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Peter MacKay takes liberties with history in Bastille Day speech
Defence Minister Peter MacKay has been getting attention for what some are calling his novel reworking of the War of 1812 ­
one where the French were apparently fighting side-by-side with the British in battling the American invaders.


MP pension reforms need taxpayer push
Jean Charest: giant of national unity

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair stands his ground in Harper's hometown
Kenney's mean bill hurts refugees ­ and Canada's rep

Government should act on committee suggestions
Lack of spending oversight is highly frustrating

Bennett's Law: Meaningful consultation = saying + listening
Why spend more money just to win more Olympic medals?

Take donation and run!
Cuts to Statistics Canada a costly error

Ottawa's wind-farm study a case of suspiciously political science
Revoking Order of Canada diminishes award's worth

Burney and Hampson prolong the fallout
No chance for democracy while Mugabe's in power

Rahim Jaffer sought secret info about Canadian satellite technology, court documents
2 dead, 2 missing, hundreds trapped and Alberta's Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk is making jokes

Army trucks project cancelled after DND added $300 million to price tag without permission
Political attack ads won't define leaders without big airtime buys, say pundits.

Toews takes swipe at judiciary on gun crime after shooting melee in Toronto
Bob Rae: Bill Maher Should Stop Singling Out Seal Hunt

Tories need to 'protect brand of Stephen Harper,' the 'linchpin of Conservatives' success,' says Nanos
Atleo's second term as AFN chief hinges on 250 votes

Envelope addressed to Luka Magnotta causes stir at Canada Post
Mounties issue sweeping denial in B.C. harassment lawsuit

Petition to bring home Omar Khadr draws thousands
Federal court backs government over Kyoto pull-out

Union "insulted" at U.S. allegations Canadian border agents behind bomb threat
Ontario voter data breach may involve 25 ridings

Carney holds rates stance, cuts growth forecast
B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix says he can work with Harper

Department of Defence looking for contractor to fix fire safety problems ahead of release of audit
Charest looks to risky summer election as support drops, ministers quit

Quebec politics: Tight race could make for historic summer election campaign
Sen. Brazeau back on Twitter with promise to 'be nice'

Tory tactics on Senate reforms may be shifting, says senator
By-election Watch: Meet the candidates in Calgary Centre and Durham!

Stampede is over, let the Calgary Centre race begin
Cozy relationship with Tories poses a problem for Atleo

Shawn Atleo will defend post as national chief
Gordon Campbell's hospitality tab tops other diplomatset.

Elections Ontario discovers privacy breach of voter data
Pressed by court, government to process backlogged immigrant applications

Gloria Taylor retains right to seek physician-assisted death, for now
Canada's Afghan legacy: Official justice is slow ­ Taliban justice is quick, and brutal

Navy intelligence officer accused of espionage elects judge and jury trial
Financial report exposes tender spots across Canada

No hiding tawdry nature of Manitoba judge's sex trial
Dwight Duncan: Full cost of killing Mississauga gas plant is $190M

Pan American Games will cost too much, says Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak
B.C. mining company accused of making "misleading" statement to federal agency

Syria: Assad regime 'ready to use chemical weapons'

Found in a castle vault, the scraps of lace that show lingerie was all the rage 500 years ago

Why Turkey won't go to war with Syria
Olympics security firm boss admits failure

UN doctor on Pakistan polio campaign attacked
Pakistanis stage new protest over NATO route

UN doctor on Pakistan polio campaign attacked
Pakistan polio campaign faces Taliban hurdle

Americans and Taliban both Know about Pakistani Skullduggery
Court serves ultimatum to Pakistan PM

Pakistan gunmen strike army rescue camp
US designates Afghanistan as a 'major ally'

Wars Have Unpredictable and Dangerous Collateral Effects
Worldwide opposition to the next war against Iran

Donor Dollars aiding political repression in Ethiopia
Nationalism vs. Capitalism: Guess Which One Wins?

Why Iran should sue US at International Court of Justice
Review: 'The Crisis of Zionism' 

The Care Less Party
Worldwide opposition to the next war against Iran

Opposing Imperialism Isn't Isolationism
mmigration, Racism, and the Supreme Court

Nationalism vs. Capitalism: Guess Which One Wins?
Criminalizing Dissent in Israel

Why Iran should sue US at International Court of Justice
Review: 'The Crisis of Zionism'

The Problem is The United States
Poison Ended Arafat's Palestinian Mission Impossible!

The RAP Vote: Repudiation of American Politics
Two Faces of Israel

Solidarity with the Palestinians

At the Precipice of War  U.S. Military Build-Up Accelerates in the Persian Gulf
The U.S. is currently in the midst of a massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf on a scale not seen in the region since prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. Continue

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria Syria: Assad Regime 'Ready to Use Chemical Weapons'
The most senior Syrian politician to defect to the opposition has told the BBC the regime will not hesitate to use chemical weapons if it is cornered.

A Revealing Exposé of the US Assets Leading the Syrian Opposition
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, whose inflated figures on casualties are constantly cited by the media, turns out to be one man, Rami Abdul Rahman, based in Coventry and a clothes retailer.

New Gaddafi Video
Footage Purportedly Shows Late Libyan Leader After His Death.

"There Were No Warnings"" Indian Fishermen Killed By US Navy
Three injured Indian fishermen, Muthu Muniraj, 28, Muthu Kannan, 35, Pandu Sanadhan, 26, were recovering at the Rashid Hospital this morning, a day after the US navy opened fire on their fishing boat 16 kilometres off the Jebel Ali coast.

