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Daily Digest September 26-27, 2012


With Justin Trudeau as their leader, Liberals could easily win federal election: exclusive poll
Justin Trudeau has not even formally announced his bid for the Liberal leadership,
and already a poll suggests he would lead his party to power if an election were held today with him at the helm.
Justin Trudeau and the shape of things to come
Smiling Justin's leadership challenge
Waiting for Justin Trudeau … and his plan
Judge Justin Trudeau on his record and policy positions ­ not his family lineage
The Shiny Pony enters horserace
Harper's plan to merge embassies dumb, insulting
Say yes to CNOOC, then sort out 'net benefit'
China's Big, Bad, "Foreign Takeover" of Nexen Is a Myth
If only Canada had a liberal party
Israel's staunchest ally: Stephen Harper has transformed Canada's Mideast policy
Outrage is the language of our age
Gestures met by partisan cheap shots
Harper a deserving winner of the first ever Richard Nixon Prize
Up for review, Dalton McGuinty mulls his leadership options []
Ottawa doing well, but provinces in trouble, budget watchdog says
Federal Vote Intention – NDP Leads
MP Bateman's BCC blunder
Status of Women Minister criticized after voting for Woodworth motion
McParland: How abortion turned Stephen Harper into a wuss
Conservative MP says he'll keep fighting for abortion law
MP Mark Warawa Introduces Motion to Condemn Discrimination Against Females Via Sex-Selective Pregnancy Termination
Dear media, will you and Justin get a room, please?
Conservatives won't block new evidence in robocalls case
Ambrose appoints businessman to work with defence industry, government
How will Justin Trudeau contend with his father's legacy?
Ibbitson: If Trudeau leads, will Liberals follow?
Delacourt: Justin Trudeau's imminent leadership announcement starts politics buzzing
Trudeau family brand coming to the fore in Liberal leadership race
Justin Trudeau's leadership bid could turn campaign into 'a coronation' ­ if Liberals like it or not
With Trudeau now in the leadership race, will other Liberals stay out?
Can the Liberals really snag Mark Carney for leader?
Kenney defies PM over abortion motion as leadership jockeying begins
Motion on rights of the fetus fails but finds cabinet supporters
Military loses millions in 'black assets'
MP pension contributions to be hiked under new plan
MP Del Mastro quiet but not officially 'silenced'
Federal government pulls ads from notorious file-sharing website
Political loans law incoherent, unenforceable: chief elections watchdog
Mideast, Haiti on agenda as Harper collects statesman award in New York
Silence speaks volumes as New York-bound Harper snubs UN -- again
Canada sidesteps questions on 'red lines' for Iran
Tory MP takes shot at Bell for ignoring cell tower concerns
Tory crime agenda fuelling 'crisis' of aboriginal women in prison: report
Governments effective in softening the edges of income inequality: study
Canada sees slide in sciences: Study
Six Ontario doctors each billed taxpayers more than $3-million last year
Montreal mob boss's prison release in jeopardy due to failure to rub out $250K fine
Mafia 'tax' on construction projects hit 30% at height of Rizzutos' power, Quebec inquiry hears
Alison Redford should tell Christy Clark: 'I see little point in meeting'
Redford 'proud' of caucus passing the hat to reimburse for no-meet committee
B.C. mayors vote to decriminalize pot: That was the easy part

 Trudeau's inner circle draws heavily on help of long-time friends 
The campaign isn't official yet but the leadership team has been assembled.
Here are a few of the people expected to be in the inner circle when Justin Trudeau
formally launches his campaign next week to lead the Liberal party.
Harper rewrites the rules of democracy
Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney wants MPs to decide when human life begins
Thomas Mulcair can be a leader, if Canadians are willing to follow
The perils of mainstream journalism in the social media era
UN is ripe, ready for history's trash
Fishing for a trade deal in Asian waters
The importance of forging bonds with China
CSIS report raises a question to be asked about the CNOOC-Nexen deal
The PQ's policy flips and cabinet flops.
Kenney defies PM over abortion motion as leadership jockeying begins
Motion to study when life begins defeated in Parliament
M-312: How did we get here?
