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Harper faces harsh criticism from within his own party
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government needs to face public criticism
from within its own tent, an Alberta Conservative MP argued Thursday.

Nexen deal: NDP wants Tories to define net benefit of China deal

Tories have cancelled almost 600 environmental assessments in Ontario
"Other Revenue": The Black Hole of Political Party Financial Reporting

Liberals 'didn't break rules' by letting Joyce Fairbairn attend senate after dementia diagnosis
China's Nexen offer hard for Ottawa to refuse

NDP to Tories: Define 'net benefit' in Nexen deal
Paradis defends federal investment review process

Gun swap urged to show long-gun registry was 'useless'
George Abbott, Mary McNeil, John Les the latest B.C. Liberals to retire

Senator scandals may stir change in Upper Chamber
The right, and wrong, way to exit the political stage

The problem with being 'nice' to Joyce Fairbairn
Ottawa's 'dead money' tirade misses the point

Quebec election 2012: Social peace will prove elusive no matter which party takes power
Quebec election anyone's guess.

Legault's new proposals clarify his stand on anglos
Dalton McGuinty has made enemies of friends

UN plays fool at hate summit
Quebec Election 2012: Dalton McGuinty hopes Jean Charest can defy the odds and win

State funeral for late NDP leader Jack Layton cost $368,326: document
PQ is spoiling for a fight with Harper on foreign-policy issues

Former junior cabinet minister Helena Guergis among University of Alberta's first-year law class
Ottawa taps veteran diplomat for ambassador's role in China

Lowe's hires Ottawa lobbyist in push for Rona takeover
Tory government likely to continue with F-35 purchase: Williams

How old do you think the new CDS is?
Pressure mounts on Harper to ease nuclear logjam with India

Poll shows Marois' PQ winning a slight majority in Quebec election
Corporate Quebec wary of PQ victory

CAQ candidate was rejected by Bloc over cigar smuggling, driving infractions
Jean Charest says allegations his ministers sailed on alleged fraudster's boat are baseless

Liberal campaign cancels Charest appearance due to unpredictable protests
Less than 24 hours after finance minister stepped down, three more B.C. Liberals set to resign

Palmer: Falcon's resignation leaves B.C. Liberals in dire straits
Canada: Not quite the conservative paradise Republicans think it is

How to fix an 'upside-down' immigration system
Government tries to block MP's questions at pipeline review

Keystone pipeline is built, it's stacked up in Arkansas: Congressman
Canadian automakers will have to follow U.S. fuel-efficiency guidelines

Cancellation of social outreach program led to attacks on coalition soldiers: ambassador
Mounties who watched jail-cell sex showed 'lack of professionalism': report

Drought-hit farmers asked to repay funds from mad-cow crisis
Ontario classroom dispute puts sports, clubs at risk

Alberta town considers suing after province pulls plug on police college
Banks dole out dividends bonanza

Dave Barrett's Rich Legacy to British Columbians
Assange Needs to Face Rape Allegations

BC political leaders say farewell to Kevin Falcon
BCGEU, other unions to take strike action September 5

Canadian scientists worry over loss of Arctic ice


C an Corporations Be Made to Fit Democratic Theory and Vision?
Pyongyang's Future Is in Beijing

'Dark Money' Groups and Political Speech
Budget Hawks or Military Hawks

Money in Politics: Where Is the Outrage?
Iran's Khamenei Calls for 'Nuclear Free Middle East'

Canada Orders Iraq War Resister to Be Deported Back to US
Beneath Melting Antarctica, Powerful Greenhouse Gas Lurks

Want to Keep Track of Drone Strikes? There's Not an App for That
'Massacre': Scores of Amazon Indigenous Tribe Members Killed by Miners

Which Way Will The Pendulum Swing? Chicago Teachers Give Notice of Strike
The Abortion War

Ralph Reed's Trip from Purgatory to Power

John Nichols: They Love the Lies Paul Ryan Tells

Matt Taibbi: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Romney and Bain Capital
Amy Goodman: Workers Feel the Pain of Bain

Charles P. Pierce: Paul Ryan Is the Newest New Nixon, a Moocher Belied
Harold Meyerson: Paul Ryan and a Triple Coating of GOP Ideological Mus

