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Daily Digest September 10, 2012



Baptism of media fire for military boss
         Don't let fear ruin political discourse
Entrails of Quebec election to be picked over by political watchers
         Life in Quebec should be a gas
Who will be the next strong voice for federalism in Quebec?
         Legault to ensure economy job 1
Ottawa gives veteran the short-shrift
         A principled decision against a pariah regime
Better to talk to your enemies
         China was in Myanmar first. Canada can be there better
Voters should be left to decide if Mayor Rob Ford stays in office
         Back of the line, buddy
Obama's 'bait and switch' tax scheme
         DND to pay $100 million to private firm to replace laid-off workers
Federal natural resources minister accuses NDP leader of dividing country
         Separatist ex-premier blasts PQ referendum plan
Corporate handouts costs taxpayers billions
         Liberals want a competitive leadership race, 'best thing,' especially if Trudeau enters fray
Avro Arrow won't resurrect aerospace industry: expert
         Federal industry minister evasive on PQ government's planned changes to Bill 101
After a stressful spring, how can Conservatives gain ground this fall?
         Natynczyk on war, leadership and being 'Walt from Winnipeg'
Ottawa revoking citizenship of more than 3,000 after fraud investigation
         Gun control advocates celebrate Quebec judge's ruling on registry
Court in Quebec rebukes Harper Tories on gun registry, orders transfer of data
         Dalton McGuinty faces leadership review Sept. 28
Ex-Harper aide's influence-peddling case put off to Oct. 1
         Harper government's assault on reason, scientists, 'Orwellian' and 'alarming,' warns pollstera.
Pundits' Guide: Q and A with Allan Gregg
         Elections Canada deregisters Tory association in Ottawa-Vanier
Former world leaders, including Jean Chretien, sound alarm on global water crisis
         It's the permanent campaign, Harper's team never rests, says Flanagan
PM will need to strengthen contingent of Quebec advisers after PQ win, say political players
         Charismatic Liberal MP 'inspires' local connections
Parliamentary Budget Officer pleads once again for the information he needs to do his job
         Bombardier throttles back on spending
Feds reject bid to revive Avro Arrow
         Nexen registered lobbying over, action still happening behind scenes, say Ottawa watchers
Tory MP calls on Alward to move up Senate election date
         Jason Kenney expected to announce 2,900 being stripped of citizenship for fraud
Wildrose would work with PQ: Smith
         Funeral to be held for Parti Quebecois shooting victim as flag at half-mast
Ottawa MP pushes back after 'political threats' from unions
         Murray Rankin says he's seeking federal NDP nomination in Victoria
Stephen Harper's environment watchdog to investigate 'risks' of federal budget bill
         National energy ministers meeting in P.E.I.
Releasing serial killer Russell Williams DNA testing dates unjustified invasion of privacy
         Franklin Expedition hunt turns up human remains, artifacts believed to be from long-lost Arctic ship wreck
Canadian the only illegal alien caught in U.S. fake-voter dragnet
         Alberta forecast to lead Canadian economic growth in 2012
Cement firm rejects plan for Port Lands
         The 'Canada Party' Invasion of America Begins Here
Raising the Grade on What BC Kids Learn About Aboriginal People
         Birds of a Feather: Marois and Harper
  Jean Swanson's Advocacy for Vancouver's Impoverished


The Real News Network:
I sraeli Defence Minister Rumoured Cooling on Attacking Iran
         Chicago Teachers Launch Strike for Better Pay, Benefits and Work Conditions
Obama's Policies Won't Create Jobs, but Romney Will be a Disaster
         Protestors Target Democratic National Convention

Green Party Presidential Candidate Presents a "New Green Deal"
         Black Agenda Report Editor: "Obama is not the lesser evil
Will Disillusioned Young People Vote for Obama?