Three former NDP leadership contenders all spent more than they raised: Elections Canada documents
Unions fear reforms to public service pensions raise spectre of "two-tier" workforce
Clark questioned about secrecy in Boessenkool misconduct
B.C. premier won't discuss handling of staff scandal
Premier Christy Clark insists protocol was followed during chief of staff investigation
Canadian bishops block 'partisan and political' Church campaign as program takes aim at Harper over cuts
Border law will demand travel docs from Canadians: Documents
Government Public Relations Wheels Come Off With W5 F-35 Broadcast.
CFB Cold Lake eyed as F-35 training site
MacKay accused of trying to undercut military ombudsman
Revamped Canadian Wheat Board faces 1st test
Railroads face pressure from both government and opposition this fall
Ottawa defends safety amid ban on Alberta plant's beef
No answers yet on CBC absenteeism
Premier Dunderdale to Speak on Harper Meeting Today
Shorter cell towers slip under the regulatory radar
Trans-Pacific talks could 'reboot' NAFTA: NZ trade minister
Ontario Energy Minister may end up in rare company
Endangered and threatened species pose threat to pipeline proposal
Majority of British Columbians like oil refinery idea: poll
Ontario pay-freeze legislation will test government limits
B.C. Conservatives leadership 'out-of-touch,' riding association says
Anti-Mafia team spotted Quebec construction bosses bringing cash to Rizzutos, but police ignored it, inquiry hears
Canadian crime boss Vito Rizzuto to get early release from U.S. jail
Calls for first all-gay high school in Toronto
Rising home values could hurt wallets
Tomorrow, Join us for a 'Canada Party'
Three Additions to My Open Government Plea
The Mistake that Cost Norway Huge in Oil Wealth
Can .eco Become the First Protected Internet Park?
UBCM should refuse money from big oil companies, says councillor
Dead Oregon inmate suspected in Highway of Tears killing: RCMP
School boards can keep older students in high school: VSB memo
Try eating on $26 a week, challenges anti-poverty group
The Globe and Mail disciplines columnist Wente

Information Clearing House :
100 Million to Die by 2030 If World Fails to Act on Climate
Abbas asks UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as 'non-member state'
Video And Full Transcript
Is This Man Crazy? Netanyahu Addresses the UN General Assembly
Iranian Government Spokesman Attacked by Protestors In New York Video
Jews in Iran Video
Reuters and Ahmadinejad: Anatomy of a Dangerous 'Misquote"
America's Pusillanimous Press
Why Qatar Wants to Invade Syria  By Pepe Escobar
US Delegation Set to Protest Drone Strikes
US Designated Assange 'Enemy of State'
Julian Assange to UN 'US Trying to Erect National Secrecy Regime' Video and Transcript
Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine This Is A Must Watch Video
13 PKK members, 2 soldiers killed in southeast Turkey:
45 "militants" killed in one-day Afghan operations: gov't"
Two Nato troops killed in Afghan attack Thursday :
U.S.: Gloomy News, Prognosis Out of Afghanistan: - Analysis::
Pakistan: 17 more killed during 24 hours in Karachi:
US believes it has Pakistan's 'tacit consent' for drone strikes: WSJ:
Yemen sliding into hunger crisis: UN:
Syrian rebel chief abandons uprising:
Aleppo residents caught in crossfire losing faith in rebels:
Saudi Arabia and Turkey Providing Arms For Rebels: Report:
Putin blames West for global chaos:
Israeli PM sets 'red line' on Iran at UN
Veterans For Peace Meets With Ahmadinejad:
Engineering Consent For More Military Intervention in Africa:
Engineering Consent For More Military Intervention in Africa:
France's Hollande calls for Mali intervention, Clinton says nation can't fight Islamists alone:
U.S. expands its secret war in Africa:
Defense Secretary Panetta visits U.S. base in Djibouti, :
Mali's PM calls for foreign intervention
Daughter of Bahrain opposition leader sentenced:
After Making a Mess of Iraq, Bush Advisers Join Team Romney:
Nagasaki further voices protest against "new" type of nuclear test by U.S.:
LatAm presidents call for drug debate at UN:
Justice Department Documents Show Huge Increase in Warrantless Electronic Surveillance:
Amnesty objects to 'shocking' California prison cells:
Greece Sell Out to ECB, More Riots Expected:
Spain budget imposes further austerity measures:
Almost 20,000 children in homeless shelters in New York City:
Low-wage work force grows 30% as the number of jobs shrinks:
Americans' Incomes Have Fallen $3,040 During the Obama 'Recovery': the Obama "recovery."
