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U.S. can share Canadian border info under privacy deal

Harper confronted by shouting protester in Quebec
PM's speech interrupted by shouts of 'Stop Harper, stop Jean Charest!'
A speech by Stephen Harper was briefly interrupted today by the shouts of a protester at
an international conference in Quebec City.
Old-style political parties stand in the way of real democracy
Democracy and Harper: what historians will say

Harper needs to get grip on spending priorities
How Obama won Canada

Obama hasn't lost Canada
Desperate Dipper dialing for dollars

The way we were: In several ways, better
Wisconsin's disease crosses the border

Political patronage alive, well
Mulcair, Marois and the value of attack ads

New book shows rewriting of Afghanistan war story has begun
Canadian criminals have an easy time

Citizen's arrest law brings sensible changes
A day for celebration, but not for complacency

The man who loved his country
Medicare is part of us

Queen courageous facing the devil

Man who interrupted Harper speech will not face charges

Harper speech interrupted by shouting protester during international conference
Government tight-lipped on chopper delays

Sea King substitute's delay means a scramble on the landing deck
Cautionary tales on spending public dollars

More Pacific Rim trade talks under way in San Diego: Canada not yet at table
Feds may backtrack on proposed reforms to refugee health policy

Canada's spy service fights court ruling it says puts informants in danger
Critics wonder if it's time for Canada to leave 'dysfunctional' UN

Wheat Board demise fuels Ontario food fight
Canada funds regional support to combat drug trafficking and related crime

Enbridge fined $3.7M for U.S. oil spill
Rescue of aid workers in Somalia a sign of the times

Asbestos mine loan gives Charest 'good reason to be ashamed'
Ontario unions waging PR war on Dalton McGuinty

Inquiry into Elliot Lake mall collapse first test of new rules
Smokers in Ottawa face $305 fine for lighting up in parks, patios under bylaw

Wood dust warning came before deadly sawmill blasts
One in 12 teens have 'intermittent explosive disorder,' study finds

Feds may backtrack on proposed reforms to refugee health policy
Canadians see politicians as out-of-touch, remote: poll

Cautionary tales on spending public dollars
Decades-long mission to replace Sea Kings hits another snag

Longtime CBC makeup artist with colourful history hangs up her brushes
With a shuffle in mind, how does the Tory cabinet stack up?

Corbett should explain why he stepped down from robocalls investigation, say opposition MPs
Edmonton MP demands apology for Canada Day snub

Peter Goldring's Canadian unity table separated from Leg grounds celebration
Tories, Grits poised for a showdown as Supreme Court hearing on Etobicoke Centre election result looms

Explosive negative ads: Handle with care
Globe: Mulcair, Marois and the value of attack ads

Feds look to streamline $500-billion worth of investments in resource projects
Parliament passes new Copyright law; Geist says feds caved to U.S. on digital locks

Protests against refugee health cuts part of an 'increasing frustration' with feds: CMA chief
Harper government got backing for OAS changes from focus groups: pollster

In Montreal, a new-look patriotism peeks out on Canada Day
Harper's Conservatives slide behind NDP: Ekos poll

Most Canadians firmly in favour of decriminalizing marijuana: poll
Canadian researchers say spanking boosts odds of mental illness

Hospital food clichés ring true
New techniques used to ensure horse safety at Calgary Stampede


Ed Herman on Global Finance
"True Cost of Chevron" Protest at Shareholders Meeting

TEPCO Restarts Cooling Systems for Fukushima's Spent Fuel Pool Four as Ohi Reactor Goes Online
Russia Conduct Surveillance Flyover to Inspect Canada's Military, Industrial Infrastructure

Report Claims Norwegian Trained by al Qaeda in Yemen Plans to Crash U.S. Airline During Olympics
Plutonium and the End of Humanity [] [] []

London Olympics Whistleblower Reveals Himself, Continues Claims of Possible Evacuation, 200,000 Casket Linings on Hold
US Airliner Targeted for More Staged Terror Between Now and the Olympics?

