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Dippers shameless in exploiting Layton's memory
Harper's joyride dismays dunesayers

Harper was right to say no to German chancellor
Quebec election: TV debate format worth a look for all elections

Marois outdoes her predecessors with the most discriminatory platform Canada's seen in years
Stephen Wicary: Cuban sellout

The tragicomic descent of Julian Assange into international shame
How one man transformed a presidential campaign

Will the Liberals have a brand outside Green Gables?
For Liberal party leader, there are no second chances

It's report card time for the economy and it's not looking pretty
The resurrection of Pauline Marois

Marois playing an accounting game, Legault a bully: Charest
Tory nomination battle in Calgary Centre the latest battle in long-running political feudre the polling calls from Iowa.

Guergis to appeal dismissed lawsuit against Harper
Council of Canadians defends data suggesting robocalls affected election outcomes

Copenhagen embassy suffered from 'institutionalized culture' of misconduct
Canada's secret military task force unveiled

Political games surround the F-
Ottawa allows RCMP, border agency to use torture-tainted information

Northern Gateway's unpopularity may force Tories to rethink project
Witness protection budget hits all-time high

If there was action, Bulger was there
Soldiers carry WWI rifles for polar bear protection

Canadian member of Greenpeace takes part in storming of Russian oil rig
Zombie Season

Time to Bring Back Vancouver's Fool?

AUGuST 24th_____

NDP doing fine without Layton, as Mulcair builds on groundwork
Mulcair's pipeline comments align with public opinion, suggests survey

Equalization not unworthy, just broken.
Harper's enthusiasm hasn't done much for northerners so far

Oilsands debate devoid of facts
Why we should still care about separatism

Quebec sinking fast: It's time to build our own ark
Jean Charest: Nine years, nine lives

Captain Canada?
Amid Kenney's worthy reforms, a misstep on refugees' health

A stimulating read for voters
Judge tosses out Helena Guergis lawsuit against Stephen Harper over expulsion

Guergis to appeal dismissed lawsuit against Harper
Unscripted tributes from Harper, MacKay suggest Natynczyk nearly done as CDS

Liberal campaign in Guelph fined for robocalls violation
Conservative MP Chris Alexander Takes MacLean's Writer To Task After He Publishes Accurate Quotes on the F-35 Issue and The Conservatives

Investigators probe finances, conduct at Canadian embassy in Copenhagen
Fall By-election Calendar Shaping up Ahead of Supreme Court Ruling

Political words: A reply
Franklin search about politics as well as history

Prime Minister Harper to watch military exercise in Hudson Bay
Toews : Paperwork overwhelming cops

Border guards told to forget about illegal drug exports
Major local development projects no longer require federal environmental assessments

Enbridge has weight in halls of power
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will consider major opposition to Chinese takeover

Treading on thin ice: Thawing arctic puts spotlight on Harper's northern ambitions
I don't take anglos for granted: Charest

PQ backs away from referendum proposal
How Marois' PQ inherited a political 'time-bomb', and is now working to disarm it

Expelled Libyan diplomats claimed refugee status in Canada
Companies hit back at Bank of Canada Governor Carney

Redford defends controversial hiring of defeated Tory cabinet minister
B.C. to require health-care workers to get flu shot or wear masks

What WERE Harry's police minders doing? They saw prince being snapped but were too busy having fun
Chippendales officially offers Prince Harry a job

Someone has to drum some sense into the royal party animal before it's too late
Is this Bigfoot? Intriguing video shows hulking, hairy creature stalking the Ohio woods

Widespread manufacturing woes test fragile global economy
Health minister showing criminal negligence on asbestos: activist

Petition seeks support for new federal riding for Pemberton
First Nation says Alberta oilsands plan will 'annihilate' its lands and future

Mandatory flu shots concern B.C. health-care workers
Harper says Arctic defence spending 'critical'

Canadian values 'the envy of the world,' says Baird Read More


Creeping Counterterrorism: From Muslims to Political Protesters
Pocket Guide Advises US Troops to "Avoid Arrogance," "Respect Islam" in Order to Prevent "Green on Blue" Attacks

Romney-Ryan "Ploughshares to Swords" Budget Would Cost America at Least 530,000 Jobs
John Pilger | The Pursuit of Julian Assange Is an Assault on Freedom and a Mockery of Journalism

The Harsh Politics of Rape Pregnancy
Voter Victory: California Legislature Approves Election Day Registration