The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws:
USA Will Continue Wars As Long As Dollar Remains Reserve Currency
Qatar - Rich and Dangerous
AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal
President Ahmadinejad's Speech At UN
Fatah Israeli Collaborators http ://
Living Under Drones 7 Minute Video
A Lethal Presidency: Who Are The Others?
Ralph Nader: Obama's a 'War Criminal'
Allen West to U.N.: U.S. 'Angel of Death'
US Special Forces Deployed in Iraq, Again
"These Muslims are animals" http/
None Of Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained
New York Times a "Propaganda Megaphone" for War, Says Former Reporter
Redistributing Wealth Upward
Two NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan
On outskirts of Kabul, 'Warlordistan' may be glimpse of Afghan future:
US Drones Kill Way More Civilians Than CIA Admits:
Attacks on Iraq security forces kill 7:
Iraq now armed to shoot Turkish jets, says Air Force officers:
Turkey delivers military equipment to border with Iraq:
Rebel Free Syrian Army claims Damascus bombings:
UN chief Ban demands international action to stop war in Syria,
US poised to boost aid to Syria opposition:
Putin condemns bloody regime change in Middle East:,7340,L-4286003,00.html
Egypt's Mursi says opposes foreign intervention in Syria:
Egypt's Morsi defends Palestinian rights, slams Israeli illegal settlement construction:
Ahmadinejad on Israel: "We have never threatened them" --
Iran's Ahmadinejad pushes new world order to replace 'U.S. bullying':
Iran unveils long-range drone capable of covering most of Middle East: Video -
Full text: Obama asserts US role at UN: Here's his speech verbatim:
Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation: -
Libyan militias melt into desert, wait for another day:
Libya: Thousands mourn Gaddafi 'captor' Omran Shaaban:
Omran Ben Shaaban died on Tuesday after being kidnapped, shot and tortured by people who many in his hometown of Misrata believe were supporters of the late dictator.
Death of Libyan rebel raises calls for vengeance
Julian Assange To Address United Nations From Ecuadorian Embassy In London:
NSA Whistleblower Reveals How To Beat a Polygraph Test:
Man arrested after staging mock terrorist act:
Study: Venezuela's Chavez 4th Most Popular President in the Americas:
US President Barack Obama placed 10th in the study, receiving a "medium" approval rating of 49%. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was classed on a "very low" popularity of 37%, putting him down on 16th place.
Big War of 21st Century Has Begun Gerald Celente : Video :
Spanish Police Open Fire On Protesters In Subway (Raw Video)
Anti-austerity violence: Raw Video
Markets Tumble on Unrest in Greece and Spain: ttp://
Over 20 Million Adults Now Living With Their Parents; Massive Increase Since 2007:

Côte d'Ivoire New Cassava Varieties Bring Women Autonomy  ... MORE > >
Nobel Laureate Calls for Armed Intervention in Nigeria ... MORE > >
  Spain at Risk of Chronic Protests  ... MORE > >
U.N. Chief Jabs Media for Overblown Coverage of Hate Crimes ... MORE > >
GEORGIA: Anti-Turkish Sentiments Grow as Election Date Nears ... MORE > >
Rural Mexican Communities Rich in Resources, Poor in Capital  ... MORE > >
Exports Worth Their Salt in Crisis-Struck Portugal ... MORE > >
  Karachi Gripped by Extortionists ... MORE > >
Alternative to Wikileaks Arises in Iceland  MORE > >
Maldives Talks Condoms

Israel Hayom:
'We won't outsource our fate, not even to our closest allies'
Haim Shine | If it can be broken, it can also be fixed
We urgently need a second Zionist revolution.
Ruthie Blum | Jewish penitence
Come November, the Jews of New York will, insanely, again vote for Barack Obama.
Elliott Abrams | Riots and rage
Every religion is defamed, yet apologies appear to be expected and offered only for Islam.
