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Del Mastro meeting with Elections Canada to discuss campaign financing
Beleaguered Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is heading into Elections Canada to give a statement
to the watchdog investigating him on campaign-finance related allegations.

How Canada broke up with the U.S.
As veteran diplomats and foreign policy specialists trade blows over who is to blame for the crisis in Canada-U.S. relations ­ How Obama Lost Canada; How Obama Won Canada; Obama Didn't Lose Canada; Maybe Canada Lost Obama, Ever Think of That? ­ thoughtful observers on both sides of the border are concerned that important nuances in the debate are being overlooked.
Harper likes his ministers weak
Bernard Valcourt is nobody's "yes" man

Conservatives aren't in trouble yet
Oda: It's "not" about the orange juice

U.S. to Canada: Lucky you're our neighbour!
Turning a blind eye: Elections Canada gives a shrug of the shoulders to leftie antics

Canada needs young federalist voices
The military has always been used for political purposes

There are better ways to help foreign strippers than kicking them out of the country
Higher gas levies a heavy burden in a pricey place

Civilian oversight bodies must pierce police silence
Conservatives may be government but the public service is still in power

Playing at a theatre near you: Ottawa's shock-and-awe film on War of 1812
Elections Canada has new evidence in Etobicoke Centre

Much ado about Stephen Wicary's Cuban adventure
Justin Trudeau wears his small 1978 belt buckle with pride

Harper invests in Stampede with $5M promotion pledge
At Calgary parade, Prime Minister Stephen Harper praises Stampede's values of 'hard work, enterprise, self reliance'

3 things Julian Fantino should know about CIDA
Fantino pledges to bring fiscal responsibility to CIDA

Ontario judge strikes down mandatory minimum sentence for first-offence gun trafficking
The perils of leaping from journalism to politics

PQ candidate says he'd already quit journalism job when he decided to run The Quebec
Baird blames Russia for UN 'losing its relevance' in Syrian crisis

Canada ekes out small job gains in June
Tory ministers splash cash across Canada

Harper's mini-shuffle puts MPs on best behaviour
Why Peter MacKay seemingly flies above the flak

How Ottawa fumbled the fisheries file
Manitoba First Nation accused of misappropriating $4.6M

Elections Canada following proper procedure in asking to speak to Del Mastro under legal caution
Stephen Harper's cabinet freeze not set in stone

Stephen Harper says no cabinet shuffle, prorogation until mid-term
TD Bank closing some customer accounts to comply with sanctions against Iran

Civil servants share $6B 'severance' without losing jobs
Tories accused of flip-flopping on refugee health policy

Harper's disdain for new blood after unsteady year bafflingnational Development Agency.
Missing Women Commissioner wants answers to RCMP officer's sexually explicit photos

S&M Mountie won't be asked to quit
Disabled ex-soldier now faces layoff from her public service job

Most Edmonton-area federal ridings to be significantly redrawn
Health Canada to drop medical marijuana grow-op licenses

Water pollution law meant to assist oilsands: Liberal MP
Taxpayers need protection in event of Northern Gateway spill, says former insurance executive

Police and cities face off over pay
Canadian military gear still stranded in Afghanistan by border chaos

Falling natural gas prices to put $200-million dent in B.C. revenues
Famed Bluenose schooner getting a rebuild but some purists call it a sham

Extreme heat bakes Central Canada
Target wins approval to come to Canada

RIM focusing on hardware may be BlackBerry's only hope
Who Wins with BC's New Election Ridings? Dix to Clark: Time to Break Pipeline Silence

Planting the Seedstock, Vancouver's New Currency
Free the Spoiled Children

Feds OK competition between big and small phone companies in rural areas
High plastic pollution levels found in northwest coastal waters

Safety, employment standards lack for commercial cleaners and guards: study
BC Social activist targets judges, lawyers and media in her demand for a parliamentary inquiry into judicial corruption


'Friends of Syria' threaten new sanctions as top Syrian general defects
Critics condemn bid by 'blood-soaked' Syrian regime to join UN rights panel

The single Jew that Hitler wanted to save: Astonishing letter reveals how Führer ordered Gestapo to leave his WW1 commander alone
The moment a U.S. helicopter strike blasts an Afghan man to pieces... as the pilot sings 'Bye, bye Miss American Pie'

Hero On The Run
US attorney general faces contempt charge

The State Department Goes Bad
US to halt deportations of young immigrants

Poisoning Public Discourse
Congress working to plug intelligence leaks

The US Voting Dilemma
Kenneth Waltz is not Crazy, but he is Dangerous

US Military Testosterone
It's Complicated

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Read more  Chinese Officials Steal Pregnant Woman's Fetus, Reproductive Organs
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Watch the Video and Read the Transcript The Current Heat Wave Could Lead to a Food Crisis, and More
Read the Article Five Ways Republicans Have Sabotaged Job Growth

Watch the Video The Fracking Industry's Dirty Secrets
Read the Article Crime of the Century

Read the Article Minor Reform of Health Care Hailed as Major Triumph
Read the Article Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation

As Japan Says Fukushima Disaster "Man-Made" and "Preventable," Fears Grow Worldwide
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
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Young People Don't Buy Health Care Insurance: You Are on Your Own if You Get Cancer. Don't Expect Me to Payr, Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
California Legislature Approves Resolution Opposing Citizens United Ruling Read the Article at California Newswire

In a Mean-Spirited Political World, Where Do "Normal" Folks Fit In? Read the Article at BuzzFlash
In a Post-Birther World, GOP Embraces New Conspiracy Theories Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

Mr. Romney Changes His Mind, Again Read the Article at The New York Times
GOP Representative Tells Constituent Who Asks About Raising the Minimum Wage to "Get a Job" Read the Article at ThinkProgress

A Case Study in How Kris Kobach's Cabal Aims to Remake Election Law Read the Article at The Nation
Surprise: ExxonMobil Will Bid for Afghan Oil Play Read the Article at Foreign Policy

Richard Schiffman: New Report on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 'Clearly Man-Made', says Parliamentary Panel

Wikileaks Publishes the 'Syrian Files'
New 'Dust Bowl' Feared as Drought Scorches US Croplands

Jailed Russian Punk-Rockers 'Pussy Riot' Begin Hunger Strike
After Fraud Allegations, Mexico Orders Presidential Recount

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces... As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

Is the Bible a Threat to National Security?
If the US Loses Syria, the US Loses its Empire

Libor: The Biggest Financial Scam In World History s of magnitude.
Report: Countrywide Used Loan Discounts to Buy Congress, Other Government Officials ttp://

Strait History: Iran's Options
Iran's Persian Gulf gambit takes shape

Iran Derangement Syndrome
Oil and Illusions .

Poisoning Arafat.
Risks Worth Taking To Save Palestine

Drone Program Will Dismantle Our Freedoms.
Can Americans Escape the Deception?

TPP: A Trade Deal from Hell
It's Not Our Job To Take Power, It's Our Job To Fight Power!

U.S. Kills 21 people in Pakistan:
18 Shia pilgrims killed in Pakistan:

Pentagon Freeing $1.1 Billion Withheld From Pakistan: .
Pakistan's oppositions blast govt. over NATO supply routes:

5 Militants Killed in Kandahar:
Syria gunmen kill three senior officers:

Homs of Death: 'Unprecedented' violence escalation alarms UN - Video -
Syrian army takes control of northern rebel stronghold:

Russia, China must pay for supporting Assad: Clinton:
Russia hits back at US over Syria:

Sanctions cut Iran's July oil exports to nearly half:.
Iran blames France, Germany for nuclear scientist killings:

Senior IDF officer: Israel is preparing for the next Lebanon war: '
Life of Akram Rikhawi, father of 8, in grave danger after 85 days of hunger strike:

'It's a shame they didn't kill him':
U.S. Jewish NGOs to get 97% of Homeland Security's defense grant in 2012:

Yemen: Airstrikes kill 3 militants, injure 7:
ICC lawyer: Fair Gaddafi trial in Libya impossible:,7340,L-4252166,00.html

Six arrested in terror raid near Olympic site:
Assange charges are hilarious, says Ecuador:

Ex-Argentine dictators jailed for baby thefts:
This may send Wall Streeters to prison:

NASA plans to send man to Mars by 2030
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20h13 - Pierre Duchesne au PQ · Les libéraux portent plainte au Conseil de presse
        Le PLQ dépose une plainte au Conseil de presse et à l'Ombudsman de Radio-Canada contre Pierre Duchesne. Agence QMI
19h01 - Tragédie d'Elliot Lake · Les citoyens déposent un recours collectif
        Les victimes de l'effondrement du centre commercial d'Elliot Lake, en Ontario, ont déposé un recours collectif de 30 millions $,        vendredi, contre le propriétaire du centre d'achat Algo, la province de l'Ontario et la Ville d'Elliot Lake. Agence QMI
16h14 - Conseil des droits humains · Le Canada s'oppose à la candidature de la Syrie
        Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, John Baird, a qualifié de «mauvaise blague» le fait que la Syrie pourrait obtenir un siège au      Conseil des droits de l'homme de l'ONU. Agence QMI
13h29 - PQ · Duchesne défend son impartialité et sa rigueur
        Pierre Duchesne, l'ex-journaliste de Radio-Canada qui se porte candidat pour le PQ dans la circonscription de Borduas a défendu son     impartialité et sa rigueur. Agence QMI
10h37 - Juin · Le Québec a perdu 4600 emplois
        Le taux de chômage a tout de même chuté d'un dixième de point de pourcentage pour s'établir à 7,7 %. Agence QMI
         Québec  /  Canada
Politique québécoise
         Politique canadienne
Justice et faits divers
         Politique canadienne

Révision de la Loi sur l'accès à l'information
         Le PLQ porte plainte contre Pierre Duchesne