Tampa Authorities Empty Jail in Anticipation of Mass Arrests at GOP Convention
Pennsylvania Refuses to Comply With US Department of Justice Photo ID Document Request

Will Colombia's Protesting Workers Be Heard?
Bob Pollin: A Green Full Employment Economy Requires Mass Mobilization

Obama warns Syria over chemical weapons
Russia warns West after Obama Syria threats

The dispensability of the Abbas Regime
Dictatorial War-making 24 

Libya seizes tanks from pro-Gaddafi militia
 Libya 'sets trial date' for Gaddafi's son

 US air strikes hammer North Waziristan bases
 Greek PM in Berlin to seek more time on cuts

Russia says no chemical weapons use in Syria
 UN chief to visit Iran defying US and Israel

Communiqué to all Libyan Citizens Victims of NATO Strikes
Obama and Netanyahu Lay Out Strategic Plans to Strike Iran and Cause WW III

DHS and FBI: Anarchists May Use IEDs at Conventions
Breaking: Judge Orders Release of US Marine Detained for Facebook Posts

82-Year-Old Nun and Two Others Breach 'Fort Knox of Uranium,' Stay Undetected for Two Hours
Plan X: DARPA's New Project Seeks to Make Cyberwarfare a Routine Part of U.S. Military Operations

The Manufactured US Veteran Threat Against Obama That Will Justify Martial Law
Plan X: DARPA's New Project Seeks to Make Cyberwarfare a Routine Part of U.S. Military Operations

" The Enigma of Yasser Arafat"
" The Silence on Global Warning"

" The Mystery of Arafat's Death"
" The Battle over the Constitution"

" The 'America-Held-Hostage' Narrative"
" Mitt Romney: The New Teflon Man"

" Bohemian Grove and Reagan's 'Treason'"
" The Romney 'Fact-Checking' Scandal"

" Romney's 'Fact-Checker' Cover-up"
" The Plot that Killed Gandhi"

" Harassing the Whistleblowers"
" Reviving the Rendition Debate"

" Romney's New Lie"
" Advantage to Mr. Romney"

" Batman in an Age of Polarization"
" America: A Nation of Wildebeast"

" Will Downing St. Memo Recur on Iran"
" Finally, Fact-Checking Romney's Lie"

" The Vanity of Perfectionism"
" Caro's Flawed Tale of LBJ's Rise"

" Romney Ups the Ante on Israel"
" A Persian Gulf Hotline Proposed"

Arrest plan to seize Julian Assange 'under all circumstances' accidentally revealed
Eleven People Shot by NYPD Outside Empire State Building

Some 'hit by police bullets' in Empire State Building shooting
NYPD: No evidence yet gunman fired at officers

NYPD disciplines 17 cops who posted racist Facebook comments
Israeli protesters warn against war as government appears to prep Iran strikes -

U.S. sends aircraft carrier back to Gulf to face Iran, Syria
US Navy sending back warship to Persian Gulf

France backs Syria no-fly zone
US drone attack kills 18 in North Waziristan, despite Pakistan protests

Judge orders release of US Marine detained for Facebook posts
Facebook posts land Marine vet in psychiatric ward

Assange Supporters Hold 24-Hour 'Vigil' Outside Ecuador Embassy
We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited

Capitol Police, FBI probe threats against Mo. Rep. Akin
Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility

Mitt Romney: 'No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate'
The Best $1.5 Million Ever Spent In Politics

Jobless Claims Rose Slightly Last Week
New poll, data point to vast social polarization in US

South African platinum miners' strike spreads
Haiti sits in strengthening Isaac's path

Top 10 Lies Told by Monsanto on GMO Labeling in California READ MORE
Matt Taibbi | More Evidence Wall Street Is Overpaid READ MORE

Glenn Greenwald | The Bizarre Media Contempt for Julian Assange READ MORE
Sardinia: Militarization, Contamination and Cancer in Paradise READ MORE

Paul Krugman | Ryan's Ayn Rand Devotion READ MORE
Gawker Publishes Romney's Offshore Tax Haven Records READ MORE

Ryan: Rape Survivors Must Have Rapist's Baby READ MORE
Billionaire Koch Builds His Own Frontier Town Near Aspen READ MORE

Louisiana Sinkhole Chemicals Causing Health Problems READ MORE
Japan Held Back by Lack of Confidence Read more

