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Taliban Steve and the Robot Nation
Charest�s political life is on the line

Charest sees his opportunity
Freedom of speech, not disruption

It�s not just about Khadr
Time to demand action on gun crime

Action needed before Toronto has Tijuana's reputation
Scarborough shooting a missed opportunity to rethink tough on-crime approach

Toronto�s gun violence reaches a new low
Action, not talk needed on gangs

Oh Ezra Levant, pride of the west, where did it all go wrong?
Opposition parties gearing up to take down Charest's Liberals

Redford in Ontario to meet with McGuinty
Shawn Atleo re-elected as AFN national chief

Ibbitson: Atleo's victory a resounding endorsement by national chiefs
Ivison: Co-operation wins over confrontation as AFN re-elects Shawn Atleo

Federal minister says scathing U.S. report won't change mind on Northern Gateway
Lawyers for prime minister pick apart former cabinet minister's lawsuit Harper's lawyer calls Guergis lawsuit 'just plain bad'

Harper lawyer says Guergis conspiracy lawsuit 'based upon a fiction'
Snowdy Watch: PI launches new allegations against former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer

May: Greens and NDP should stay off Etobicoke by-election ballot
Levant's ethical oil case takes hits from all sides

CRTC ruling to reduce cable, satellite bills
Mark Carney takes dimmer view of U.S., Europe, China

Peter MacKay takes liberties with history in Bastille Day speech
Prominent Iranian-American author blames hackers for offensive tweet directed at MacKay�s wife

Rahim Jaffer sought secret info about Canadian satellite technology, court documents
'Clerical errors' overstated Gordon Campbell expenses

Army trucks project cancelled after DND added $300 million to price tag without permission
Quebec will vote Conservative, even if Harper doesn't believe it, retiring senator says

Quebec�s federal election map could undergo huge changes
Political attack ads won�t define leaders without big airtime buys, say pundits

Toews takes swipe at judiciary on gun crime after shooting melee in Toronto
Bob Rae Continues Tour in NL

AFN chiefs cast leadership votes
Native leaders ponder the path of most resistance

Candidates talk of anger and injustice ahead of AFN leadership vote
Strong female showing in leadership race seen as long overdue

�I was in this to do this for everybody� Gloria Taylor says of her fight for the right to die
Mounties issue sweeping denial in B.C. harassment lawsuit

Northern Gateway pipeline would inject billions into economy: Study
Radio station CKNW slaps back at Christy Clark�s jab

Warning e-mail reached authorities in Johnsons Landing B.C. too late
NDP showing signs of revival on P.E.I.

'Contradictory' ethics rulings on Clement, Paradis and Guergis: Democracy Watch
When Living is Expensive, Live Collectively

Stand up for Better Pensions
Counting on Conservatives Backfired for Atleo, Say Critics

VIDEO: Why am I running the pipeline route? Here's why
Retirement Season for BC Liberals The Pleasure of Reading Outdoors

Top Court Shakes Foundations of Canadian Copyright
'The Death of Evidence' in Canada: Scientists' Own Words

Thank You for Medicating Me
Who Invited the Refugee to Tory Barbeque?

'Art as a Means of Survival'
VIDEO: Killer whales chase dolphins near Quadra Island

RCMP's Misogynistic Response to Gillford Sexual Harassment Claim
In Alberta, A Public Oil Pipeline Spill Tip Line Is Launched


Interest Rate-Fixing Scandal Swindles Baltimore, Other Municipalities out of Millions of Dollars
The Hunger Games Economy

Syrian blast strikes heaviest blow yet to Assad
Full coverage: Syria in crisis

The everyday brutality that is Assad's Syria
Sasa Petricic: Why the West won't take Syria

Syria's political tensions
U.S. economic fears shift back home

Ice split from glacier is twice size of Manhattan

White House eases proposed soot rule

South Korea’s engineering pipeline
Israeli named to top U.N. post

How Power Really Works in the 21st Century: Beyond Soft, Hard & Smart
The United States in Egypt: A Fully Hedged Position

Nine Population Strategies to Stop Short of Nine Billion
The LIBOR Mess

Debunking The Global Savings Glut Theory
Marriage of Convenience in Egypt

Clinton Reaffirms Backing of Egypt's Military Junta
Report on the Greek Left

Sudan, South Sudan Resume Talks Amid Doubts for Long-term Success
Ithaca Ecovillage Forges a Path to Sustainable Living

Pacific Coastal Fisheries in Dire Need of Protection
Archaic Laws Stymie HIV/AIDS Work in Sri Lanka

Shipping Canal Threatens Culture, Ecology, Livelihoods
Canada Targets Traffickers, With a Close Eye on Sex Work

