Sunday, July 08, 2012

Daily Digest July 7-8, 2012



_____JULY 8TH

Etobicoke Centre election dispute turning into a test of Canada's democratic machinery
The dispute over the 2011 election results in Etobicoke Centre is escalating into a test of faith
in the country's democratic machinery as it heads to the Supreme Court of Canada this week.
Harper promises 'Canada will not slip back' at Stampede barbeque
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he is looking beyond the mandate of his current majority Conservative government
and pledged to transform Canada into one of the world's "next generation of economic powers."

Related Taxpayer nickels will not be wasted at CIDA: Fantino
CPP Investment Board makes $1-billion real estate investment

Canada pledges another $227M in aid to Afghanistan at Tokyo conference
Oda's ouster: Delayed reckoning

Wretched UN up to its old tricks with Syria
How Dalton Days produced a miracle for Catholic teachers

Barack Obama's swiss cheese campaign
Female B.C. Mountie files 2nd lawsuit against RCMP

Young Pierre Trudeau and the creeping decay of Canadian democracy
Justin Trudeau stampedes into Calgary

Justin Trudeau's star power on full display at Calgary Stampede breakfast
Liberals woo voters in enemy territory during Calgary Stampede

Decaying concrete raising concerns at Canada's aging nuclear plants
Candu Energy Inc.'s nuclear employees could strike Monday morning

Justin Trudeau's star power on full display at Calgary Stampede breakfast
Liberals woo voters in enemy territory during Calgary Stampede

Redford, rival Smith at Stephen Harper's annual Stampede week barbecue
Are Redford's sights on PM's chair?

Bob Rae upbeat touring Stampede political circuit in Calgary
Some veterans still seeing payments clawed back after court ruling

Taxpayer nickels will not be wasted at CIDA: Fantino
CPP Investment Board makes $1-billion real estate investment

Violent assaults in federal prisons on the rise
Exiting defence chief sees combat lull

Legacy of Wild West spurs 'Cowtown' spirit
Corporate cowboys shell out

Canadian tuxedo or Daisy Duke shorts at Stampede? No siree, say stylists
Gen. Winder was a heck of a lawyer

450,000 salmon to be destroyed after outbreak in Newfoundland and Labrador
Olympic athletes leak Village's sex, drinking and drug secrets

Smoke from Colorado wildfires blankets B.C.
Afghanistan aid: Donors pledge $16bn at Tokyo meeting

Berthiaume : Why MacKay seems to fly above the flak
Clark: Advice for Fantino, keep it simple

Delacourt : Does Canadian 'band' need a makeover ?
Gardner : Harper likes his ministers weak

Hepburn: Beware delusional no-hope Lib leadership wannabees
Ivison: Cabinet freeze not set in stone

Mackinnon : Elections Canada has new evidence in Etobicoke Centre
Solberg : OJ claims another victim

Thomson : Are AB Premier Redford's sights on PM's chair ?
Warren: When Canada had the power

Enbridge EVP touts pipeline in Prince George
Public focus on pipelines puts pressure on politicians

Grit MP sees water law as aiding oilsands

_____JULY 7TH
Are Redford's sights on PM's chair?
Prime Minister Alison Redford?
Sources inside federal politics say clues too many to ignore.
Images can seal fate of politicians
Oda's record is the real scandal

OJ claims another victim
Canada's new aid minister Julian Fantino has his work cut out for him

When cabinet had the power
The perils of leaping from journalism to politics

The gang's all here
Ottawa's cuts to young offender programs are short-sighted and costly

Oprah Winfrey, the Obama supporter fame left behind
U.S. politics has become a disgusting race for money

Assad: The devil we know
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau handshakes at Stampede, still weighing leadership run

Taxpayer nickels will not be wasted at CIDA: Fantino
Access to Information Act turns 30 amid calls for reform

No records complaints an ongoing problem under Access to Information rules
Information commissioner criticized for launching review of federal law

Does the Canadian 'brand' need a makeover?
How Canada broke up with the U.S.

Headwinds eroding confidence
Ottawa about one-third of the way through $6B liability for public-sector severance payouts.

Conservatives may be government but the public service is still in power
Del Mastro meeting with Elections Canada to discuss campaign financing

Nobel laureate joins Toronto rabbi group in condemning refugee health cuts
Media boy Wicary havin' a good time in Havana

Politicians take in fun at Calgary Stampede
Justin Trudeau wears his small 1978 belt buckle with pride

NL Poll Results Questioned
Work-in-progress strategy plans to choke out smog

Playing at a theatre near you: Ottawa's shock-and-awe film on War of 1812
3 things Julian Fantino should know about CIDAe.

Fantino pledges to bring fiscal responsibility to CIDA
Ontario urges feds not to allow generic OxyContin onto market

Ontario judge strikes down mandatory minimum sentence for first-offence gun trafficking
Small volunteer organizations are most susceptible to fraud, experts say

Mayor of Asbestos says misunderstood town's history is 'a source of pride'