La réalité par la fiction
         Glissade éthique au cabinet de Stephen Harper
Arrestation musclée d'un jongleur dans le Vieux-Montréal
         Critique de "Amazing Spider-Man"
La "voleuse plantureuse" apparaît en cour
         Birmanie: la lutte des rebelles kachins
Lucian Bute veut sa revanche contre Froch
         « L'équipage était dans un état de perte quasi totale de la situation »

Mexique: Peña Nieto officiellement élu président
         Vague de suicides: France Télécom inculpée
L'économie canad ienne a gagné 7300 emplois en juin
         Target obtient le feu vert d'Ottawa

Tout sauf sexy
         Barclays: le bûcher des vanités



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July 6, 2012
World Federalist Movement holds 26th International Congress in Winnipeg

Ottawa – From July 9th to 13th, the World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy will be holding its International Congress at the University of Winnipeg.

The World Federalist Movement is a longstanding international civil society organization. The movement was founded in 1947, when it became apparent that the United Nations would not be able to fulfil its founding purpose, the maintenance of international peace and security. World Federalists call for the application of the principles of democratic federalism to world affairs in order to strengthen the rule of law internationally and make humanity's global governance institutions, like the United Nations, more effective, transparent and democratically accountable. The Congress is a global policy-setting forum for World Federalists from around the world.

Expected highlights at the upcoming Winnipeg Congress include:

- A plenary discussion (with video testimonials) on the International Criminal Court (ICC). WFM – IGP is administrative home to the 2,500-member NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court. From July 1 to 17 2012, the ICC celebrates its 10th anniversary. The ICC has become a high-profile institution on the world stage, a "court of last resort" mandated to hold individuals, including political and military leaders to account for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

- An interactive session on the international Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. Over 800 parliamentarians from around the world, including 73 current members of Canada's parliament, have endorsed the call for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the UN. Speakers will include Andreas Bummel (from the UNPA campaign secretariat in Berlin) and former Canadian parliamentarians Bill Blaikie and Warren Allmand. Mr. Allmand is also the current National President of the World Federalist Movement - Canada.

- An Awards Banquet Thursday July 12. Widely acclaimed Canadian author Erna Paris will receive the 2012 WFM - Canada World Peace Award. Paris is the author of seven books and the winner of ten national and international prizes. Her writing, including frequent contributions to the opinion pages of major Canadian newspapers, chronicles humanity's intermittent but genuine progress in establishing the social, political and legal foundations of the ongoing battle against impunity, and for the rule of law. Her most recent book is "The Sun Climbs Slow: The International Criminal Court and the Struggle for Justice." A second award, The Hanna Newcombe Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to The Rev. Dr. James Christie, Professor at the University of Winnipeg's Ridd Institute for Theology and Global Policy and Chair of the WFM – IGP governing Council.

- University of Winnipeg President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lloyd Axworthy is expected to be re-elected International President of the World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy.


Media availability is by arrangement, at various times during the July 9 to 13 WFM - IGP Congress. Contact Monique Cuillerier, WFM – Canada Communications Officer.

- Mobile: (613) 322-4377
- Email:

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: justice

ro me is an improvement but still does leave too much in the hands of the judges.

Dear Suan Booiman:

Thank you for your correspondence detailing your concerns about the death penalty and the sentencing process. I regret the delay in responding.

As Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, I cannot comment on a specific case. However, I can take this opportunity to inform you that the issue of capital punishment was the subject of free votes in the House of Commons following two lengthy debates in 1976 and 1987. In 1976, Parliament voted to abolish capital punishment for all Criminal Code offences and, in 1987, Parliament voted against reinstating it. On September 1, 1999, the death penalty was eliminated as a sentencing option from the National Defence Act. The Government of Canada does not intend to reinstate the death penalty.

I note your comments on sentencing. Since 2006, our government has been strengthening our laws to ensure greater truth in sentencing, investing in crime prevention, increasing police presence on the streets, and looking at ways to improve the correctional system. We believe that more work needs to be done to ensure that sentences are proportional to the gravity of the offence, which has resulted in the introduction and enactment of several key legislative initiatives.

In May 2011, we received a strong mandate from Canadians that included support for our commitment to table comprehensive legislation that would reintroduce several law-and-order bills. As you may know, Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act, which includes reforms from nine previous bills, was passed by Parliament on March 12, 2012. The provisions of this act will come into force in due course.

The amendments in this comprehensive legislation will make communities safer by extending greater protection to the most vulnerable members of society; enhancing the ability of our justice system to hold criminals accountable for their actions; and helping improve the safety and security of all Canadians.

As you may be aware, a number of the reforms in this legislation fall within the portfolio of the Department of Justice Canada. The Act amends the Criminal Code to increase penalties for sexual offences committed against children and to eliminate the use of conditional sentences, also known as “house arrest”, for serious and violent crimes.

This act also strengthens the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to target organized crime by imposing tougher sentences for the production and possession of illicit drugs for the purposes of trafficking. The production and trafficking of illicit drugs is the most significant source of money for gangs and organized crime. It does profound harm to neighbourhoods, where homes are turned into grow-ops and crystal meth labs.