Chile Debates Control over Lithium Production
Conservationists Urge Ban on Trade of Turtle Eggs

World Bank Approves Contentious Ethiopia-Kenya Electric Line
Local Control Revives Depleted Fisheries

UNDP Predicts Rise of the Global South
Egypt's New Unions Face Uncertain Future

TURKMENISTAN: Ashgabat Quietly Builds Up Caspian Military Might
FDA Spied on Whistleblowers with Big Brother Surveillance Software

White House: Executive Order 13618
Raytheon's Two Foot Long Laser-Guided Missile Could be on Small Drones Within Months

68-Year-Old Car Buyer Mistaken for Terrorist Due to Credit Report
Frack the Border: Cartels Using Oil Boom to Move Drugs

Monsanto to ReCoup Profits with Provision in Agricultural Appropriations Bill
Frack the Border: Cartels Using Oil Boom to Move Drugs

FDA Spied on Whistleblowers with Big Brother Surveillance Software
Cannabis Helping Children with Severe Epilepsy

Agenda 21 Eco-Cities Built for Permanent Population Control
Suppressing Democracy by Stealing the Right to Vote Is the Ultimate Election Fraud
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Capital One to Refund $150 Million to Credit Card Customers Read the Article at The Los Angeles Times
The GOP Is So Used to Throwing Punches, It Doesn't Know How to Take One Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Victory! Tribune Company's Attempt to Seize Occupy Domain Names Denied Read the Article at Occupied Chicago Tribune
The Rush to Abandon the Poor Read the Article at The New York Times

Katrina vanden Heuvel | Unleashing the Power of Real Girls Read the Article at The Washington Post
Romney's New Tax Incentive for Outsourcing US Jobs Read the Article at The Center for American Progress

USDA Prepares to Green Light Gnarliest GMO Soy Yet Read the Article at Mother Jones
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Ripping Off the Public of Billions of Dollars Should Land You in Jail, Not the Forbes Wealthiest Persons List Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Battle Over Planned Parenthood Funding in Indiana May Be First Test of Coercion Theory From ACA Decision Read the Article at RH Reality Check
Five Reasons the Super-Rich Need Government More Than the Rest of Us Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Thirty-Five Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer About Bain Capital Before the Issue Can Go Away Read th Article at Forbes
In Pennsylvania, the Rosa Parks of Voter ID Faces Down GOP Voter Suppression Read the Article at The Christian Science Monitor

Paul Krugman: The Election Is About the Rich vs. the Rest Read the Article at The New York Times
Nikki Haley Slashes Support for Violence Victims Just When They Need It Most Read the Article at The Nation

Raging Youth Unemployment Fuels Fears of Social Collapse in Spain Read the Article at Global Post
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The Paradox of China's Naval Strategy

Spanish unions mull general strike over austerity measures Source
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FOCUS: Battle Looms Over Monsanto Rider on Capitol Hill

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21h04 - Éthique · Tony Clement ne sera pas sanctionné
        Il ne sera pas sanctionné par la commissaire aux conflits d'intérêts et à l'éthique pour avoir participé à une publicité télévisuelle   d'une entreprise de son comté. Agence QMI
19h07 - Guergis · Harper rejette la poursuite contre lui
        L'avocat représentant le premier ministre, Stephen Harper, a fait savoir mercredi que la poursuite déposée par l'ancienne       députée conservatrice Helena Guergis, devait être rejetée. Agence QMI
18h50 - Charest et Harper · Une autre rencontre secrète
        Harper et Charest se sont retrouvés lors du Forum mondial de la langue française. Agence QMI
18h47 - Québec · Entente de principe avec les pharmaciens
         L'Association des pharmaciens des établissements de santé du Québec (A.P.E.S.) a conclu une entente de principe avec le          gouvernement du Québec, mardi soir.  Agence QMI
03h50 - Surveillance · Sauveteurs inattentifs renvoyés
        Ils utilisaient leur cellulaire alors qu'ils devaient surveiller des baigneurs.


From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Help me make it happen for 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts' on Indiegogo


I'm writing to let you know about 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts'

Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts' happen.

Thanks John for bringing Connie and Mark's message to the Digest.  Fully supportive, I support all action to ward off government control of our ability to speak freely.

From: Art Williams
Subject: Recommended article, please read - TRUST ME - I'M YOUR DOCTOR

Check out this great article:

It's really interesting.

From: rjkoopmans <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations:
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep,
If I Shall Die Before I Wake, I Pray The Lord My Soul To Take. Amen.

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Fw: FOX NEWS

----- Forwarded Message -----
This should be aired everyday, all day, everyday, from now to election day!
The SIN of OMISSION is as great as the ACT OF COMMISSION.