Melting Arctic Ice Is a Warning, Not a Business Opportunity": Kumi Naidoo
Immigrants March in Greece Against Racist Attacks

Secret Police Documents Reveal Plan to Arrest WikiLeaks' Assange
Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 18 Amid Continued Protests

Risk of Voter Suppression Resurfaces: Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks to Reinstate Voter ID Law http ://
US: Israel's Inquiry Into Rachel Corrie's Death Not 'Thorough, Credible and Transparent 'http ://

Remembering the People's Historian Howard Zinn at 90
Arizonification of the Republican Platform

Paul Ryan: Galt, Gold and God
You Were Right When You Waved That "No Blood for Oil" Sign. Iraq Was About Oil

A Critical Mass for Real Food
Katrina Pain Index 2012: 7 Years After

Argentina to Maintain Use of Agrochemicals
Violence Policy Center Statement on Shooting Outside Empire State Building

Center for Biological Diversity: Wilmington Joins National Call for Action on Climate Change
Lukashenko promises democracy to Belarus Source
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17h16 - Élections · Les sondages? «Pas fiables», selon Jean Charest
        Les sondages sur les intentions de vote sont comme la Coalition avenir Québec, c'est-à-dire «pas fiables», soutient le chef libéral,    Jean Charest. Agence QMI
17h07 - Légionellose · La faute au PQ, selon les libéraux
        L'épidémie de légionellose qui vient de causer la mort de six personnes à Québec est la faute du gouvernement péquiste qui était        aux commandes pendant les années 1990, accusent les libéraux. Agence QMI
14h49 - Option nationale · Jacques Parizeau appuie Jean-Martin Aussant
         Jean-Martin Aussant, a annoncé samedi matin sur son compte Twitter qu'il a reçu l'appui de Jacques Parizeau qui lui a donné un  chèque de 200 $ afin d'appuyer sa campagne. Agence QMI
03h04 - Conflit étudiant · Un dur retour en classe
        Après six mois de grève générale, le retour en classe ne s'effectue pas sans heurts pour les leaders étudiants. JDM
02h59 -
· «Je te jure que j'ai eu peur»
        Frappé par la légionellose, l'homme d'affaires Michel Cadrin se considère très chanceux d'être encore en vie après avoir        combattu la bactérie. JDQ
00h35 - Élections · Le PQ reste en tête
        Même si les Québécois estiment que François Legault a eu l'avantage lors des débats des chefs, le Parti québécois (PQ) demeure  en tête des intentions de vote. Pauline Marois se dirige vers un gouvernement minoritaire au soir du 4 septembre, révèle un     sondage Léger Marketing. JDM

18h34 - Élections · Marois dévoile son cadre financier
        Quelque 142 000 Québécois vont payer 610 millions $ de plus en impôt pour financer, en partie, la décision du Parti québécois   d'abolir la taxe santé. Agence QMI
18h06 - Contre Stephen Harper · L'ex-députée Helena Guergis perd sa cause en diffamation
         L'ex-ministre conservatrice portera en appel la décision d'un tribunal ontarien de lui refuser des dommages de l'ordre de 1,3   million $. Agence QMI
18h02 - Élections · Charest dénonce la purge caquiste
        Un gouvernement doit être capable de faire confiance à sa fonction publique, même si des gens provenant d'horizons politiques   différents du parti au pouvoir occupent des postes stratégiques, estime Jean Charest. Agence QMI
17h10 - Appels automatisés · Le CRTC sévit contre l'association libérale de Guelph
        Le CRTC a imposé une amende de 4900 $ à l'organisation libérale du député fédéral Frank Valeriote de Guelph. Agence QMI
16h12 - Élections · Legault prédit un «balayage» de la CAQ à Québec
        François Legault n'avait à peu près rien à annoncer vendredi matin, pour la région de Québec, si ce n'est une potentielle relance       du site du jardin zoologique, un élément qui ne figure pourtant pas dans la liste d'épicerie du maire Labeaume. Agence QMI
15h01 - Légionellose · Feu vert à la réglementation réclamée par Labeaume
        Après le cri du cœur de Régis Labeaume, le gouvernement a décidé d'ajouter dès maintenant les tours de refroidissement au       registre d'entretien de la Régie du bâtiment. Agence QMI
14h25 - Élections | Parti québécois · Marois dévoile son cadre financier : 992 millions $
        Pauline Marois et son candidat Nicolas Marceau dans Rousseau, dévoilent le cadre financier très attendu du Parti québécois,     prévoyant des dépenses de 992 millions $. Agence QMI
14h09 - Élections · Benhabib présente sa stratégie économique
        Pour se développer, l'économie trifluvienne devra s'arrimer aux secteurs de pointe de ses institutions d'enseignement, croit    Djemila Benhabib. Agence QMI
12h42 - Référendums d'initiative populaire · Marois et Drainville sur la même longueur d'ondes
        Le PQ va devoir avoir «de très bonnes raisons» d'aller à l'encontre de la volonté populaire si 850 000 personnes réclament par  un référendum d'initiative populaire (RIP) qu'un référendum sur la souveraineté soit tenu, a reconnu Pauline Marois, vendredi   matin.  Agence QMI
11h26 - Scrutin du 4 septembre · Un nouveau bulletin de vote
        Des démarches entamées il y a plusieurs années portent enfin leurs fruits alors que de nouveaux bulletins de vote, cette fois   avec la photo des candidats, deviendront la nouvelle norme. Agence QMI
05h03 - Limitation des dépenses · Marois serre la vis
        Après presque quatre semaines de campagne, la chef du Parti québécois dépose finalement vendredi son très attendu cadre         financier, qui veut contenir l'augmentation des dépenses gouvernementales à 2,4 % et mettre fin au Fonds des    générations. Agence QMI
02h50 - Amir Khadir et Russel Williams · La guerre est déclarée
        Après s'être une première fois rétracté pour avoir taxé Russel Williams d' « escroc » et de « criminel », Amir Khadir a de nouveau      mentionné les « intentions frauduleuses » de ce dernier.  JDM