In addition, this legislation amends the Youth Criminal Justice Act to ensure that violent and repeat young offenders are held accountable for their actions and that the protection of society is given paramount consideration in the treatment of young offenders by the justice system.

While a recent Statistics Canada report indicated that crime rates are declining, it also showed an increase in certain types of crime including child pornography (36%), firearms offences (11%), criminal harassment (5%), and sexual assault (5%). In addition, drug offences increased by 10% in 2010, a continuation of the upward trend that began in the early 1990s. The Safe Streets and Communities Act addresses the increase in child sexual offences and drug offences.

There are also components of this act that fall within the portfolios of Public Safety Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. These include provisions to increase support for victims of crime and terrorism, eliminate record suspensions (pardons) for serious offences, add criteria to the decision-making process involved in the international transfer of offenders, and protect foreign nationals from abuse and exploitation. More information on this legislation can be found in the backgrounder at

The Tackling Violent Crime Act was passed by Parliament and came into force in 2008. This act amended the Criminal Code, among other changes, to provide tougher mandatory jail time for serious gun crimes; new bail provisions that require those accused of serious gun crimes to show why they should not be kept in jail while awaiting trial; and more effective sentencing and monitoring to prevent dangerous, high-risk offenders from offending again.

The Truth in Sentencing Act received Royal Assent in 2009 and has also come into force. The Act clearly limits the amount of credit that the courts may grant to convicted criminals for the time they served in custody prior to their sentencing by making it a general rule that the amount of credit be capped at a 1-to-1 ratio. In other words, individuals are given only one day of credit for each day spent in custody prior to sentencing. Credit at a ratio of up to 1.5-to-1 is only permitted where circumstances justify it and courts are required to explain these circumstances. Credit for time served by offenders who have violated bail or been denied bail because of their criminal record is limited to a maximum 1-to-1 ratio, and no enhanced credit beyond 1-to-1 is permitted under any circumstances.

More recently, the Protecting Canadians by Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Murders Act came into force on December 2, 2011. The Act ensures that offenders who commit multiple murders serve a sentence that more adequately reflects the heinous nature of their crimes. Previously, individuals convicted of multiple murders would serve their life sentences concurrently and would therefore be subject to only one parole ineligibility period. With this act now in force, judges have the discretion to impose consecutive parole ineligibility periods on individuals convicted of more than one first- or second-degree murder.

The Serious Time for the Most Serious Crime Act also came into force on December 2, 2011. The Act amends the Criminal Code to effectively repeal section 745.6, also known as the “faint-hope” clause, ensuring that criminals who commit first- or second-degree murder on or after December 2, 2011, can no longer apply for early parole. This will help spare victims' families and loved ones from the pain and uncertainty they endure when attending repeated faint-hope hearings.

I believe that the steps the Government has taken will bring greater certainty and clarity to the sentencing process and ensure that convicted criminals serve a sentence that reflects the severity of their crimes.

Please be assured that we continue to work with our provincial and territorial counterparts, who have direct responsibility for the administration of justice, to explore further reforms to the criminal justice system.

Thank you again for writing.

Yours truly,

The Honourable Rob Nicholson

From: John Duddy
Subject: Fwd: Daily Digest July 5, 2012 007    Request from Dr. Anthony J. Hall.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Anthony Hall
Date: July 6, 2012 10:58:38 AM MDT
To: John Duddy
Subject: Re: Daily Digest July 5, 2012 007

Glad to see this PC site emerge. My piece on election fraud was written from a PC-Orchardista angle. Can you help me throw it into the editorial mix you have identified here.


Subject: PCs and Harper
From: Anthony Hall
To: John Duddy
Cc: Joe Hueglin

There's more where that came from Joe. Both my big books, Earth into Property as well as The American Empire and the Fourth World, are written from a Red Tory point of view. Here's some other links you may find of interest.

Tony Hall

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>

Pearson on Fantino

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 02:57 PM PDT
Glen Pearson writes about the Julian Fantino appointment as Minister of International Cooperation, the ministry that oversees Canada's international aid efforts. He highlights the qualities that those involved in the aid portfolio possess:
A natural compassion
       A willingness to cooperate with others in the field
A deep understanding of the link between developmment and the environment
A refusal to adoopt ideological and simplistic arguments or points of view
A growing comprehension of the primary importance of the role of women as the key change agents in their respect communities in the developing world.

Pearson's insight into the aid community really brings home how unfortunate it is that Fantino has been thrown into this mix by Harper's appointment. Money quote:
It would be like putting Donald Trump in charge of a micro-enterprise initiative among the poor of Haiti -- the consequences will be devastating because the need to be in charge will surely eclipse the need to be smart.