Common Dreams:
James Gustave Speth: America the Possible Chicago Teachers Take Stand Against Corporate Education Reform
         Shell Bores Into Arctic Sea Despite Flimsy Safety Tests
Global Carbon Trading System Has 'Essentially Collapsed'
         Climate Change Wreaks Havoc on US Power Plants
Surveillance System Set Up for RNC May Be Permanent
         Finders Weepers: Early Bain Disputes Cast New Light on Its Business
Bernie Sanders on the Independent in Politics
         Karen Lewis: Why We're Striking in Chicago
Paul Buchheit: Interference, Encroachment, & Taunting: A Gridiron Guide to the Republican Mind
         Chris Hedges: Growth Is the Problem
Allison Kilkenny: S17: Occupy Wall Street Plans Anniversary Protest of Wall Street
         Robert Reich: The Biggest Economic Challenge of Obama's Second Term
Miriam Pemberton and Gabriel Rossman: A Glimmer of Military Budget Sanity
         Julie Hollar: Missing Latino Voices: Excluded from the Newsroom, Absent from the Conversation
Jeremiah Goulka: Confessions of a Former Republican: On Joining the Reality-Based Community
         Conservation Groups Challenge Kill-at-will Policy for Wyoming Wolves
Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA): Chicago Strike "Tip of Iceberg" in School "Reform's" "Disastrous Consequences"
         ACLU of Florida: The Faces of Voter Suppression Become the Voices of Voter Empowerment at "Let Me Vote"

Information Clearing House:
We Are at War Exploiting 9/11 for the Benefit of a Few.
        The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy?
Forget Iran: It's Israel's Nuclear Gun Pointed at Obama's Head
        The Iraq War and the Persistent Myth of 'Intelligence Failure'
Romney, GOP Still Haven't Come to Terms with Iraq
        Why I Left The GOP
What Does It Mean To Be a Slave?
        U.S. Refuses to Extradite Bolivia's Ex-president
Growth Is the Problem
        Zeitgeist Failure The days of cubicle serfdom are numbered
Children Who Sell Themselves
        Wave of attacks kill over 100 in Iraq :
Turkey fighter jets attack PKK targets inside Iraq, killing 25:
        Bomb targets Assad forces, 27 killed :
Syria: 20 soldiers executed by rebels in Aleppo:
        Syria Criticizes France for Supporting Rebels,
The US and "like-minded states" might pursue regime change in Syria
        Israel discussing Iran "red line" with U.S.:
Pro-Israel Campaign Contributions to U.S. Congress Legislators :
        Israeli PM praises Canada for cutting ties with Iran:
Canada's last Iran ambassador: Cutting off Tehran looks like a mistake:
        Suicide attack in Afghan city of Kunduz 'kills 16':
British Occupation Force Soldier Killed In Afghanistan:
        Car bomb kills 10 in northwest Pakistan:
Pakistan pushes Taliban back - 100 killed:
        al-Qaida's No. 2 among 7 killed in Yemen:
UK government contractor flew CIA prisoners to Gaddafi says Reprieve:
         Whitewashed: CIA's Murder of Gul Rehman :
Wall Street Scammer Ducks Prison by Working for CIA:
        Chilean march in memory of dictatorship dead turns violent :
Julian Assange to receive Aboriginal Passport:
        Must listen: Secret Police Murder and Cover-Up:
George Soros: Germany must lead or leave euro:

Commentary: Did Bill Clinton Hit a Home Run?; Unfounded Hand-Wringing over Military Spending Cuts
         Daily Podcast: Democrats Scrub Civil Liberties from Platform
Blog Highlight: A New Kind of Trade War
         Featured Media: Daniel J. Mitchell discusses Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics on FOX
Recent Papers, Testimony, & Legal Briefs: Bond v. United States
         Books and Periodicals: Replacing Obamacare: The Cato Institute on Health Care Reform

One-Note Economic Record

The GM financial rescue has been repeatedly touted at the Democratic National Convention as the central economic achievement of President Obama's first term. Daniel J. Ikenson explains why the bailout: 1) did not actually save GM; 2) irrevocably harmed the rest of the U.S. auto industry; and 3) slowed the recovery of the broader economy.
         Details of the Auto Bailout You Won't Hear in Charlotte, by Daniel J. Ikenson
Lasting Implications of the General Motors Bailout, congressional testimony by Daniel J. Ikenson
         CEObama, by Daniel J. Ikenson
Bailouts Beget More Bailouts, by Daniel J. Ikenson
        NEW! Did Bill Clinton Hit a Home Run?,
NEW! Unfounded Hand-Wringing over Military Spending Cuts,
        NEW! Democrats Scrub Civil Liberties from Platform, featuring Julian Sanchez (7:26)
Bipartisan Medicare Duplicity, featuring Michael D. Tanner (10:30)
         Asset Forfeiture's Hit Parade, featuring Walter Olson (7:00)
BLOG HIGHLIGHT - A New Kind of Trade War rss
        NEW! On Cato@Liberty,