Tracking khat from Kenya to Canada
An other addition to Canada's multicult mosaic.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: re: Canada as peacekeeper
Re: Canada's peacekeeping tradition is worth defending, Sunday August 12, 2012

Canada has successfully championed many significant foreign policy initiatives: UN peacekeeping, the Land Mines Treaty, the International Criminal Court, and the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect. In replacing a constructive vision of international co-operation and justice with a myopic militarism, the Harper Conservatives are indeed pygmies standing on the shoulders of giants.

Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch

From: "Phyllis "
Subject: Re: Digest Number 4927

Joe, something else that is helpful in order to keep companies working in Canada is to e-mail that company when you notice that their product is now being made off-shore.  One e-mail will get a “thank you” response and then be forgotten, a hundred to a thousand will make them think and ten thousand will make them wonder if they can stay in business if this many people are not happy with the trend of giving jobs formerly done by Canadians to off-shore workers.
Phyllis Hubeli
Phyllis--our labeling is so skewed that we have no idea what the real origin of the product is. It can be labeled Canadian even if it is just packaged here. I buy from farmer's markets and never buy canned foods or any other prepared foods. If our government won't allow us to know if we are eating GMOs why would anyone believe that the label is accurate???

From: Art Williams
Subject: Recommended article, please read****AS ALWAYS**(The sky is falling)****

Check out this great article:

It's really interesting.

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
Benchquest: The what to do with Vic Toews saga rolls on

Just reading Tim Harper's latest, hot off the internets: "Vic Toews and his quest for the bench." This part jumped out:
The Court of Appeal post is a federal appointment and Harper is believed to have told Toews that he would not appoint his minister directly to the bench.
Instead, he would be expected to take a cooling-off period before any appointment to the bench.

If that was the PM's initial instinct, that Toews would not be appointed "directly to the bench," that is a good instinct and he should stick with it. The column goes on to note Justice Minister Rob Nicholson's recent comments to the Canadian Bar Association on the matter as representing a possible change in Harper's view. These remarks in particular:
"I've never gone out of my way to say that certain groups of individuals people who have servedd, for instance, in political office should be eliminated or sit out or anything else," he told delegates. "On a hypothetical basis, I have never gotten into the business of eliminating any individuals or groups of individuals.''

I think people may be attributing too much emphasis to the inclusion of the words "sit out" and are reading into them the notion of a cooling off period and that it is now out the window. I heard "eliminated" and "sit out" as synonyms there.

Mr. Harper seems to be aware of the blow back that would be imminent and he should indeed be wary. It's not something to shrug shoulders about. Mr. Harper has to know that an immediate appointment of Toews to the bench would be an infamous appointment.

