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RCMP admits grounding union-hired plane flying anti-Harper banner
A pilot hired by the Public Service Alliance of Canada to fly over Ottawa and Gatineau with a political banner was ordered to land his plane,
 the RCMP admitted Monday, even though the aircraft had not entered restricted airspace. MORE...


Taking a flyer
         Boomers will have to pay for much of their own long-term care
Canada always was a warrior nation
         Labour Day pressures burden unions but workers are marching on
For teachers and government, the end of the affair
         ack Layton's former chief of staff registers as lobbyist
Mulcair denounces 'right-leaning' McGuinty at K-W rally
         ulcair downplays potential struggles with a sovereigntist Quebec
Quebec Liberals file robo-call complaint with police
         iberals' supporter category will be 'crucial' to leadership campaignome.
CNOOC-Nexen deal, trade issues top Tory priorities at caucus meeting
         ew Democrats, Liberals hold respective fall planning sessions as roles reverse
Tories aren't guaranteed a win in Calgary Centre, say riding progressives
         ories will pay political price if another omnibus budget bill introduced this fall, say opposition parties
Quebeckers poised to elect Marois first female premier: latest projection
         f the Parti Quebecois wins, what are the prospects of a referendum?
Why The Gazette didn't interview Pauline Marois
         anada Post scrambles after voting card delivery problems in the Pontiac
PQ's 'years of disruption' won't help Quebec City's NHL dreams, Charest says
         ne in five voters won't commit in volatile Quebec election
PQ victory would have muted impact in market
         oliticians causing voter apathy
Travellers faced rude officers, incorrect accusations by border employees
         No greater show on earth' than U.S. political conventions, say pundits
Job losses, lagging productivity, politics pose risks
         T ory memo warns of NDP's 'risky' carbon tax
Trudeaumania could help Liberals get back on track
         C anadian forces to continue Afghan police training despite U.S. suspension
New Zealand confirms Afghanistan pullout plan
         Survey by fed ombudsman suggests feds may be cooking sole-source contracts
New ridings give Tories an edge
         The weakening state of Canadian labour unions
Saskatchewan's minimum wage now lowest in Canada
         Redford dismisses concerns about Alberta's budget woes
Premier Redford defends 'tough' moves
         Record numbers, including Alberta Premier, show for Pride Parade
NWT eyes new energy role
         Working in the Woods
BC Farm Work Hell Drove Us Home, Say Guatemalans
         Is Labour Day 'Softer' than May Day?


The Real News Network VIDEOS
Investors Seek To Profit From Privatizing Public Schools
         The GOP Goes Hard Right
Gaza to be Unlivable by 2020 – UN Report
         Romney and the European Authoritarian Righ
State Dep't Defines Israeli Settler Violence as Terrorism
         What Now for Ron Paul Libertarians?
Wilkerson on GOP Convention
         Syrian Conflict a Proxy War, Driven by Internal Struggle
"Phantom Control": Israel's Secret Service and the Occupation
         “Nonsense Economics” and the Deepening Greek Crisis
Mass Murder of Miners and Neo-Liberalism in South Africa
         Black Report: Majority of Wall St. Money Now Goes to Romney
Austerity Hawks Want a Return to 1920's Capitalism
         The war against unions
'See Something, Say Something' Used to Round Up Truthers?
         W HY In The World Are They Spraying?
The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner [] [] []
         P resident Announces Open Season On Combat Veterans
NORAD Holds Hijacking Drill with U.S., Russia and Canadian Military
         M ake This Vid Go Viral!!! Skull Cry Die (Reggae Anti-Chemtrail Anthem)
Documented: U.S. Military Killing Its Own Troops!
         DNC Security Rules Trigger Free Speech Worries
Congress Investigates WH Taxpayer-Funded Payoffs to MSNBC's Olbermann, Maddow
         Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts
Emergency Food Supply and Storage for the State of Alaska
         West Nile Virus "Outbreak" Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens
Peter Schiff: "Washington is the Biggest National Security Threat"
         LAPD Launches Investigation into Death of Woman Allegedly Kicked in Genitals by Officer
Financial Activism: How to Defeat the Money Power
         FEMA Needs Another 1 Million MRE's Today, Over 19 Million Ordered in Last Month [] [] []
European Commission Recommends Banning Mercury Fillings
         Debt Clock Hits $8.5 Billion
China's Trojan Horse: Cruise Ship Converted to Transport Military Troops, Tanks, & Equipment
         Apple Repeatedly Blocks U.S. Drone Strike Tracking Application for Different Reasons Every Time
6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table
         Waging War on Leaks     
The Crunch: "It's Going to Happen In the Next Administration; Regardless of Who Wins This Election"
         Syrian Group with Close Ties to FSA Terrorists Openly Arms Rebels with Help of U.S.
Scholar Who Brought Obama Into Chicago Law School Held Top Intelligence Clearance [] [] []
         Preying for Absolution: Catholic Priest Says Molester Priests 'Seduced' by Minors [] [] []
Minneapolis Military Drills Based Around "Confrontation Scenarios" [] [] []
         DHS and DARPA to Work on New Generation of Airport Security Technology
Cop Tasers, Pepper Sprays, and Kicks Defenseless Man On Ground In Throat
         Anti-Iranian Rage
Activist Forced to Show Papers to DHS or be Detained for 72 Hrs
         Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare: What Is the US Government Planning?
Activist Forced to Show Papers to DHS or be Detained for 72 Hrs