Time for the Second American Revolution?
Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action, Not Fighting Colorado Fires

Time for the Second American Revolution
Scenarios for Syria: War & Stabilization

Italy in Crisis: The Decline of the Roman Democracy and Rise of the 'Super Mario' Technocracy
Evidence That Chemtrail Tankers Spray Engineered Biological Weapons

GlaxoSmithKline fined $3-billion in largest health fraud settlement in U.S.
Canadian aid workers rescued in Somalia

God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovere
Research team setting off to FIND Amelia Earhart almost exactly 75 years after she vanished

Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto 'wins' presidential poll
Apple 'settles China iPad trademark dispute for $60m'

Barclays to review 'flawed' practices as Agius resigns
The New York Times: Clueless in Jerusalem - Henry Kopel

Time: The EU model has run out of it - Dr. Lee Rotherham
BBC exposes its Mid-East bias? - Simon Plosker

PMQs: Miliband masters mischief making - Harry Cole
The end of OPEC despotism? - Peter C. Glover

The Gospel: According to St. Rowan of Canterbury
Jimmy Carr: The tip of an iceberg?

Iran's Moral Police combat the "virus" of Western-oriented women
Why is the US helping "Occupy" nutjobs to push for higher taxes via the OECD?

Is Germany on the brink of isolation?
Lessons for politics and presentations from Wimbledon

The problem isn't Lords reform - it's these proposals
The Flight of Assange

On Libor: It's bogus dudes
Is the World Health Organization its own pandemic?

Cuban-American leaders: "No substitute for freedom" in Cuba
The Supreme Test

Scotland - Separatist vs Unionist nationalism
Egypt and the Brotherhood: What now?

US military quietly moves large reinforcements into Persian Gulf
Beyond Nepal's Maoist Split: The Political Impasse To Continue – Analysis

Iran Says US-EU Sanctions Aggravate World Economic Crisis
World Powers, Iran To Hold Nuclear Talks In Turkey

Key Interests Prevent Russia From Abandoning Syria – OpEd
Stabilising Afghanistan: Role Of Key Regional Players – Analysis

U.S. building Afghanistan a new $92 million 'Pentagon'

State Dept. planning to spend $115 million to 'upgrade' $700 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Tab for alternate Afghan supply route hits $2.1 billion
Pakistan secretly permitting lethal NATO supply via air

Bagram prisoner case comes before UK's top court
US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran

IRGC kicks off new missile drill in central Iran
10,000 armed men enter Syria for civil war

US Cops Top List of Demands For Twitter Info
Court orders Twitter to hand over Occupy Wall Street protester's messages

US court orders Twitter to hand over Occupy tweets
US senator calls to prosecute Assange

Fresh call on Assange 'espionage'
Stratfor settles class-action over Anon megahack with freebies

Three plead not guilty to NATO Summit terrorism charges
Bomb Threat at UConn Law School

China reports bird flu outbreak
Bird flu outbreak hits chicken farms in Mexico

2009 swine flu outbreak was 15 times deadlier: study

More than 2,000 heat records matched or broken

Power outages drag on in D.C. region; officials fuming at utility companies
Kim Assumes World Bank Presidency Amidst Uncertainty

Governments Challenged to Rein in Arms Flow
Poland Clings On to Coal

U.S. Sees Greatest Reduction in CO2 Emissions
Corporations See Green in Biodiversity

'Amazon of Europe' Threatened by a Straightening
Paraguay Suspended by Mercosur Bloc; Venezuela to Join

Mining Industry's Attempts at Transparency Falling Short in Peru
Melting Permafrost Threatens Swiss Villages

U.S. Hawks Aflutter as Clinton Clears China on Iran Oil Sales
BOLIVIA: From Police Mutiny to Indigenous Vigil

Scenarios for Syria: War & Stabilization
Time for the Second American Revolution?

The Illumination Merchants
Deaths in blast near Afghan university

Pakistan troops 'beheaded' near Afghan border
Afghan civilian toll rises amid new attack

Deadly suicide attack hits Afghan city
Afghanistan's south rocked by deadly attacks

Deadly blast targets Afghan police
World powers agree to Syria transition plan

World powers open Syria crisis talks
Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric

Syrian opposit Health Care Ruling Is a Mandate to Action sceptical of new Annan plan
Annan 'optimistic' about Syria talks

Explosion rocks Syrian capital
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Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <impolitic@rogers.com>

Happy Canada Day

Posted: 01 Jul 2012 03:00 AM PDT
The entire world knows our flag with the maple leaf. We still have a reputation of kindness, honesty and integrity.
We've done a lot of things wrong, Canada, but we've done a lot of things right.
I hope, Canada, that you can go easy on us. We are a work in progress. Like anyone, we make mistakes.
But it doesn't pale our deep affection for you and our allegiance to you.
You are stunning and just to be held by you is a gift.