If he does go the cooling off route, Mr. Toews would require a significant cooling off period. Entry back into the legal profession for some time would be a starter, for example, where he might demonstrate even-handedness in his activities. Some of us, as you might guess, would forever have doubts about the impartiality of Mr. Toews as a future judge and would prefer an indefinite cooling off period.

The mentioned possibility of a restart on the internet surveillance legislation would also be very welcome. Like all things with this government, even that is to be carefully watched.

And in terms of other political calculations, if Mr. Toews does depart, we could be talking five federal by-elections in the offing. Durham (Oda), Calgary-Centre (Richardson), today's news on Victoria (Savoie), possibly Etobicoke-Centre depending on the Supreme Court, and...Provencher? Enhancing the optics and possibly setting up the Conservatives to take three of five might have occurred to someone.

Update (9:15 p.m.): The riding of Bourassa might also be in play, depending on a November announcement by Denis Coderre.

Also, when considering a Toews bench appointment and the need for a cooling-off period, the concept of recusal should also be factored in. Presumably there would be a long list of cases for a sitting Public Safety Minister to recuse himself from.

Jason Kenney's week

Posted: 24 Aug 2012 03:49 AM PDT
From a Toronto Star editorial on refugee health care cuts on Wednesday:
Daniel Garcia Rodriguez has experienced some of the best, and worst, that Canada can offer. The best includes St. Michael's Hospital eye surgeon Dr. David Wong, who saved this Columbian refugee claimant's vision in an operation largely funded through his own practice and by the hospital. Among the worst is the heartless federal policy that robbed Garcia Rodriguez of medical coverage in the first place.
This case puts a human face to the hardship blindly imposed on many asylum seekers by Bill C-31, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's ill-judged effort to get tough with "bogus refugees."

A real black eye on the government with this latest news of the refugee who almost lost vision in one eye due to Mr. Kenney's cuts.

From a Globe editorial on refugee health care cuts today:
...taking away health-care benefits from people who are waiting for a hearing or an appeal, as he has also done, is not smart public policy. As long as these claimants remain in Canada, the government should pay for their health care both for humanitarian reasons, and in the interrest of Canadians.
The decision to restrict the Interim Federal Health Program means that refugee claimants from designated countries are no longer able to receive medical care, except in emergencies. Prescriptions for insulin or heart medication are not covered, pregnant women have no access to prenatal care, and the children of asylum seekers cannot receive immunizations.
Those with heart disease or diabetes will be forced to withstand unnecessary suffering, and many could end up in emergency wards. And those with infectious diseases who cannot afford treatment could put the health of others at risk. While some refugees will receive emergency care if their condition is deemed to be a threat to public health, there is confusion over how this is defined.
"Regular, preventive health care is cheaper and more effective than emergency treatment," notes Audrey Macklin, a University of Toronto law professor who specializes in immigration. "The federal government may save money, but only by shifting and increasing the health-care cost to the provinces, the hospitals and ultimately the Canadian public."

The two largest dailies in the country smacking the minister on this asinine policy. It's clearly an issue that's not going away, if that's what the Conservatives are banking on.

Not such a good week for the minister.

From: "Glenn HAREWOOD"
Subject: Harperites DAILY spending on Canada's War Machine

Wow!! and how well would Canada be able to defend itself against, for example, the USA?
...The welfare state is starved so that the warfare state might thrive.”
...Peace activist Matthew Behrens notes: "Slightly more than $63 million a day is spent on Canada's war machine. That's the daily equivalent of 420 affordable housing units or 3,000 four-year full-tuition grants for university students. Over the course of a month, that's 13,000 affordable housing units and 90,000 students going to university without massive debt load." The welfare state is starved so that the warfare state might thrive. Canada as Warrior Nation means a stance of permanent aggression. It also signifies a hard, competitive society in which the weak go to the wall. We all become warriors -- in a permanent struggle against each other.  [Tyee] "

Ian McKay is a professor of history at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His previous books include Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada's Left History, For a Working-Class Culture in Canada, and the award-winning Reasoning Otherwise: Leftists and the People's Enlightenment in Canada, 1890-1920.

Jamie Swift is a winner of the Michener Fellowship for Public Service Journalism. He has authored numerous books, from biography and history to corporate muckraking. His most recent title is Persistent Poverty: Voices From the Margins, co-authored with Brice Balmer and Mira Dineen.

