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Daily Digest September 16-17-18, 2012

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Harper poised to put Senate reform on ice
         George Brown, Senate reform and the Supremes
Domenic Leblanc & The Liberal Leadership Race
         Tories, NDP and 'the tax on everything'
Focus on Canadian economy may show Mulcair, Harper are more alike than they want to admit
         Carbon tax fight dominates Parliament's first day back
Tax, lies, cap-and-trade: Call it what you want, the public will pay more
         Occupied with NHL, income disparity
In the Summit Series, we won in spite of ourselves
         Aspire to be civil alternative
Lougheed and Middleton: the erosion of respect for public persons
         Lougheed helped save Canada's democracy
Appeals to patriotism won't get Canadian retailers far
         NDP support soars while Liberals' plummets: Poll
Replacement players could solve NHL owners' problems, end lockout
         Conservatives sentence Tom Mulcair to death by talking point
Judge declares plank of 2008 Tory omnibus crime bill unconstitutional
         The Commons: 'Canadians deserve better'
As Tories, NDP battle over policy, Liberals are criticized for not having any
         Day 2 in the House: No lessons learned
Trudeau's big leap­like father, like son
         Motion 312 Postcards Flood Parliament's Mailroom With Anti-Abortion Messages
Elections watchdog considering regulation of parties' voter data banks
         Large security deposit for robocalls election challenges would be "unjust", lawyer argues
Tory MPs seek $250K for legal costs in robocalls case
         Polls On NDP And Tory Support Tell Very Different Stories As Parliament Resumes
Canadian flag back in Quebec assembly – for now
         Sensenberger Saskatoon court appearance held until Thursday
Dion, May to Mulcair: Stop running away from the carbon debate
         CBC, with 22 lawyers, spent almost $900Gs on outside help to fight lawsuit
B.C. poll finds staunch opposition to pair of pipelines
         Tory minister acknowledges plenty of opposition to Nexen takeover
Code of conduct to add rules for paying by smartphone
         Number cruncher: Are you an MP? If not, odds are, you won't be Liberal leader
Foes angered as Conservatives plan second omnibus bill
         Omnibus bill may revive ire
Tory MPs struggle with pension reform
         Conservatives call it a carbon tax. NDP call it cap and trade. Which is it?
Pollster considers law society complaint over Tory affidavit
         Grits Hall Findlay, Bertschi question Liberal leadership rules; say they could favour front-runners and sitting MPs
Liberals promise 'vigorous' leadership race
         Canadian flag removed from Quebec National Assembly
Poilievre slams union for using cash for politics
         Harper sides with NDP on 'human life' motion
The privilege of sworn secrecy: Mulcair joins Privy Council, making him the newest advisor to the Queen
         Comartin acclaimed deputy Speaker in House
'Non-benevolent' China a concern in Nexen deal: Tory MP
         Crackdown on absentee permanent residents risks unintended consequences: Sims
New census data to highlight foster kids, step families and same-sex marriage
         Vancouver-inspired bill to ban masks in riots heads to report stage
Feds to appeal Quebec long-gun ruling
         Processors oppose fleet policy
Absenteeism rife at CBC
         Nominated F-35 acquisition chief blasts Lockheed Martin
Two models of Chinese 5th-Gen fighter in works
         It's business as usual, asbestos company says
B.C. plans Senate election
         Dignitaries and average Albertans gather at Edmonton legislature to pay respects to Lougheed
NDP leader fires up union crowd
         'Not the right moment' for Pelletier to enter Liberal race
Carbon emissions estimates vary wildly at Northern Gateway hearings
         Report urges B.C. Liberals to put off name change until after next election
Man in naked judge case was a 'sex performer'
         Manitoba judge's accuser no sexual wallflower, but inquiry astonishingly refused to hear about it