Russia Criticizes Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Record
Saudi Arabia, is and has been for the past 80 odd years one of the most violently repressive and backwards societies in the world: an absolute dictatorship replete with "morality police" and various other kinds of religious totalitarians.

Absurdity Rules the World
Respect for power and blind obedience were the result of the U.S. educational system. "I pledge obedience to the flag of the United States of America ..." Millions and millions of yes-men had been molded out of the clay of propaganda and history books.

War Is Betrayal Persistent Myths of Combat
If veterans speak of terrible wounds, of lies told to make them kill, of evil committed in our name, we fill our ears with wax.

Christians United For Israel  Building an Evangelical Army to Defend Zionism
They intend on converting as many Christians to their pro-Zionist movement as they can through coercive programs of "education, outreach and events."

Israeli Lawmaker Tears Up "Abominable" New Testament, Throws it in Trash
A member of the Israeli parliament has torn up a copy of the New Testament and thrown it in the trash.

Mitt Romney Really, Really Loves Israel Video
Mitt Romney heads Israel late July, just a month before the national convention.

Pro-Palestinian Ads Ignite Firestorm Of Controversy 2 Minute Video
"I think the ad is very offensive, it's certainly offensive to Jews," said Dovid Efune, the the editor of the Jewish newspaper "The Algemeiner."

The Resource War Behind Paraguay's Crisis A Coup Over Land
On June 22 of this year, a new tyrant entered the government palace. The right-wing Federico Franco became president in what has been deemed a parliamentary coup against democratically-elected, left-leaning President Fernando Lugo.

JPMorgan Scandal: The Tip Of The Iceberg
JPMorgan deliberately falsified its first quarter report to the SEC in order to conceal its massive gambling losses. This is a crime.

How Wall Street Scams Counties Into Bankruptcy
For some reason, Wall Street never seems to get the message that bribing government officials -- and paying each other off - - to get access to lucrative municipal-bond underwriting business is illegal.

Cannibalism For Profit Human Corpses Harvested in Multimillion-dollar Trade
A grisly trade in human body parts leaves relatives grieving and some recipients at risk of life-threatening disease.

After 800 years, the Barons are Back in Control of Britain
The Magna Carta forced King John to give away powers. But big business now exerts a chilling grip on the workforce.

22 killed In Afghanistan:
About 100 Taliban fighters attacked a security checkpost in Khwaja Qeenti area, Qaisar district: The police returned the fire, killing 10 Taliban fighters, he added.

Nuristan Governor Survives Convoy Attack, 1 Policeman Killed:
A group of insurgents attacked Nuristan's convoy of cars at around midnight in the Wama district, provincial spokesman Mohammad Zarin said.

NATO occupation force soldier killed in southern Afghanistan:
An "International Security Assistance" Force service member died following an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan today."

Pakistan: Four killed in attack on police:
Four gunmen were killed, including two who died after detonating suicide vests, during a raid on a police station by militants in the north-west Pakistan town of Bannu on Monday, police said.

Anti-NATO Pakistanis march on border:
THOUSANDS of Pakistani activists have shouted "death to America" at the latest rally protesting the lifting of a seven-month blockade on NATO supplies into Afghanistan.

Iraq warns Turkey against violating its airspace: -
Iraq warned Turkey against violating its airspace and territory and said on Tuesday, July 17, it planned to protest to the U.N. Security Council after its radars had repeatedly detected Turkish warplanes, in a deepening a rift with its neighbor, Reuters reported.

Our leaders must be held to account over Iraq and Afghanistan: - Letter TO EDITOR-
Leaders of both our biggest political parties should hang their heads in shame at the harm we have done

Syrian army 'push back Damascus rebels':
The Syrian government says security forces have confronted fighters who infiltrated Damascus and forced them to flee, contradicting claims made by the rebel army earlier this afternoon. Information Minister Omran Zoabi said

UN warns Syria combatants over 'war crime' :
"As the International Committee of the Red Cross has now described the situation as an armed conflict, international humanitarian law applies across Syria in areas where there is fighting."

Putin vows to back Annan's Syria peace efforts:
"From the very start, from the first steps, we supported and continue to support your efforts aimed at restoring civil peace," Putin told Annan at the start of their Kremlin meeting.

Iran says Annan plan best solution to Syria crisis:
Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has urged the Syrian government and opposition to respect the six-point plan set forth by UN-Arab League Special Envoy on Syria Kofi Annan.

Russia blocks UN Council statement on Syria:
Russia on Monday blocked a proposed UN Security Council statement on mass killings in the Syrian village of Treimsa, diplomats said, amid worsening deadlock over international action on the conflict. Russian envoys opposed the statement, saying it was not clear what had happened in Treimsa, council diplomats told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Russian Central Bank Ready to Make Due Payments to Iran:
Russian move would circumvent the western sanctions against Tehran's financial and banking sector.

Clinton sees U.S., Israel in lockstep on Iran:
In Jerusalem on the last stop of an Asian and Middle East tour, Clinton said she and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "talked about concrete steps that we can take to continue to build the pressure" on Tehran.

Opponents of Israeli attack on Iran have little to be optimistic about:
Clinton can continue stating that "we are all on the same page" on Iran. However, the uncharacteristic silence of the Israeli leadership on the matter in recent weeks, and the resulting traffic on the Washington-Jerusalem axis, both indicate a genuine American concern in light of Israel's potential intentions.

Indian fisherman: No warning before U.S. Navy shot at boat off Dubai coast:
An Indian fisherman aboard a boat shot at by the U.S. Navy off Dubai's coast has told officials the crew received no warning before being fired upon, India's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates said Tuesday.

India seeks action over UAE boat shooting
:UAE asked to investigate incident in which one Indian fisherman was killed by US navy ship in waters off Dubai.

