Sunday, September 02, 2012

Daily Digest HOLIDAY EDITION September 2, 2012


The articles immediately following I shifted over from Facebook sites.
Only about half made it so so much for that approach.

There is also _____CANADA from regular sources.

Enjoy the Holiday day and the weather.


Record-high prison numbers sparking violence - Ottawa - CBC News
         "Green Bitumen?!": Nuclear reactors in the tar sands | The Dominion
Cardinal says Catholic church '200 years behind' - World - CBC News
         Occupy Floundered Because It Didn't Understand Power
Hot Grit rumours: you read 'em here first | Warren Kinsella
         Cnooc-Nexen Deal Now Under Review; Let the Tea-Leaf Reading Begin
         Looks Like That 1812 Commercial Didn't Work
New build: tackling the cost issue | Nuclear Energy Insider
         Region dealing with national shortage of child psychiatrists
RCMP 'to ease Canadians into the idea' of U.S. agents in Canada
         Pipeline politics gripping Canadians across the country

         Faking Syrian War Images To Manipulate The Western Public

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
        What Harpercon'd Environmental Science looks like. The Canadian High Arctic Research Station
Class War Fare in Canada declared by the Chartered Banks in Canada.


Everything old is new again
Hard-left PQ spells trouble in Quebec

Hey Occupy, what about the 20%?
It's Union Day, not Labour Day

Kitchener could be Tim Hudak's Waterloo ­ or Dalton McGuinty's mess-up
New ridings give Tories an edge

Elections Canada's extreme makeover: Thirty new seats will likely help Tories, bring more diversity to Parliament
Survey by fed ombudsman suggests feds may be cooking sole-source contracts

Christy Clark expects more B.C. Liberal resignations
Tory attacks on Joyce Fairbairn mindlessly cruel

PQ's 'years of disruption' won't help Quebec City's NHL dreams, Charest says
Parti Quebecois one point away from majority, poll shows

Fear of PQ win driving some anglophone Quebecers to Ontario
Legault says it's a 2-way race between PQ and CAQ

Anglophone newspapers support CAQ because it "scares them less," Pauline Marois says
Legault: If you don't want a sovereignty referendum, vote for me

Jean Charest plays referendum card
Parti Québécois plans to shake up provincial premiers' forum that leader once wanted to abandon

Canadians happy with job security: Survey
Man who believes Diefenbaker was his father skeptical about hair sample

Natynczyk took his job to heart, say friends
Counterfeit Chinese art on display all over Canada according to experts

Private property on reserve no silver bullet for First Nations
Expect even more resignations from B.C. Liberals, says VIU political expert

Paul Henderson's goal brought Canada together
Alan Eagleson shut out by Summit Series players

Concern about technology use as kids head back to school.
Facebook cracks down on fake "Likes"