Their book Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety by Ian McKay and Jamie Swift was published by Between the Lines in May 2012.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: With Greeks and Italians serial tax-dodgers, Profumo wealth tax will be a game-changer in Italy and a model for US

The Editor
Financial Post, Toronto
Copy to Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont (please forward): With reference to you Op-Ed: "Why Americans Are So Angry," in the Wall Street Journal (July 29, 2011). You are absolutely right when you say: "The American people have consistently stated, in poll after poll, that they want wealthy individuals and large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. They also want bedrock social programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to be protected." In this context, it may be pointed out that former President Bill Clinton balanced the budget by raising taxes on the rich (earning $250,000 and above per year).
Prof. Jack M. Mintz, Palmer Chair, School of Public Policy, University of Alberta.
With Greeks and Italians serial tax-dodgers, Profumo wealth tax can be a game-changer and a model for U.S.
Re Comment: "U.S. worse than Europe," by Jack M. Mintz (Aug. 22).
As Greece and Italy face bankruptcy and financial collapse, it must be pointed out that the rich and the middle classes of both countries are serial tax dodgers and governments of these countries are always short of revenues to pay for public services.
In Italy, hand in hand with corruption comes tax evasion on a massive scale. The wealthy often send their money to tax havens in Switzerland or Luxemburg, and the middle class Italians planning their weddings often dodge consumption taxes by paying catering services in cash under the table. Italy's Economy Ministry noted in 2009 that half of Italy's taxpayers weren't declaring much more than $20,000 in income, and tax returns were showing high-flying lawyers earning on the average only about $60,000. In 2010, according to BBC, tax evasion cost the government $142 billion.
In Greece, the people potentially in the best position to help shore up Greece's tattered finances are keeping a low profile. They are among the wealthiest Greeks --- whether shipping magnates, whose tax-free status is enshrined in the constitution, or the so-called oligarchs who have accumulated vast fortunes in core areas like oil, gas, banking, media and construction. And mainly they have done what Greeks have traditionally done: pay as little in taxes.
However, breaking the tradition, one of Italy's top business executives has called for a wealth tax to bring the country out of the fiscal hole. A one-time wealth tax to raise Euro 400 billion, as proposed by the former CEO of UniCredit, Alessandro Profumo, would solve Italy's debt problem, thus helping reverse the broader Euro crisis. Rich Italians are so wealthy, they could afford it. They certainly have no business asking for help from the Germans, who are actually poorrer.
Italian business elites, including the head of Confindustria, the business lobby, have reacted surprising well to Mr. Profumo's idea. Part of the reason is that Italians are effectively suffering a wealth tax as a result of plunging stock and bond markets. So getting the agony over with has appeal to Italy's wealthy. The Euro 400 billion that Mr. Profumo proposes would cut national debt from 120 per cent of the GDP to below 100 per cent of GDP. That would change market psychology. Equity and bond prices might rebound -- meaning the investors could gain more on the market swings than they lost on the tax roundabout.
What's more, wealthy italians are rich enough to bail out their own government. The latest Bank of Italy data show that net wealth was Euro 8.6 trillion, 566 per cent of GDP, in 2009 -- more than Germany's Euro 6.1 trillion or 246 per cent of GDP. Even if a wealth tax focused on the richest people, a tax of 10 per cent, collected over a few year, should do the trick. With Italy's tax-dodging billionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi out of office, the government should put Mr. Profumo's proposal into practice.
In the United States, the massive $1.67 trillion tax cut by former President George W. Bush was responsible for the budget crisis. It may be recalled that when former U.S. President Bill Clinton entered the White House, his first act was to raise taxes on wealthy Americans (earning $250,000 and above per year) to stem a runaway budget deficit left behind by earlier adminstrations. Clinton's tax-hike on the rich, demounced by the Republicans as "a passport to recession," balanced the budget, produced a surplus and triggered the longest economic boom in recent history. His successor, President George W. Bush squandered the surplus by his staggering $1.67 trillion tax cut, producing a massive $400 billion deficit. Now America is facing a budget crisis of epic proportions while the rich and wealthy are wallowing in cash.
As U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator from Vermont, wrote in the Wall Street Journal a year ago: "The rich are getting richer. Their effective income tax rate, in recent years, has been reduced to the lowest in modern history. ... Many corporations, including General Electric and Exxon-Mobil, have made billions in profits while using loopholes to avoid paying any federal income taxes. We lose $100 billion every year in federal revenue from companies and individuals who stash their wealth in tax havens offshore like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda." Let's bring back Clinton's wealth tax to balance the budget without undermining America's crumbling public services.