60% of Saudi citizens live below poverty line: Saudi daily:
Activists in Saudi Arabia have repeatedly criticized Riyadh for spending vast sums on buying arms from the West and not helping the millions living in poverty.

Saudi court sentences Tattoo artist to year in jail, 200 lashes:
A court in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah sentenced an unidentified Lebanese man to one year in prison and 200 lashes after he was convicted of drawing tattoos on the bodies of Saudi women and being a women's hairdresser, a Saudi newspaper said Tuesday.

Saudi woman jailed for offending police:
A Saudi woman along has been sent to prison for spitting and offending a religious police

Shocking new video shows Gaddafi's body 'being used by rebels as ghoulish ventriloquist's doll':
In the shocking clip, which was posted to YouTube on Monday, high-spirited demonstrators apparently use the Libyan dictator's corpse as a ventriloquist's doll.

Libya's Former Rebels Pose Challenge:
The fighters who defeated Libya's Moammar Gadhafi last year now pose a challenge for the fledgling democracy they helped create. Many of them have refused to give up their weapons, demanding a series of laws to protect them.

Scramble for the Horn of Africa: Ethiopian Regime Crumbles: Enter CIA: Op-Ed:
With its foundations irreparably cracked and its edifices of power crumbling the Ethiopian regime headed by Meles Zenawi is turning more and more to the CIA to make the critical decisions in the ministries of power in the capital Addis Ababa.

UK: Now the Army is giving the orders:
As foreign athletes start to arrive, military sends officers to G4S HQ to tackle security shambles.

America's Drones Are Homeward Bound:
It's not that drones are being used to extrajudicially execute people, including Americans, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia that has U.S. lawmakers concerned. Rather it's the possible and probable violation of Americans' privacy in the United States by unlawful drone surveillance that has caught the attention of legislators.

NOAA links extreme weather to climate change:
On Tuesday, for the first time, government scientists are saying recent extreme weather events are likely connected to man-made climate change. It's the conclusion of a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Senators blast HSBC over lack of laundering controls
US lawmakers accused the global bank HSBC on Monday of opening the doors of the financial system to terrorists, drug dealers and money launderers in a hard-hitting report.

Moody's lowers ratings at 13 Italian banks:
Banks affected include UniCredit SPA IT:UCG -2.34% , Intesa Sanpaolo SPA IT:ISP -3.08% , BNP Paribas' FR:BNP -0.20% Italian unit Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SPA, Banca Carige SPA IT:CRG -0.83% , Credito Emiliano IT:CE -1.04% , and General Electric Co.'s GE +0.79% GE Capital SP

Mass demonstrations against Spain's latest austerity package:
On Monday morning, a demonstration of thousands blocked the centre of Madrid, marking the fifth day of protests by workers against the latest round of austerity measures. These demonstrations have not been called by the unions, but have erupted spontaneously.

Huge credit card settlement conceals fraud and criminality:
Credit card companies Visa and Master Card as well as several banks announced July 13 that they would agree to pay a total of $6.6 billion in settlement to retailers, bringing an end to a bitter lawsuit first brought in 2005

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Presto! The DISCLOSE Act Disappears

Senate Republicans Kill Disclose Act in Blow to Campaign Transparency

Continued Fury in Pakistan Over Supply Routes, Drone Strikes

Fishermen All Say US Navy Opened Fire Without Warning

Greenpeace Activists Shut Down 77 Shell Gas Stations in Day of Action

Geoengineers to Start Volcano-Inspired Experiment in Risky Climate Manipulation

Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Clinton Reaffirms Backing of Egypt's Military Junta

George Monbiot: After 800 Years, the Barons are Back in Control of Britain

Ann Wright: America's Drones Are Homeward Bound

Bill Bigelow: Hot Enough for You? Time to Teach Against Fossil Fuels

Wenonah Hauter: We Can't Put a Price on Nature

David Vine: How the Pentagon Is Quietly Transforming Its Overseas Base Empire and Creating a Dangerous New Way of War

Benjamin Dangl: A Coup Over Land: The Resource War Behind Paraguay's Crisis

ACLU: Planned Parenthood Arizona Files Litigation to Protect Access to Preventive Health Care

Environmental Working Group: FDA To Bar BPA From Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: If You Lived Down Wind From This Power Plant, Would You Be Concerned?

Mitt Romney's "Hostile Takeover" of Massachusetts Environmental Protections
Read the Article

Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson
Read the Article

After National Gathering, Is There Room for Insurrectionary Anarchism in Occupy?
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Will Your State Refuse to Provide Medicaid Coverage to Needy Adults?
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Economic Rapture Might Be Around the Corner
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The Story of Change
Watch the Video and Read the Article

Wisconsin Organizations Push for Election Transparency
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Four Spending Myths That Could Wreck Our World: How Not to Solve an American Crisis
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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Japanese Protesters Take to the Streets Against Nuclear Reactors, and More
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

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Mr. Romney, if You're Listed as the Owner of a Car, You Are Responsible for It. So What's the Difference With Bain?
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McCain on Romney: "Palin Was the Better Candidate."... No, Seriously, He Said That
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The "We Don't Care, Less Care for You, Couldn't Care Less" Party
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FDA Approves First Drug to Prevent HIV Infection
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Must We Go Here Again? Birthers, Neo-Birthers and Right-Wing Sleaze
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Reverend Rodriguez's Unenviable Task: Selling Romney to Hispanics
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GOP Stonewalls Climate Hearing Amid Extreme Weather
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Walmart: Fifty Years of Gutting America's Middle Class
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From: Art Williams
Subject: Recommended article, please read -

Check out this great article:

It's really interesting.