Tape is from 2008 but was blocked
Now we know why Fox News never broadcast it as they originally planned to.
*Remember all the notices we kept getting to watch Fox News on Sunday at 9PM? What Happened?*
**This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that We are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for Several weeks.*
*Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet! *

From: "Paul Downie"
Subject: Film : Bill Cooper Exposes the assassination of JFK Rare video MAY 15th, 1991

From: Robert Ede
Subject: The Root of the Problem -- re: 'Taliban' Steve & the Blindly-Trusting Nescient Nation
To: Michael Harris <>
Cc: Chantal Dupuis <CybelProduction ...snip... hebert <>

Dear Mr H.,
You wrote a very angry column for ipolitics today- I don't blame you - I'm enraged too.
You identified lots of recent example of the symptoms of a "too powerful" Office of PMO/PCO .
Here's the Root of the Problem --- created by Order in Council in 1940
Consider could the source of Authority (the Constituent Act in Treasury Board parlance) for the "Office of the Clerk of the Privy Council AND Secretary to the Cabinet" be rooted in 1940 as well as 1867?

Privy Council Office

Applied Title
Privy Council Office

Appropriate Minister
Prime Minister
Institutional Head
Wayne G. Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
Constituent Act
Constitution Act, 1867, s. 130. NB this is incorrect see s.130 see the footnote (66) that says it's "spent"
Order in Council P.C. 1940-1121. att as .pdf

Year of Incorporation
To provide professional, non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister and Cabinet; manage the Cabinet's decision-making system (including coordinating departmental policy proposals and conducting policy analysis); arrange and support meetings of Cabinet and Cabinet committees; advance the development of the government's agenda across federal departments and agencies and with external stakeholders; advise on the government's structure and organization; manage the appointment process for senior positions in federal departments, Crown corporations, and agencies; prepare Orders in Council and other statutory instruments to give effect to government decisions; foster a high-performing and accountable public service; and submit an annual report to the Prime Minister on the state of the public service.

Head Office
85 Sparks Street, Room 1000
Ottawa ON K1A 0A3
Telephone: 613-957-5153
Fax: 613-957-5043

Contrast this with the mandate for the Constitutional entrenched "Privy Council" s.11
Constitution of Privy Council for Canada

11. There shall be a Council to aid and advise in the Government of Canada, to be styled the Queen's Privy Council for Canada; and the Persons who are to be Members of that Council shall be from Time to Time chosen and summoned by the Governor General and sworn in as Privy Councillors, and Members thereof may be from Time to Time removed by the Governor General.

NB see s.11 from the plain language version of BNA
Constitution of Privy Council for Canada
There shall be a Council to aid and advise in the Decision-making and management of the administration of Canada, to be called the Queen's Privy Council for Canada; and the Persons who are to be Members of that Council shall be ... chosen and summoned by the Governor General on no fixed schedule and sworn in as Privy Councillors, and similarly Members thereof may be ... removed by the Governor General. (These members swear an Oath of loyalty and secrecy and are then allowed to be "privy" to the innermost details of the administration)

The PM should NEVER be controlling the PCO.
The PM's authority flows from the members of the Lower House not the Crown.
The GG's authority flows from the Crown and the Privy Council s/be the GG's INDEPENDENT advisors (ie not populated by the same Party-Disciples as fill the chairs at Cabinet meetings)
RESCIND PC 1940-1121 (it's blatantly non-1867Constitution/BNA - in both spirit AND letter)
ELECT the GG (perhaps every other General Election, with a term starting 365 days after the return of the Writs)
See Reversing the Gov Gen's Vasectomy by Stephen(dot)Leacock
Robert Ede,
Direct 416.819.7333

From: Gord Elliott
Subject: Jason Kenney couldn't kill compassion in Canada even if he tried

Marni Soupcoff,, July 16, 2012 – 1:59 PM ET

When a young protestor was thrown out of a Conservative party barbecue over the weekend for interrupting a speech by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, I expected complaints. Charges of police brutality, or censorship, or closed-mindedness. Instead, the protestor in question, 17-year-old Bashir Mohamed, has been quite cheerful about the whole affair. "The police were very nice," he said not long after being released from police custody with no charges. "They just wanted to figure out what was going on. I have nothing against the police."

Mohamed did fall while being pulled out of the event, but he says he was not hurt. (He was still able to shout out "Jason Kenney is killing compassion with his health care cuts!" in the process.) In fact, the only thing the teenager, who says he was born in a Kenyan refugee camp, is now requesting for is a 10-minunte, one-on-one debate with Kenney about the government's cuts to health care for refugees.

