her for not filling out a damn form properly? How many times have we gotten reports from our government that are not accurate--the F-35 fiasco comes to mind, but that is just ignored?? I guess there is no room in Canada for honest hard working people??
Below is the information needed for a PR card. It is mind boggling to say the least.

Applying for a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) - Initial application, replacement or renewal (IMM 5445)


Judge to make decision in Lucene Charles case
Hamilton Spectator

It's an important week for Lucene Charles of Hamilton.

A federal judge is due to decide her deportation case tomorrow.

She is the mother of four who was ordered out of the country in February along with her daughter, who was born outside of Canada.

The deportation was ordered because Charles did not apply for permanent residency properly.

The best that she can hope for is that the judge will order Canada Border Services to take another look at her case.

The worst is the deporation order will stand.

She is employed as an administrative assistant at St. Joe's Hospital.

From: The Natroses

Lies and more lies. Perversion of truths. Doublespeak. Fascism. Conservatism. A list of phrases, and words that can be easily applied to the days of Plato to the present year 2012.

Why can the 21st century political leaders and the governance structures justify lying to its citizens?

In Plato writings, much beloved by followers of conservatism of the 21st century kind, and advocates of fascism like government structures but not at all exclusive to the followers of conservatism, is Plato's take - " Again, truth should be highly valued; if, as we were saying, a lie is useless to the gods, and useful only as a medicine to men, then the use of such medicines should be restricted to physicians; private individuals have no business with them.
Clearly not, he said.

Then if any one at all is to have the privilege of lying, the rulers of the State should be the persons; and they, in their dealings either with enemies or with their own citizens, may be allowed to lie for the public good. for a private man to lie to them in return is to be deemed a more heinous fault than for the patient or the pupil of a gymnasium not to speak the truth about his own bodily illnesses to the physician or to the trainer, or for a sailor not to tell the captain what is happening about the ship and the rest of the crew, and how things are going with himself or his fellow sailors. "

Truth in the 21st century, is a collection of myths and noble lies where political ideology and dogma are the vehicles to spread their nasty germs among the citizens. To where, "Harper hates me", now constitutes hate speech.

"Ciambella said the RCMP officers who met him appreciated his cooperation in bringing his flight to an early end, but they told him that the message on the banner could be construed as hate speech — hence their request for him to return to the airport for questioning.
Ciambella also said that he denied to the RCMP that merely promoting a client's website could be considered hate speech towards the prime minister. He added that he had flown five prior promotions for the site in Quebec since August 19th, and has done two more since Saturday. He says he told the RCMP, "don't shoot the messenger."

Earlier in 2012, "According to the union, the notice said the buttons are "considered to be derogatory and damaging to the employer's reputation" and that if employees are wearing them they should be advised to take them off immediately.

The union doesn't see the buttons as offensive but rather, accurate.

Employees at the Canada Revenue Agency who wore this button to work were told to remove them and are now filing grievances. (CBC News)"We think it pretty well summed it up – Stephen Harper hates public servants and there were buttons created," said Campbell, who himself wore a button.

He said preventing employees from wearing the buttons violates their civil rights.

"We're allowed to protest and make a statement," he said. "If we walked in and said the income tax system is bad … I could see the problem."

In the 21st century, governments no matter what stripes are ensuring that citizens live within the myths and lies made by the governments for our own good. As Plato has written, in the days of slaves and the governing elite, only the governing State, the politicians have the right to lie, but no other citizens has the same privilege. Harper hates me buttons, are now classified as " derogatory and damaging to the employer's reputation" and banners are now classified as hate speech. I shall assume that the RCMP did not have the guts to lay a charge on the pilot, but that has not stopped another government wearing the 21 century conservatism kind, from doing so. Charges and arrests that amounts to offending the sensibilities of the sitting government, from expressing the opposite to exposing the lies of governments to expressing everything from A to Z on the duplicitous actions and behaviours of government and the political leaders.

The truth don't matter, when the lies serve the purpose to control their citizens. Truth becomes a causality, and the politicians called themselves noble. Hah! Noble my a$$.

A 19th century writer wrote - " The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!

There are only two great currents in the history of mankind: the baseness which makes conservatives and the envy which makes revolutionaries. "

" Edmond De Goncourt (1822–1896), French writer, and Jules De Goncourt (1830–1870), French writer. repr. In Pages from the Goncourt Journal, ed. Robert Baldick (1962). The Goncourt Journals, entry for July 12, 1867 (1888-1896)."