Dan Margalit | Abandoning the Zionist dream
Obama administration trying to make me toxic, says Ade lson 'Egyptian reconnaissance planes to patrol Sinai airspace'
Mideast to be focus as world leaders gather at UN
Debate stirs in Austrian town over what to do with Hitler's birth home
'Israel cannot rely on world to act against Iran,' Barak says
  Sinai jihadis say attack is response to anti-Muslim film
Yoav Limor | Wanted: Strategic solutions for Sinai
  US Senate votes against Iran 'containment' policy
Dan Margalit | A warning to Iran
  Report: Iran discovers disguised Western spy device at Fordo
  US refuses to grant entry to Iranian diplomats for UN session
  UN hosts unprecedented event focusing on Jewish refugees
  Far-right French leader calls for a ban on kippot and burkas

 t r u t h o u t :
Mike Lofgren | The Moochers Mitt Missed: Meet the Welfare Queens of the 1% Thousands Surround Spanish Parliament in Bid to "Occupy Congress" and Stop Austerity
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
Russia Temporarily Bans Monsanto Corn Linked to Cancer in Rats
Chicago Teachers, Verizon Workers and Quebec's Students Prove That Resistance Works
Texas Tar Sands Tree-Sit Launches to Halt Keystone XL Indefinitely
Bill Moyers | More Money, Less Democracy
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
96 Percent of Americans Have Received Some Government Assistance
Blasts Rock Military Headquarters in Damascus
On the News With Thom Hartmann: Obama's Lead Over Romney Is Growing in Key Battleground States, and More
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
Romney and "Investments" by the 1%?
Elizabeth Warren Is GOP Target #1: Smear Campaigns Start in Key Races - It's the Start of Political Mud Season
Subliminal Message: Rahm Lost :
Self driving Cars Legal by 2015
New Video: The Building 7 Challenge
Mind-Control at the Movies
"Text-a-Tip" Snitch Program Invades Small-Town America
Quantitative Easing Did Not Work For The Weimar Republic Either
NeoCon At Globalist Think-Tank Says Use False Flag to Start War With Iran
Mind-Control at the Movies
Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag Attack To Get Us Into Iran War
Insane Clown Posse Sues FBI over Gang Classification
German Government Considers Loosening Gun Control Laws to Curb Violent Crime
Fatah Israeli Collaborators
Embassy Attack and Ambassador Stevens Death Linked to Department of Homeland Security Propaganda
Agitate for Change
The Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans

The European Union Times - World News, Breaking News:
NASA to hunt for Nibiru that may destroy life on Earth Source
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17h00 - Commission Charbonneau · Zambito se met à table
        Une dizaine d'entrepreneurs se sont partagé tous les contrats d'égout à Montréal et versaient une       commission de 2,5 % à la mafia. Agence QMI Jeu
15h37 - Nucléaire iranien · Netanyahu demande devant l'ONU «une ligne rouge claire»
        Le Premier ministre israélien a demandé l'établissement d'une «ligne rouge claire» pour limiter          l'enrichissement d'uranium par Téhéran. AFP Jeu
15h03 - Collusion et corruption · Gérald Tremblay demande l'aide du gouvernement provincial
        Le maire de Montréal Gérald Tremblay s'est dit «profondément choqué» par les images diffusées   lors de la Commission Charbonneau mercredi, et demande désormais le soutien du gouvernement     provincial. Agence QMI Jeu
14h54 - Saint-Jérôme · Un détenu s'évade lors d'une visite médicale
        Un détenu de la prison de Saint-Jérôme a faussé compagnie à ses gardiens,et fait toujours l'objet       d'intenses recherches. Agence QMI Jeu
