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Foreign influence in our elections?
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives winning the Ottawa name game

No life like it: balancing priorities in search for top soldier
Next defence chief may be a surprise to media

Military man: Leslie a good ­ and logical ­ choice for next defence chief
Who would want to be defence chief?

Quebec proves that not all is equal in Canada's equalization payment program
For Canada and China, our economic differences could prove mutually beneficial

Kitimat refinery would be a game-changer
Canada's resources can take many routes west

With little prospect of wielding power, will Liberal MPs want to lead?
Navy planners lay out case for replacement submarines in skeptical Ottawa

Quebec’s One-on-one debates are a start, but why stop there?
Jean Charest v. Pauline Marois: who will come out on top in tonight’s election debate?

Mulcair admits he's no Jack, but takes inspiration from Layton's style
Coderre to run for Liberal leader or Montreal mayor

Gray: Justin Trudeau Is Not The One
Feds plan purchase of 24 new coast guard choppers

Ottawa looking to hire collection agency to recover millions in unpaid fines
One in two worried about eco-terrorist threats: Poll

Bank of Canada apologizes for ‘Asian-looking’ woman debacle
Baird offers little further on Pussy Riot sentence, Syria aid question

Jack Layton movie an emotional affair for cast, late NDP leader's widow
A year after Jack Layton’s death, NDP rides high. But for how long?

Canadians cherish fond memories of Layton one year after death: poll
Corrections Canada to make budget cuts as prison population grows

A not-quite Midas touch: Harper heads to Arctic with mixed record
New Arctic park on agenda for Harper's northern tour

Nexen Shows No Confidence Yet In Harper Assent
Ontario Liberals recalling legislature to introduce bill to impose contract on teachers

Parties should stop ‘trying to kill each other’ in between elections: May
F-35 jet program funding unchanged despite promised review

Infrastructure high on agenda as municipal leaders gather in Ottawair annual convention.
Quebec committing slow-motion suicide

Quebec debate: In a corner, Charest hits back on sovereignty issue
Target in Quebec election debate: Prime Minister Harper

Ethics, identity dominate Quebec leaders' debate
Round 2 tonight in Quebec election debates, with recap of first head-to-head

Border agency closes PEI immigration probe
Government to release plans for Tunney's Pasture

GM extends pension, health cuts to salaried employees
Canadian salaries to jump 2.9% in 2013, workers in resource industries win: report

Canadians to spend 13 per cent more on back to school shopping: survey
'This is not an Enbridge animation' shows reality of Northern Gateway route

BC Liberal Bill Barisoff won't run in next election
Immigration suspects marriage a fraud

Kelowna mayor reads Pride Week declaration after refusing for more than a decade
Boy Mayor on a Roll

Memo to Enbridge: Special Effects Don't Erase Risks
How Much Is One Killer Airplane Worth?

Two Indie Giants Make a Divine Fit
Which Canadian Nation Is Yours?

Harper’s Methodical Campaign to Silence Democracy
Which Way Does Your Political Compass Swing?

Why the War on Musicians Isn't Just about Copyright
Cyber Crooks Licking Their Chops, Say Mounties

Norway vs. Canada: Where to Draw the Line with Big Oil
Journalism association's Montreal chapter votes to disband

DFO promises pipeline science, but budget "disembowelled": former officer
'Kitimat Clean' promises new refinery to serve Northern Gateway

Enbridge Northern Gateway: 'Are activists misleading the public?'
New Quebec party promises to ban asbestos exports

War on Terror threat to democracy in Canada: American Civil Liberties Union
Vancouver lights up with 'greenest fleet' boast

Only two per cent of Canadians don't believe in climate change: poll
BC Gov't Ducking Action Against Illegal Billing Clinics Say Advocates

'The Gloves Are Off': Residential School Day Students Launch Lawsuit


The London Olympics’ Toxic Legacy?
Report: No Criminal Prosecution of Wall St. and Who is the European, Romney or Obama?

Israel Debates the Cost of War
Is Full Employment Possible in the Era of Globalization?

