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Ethics controversy deepens around PM's chief of staff over gold giant's lobbying
The ethics controversy swirling around Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff deepened Wednesday
with news that Nigel Wright was lobbied on three separate occasions by a company with which he had deep personal connections.
Elections would sober Senate
Senate inaction does disservice to Fairbairn

Liberals mishandled Fairbairn's illness
An election in which the entire country is at stake

In its clamour for change, will Quebec get swept up by the CAQ?
Marois lowers the PQ's bar

Defence chief's selection sends a coded message
New defence chief must inspire trust

Canada's economic prudence is risky
McGuinty teacher gambit attacks the middle class

Gun control argument a cop-out
B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon steps down, won't run in 2013
Liberal Senator, 69, and young 'air rage' wife kept relationship secret until she was 21

Rabson: A story of the ages
Gray: Sensenberger Spat With Zimmer Damges Senate

Senator's wife back in court to face charges stemming from airplane incident
Ethics Watch: Olivia Chow calls on commissioner to investigate appointments to Oshawa Port Authority Cnooc-Nexen Deal

Now Under Review; Let the Tea-Leaf Reading Begin

Paradis says review of CNOOC's $15.1-billion takeover of Nexen has begun

Pro-Keystone pipeline vibe looms large at GOP convention
Parliamentary expert named new integrity commissioner

Latest projection puts PQ on track for slim majority
Lawson's appointment to chief of defence staff will affect F-35 debate, says NDP

Tory trying to keep 'definition of human' motion alive
Is there a Canadian case for Mitt Romney as president?

Baird says PMO chief who sat in on Barrick call had no conflict
Where is our jet procurement going? Things to watch

Pentagon's Testing Czar Questions F-35 Program's OTE Plan
Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney take on corporate Canada

UP FOR GRABS: Candidates to replace Victoria MP Denise Savoie will emerge soon
Harper headed to N.B. and N.S.

Journal for the Study of Antisemitism Recognizes PM Stephen Harper with The Righteous Who Fight Antisemitism Award
Quebec Liberals would promote use of French: Charest

Parti Québécois have François Legault in their sights
Carleton unveils new donor agreement for political management school

Navy's hopes for Canada's top military job scuttled again
Federal government offers livestock tax relief to drought-stricken farmers

Ford says voters, not court, should decide his fate
Canadians more optimistic about job security this

Former Elections B.C. boss under fire for $40,000 travel bill
Reform of B.C. legislature's finances underway

B.C. Education Minister mulls his future on cusp of academic year
'Cheap' Quebec customers hit with special 'tax' in Burlington, Vt. restaurants

French Canadians singled out as bad tippers in Vermont
Pentagon raises questions of F-35 testing program

Fishermen seek fair halibut allocations

First Nations must share risks

Hundreds of weanling hogs euthanized at W. Man. farm
China's approval on Viterra takeover awaited

VIDEO: What's the right depth for seeding soybeans?
Satellites see canola yields slip on heat, disease

Across Canada in a farmhouse: Banff to Revelstoke
Harvest is well along in Manitoba


Missed Chances While Oil Gushed from Enbridge Pipeline

Will Diversity Bashing Win in Quebec?
Waiting for the Catastrophe of My Life to Be Beautiful



Waste Food, Waste Water ­ A Message From World Water Week
Water Innovation Starts with the Farmer: Stockholm World Water Week

How Can a Drought This Big Sneak up on Us?
The High Costs of Free Water

1001 Inventions advances in science and technology from Muslim civilization.



Israeli Court Legitimizes Murder
America preparing for a post-Israel Middle East?

