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Daily Digest September 19, 2012


But does Trudeau want it?
         Trudeau's big leap­like father, like son
Conservatives sentence Tom Mulcair to death by talking point
         Thomas Mulcair's impossible mission ­ pilfer Ontario from the Tories
Message to Marois: Don't take dirty Canadian money
         So you're a politician with a great policy? Show us
This Afghan War will end as they always do
         Ontario's ho-hum government real villain in Marineland saga
Who's up to old tricks? It's not Adrian Dix
         Secret Romney video shows he's been faking voter love all along
Can we save democracy from Harper's abuses?roughshod over our democracy.
         Watchdog group questions MP trip to Guatemala
Del Mastro gave cautioned statement to Elections Canada over expense-claim investigation
         RCMP called in after defence union stickers pasted to windows of MacKay's riding office
Tory MP cancels interview, dodging Quebec flag flap
         Liberals go on the attack after Harper says they stand for nothing
The Commons: The Harper government fully embraces satire
         Scrums: 'That's nonsense and you know it'
Tory carbon-tax campaign against NDP frames debate, tough to counteract
         Federal ethics watchdog declines to investigate Flaherty over Oshawa allegations
Accused PQ shooter calls radio station, gives interview without lawyer's knowledge
         Pauline Marois intent on scuttling Canada's European free-trade deal
Potential Grit leadership candidates should 'stay home' if they can't raise half a million dollars: Sgro
         Liberals ask Tories to keep MP pensions out of budget bill
Harper meets with prominent Iranian-Canadians
         Opposition NDP tables motion calling on PM to join premiers at economic summit
With decorum declining in Ottawa, it's nice to see the NDP, Tories find a common cause ­ screwing the Liberals
         'I am Senator Don Meredith; I do what I do'
Just friends: census may have counted roommates as married gay couples
         Foster kids, grandparents, single moms, soccer dads: meet Canada's modern family
Gettin' together: new census highlights spike in same-sex and common-law unions
         Freeze on MP salaries to be lifted
Stephen Harper tells Tory MPs that generous pensions will be trimmed
         New Tory plan would water down MPs' lucrative pensions
Conservative caucus takes the wheel on sensitive topic of MP pensions
         Grits on board for MP pension reform
Plan to have US agents on Canadian soil 'on hold:' Government
         Declining visibility in the Canadian Forces
Quebec can forget about assuming control over telecom: Paradis
         Judge declares plank of 2008 Tory omnibus crime bill unconstitutional
Carney on commodities: 'wrong conclusions … could do a lot of damage'
         B.C.'s Adrian Dix tells business leaders he would raise their taxes
Canada, UAE play nice after airline kerfuffle
         Vancouver mayor calls for talks with PM over coast-guard station closure
Pro-independence PQ takes office in Quebec today
         We won't agree to PQ's Bill 101 proposal: Liberals
Philippe Couillard camp gains support in Liberal leadership race
         Mafia 101: Quebec corruption probe gets scholarly rundown on Mob's '10 Commandments'
B.C. Conservative leader Cummins loses key candidate as a splinter group vies for control
         Oil pipelines, tankers 'most pressing' issue in B.C.: poll
Premier wants proof of Mafia's influence in Ontario.
         Students injecting themselves into Ontario teachers' contract dispute
New wave of Albertans learns the Lougheed legacy
         Group plans to screen 'Innocence of the Muslims' across Canada
U.S. Invading Canada? Obama Administration Denies It's Planning War
         Chance Canada-EU talks could trickle into 2013: Analysts


Home­land Secu­rity: A New Royal Guard?<---> General Motors or China Motor?