The Liberals need a merger candidate
         You Can So Teach an Old (Liberal) Dog New Tricks
As Parliament returns, not all the action is centre stage
         Conservative priorities will be the economy, the economy and the economy
What if Peter Lougheed had been PM?
         Oliver's arrogance trumps Redford's insight
Senate reform should be decided by a referendum
         Just leave it alone: Canadians don't need an Office of Religious Freedom
Passing the buck won't help northern reserves
         Embassy attacks spur punditry
America's crash and burn in the Arab world
         Stop appeasing jihadists
Why Canada shouldn't let businesses sue for defamation
         Canadian flag removed from Quebec National Assembly
Harper poised to put Senate reform on ice
         The Commons: The joke is on you, Canada
Tories attack Graves in court while government pays him to poll
         Grits Hall Findlay, Bertschi question Liberal leadership rules; say they could favour front-runners and sitting MPs
Proposed Lobbying Act changes would affect thousands of public servants
         MPs OK release of auditor's email over F-35 hearing, halts court action
Tory MP concedes 'abortion' bill lacks support
         Carbon tax allegations fly between NDP and Conservatives
Scrums: A contrast
         Truth dies when political warfare begins
Conservative fall agenda to be shaped by big omnibus budget bill
         Harper may have to watch his back(bench)
Carbon tax allegations, Nexen takeover top of mind as House returns
         Political battle lines drawn as Parliament reconvenes
Harper to seek top court's blessing in bid for Senate overhaul
         Harper doesn't want to wake 'constitutional leviathan' on Senate reforms, slowly building his case
Federal Tories and NDP tied for support, Nanos poll says
         Flashback - Yesterday: Tories have edge, NDP support sags as Parliament returns: poll
Canadians warm to Harper over recess
         Ontario's upcoming 15 new ridings could be 'swing seats'
Tories say second budget bill priority, could be another House showdown
         A mundane House, with fireworks outside
Tories to launch second phase of budget plan in fall Commons session
         In surprise move, Italy to represent Canada in Iran
Liberal infighting begins in debate over who should enter leadership race
         Hall Findlay intends to run once $28,000 debt paid off
Mulcair firms up NDP policy on Quebec sovereignty
         With MPs returning to Parliament Monday, Conservatives prep aggressive attack on NDP's Mulcair
Tory MPs 'are lying' about NDP stance on carbon tax: Mulcair
         Same old Pat Martin ­ 'allegedly'
Federal government to unveil response to Lobbying Act review Monday
         Permanent residents who live abroad could lose status: Kenney
Fishermen cast scorn on reform
         First Ministers meetings serve the long-term interests of Canada
Shuttering of Canadian embassies highlights vulnerability abroad
         Federal government begins recruiting new graduates during downsizing
NDP Surge to tie for First Place Provincially, Ontario Liberals In Third; 43% Want Liberal leadership review: Poll
A whiff of political B.S.: an Ontario case study
         Suspect in PQ shooting feared election would impact him financially: friends and acquaintances
Peter Lougheed's casket arrives in Edmonton Lougheed's family to meet with public as former premier lies in state
         Vandals strike historic Lougheed house days after death of former premier
Detroit Three seeking concessions at auto talks
         Canadian auto talks move closer to union strike deadline
Edward and Sophie woo Ontario royal watchers
         CAW strikes deal with Ford


Can't find future in the past: Resurrecting the Avro Arrow would be great for national pride, bad for our budget
         NDP leverages vote results to pressure big business to create jobs
Peter Lougheed personified rise of the new West
         Muslims must modernize: Followers, especially in the Middle East, need to separate mosque and state
.Moderates in West must raise their voices
         With MPs returning to Parliament Monday, Conservatives prep aggressive attack on NDP's Mulcair
Cost of extraditing Magnotta on military plane: $375,000
         Federal government begins recruiting new graduates during downsizing
As Parliament returns, not all the action is centre stage
         Economy to dominate fall session of Parliament
Tory MPs 'are lying' about NDP stance on carbon tax: Mulcair
         Poll gives Conservatives edge as Parliament prepares for acrimonious return
Conservative MPs coping with cuts upon return from summer stints in ridings
         Newfoundland fertile ground for NDP
Former Alberta premier's body travelling to Edmonton where it will lie in state
         Commissioner-in-love: RCMP boss draws on his own life experience for rules on workplace relationships
Canada temporarily closes embassies in Egypt, Sudan and Libya
         An open letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark
Debate continues over whether to recall BC Legislature
         B.C. Conservatives Leader Cummins faces possible leadership challenge in Langley
Prison guards rally outside PM's Calgary office to protest overcrowding, violence and cuts
         PSAC rallies to protest continued staff reductions
Looming Nexen deal reveals fault lines in Tory camp
         Protect property in constitution, says conference
Tributes flood in for former Alta. premier Peter Lougheed
         McGuinty has tough union medicine
'We're helpless here': radio dispatches reveal early minutes of B.C. wildfire
         Toronto gas station attendant struck and killed by fleeing vehicle
Porn Company Offers an "Open Check" For Kate/William Sex Photos