The secret reason for Netanyahu's timing on Iran
Domestic Terrorism American Style

US policies contributed to poverty in Latin America Iranian Rhetoric and the History of the Cancer Analogy
Oh, My Akin Ideology

Protest against Pakistan's blasphemy arrest
Libya denounces destruction of Sufi sites
State Dep't Defines Israeli Settler Violence as Terrorism
What Now for Ron Paul Libertarians?
Paul Ryan and the GOP's New "Dog Whistle Politics"
Federal Court Finds Texas' Redistricting Plan Violates Voting Rights Act

In Montreal's Streets, the Movement Continues
Post-Katrina Reforms in New Orleans Continue to Disenfranchise African-Americans, Poor

Why Are We Turning Our Backs on the Constitution?
The Hologram: Financial Speculation and Casino Capitalism

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Higher Education Was an All but Absent Topic the First Day of the RNC, and More
Mitt Romney's Tax Mysteries: A Reading Guide

Obamacopters Give West Papuans Another Reason to Worry
Seven Blockaders Arrested in Livingston Lockdown

Richard Wolff's Economic Update: "Democracy at Work"
The dispensability of the Abbas Regime

The woman behind the nominee
Delegitimizing and silencing the critics

Never clean your car again
Two Stone Age figurines uncovered near Jerusalem

Robert Reich: How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth
Troubling Waters as Isaac Hits Gulf Coast on Katrina Anniversary

Corporations: Yes, We're Moving Abroad to Get Lower Tax Rates
Peace Advocates Attempt 'War Crimes' Arrest of Condi Rice at RNC

Victory for Texas Voters as Court Halts GOP Redistricting Plan
Montreal Student Strike Continues after Classes Forced to Reopen

Voting Rights Battle Rages in Ohio
Protesters Take On Bain Capital-Owned Bloomin' Brands in Tampa

Jim Hightower: Welcome to GOP Nutland!
Irin Carmon: Ann Romney: Love Mitt, Please

Bernie Sanders: Deficit Hawk Hypocrites
Ruth Conniff: Citizens Struggle in the Shadow of the RNC

Correspondence and Collusion Between the New York Times and the CIA
Lisa Graves: ALEC Goes After the Center for Media and Democracy

 Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Species From Fracking in California
Center for Economic and Policy Research: The Small-Dollar Loan Problem

Nicholas D. Kristof: Who Built This Country? We All Built It Read the Article at The New York Times
Murdoch's Journal Pushes Tragic Fukushima Flim-Flam Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Rick Santorum's Dishonest, Anti-Welfare Race-Baiting Speech Read the Article at Salon
Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Read the Article at Rolling Stone

Why Are the NFL Refs Locked Out? It's All in the Game Read the Article at The Nation
Charles P. Pierce: Republicans Dare to Build a Lie Read the Article at Esquire

Our Irrational Fears Have to Be Made Conscious if We Are to Succeed Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Commentary: Immodest Government; Negative Views of Civilian and Private Security Contractors
Daily Podcast: Thomas Jefferson in His Own Time

Blog Highlight: One of the Many Ways the SEC Contributed to the Financial Crisis
Featured Media: Malou Innocent discusses Syrian violence on VOA
China's national credibility is suspected by outside observers in the fields of politics, economics, and ethics. Read more

Iran's Foreign Policy: Misperception Or Really Escaping The Pitfall? – Analysis
Sri Lanka: Justice And Equity As Pathways To National Security – Analysis

US Army Guerrilla Faction Planned Terror, Obama's Assassination
The Small-Dollar Loan Problem Payday Loans And The "Debt Trap"

Forest Management For A Changing World
Hindus Want Apology From Australian Prime Minister Gillard Over Racist Job Ad

India's Billy Graham Laid To Rest
Wade Michael Page And The Rise Of Extremist Right – OpEd

The Rohingya Problem: Why? – Speech
New York Times Reporter Leaked Colleague's Column To CIA