France stays open in Iran due to 'responsibilities'
The Fed Now Owns Your Foreclosed Property Under QE3 Purchases of Toxic Assets
         Why Does Conventional Medical Treatment Lead to Chronic Illness?
Taxpayers to Fund Hollywood ObamaCare Propaganda
         Ron Paul for Texas Governor?
Obama administration demands appeals court overturn 'dangerous' indefinite detention ruling
         Chemical Widely Used in Antibacterial Hand Soaps May Impair Muscle Function
American Prison Labor Means Longer Unemployment Lines

Secret Undersea Base Located
         Mysterious bird-like drone may have popped up in both Iraq and Pakistan, origin still unknown

The European Union Times:
China Warns World War III Being Planned To Oust Obama Source
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Pakistan Bans YouTube over 'blasphemous' anti-Islam film Source
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Italy will represent Canadian interests in Iran Source
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French police break up anti-Muslim film demonstration, briefly detaining over 100 Source
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Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard Source
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Saudi security forces destroy Shia mosque in Awamiyah Source
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The Mosquito Wars: West Nile Virus Nano Vaccine Patch Source
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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Alleged creator of infamous anti-Muslim film questioned by police in LA Source
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Eating GM Wheat May Destroy Your Liver, Warn Scientists Source
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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Chemical Used in Teflon & Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease Source
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Scientists now able to do 3D Facial Reconstructions from DNA sample Source
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EU says Gazprom should set equal gas price for all European buyers Source
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Permanent Injunction Against Indefinite Military Detention in NDAA Issued by Federal Judge Source
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Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans
NDAA in court over indefinite detention of Americans
Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012
Judge Rules Indefinite Detention Sections of NDAA Unconstitutional
Ron Paul Moves To Repeal NDAA Police State Provisions

Microscopic molecule determines human intelligence SourceRelated posts: Study says Mayan civilization was wiped out by drought Yeti's existence in Russia 95 percent proved Eating GM Wheat May Destroy Your Liver, Warn Scientists Chemical Used in Teflon & Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease Scientists now able to do 3D Facial Reconstructions from DNA sample

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India-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Meet: The Hype And The Substance – Analysis


        The Dilemma Of Naval Modernisation In East Asia – Analysis

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[] MERCREDI 19 SEPTEMBRE 2012[] 18h12 - Gouvernement Marois · Liste du conseil des ministres         La liste complète du conseil des ministres du gouvernement dirigé par Pauline Marois. Agence QMI 16h26 - Nouveau gouvernement · Pauline Marois dévoile son cabinet         La première ministre a procédé mercredi à la nomination de son cabinet, qui compte 15 hommes et huit femmes. Agence QMI 14h32 - Cabinet Marois · Les élus fédéraux marchent sur des œufs         L'exclusion du lieutenant-gouverneur du Québec, Pierre Duchesne, de la présentation du nouveau cabinet Marois, mercredi          après-midi, ne crée pas de remous à Ottawa. Agence QMI 13h52 - Double carrière pour Yves Bolduc · Le député retourne en partie à la médecine         L'ex-ministre de la Santé et désormais simple député de Jean-Talon, Yves Bolduc, retourne en partie à la pratique de la         médecine. Agence QMI 13h47 - Situation économique · Mulcair demande des changements à Harper         Le chef de l'Opposition officielle a déposé une motion aux Communes qui exhorte le premier ministre Stephen Harper à revoir     ses orientations économiques et à assister à une conférence organisée par le Conseil de la fédération. Agence QMI 12h00 - Départ · Charest quitte le cœur léger         Jean Charest a cédé le pouvoir officiellement à Pauline Marois, mercredi. Il a remis sa lettre de démission en matinée au       lieutenant-gouverneur. Agence QMI 11h27 - Construction · La CAQ s'invite à la commission Charbonneau         La Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) a présenté une demande pour participer à la commission Charbonneau, qui enquête sur la         corruption dans l'industrie de la construction. Agence QMI []
20h41 - Assurance-emploi · Ottawa entend conserver la mainmise         Le gouvernement Harper ferme la porte à la promesse électorale du nouveau gouvernement Marois de rapatrier le programme          d'assurance-emploi au Québec.

OF INTEREST TO SOME 'Proof' Jesus was married found on ancient papyrus that mentions how son of God spoke of his wife and Mary Magdalene alsoThe Holy Blood and the Holy Grail