You might think that the bad press Harper has been getting in light of Patrick Brazeau's latest newsmaking might jar the PM and give him cause to recalibrate his appointment thinking. Actually consider who might have the qualities appropriate for a role like International Cooperation. Nope. Full steam ahead with fitting square pegs into round holes.
A quote of the day

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 04:29 AM PDT
It's early but I'll go with this one from Dean Del Mastro to his local paper yesterday:
Del Mastro has repeatedly said he doesn't understand why Elections Canada didn't talk to him during its investigation. On Wednesday, he said he shouldn't have to be put through this experience, as he's a member of Parliament.
"I'm not the average person on the street," he said. "I'm elected by the people of this riding to represent them."

He's above the average person on the street from the sounds of things. Not a winning quote from a politician.

Lots of other gems there too.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: OJ

Joe--as far as I am concerned the orange juice is just an example of the arrogant waste of our tax dollars.  Bill C-10 is just another example of the waste of our tax dollars to further their complete control of the citizens.  They do not care how our money is stolen and wasted--from orange juice to taxing everything we do to pay for their waste, we are held hostage.  The orange juice is something everyone can understand.  The machinations around del Maestro's lies and theft is so convoluted that most people just shrug and go on.  But the orange juice was straight forward.  That is why Oda had to go.  People might get the idea that all MPs etc waste our tax dollars?  After all, we have been told they are entitled to their entitlements so it must be true? 
Remember the 'whiskey tasting' held by the former Speaker of the House, Peter Miliken?  We paid for that also and I imagine it cost more than $16/bottle.  And this was done so that MPs could decide which is the best whiskey to give to important visitors!!!  We have no concept of the waste.  I agree that Oda was probably playing a role for some greater move by government or we would never have heard about the orange juice.  Stay awake--there is much more to come.
Subject: How the US pays for their wars???  

The Taliban destroyed 95% of the poppy fields and then the US attacked--now the fields are flourishing.
Guess oil is not the only product the West wants?

Photos of U.S. and Afghan Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 2012
Subject: [Very interesting] Libor Exposure Of Banker Corruption, Bank Of England And U.S. Fed Both Implicated...The entire US and London financial structure is collapsing.
Libor Exposure Of Banker Corruption, Bank Of England And U.S. Fed Both Implicated Interest-Rates / Market Manipulation
Check out these articles blog:
Subject: [On-Guard] Can Americans Escape the Deception?...No speaker will lament the
 death of the US Constitution or urge his audience to action to restore the
 only document that protects their liberty. ...

Can Americans Escape the Deception?
by Paul Craig Roberts...

Washington's account of 9/11 is the wildest conspiracy theory known to mankind. The absurdity of Washington's account is as follows: A few Saudi Arabians without any government's backing or that of any intelligence service outwitted not only the CIA and the FBI but all 16 US intelligence agencies, even the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, together with the intelligence agencies of all of Washington's NATO allies and Israel's Mossad, which has infiltrated every radical Muslim group....
In other words, every part of America's defenses failed at the same moment.
Think about that for a minute. If such a thing had actually happened, the President, Vice President, Congress, and media would have been demanding to know how such universal failure of every aspect of the national security state was possible. An investigation would have started immediately, not over a year later as a result of pressure from 9/11 families who could not be bought off with monetary payments. Such complete and total failure of every aspect of US security would mean that americans were not safe one single minute during the 40-year stand-off with the Soviet Union. At any moment the Soviets could have utterly destroyed the US and we would never have known what hit us.
In a real investigation, the 9/11 evidence would not have been illegally destroyed, and the investigation would have been conducted by experts, not by government agencies assigned a cover-up and by political hacks. ...
[read full article at link below]

From: The Natroses

Given - the public sector in an unionized environment - public sector employees have a few more perks such as pensions, health benefits, discounts in travel, insurance, reduced working hours and are the most protected employees from losing their jobs and at the end of the day, picking up a pension that is anywhere between 60 to 70 percent of their working salaries. Not bad, when the taxpayers are the ones picking up the tab, compared to the private sector of numbers from 17 percent to 28 percent that are in an unionized environment. Unlike the public sector, the private sector, employees whether unionized or not unionized, are faced with longer hours, for less pay in some cases, clawbacks, reduced pensions,  and if not pensions of 50 percent or lower of the working salary. That is if the employee happens to be working for a company that has a pension plan. Than, there is always the possibility that the private company will go bankrupt, and the working employees and retired employees  are without a private pension altogether. So unlike the public sector employees, who never has to worry about the government going bankrupt, nor worry about the public sector unions be unable to delivered for their members.

Ray - " Lived through the crash of 08. Lost about 45% overnight when the Mafia crashed the market. In 2009, made all the loss back plus a little. Why be in the stock market? ? what do our chartered banks pay in interest on our money in a savings account?"

Indeed, when the realities speaks more of telling citizens your on your own and the inevitable outcomes of citizens looking after their own finances because the banks no longer pays a decent interest rate, forcing many to enter the stock market that speaks with many 'fork-tongues'.

Robert Ede suggests - " I suggest that all public servants (beyond the lowest-level clerks) be reclasssified as "Public Service Professional -Personal Service Corporations".
Let them received the dollar value of all their pay, perqs, deferred pensions, sick days, super-statutory days off, vacations etc
--WITHOUT deductions for Income TAX,
- PLUS let them charge the "public" HST as any service provider (and enjoy the joy of claiming of input credits etc)
- also allow them a performance "bonus" (say 8-13% of any savings to their dept's budget that they can prove )
and let's watch and see if "productivity" would improve."