14h51 - Montréal | Complexe Desjardins · Des manifestants tentent de perturber une rencontre sur le Plan Nord Un groupe d'individus a rapidement été escorté à l'extérieur par les policiers. Agence QMI Jeu
14h41 - Procès pour outrage au tribunal · Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois tente de faire annuler son procès
        Le procès pour outrage au tribunal de Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, l'ex-porte-parole de la CLASSE, se         tient aujourd'hui et l'accusation pourrait le faire atterrir en prison s'il est reconnu coupable. Agence
14h28 - Montréal · Les autorités américaines frappent
        Une importante opération policière menée par les autorités américaines était en cours, près d'une       dizaine de suspects avaient été appréhendés. Agence QMI Jeu
14h04 - Justice · L'adolescente de 15 ans pourra conserver l'anonymat
        Le contenu du profil, qui comprend des références sexuelles explicites, restera toutefois du    domaine public. Agence QMI Jeu
13h19 - Rapport conflit étudiant · Un appel aux victimes de répression est lancé
        La Ligue des droits et libertés, l'Association des juristes progressistes et la CLASSE comptent         produire un rapport commun sur ce qu'ils jugent être des violations de droits. Agence QMI Jeu
12h45 - Fédération des femmes du Québec · Démission de Rona Ambrose réclamée
        Elle a voté en faveur de la motion 312 visant à définir le statut juridique du fœtus. Agence QMI Jeu
12h41 - Commission Charbonneau · Au moins 68 entreprises ciblées
        Des véhicules liés à 68 entreprises de construction ont été aperçus dans le stationnement du café       Consenza de 2002 à 2006. Agence QMI Jeu
12h13 - Lanaudière · Une policière de 23 ans meurt en devoir
        Une jeune policière de la Sûreté du Québec est décédée, tôt jeudi, à la suite d'une sortie de route     survenue mercredi soir, à Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare dans Lanaudière. Agence QMI Jeu
09h19 - Québécois disparu au Népal · Fin des recherches pour retrouver Dominique Ouimet
        Le Népal a mis fin, jeudi, aux recherches pour retrouver les deux Français et le Québécois      Dominique Ouimet, disparus après une avalanche meurtrière.  Agence QMI Jeu
08h49 - Journée la plus sanglante · Au moins 305 morts en Syrie
        L'armée a bombardé jeudi plusieurs bastions rebelles et un oléoduc a été saboté dans le nord-est        de Syrie où le bilan des victimes ne cesse de s'alourdir avec au moins 305 morts la veille, journée la  plus sanglante en 18 mois de conflit. AFP Jeu
03h48 - Séquestration · Trois jours d'enfer
         Électrocutée et battue, la victime croyait que son heure était venue. JDM Jeu
03h40 - Opération SharQc · 14 jurés sélectionnés pour le mégaprocès
        La sélection du jury chargé de juger neuf membres des Hells du chapitre de Sherbrooke est       techniquement complétée. JDM Jeu
03h36 - Tentative de meurtre · Poignardée «pour son propre bien»
        Ces déclarations, c'est l'accusée qui les avait faites lors de son interrogatoire par les policiers après       son arrestation. JDM Jeu
03h00 - Éducation · Au bout du rouleau
        Des étudiants doivent suivre des cours au cégep et à l'université. JDM Jeu
02h39 - Pédophiles · Le citoyen abandonné à lui-même
        Bruno a expérimenté le système après que son fils de 13 ans eut été victime d'un pédophile      récidiviste. JDM Jeu
02h32 - Pédophiles · Vers un contrôle plus serré
        Le sénateur Boisvenu prévoit proposer un projet de loi privé visant à améliorer la liste noire des      agresseurs. JDM Jeu
02h16 - Dossier exclusif · Un pédophile près de chez vous?