From: Gord Elliott <>
Subject: Guergis lawsuit against Harper, Conservatives, tossed out

Guergis lawsuit against Harper, Conservatives, tossed out
Court doesn't have jurisdiction to judge prime minister's actions, justice rules
 CBC News, Posted: Aug 24, 2012 2:23 PM ET, Last Updated: Aug 24, 2012 2:42 PM ET           

An Ontario court has tossed out a lawsuit filed by former Conservative MP Helena Guergis against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other top Conservatives and staff. The prime minister is protected in his decisions by Crown privilege, Ontario Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland said in a decision released Friday that granted a motion to strike Guergis's claim.

Guergis has already instructed her lawyer to appeal the decision so she can present her evidence, the CBC's Evan Solomon reported. She has 21 days to file.

The motion was brought by all the parties named in Guergis's suit except private investigator Derrick Snowdy. The judge ruled those defendants could file claims against her for their costs.

Guergis sued Harper and numerous other defendants, including Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and Conservative MP Shelly Glover, alleging conspiracy, defamation, misfeasance in public office, negligence and infliction of mental suffering, seeking total damages of $1.3 million. In addition to her former boss and caucus colleagues, Guergis's suit also targeted:

    Guy Giorno, Harper's former chief of staff.
    Ray Novak, Harper's principal secretary.
    Arthur Hamilton, the Conservative Party's lawyer.
    Cassels Brock & Blackwell, Hamilton's law firm.
    The Conservative Party of Canada.
    Derrick Snowdy, the private investigator who helped spark controversy around Guergis.
    Axelle Pellerin, a former staff member with Raitt.

Guergis stepped down from cabinet in April 2010 amid controversy surrounding the business activities of her husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer. Harper announced her removal from caucus on Parliament Hill the next day. In her suit, Guergis claimed that Harper, Novak and Giorno defamed her in a letter they were involved in sending to the RCMP regarding allegations they said they were made aware of by Hamilton, who was made aware of them through Snowdy. Guergis ran as an Independent Conservative in the 2011 election but was defeated by the Conservative candidate.

Gord Elliott

Alberta Member Representative
National Council
Conservative Party of Canada

From: Rene Moreau
re; The sale of Candu, a Canadian government funded nuclear program to SNC Lavalin for$15 million.

Over and over again we see federal and provincial assets sold office to the corporate world, but we think there is
protection from these entities ending up in foreigh hands, right? Try, for fun, to find out who is responsible for the regulator
function. Oh, when you call, they will say that it is this or that person or department. Those of us who have had the
time, have followed the line all the way down, and found that no one entity or person is watching!

So SNC Lavalin can sell off Candu to GE Capital, of New Jersey or some-such for much more money, and no one is watching, right, and who cares, right? Or Serco Incorporated, is the monitor for nuclear weapons in Russia and the U.S. and no-one cares, right? (through AWE, Atomic Weapons Enterprises.)

The ploy, by corporate, or corporate friendly, entities is called, 'Some-one Else's problem', and it works. A good example is the
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, wherein everyone thinks some-one else is regulating OUR, CANADIAN, pension plan, who
have, incidentally, hired 3 former Goldman-Sachs former employers to the plan! Remember them? (take hard mortgages, turn them in
to paper certificates, sell the certificates around the world, then short-sell them? And get away with it?) That, Goldman Sachs, who convinced the SEC that it is some-one else's problem, and they didn't have to worry about it, by infiltrating their ranks.

There is much to be said for treating corporate malfeasance and scamming as a GOOD, LEARNING SITUATION, IF WE LEARN WHAT TO WATCH FOR, AND NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to 'How to win friends and influence people',  doesn't it? 

This is called, looking for patterns, in a world of information overload, try it, it works.

 Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Paul Harvey was a great, brave and honest man
If I Were the Devil - (BEST VERSION) by PAUL HARVEY audio restored

Subject: Ottawa's pooled-pens ion proposal gets thumbs-down  DD

Interestingly the government has the time and energy to fiddle with the pensions of the people but have no time to work on their own pensions to change the taxpayer/MP contributions???  I guess they won't touch something that is sacrosanct to them, but we are fair game?