WHAT'S HOT: It's anything but the economy, stupid
         Pussy Riot: Declining freedom
PoliticsHome displays PressTV ads
         Beyond euroscepticism: Time for the alternative
Did Paul Ryan underperfom on purpose?
         The EU is playing a game of Diplomacy (and Risk) with your money
Venezuela refinery disaster spotlights Chavez's mismanagement
         Ann Romney: Pin-Up girl of the GOP
Borrow and spend? Cui bono?
         Germany's dark vision for Europe
Debt and deficit: The Coalition needs clarity
         Mobile phones join tobacco, alcohol, and drugs on the naughty step
What should we think about the gold standard?
         The NHS: Safety net or straitjacket?
Dear Ed...
         Building bridges on shale gas
The climate change racket: Finally a 'day in court'?

Information Clearing House                                                                                                                           
US Won't Back Israeli Attack On Iran
        A Blast From the Past: The Non-Aligned Movement
What The SaudisWant Vs Iranian Soft Power
        Avigdor Lieberman: Master of Mischief
A Crisis of Trust in Afghanistan "
        No Accountability for Torturers .
Life Is Sacred
        Inherit The Wind... The Evil of Two Lessers
8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process
        The New Normal Travels Through the Police State.
H a r l a n C o u n t y USA Video Documentary http ://
        Smile or Die  Short Video
DNC security rules trigger free speech worries:

Minister accused of abuse to become Afghan spy chief:.
        Canadian forces to continue Afghan training despite U.S. suspension:
Two killed in US consulate vehicle bombing in Pakistan:
        Terrorism by another name: U.S. kills 13 in Yemen: .
Ten civilians including a 10-year-old girl were killed in a Yemeni government air strike .
        10 killed in Kurdish rebel attacks near Iraq border :
Why is Iraq now immune from criticism over appalling human rights record?:
        Syrian government forces on Monday killed 60 rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA)
Airstrikes in Syria kill 19 activists said:.
        Damascus car bomb kills five: Syrian state news agency SANA blamed the attack on a "terrorist group."
New UN Syria envoy: Diplomatic solution 'nearly impossible' (+video):
        Dialogue, best solution to resolve Syrian crisis:
Russia: Syria Rebels' Airport Threat 'Unacceptable':
        Obama Denies Israeli Newspaper Report of Secret Iran Contacts: .
Netanyahu Says Clear 'Red Line' Could Avert Strike Against Iran:
        Iran could strike U.S. bases if Israel attacks:.
        Gaza man dies after setting himself on fire:
Israel 'Pillaging' Palestinian Resources:
        Christians disrespected in Christ's Motherland:
Assange Asylum Wins Correa Anti-U.S. Cachet as Trade to Suffer: .
        Ecuador: Correa pushes free speech, challenges 'media dictatorship':