Ralph Nader: Challenging Big Labor to Fight for a Living Wage
Greg Mitchell: Most in Media Ignore Ryan's Lies--and Forgive Condi's

Cenk Uygur: The Real GOP Convention Is on the Cracker Bay
Rights Groups: Victory for Texas Voters: Restrictive Voter ID Law Rejected by Federal Court

Senator Bernie Sanders Welcomes Obama Support for Amendment to Undo Citizens United
Public Citizen: Let the Scams Begin – SEC's Proposed Rule on Private Offerings Encourages Risky Financial Industry Practices

Federal court blocks Texas voter ID law
Court rejects Texas redistricting maps

Judge to lift restrictions on Florida voter registration
Reports: Egypt refused U.S. request to fire on Iran ship

Attacks in Iraq kill general and 5 others
US-led airstrike kills 12 Afghan villagers

Three Australian soldiers killed by rogue Afghan soldier
Bomb explosion kills five Afghan soldiers in eastern Afghanistan

Bomb explosion in Afghanistan kills 4 civilians, injures 20
NATO may need more troops to ship home Afghan gear

Guantánamo Bay terror suspect charged with plotting to attack oil tankers in Strait of Hormuz
Two Americans shot in Mexico CIA operatives: Report

Low-flying helicopters over Berkeley are measuring radiation levels
Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions

Condi Rice Can't Name a Specific Obama Foreign Policy Failure
Billionaire Donors Hide Behind Velvet Curtain at Republican Convention

Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag
Black CNN staffer taunted with nuts at RNC

Yahoo! fires bureau chief over 'inappropriate' Romney joke
Montreal police arrest 10 people for assault at university protest

Second accused LulzSec hacker arrested in Sony breach
Nuclear agency keeping close eye on Isaac

Mississippi Dam Failure Feared After Tropical Storm Isaac
SW Idaho vets volunteer to care for burned bear cub found in wildfire

Firefighters Save Injured Bear Cub Found Near Idaho Wildfire
Frustrated UWS Resident Hangs 'Rat Crossing' Signs

Empty-handed in the battlefield
Israeli Court Legitimizes Murder

Israeli army cleared in Rachel Corrie death
Did Israel Nuke Arafat?

Rachel Corrie and the Kosher Legal Stamp
Iran opens global summit with nuclear appeals

Sweden to Fund Innovations in Water Sector
  Spain Hit by Epidemic of Despair

Drought Dries Up Balkans Harvests
Irregular Migrants Face the Boot in Greece

Could Water Strife Lead to 'Mass Killings' in the Future?
Study Damns Mekong Dams

  Feed Europe, Feed the World
Small Arms Trade Bigger Than Ever, Report Says

U.S. Foreign Weapons Sales Triple, Setting Record
Gaza to be Unlivable by 2020 – UN Report

Romney and the European Authoritarian Right
Dedicated UN team to examine Iranian nuclear program

"Bashar Must Die!"The Brahimi Plan
Inside Daraya How a Failed Prisoner Swap Turned Into a Massacre

Israel, Obama and the Curse of John Wayne.
Obama's America: Waiting for Blowback.

Why Americans Must End America's Self-Generating Wars
The Revolution is Over - Long Live the Revolution!.

The Real Convention Is On Romney Yacht
By the Numbers U.S. is the Worst Police State in the World

Pakistan: Eight soldiers, 10 militants killed in SWA clashes:
10 Taliban killed in various provinces:

Five Australian occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: -
5 Afghan civilians killed, 10 wounded by insurgent rockets:

Six police among seven killed in Iraq attacks:
US kills 5 people in Yemen :

Russia demands probe into 'barbaric' violence near Damascus:
Putin Warns: Long Civil War in Syria If Assad Unconstitutionally Ousted:

Turkey Calls on UN to Set up No-Fly Area to "Shield Refugees":
Romney campaign: No to Syria no-fly zone for now:

Syria opposition group not up to challenge, says ex-member:
Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit:

Ayatollah Khamenei Urges Nuclear-Free Middle East :
Western data against Iran N-energy program, rumor: Ex-IAEA expert :

Iran provides democratic, just solution to Palestine: Leader:
Morsi: Palestinian cause a priority:,7340,L-4274928,00.html

Attacks on Libyan school, mosques in challenge to NATO-installed government:
SEAL book says bin Laden shot on sight in hallwayt:

CIA balked at chance to kill bin Laden in '99, Polish ex-spy says:
Glenn Greenwald: Collusion between the New York Times and the CIA:

Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives :
200 US Marines are patrolling Guatemala coast:

Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag:
Rotten to the core:

Citigroup to pay $590 million to settle investor suit:
Nicolas Sarkozy is contemplating a £200,000-an-hour job with a bank that already employs Tony Blair:

Facebook co-founder Moskovitz scrambles to offload his shares:
Poverty: The New Growth Industry in America : Op-Ed -

Unemployment rate rises in Germany amid EU debt crisis:

Afghanistan: The underpants option

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

JEUDI 30 AOÛT 2012

21h13 - Gouverneur général · Un détour coûteux
        Le gouverneur général a encore une fois utilisé l'avion du gouvernement pour son usage personnel. Agence QMI
20h18 - Sondage · Marois est mieux perçue que Legault et Charest
        Elle est perçue comme la plus apte à diriger le prochain gouvernement parmi les trois principaux chefs de parti. Agence QMI
19h29 - Service immobilier · fait son entrée au Québec
        Bookmark and Share Un nouveau service immobilier arrive sur le marché québécois de l'habitation. s'adresse aux    propriétaires qui souhaitent vendre leur propriété par eux-mêmes, sans passer par un agent immobilier et ainsi diminuer les frais       associés à la transaction. Agence QMI
19h22 - Démocratie étudiante · Une nouvelle loi réclamée
        Le gouvernement du Québec devrait renforcer les pouvoirs des associations étudiantes dans les cégeps et universités pour        éviter le chaos sur les campus et l'engorgement des tribunaux, souhaite la clinique JuriPop. Agence QMI
18h48 - Hydro-Québec · Les ingénieurs dénoncent les intentions de la CAQ
        Ils se sont élevés contre l'intention de la Coalition avenir Québec de réduire le personnel de 4000 postes. Agence QMI
17h57 - Immigration · Expulsion ordonnée d'une militaire américaine
        Ottawa a confirmé jeudi en appel la décision de renvoyer aux États-Unis une militaire américaine qui s'était réfugiée au Canada         après avoir déserté en 2007 pour ne pas retourner en Irak, a annoncé une organisation pacifiste qui la soutient.  AFP
17h11 - Saint-Constant · Le texto pour rejoindre les jeunes électeurs
        Les responsables de la campagne du candidat péquiste Alain Therrien dans Sanguinet ont trouvé un moyen inusité de rejoindre     les jeunes. Agence QMI
16h58 - Conflit étudiant · Recours collectif déposé
        Deux étudiants ont intenté une demande de recours collectif, visant le gouvernement et 25 établissements        d'enseignement. Agence QMI
16h20 - Immobilisation · Montréal fait face à un manque de 700 millions $ par année
        Il manque 700 millions $ par année à la Ville de Montréal pour être en mesure d'assurer la protection de ses actifs, c'est-à-dire       l'entretien de son réseau d'aqueduc et de son réseau routier, sans parler des parcs et du reste.  Agence QMI
15h36 - Élections · Marois courtise les étudiants
        Pauline Marois a courtisé le vote des étudiants jeudi et leur a rappelé qu'il lui faut un gouvernement majoritaire pour abolir la loi   spéciale et annuler la hausse des droits de scolarité. Agence QMI
14h23 - Épidémie de légionellose · Québec demande la tenue d'une enquête publique
        Selon le dernier bilan, on dénombrait mercredi 141 cas de légionellose, dont neuf morts. Agence QMI
12h20 - Manifestations à l'UQAM · La police doit intervenir, selon le chef de la CAQ
        Ulcéré par l'inaction de la direction, il convoquerait le recteur s'il était premier ministre. Agence QMI
03h08 - Légionellose · Son mari meurt en 3 jours
        La conjointe d'une victime de la légionellose souhaite que les responsables des décès soient identifiés. JDQ


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From: Ron Thornton
Subject: Re: Digest has become difficult to utilize...

*Hi Joe:

I'm not sure if it is the volume of items in the Digest or the formats we all use in submitting our comments, but this latest version finally prompted me to mention how absolutely cluttered it now appears. As I get older, I find I lack the patience to sift through it all (you should see how I watch television shows now that I've got a PVR).