Thank you Canada for yesterday, today and tomorrow. My we learn your tolerance and acceptance.
We love you. Happy birthday.

From: Beverley Smith
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Grocery Shopping today............

There was a bit of confusion at the store this morning. When I was
ready to pay for my groceries, the cashier said, "Strip down facing me."

Making a mental note to complain to my congressman about Homeland
Security running amok, I did just as she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out
that she was referring to my credit card.

I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to us seniors a little clearer!
From: Ron Thornton

Hey Joe:

Just a few quick comments. In regards to man-made climate change, even the guy who came up with the concept is no longer sure that it is what the alarmist claim it is.  While Exxon comes up with some ass kissing comments about what might be, he is correct in the concept of mankind adapting to changing circumstances. I believe the climate is changing...I mean we are still coming out of the last ice age...and it could get warmer before it starts getting cooler. Fires in Colorado means 2012 is a bad year, not the entire 21st century. If you check your record highs for each date of the year, most are not from the past 30 years but before. A red flag should pop up when the first reaction to a global disaster brought about by man is to tax the hell out of the industrialized world to hand over cash to third world dictators. I doubt they would have the same solution to put forth if the disaster about to befall us is an asteroid heading our way...you know, something real and factual, not fiction.

That said, instead of running around with our heads up our asses, maybe we should address the real problems that might be forthcoming, even for the relatively short term, how might we adapt, and what real problems we face and what real solutions might we require.

Becky continues to decry our loss of freedoms and democracy, and she does have a point or two. I wonder what real solutions does she call for to reverse the trend or how might we adapt? Those in positions of power and influence have always conducted their business to get their own way, leaving the rest with a pat on the head and a rub on the belly to make us think we really matter. The truth is, we don't. We never have, for if they did our Senate would not have been set up as a counterbalance to the rabble elected to the House by the mindless common people. So, how do we successfully combat what has always been...other than to become one of the rich and influential ourselves?

I hope you all had a great long weekend.

Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Ab

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Can Canada fix the UN ­ and should it try? Lee Berthiaume, July 2, 2012

Re: Can Canada fix the UN ­ and should it try?, Lee Berthiaume, July 2, 2012

This week Mr. Andreas Bummel of Germany, one of the world's leading activists on setting up a world parliament, will be visiting Canada. His idea is to begin with an advisory body that can be established under the existing UN Charter, and which would initially be composed of national parliamentarians from different political parties. These representatives would not take instruction from governments but would be mandated to act according to conscience and the public good. The idea is to make sure citizens' issues, and not just the self-interest of individual nations, has a strong voice at the UN table. As it proved itself, this parliamentary assembly would gradually convert to direct elections and gain co-decision powers over the UN system.
The Canadian government prides itself on its principled foreign policy and its commitment to promoting democracy abroad. Championing a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (unpacampaign.org) would be an opportunity for Canada to regain its international reputation as supporter of a renewed United Nations, and of the aspirations of people around the world who yearn for peace, a safe environment, and inclusion in the financial and economic decisions that affect their lives.
Larry Kazdan,

From: John Duddy
Subject: One Million Euros.
To: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <pm@pm.gc.ca>

Dear Prime Minister.

Can your staff research this site?

The result might help you identify the real terrorists in the "War on Terror".


And you might add a million euros to Canada's wealth.

John Duddy.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Did I see a hypocrite on Canada Day? By Stephen J. Gray

Did I see a hypocrite on Canada Day?
Was he wrapping himself in our flag after preparing to sign our sovereignty away?
His sycophantic followers praised his treacherous dealings
Too stupid or scared to show their real feelings

Blind allegiance was the forte of this political choir
They bent and grovelled to his every desire
Is our great country being signed away in secret?
Are transnational corporations going to benefit?

To hell with the people seems to be the direction of the planners
As they raise their multiple "free trade" banners
Will parliament be laughed at and perhaps ignord?
As our resident hypocrite courts the corporate boards

For make no mistake once sovereignty is lost
It would be at an enormous cost
Europe is but one example where deals were signed
Will traitors rule for their own kind?