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21h30 - Sherbrooke · Charest renoue avec les «carrés rouges»
        Jean Charest a annulé une visite en raison de la présence d'une quarantaine de manifestants. Agence QMI
17h16 - Manifestation étudiante · Des manifestants s'en prennent à l'autobus de la CAQ
        Une marche contre la hausse des droits de scolarité qui s'est soldée par quatre arrestations, mercredi avant-midi, à    Montréal. Agence QMI
17h14 - Élections · La CAQ reçoit l'appui des jeunes médecins
        La Coalition avenir Québec, dont les engagements en matière de santé sont loin de faire consensus dans le milieu médical, a     reçu l'appui de l'Association des jeunes médecins du Québec (AMJQ) mercredi. Agence QMI
16h02 - Duchesneau · La ministre Thériault contre-attaque
        Les allégations de Jacques Duchesneau a fait sortir de ses gonds la ministre du Travail, Lise Thériault. Agence QMI
16h01 - Fraude · Enquête demandée à l'UPA
        Une demande d'enquête vient d'être déposée à la Régie des marchés agricoles du Québec concernant une possible fraude    dépassant les 60 000 $ au sein de la Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec, une entité de l'Union des producteurs      agricoles.  Agence QMI
13h50 - Élections · Propos de Duchesneau: Charest sur la défensive
        Il (Jacques Duchesneau) ne fait que reprendre une accusation qui avait été faite. Agence QMI
12h52 - Élections · Pauline Marois veut en finir avec l'amiante
        «Je ne souhaite pas qu'on mette de l'argent public dans l'exploitation de l'amiante.» Agence QMI
12h43 - Élections · Débat improvisé entre Jean-François Lisée et François Legault
         Jean-François Lisée a confronté François Legault à la fin de son allocution devant des gens d'affaires. Agence QMI
09h49 - Université de Montréal · Les cours sont annulés jusqu'à vendredi
        La direction de l'Université de Montréal (UdeM) a annoncé, mardi soir, la levée de 48 cours pour les programmes dans lesquels   les étudiants ont majoritairement voté pour la grève, afin d'éviter de revivre les affrontements des derniers jours. Agence
02h25 - Aînés · Voter sans savoir pourquoi
        Des aînés avec des problèmes de santé mentale votent par anticipation dans des centres d'hébergement. JDM


                          There are more than enough important matters raised by contributors to fill whatever time you have at your disposal ti  spend on the
                          Digest  without thoughts today from me.

                          Though if someone who took the time to read this article I'd be most interested in your reaction.

The Hologram: Financial Speculation and Casino Capitalism

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fw: Active Map Of Earthquakes, etc......As They Happen

Just to disturb your current bliss, I'm forwarding this site, which not only has the minute to minute earthquake events, but you can click on a 'Gang Activity Map', 'Amber Alerts', 'Terrorism Event Predictions', 'Disease Outbreaks Map', etc.
This map refreshes itself every few minutes. Fascinating!!
You can zoom in and out from the map. Amber-Alert Map HAZMAT Situations Map Forest Fires Map Disease Outbreaks Map

Gang Activity Map Border Security Issues Presidential Threat Map Terrorism Event Predictions New - Quakes Map

Drug Interdictions Map Non-Terror Aviation Incidents NEW - Food/Medicine Incidents NEW - Human Trafficking

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Private sector should be responsible for stimulating economy, Flaherty says, Alexandra Posadzki, 08/27/2012

Re: Private sector should be responsible for stimulating economy, Flaherty says, Alexandra Posadzki, 08/27/2012
Most businesses would consider that their responsibility is not "stimulating the economy" but making adequate profits. If the non-government sector decides to save, and thereby spends less than it earns (a spending gap) then the government sector has to be running deficits equal to that gap for Gross Domestic Product to remain stable at full capacity. The fact that we have over a million Canadians suffering unemployment is proof that this gap has not been filled. So if there has been an abdication of responsibility, it is that of our Finance Minister who believes that sermons can substitute for direct job creation and infrastructure projects that are necessary to put Canadians to work, and to build this country's future.