Rather a neat idea, and see what happens not only to productivity, but as well as accountability and transparency.  However, the reality today is this quote from Lorraine, " No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the U.S. or Canadian Military  for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50% of their pay on retirement. While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full-pay retirement after serving one term. It just does not make any sense. "

So Robert, first to become  "Public Service Professional -Personal Service Corporations"  are the MPs and senior civil servants who seem to think that their actions have no consequences. Would dearly love to see one of the MPs, stick handle the fallout of the National Research Council, without the benefit of a government standing behind him, justifying the $3.00 gift card and a doughnut as a parting gift for the scientists who are no more. Even more so, when NRC become busy beavers working on the behalf of "commercially viable research. The recent budget specifically plans to refocus the NRC toward "research that helps Canadian businesses develop innovative products and services." More than likely, developing products and services that will benefit the profit lines of companies, at the expense of the ordinary Canadians. On the NRC site - a summary of the key industries to which will be the focus.


NRC works with partners in industry, government and academia to increase the competitiveness of Canada's agricultural sector. By helping to develop new traits for sustainable agriculture and value-added agricultural products and applications, NRC Agriculture stimulates entrepreneurship among large and small industry players"


Construction research protects Canadians at home, at work and everywhere in between. NRC is creating better cities by developing more efficient construction materials, improved indoor environments, national building codes, safer structures and more durable and effective public infrastructure systems"

Just thinking about the climbing food prices, buildings collapsing, bits and pieces falling from bridges, and all the potholes that emerges even when the road is newly built. The sink holes, of which the latest is in Manitoba, and never an explanation why sinkholes seems to be a phenomenal in the last 20 years or so. Never heard of a sinkhole, or even seen one when growing up, until I hit my 40s. Beginning to think, the people who report the sinkholes of the world, could be very well correct - "These 26 events are not isolated incidents. Many of them occurred on the same day, after extreme shaking (earth wobble) on Saturday, June 30, 2012, as shown on the USGS Live Seismographs (LISS).

On Friday and Saturday, the USGS LISS charts indicated severe shaking in areas all over the world. These charts are shown in the slide show. And, in the three days following that severe shaking (earth wobble), an unprecedented number of sinkholes opened at an alarming pace around the world, along with the occurrence of other catastrophic events."

Not a word on the media, or as in Robert's concerns, the lack of investigative reporting - " LACK OF INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING ON PARLIAMENT HILL " - the lack of investigative reporting on all fronts.

Further down the page - a list of the sinkholes that occurred within a few short days in June and  July. In Canada -
Sunday, July 1, Manitoba, Canada – 200-meter (656 ft.) sinkhole on Manitoba Highway 83: On the weekend, a gigantic section of highway collapsed. Trees around the sinkhole sank straight down, none falling over. By Tuesday morning, the crater was 50 feet deep in some areas, covering about three acres. About two hours later, it sank another 2 meters. It is still moving.

 June 27, Saskatoon, Canada – Ground movement and slump in a Saskatoon neighborhood close to the river continues. On Thursday the ground moved 1.5 meters and by Friday morning, it had moved another 30 centimeters overnight, causing extensive damage to a backyard and a utility pole, as well as shifts in some buildings structures.

Wednesday, June 27, Toronto, Canada – Teetering Toronto house sank and shifted precariously, threatening to collapse, and within a foot of its neighbor. Soils shifted causing the house to shift and settle.Monday, June 18,

Montreal, Canada – Yet another sinkhole. This time a rectangular section of an intersection about 3- meters by 4-metres started to sink on Monday afternoon.
Monday, June 11, Manitoba, Canada – Enormous Sinkhole: The Fishers had a good crop of hay coming until Monday, when a huge portion of the crop sank 50 feet leaving a gaping maw in the field.

Too bad the scientists walking out of the door of NRC, could have been used to investigate the sinkhole phenomenal.


No. There is an extreme earth wobble caused by the presence of Planet X (Nibiru) in the neighborhood. It is intensifying as Planet X draws closer to earth. The result is dropping bridges, tilting and collapsing buildings, sinkholes, and more.

The poleshift is near. Be alert. Be prepared."

Whether the above is true, it should be investigated by the government scientists to determined what is causing the sink hole phenomenal. But that is not going to happen in Canada, when sinkholes means jobs for someone, profit for the big construction companies,

Feel really sorry for the Toronto home owner and if his insurance will cover his claim.

"Right now it's looking like demolition is the only safe thing to do," Sraga said Thursday, with the house teetering within a foot of its neighbour. "Something shifted inside with respect to the soils which caused the house to shift and settle down."

Or will he have to sue or walk away?  Where are the curious inquiring minds of the reporters who are not using their investigative skills, why the soil give way in the first place?  Or the regular occurrence of sinkholes in the city of Toronto - "Work continues Friday on a huge sinkhole in an East York neighbourhood that swallowed a dump truck.