The European Union Times:
Tornado Hits New York City Source
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Tunisian migrant boat sinks near Italy, 50 dead Source
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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
21h47 - Direction du PLQ · Philippe Couillard se donne deux semaines avant de décider
        Philippe Couillard réfléchit à la possibilité de se porter candidat à la succession de Jean Charest comme chef du Parti libéral du      Québec. L'ex-ministre de la Santé n'a pas écarté l'idée de prendre part à la course. Agence QMI
21h40 - Classement des universités · Montréal est le 10e meilleur endroit au monde pour étudier
        Les Universités McGill et de Toronto se classent dans le Top 20 des meilleures universités du monde, selon un classement        international publié lundi. Agence QMI
21h35 - Taux de suicide · Situation alarmante chez les agriculteurs
        Plus de gens se suicident au Québec qu'ailleurs au Canada et les agriculteurs sont particulièrement touchés par ce fléau. Agence
15h56 - Armes d'épaule · Le registre sauvé... pour l'instant     
        Québec a obtenu une injonction pour qu'Ottawa ne puisse pas détruire les données du registre des armes d'épaule. Agence QMI
13h21 - Immigration · Citoyenneté canadienne révoquée pour 3000 personnes
        En raison de stratagème frauduleux dans leur demande de citoyenneté. Agence QMI
03h58 - Marché aux puces · Le rétro fait le bonheur
        De plus en plus de collectionneurs viennent chez les commerçants. JDM
03h21 - Pathologistes · Une crise sans précédent
        Les hôpitaux québécois manquent cruellement de pathologistes et ceux-ci, débordés, sont à bout de nerfs. JDM
03h10 - Pathologistes · Québec cherche une solution
        Le nouveau mode de rémunération du «plan Barette» a généré un fort mécontentement chez les pathologistes. JDM

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat...
TPP is a freedom destroying deal from hell. Instead of driving a stake through its heart  and killing it, negotiations are proceeding toward enactment....

Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat
Obama and other Washington extremists support an alphabet soup of federal and international freedom-destroying measures. SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, and now TPP are stealth pro-corporate, anti-populist hellish schemes....
"Think of the TPP as a stealthy delivery mechanism for policies that could not survive public scrutiny," said Wallach....
Member countries will sacrifice national sovereignty. Their laws, regulations and rights will be subordinated to TPP rules. Their use of tax revenues will also be restricted. Buy America and similar national priorities will end....

From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada" <>
Subject: Jean Pycock, Havelock, Quebec.

Hello, Joe,
Thanks again - In my view, Canadians/Quebeckers/Albertans can no longer tolerate the drivel that passes for news and information in the mainstream media. The Daily DIgest, agree or not, is an essential window on current events.
Bob Gauthier, Ottawa
Re: Jean Pycock, Havelock, Quebec.
  I share the experience expressed by Jean Pycock about the congeniality of living in Quebec. This does not, however, prevent my assessment based on events dating back to Regulation 17 that Quebec will be gone, either Sovereignty-Association (unlikely), separation (likely) or civil war (likely).
  None of this would have happened except for Ontario Premier James Whitney and his group of bigots in 1912 combined with the media across Canada with their herd mentality and failure to study their history (Pierre Berton, J.L. Granatstein, et al) continue to feed the bigotry.
  I am not thrilled with the outcome but can only deduce from the continuing bad blood and ignorance in the media (see below) even today, that the Hon. Pauline Marois will merely ignore the taunts and provocations and go her own way to mitigate the damage of Regulation 17 and prevent further association with the bigots in the English media.
Sample: The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, September 8, 2012, L.Ian MacDonald:
"Harper put Marois on notice even before her victory speech,"
"If she wants to pick fights with Ottawa,"
  Notwithstanding that Alberta shares several of Quebec's concerns, English media keep heaping insults on the distinguished Hon. Pauline Marois that no decent Canadian residing in or out of Quebec will tolerate. When Quebec moves on, the English media with their petty poke-you-in-the-eye pesky and nuisance bullying will have achieved the unravelling of Canada.
  One need only refer to the United Nations Human Rights Committee's finding against Canada of the violation of Article 19 by the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Inc.'s journalists and their employers which still continues, since Canada has yet to correct the violation.
Full text:

Specific decision starts at Paragraph 13.6;
Dissenting views at the end are worth noting;
UN views are published in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese;
The violation against Canada in included in "Selected Decisions of the United Nations Human Rights Committee," due to the importance of Article 19 in many countries still denied freedom of expression.
  The unravelling of Canada is not the fault of the Hon. Pauline Marois as some would have us believe. It is due entirely to the stupid discrimination by the majority over the minority in 1912 combined with the never-ending ignorant insults and provocations in the English media across Canada that still will not stop.
  This has been a costly lesson for all Canadians. If Jean Pycock is disappointed, that goes double for me. In my opinion, there is no defence against intolerance and bigotry that persists except to move on.
Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier,

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Justice Denied

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Justice Denied
 Sept. 8/12
 To: Sun News Network
Krista and Ezra I'd like to see Sun News pick up on this story that has been avoided by the left wing media; you folks have a role to play in providing some media balance for the public good. This man has been persecuted not unlike those in Russia that don't agree with government policy; the analogy in the attached article is bang on, McGuinty's army is definitely draconian and not any better than Putin's when it comes to civil rights. How much more extreme could the "police state" become is anybody's guess but you'd have to agree that to seize a man's house under the pretence of "assets obtained by the proceeds of crime" provisions of the Criminal Code is beyond ridiculous as all this guy did was fail to file some papers!!
Let's expose McGuinty's "police state" for what it is, a bureaucracy totally out of control where Provincial bureaucrats have taken their delegated authority to enforce federal legislation way way over the top in a deliberate attempt to intimidate citizens and expunge their Charter rights. This a good example why Allan Rock/Chretien's Bill C68 introduced in 1995 must be replaced by firearms legislation that makes sense and removes these nonsensical "paper crimes" from the Criminal Code so that any delegated responsibilities to the Provinces having to do with "administrivia" cannot be manipulated within a criminal context to suit political agendas.
Yours truly,
Ron P. Alton
St. Joe's Island
Meet Ontario's version of Russia's Pussy Riot travesty

From: Ron Thornton

*Hi Joe:

Brandon's comment in the Digest prompted my own question. Has the USA threatened to exterminate any other nations? No? How about Iran, any negative vibes there? As for the American invasions, if one removes those events in which the Americans were invited in by a nation's government or incidents in international waters (Libya 1981 for starters) then the list dwindles quite a bit. Remove the police action, and there isn't much left. If you might remember, those damn yanks even invaded France in 1944. Will they ever learn. Still, if I had to choose which nation I would wish to be real buddy-buddy with, the USA or Iran, it might not be a tough decision.

Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Ab

From: John Duddy
Subject: Dear PM, it is an honour for me to get email from Dr. Paul Roberts,
former Reagan economist and Wall Street Journal Editor.
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>

Special thanks to the Daily Digest for passing this on to real Conservatives.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Paul Roberts <>
Date: September 10, 2012 2:54:16 PM MDT
To: John Duddy <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest September 8, 2012

Send him this one:

The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy?
by Paul Craig Roberts September 10, 2012

From: Joseph <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Canada - Wikimedia Canada


Hope all is well in your realm,
Thought you might enjoy this web link and the project.


Many thanks, Joe
From: Robert Roehle
Subject: FW:  letter by Glenn Tait

Overstating case
 By Glenn Tait, The StarPhoenix September 10, 2012

Re: Stuck in past (SP, Sept. 4). In this response to a letter from Kyle Korneychuk, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz - to use parliamentary lingo - was being a "stranger to the truth" when he said that Prime Minister Stephen Harper set a precedent by always standing up for farmers.