Right on for the Harper conservatives, and could be applicable for the R & R republican twins - the American version of Harper & Company. And if one cares to dive in the fiction and non-fiction books of the 19th century, as in Plato's time, a recurring theme of cursing those who are in power, economically or politically of only them having the privileges of being above the law of nature, as well as being above the laws of man.

To do so, the Harper government move with great speed like all other governments that follows the 21st century kind of conservatism that really does make - "Tories times, are hard times" an understatement when it was coined, because the Harper government like other present day Conservative government are practicing the fine art of fascism in governing their citizens. Promising treats, but once in, duplicity at the very least.

One of the tools is doublespeak. Handy way of weaving lies into the truth, and the final product is a lie.

Fascism of the 21st century kind -

So 'Harper hates me' messages are now hate messages, and now halloween costumes can be regarded as hate messages. Doesn't anybody wonder why, politicians get so huffy when others point out their hypocrisy? The kind that a politician loves to wax about, senior citizens are the backbone of the country, than they turned around enacting legislation to reduced their old-aged benefits to poverty levels. More on the latter later on, but free speech and expression that expresses the truth and the realities of the day is taking a hit, to enable the sitting governments of which the 21st conservative governments are the most guilty of, and does not have exclusive rights, the rights to lying and the other vices that any religion will expound and lecture the good people on, but more importantly the right to be the final say, on what is and what will not be the truth.

" To put it simply, Western nations appear to have fallen out of love with free speech and are criminalizing more and more kinds of speech through the passage of laws banning hate speech, blasphemy and discriminatory language. Ironically, these laws are defended as fighting for tolerance and pluralism. "

"Perhaps, but it is not liberty. Most democratic constitutions strive not to allow the majority to simply dictate conditions and speech for everyone — the very definition of what the framers of the U.S. Constitution called tyranny of the majority. It was this tendency that led John Adams to warn: "Democracy … soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."
Legislators in the United States have shown the same taste for speech prosecutions. In June, Tennessee legislators passed a law making it a crime to "transmit or display an image" online that is likely to "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress" to someone who sees it. The law leaves free speech dependent not only on the changing attitudes of what constitutes a disturbing image but whether others believe it was sent for a "legitimate purpose." This applies even to postings on Facebook or social media."

The Harper government will soon be busy passing on legislation that will cause emotional distress frighten or to intimidate politicians and those who are employed within the government institute Reality is here, in the form of the RCMP doing the bidding of the Harper government, and Harper hates me messages.

Robert Gauthier writes in today's DD - "As we know, when it comes to language, passions can run high. The need for tolerance has never been greater in Canada, and googling Regulation 17 will explain just how much damage can result by the bigotry of one individual with irreversible consequences.

Canadians can thank Premier James Whitney for the tragedy he created since 1912. If we think education and a knowledge of our history are expensive, try ignorance and bigotry! "

There is a hell of lot more to the story, but governments especially the 21st century kind, that are always claiming the high road, are the engineers and architects of the bigotry of other languages other than the dominate language spoken. Whitney may have had his sights set for the French language, but in the processed other languages spoken were also view with great suspicion and contempt by the sitting governments of the early 20th century. Today, if one is reading the sanitized versions, one would think early 20th century Canada, was devoid of all languages except for the English and French languages. Today it is all about revising history to suit the political and economic ideologies by reshaping the truth of the historical past. The big lies of government continues by introducing the myths that eventually drowns out the truth. When truth is lost, ignorance reigns and a host of other societal problems, including the reasons of war and F-35 fighter jets.

A more recent example are headlines that senior citizens don't need help. " Senior citizens' financial woes are exaggerated".

And the average citizen but not all, will fall for the republican lie, and some will even vote for the Republicans like they did for the Harper government, and make their lives even harder for themselves because they want to help out their nation. Even if it means, going to the poor house, going through trash bins, and going to the shopping mall, to save on heat. The lie becomes more important than the realities of the citizens. "Sooner or later, politicians are going to have to treat older voters not as potential victims but as secure and fortunate citizens, who can and should contribute their fair share to resolving the country's fiscal predicament. In other words, to treat them as what they are."

In Canada - another myth based on the realities but to profit off the realities. Home care is a billion dollar business in Canada, and is a growth industry. "Individual Canadians will need to do more. Long-term care is not included under the Canada Health Act and, therefore, is not available to Canadians on a universal basis. Unfortunately, 55 per cent of Canadians believe that government health care programs cover half or more of the cost of their long-term care needs. That is simply not the case.
Governments can play an important role in communicating this reality to Canadians so that they can plan accordingly. In addition, governments, by being more efficient in how they contribute to long-term care, could re-invest the funds to provide incentives to Canadians to save for their own long-term care needs. In this way, Canadian baby boomers would be in a far better position to age with dignity and meet the expectations they have for their lifestyle in their golden years."