Crews were working on the large hole on Barbara Crescent in the Coxwell Avenue and O'Connor Drive area, at around 7 p.m. Thursday when the truck being used to haul dirt to fill the hole ended up in the pit itself.

It took two tow trucks to pull the truck from the hole.

No injuries were reported.

A broken water main is being blamed for the sinkhole.

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Should not the provincial and federal government share some of the public purse, for solving the problems of  infrastructure that has been allowed to fall into disrepair. Leaking water pipes alone is now in the billions of dollars in estimates for repairs and installing new water pipes across Canada. And yet, the only innovative solution is to increase the water rates and than nagged the citizens at great expense, educating citizens on the wise use of water, even though none of the municipalities or industry follows their own advice that is given out in great dabs and steady streams to the ordinary citizens in Canada.

In the Globe and Mail - " While Americans were enjoying their Fourth of July holiday, Stephen Harper's ministers were busy doing what they, and most politicians, like more than anything: making spending announcements.
No matter that this government is cutting $5-billion from government spending. No matter that programs are being cut or reduced throughout government. No matter that out of one side of their mouths Harper ministers proclaim the virtues of frugality, because from the other come announcements, followed by more announcements, of more spending."

"Organizing this sort of co-ordinated ministerial dive-bombing cannot be easy. Think about the effort and energy involved.

You need tons of staff time at the heart of the government – the Prime Minister's Office. You need lots of work by ministerial staff. You've got to find money and programs to announce, or reannounce. You've got to assemble the audiences as props. You've got to find places to spend the money, and make the announcements.

Local media must be informed. Conservative MPs have to be knitted into the announcements. Speeches must be written, documents prepared. And the whole exercise, involving about a third of the cabinet, has to happen at appointed times on the same day across the country.

Apart from the mixed-messaging of touting spending while preaching restraint, there is something splendidly revealing about what really excites this government and focuses its attention."

And for what?  In Newfoundland - Plum Point - The press release - "Seniors in Newfoundland and Labrador will have new opportunities to volunteer and mentor younger generations thanks to funding through the New Horizons for Seniors Program. Minister Peter Van Loan, Member of Parliament for York-Simcoe, and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, made the announcement today on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors).

"Our government recognizes the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience that seniors contribute to our society and the economy," said Minister Van Loan. "Through initiatives such as the New Horizons for Seniors Program, we are helping to ensure that seniors maintain a high quality of life and continue as active, participating members of their communities."

The St. Barbe Development Association in Plum Point will receive $25,000 to engage seniors in the community through mentoring of others by matching seniors with students to exchange their knowledge and skills in various activities from past traditions in exchange for the student's knowledge of technological skills.

Since its beginning, the New Horizons for Seniors Program has funded more than 10,400 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada. This year, the Government of Canada will provide more than $35.6 million in funding for almost 2,000 community projects."

Yeah, spending thousands of dollars to keep the seniors busy, rather than the realities of what the government levels are taking away, and the big if - whether any one cent of the $25,000 be of benefit for the residents of Plum Point. Questionable, since Plum Point has a population of 460 in the 2006 census. Probably down further, but I have just learned that the Provincial government no longer updates the Community Accounts, a darling of the former Premier Williams, who thought Newfoundland residents should be kept inform. No wonder the current crop of the Progressive Conservatives that are ruling the provincial nest, has taken a mighty fall in popularity and now has become the number one province where accountability, transparency and access to information is as good as any dictatorship of a third world nation.

"Newfoundland and Labrador's New Democrats are in first place in a new provincial public-opinion poll — an historic first for the party.

The NDP polled 38 per cent support, narrowly ahead of the governing Progressive Conservatives at 35 per cent. The Liberals were third at 26 per cent. Five per cent of respondents were undecided, and two per cent refused to answer."

I predict, the Progressive Conservative government will dropped below 20 percent, especially if one cares to peel this onion of a government - that reeks of Harper conservatism dipped in ideology and dogma without substance. More so, when the local news are telling the regular citizens we don't count, unless one is one of their buddies and the corporations lining up for their corporate welfare cheque, without being accountable.

"The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has quarantined an aquaculture facility on the south coast of Newfoundland.

An outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia or ISA is suspected in a salmon aquaculture pen in the St. Alban's area.

Miranda Pryor, the executive director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Aquaculture Industry Association, said provincial veterinarians found evidence of the virus during routine testing at the site.

"In the ocean, there's a lot of naturally occurring viruses and bacteria and other things that can impact our farming situations," remarked Prior. "And unfortunately it appears that this may be the case at this site right now, maybe impacted by something it caught from the wild."

Harper government on steroids - fudging on the truth about fish farms and the origins of the virus ISA. Lots on the news and in the blogs on the fired scientists who dare to reveal the real truth, that the virus hails from the fish farms, and not from the wild fish.  Game over for this fish farm, and please note CBC did not release the name, but was sure to catch the quote from Cooke Aquaculture, "It is not one of our own". Yeah, I bet and if not - close ties with each other.