Harper didn't stand up for us when he unilaterally fired the duly elected Canadian Wheat Board directors and destroyed our organization without a vote. He walked all over us, just as he said he would.

To say the CWB does what it used to do is also a reconstruction of the facts. The current "CWB" didn't do anything previously - it's a new entity. It may work out of the same office and have some of the same people (for now), but what used to be is gone.

Ritz's most common piece of misdirection is more of a sin of omission. To claim that farmers "embraced" the end of the single desk implies that all or most of us wanted this. To be wholly truthful, Ritz should say that some farmers, the big grain companies and Conservative ideologues wanted it.

At least 80 per cent of farmers wanted the wheat board to remain in existence, and a minimum of 62 per cent wanted it to remain as a single desk.

I suppose that 18 per cent gap is made up of blind believers and lazy thinkers who refuse to understand how a single desk system works.

We farmers owned the wheat board. We controlled it, profited by it and it was worth more than $15 billion. Harper smashed it. It's despicable.

Glenn Tait

Read more:

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: With Israel lacking capability and US the will to strike, isolating Iran is the only option

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Copy to: Prof. Tony Burman, School of Journalism, Ryerson University: You seem not to realize that if Israel doesn't have the capability to dismantle Iran's nuclear reactors. If Israel had the capability, it would not have waited while a regime pledged to wipe it off the map was trying to equip itself with nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. If it had the capability, it would have destroyed Iran's nuclear installations long ago.

With Israel lacking the capability and US the will to strike, isolating Iran is the only option
Re "Ottawa unwise to echo Netanyahu," by Tony Burman (Sept. 7).
Tony Burman writes: "Then there is that other crucial issue: If Israel attacks Iran, with or without U.S. help, what will be the repercussions? Will the region be engulfed in war?" Before asking the question, it may be worthwhile to ask: Why did'nt Israel, despite facing an existentialist threat from Iran, carry out its pre-emptive strikes against Iran's nuclear installations as it did to Syria's fledgeling nuclear reactors in 2006?
The answer to the question has been provided by one of America's staunchest supporters of Israel, Norman Podhoretz, editor-at-large of Commentary, a magazine published by the American Jewish Committee. In the lead article: "Stopping Iran: Why the Case for Military Action Still Stands," published in the February 2008 issue, Mr. Podhoretz wrote: "But this still does not answer the question of who should do the bombing. Tempting as it must be for George Bush to sit back and let the Israelis do the job, there are considerations that should give him pause. ... To make matters worse, the indications are that it would be very hard for the Israeli air force, superb though it is, to pull the mission off. ... The problem is that for the mission to succeed, all of the many contingencies involved would have to go right. Hence an Israeli attempt could end with the worst of all possible outcomes: retaliatory measures by the Iranians even as their nuclear program remained unscathed."
In short, Isreal lacked the capability to destroy Iran's hardened nuclear sites. Podhoretz's prescription was: "The upshot is that if Iran is to be prevented from becoming a nuclear power, it is the United States that will have to do the preventing, to do so by means of a bombing campaign, and to do it soon." But in 2008, Mr. Bush was embroiled in two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and didn't have the will to get embroiled in a third war with Iran.
Four years later, Bush's successor, President Barack Obama, is even more reluctant to bomb Iran. The Americans, exhausted by two bloody conflicts, seem to be suffering from what can be called the Terminal Combat Fatigue Syndrome (TCFS): the reluctance to shed more American blood and treasure in far off countries. With Israel lacking the capability and the United States the political will to strike, isolating Iran remains the only option. By breaking diplomatic ties with Iran, Canada has led the way. And, with Iranian-backed Syrian regime slaughtering its own people, the region is already engulfed in war.




1 - Costco Connections magazine Debate - "IS FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN A GOOD IDEA?"

NO - Kids First Pres. Helen Ward; YES - Sam Hammond, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Pres.

uncut version of NO-side with links to references

2 - Inst for Marriage and Family Canada article interviewed Dr Gordon Neufeld and Helen Ward:


"Children should start attending school later, not earlier, Canadian development psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld reveals.
"Early learning" programs for young children have no benefits for kids, he adds. So why are governments running down the opposite track?"