The European Union Times
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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<< []

21h13 - Charest et Marois · «Blind-date» impromptu
        La station WKND 91,9 FM, une radio musicale de Québec, a joué un tour à Pauline Marois et Jean Charest en leur organisant un    rendez-vous surprise sur ses ondes, lundi, ce qui a donné lieu à un échange amical, qualifié de «love-in» par les deux  coanimateurs. Agence QMI
17h18 - Appels robotisés · «Thank you for calling the Liberal Party of Quebec»
        Les libéraux ont porté plainte à la Sûreté du Québec et au Directeur général des élections au sujet d'«appels robotisés». Agence 
15h16 - À la rescousse! · Le ministre Bolduc se porte au secours d'une femme
        Le ministre de la Santé Yves Bolduc, qui est médecin, a dû ranimer une femme qui avait perdu connaissance, lundi après-midi,    pendant que se déroulait l'événement «J'ai ma pelle» à l'hippodrome de Québec. Agence QMI
13h36 - Futur amphithéâtre · Première pelletée de terre collective
        Au total, 20 000 pelles bleues avaient été vendues par l'organisateur de cette journée, le groupe J'ai ma place. Agence QMI
11h52 - Élections · J'ai ma pelle: accueil mitigé pour Marois
        Pauline Marois sait que la victoire n'est pas acquise à Québec. Agence QMI
11h20 - Élections · Legault effectue un dernier blitz dans le 450
        Le chef de la CAQ a choisi de mener un dernier blitz dans le 450. Agence QMI
09h59 - Élections · Legault se rétracte sur la faillite de Pierre Péladeau
        François Legault a avoué, lundi matin, qu'il ne savait pas si Pierre Péladeau avait fait faillite ou non. Agence QMI
02h36 - Les doyens · Ils siègent depuis René Lévesque
        En 1980, Pierre Paradis avait promis à sa femme qu'il s'engageait en politique pour un maximum de 10 ans... JDM
17h01 - Élections · Le retour des Nordiques à risque avec le PQ, dit Charest
        Jean Charest soutient que le projet d'une équipe de la LNH à Québec pourrait être compromis avec l'élection d'un gouvernement   péquiste. Agence QMI
15h06 - Option nationale · Moderniser les institutions démocratiques
        Le parti Option nationale dit qu'il instaurera la représentation proportionnelle et des élections à date fixe s'il est porté au         pouvoir. Agence QMI
13h43 - Élections · Tous les espoirs sont encore permis
        Malgré la lutte serrée dans les sondages, les trois chefs de parti gardent espoir de remporter le pouvoir mardi et d'être nommés à      la tête du gouvernement du Québec. Agence QMI
12h48 - CAQ · Legault défend ses candidats qui ont fait faillite
        François Legault défend les candidats de son équipe qui ont déjà déclaré faillite. Agence QMI
11h54 - Sondage · Le PQ en voie de triompher
        À trois jours du vote, le Parti québécois (PQ) est à un point de pourcentage d'atteindre la majorité absolue de 63 sièges que   Pauline Marois convoite. Tout se décidera dans les circonscriptions du 450, où des luttes épiques se dessinent. Agence QMI
02h30 - Luttes serrées · La Rive-Nord tranchera
        Sept circonscriptions de la Rive-Nord de Montréal pourraient bien faire pencher la balance entre un gouvernement majoritaire ou          minoritaire. JDM []
20h06 - Important · Message à notre clientèle
        Nous tenons à nous excuser auprès de notre clientèle pour la rupture de service de nos sites Internet au cours des 24 dernières         heures. Agence QMI
19h27 - Déclarations de revenus · Marois et Legault mettent cartes sur table