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <> []

Today in Joe Oliver

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 03:01 PM PDT
While there is deserved attention on Harper's chief of staff over Barrick Gold links today, let's also ask some questions about what Minister Joe "Responsible Resource Development " Oliver is up to in his late summer travels. Today he was on site in Cambridge at the Aecon Group Inc. facility. There was, of course, a political motive behind this photo-op. Beyond their political priorities, however, there are questions about the role of a government minister and whether Oliver, in his ministerial capacity, should be so actively promoting a corporate interest like Aecon. From the ministerial press release:
"Aecon is an excellent example of how important the energy sector is to Canada's economy, generating jobs for Canadians in every region of our great nation," said Minister Oliver. "Like Aecon, our Government is focused on making the most of economic opportunities opportunities for jobs, growth and prosperity for all Canadians. Through the Government's plan for Responsible Resource Development, we will help Canada develop its tremendous natural resources to the benefit of Canadians in communities from coast to coast to coast."
Over the next 10 years, more than $500 billion could be invested in 500 resource development projects across Canada.
"This represents a huge potential for companies, like Aecon, which service our abundant natural resources industry," said Minister Oliver. "Responsible Resource Development will ensure we capitalize on these investments to provide opportunities to Canadian companies, their workers and their families."

Aecon is a company that bids regularly on government work. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Lots of companies bid on government work. But a minister should be careful to keep distance from those who do bid regularly on government work.

And even more particular to Oliver, Aecon is also in the business of building oil pipelines. This is something that Oliver oversees in his role as minister as a matter of regulation. Should the minister be speaking in a way that actively promotes a company who bids on projects and activities under his ministry's watch?

Secret buds fishing trip

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 03:50 PM PDT
Update (6:50 p.m.) below.

Shh, be very quiet, no one wants us to know about this: "Stephen Harper lures Rob Ford to Harrington Lake." No comment all around, from the PMO and from the Mayor's office. What gives? Why is this a state secret?

Could it be that the PM is a little shy about whom he chooses, above all others in this fine nation of ours, to grant precious exclusive Prime Ministerial one-on-one fishing time with? Harper won't invite any of the premiers there or go to their meetings. But Rob Ford gets a mini-summit à la Merkel at the Prime Minister's official summer home at Harrington Lake.

Is it a political calculation, as always, by the PM? Is Harper conscious of Ford's toxicity to Torontonians and makes it a condition of the trip that nada be disclosed about it? But then, Harper is not exactly a fave of we Toronto residents either.

Could it be that the recent report of Ford's light mayoral schedule might be a factor?

Whatever the case, it is a strange, over-managed state of affairs where a PM and the mayor of the country's largest city don't want to be seen together in public and it's all hush hush. They protest too much.

Oh, and they are two of the top elected public officials in Canada meeting together. When they do, the public has a right to know about it.

Update (6:50 p.m.): Ford spoke about the trip during a radio interview today. The PMO still not commenting. What did they talk about, other than standing up in the boat hijinks?
As they floated around the quiet lake, Ford said, the two politicians talked about the proposed redistribution of federal ridings that would add two new ridings to Toronto, 15 in all across Ontario.

Of course they did.

Nomination battles these days

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 02:51 AM PDT
Joan Crockatt's winning numbers at Saturday's Calgary Centre nomination meeting:
Two sources indicated that three candidates were dropped and their votes redistributed before Crockatt emerged with more than 50 per cent of the vote. She had 445 votes on the fourth and final tally followed by investment manager Greg McLean with 283 votes and former alderman and MLA Jon Lord with 119 votes, according to the sources.
Lawyer Rick Billington, Quebec Tory organizer Joe Soares and businessman Stefan Spargo made up the rest of the field.
More than 900 party members cast ballots out of approximately 1,850 eligible members.

A Conservative nomination battle in the heart of Calgary produces 900 members voting.

Compare to the Toronto Danforth nomination meeting numbers from the Liberals and NDP, respectively, in early 2012:
There were 355 votes cast out of 833 eligible voters, compared with about 500 cast at last month's NDP nomination held in a cramped east-end church.