The real beauty of this lie, is to extract any and all wealth gained over a life time, by over-priced basic health services and other services for senior citizens being run by government agencies and the private sector. The new bad guy, will be the children who will opt for their parents to move in their homes, or the children moved back to their parents home, because it will be easier on both sets of pocketbooks, but more importantly to retained their wealth, instead of giving it to the vultures that have already have over 21 trillion dollars globally stashed away in off-shore accounts. "Wealthy tax evaders, aided by private banks have exploited loopholes in tax legislation and stashed over $21 tn in offshore funds, says a report. The capital drained from some developing countries since 1970 would be enough to pay off national debts."

Another set of lies that comes from the financial sector to which no banker has gone to jail for, but are always willing to spin the truth on any economic crisis unto the little guys, who have no spare capital to stow away in off-shore accounts. " Bankers as well as some British officials say free banking services hinders real competition in the market. Treasury Select Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie, who is heading the Commission, has recently described free banking as a 'myth'.

Meanwhile Barclays' new chairman, Sir David Walker told The Sunday Telegraph the rate fixing scandals were a 'consequence of not charging for bank accounts', and said he supports charging customers fees.

Last month the chairman of the Financial Services Authority, Sir Adair Turner, also criticized free accounts 'One important barrier to competitive entry into the UK personal banking sector is obvious – the fact that the core product is usually given away for free, sold at below cost of production,' he said. "

How about the lies and myths of big global oil and mining corporations with the complicit big mainstream media doing its bidding? "Mass Murder of Miners and Neo-Liberalism in South Africa"

For the real goods, one has go off mainstream to find the real news. Apparently murder is all okay in the business world, and can be used to reinforce another myth the high wages of labourers. Even though this set of labourers according to South Africa data, approximately 1600 American dollars monthly. But don't believe that one, considering that the striking workers are demanding a working wage, and class action suits are emerging that could reach into the billions. What does one hear from the mining companies? They can't afford it, even though their healthy profit margins state otherwise. "South Africa's mining industry is under heavy scrutiny after 44 people died during protests at a platinum mine near Johannesburg. Now, the industry is facing challenges on another front: Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against three of the country's biggest gold mining companies."

And the good news - the charges have been dropped - "State prosecutor Nigel Carpenter confirmed the murder and attempted murder charges against all 270 miners arrested were dropped.

But the miners' lawyer said he will file a motion to drop all other charges against his clients as well."

Of course will any charges be drawn against the security forces paid by government revenues and mining revenues? No, not when the State is following Plato and other conservatism ideology that the sitting government is always right and just to their citizens. Hypocrites......

What is the world coming to, when the lies become the truth no matter what the realities are. Do we just ignore it? Become ignorant in lest we are force to examine ourselves? Or have we become that lazy and comfortable with the outrageous idea that the governments as well as the economic powers always speaks the truth, and therefore there is no need to examine and question the truths of our political and economic powers, and the attached agencies public or private working on their behalf?

"There are no young people doing this, nor even middle-aged people. The Can People are old men and women, stooped, wearing worn-out clothes and fraying shoes as they rattle through my refuse with gnarled, arthritic hands. Some are White, some are Asian, some are Black; can-collection, like poverty, knows no ethnic boundaries. I wave to them when I see them, but they seldom respond, either because their eyesight is too poor to make me out as I stand on my porch like a lord, or because they are too ashamed to acknowledge the fact that I see them, and thus see what it is they must do to survive."

Are we that comfortable, to ignored the realities and busy with lawyers and tribunals inserting our rights because they have been offended by words, actions and beliefs of others committed by those other than the governments, the political and economic powers. It sure is the silly season and if any thing the first two decades of the 21st century, will be known as the period in the history of mankind as the great blindness to the sins, the lies, the revisionism and some would call it the totalitarianism tactics of governments no matter the political stripe and economic powers?

I leave off with a typical example that borders on the foolishness, but leaves no room for the more serious discrimination taking place at the hands of our governments and economic powers.

"A pub singer has been arrested on suspicion of racism for singing the classic chart hit Kung Fu Fighting.

The song, performed by Simon Ledger, 34, is said to have offended two Chinese people as they walked past the bar where he was singing. "

It took almost a year for the charges to be dropped.................Time to do some kung-fu fighting for truth, justice and if we really want to take back our freedoms and rights from the ones who have stolen the commons from underneath our feet.