        Chose rarissime sinon unique dans l'histoire du Québec, deux chefs de parti ont rendu publiques leurs déclarations provinciales         de revenus. Agence QMI
14h26 - Loi 101 dans les cégeps · Marois est sur la défensive
        Pauline Marois s'est retrouvée sur la défensive samedi au sujet de son intention ferme d'appliquer la loi 101 aux cégeps et aux         écoles de formation professionnelle qui a causé une levée de boucliers dans la communauté anglophone. Agence QMI
14h24 - Zones de chantiers du Québec · Présence accrue de radars photo
        Pour le long congé de la fête du Travail, le ministère des Transports (MTQ) a déployé, depuis vendredi, des radars photo dans   certains de ses chantiers routiers. Agence QMI
14h22 - Selon François Legault · Pauline Marois vit dans «un monde parallèle»
        François Legault, qui tire à boulets rouges sur le projet de Pauline Marois de créer un poste de «ministre du   référendum». Agence QMI
14h18 - Montréal · Une manifestation nocturne quatre jours avant les élections
        À quatre jours du scrutin, plus d'une centaine de manifestants ont tenu à se faire entendre une fois de plus lors d'une          manifestation nocturne. Agence QMI []
20h10 - Robert Benoît · Un libéral s'attend au pire
         L'ex-député libéral d'Orford Robert Benoît s'attend à une dégringolade du Parti libéral du Québec, et même à pire, le 4          `septembre. Agence QMI
19h33 - Élections · La FTQ n'appuie aucun parti
        Comme à l'élection provinciale de 2008, la FTQ n'appuie aucun parti dans la présente campagne. Son président, Michel    Arsenault, en a expliqué les raisons à Jean Lapierre, lors d'une balade à bord de l'Express 2012.  Agence QMI
17h29 - Selon Jean Charest · Le PQ tient un double discours
        Jean Charest reproche à Pauline Marois de tenir un double discours et de cacher aux régions sa volonté de tenir un référendum   sur la souveraineté. Agence QMI
14h28 - Université de Montréal · Cours annulés : aucune décision prise
        La direction de l'Université de Montréal (UdeM) n'était toujours pas en mesure de préciser vendredi si les cours de ces          départements toujours en grève seront annulés définitivement. Agence QMI
13h59 - Élections · Gouvernement minoritaire : recul de la souveraineté
        La souveraineté va connaître un recul si le Parti québécois forme un gouvernement minoritaire, a dit Pauline Marois,    vendredi. Agence QMI
13h55 - Élections · La réélection du PLQ est «impossible» dit Legault
        «C'est impossible, le retard est trop grand à rattraper chez les francophones.» Agence QMI
13h32 - Élections · La pauvreté ignorée
        Le Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté dénonce le manque de préoccupation des partis politiques provinciaux et de leurs      chefs envers la lutte à la pauvreté. Agence QMI
11h54 - Commissions scolaires · Paul Gérin-Lajoie s'attaque avec véhémence à la CAQ
        Paul Gérin-Lajoie s'est à nouveau prononcé contre l'abolition des commissions scolaires. Agence QMI
05h56 - Sondage · Toujours une mince avance pour Marois
        Le Parti québécois (PQ) de Pauline Marois récolterait toujours l'appui d'une majorité des Québécois, selon un sondage, mais ce  mince avantage ne tient qu'à un fil. Agence QMI
02h06 - Élections · Un mourant ne votera pas
        Bien qu'il ne lui reste que quelques jours à vivre, un citoyen de l'Estrie qui souhaitait exercer son droit de vote pour la dernière    fois ne pourra le faire. Le DGE refuse de se déplacer jusqu'à lui. JDM