From the Information Age to the Hybrid Age
Singapore's Message for Today's America

America, Enjoy the Downward Slide
The Danger of More Financial Concentration

Can Central Bankers Cope With the Crisis?
The Rising Tide of Environmental Refugees

William Rivers Pitt | Romney, Ryan and Rape: A Todd Akin Special Delivery
The Finnish Alternative: Reclaiming Public Education From Corporate Reform

Official Statement by WikiLeaks' Julian Assange From the Ecuadorian Embassy
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

The Government Can Track You by Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant
Chris Hedges | The United States' Clandestine Armies Plunge Us Deeper Into Violence

What Wisconsin Journalists Want You to Know About Paul Ryan
Dean Baker | "Courage" in Washington Doesn't Have the Same Meaning
On the News With Thom Hartmann: Deepwater Drilling Reaches Historic Highs Despite Risks, and More

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Study: Raising the Minimum Wage Especially Benefits Women

Rebecca Solnit | Men Explain Things to Me: Facts Didn't Get in Their Way
Wimpish in America

AIPAC Wants War on Iran
On the Road to Ryan and Ruin

Palestinian Hunger Strikes: Why Still Invisible?
The Bold Choice

Review: ‘Social Humanism. A New Metaphysics’ by Brian Ellis
A Frankenation in Iraq

The Bold Choice
Does a barking dog not bite?

The Muslim states' mediocre Macca conference
The World Turned Upside Down

Republican's 'legitimate rape' gaffe fuels divide in US sexual politics
In Mexico's murder city, the war appears over

Red light on the Red Cross in Haiti?
Assange's embassy life is cramped but connected

Read more: Japan stands firm on China islands dispute
Read more: Myanmar abolishes direct press censorship law

Read more: New Zealand PM announces early Afghan exit
Libertarian Roots of the Tea Party

Would a Financial Transaction Tax Affect Financial Market Activity? Insights from Futures Markets
Economic Effects of Reduction in Defense Outlays

World Hyperinflations
UN Investigator to US: End 'Conspiracy of Silence' on Drones

US: Settler Attacks on Palestinians are 'Terrorist Incidents'
Nuke Plants Dumping Millions of Gallons 100-Degree Water into Waterways

Guantanamo Detainees, Defense Lawyers Gagged in Military Tribunals
Striking South African Miners Refuse Company Deadline

The London Olympics’ Toxic Legacy
Anyone a Militant in Pakistan? 'US Droning a Mockery of Human Rights'

Facts. Huh! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing
Paul Ryan's Economy Isn't Working for His Constituent

US Drone Strikes Target Rescuers in Pakistan – and the West Stays Silent
With Romney-Ryan, GOP Becomes Grand Old Private-Equity Party

The War in the Shadows
Single-Sex Classes Rooted in Stereotypes Prevalent Across the Nation,

To Bomb or not to Bomb
Peace Would Be All Hell .

Amerika's Future is Death
France Falls Victim to Its Allegiance to the U.S

Assange speech at Ecuador Embassy Video
My Visit to a London Embassy Under Threat.

Raping Wikileaks Sex, Lies and Julian Assange
Pussy Riot, The Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony

The New Totalitarianism of Surveillance Technology
With Romney-Ryan, GOP Becomes Grand Old Private-Equity Party

On the Road to Ryan and Ruin
NATO kills at least 20 people in Afghanistan:

4 New Zealand occupation force troops killed following blast in Bamiyan province:
Afghan Policeman Kills U.S. Service Member on Joint Patrol:

U.S. occupation force soldier killed, "insider" escapes after latest attack in Afghanistan:
US 'should hand over footage of drone strikes or face UN inquiry': UN special rapporteur :

US kills ten people in pakistan:
Pakistan: Six militants killed in Khyber Agency shelling:

14 killed in attack on Yemen intelligence : .
Lethal Blasts Kill Two in Libya Capital:

Russia: Syrian opposition getting lots of Western arms:
British intelligence enabled Syrian insurgents to launch devastating attacks:

Germany helping Syria rebels with spy ship intel:
Russia's Lavrov: only U.N. should decide on force against Syria:

UN Syria envoy rejects criticism on Assad resignation:
'Obama, Americans Would Support Israeli Attack on Iran:

Republican Congressman Scolded After Drinking and Nudity in Israel:
Facebook removes Hezbollah sites:

Poland Shedding Light on Secret CIA Prison:
-Ecuador rallies Latin America in Assange battle with UK:

Army morale declines, survey shows:
Miss China becomes Miss World 2012 Source
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Researchers indentify massive galaxy with high star production rate Source
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U.S. Troops To Get New Headgear For “Homeland Security Operations” Source
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Thousands of Chinese protest Japanese claim to disputed island Source
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HR groups call on ICC to investigate Rwandan president for war crimes Source
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LUNDI 20 AOÛT 2012