Subject: Executive Dissertations:In 72 Hours, Gotham City Falls!

rjkoopmans has sent you a link to a blog:

Blog: Executive Dissertations
Post: In 72 Hours, Gotham City Falls!
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Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>

Public Works protects itself from future ministers

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:58 AM PDT
Behold the Christian Paradis legacy to Public Works from his time as minister:
Public Works said Saturday that action had been taken to address situations where the minister wants civil servants to meet with companies from the local riding, but didn't elaborate.
"Policies and procedures on this matter have been communicated to staff through training initiatives," said an emailed statement.
The department also said it introduced guidelines for meetings in 2011, which includes a section on what to do if the minister requests a meeting with a third-party. Public Works also developed an "organizational code of conduct" in 2012, which features "ethical scenarios," but it did not provide a copy of that document.

They should call it the Christian Paradis Commemorative Code of Conduct.

I wonder if they do role playing in those staff training initiatives. As in, remember the time when Paradis' office emailed all of us to get to the boardroom to meet those guys from his riding? Yeah, that's wrong. And please advise these guys when it happens next time. Or something along those lines.

News of these guidelines, policies and procedures, training initiatives and Code of Conduct comes as a result of Canadian Press digging further into the Ethics Commissioner's most recent report on Paradis. In that March report, you will recall, that focussed on his wrongfully setting up a meeting for old caucus friend, Rahim Jaffer, the Ethics Commissioner also uncovered the meetings Paradis had arranged with Public Works for companies in his riding.

Read on in the Canadian Press report for details of those lovely meetings held in the minister's and deputy minister's Ottawa boardrooms between companies from his riding and many public works civil servants, at the insistence of Paradis' office.

All this and yet Paradis remains as minister, making big judgments (see previous post). Reports like the above don't exactly instill confidence. Over to the grand shuffler...or should we say ditherer?

Just your average Sunday in July

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:13 AM PDT
Where the government releases its approval of a $6.1 billion acquisition of a Canadian company: "Minister Paradis Approves Glencore International plc's Acquisition of Viterra Inc."

A little strange to see an announcement of that magnitude in the government news centre on a Sunday. They must not have wanted much attention.

More at CBC. And here are the commitments Glencore is putting in the window for a 5 year period just in case they are needed for future reference.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: From Brasscheck TV   DD

Joe--more evidence that 'private property' and freedom of religion mean nothing to our governments.  This is democracy???  I believe in God but do not go to church but I still find this disgusting.  The governments own our very souls.  I know that the government will make money of the fine they are charging this man but I am amazed that they don't demand a tax for any group that meets in someone's home.  Wouldn't the government make more off of that than jailing someone.  The government hasn't really thought this through but I am sure they soon will.  I imagine birthday parties and the like will soon be taxable.  And it will of course bee for our own good.  Just our government caring about us!!!  I have no doubt this will be coming to Canada.  Remember they want to be able to come onto our property without a warrant if we are growing too many tomatoes!!!
Subject: Meet the Ruling Faces of Evil   DD

Joe--thank you so much for posting this.  Was so glad to see Maurice Strong on the list of evil.  The truth is out there and Zen Gardener has done an exceptional work to bring light to the dark side of our existence.   It was hard to read this and contain my anger but the more people that see this the greater will be our awakening to what is destroying the planet.
Thank you
Subject: The Road to Totalitarianism   DD

Joe--this article fits in nicely with the article about the Pastor being incarcerated for holding prayer sessions in his home.  The controllers believe that they have control of the economy and the country so now they are coming for control of the people?  We see how governments control our every breath now and dictate every move we make.  But history shows that every time the government believes they are omnipotent things crash around us.  Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it?
Subject: [On-Guard] timing not right for war--DD

At the Precipice of War:
U.S. Military Build-Up Accelerates in the Persian Gulf
July 17, 2012 "Information Clearing House" -- The familiar menace of U.S. war drums have resumed at a fevered pitch, as Iran finds itself once again firmly within the Pentagon's cross hairs.

According to multiple reports, the U.S. is currently in the midst of a massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf on a scale not seen in the region since prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. The military surge reportedly includes an influx of air and naval forces, ground troops, and even sea drones. Lest one forgets, the U.S. already has two aircraft carriers and their accompanying striker groups in the region.

QUESTIONs: And when it comes is Canada's involvement: unlikely, a possibility, a probability, a surety in your views?
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Re: (How) "PM keeps Tories together"
To:, hill times <>

Dear Friend & Editor,
Please scan my Blog entry at your leisure
- a critique + some added info on ideas/issues touched on in PM keeps Tories together, but observers predict trouble once Harper leaves (spotted on

Robert Ede,
The Majority of Canadians P.A.C.

From: Steve Campbell
Subject: The Foundation For A Free Society Presents Nullification The Rightful Remedy

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: First thoughts on Monte Solberg's Reform Party opinion piece as presented by Gord Elliott

The CPC/Reform Party's Gordon Elliott yesterday posted Monte Soleberg's CPC/Reform Party declaration that if the Reform Party agenda is being put in place then all must be well in Canada. Those who live in our times see the possibility of foreclosure on our homes flowing from the loss of jobs, opportunity, and hope as the neoconservative agenda of the Reform Party is forced upon us and democracy in Canada is trampled upon by Reform's neoconservative movement have a very different point of view.

Elliott and Soleberg are serving up what is simply Reform Party apologetics and neoconservative spin (for the benefit of those uninformed in the poltical economy of neoconservatism, it refers to an explicitly American neoliberalism, meaning laissez-faire capitalist, corporatist and libertarian, rather than conservatism, meaning ordered and regulated, serving the nation and the people, and believing in the rule of law applied equally as the basis of democracy). It is written by a former member of the Reform Party and ironically is published in a Toronto paper.