Tuesday, September 18, 2012
6:30 – 9:00 pm

Creekside Community Recreation Centre – Gymnasium
1 Athletes Way
Vancouver, BC


Presentation by Neufeld Institute's Dr Deborah MacNamara
Tuesday Oct 23 7-9 pm
Burnaby, BC
Alpha Secondary School 4600 Parker St (1 blk E of Willingdon Ave)
Sponsored by Kids First, Alpha PAC, Neufeld Institute

ParentsCanada article on Dr Gordon Neufeld's understanding of bullying

From: alan heisey <>
Subject: "-worm" 12 9 9 sunday.pdf

ON policy wonk outlines steps toward June western fed meet
Hello Alan,
Thanks for the opportunity to include an update in your next worm. Please feel free
to truncate this down to fit and better suit your publication if necessary.

Report from David Gentili, National Constitution Committee Representative (Ontario)
National Convention is really not that far off! The debates that take place on the floor
of Convention are the result of months of work at the grassroots level. This is why
Electoral District Association (EDA) Presidents were contacted by National Council
on June 6, 2012 and told to strike Policy and Constitution Committees and begin the
process of engaging their respective memberships.

Over the summer, Ontario's National Councillors and representatives of the National
Constitution and Policy Committees were also quite busy. We committed ourselves
to developing resources to assist EDAs participate in the constitutional amendment
and policy resolution processes. We also wanted to plan for a full slate of Regional
Meetings in the fall.

New Resources
I was very happy to have a hand in crafting -- along with my colleagues Dan Dickin
and Jim Karahalios -- a new resource for EDAS we are calling EDA Guidelines for
Constitution and Policy Renewal: Preparing for National Convention. This document
was circulated to EDA Presidents on August 27. This resource is designed
to supplement the tool kits developed by the National Constitution and
Policy Committees. We hope it proves a useful 'road map' to National Convention

If you are an EDA President or Constitution / Policy Chair and you have not received
this document, this means our distribution list is missing your contact information.
Please contact me ( and I will make sure
you receive this document and other important communications about National

Regional Meetings
I was hoping to be able to communicate to you the full list of the Regional Meetings
that will be taking place this fall. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing,
we are still finalizing a few dates and locations. However, I can provide you with
a tentative list. Just know that some details may be subject to change:
Ottawa: Nov. 10th (Contact: Wayne Primeau)
Whitby: Nov. 3rd (Contact: Doug Hawkins)
Vaughn: Nov. 17th (Contact: Jai Bhatti)
Thornhill: Nov 18th (Contact: Cheryl Bannier)
Toronto: December TBD (Contact: David Gentili)
Cambridge: Date TBD (Contact: Phil O'Dell)
Halton: Date TBD (Contact: Jim Karahalious)
London: Date TBD (Contact: Cheryl Bannier)
Sudbury/Northern Ontario: Date TBD (Contact: Diane Suski)

I have to repeat that the above list might change. This is our plan but regional
support for these meetings is necessary for us to fully execute it. We should
have a finalized list e-mailed out to the EDA Presidents in the very near future.
However, I'm happy to report that we will be having a Regional Meeting of the
Toronto Core EDAs, preferably in December. I have reached out to my neigh
bouring EDA Presidents and hope in very short order to have a confirmed date and location.
As the only NCC Representative who lives in the downtown core, this is one
of my core commitments and an absolute must as far as I'm concerned! I encourage
any Party Member in the downtown core who is reading this to contact me and get involved.
I'll conclude by saying to those EDAs which are not as far along as they'd like to be
in their preparations for National Convention, there is still ample time for meaningful
involvement. EDAs have until the end of 2012 to submit proposed constitutional
amendments and policy resolutions. I'd be happy to chat with any Party Member
about this process and our activities on the NCC and NPC. Give me a call (647-350-
8044) or send me an e-mail ( I am here to help!
- Dave Gentili
David Peter Gentili
National Constitution Committee (Ontario Representative)
Tel: 647-350-8044 E-mail:

Next issue, in two weeks, the Lord willing! cz