        La sécurité des enfants passe-t-elle par la divulgation de l'identité et du lieu de résidence des       agresseurs? JDM Jeu
[] []
21h16 - Élections · Les deux députés de Québec solidaire sont assermentés
        Sans surprise, l'unifolié brillait par son absence, ayant été retiré par le parti souverainiste qui a imité     le PQ. Agence QMI Mer
18h57 - Selon André Boisclair · «L'histoire d'Hérouxville a été payée et commanditée par l'ADQ»
        Le controversé «code de vie» publié par des élus et citoyens d'Hérouxville, en 2007, est en fait une    opération commanditée par l'Action démocratique du Québec, selon l'ex-chef du PQ. Agence
18h50 - Statut du fœtus · La motion 312 est défaite
        Le député Stephen Woodworth, parrain de la motion 312 sur le statut juridique du fœtus, a perdu sa      bataille aux Communes. Sa motion a été défaite par le compte de 203 à 91. Agence QMI Mer
15h07 - Parti libéral du Canada · Justin Trudeau se lance dans la course
        Il en fera l'annonce mardi prochain à Montréal. Agence QMI Mer
14h44 - Syndicat · Le président de la CSN annonce sa démission
        Louis Roy a annoncé sa démission mercredi avant-midi en raison de rumeurs persistantes. Agence
14h11 - Grèce · Manifestations anti-rigueur émaillées de violences
        Des heurts ont opposé policiers et manifestants mercredi à Athènes en marge de manifestations   contre un nouveau paquet de mesures de rigueur devant être introduit au parlement à la demande  des créanciers, UE et FMI. AFP Mer
14h07 - Opposants au nucléaire · Le ministre de l'Environnement nie être lié au groupe
        Le ministre de l'Environnement Daniel Breton assure qu'il ne siège pas sur le comité aviseur du         groupe de pression Sortons le Québec du nucléaire. Agence QMI Mer
13h46 - Hausse d'impôts · Une décision « indéfendable » dit Legault
        Legault estime que le manque à gagner qui en découle « ne doit pas être financé avec des mesures        simplistes qui augmenteront le fardeau fiscal des Québécois ». Agence QMI Mer
13h14 - Commission Charbonneau · Vidéos accablantes pour des entrepreneurs
        Nicolo Milioto, Frank Catania et Accursio Sciascia, trois importants entrepreneurs en construction,     ont été filmés à plusieurs reprises en train de partager des liasses d'argent. Agence QMI Mer
13h08 - Immunité royale · Lise Thibault peut aller en appel
        La Cour d'appel a accepté d'entendre la requête de l'ex-lieutenante-gouverneure Lise Thibault qui       désire bénéficier d'une immunité. Agence QMI Mer
12h52 - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu · L'enfant serait mort dans son sommeil
        C'est ce que les policiers de cette municipalité ont indiqué. Agence QMI Mer
12h40 - Gentilly-2 | Fermeture · Les partisans contre-attaquent
        Le mouvement Sortons le Québec du nucléaire déplore que les opposants à la fermeture de la      centrale nucléaire utilisent des arguments mensongers. Agence QMI Mer
12h16 - ONU · Ahmadinejad accuse les Occidentaux d'«intimidation»
        Le président iranien Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a accusé mercredi les Occidentaux et Israël de         chercher à «intimider» son pays «aux moyens d'armes nucléaires». AFP Mer
11h58 - Santé · Le nouveau ministre veut revoir le rôle des Agences de la santé
        «On en a plus que le nombre de régions administratives.» Agence QMI Mer
08h46 - Syrie · Double attentat contre l'état-major
        Un double attentat à la bombe et la voiture piégée a visé mercredi le siège de l'état-major syrien au   coeur de Damas, ne faisant pas de victimes parmi les commandants militaires, a annoncé l'armée  syrienne. AFP Mer
07h59 - Montérégie · Un autre aqueduc brise
        Un autre bris d'aqueduc s'est produit sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal, tôt mercredi, cette fois à   Brossard, forçant la fermeture d'une école secondaire de la ville. Agence QMI Mer
07h42 - Ordre des médecins · Le «Doc» Mailloux radié pour deux ans
        Le controversé Pierre Mailloux a été radié de l'Ordre des médecins pour une période de 24 mois  pour avoir prescrit des doses de médicaments dépassant considérablement les limites     recommandées.  Agence QMI Mer
03h58 - Mafia · Vito s'en vient
        Aussitôt libéré, l'ex-parrain viendra à Montréal où les policiers veulent le rencontrer. JDM Mer
03h52 - Procès pour agression · Quatre heures en enfer
        «Malgré le savon, je me souviens de son odeur putride», a dit une victime à propos de son       agresseur. JDM Mer
03h47 - Criminalité · Un ministre en mission
        Stéphane Bergeron espère «éradiquer» le crime organisé des chantiers de construction. JDM Mer
03h10 - Contacts sexuels · Morasse en liberté
        Denis Morasse était responsable du programme sportif du Collège Français de Longueuil et        entraîneur de soccer. JDM Mer
03h03 - Coqueluche · Un retour en force
        Quatre diagnostics sur cinq touchent des enfants de moins de 15 ans. JDM Mer