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20h41 - Assurance-emploi · Ottawa entend conserver la mainmise
        Le gouvernement Harper ferme la porte à la promesse électorale du nouveau gouvernement Marois de rapatrier le programme          d'assurance-emploi au Québec. Agence QMI
18h33 - Assermentation · L'unifolié réapparaît au Salon rouge
        Le drapeau canadien, absent lundi lors de l'assermentation des députés du Parti québécois, était de retour au Salon rouge mardi         pour les cérémonies dédiées aux députés libéraux et caquistes. Agence QMI
18h21 - Direction du PLQ · Une course à trois se dessine
        Pierre Moreau hésite encore. Raymond Bachand et Philippe Couillard font le plein d'appuis au sein du caucus. Agence QMI
16h26 - Radio-Canada | Poursuite · Près de 900 000 $ pour se défendre
         Radio-Canada a choisi de dépenser près de 900 000 $ auprès d'un cabinet d'avocats pour se défendre contre la poursuite en       diffamation concernant la mini-série biographique Félix Leclerc. Agence QMI
16h04 - Nucléaire · Le Canada et les Émirats arabes unis signent
        Le Canada et les Émirats arabes unis ont conclu mardi un accord de coopération qui ouvrira le marché nucléaire civil émirien    aux entreprises canadiennes. Agence QMI
13h05 - Politique · La CAQ veut collaborer avec le gouvernement Marois
        Gérard Deltell prévient cependant que Pauline Marois devra faire une croix sur l'application de la Loi 101 aux cégeps et sur les        référendums d'initiative populaire (RIP). Agence QMI
12h19 - Commission Charbonneau · Mafia 101
        Pour débarrasser l'industrie de la construction québécoise de l'influence de la mafia, il ne faudra pas uniquement viser le crime       organisé, mais aussi les politiciens, la main d'oeuvre et les producteurs de matières premières. Agence QMI
16h45 - Rentrée parlementaire · Les gants sont jetés
        La session automnale à la Chambre des communes a commencé à 11h, lundi, mais la joute verbale entre néo-démocrates et   conservateurs a débuté beaucoup plus tôt en journée. Agence QMI
16h16 - Assemblée nationale · Pauline Marois prête serment
        Pauline Marois a profité de la cérémonie d'assermentation des 54 députés du Parti québécois, lundi, pour tendre la main une fois        de plus aux partis d'opposition, anticipant le «tourbillon de la vie parlementaire» à la rentrée.. Agence QMI
15h37 - Registre des armes d'épaule · Ottawa interjettera appel
        Le gouvernement Harper interjettera appel de la décision de la Cour supérieure du Québec qui interdit au fédéral de détruire pour       le moment les données du registre des armes d'épaule. Agence QMI
14h49 - Rona · Lowe's retire son offre de 1,76 milliard $
        La compagnie américaine Lowe's a annoncé lundi qu'elle retirait son offre de rachat de 14,50 $ par action ou 1,76 milliard $ sur        Rona. Agence QMI
13h02 - Santé mentale · Un manque de ressources pour l'armée
        Les Forces canadiennes manquent de moyens pour offrir un service adéquat aux soldats souffrant de traumatismes liés au  stress opérationnel. Agence QMI
11h16 - Commission Charbonneau · La mafia et les motards au menu
        Une cinquantaine de témoins seront entendus au cours des prochaines semaines. Agence QMI
10h16 - Iran · L'Italie aide le Canada
        C'est l'Italie qui aidera les Canadiens se trouvant en Iran, puisque le gouvernement fédéral décidé de fermer son ambassade de  Téhéran le 7 septembre. Agence QMI
08h41 - Où vont vos impôts · Encore une fortune pour les plantes
        Les ministères du Québec et l'Assemblée nationale continuent à payer pour faire entretenir leurs plantes vertes par des          fournisseurs privés. En 2011-2012, le contribuable a déboursé plus de 300 000 $ pour une dépense que la Ligue des       contribuables juge «superflue». JDQ
08h26 - Musulmans de Montréal · Violence au Moyen-Orient mais prudence chez nous
        La montée de violence des derniers jours au Moyen-Orient renverse les musulmans de Montréal qui croient qu'on assiste en fait   à une tempête dans un verre d'eau.  JDM
08h14 - Patrimoine · Dans un état «pitoyable»
        De nombreux visiteurs se rendent tous les jours à la maison natale de l'ancien premier ministre René Lévesque, située à New     Carlisle. Mais selon plusieurs, ce lieu reconnu monument historique national est en piteux état. Des citoyens réclament depuis  des années un lieu de mémoire à la hauteur du personnage politique.  JDM
08h05 - Grève étudiante · Des millions de dollars
        La grève étudiante a coûté jusqu'à maintenant plus de 4 millions $ aux universités et aux cégeps, et la facture ne cesse         d'augmenter.  JDM
07h56 - Enquête · «Il faut avoir de l'argent»
        «J'ai compris que pour rencontrer de belles femmes, quand tu ne réponds pas aux standards de la beauté, il faut avoir de        l'argent.» Voilà la prémisse sur laquelle s'est basé Brandon Wade quand il a créé le site de rencontre seekingarrangement.com.

22h09 - Soudan · L'ambassade canadienne demeurera fermée lundi
        Le Canada rouvrira lundi ses ambassades à Tripoli et au Caire, alors que celle de Khartoum au Soudan demeurera fermée, selon    ce qu'a appris TVA Nouvelles. Agence QMI        
14h27 - Commission Charbonneau · Reprise des audiences après trois mois de pause
        Les audiences de la commission Charbonneau doivent reprendre lundi avec le témoignage de Joseph Pistone, alias Donnie   Brasco. Agence QMI
05h46 - Hôpitaux · Un chantier gigantesque
        Deux ans après sa mise en chantier, le plus avancé des deux nouveaux mégahôpitaux de Montréal vient d'atteindre sa hauteur      finale. Le Journal de Montréal vous emmène aujourd'hui dans les coulisses de la construction du campus Glen du Centre   universitaire de santé McGill (CUSM). JDM