I say ironically because the Reform Party is founded on a "principle" that all things Toronto, Ontario and "Central Canada" are the spawn of the devil, and of course opposed to the quarter of all Canadians who live in Quebec and the larger number whose first language is French.

Their economics is based on a "think small" entrepreneurship which fails to understand the fundamentals of national economies and therefore think, as Firewall Harper put it in his closing statement at the Toronto G-20 meeting, in terms of niche and boutique entrepreneurship in a global economy run in corporate interest.
The CPC isn't Tory or Canadian; the CPC has no national vision; the CPC is provincialist, corporatist, and neoconservative and its politics is the politics of the meanspiritedness of the defeated who have grasped power: they revel in grievance and self-pity.

From: Ron Thornton
Subject: From Ron Thornton...

Hey, Joe:

In regards to Becky's suggestion that the war has begun with the U.S. warship opening fire on a fishing boat in the Persian Gulf, the reports are that a vessel was approaching the warship, warning shots were fired to cause the boat to change course, and when it did not they opened up on it, killing one and wounding three others. If this is true, I can understand why the warship would be cautious, as such vessels have come aside in the past and exploded. I do not understand how folks can ignore someone shooting either at you or toward you, and yet insist on approaching. I know a Canadian sailor, who was aboard a Canadian warship, who a few years ago came within a hair of following an order to do exactly what this American sailor did.

As for whether Canada is any longer a democracy, it is no more or less a democracy than it has been for the past 145 years. Neither is the United States or the UK for that matter. Individual elections have been stolen, ballot boxes stuffed, dead people casting ballots, bad things said about opponents that may not have been true, politicians doing what is best for them or their favorites at the expense of those they are supposed to represent. This is one reason a bunch of us were part of the Reform Party, hoping we might actually realize a little reform. Sadly, those hopes were misguided, but even 25 years ago we saw a need for change. As we learned, maybe we always will see a need for change. When power is at stake, some folks are willing to try and do anything, be it to run a nation or a social club. This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around since the very beginning.

Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Ab

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: FW: Security running amok

Thought the seniors in our midst might enjoy this:

There was a bit of confusion at the store this morning.

When I was ready to pay for my groceries, the cashier said, "Strip down facing me."

Making a mental note to complain to the store about their Security running amok, I did just as she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to my credit card.

I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to us seniors a little clearer."

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Fw: must see it everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. Here is another warning of what we must prevent from happening in Europe and in the WEST.
The EU let the Gennie out of the bottle - little chance now that they can get it back inside.


From: Gord Elliott <>
Subject: Canada's Growth Owes no Debt To Socialism

Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Huffington Post, Posted: 07/17/2012 2:46 pm

Success has many fathers, the saying goes. If only there was a paternity test to sort out the claimants of credit for the Canadian economy.

Canadian author Stephen Marche is the latest to weigh in, with a short opinion piece published on Marche argued two points: first, that Canadian household net worth had surpassed U.S. household net worth; and second, that this was due to Canada's uniquely "hard-headed socialism" -- a combination of fiscal discipline in the management of a magnanimous social welfare state.

Reihan Salam questioned the household income claim in a piece for National Review Online, noting that U.S. household net worth fell largely due to the housing crisis and Canada failed to fall rather than gain ground. Clive Crook agreed in a piece for The and suggested that better regulated banks and a more conservative mortgage market were more important than socialist policies.

Marche's "hard-headed socialism" thesis is a contrarian interpretation of Canadian fiscal policy rather than banking or financial market regulation, and as such, it fits with other similar analyses such as Fred Barnes' April 2011 article in National Affairs which credited the Liberal Party of Canada -- which led in the establishment of Canada's social welfare programs -- for taking responsibility for their reform. Chris Edwards at the CATO Institute contends that Canadian fiscal reform resulted in cuts to the size of government.

All this may sound like the typical circular firing squad of academic debate. But for Americans, it matters tremendously. Canada's example is important in the context of an American debate about the role and financing of government in society that is marked by sharp polarization along ideological lines. The average voter looks at the theoretical claims of both sides, and craves the practical example of a country that is doing well as proof that solutions are possible.

Marche offers the beguiling hope that if Washington D.C. could act as a better steward of taxpayers' money, the social welfare system in the United States could be saved, and growth would return in the form of rising household net worth. In short, that the United States can have greater socialism if its leaders will just be more hard-headed about it.

This is a false hope. Canada's fiscal hard-headedness and pro-growth economic policies, along with its tremendous resource wealth, are the real examples that the United States can and should follow (the United States has great resource wealth too, thankfully). Then perhaps, like Canada, we can better afford some socialist policies that we have now, or that voters may desire in the future. Socialism, based on economic redistribution, requires growth so that there is money to redistribute, just as philanthropy relies on prosperity.

Canada was hard-headed in promoting growth, not in simply managing redistribution, and this is why it has enjoyed better results than most countries since the 2008 recession began. Socialism is not the father of Canada's success, but its progeny.

Gord Elliott

Alberta Member Representative
National Council
Conservative Party of Canada

From: The Natroses <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest July 15-16, 2012
To: Joe Hueglin <>

Submarines + citizenship + sun-flu virus – part two
The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
But leaves the greater villain loose
Who steals the common from off the goose.

Citizenship and what does that has to do with submarines? Nothing really, except citizenship and its policies are under the surface most of the time, and the realities and truth of citizenship are deliberately kept hidden to the talking points of the governments. One has to used radar, to get this submarine up to the surface.