20h03 -L'immigration · Un enjeu politique oublié dans cette campagne?
Le thème de l'immigration a à peine été effleuré dans le débat public des élections provinciales. Agence QMI
19h41 -Réforme de la santé · Le Dr Barrette s'attend à des «résistances minimales»
Le Dr Gaétan Barrette a réitéré lundi sa promesse d'offrir un médecin de famille pour tous d'ici un an. Agence QMI
17h11 -Éclosion de légionellose à Québec · Trois décès en moins d'un mois
Trois personnes sont décédées depuis le 31 juillet après avoir contracté la légionellose dans la région de Québec. Agence QMI
13h24 -Guerre des tarifs d'Hydro-Québec · Le PQ promet le gel
Le PQ s'est engagé lundi à annuler la hausse des tarifs d'hydroélectricité prévue par les libéraux. Agence QMI
12h10 -Élections · Charest promet 1,2 milliard $ d'aide aux entreprises
Jean Charest promet aux entreprises 1,2 milliard $ sur cinq ans. Agence QMI
09h42 -Universités · Retour en classe?
Des milliers d'étudiants universitaires voteront aujourd'hui sur le prolongement de la grève. Agence QMI
06h40 -Québec 2012 · Les duels débutent lundi soir
Aux antipodes des débats classiques à plusieurs, les trois chefs des principales formations politiques vont s'affronter, en duels, au cours de trois soirées déterminantes diffusées sur TVA et sur LCN, à partir de lundi soir, 21 h. Agence QMI
04h27 -Éducation · Chroniques d'un exaspéré
Au Québec, un garçon sur trois et une fille sur quatre ne possèdent aucun diplôme à l'âge de 20 ans. Comment une société riche peut-elle tolérer des scores aussi pauvres ? C'est une des questions que souhaite poser un expert de l'éducation à nos politiciens. JDM



The CWB ceased being a monopsony on August 1st . Will there or will there not be economic benefits from this action by the government is being debated still. It is as well the subject of continuing court cases.

This article supports the action "Why it was right to end wheat board monopoly" .

Robert Roehle e-mailed this letter responding to the article.

Read both, you'll be better informed concerning this divisive issue.

From: Robert Roehle
Subject: FW: letter to editor

Hi all, this letter was sent to the Leader Post Monday morning.

To the editor,

Herb Pindar (Why it was right to end wheat board monopoly Friday Aug. 17, provides a self-serving, trivial, and misleading response to the end of our single desk Wheat Board based on misinformation and half-truths. Mr. Pindar is part of the owner/investor class that was the real beneficiary when a Billion dollars of farmers’ equity in Sask. Wheat Pool was legally stolen from farmers and used to create Viterra (now Glencore). Of course Mr. Pindar sees value in separating farmers from their money. The end of the Wheat Board creates an even bigger transfer of wealth and influence away from farmers and towards grain trade owner/investors like Mr. Pindar.

The mistakes in Mr. Pindar’s column are too numerous to address, but first of all he makes the beginner’s mistake of characterizing the old Wheat Board as a single buyer of grain. The CWB was the seller of western grain– not the sole customer. This is a key difference.

Pindar also trots out that old chestnut of “property rights”. With the real CWB every farmer retained the beneficial ownership of their grain from the time it left the farm until it landed at the customer’s facility. At each step in that long value chain the CWB’s single desk made money which came back to the farmer. Without the single desk CWB that value chain now ends when they sell their grain to private companies and their brokers, who only operate for the profit of the likes of Mr. Pindar. Ritz’s Conservative Board will also have to pay a toll to these same private companies. For farmers who wanted to market their own grain the single desk CWB had a simple, and essentially free, Producer Direct Sales Program which many farmers including my family, used successfully. Farmers now have fewer rights to make money from the grain they sell­and no transparency into logistics or the actual value of the grain they sell (commodity exchanges do not mirror actual offshore grain transactions).

As a CWB Board member I saw the sales figures showing the CWB made extra money for farmers. A fact which fourteen International Trade Tribunals, the Auditor General of Canada, and the CWB’s Audited Statements all confirmed. Every peer-reviewed study done by economists that had access to the actual CWB sales figures concluded that the single desk selling advantages of the real CWB put hundreds of millions of extra dollars into farmers’ pockets every year. The latest study published by economists based in the U. S. showed an extra benefit of $105 Million per year just on barley sales alone. This is money now lost to farmers and western Canada.