To "act in a duplicitous manner" is the meaning of the saying best applicable to the Harper Governments position on outside intervention in the civil war in Syria.

This position could not have been more more strongly stated " Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird made it clear Friday that military action to provoke the regime's collapse is not on the table.".
  . . . . "Canada is not contemplating military action or arming the Syrian opposition,

Yet in contradiction to this it is reported that ""On Monday, August 27, 2012, in a meeting in Brussels, NATO military leaders in consultation with "telephonic liaison" with officers of military forces in several former Soviet Republics, major African states, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states came to a combined decision to act against Syria. . . . . No announcement was made, no plans or timetable published, simply a vote on authorization of force which passed unanimously by member and included non-member states unanimously. "

Was Canada not represented last Monday? Will Canada not take "military action" should the United States and NATO attack Syria?

Though I sincerely hope Canada will not be embroiled in yet another far distant conflict as Baird stated, I hae ma doots.


Google: Brussels, NATO August 27, 2012

Subject: Premier James Whitney and Regulation 17 in 1912.
From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada" <>

Mr. Joe Hueglin,
The Daily Digest,

Hello Joe,
Perhaps some history of the origins of the language problems and how they started may be of interest.
Kind regards,
Bob Gauthier, Ottawa

The Editor,
The Ottawa Citizen,

August 29, 2012

Re: "It's Quebec's choice, but it's Canada's fate," by L. Ian MacDonald, The Ottawa Citizen, August 29, 2012.

The language problem in Canada began when Premier James Whitney banned French from Ontario schools in 1912. Today, 100 years later, Canadians are reaping the effects of Regulation 17. Banning the teaching of French in Ontario in 1912 with Regulation 17 was a huge discriminatory mistake, and one that could not be reversed. Ian MacDonald is right that a hundred years later, Canada is unravelling.
Futile, expensive and ineffective attempts to reverse the damage continue with the forced learning of French in non-French-speaking areas across Canada. It's like trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube, and with lots of added resentment.
The disastrous breakup of Canada is the most serious political catastrophe in a democratic country in history as a result of the bigotry of Canadians on both sides - fuelled by the unbalanced reporting over the years based on historical ignorance about Regulation 17..
The situation today in Canada is the gravest since the World Wars when thousands of Canadians, including French-speaking ones, paid the supreme price defending the freedoms of all Canadians. As we know, when it comes to language, passions can run high. The need for tolerance has never been greater in Canada, and googling Regulation 17 will explain just how much damage can result by the bigotry of one individual with irreversible consequences.
Canadians can thank Premier James Whitney for the tragedy he created since 1912. If we think education and a knowledge of our history are expensive, try ignorance and bigotry!
Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier,
71035-174 Bank Street,
Ottawa K2P 2L9


From: "Jim Calvert"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest August 31 September 1, 2012 025

Steve Campbell says

"If you have a Smart Meter, you must shield the back of the meter so the microwave energy will not be radiated into your living space."
This is a complete waste of time as the Smart Meter is installed in a solid steel grounded meter base box, or it had better be or you are taking a much higher risk than a little rf leakage.
It's incorrect statements of facts like this that take away any credibility of the whole submission.
If you don't know, don't say... or as my Father used to say, "if you keep your mouth shut, nobody can tell how dumb you are.
Jim Calvert
Parry Sound Muskoka

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Brian Thiesen: Technical Facts and Political Adgenda of SmartMeters - YouTub

Few will take the time to listen to this but you should....especially for the children in your lives.

As well:
 Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters
From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Bush, Blair should face trial for role in Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Hallelujah! Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu called Sunday for Tony Blair and George Bush to face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq

To see Tutu's statement, click on The CONTENTS are:
  1. DESMOND TUTU'S ARTICLE IN THE OBSERVER, Why I had no choice but to spurn Tony Blair
Let's celebrate Desmond Tutu! ... new and influential allies!
= = = = = = = = = =
Email from Sandra Finley
Saskatoon SK Canada

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Hey Occupy, what about the 20%? Lorne Gunter,September 01

Re: Hey Occupy, what about the 20%? Lorne Gunter, September 01
If public sector workers are indeed better off than private sector workers, perhaps it's because our manufacturing base and related union standards are eroding as a result of globalization, a high dollar and negligent government labour policies. The recent attempt to slash the wages of a unionized locomotive plant in London, Ontario and it's ultimate closure is an egregious example. Personally I don't begrudge employees who earn decent wages and have a reliable pension plan. The problem is an economic system that drives the incremental impoverishment of the vast majority in the private and public sectors so that the top 1% can become even more wealthy.