" Ezra Levant & Jason Kenney Discuss The Immigrant Baby Scam"

" Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney and the Harper government are giving conflicting information about Canadian citizenship, NDP Veterans Affairs critic Peter Stoffer and Lost Canadians advocate Don Chapman say.

Kenney stated recently that Canadian citizenship was non-existent prior to 1947, and that all soldiers at the time were "British subjects". At the same time, however, the government continues to use the term "Canadian soldiers" in its press communications relating to military history. ",0
Now for the real truth and fact mission -
First off a document of the British citizenship policies since the feudal lords' time.
Important background information

The years 1870-1914 were a period of great expansion in the British Empire. The old settlements and colonies increased in importance and population, and many of them came to rival the UK in power and effectiveness. The fact that nationality was still governed by Parliament in Westminster caused considerable dissatisfaction among the Dominions, and it was finally determined that the time had come to attempt a codification of British nationality law which would recognise the position and status of the Dominions.
4.2 The basis of this codification was to be the recognition of a common status of British subject throughout the Commonwealth, and this should be maintained by a Common Code in all Commonwealth countries. The status was based upon allegiance, and acquisition was chiefly by birth within the Dominions."
Important to know, because Canadians born on Canadian soil were known as Canadians and not British subjects like the once upon Nation called Newfoundland.

In Wikipedia - "Canada established its own nationality law in 1946 with the enactment of the Canadian Citizenship Act 1946, which took effect on 1 January 1947. It was the second nation in the then British Commonwealth to establish its own nationality law; the first was the Irish Free State, which was a Commonwealth member until 1949 and established its own nationality law in 1935 ."
Further down the page - "Canadian citizenship was originally created under the Immigration Act, 1910, [5] to designate those British subjects who were born, naturalized or domiciled in Canada. [6] All other British subjects required permission to land. "Domicile" was defined as having been resident in Canada for three years, excluding any time spent in prisons or mental institutions. [6]

The status of all British subjects in the Empire (whether by birth or naturalization) was standardized by the Imperial British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914, [7] which was adopted in Canada by the Naturalization Act, 1914. [8] As a result, the period of residence required to qualify for naturalization was increased from three years to five years.
A separate status of "Canadian national" was created under the Canadian Nationals Act, 1921, [9] [6] which was defined as being a Canadian citizen as defined above, their wives, and any children (fathered by such citizens) that had not yet landed in Canada.
After the passage of the Statute of Westminster in 1931, whereby each self-governing dominion of the British Empire was henceforth considered equal in status to all the others, with the Crown becoming one that is shared and operating independently in each realm rather than as a unitary British Crown under which all the dominions were subordinate, the monarchy thus ceased to be an exclusively British institution. Because of this Canadians, and others living in countries that became known as Commonwealth Realms, were known as subjects of the Crown. However in legal documents the term "British subject" continued to be used.
Prior to 1947, Canada issued two types of passports: those to British subjects by birth (coloured blue), and those to naturalized British subjects or citizens (coloured red). [10] "

In the passport history - "The first Canadian passports were issued in 1862, following the outbreak of the American Civil War, when the United States demanded more secure identification from Canadians wishing to cross the border. They took the form of a Letter of Request from the Governor General. These documents remained in use until, in 1915, Canadian passports were first issued in the British format, a ten section single sheet folder. [6]

The modern form of the Canadian passport came about in 1921. At that time, Canadians were British subjects, and Canada shared a common nationality code with the United Kingdom; thus, Canadian passports were issued to those British subjects resident in or connected to Canada. This arrangement ended in 1947, when the Canadian Citizenship Actwas granted Royal Assent and the designation of Canadian citizenship was created. As of July the following year, Canadian passports were issued to Canadian citizens only, [7 "

Kenney is splitting hairs, because Canadian citizenship existed prior to 1947. Below a Canadian passport prior to 1947.

An image -

Another image -

I called it omission of the facts – in other words Kenney is a liar plain and simple in my eyes, for denying citizenship to the lost Canadians. Worst yet, the Harper government revising history to suit their own agendas of disrepute. My mother was a 5th generation Canadian when she was born in 1919, and at the start of WWII, she carried a passport and avoided speaking German in the public. To the day she died, her dislike for the big cities spoke volumes on her treatment and other Canadians who spoke different languages other than the King's language, and did not anglicized their surnames, were treated on the Canadian streets with contempt by the police and other authorities of the WWII era. For my mother, it was to avoid the hassled of being retained by the authorities, and a passport was the best ticket for that one. When the kids were born well after the war, I still remember my Mother giving her passport to the American border guards, but my father never had to. I finally asked my mother when I was around 14 why that happened, and by that time no passports were necessary to cross into United States. It was at the same time I learned in the high school history classes, the systemic discrimination by governments regarding citizenship, passports, and who gets one and who does not get one. Kenney is following a long tradition, but he is the worst because he is determined to bring immigration and citizenship back to the days of regular practices and policies that are based on discrimination and class race ideology and dogma.