Mr. Pindar worries about the overhead of the CWB being paid for by farmers. Who does he think pays for the overhead of the private grain companies, Santa Claus? The CWB could borrow money at government rates, and the spread between this rate and the commercial rate was enough to pay all of the overhead costs of the CWB every year. When this new Conservative Wheat Board is privatized or dissolved this benefit disappears completely and for the first time in 75 years farmers will have to pay in cash for the overheads of the private grain traders.

Yes, the CWB used accredited exporters, like Cargill and Viterra and others, to help make grain sales into other markets. But the CWB always had the final say on whether or not the sale should be made or at what price. This protected the interests and bottom lines of farmers as these companies could not undercut the market, or get involved in the kinds of oil, arms, and grain trading that have been associated with the founders of companies like Glencore.

Mr. Pindar’s line about Gerry Ritz taking the high road must come straight from the Conservative website. Is this the same Ritz who characterized supporters of orderly marketing as “the tin foil hat crowd” or told blatant un-truths about holding a farmer vote before he introduced changes to the Wheat Board? Or is he talking about the Ritz who seized control of a Wheat Board that was run by a democratically elected board of directors, and then had his appointees take over $200 million of farmers’ money to finance his fantasy? Or is he talking about a Prime Minister who is tough on crime except when he agrees with the criminals? Having a government that can pick and choose which laws to follow, or who is a guilty and who is not, means that we no longer need a judicial system­this is not the “high road”.

It is a fundamental right under the Canadian Constitution that farmers have a right to work together to market their grain in an orderly fashion without a bunch of freeloaders taking advantage. Even the Prime Minister and Parliament must follow the rule of law, and that is something Mr. Ritz refused to do when he denied farmers their right to vote on changes to our Wheat Board.

Of course the worst thing about our farmer run single desk Wheat Board, from the owner/investor point of view, was that private companies were not free to play farmers off against each other so they could get cheaper grain. Many of them are already doing so behind the smoke screen blown by people like Mr. Pinder­just take a look at protein non-payments and other changes already in the private contracts.

Yours truly,

Stewart Wells
, farmer
Swift Current

From: Jean Pycock
Subject: Re: August 19, 2012 ". . . start looking at labels!" 015

Bravo!! Jean Pycock, Havelock, Quebec

From: Real Gagne <>
Subject: Re: August 19, 2012 ". . . start looking at labels!" 030


I normally try to patronize Canadian companies whenever I can. I seldom
shop at Walmart and prefer Rona, Nelson Lumber, or Canadian Tire over
their American competition.

As for manufactured articles, I'm a pragmatist. Almost everything is now
made in China and I don't see that changing anytime soon in any case,
manufacturing is so diversified now that almost any finished product is
processed in more than one country, so I shop for the best deal I can.
Finding Canadian strawberries in February can be a little difficult.


From: Rene Moreau
Subject: Re: August 19, 2012 ". . . start looking at labels!" 030

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; labeling and sources;
Nice one, Joe. Welcome back.
Got one for you. Some time back, Canadian Fishing company, or
Gold-Seal, (and, perhaps, No Name Brand, as they are also known,
caught B.C. salmon, but wanting to get around the moratorium on salmon
fishing, offloaded their catches to Alaska. Those fish came back to us
Canadians as product of Alaska or the U.S.A. and there was a lot of
it. The ploy also, apparently does an end run around Canadian
regulations, as does the shipping of Canadian Fish to China so that
they are labelled product of China.
Dan Cody of Fisheries Canada,
It seems Harper has legallized such scamming, with new labeling laws.
Neat trick, eh?
To make government appear untrust-worthy, corporate need only put
their own people in to government to scam the people. Then they can
say 'Corporate can rule the world, better'. Read 'When Corporations
Rule the World'.

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: "Glenn HAREWOOD"

To continue the debate on "buying Canadian":
The issue is more complicated than its face-simplicity suggests. A personal experience suffices:
I’m trying to produce an auto accessory trademarked the Saftey-B-U-M. It is a badly-needed Safety Back-Up Mirror. I have had quotations for production in Canada and quotations from Taiwan. To manufacture and produce the identical quality gadget in Canada would cost me some US$40.00 per unit at a minimum of 500 units. To produce the identical quantity and quality unit in Taiwan would cost me $US 15.00 (package and shipping etc. included).
Although I would like to have it produced here so that Canadians could be employed, where do you think I am going to have it manufactured?
Glenn Harewood

From: "E E Hollingsworth"
Subject: Re: August 19, 2012 ". . . start looking at labels!" 013

Great item, I'm with you. Try finding frozen seafood that isn't from China. I've read horror stories about Chinese fish farms. Buy Canadian.!!!!.. the job you save could be a friend, neighbor or relative

From: Rebecca Gingrich <>
To: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: RE: August 19, 2012 ". . . start looking at labels!" 030

Joe--welcome back--and you started with a bang!!!!! As seen in the articles below even the labels can be fake. I never buy canned foods. I buy locally as much as possible and freeze the food for later use. Sadly no matter what we do we are eating pesticides and herbicides so we can only try to be healthy. If our government won't even allow us to know which foods are GMOS why would anyone believe that the labels are any more accurate?