From: "S Booiman" <
Subject: Canadian Tribute

Great video to watch to the end.
The attached YouTube video is of Ginny McIlmoyle, who was on a Red Cross Goes Country show. The song was written by a Canadian song writer and a production company saw Ginny perform it on a show in Warkworth. They got everyone together to do this video. Please pass on to your email is a great song and video shot in Belleville at the Armories with footage from re-patriotations at Trenton.

Subject: Bad news for the NDP and the rest of us,
From: Nick Fillmore "A Different Point of View...." <>

Bad news for the NDP and the rest of us, as Harper's Conservatives pull even

Posted: 03 Sep 2012 12:23 PM PDT
It's hard to believe, but -- despite all the crimes, insults to Canadians and general incompetence -- the Harper government has pulled even with the NDP in major opinion polls. The highly regarded Internet site,, calculated all polls as of August 30 and showed the Conservatives at 33.9, the NDP at 33.6, and the Liberals at 21.7. Based on these percentages, if an election were held today, Harper would finish in first by a comfortable margin. A blend of polls conducted by Forum Research and...

To continue reading this post, click on the headline. Please feel forward to friends and associates that might also be interested in this issue. Nick

From: "Ian Hamilton"

Subject: facebook....NOT

Joe: For whatever its worth forget the Facebook thing....its nothing but trouble for everyone for a million reasons.
Cant open half the stuff and they hook on all kinds of other garbage as well as things showing up later like viruses and it goes on and on.
Ian Hamilton
From: John Duddy
Subject: Pilots For 9/11 Truth Presents "9/11 INTERCEPTED"
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>

Greetings from Calgary Centre.

Dear Prime Minister, please add this to the material I sent you.

Please give to RCMP and CSIS.

John Duddy. Calgary Centre.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Increase in Altzheimers DD

Joe--I thought Stephanie McDowell would find this article interesting. With the spreading of sludge on our fields, letting raw sewage spill over etc we are being contaminated with ever move. I was discussing the spreading of sludge on our fields (the sludge comes from Toronto) with a Councillor the other day. He tells me it is 'perfectly safe' because they now pellet it!! Pelleting does not destroy prions so we are all in danger. It does not remove drug residue so we are in danger of being drug poisoned. But that is ok--don't worry, be happy.

Alzheimers is a transmissible, infectious prion disease

Submitted by Helane Shields on January 27, 2012 - 11:44am.
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and sporadic Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (sCJD)
are sister prion diseases, transmissible, infectious by medical
equipment, (scopes, etc.) dental and eye equipment, blood, urine, feces,
saliva, mucous (aerosols: possibly by coughs & sneezes) Doctors
frequently misdiagnose AD and sCJD one for the other. The symptoms and
neuropathology are almost identifical.
Right now the US is in the middle of a raging, always fatal, prion
disease epidemic: There are over 6 million victims of AD and 1 million
Parkinson's Disease victims, with a new AD case every 69 seconds !
Recent research (October 2011) by Dr. Claudio Soto, et al, University of
Texas Medical School, has confirmed earlier research which found
injecting Alzheimer's brain material into mice brains caused infectious
prion disease.
See Video - Dr. Soto on Alzheimer's disease and prions:
AD and sCJD victims shed prions in their urine and feces. Sewage
treatment does not inactivate prions - it concentrates them in the
sewage sludge. The US EPA acknowledges that the landspreading of sewage
sludge is also a pathway of prion risk for humans and animals (Mad Cow,
CWD, etc.)
as an EMERGING CONTAMINANT of concern in sewage sludge "biosolids" ,
"Could Alzheimer's be infectious? "­06/11/24/could-alzheimers-be-infectious­/
SEE reply posted by:
Dr. Murray Waldman, coroner for the city of Toronto, Canada:
"In answer to the question how would Alzheimer's (AD) be transmitted, I
have written a book "Dying For A Hamburger" that hypothesizes that AD is
spread by how we in North America and Europe feed and process meat,
mainly beef.
If you study the rates of AD and its geographical distribution, you will
find that rates start to soar when a country becomes meat eating (i.e.
Japan and Korea in the 1960s) and rises even faster when it adopts a
fast food culture (the US and Western Europe in the 50s and 60s) and
remains low in vegetarian countries (India) and those without a
processed meat industry or fast foods (equatorial Africa)…Murray "
Scientists agree variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (vCJD) is caused by eating prion tainted beef.
Many believe sporadic CJD/aka Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is also caused by eating prion contaminated meat e.g. BSE -Mad cow and CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease
(deer, elk, moose, etc.)
Inadequate/non-existent mad cow testing, and control and influence over USDA by the cattle industry guarantees the Alzheimer's Disease epidemic will continue to spread through US, Canada and UK.
Helane Shields, Alton, NH