You'd expect the Conservatives to have the biggest numbers in what was a hotly contested nomination in a city like Calgary. Crockatt winning with 445 votes, however, is really not that much more than the winning Liberal and NDP nominees garnered in Toronto Danforth.

Interesting to note what it takes these days, in terms of numbers, to win a by-election nomination.

Subject: Executive Dissertations:VII (Seven) Days In May
From: rjkoopmans

Blog: Executive Dissertations
Post: VII (Seven) Days In May

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: With Israel lacking capability and U.S. the will, only containing Iran is on the table

Mr. Jonathan Kay
Opinion Editor, National Post, Toronto
Copy to: Mr. Charles Krauthammer, Columnist for The Washington Post.
Mr. Anthony Cordesman, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington D.C.
With Israel lacking the capability and U.S. the will, only containing Iran is on the table
Quoting Anthony Cordesman at the Center for Strategic Studies, Cahrles Krauthammer, in his opinion piece: "An Ultimatum for Iran," (Aug. 25), writes: "Today, the threat of a U.S. attack is not taken seriously. Not by the region. Not by Iran. Not by the Israelis, who therefore increasingly feel forced to act before Israel's more limited munitions ­ far less powerful and effective than those in the U.S. arsenal ­ can no longer penetrate Iran's ever-hardening facilities." The problem is that Israel lacks the capability to destroy Iran's nuclear installations.
Iran poses a clear threat to Istrael. As former Iranian president Rafsanjani once remarked: "If one day ... the Islamic world will also be equipped with the weapons available to Israel now, the imperialist strategy will reach an impasse, because the employment of even one atomic bomb inside Israel will wipe it off the face of the earth, but would only do damage to the Islamic world." The question remains: Why, facing such a transparent threat, did not Israel dismantle Iran's nuclear installations as it did to Syria's reactors in 2006? The obvious answer is: Israel lacks the capability to do so. If it had the capability, Israel could not afford to sit by while a regime pledged to wipe it off the map was equipping itself with nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them. If Israel had the capability, it would have dismantled Iran's nuclear installations long ago.

Indications are that it would be extremely difficult for the Israeli air force, superb though it is, to pull the mission off. For the mission to succeed, all of the many contingencies involved --- overflying unfriendly airspaces, multiple on-air-refueling, multiple strikes on Iran's hardened reactor sites --- would have to go right. Hence an Israeli attempt could end with the worst of all possible outcomes: open the door for retaliatory strikes by the Iranians even as their nuclear program remained unscathed. Israel cannot afford to take that risk. This explains why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu has not taken any step to stop Iran from going nuclear, hoping the United States will do the job.

Only the United States has the capability to destroy Iran's nuclear reactors. But the United States, exhausted by two bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is suffering from what can be called terminal combat-fatigue syndrome (TCFS): the reluctance to shed more American blood in far off countries. Former U.S. President George W. Bush kept on declaring that Iran must not be permitted to get the bomb, and he kept on warning that the "military option" was on the table. In 2002, in a speech at West Point, he warned: "If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long." But at the time, Bush was preparing to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and could not afford to get embroiled in a third war with Iran. So he did nothing. His successor, President Barack Obama, is trying to extricate the United States from the bloody conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and clearly lacks the will to get involved in any new war with Iran.

The American people are also exhausted by two bloody conflicts and have shown little interest in getting embroiled in any new conflict. This is why they have shown little enthusiasm for any American military intervention to stop Syrian dictator Bashar Assad from slaughtering his own people. President Barack Obam's reluctance to strike Iran and Syria stems from this.
But the question remains: With Israel lacking the capability and the U.S. suffering from combat-fatigue, who will stop Iran from going nuclear? The answer so far is: No one. So, like North Korea, Iran will go nuclear. And like North Korea, Iran can be contained. Before North Korea exploded its nuclear device, it was thought that a nuclear-armed North Korea would trigger a nuclear arms race in the Asia-Pacific region with South Korea and Japan acquiring their own nuclear capabilities to counter the threat. Nothing of that sort happened. Instead of going nuclear, Japan is closing down its reactors in the wake of Fukushima and South Korea has shown little interest to develop its own nuclear capability. Despite its nuclear arsenal, North Korea remains a pariah state and is now trying tro mend its relations with Japan and South Korea.