Are we going to consent to secret deals?
And let one man do as he feels
Or are we going to strenuously object?
And tell this guy we are not his subjects
If we care about our country
We must demand an end to this effrontery
This guy has to be firmly controlled and told
That we the people don't want our country betrayed and sold

Stephen J. Gray
July1, 2012.

Some articles of interest at link below:
http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/11736-tpp-secret-trade-agreement -

From: The Natroses

What should be played at the London Olympics.

So beautiful, and captures one's attention from the first note......

However, the powers to be, and some would call it Harper Land, much like Mr. Grinch that stole Christmas..........You're a mean one, Mister Harper

You really are a heel,
You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel, Mister Harper
You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

You're a monster, Mister Harper,
Your heart's an empty hole,
Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your soul, Mister Harper,
I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

A mean one at that - Harassing senior citizens

"The always engaging Hélène Buzetti, of Le Devoir,
has a nice piece on Fernand Coulombe, a 89-year-old fellow from Montmagny, who says he was harassed by a calls from the Conservative Party "demanding" that he pay for the $200 membership he promised to buy. One small detail: Mr. Coulombe never promised to buy anything."

A bad banana at that - " The federal government is planning to spend almost $50 million to create a new underground welcome centre for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Parliament Hill each year.

But it's simultaneously cutting the budget for guided tours, ensuring some 20,000 fewer visitors will actually get a peek inside the majestic buildings housing the seat of Canada's national government."

It's enough to make anyone head's spin, on the breathtaking gall and dare I say it, Stalin's brand of democracy. and the latest example dug up by an enterprising reporter from the Globe and Mail.

"At the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, Conservative MP Randy Hoback asks the following question of invited witness Erin Weir, an economist with the United Steelworkers of Canada: "Have you or have you ever been a member of the NDP party? Are you presently a member of the NDP party?" It's pointed out that the phrase evokes creepy memories: "Are you now or have you ever been…".? Will the government now strike a House Committee on Un-Canadian Opinions? Mr. Hoback also shares his considered judgment that some of Mr. Weir's past writings were "garbage", which is apparently the parliamentary way of saying Mr. Hoback disagreed with them.

Mean and absolutely nasty to others that differs in opinion. Attack and who cares about the repercussions. Right conservative fans?
" While the right to talk may be the beginning of freedom, the necessity of listening is what makes the right important

Walter Lippmann quotes "

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
Winston Churchill
Read more at http ://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/w/winston_churchill.html#lRWgzfS0JYcAgKWt.99

Poor Mr. Weir had the courage to stand up to the 4 conservative cowards of the Harper ilk.

Much like the news on the web, that Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill were limited to 10,000 people. What gives on that one? I would be extremely peeved if I traveled 2 to 3 hours , only to be turned away! Typical behaviour of the Harper government, but watching a bit on the telly, only told me the television cameras was doing their hardest to make it look like 10,000. Meanwhile in Niagara on the Lake, 20,000 people showed up to listen to t
he Tragically Hip, at the Commons. "The crowd broke into an impromptu rendition of the national anthem Saturday night as they waited for The Tragically Hip to take the stage at Butler's Barracks.

Patriotism was rampant in the crowd, where flags, beach balls, hats and even some faces were decorated with Canadian flags.

Thousands of fans turned out for the concert, which featured The Rural Alberta Advantage, The New Pornographers and Death Cab for Cutie.

They all had one thing in common - a love for The Tragically Hip."

Meanwhile, Harper spoke of glorifying war on Canada Day and revising the history of the War of 1812, by suggesting the ordinary settlers of the French and English were eager to take the Americans to task - speaking of "He also said Canadians have much to be proud of, including a "strong and growing economy, a caring and compassionate society and our Canadian Olympic and Paraolympic athletes who are heading to London ... and the courage and devotion of our men and women in uniform."

And some more - " "Our ancestors, English, French, Aboriginal, people of all backgrounds joined in the fight for Canada. In doing so, they created a common sense of nationality based on diversity and they laid the basis for the parliamentary federation of freedom, democracy and justice that is our inheritance," Harper said."

Slight change - confirmation on limiting the number of people on parliament hill for the noon show - "Thousands of people were forced to stay on Wellington Street by RCMP, who let only a trickle of visitors past the gates for the noon show, the CBC's Peter Mansbridge reported." http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/fireworks-cap-off-canada-day-on-parliament-hill

Just had to repeat it - You're a monster, Mister Harper,

Your heart's an empty hole,
Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your soul, Mister Harper,
I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

"Than he did the same thing
To the other Whos' houses

Leaving crumbs
Much too small!
For the other Whos' mouses!