In the old days, newspapers used headlines to grab our attention. Presently, I can't find many hooks within the Digest to grab my attention and I am probably missing some items that would interest me but I just don't see them within the clutter.

Having us all use a format that allows us to clearly see where a submission begins and where it ends might be worth thinking about, a limit to the length of an article to so many words, topping our submissions with an attention grabbing headline, and article links more grouped into like subjects and headlined.

I mention this only as I have always considered the information of something of value and interest to me, but I find I am skimming through it much too quickly and not catching the submissions that would interest me that I know are buried in there somewhere.

I hesitate mentioning anything as I know the time and effort you put into this, but I find I am not utilizing the Digest as much as I would like.

Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Ab.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney take on corporate Canada, August 28, 2012

Re: Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney take on corporate Canada, August 28, 2012

Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney have given big businesses an environment of low interest rates and low taxes with the following results: high corporate profits, high hoards of corporate cash, the middle class suffering, and over a million Canadians still unemployed. The responsibility for the welfare of Canadians should not be left to the vagaries of the private market. When there is insufficient spending in the economy because households are indebted and because corporations are saving, the government must step in with direct job creation and infrastructure development. Since Canada has a free-floating, non-convertible currency, the government can create and spend whatever it takes to bring the economy up to full capacity. Just as federal money is always available to bail out banks; it can also be deployed to get people back to work.

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <> []

Legault raises the notwithstanding clause

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 02:47 PM PDT
This may sow some sober second thoughts during the last week of this Quebec campaign: "Quebec party mulls notwithstanding clause to retain MDs." One of CAQ leader Francois Legault's major promises in the election campaign is to ensure that all Quebecers have a family doctor within a year of the election. That's a sweeping promise that many are having trouble believing and may have driven him to say this in an editorial meeting with Le Devoir:
"I won't rule out, if necessary, using the notwithstanding clause to be able to keep more doctors who are studying at McGill," Legault told the Montreal-based daily. "It doesn't make sense that from McGill, after five years, half the doctors have left Quebec."

He raised the possibility of having medical graduates who opt to leave the province being required to repay the amount of money it has cost Quebec taxpayers to educate them in Quebec. The figures cited are about $160,000 plus to educate a doctor. Legault also spoke to the Montreal Gazette editorial board today and maintained the use of the notwithstanding clause as an option to deal with the problem, but seemed to tone it down a bit:""Honestly, that would be a last option," Legault said."

Nevertheless, you have to think this will give some voters pause this week.

That's very controversial terrain he is on and he likely knows it. Thus the subtle walk back. Invoking the notwithstanding clause to restrain anyone's mobility rights has got to raise a feeling of uneasiness about Legault's leadership instincts and choices he is prepared to make. To send such a signal about restraining people's livelihood decisions in this way is particularly intrusive in its message.

The notwithstanding clause is not a casual option. It's rarely been used and there is history and sensitivity in Quebec over its usage. More sensitivity in the anglophone community, for sure. But great awareness in the population as well over its historical use by the PQ. So it may resonate.

There is a common sense appeal Legault has made in this election. He's the practical guy, the post-politics guy. He's different from the rest of them. But this doesn't have that ring to it. He's the same old PQ pol is what this type of solution suggests. He may have undercut his campaign themes.

By singling out McGill in particular in connection with this issue, he's likely succeeded in perking up the anglophone community's attention once again during this final last week. It can't help with their votes.

I find it hard to predict how this crazy campaign will go. The rhetoric has been so heated. But this, I think, cannot help him with a last push.

From: "S Booiman" <>
To: "Harper Stephen   Calgary...snip...>
Subject: priority

August 30, 2012
The Rt.Hon.Mr.Stephen Harper                                                              The Hon.Mr.James Moore
Prime |Minister of Canada                                                                      Minister of Heritage and Official Languages
                                                                                 Consultations 2012
Receiving a response from Ottawa can be called a privilege, even as it is not signed by the democratically elected,
as it is coming from Gatineau Quebec, the province with language restriction as presented in Bill 101. by which
all in Quebec have to live by or face punishment, deportation, maybe at some time a concentration camp.