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: The Bizarre Media Contempt for Julian Assange

"There are several obvious reasons why Assange provokes such unhinged media contempt. The most obvious among them is competition: the resentment generated by watching someone outside their profession generate more critical scoops in a year than all other media outlets combined (see this brilliant 2008 post, in the context of the Clintons, about how professional and ego-based competition produces personal hatred like nothing else can)."
Subject: Bill Murphy- 'JP Morgan Is FINISHED! JPM Silver Scandal Will Rival LIBOR!' |
Subject: Here Comes The Sun | Mother Of All Sinkholes Could Produce Blast Of 100 Hiroshimas, Chaos As Far As Houston,

A collection of articles, some esoteric, some worth considering, some odd ball, most disturbing.
Subject: It's all an illusion: 70% of Obama's 19 million Twitter followers are fake accounts | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

A new Web tool has determined that 70% of Obama's crowd includes "fake followers," The New York Times reports in a story about how Twitter followers can be purchased.

"The practice has become so widespread that StatusPeople, a social media management company in London, released a Web tool last month called the Fake Follower Check that it says can ascertain how many fake followers you and your friends have," the Times reports.
Subject: BREAKING: 4 man team carried out Sikh massacre says eyewitness! | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

. . . thought I'd add this one I saw on the site
Bill Gates admits to chemtrails

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Charter anomalies -- Remedies, Deference to Executive/Legislative Powers & "Reading In"
Ranjan K Agarwal & Carl J. Di Carlo Bennett Jones LLP

Dear Messers Agarwal and Di Carlo,

Thank you for Remedies - Formalism in Rights Remedies  which I spotted in the August 23/12  Mondaq Newsletter.

Please excuse my inability to highlight the exact portions of your paper in .pdf (appended below) to show the precise references that made me recall the SCC decision to "write in" an analogous ground "sexual orientation" into 15(1) of the Code that-added-limits-and conditions to the Rights and Freedoms that we already enjoyed under the Common Law.

How can the Court cite and,  your article blithely discuss the following?

-   "that if Parliament intended to grant this ( ...)  it would have used this specific term.";   
-   "[a] liberal and purposive interpretation cannot supplant a textual and contextual analysis simply in order to give effect to a policy decision different from the one made by Parliament";

-  [the Court] made clear that Charter remedies would not be available to the public in the face of legislative will to the contrary. Ultimately, the extension of the Charter's reach to "ordinary people" is fettered by the intent of the legislature." ;   
-   "Parliament was entitled to withdraw these powers from the Board and, barring a constitutional challenge to the legislation, no judicial fiat can overrule Parliament's clear expression of intent.";

-  ".. the Court's formalism. It is suggestive of a view of the law wherein courts should be careful not to impinge upon the (E)xecutive, (....) this decision suggests that the Court is conscious of maintaining the separation between the different branches of government";

-  "The results,  far from being "far-reaching", are reflective of this Court's deference to the legislature";

-  "in carrying out their duties, courts are not to second-guess legislatures and the (E)xecutives; they are not to make value judgments on what they regard as proper policy choice...";

-  "... the Charter was not intended to turn the Canadian legal system upside down ...s.24(1) did not confer new jurisdiction (...) beyond that which was intended by the legislator.";

-  "...unless the legislature explicitly grants this power in the enabling statute.";

-  "While this interpretation showed respect to the intents of Parliament (...) this interpretation (...) [has] lead[s] to inconsistencies between the stated purpose of the [Charter] and its implementation."

-  "... reveal a conception of the rule of law where there is a rigid separation of powers and courts should be circumspect regarding their role vis-a0vis the legislature".

When the "reading in" of a new "group" was initiated, permitted, accepted and incorporated in the Constitution Act 1982 by the same SCC and subsequently never challenged by anyone with a LLB?  or even someone with an LLM (constitutional Law)?

Did the 1995 Egan case (only 10 yrs after the Charter kicked in) galvanize the Public's attention upon a  ?perceived oversight? - were there no notes on the discussions of the premiers and poobahs that haggled over what was "in" or "out" the original s.15(1)?

or,  perhaps the SCC's thinking was based on the spontaneous-emergence of a totally-new, sub-category/group of Canadians" now-deemed worthy of protected-status/amelioration in an evolving "democratic constitutionalists" (1) society?

Robert Ede
Thornhill ON

1.  Prof D. Dyzenhaus's term to describe a contrast-to-formalism that you include in the piece, is similar to the "Living Tree" idea - the gradualist-Menchevik approach of all post-modern, social-democrats working towards their Syndicalist/ Corporatist/ Fabian dream world where "they know better & therefore will decide what's best"

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)

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