It was quarter pass dawn...
All the Whos' still a-bed
All the Whos' still a-snooze
When he packed up his sled,
Packed it up with their presents! The ribbons! The wrappings!
The tags! And the tinsel! The trimmings! The trappings!"

In just the same way the Harper sneaks up on Canadians, while their attention has been turned to Canada Day, for a few Grinch-like actions and surprises

" The Conservative government has slashed 20 per cent of federal funding for youth justice programs in Canada, cutting $35.6 million used to supervise and rehabilitate young offenders, the Star has learned.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson made no mention of the drastic cut Wednesday in a news release that trumpeted "continued support" for the Youth Justice Services Funding Program.

Further down - "
Although the Conservative government has been loath to outline program cuts and did not publicly announce the reduction, it notified provinces and territories privately in correspondence this week.

Eric Hoskins, Ontario's minister of children and youth services, was stunned by Ottawa's move.

" The federal government's decision to cut more than 20 per cent from youth justice funding is shocking and completely unacceptable. They did it without consultation," he said.

" This is not the first time they have downloaded costs to Ontario. Once again, they have failed to be a reliable partner in our justice system."

The second little surprise – Grinch thinking – since 1967 and everything of 1967 must be revised to Harper-speak. After all, between Trudeau and Premier Davis, much of what they achieved for the ordinary citizens, are now in 2012, being transformed into the images of Harper (Grinch) Ville.

" The future of Montreal's 17-year-old environment museum, the Biosphere, is in question as another wave of more than 5,000 public sector employees were informed Wednesday their jobs may disappearing because of federal budget cuts, including more than 250 positions in Montreal.

All 25 employees at the Biosphere, the museum built inside the famous Expo 67 sphere on Ile Ste. Hélène, have been informed their positions will be affected in the latest round of cuts, said Céline Tremblay, a spokesperson for Environment Canada."

Read it on Global News:
Global Montreal | Montreal may be saying good-bye to iconic Biosphere due to federal cuts

Is there nothing sacred in the Harper government? Apparently not........

To which the Biosphere is a symbol of 1967, and one does not have to imagine if Harper was the PM and his gang, what Expo 67' would have been – a glorification of and the personification of the Conservative values, the glory of war, and the speeches.

Did Harper have a youth? Or was he hatched fully grown and skipped the year 1967 by chance. Two songs of what is Canada and heartily sung by one and all, and especially on the long drives of going nowhere too fast across this vast land called Canada.

" For the first time ever, the federal New Democrats are leading in voting intention across the country. "

I predict a slide down – below the 20 mark. Especially when small towns are naming their sewer facilities after well known Harper conservatives.

Sewage Treatment Plant to be named "Ezra Levant"

" "I don't know why they did this" said longtime Beaverlodge resident Clancy Martin. "It seems kind of insulting to associate someone with wastewater." Other residents of Beaverlodge seemed more enthusiastic about the new name. "It is kind of funny, right?" said Karen Mayes, director of the Beaverlodge youth centre. "Ezra Levant and raw sewage sort of go together."

Whatever the motivation, our humble town is sure to draw some national attention for this curious development. "This is sure to put the town of Beaverlodge on the map among politicos" said local restauranteur Jason Raymond. "Maybe the council wanted to show the rest of the country that Alberta isn't all Conservative." Levant was unavailable for comment.


Happen in 2011. Perhaps, the Harper government wish it would remained buried among the backwater issues. Perhaps, other noted Conservative supporters can have their names on the next oil pipe leak in Alberta, or the next building collapse or the next highway fatality or the next pollution spill in our oceans or the next search and rescue that ends in a fatality. All the cuts and elimination to federal services has now reach the apex where ordinary Canadians and their very lives are at high risk for termination. If not that, the pollution and toxins will do the job.

My latest radar beams in on Ashfield – The Minister of Pollution

" Ashfield's letter suggested that the government could also outsource services to protect fisheries to third parties.

His office referred questions about the letter to his department.

It declined to say what criteria would be used to issue contracts or whether private firms would be eligible to receive them, but it has suggested that conservation groups could be qualified to do some of the work required."