Mohammed gets bonus points for not inventing lame police brutality claims, or heading straight to a human rights commission to whine about being silenced by the man. He has quite a lot of nerve, however, to suggest that rudely shouting at Kenney during a talk qualifies him above all other critics for face time with the minister.

Besides, it seems unlikely Mohammed could add much to the debate. Because arguments against the cuts ­ that they will harm the most vulnerable people in society, that they will cost the government more in health-care costs in the long run ­ have been made quite vociferously since the changes to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) were first announced. Mohammed could call Kenney cruel and inhumane. But he wouldn't be the first to do so. There's already a "We're Ashamed of Jason Kenney" petition available online for the signing.

Anyway, we already know what Jason Kenney would say in such a 10-minute battle, too. All refugees are still entitled to the same level of health care as Canadian citizens, which is to say all necessary medical treatment is covered. The cuts only apply to supplementary coverage for things like dental and vision care and medication ­ things the rest of us pay for out of our own pockets ­ and even then, the cuts only apply to some asylum claimants. Bogus claimants will be deterred. The federal government will save $100-million over five years. And given the government's other changes to the refugee claim process, provincial governments should save even more money, since false claimants will spend less time in the country.

And so on and so forth. The interesting thing is that the debate seems to focus on how big a deal it is if refugee claimants can't access dental care or medication. But why do we assume that ending government coverage of these things inevitably dooms refugees to go without them? Isn't that an underestimation of both the claimants' resilience and our society's level of caring?

First the resilience: Legitimate refugee seekers come from terrible situations and arrive with few resources or contacts in a new country. Landing a job in Canada is no simple or easy matter. But despite the difficulties, refugees can ­ and do ­ work here while waiting for the adjudication of their claims. (The government waives the normal application fees for work permits and social insurance numbers.) The grit and determination claimants used to get themselves half-way around the world to flee persecution tend to come in handy when seeking employment; so there are crazier things than suggesting that some claimants will be able to pay independently, or through employment-related insurance, for their eye exams and dental fillings and insulin shots.

There is help available for claimants searching for work, in any case, from charitable organizations ­ everything from the Red Cross to Catholic outreach ministries to provincial not-for-profits ­ which brings us to Canada's level of caring.

Despite what Bashir Mohamed may think, Jason Kenney could not kill compassion in Canada even if he wanted to because compassion is not confined to government. It flourishes in the private sphere, where dental schools run free or low-cost clinics for low-income kids and adults; and registered charities, such as The Diabetes Hope Foundation, offer financial assistance for medications and medical equipment to those who can't afford them. Less formally, there are the kind-hearted optometrists and dentists who will simply give a truly struggling patient a break because it's the right thing to do.

Far from banishing refugee claimants to inevitable misery, Jason Kenney is reminding us of what living in a compassionate country really means.
Gord Elliott
Alberta Member Representative
National Council
Conservative Party of Canada

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  these are the murderers that Canada supported in their 'humanitarian aid' to Libya.  Are we ashamed yet?

New Gaddafi Video
Warning - Graphic Video
Footage Purportedly Shows Late Libyan Leader After His Death.
Subject: how soon before this is in Canada?

The Police state: Not here, right?
As Homeland Security expands its domestic terrorism activities, we can expect to see more of these checkpoints and violations of constitutional rights.  I couldn't help but note that at least one of the officers in the second video had a heavy accent.  Maybe someone should have asked him if he was a US citizen?
You Tube: Sanderson1611
How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!
Subject: Ottawa's wind-farm study a case of suspiciously political science  DD

There have been so many studies done that prove these turbines are dangerous to humans and animals but the taxpayer is now expected to pay for another study that will prove that they are safe because the governments can tax the output higher?  We already know what the results will be so this is nothing but vote buying by the government.  Will we ever learn?  Remember that the Bruce Nuclear Power plant was 'safe' even when people were getting ill and animals were aborting and dying.  We should know by now that only money matters, people don't.

No wind, no electricity
Real World Wind Turbines Issues in Britain!

Customers face huge bill for wind farms that don't work in the cold

Sentenced to illness
Subject: QUESTIONs: And when it comes is Canada's involvement: unlikely, a possibility, a probability, a surety in your views?   DD

Joe--Canada will do whatever it is ordered to do by the controllers--so therefore it is a surety in my view.  Let's face it, if dumb-headed MacKay doesn't even know the history of Canada and can manipulate it for votes he will  surely have no problem telling lies to justify the necessity 'to protect us from nuclear attack' from Iran.  I am surprised that we haven't already towed our disabled submarines over so they can be blown up and the destruction blamed on Iran.
Subject: the truth finally written in Canada
Taliban Steve and the Robot Nation