Product of Canada, eh?
It says 'Product of Canada' on the package, but the food is really from China. Or New Zealand. Or...

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Chapter 4
Composition, Quality, Quantity and Origin Claims
Sections 4.7-4.19

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: She Kicks Like a Mule!
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Fwd: George Will: Despite dire predictions, humanity is facing 'Apocalypse Not'
Begin forwarded message:

From: Steve Campbell
Subject: A Cure Far Worse Than the Disease - Aerial Spraying of Toxic 'anti-West Nile Virus' Pesticides

A cure far worse than the disease

From: John Duddy
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>
Cc: Joe Hueglin <>

Dear Prime Minister, please read this article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Wall Street Journal editor and top economist in the Reagan cabinet.
Dr. Roberts is a true Conservative.

John Duddy. Calgary Centre.
Subject: MAD DOG AMERICA, by Paul Craig Roberts.
Subject: Amerika’s Future is Death ~ Paul Craig Roberts

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: equalization

August 20, 2012

No one knows if any politician ever pays attention to news reports,
Today was able to listen and view SUN TV Toronto talking about
equalization, the loudest, Quebec since 1957 getting a quarter of a trillion
dollars and still standing there with the hands out.
News many English speaking Canadians have been saying for years, while
talking to a brick wall.

Suan.H. Booiman

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: if this was caused by the US, israel was behind it

Pussy Riot were brutally deceived and used by the Washington-financed NGOs that have infiltrated Russia.

From: Robert Ede
Subject: NEXEN and other Crown Asset Sales - who's the bonehead responsible for selling off all the good stuff - so cheap?
To: macleans <>
Cc: "elizabeth.may" <>

Dear Ms Lunau & Editors,

Thank you for "Our Chinese oils sands. Nexen could just be the beginning ..." Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Great Red Hope
(lots of Money) but ... no Change

Your article points out the 3 "interests" in these leased Crown-owned lands:

1) the interests of the Shareholders of the company that leases the land and operates the extraction business;

2) the interests of the Government-of-the-Day that
(takes care of it's own electoral future and) is entrusted with day-to-day Operations of the Canadian Crown's Assets and Treasury;
3) the Canadian Crown's interest in "... being desirous that all Our loving Subjects, ... may avail themselves with all convenient Speed, of the great Benefits and Advantages which must accrue therefrom to their Commerce, Manufactures, and Navigation"

re: NEXEN Shareholders - As outlined in Ms Lunau's article the self-interest of Nexen shareholders receiving a 61% premium to the (languishing and troubled) stock price is not questioned by anyone. The fact that CNOOC is offering $15 Billion for Nexen's world wide assets plus buying their lease and existing operations at Long Lake, shows the company has value .... and as far as the Oil Sands assets, Nexen just doesn't have the capital to bring the expensive Long Lake development to fruition ... Nexen's stock was languishing and CNOOC had already purchased it's 35% partner in Long Lake from near-bankruptcy for $2.1 Billion

CNOOC already has a toehold in the oilsands, through the company's $2.1 billion deal to buy OPTI Canada out of creditor protection last year. OPTI owned the other third of the Long Lake oilsands project that Nexen didn't.

That previous partnership with Nexen makes CNOOC the optimal buyer for the company, Sam La Bell of Toronto-based Veritas investment research says.

"CNOOC is the natural buyer," he said. "We view this as full value for the deal." He too, suspects Ottawa will likely approve the takeover

"Definitely the political rhetoric is going to get cranked up here. The political angle is hard to evaluate," he said, "It’s a great fit with CNOOC and their overseas assets.

re: the STEWARDS - The self-interest of the Prime Minister-of-the-Day is also made clear - He wooed the Chinese central administrators (before and after the Keystone pipeline was put on temporary hold until Barry O'Syndicalist/ O'Corporatist/ O'Fabian "could be more flexible after my election").