From: Robert Ede
Subject: "Democratic"Senate IS doomed -Re-Patriation & Restoration is required
To:, hill times <>,
        Bea Vongdouangchanh <bvongdouangchanh@hilltimes.c

Dear Mr Wiseman & HillTimes Editors,

Thank you for " Democratizing Upper House not in Harper's
(nor any Lower House Power Broker's) interest"

I agree that Mr Harper doesn't really want to push the Senate Reform issue because if the Upper House gained more legitimacy, the restored power of the revitalized Senate would be taken away from the amount of power currently wielded by the Lower House (ie no NEW Crown power would be created, just its Distribution would shift)

I assert as well that the Loyal Opposition and its social-democratic brother/sister parties do not want either a more effective, nor re-legitimized Upper House for the same reason - the Commons (where their socio-politico-economic theories have a chance to influence) would LOSE its 'only-show-in-town' oomph if the Senate's original mandate was restored.

While I agree with your "Meet the New Boss ... Same as the Old Boss" critical assessment of the behaviours of our government-of-the-day, I will ask you to re-examine the sources for your views on the Purpose and Constituency-base of the Upper House:

- "As in the United States, the Senate was created to represent the states/provinces. In Canada, the provincial governments and premiers are more muscular actors than their American counterparts are in a wider range of policy fields .....";
-" An elected Senate would probably reinforce the power of the smallest provinces such as P.E.I. The four Atlantic provinces and three territories, with just seven per cent of the population, have nearly a third of the Senate's seats."

The Senate was designed and intended to follow the footsteps of a) its colonial antecedent, the Legislative Council from the Constitutional Act of 1791 (appointed for life, minimum age required) and b) its "similar in Principle" U.K. equivalent, the House of Lords (Spiritual -permanent ex-officio offices, and Temporal -hereditary titles to land owners, and nobles).

The interests of the Crown (ie the Monarch-in-its-U.K.-Council) were calculated to be more likely protected by those deemed "patrician" in Canada than might be expected from those of us considered "plebeians".

As a result, Senators of Canada:

- 1) are equally culled from 4 established Divisions PLUS added representation for the latterly-recognized newcomers to Confederation - Newfoundland-Labrador and the 3 Territories;

- 2) are representatives of the Propertied Class (hence the net-worth and net-equity property ownership qualifications - sadly the only Cdn gov't dollar amount never-adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity);

- 3) do NOT represent any political party (as you accurately and politely noted in the Sept 3/12 piece) ;

- 4) were intended as a Check & Balance on the Non-propertied Class's elected-assembly -the Lower House aka the Commons

George-Etienne Cartier - "to protect the regional interests and also a power of resistance to oppose the democratic element"
Sir James Lougheed - "bulwark against the clamour and caprice of the mob"
Cicero (quote is carved in oak frieze of our Senate Speaker's chambers) - "It is the duty of the nobles to oppose the fickleness of the multitude

The fact that these (and other) je jure BNA/Constitutional "truths" are NOT reflected in today's de facto machinery-of-government is what needs public revelation and constitutional restoration -no amendment process required - the provisions are already there.

Nescience of this type of contra-BNA Legislative AND Executive government-of-the-day operations/institutions is almost universal (I blame the last few generations of teachers, not the students) and as a result, modern-day problems with right-under-our-noses solutions-rooted-in-the-BNA/Constitution seem invisible/ inconsequential/ "off the radar" to the average Canadian "armchair Prime Minister" and his/her info-sources the parliamentary pundit, the political commentator/correspondent and the TV talking-head.