Similarly, a nuclear-armed Iran can be contained. Despite their bravado, the Iranian mullahs know that Iran's tiny nuclear arsenal will be no match to Israel formidable nuclear arsenal and Israel can turn Iran into a radioactive waste if it tried to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. The mullahs may be paranoid, but they are not suicidal. If they were suicidal, they would not have agreed to a ceasefire with Saddam's Sunni-minoritry regime and would have continued the war to liberate their fellow Shiite-majority in Iraq. A comination of strict sanction and threat of retaliation will be enough to keep the mullahs on check.


From: Robert Roehle <>
Subject: FW: [Our Board:199] Letter by Kyle Korneychuk "Bad Precedent"

In the viewpoint article CWB, tyranny and economics (SP, Aug. 17), Herb Pinder, a member Viterra's board of directors, said: "Property rights are at the heart of our enterprise system."
If that's really the case, he should be terrified of Stephen Harper and Gerry Ritz's method of breaking the Canadian Wheat Board.
All rights and liberties are entirely dependent on the rule of law. If everybody, including in this case Parliament does not follow the law, everything including property is up for grabs by the biggest bully.
The law specified certain steps required to break the CWB. Rather than change or repeal the law as they could have done, Harper and Ritz chose to break the law. In doing so they sought to reestablish a concept that's been dead for almost 800 years - that the Crown is above the law. In exercising what amounts to a royal prerogative to seize assets of our farmerrun wheat board - specifically almost 2000 rail hopper cars, the building in Winnipeg, the lakers and the contingency fund of more than $200 million all paid for or created by farmers - the government obviously wants to take us back to a time when royalty ruled and commoners bowed before it.
Like a 12th century royal, Harper recently boasted about his use of royal prerogative to pardon some criminals who broke laws he apparently did not like. This sets a very bad precedent with long-term implications. He should not get away with it.
Kyle Korneychuk Pelly

© Copyright (c) The StarPhoenix

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: Inside the Canada Pension Plan's $153-billion portfolio - DD

The head of the Bank of Canada is also a former GoldmanSachs CEO. Whoever controls the money controls the country is more true today than ever.
Subject: Subject:  Bringing Democracy to the Middle East : Mission Accomplished for Big Oil?   DD

Joe--our governments are already killing us by the thousands.  People just don't realize it.  How many thousands were killed on 9/11--a false flag op allowed by the US government?  How many of our military are dying because of DU and Agent Orange which our governments state are 'safe'.  How many thousands die because of deadly pharmaceuticals?  How many die because of contamination of water, food and air?  But our governments are looking after us so don't worry, be happy?  This mass murder of Americans and Canadians is allowed by our governments so that big money can profit.  Our governments think no more of us than they do of the people we are killing in the ME.  Our government stops monitoring radiation on the West Coast while the radiation levels are rising. Our governments care??? 

Subject: Mission Accomplished for Big Oil?

Joe--the article posted by Stephanie McDowell is very timely.  Today our gas went up to $1.33/litre because of Hurricane Issac!!!  And yet innocent people are dying to provide the oil companies with the oil their greedy leaders crave.  People die and we keep paying so that oil companies do not loose anything.  I guess money is more important than life???
Subject: how dare Iran propose peace?  How will the corporations make money if there is peace???