"Turning the PR tide'

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) immediately set about retesting Kibenge's samples, and told the media several weeks later they had found no evidence of the virus.

When news media made that the headline the next day, officials celebrated in a private email that has now been made public.

"It is clear that we are turning the PR tide in our favour, and this is because of the very successful performance of our spokes at the tech briefing," CFIA B.C. manager Joseph Beres wrote.

"One battle is won, now we have to nail the surveillance piece, and we will win the war, also."

Lawyer Don Rosenbloom, who represents two groups of commercial fishermen at the inquiry, isn't buying it.

"One gets the impression they see themselves at war with parties that are pursuing the best interest of the public," he said. "I think it's ridiculous."

While food inspection managers touted the results of their tests, Fisheries and Oceans officials testified the samples they used were so degraded, the results were unreliable."

At least the CBC should be able to connect all the dots, besides being the mouth pieces for the government.

Or how about the search and rescue - "Concerns are being raised after a Cougar helicopter was called to airlift an injured man Thursday when the military said it had no Cormorant available in Gander.

The three search and rescue Cormorants at 103 Search and Rescue Squadron were out of service at the time of the incident.

"It's a dangerous precedent that they're setting by having a private company do SAR for us when we have our own Canadian Armed Forces out here not properly armed to do the job," NDP MHA George Murphy said."

I wonder what it cost the provincial government, for a private company to take a turn at search and rescue? Time will tell, when the media reports new contracts and partnerships of looking after search and rescue on land and sea and the freeing up of defense helicopters to ferry the Harper's MPs in fine fashion across the province like Plum Point, to impress and awe the residents when they deliver  hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars that amounts to re-education like the Chinese government of the Mao chairman's time. For that matter, the rest of Canada............

Now tell me, how there is long term savings -

Civil servants share $6B 'severance' without losing jobs
"While the total payout to federal workers is expected to top $6 billion, the Treasury Board estimates that scrapping severance for those who quit or retire will save taxpayers about $500 million a year.
Treasury Board President Tony Clement, the federal minister responsible for public service compensation, defends the severance changes and payouts as short-term pain for longer-term gains.

"The savings for Canadian taxpayers are significant," he says in a written statement to CBC News. "The government is no longer liable for future accumulation of voluntary severance payouts that would continue to climb.

"This benefit does not exist in the private sector and there is a reason. It is costly and to perpetuate it would be unfair."

The numbers do not add up, especially when public sector pensions are more gold plated than the private sector pensions, unless the private sector pensions hails from the special group the CEOs and top management.

NOTE - "The public service windfall should not be confused with an additional $900 million in special severance being given to 19,000 federal workers who are actually losing their jobs to government cost-cutting.

Those workers are getting both the special severance connected to government downsizing, and the regular severance now being bought out by the government."

LOL - 7 billion dollars and counting. Well Jim, 7 billion dollars and yet the Harper (Grinch) Ville gang thinks it is okay for people with physical demanding jobs to work on until 67. Not everybody that works for a living have the opportunity to work up the  ladder for the desk job. Not even people with the gold plated public sector pensions, and many of them may not have the luxury of retiring at 55, to continue on double-dipping as the teachers do, because the contracts has virtually guaranteed  it is possible to retire at the age of 55. Let us not forget, the unfunded pension  liabilities that no government likes to wax on, including the current crop that is in Ottawa.  "  A report released Tuesday by the C.D. Howe Institute says if public-sector pension plans used market yields to calculate their liabilities, Ottawa's unfunded liability would be $227 billion — $80 billion more than reported in Public Accounts."

Jim goes on to say, "Meanwhile, we have thousands of young energetic enthusiastic teachers with current training (more every year) that are working as waiters and taxi drivers. While our kids are being taught by tired seniors that cost twice as much money and stopped upgrading their training a long time ago. Just there to collect the money."

Very true, and the stats are startling and bleak for the youth under 30, trying to find a full time job. Not only teachers but teachers are more special because two-thirds of the newly minted teachers cannot find a full time teaching position. It is bleak for the newly minted teachers, but as well for other fields including the trades. Where are the jobs that the governments proclaim over and over?  Where are the jobs for the 50 and over crowd, who lost their jobs, did the retraining and are awaiting for a call to come to work? And now the governments of both levels are cutting back on the funding for retraining, leaving much of the retraining at the worker's expense - apparently the recession is over and recovery is on the roll? Might be for the federal government and the expenditures of 7 billion dollars to keep everyone happy including the public servants that has been let go.

Ray said it best - "What we will come to believe, if our guard is down, is that all the bad people, terrorists and crooks are from other countries, most probably Russia or China. Have a good day and a nice Western Style lunch, caution, hold your nose unless you enjoy the smell of unadulterated BS. I was raised to believe that we are the sane, honest ones????I have learned that we have no  legitimate claim on that."

Ray Strachan

Gotta peel back the onion to see the rot.......and all the layers.