In it's desperation to oblige the Conservative Government proudly support the Trudeau dictatorial enforcement,
which carries no public support through asking. To strengthen their commitment the opening line states:
                                                         Official Languages and Perspective for the Future
making the word "consultation" questionable, confirmed in  "priority" – "benefits" "social" – "economic" -
"perspective" –  "Future". It is costly, divisive, patronage, with no economic value. demonstrated with, that,
on the end of the Line it is "English" language is where the money is around the world. Let me emphasize the
word "priority" used several times in the letter, restricting choice with "either or" English or French, the
answer obviously they want to hear or read. The joke is in the opening line of the "consultation" quoting:
                                                                     Economic Action Plan 2012.
A BRITISH Columbian,
Suan.H. Booiman
PS. cost from 1969 = 2011 some 1.2 trillion dollars,plus annually undisclosed 7 billion dollars on top.
Subject: question

Listening to some of the speeches at the Republican convention, was impressed
with the words from Condolisa Rice talking about immigrants “it is not a question
where you came from but where you are going to” for Canada it is What is your
priority English or French and French or English, the division choice pre-selected.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Clinton balanced the budget by also raising taxes on the rich

The Editor
National Post
Clinton balanced the budget by also raising taxes on the rich
Re "Obama, Bush and the fog of economics," by Kelly McParland (Aug. 30).
Kelly McParland is right when he says: "Perhaps most telling is the fact that Obama looks bad mainly when you compare him to another Democrat, the tight-fisted Bill Clinton." But Bill Clinton not only cut spending, he also raised taxes on wealthy Americans. When Mr. Clinton entered the White House, his first act was to raise taxes on wealthy Americans (earning $250,000 and more per year) to stem a runaway budget deficit left behind by earlier Republican administrations. Clinton's tax-hike on the rich, denounced by Republicans as "a passport to recession," balanced the budget, produced a surplus, lowered the long-term interest rates and triggered the longest economic boom in recent history.
His successor President George W. Bush squandered the surplus by his staggering $1.67 trillion tax cut, producing a massive $400 billion deficit. Calling Bush's tax cut a "tax fraud," the Washington Post editorialized on May 26, 2001: "A tax cut that large strips the government of the resources it will need to meet its obligations -- shore up Social Security and Medicare, beef up defence, pay for rest of the services, from highways to Head Start, that the public has rightly come to expect. The benefit of the cut will go mainly to the better-off."
To balance the budget, U.S. President Barack Obama will have to both cut spending and raise taxes on the rich who could afford it. His Republican rival Mitt Romey's proposed tax cuts, like Bush's tax cuts, will only exacerbate the budget crisis.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: China pledges to buy more EU bonds as crisis deepens - RT
Subject: average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
from spiritual faith to great courage;
from courage to liberty;
from liberty to abundance;
from abundance to selfishness;
from selfishness to complacency;
from complacency to apathy;
from apathy to dependence;
from dependency back again into bondage.
Sir Alex Fraser Tyler: (1742-1813) Scottish jurist and historian

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Rachael Corrie  DD

Joe--thanks to Stephanie McDowall re her report on Rachael Corrie.  Here is another report.  We are killing people around the world because of the 'actions of their leaders' but in this instance the USI does nothing to protect their own citizens.  As I never listen to or watch CBC I had not heard this report but it is not surprising that our zionist controlled country would see nothing wrong with this action by the self chosen.
Israeli Court Legitimizes Murder
Subject: Elections would sober Senate DD

The Senate show for all to see that we do not live in a democracy. A group of appointed  favourites of the ruling Party means that the Party has total control of the country and we have no input. Parliament is to debate issues but it is the stacked Senate that makes the final decision so that means what the ruling Party wants is a given and this is dictatorship, not democracy. The Senate is a drain on the economy and should be abolished.
Subject: The Hologram: Financial Speculation and Casino Capitalism

Joe--we are all human refuse with no use to our controllers other than making money. We have no purpose other than to serve the master corporations. Our 'leaders' have been co-opted into this pattern and we are all expendable. This mess created by the greedy corporations and the complacency of our 'leaders' is hitting home. Our whole life is a hologram. The only thing real in our country is our demise as a functional society. And this has all been perpetrated for greed. Soon we will be living like the Haitians. We are just waiting for the engineered earthquake to hit us.