Iran Calls for Nuclear Arms Ban Goes Unreported
By Alice Slater
The New York Times, which has been beating the drums for war with Iran, just as it played a disgraceful role in the deceptive reporting during the lead-up to the Iraq War, never mentioned Iran's proposal for nuclear abolition.
Subject: Liberal senator worked after being declared legally incompetent because of Alzheimer's    DD

My sympathy lies with Senator Fairbairn.  My mother has Altzheimers and it is a horrendous disease.  On the other hand, would we get better elected representatives if we demanded they pass a competency test before they are allowed to run???
The actions and words of so many of them make one wonder if they are sane.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"

----- Original Message ----- 
Subject: BC Taxation; all you instinctively know but have not fully processed.
BC taxation, a deceptive and decietful process, as confirmed by Martyn Brown.
----- Original Message ----
Subject: FW: Government tries to block MP's questions at pipeline review Read 497comments

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The Northern Gateway pipeline
Should Canada refine its own oilsands bitumen?
Enbridge lobbying of Harper government a 'success story'
Federal environmental assessments cuts worry scientis
Subject:  Letter to the CBC Ombudsman re. Rachel Corrie Report
"The CBC needs to learn to report the facts more accurately or to rebrand itself with more honesty as "the Canadian Voice of Jewish State Terrorism"
and learn to live without any taxpayer support. Your choice.
(This would please Harper no end)

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Disgraceful and Distorted Reporting of Events in Occupied Palestine
Date: 28 August, 2012 9:41:23 AM PDT
To: CBC Ombudsman <>

  I am writing to complain about the disgraceful reporting on events in Occupied Palestine on this morning's CBC radio "World Report" (edition available online circa 0900 PDT, Tuesday August 28).

  The report concerned the verdict in the civil trial of the Israeli military bulldozer operator who killed Rachel Corrie in 2003.

  The bulldozing of Palestinian homes, which is illegal under international law, has been ongoing for years now, reaching industrial proportions. It is an integral part of Israel's attempts to ethnically cleanse the territories it lays claim to. As even the Globe and Mail reports today, "According to the UN agency handling Palestinian refugees, the military had left more than 17,000 Gazans homeless in the four years after a Palestinian uprising against Israel erupted in September 2000. The demolitions drew international condemnation at the time."

  Notwithstanding the well-known facts of the case, the CBC report in question helpfully tells us only that "All this goes back to 2003. Israel's army was trying to protect soldiers and settlers in the Gaza strip from attacks from Palestinians."

  What the Occupying Authority in Palestine says in public to justify its illegal and immoral program to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the lands the would-be exclusive Jewish state has decided to occupy is of no interest to Canadians and does not bear repeating in an honest, factual news report.

  The genocidal facts of the matter are well-known: Israel is a renegade terrorist state that refuses to heed multiple UN resolutions concerning its illegal occupation and genocide in Palestine. The killing of Rachel Corrie is an integral part of that state terrorist program.

  The CBC needs to learn to report the facts more accurately or to rebrand itself with more honesty as "the Canadian Voice of Jewish State Terrorism" and learn to live without any taxpayer support.  Your choice.

  Yours faithfully,

From: "S Booiman"
To: <>
Subject: Re: The Significance of September 4/12 (1)

It is tiresome to hear year after yeas the same French whining, time for them to depart, but before
we allow them to go, we need a government that will set the boundaries as to what will
be Quebec, as Durham gave them the the shores of the St.Laurence, Which was extended with
handing them the management of Rupert Land
. It is unlikely that the Harper government will
take that step and call a spade a spade. His all French support is the destruction of the Conservatives, as I see it, however
where do we put our vote next is the question.
.The largest of this is that all CPC MPs are unapproachable. They have been sworn into silence.
Suan H.Booiman

Subject: The Significance of September 4/12 (1)
August 29, 2012
It is good to know that more people out west are getting to know more about Quebec and its racist agenda. For at least 40 years now, we have struggled to understand and accommodate the French-speaking majority in Quebec but to no avail – they are, in fact, even more outrageous and unreasonable in their demands. More mainstream media is coming forward to denounce the tribalism that is emerging in Quebec – why do we continue to tolerate this uncivilized behaviour? I hear more calls that we “Let Them Go”. So many books have been written on this – I’ll attach a list below for those who want to read about this. For too long, we have avoided talking about this because we know that this will cause a lot of upset in the country. Corporate Canada will worry about the decline in investments in Canada because of the economic uncertainty this will certainly ensue. The Partitionists will want to divide Quebec (if Canada is divisible, so is Quebec); the First Nations in the northern part of Quebec will NOT want to be included in this separation bid (they made that very clear in the last referendum in 1995); the parts of Quebec that contains Montreal and the non-French parts of Quebec will not want to be part of this new country (who wants to be part of a bankrupt country?).
Pauline Marois is obviously irresponsible enough to force the issue.