I hope that good ol' "Firewall around Alberta" (9 lines from end on 2nd page) Steve pays some pan-Canadian attention to some of the criticisms of this mammoth investment by sovereign wealth funds
(NB one with not-exactly unstated intentions of taking over the world) "s/be a two way street"; "we don't want my way or the highway operators" and even hesitations based on the reality that "Foreign acquisition pledges have a short (18-36 months) shelf life" before instructing his minions to sign-off on this Nexen deal - that he helped set up on the last couple of mission-trips to the "Great Red Hope (Money, but no Change)"

re: The Canadian CROWN - The self-interest of the Crown has no champion, no one demanding a reasonable return on investment from the land in question and other the thousands of billions of dollars worth of Canadian Crown "tangible assets".
(NB the vast majority of lands/non-financial assets of Canada are NOT accounted for on the Budget's "Non-Financial Assets Line" of their Balance Sheet- Table 6.8), nor anywhere in the Public Accounts, nor within the Annual Financial Report, nor valued in the Fiscal Reference Tables ... nope - nowhere ... no wonder no one is asking for a return on those Trillions of Dollars of assets .... they're on the books at "no value")

IMHO someone must defend the interest of All Canadians' in our Crown Assets and Treasury in this NEXEN deal and generally. There is a great need to fill the "power vacuum" created by the withdrawal/elimination of the Executive Power of our Constitution from "active duty" -as a check on the (otherwise) unlimited power of a 37%-mandated PM controlling (as little as) 50%+1 of the Lower House.

Despite the reluctance of Her Majesty's (4th paragraph) or Her 'local' Representative's (para 3) to directly or indirectly intervene in / be consulted about / give advice/ give encouragement/ give warning about the day-to-day "stewardship" of Canada, someone must step up to "Just Say No" to the (only merged in 1940) seemingly-unstoppable, Executive+Legislative (wholly anti-BNA) hybrid, command and control centre we call the PMO/PCO - on the Nexen deal, the Omnibus Bill, the 2 Prorogations, the 2008 Dissolution etc etc

I hear no person/Office/Department presenting the case for the silent majority - the Taxpaying-Resident-Citizens (TCR's) who pay the freight for boneheaded, short-term all-political decisions made with THEIR assets-in-trust. Collectively, we're like the blinding trusting "widows, orphans and little guys/gals" who left their/our savings in mutual funds as the stock market swooned
(on several occasions recently), detachedly watching the value of their/our RRSP's dwindle, while continuing to pay the 1%-4% management fee to their sworn-to-know-your-client-beneficence advisor-who-never-phones.

For Perspective: Who owns the Canadian Crown Assets? Let's say as an illustration, that the Crown's assets in Canada are "owned" by the Monarch "in Trust" for the collective advantage of the taxpaying, resident citizens of Canada -we CAN say that ...even if it's not legal true ... only to ask the question .... should not the Assets of Canada BE "owned in trust for all Canadians" and operated/stewarded/husbanded on behalf of the TRC's?

Sadly by the official rule book of Canada -the BNA/Constitution of Canada, the Crown's assets ARE NOT held in trust for the taxpaying, resident citizens. Nope, the Crown "owns" these Trillions of $ of assets and neither the Monarch nor Her Vice Regal Representative pays any attention to the prudent/imprudent/ wasteful or shrewd administration of these assets by Her Majesty's Stewards/ Trustees/ Authorized Managers.

What can we do about it?

Forget amending the Constitution ... the real solution is simply an attitude thing - if the Assets of the Crown are not operated in/for/by the best interests of the TRC of Canada de jure, then lets make it that way de facto by simply declaring a "Deemed Disposition" of the Monarch's Canadian assets into the collective hand of our TRC's ... and then by simply suggestion to the Taxpaying, Resident Citizens that they smarten up before everything is sold-off or encumbered by debt - we must TELL the TRC's of Canada TO START ACTING AS PROPRIETORS ... it IS an attitude thing.

If we (the TRC's) own the country ... then why aren't we in the "consultation equation" or in the "decision-making loop" when something BIG happens?

No point complaining after the fact ... some things CANNOT BE REVERSED ONCE APPROVED

Again .... in your opinion, Who should be the owner of the Canadian Crown Assets?

For further undiscussed aspects
See Ownership Breakdown of Syncrude: their own webchart shows Nexen 7.23% as well as Sinopec owning 9.03%).

August-18-12 10:12 PM