Robert Ede,
The Majority of Canadians P.A.C.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)

BACKGROUNDER AND EXPANDED VERSION -- if space and interest permits

As every student of the Constitution/BNA Act 1867(as amended) knows the Senate intended to follow the footsteps of its colonial antecedent, the Legislative Council from the Constitutional Act of 1791 (appointed for life, minimum age required) and its "similar in Principle" equivalent, the House of Lords (Spiritual -permanent ex-officio offices and Temporal -hereditary titles to land owners, and nobles)

The Upper house was to be a check and a balance for the Lower House.

"G.E. Cartier -"to protect the regional interests and also a power of resistance to oppose the democratic element"

Sir James Lougheed - a "bulwark against the clamour and caprice of the mob"
Cicero (carved in oak frieze of our Senate Speaker's chambers) - "It is the duty of the nobles to oppose the fickleness of the multitude"

The interests of the Crown (ie the Monarch-in-its-U.K.-Council) were calculated to be more likely to be protected by those deemed "patrician" in Canada than might be expected from the "plebeians".

From this history-fed intention flows the "unique within 1867 to 2012 Canada" Dollar-amount Qualifications (s.22) /Disqualifications (s.31) regarding a Senator's net-worth and net-equity property-ownership and the Upper House Members special Oath of Allegiance and Integrity on the Fifth Schedule "...that I have not collusively or colourably obtained a Title to or become possessed of the said Lands and Tenements or any Part thereof for the Purpose of enabling me to become a Member of the Senate of Canada ..."


The Senate

22. In relation to the Constitution of the Senate Canada shall be deemed to consist of Four Divisions:
- Quebec by twenty-four senators;
The Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island;
the Maritime Provinces and Prince Edward Island by twenty-four senators;
- ten thereof representing Nova Scotia, ten thereof representing New Brunswick, and four thereof representing Prince Edward Island;
The Western Provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta;
the Western Provinces by twenty-four senators,
- six thereof representing Manitoba, six thereof representing British Columbia, six thereof representing Saskatchewan, and six thereof representing Alberta
which Four Divisions shall (subject to the Provisions of this Act) be equally represented in the Senate as follows:
-Newfoundland shall be entitled to be represented in the Senate by six members;
-the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut shall be entitled to be represented in the Senate by one member each.

(11) As amended by the Constitution Act, 1915, 5-6 Geo. V, c. 45 (U.K.) and modified by the Newfoundland Act, 12-13 Geo. VI, c. 22 (U.K.), the Constitution Act (No. 2), 1975, S.C. 1974-75-76, c. 53, and the Constitution Act, 1999 (Nunavut), S.C. 1998, c. 15, Part 2. The original section read as follows:
21. The Senate shall, subject to the Provisions of this Act, consist of Seventy-two Members, who shall be styled Senators.
The Manitoba Act, 1870, added two for Manitoba; the British Columbia Terms of Union added three; upon admission of Prince Edward Island four more were provided by section 147 of the Constitution Act, 1867; the Alberta Act and the Saskatchewan Act each added four. The Senate was reconstituted at 96 by the Constitution Act, 1915. Six more Senators were added upon union with Newfoundland, and one Senator each was added for the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories by the Constitution Act (No. 2), 1975. One Senator was added for Nunavut by the Constitution Act, 1999 (Nunavut).
Subject: The Senate? oh NO, not again...

"Democratic"Senate IS doomed -Re-Patriation & Restoration is required

The Upper house was intended and purposefully designed to be a check and a balance on the Lower House:

"G.E. Cartier -"to protect the regional interests and also a power of resistance to oppose the democratic element"
Sir James Lougheed - a "bulwark against the clamour and caprice of the mob"
Cicero (carved in oak frieze of our Senate Speaker's chambers) - "It is the duty of the nobles to oppose the fickleness of the multitude"

The interests of the Crown (ie the Monarch-in-its-U.K.-Council) were calculated to be more likely to be protected by those deemed "patrician" in Canada than might be expected from those of us considered "plebeians".


Domestic Governance & Public Policy Issues : The Majority of Canadians P.A.C.
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)