Overlooked document may hold key for Lost Canadians' citizenship"
More background -
Note what is below is a comprehensive history of the immigrants hailing from Germany since the 1600s in Canada. On the web page, there is the historical background of other peoples that came to Canada. It shows clearly, the undercurrents along with the rules and regulations that immigrants were at the Canadian government's whims. The revising of history in the immigration files done by the Harper revisionists, carefully crafted immigration policy to reflect that immigrants are once again at the whims of the government officials and the ministry pleasure or displeasure.
1947 radio broadcast – CBC - "Until 1947, Canada was a nation without citizens. "Canadians" were simply British subjects living in Canada. It was an embarrassment for a country that emerged from the Second World War with a strong sense of nationhood. On Jan. 1, 1947, the Canadian Citizenship Act came into effect and Canadians finally became "Canadian citizens." On this 1947 New Year's Day CBC Radio broadcast, Maclean'smagazine editor Blair Fraser tells a nation of new citizens what it all means. "

Simply put, the government got around to correcting it, by changing the British rules, into Canadian rules. And like all the Commonwealth countries did either before 1947 or after 1947. Key point, is that the average citizen saw themselves as Canadians and not British subjects. However the commonwealth governments saw it as the means to keep their citizens under lock-down and being obliged to be duty bound to enlist in the British wars. And it came really handy during both wars, to send some groups of peoples into camps, like the Japanese, Germans and Italians.

Today, instead of throwing them in camps - " T he federal government will give some failed refugee claimants $2,000 and a free one-way plane ticket to expedite their departure from Canada under a new pilot program quietly launched last week. "
Or this set of would-be citizens caught in a legal limbo, compliments of the Harper government. " A group of would-be immigrants, who successfully sued the government over processing delays, will soon learn whether the bulk of them will remain out of luck in terms of their quest to come to Canada thanks to a new law that allows Citizenship and Immigration to toss out more than a quarter-of-a-million old applications."
An update – It appears that the Harper government has succeeded to pissed off the wealthier end of the immigration que – you know the type of immigrants that the Harper conservatives are looking for.

"­ About 280,000 would-be immigrants, stuck on a waiting list of people who applied to come to Canada more than four years ago, were told as a result of the recently passed federal budget to start the process from scratch."
Lots of quotes from pissed off would be immigrants – The last one - "Last word: "I understand we are not welcomed by Canadian government any more as most Canadians claim the immigration is just our privilege, not right . . . The only thing I may never understand is why Canadian government had been lying to the applicants, that the applications would be processed all the time. I should say, as a politician, Mr. Kenney is a brave man. So brave to eliminate the backlog of 280,000 worldwide. As a man, the representative of Canadian government, a coward, unable to take responsibility of the wrong immigration policy."
Called also a liar, and all kinds of like adjectives. So, is the international Chinese warring couple the kind that the Harper governments wants? Taking up the Canadian court's time and resources for potential citizens that has no intentions of becoming Canadian citizens.

" This case highlights the fairly recent trend of wealthy Chinese nationals who obtain permanent residency in Canada but keep most of their assets and businesses overseas "

Change the rules – ignore court rulings = prefect sync in fascist fashion

Picture gets me uncomfortable. How about you?

Perhaps it was the planned all along, to get in on the Asian free trade talks. Send back all the would be immigrants from the Asian countries back to zero, and start over. His ticket in and believable compared to the official story of dropping the subsidies of dairy, poultry and other parts of the farming sector. Seriously, who would want to east cheese from any of the Asian countries, let along eggs or chicken. But I can see Chinese and other countries demanding to have their citizens sent back to the end of the line, because there is a lot of money at stake, that would best serve the agendas of the Harper government, the Asian governments and free trade.

To Anthony - "This lie, this hoax, this revisionist nonsense that Quebec is a French province and that Canada is bilingual is just that, an outright lie. Fact: We have been part of the British Empire since 1763.We were officially an English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts."
I am afraid your diet of ' mangiacake' facts are spinning a set of bedtime yarns to reinforce the the oaths of loyalty to the British Crown that was required by all living in Canada and especially after 1763. " The costliest fighting had gone on in Europe -- where actually not over one blood-soaked acre of ground changed hands in the treaty between the main antagonists, France, Spain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Britain. But in North America, a defeated France gave up her huge empire. She kept only St. Pierre and Miquelon as bases for her Atlantic fishery, two little islands off the southern coast of Newfoundland, and some fishing rights, still, on that big island's empty western shores. Her other domains -- Acadia to the Appalachians, all French Canada west beyond that, plus the Ohio and Illinois country and all the lands east of the Mississippi -- passed into British possession; while Spain was given France's Louisiana territories west of the Mississippi. Now, definitely, New France had disappeared. A century and more of growth and expansion, suffering, conflict and courage, had ended in conquest and cession.
But it was not all over -- not in pride, not in achievement, nor in heritage. The French who had shaped Quebec and many a lasting settlement, who had carried Canada to the Great Lakes and the Great Plains, or ranged from Labrador to the Gulf of Mexico, were by no means going to disappear as a strong and vital factor in Canadian history. New France might have departed. French Canada and its resolute descendants would not."
""Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains." Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763. Not this phony, revisionist lie, this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, propaganda, spin that we've been living with since Trudeau, and kebec forced this upon the nation"
Anthony, tsk tsk tsk. Working for the British North American of the old boys network of the 17th to 18th century kind? The British and French crowns had their own agendas in North America and much of it reserved for empire building, and not as it is portrayed in the revisionist history books of the school kind. So sorry Anthony, to put a hot iron onto the version that is portrayed in many history books and by your post - "Quebec, where the English, Scottish, Irish, United Empire Loyalists… built up the province of Kebec (original native spelling) since 1763."

I am afraid that the real truth of the Canadian colonies of 1763 to the nation of Canada in 1867, their success was not built upon the political rulers of the day, but the resolute descendants of many and diverse cultures and languages. The settlers who came to Canada for a better life, than what was offered in the European empires of nations, and not as what has been portrayed and reinforced that all settlers were loyal to the British crown. The British crown may have won the battle of the political governance of Canada, but the British lost the war on the hearts and minds of the Canadian settlers, who were intent to paved their own way to create a Canadian identity. The French and the British settlers were as much part of creating a new nation identity, as the other settlers of different cultures and nations were. The Germans, the Italians, the Austrians and too many to list, and below the link a comprehensive historical account of the multicultural mosaic being weaved from the beginning of immigration to Canada, starting in the 1600s.