I will go out on a limb and suggest the majority of readers will not recognize the significance of an event that will occur in a few days.
Even if I were to inform you that this is the day residents of Quebec will be selecting a new provincial government, the significance to you and I might not be overwhelmingly obvious. However, the results as well as the current views of the rest of Canada might be the perfect storm to raise the spectre of separation to 1995 levels or beyond.
The current Premier, Jean Charest, leads the only federalist party in the running. At the time of writing, the governing Liberals are running third with the separatist Parti Quebecois in the lead, followed by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ). The leader of the CAQ, Francois Legault calls himself a “nationalist”, neither sovereignist nor federalist. As a former top minister with the PQ, most observers see him as having separatist leanings.
With the three parties within a few percentages of each other, the September 4th verdict is anything but clear, other than that separatist forces will make significant gains. Given this, what is the likely outcome of another Quebec referendum on separation?

There have been two previous referendums on the issue in Quebec. In 1980 the Parti Quebecois, led by Premier Rene Lévesque, sought a separatist mandate. Despite earlier polling that suggested success, the proposal was rejected by a 59.6% to 40.4% margin.

In 1995, PQ Premier Jacques Parizeau again sought support for separation. Despite a Prime Minister (Jean Chrétien) who was asleep at the switch and the separatist support of the very popular Lucien Bouchard, the request was defeated, although by the most narrow of margins (50.6 % to 49.4%).

The turnout for the 1995 referendum was an unprecedented 94%. 81 of 125 provincial ridings voted for separation. Total votes were 2,362,648 NO to 2,308,360 YES. Had 27,145 switched their votes (0.6%), Quebec would likely not be part of Canada today.

Of course that was then and this is now. Much has changed in the past 17 years, particularly the views in the rest of Canada. In 1980 as well as 1995, the vast majority of Canadians outside of Quebec wanted to keep Quebec. Indeed there were major rallies in 1995, held by Canadians across the land, pleading with Quebecers to remain in confederation. In 1980 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, a favorite son, campaigned relentlessly for the federalist side. Trudeau was also a significant contributor to the NO campaign in 1995.

The attitude of the rest of Canada to Quebec’s role in confederation has changed significantly. Although there is no overwhelming desire to see the exit of la belle province, indifference has become a dominant emotion. A recent Abacus poll suggests that only 52% of English speaking Canadians support Quebec remaining part of Canada.

However, close to 90% are against Quebec being accorded special treatment. Other polls reveal that Canadians are becoming increasingly indifferent to the possibility of Quebec’s departure. This may be the most significant factor in an upcoming referendum.

The role of current federal party leaders is anything but certain. The governing Conservatives have only 5 of the 75 Quebec seats and continue to be very unpopular. It is doubtful that Stephen Harper would have much influence in the outcome.

The opposition NDP, although officially federalist, has many M.P.s with separatist leanings. With the majority of their seats in Quebec, Thomas Mulcair (himself a Quebecer), and others may be wary of significant involvement. Justin Trudeau, another Quebecer and the leading candidate for the Liberal leadership, has already made it clear publically that he would support separation under certain circumstances.

Are we witnessing the genesis of a perfect storm?

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Don Weisman was Mayor of Brooks Alberta, 1998-2007; Active in the Reform Party, Alliance and federal Conservatives, Founding member of the Wildrose Party and past Constituency President.
Column appears weekly in Medicine Hat News and Brooks papers.

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