" The migration of Austrians to Canada has taken place over a long period. Among the newcomers have been immigrants, sojourners, and exiles. Austrian soldiers enlisted as mercenaries in French regiments came to New France in small numbers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly during the last years of the French regime. The first Austrians to visit British Columbia were crew members of ships of the Ostend Company trading in sea-otter pelts in the late 1700s."

"A similar role was played during the British regime. Several hundred Italian soldiers were part of the de Meuron and de Watteville regiments, both of which had seen service in the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic Wars. The regiments were transferred to Canada during the War of 1812, and, upon being disbanded, some two hundred Italians settled in the new land, especially on lots granted by Britain in the buffer regions of the Eastern Townships in Lower Canada (Quebec) and in Upper Canada (Ontario). Others settled in Montreal, where names such as Donegani, Del Vecchio, and Rusconi became entrenched. One descendant of this early presence, Paul Bruchési, rose to become the influential archbishop of Montreal at the turn of the twentieth century. In 1831 Captain Filippo de Grassi, who had been in the British service in the West Indies, migrated to Upper Canada, where he had been given a large land grant in York (Toronto). As a member of the city's nascent Italian community, he later taught the language. His two young daughters, Cornelia and Charlotte, played a gallant role during the abortive Rebellion of 1837, providing information about the rebels to the authorities."

Another submarine ruse, that comes to the surface from time to time, and in the same way as the other submarine ruse of Canada that the British build Canada, is the Monte Solberg article -

Canada is alive, but the health status is questionable. Another article, to justified the actions of the political and economic powers in Canada, to steal the commons off the goose and locks up the ordinary citizens. Hog-tied every which way but loose, to dance the tunes of the dogma, ideology of disrepute that bodes ill-winds of alternate-realities and loyalties to assimilate and bear the consequences of the newly made alternate-realities of the Harper Conservative government where policy is formulated on the ideology and dogma of political philosophy, without the pesky details of the real realities of their citizens. I wonder how comfortable Solberg is, knowing all the pipeline infrastructure in Alberta and the report number of leaks of the Enbridge kind, in various places to be 600 in the last 10 years. "Enbridge has also had over 600 recorded leaks and breaks over the last 10 years. [40] [41]"

That said, rather convenient for Solberg and others to cherry-picked stats to arrived at the conclusions that Canada is alive and well. But to ignore the other realities of science, the stats, and the different realities other than their own, that more or less supports policies of pollution and harm of the environment for short-term gain, and where the damage to the environment and its costs are downloaded to the far-off distant future, is as foolish as ignoring the small cracks in the basement foundation of their homes. In the National Post - "The province does not keep a single list or map of pipeline leaks. Annual reports from the ERCB outline the causes of failures but provide no breakdown of costs to clean up leaks or the impacts on water, land or wildlife.

At a cost, an individual can find out who owns the pipeline in their backyard, whether it is active, what it carries, how long it is, when it was built and whether it is coated to prevent corrosion. But there is no straightforward process to get all the details of what runs under the ground from Zama City to Cypress County that does not cost thousands of dollars.
While Alberta Environment keeps track of serious environmental incidents on paper, there is no database or report that breaks pipeline ruptures out from other environmental disasters.
The province would have to go through mountains of paperwork to find out how many bodies of water are affected by pipeline spills in a year, or how many animals died after running into leaked oil."

Solberg writes at the end, "My point is only that sometimes critics create caricatures of the government that are then contradicted by things like, well, evidence.
No, Canada is not perfect, but the evidence shows that in many important ways it's getting better."
I can't wait to see the face of Solberg if he is ordered to clean up his own property at his expense, due to an old forgotten oil spill that was not of his making.

My point is, ordinary citizens of the dubious homeowners kind are highly regulated in contamination of their pieces of land, compared to their counterparts the government and the corporate entities. Homeowners are dubious according to the government and the corporate entities, because under their ideology and dogma, ordinary citizens will not do the right thing for the environment, and therefore all costs must be borne by them, even if it is not of their own making. Oil tanks and the regulations governing them were specifically designed to avoid legal liability by the governments and the corporate entities. " During the development of contaminated sites legislation, concerned stakeholders informed the province of their need for quick and easy access to information about sites:
Land owners, developers and businesses wanted to minimize their site cleanup costs and to reduce their liability in land transactions.
Local governments wanted to minimize their potential liability their approval of developments of contaminated land.
Banks wanted to avoid paying for site cleanups if loans default.
Lawyers, consultants and real estate agents wanted to advise and protect their clients appropriately by practicing "due diligence."
So much for due diligence, when governments and the corporate entities strives to ignore the statistical data and prevents the active data collection of new data streams, such as oil spills of the corporate entities. The dubious homeowners are left holding the bag, while the government and corporate entities walk away without being held to account for their actions, nor their liability. I can't wait to Solberg's face when he is left holding the bill for a clean-up of his property of old barrels of toxic material, buried 60 years by the so-called actions of the governments and corporate entities of 60 years ago.
Stealing the commons from underneath the geese, and holding the geese to account is what Solberg and others are always advocating, and this little submarine has been rising to the surface since the 1700s and the settlement of North America. The political and economical powers are determined as they were back in the 1700s to have citizens see themselves through the alternative-realities created by the political and economical powers, in order to steal the commons from underneath the citizens global wide, and not just in Canada or the United States.