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Massive blast of radiation from a huge solar flare headed for Earth


Consider this lifesaver for Liberals
The dangers of defying democracy

The Conservatives' Love Affair With Communists
No memorial for Mao's puppet

Sherbrooke will be ground zero in Charest's battle to remain Quebec premier
Don't dismiss Quebec ­ or its fighter premier

Mulcair peddling snake oil
Canada is alive and well, thank you

Canada, don't be so smug
Canada's reality suffers from Tory spin

Stephen Harper is blind to science
It's time the provinces were brought to account on health-care wait times

CIDA needs to catch up to new thinking
Carleton needs clarity

Church, state, hijabs
Enbridge fiasco becoming political touchstone

Tory MP calls Bethune site a 'bow' to China
How summers spent collecting minimum wage shaped the legacies of Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin

Ex-cabinet minister Guergis fights to keep defamation lawsuit alive
Tweeting politicians do so without safety net of party policies

Canada's Afghan legacy: Failure at Dahla dam
Jason Kenney slams NDP for saying Tories don't recognize citizenship of 'lost Canadians'

Air force jet taken out by turkey vulture
Canada's ambassador expects China to change Syria stance

Natural resources to define first nations leader's next term
The fight for the soul of the AFN

Omar Khadr: Delayed transfer from Guantanamo Bay to Canada goes to court
Proposed boundary changes baffle some MPs

Enbridge brand can be repaired after pipeline spill response: analysts
All donor agreements need to be public documents: Carleton U faculty association

Ontario universities promise funding guide amid Carleton donor backlash
Toronto city council votes to join battle to keep federal gun registry

Family of Canadian death row inmate begs for clemency
Two charged under Ottawa's new outdoor smoking ban

BC's 'Real' Summer Reads, Revealed
Where Are the Statues of Captain Richards?

BC Cities Pay Top Officials More than White House Does
A Protest Potluck - "Casseroles" Vancouver

Koch Industries-linked group hosts pro-carbon tax meeting
Feds will appeal assisted-suicide ruling, justice minister says

Call for pipeline safety review in Alberta grows to include 50 groups
Enbridge Lubes the Pipeline Spin Machine

Barriere Lake Algonquin Logging Protest Threatened
Enbridge Pipeline Plans Down, But Not Out

Enbridge Lubes the Pipeline Spin Machine
Barriere Lake Algonquin Logging Protest Threatened

NDP leader says pipeline project should be stopped
Roundabouts and road skills

Anthem gaffe prompts Stampede to judgment
[] Harley rider loses appeal of $109 ticket for noise

NDP cries foul over liquor-distribution bid
Enbridge statement makes PR disaster worse: experts

TERROR accused
Exports hit record $2.8B in May

Tim Hortons biting into lunch crowd
OAS cost may tally $109B by 2030

Enbridge's pipeline promises won't sway Mulcair 5 Iranian Accounts
Harper deploys diplomats to counter U.S. group's anti-oilsands campaign

Michigan Spill Ignites Pipeline Duel
Energy tale of two provinces

Gov't strips us of fair power rates
U. S. report sounds death knell for pipeline

Canadians, refugees benefit from inclusive health care policy
Spending At Chiefs' Meet Under Fire

A new threat: 'Too complex to understand'
Today's prisoners are tomorrow's neighbours

An outrageous, preventable tragedy
A crook or a liar?

Bank defends 'durable' bills despite melting

Quebec Student Protest Movement Begins Tour Of Ontario Universities

No Accountability Yet for Toronto G20 Police Crimes


"It's all about oil," says CNN Video:
9/11 Truth with Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Is Public Ownership the Solution?
The Inability To Get Public Housing

Is Haiti's Reconstruction Path Paved in Gold?
Does the American Elite Want Real Public Education?

Power Struggle in Egypt Pits Muslim Brotherhood Against Military
Romney's Education Policy

Obama's Education Policy
Fruitful pressure

New York Residents on Rent Strike Against Slumlord
Restructuring Europe - For Whom?

Will an Independent Scotland Throw Ou
Sumarin versus KKL

A War by Another Name: Israel and America's Sanction Smell in Iran
Et tu, Amy? DN! and the "Progressive Alternative Media" Voice for War and Imperial Conquest

Porquos on Parade: Bustin' Heads Madrid Style
Palestinian We: William Cook's 'Decade of Deceit'

What Would Jesus Own? Public Dominion and the Future of Democracy
Back to Africa: Obama's Secret Scrambled Pentagon Recipe Serves Up the Dark Continent Anew

Syria and the Russo-Israel "Alliance"
How Foreign "Investment" Kills Haitians and Keeps Haiti a Virtual Slave State

'Kosovo Treatment' for Syria's Alawite Minority?
Time to Learn to Think

Continent of Pain: A Letter to Mexico from El Norte
All the Perfumes of Araby: Arafat's Ghost Rising

Riding the War Horse to Election Glory: Pentagon Throws Hat in for Obama 2012
Hope and the Challenges of Living in a Dead World

Yet another alleged "massacre" of "civilians" by the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's forces. As has become typical, Western governments and mainstream media outlets - the New York Times, the BBC, and others included - parroted anonymous "opposition
activists" for the claims.

Hillary Clinton Is Today's Joseph Goebbels
New Massacre Blame Game in Syria @

Covering Syria: The Information War @
Where Syrian Fighters Get Their Weapons From @

Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commander Threaten Intervention @
Syrian Rebels Aim To Use Chemical Weapons, Blame Damascus @

Stifling Free Speech As A Way Of Helping Israel
The Most Successful Terrorist Of The 20th Century

Stop This Murderous Insanity! Obama's Execution of the Drone War Should Terrify Even Drone Defenders

What Happens When Assassination Replaces Torture?
NSA Whistleblower: U.S. Assembling Information On Every U.S. Citizen

Middle Class CONSUMERS are the 'Job Creators' Must Watch 6 Minute Video

Governments Exist to Further the Interests of "Favored Groups" "We the People" are Never the Favored Group
The Weaponization of Economic Theory

Romney's 'Free Stuff' Speech Is a New Low
Afghanistan: At least 20 killed in wedding blast:

33 alledged Afghan resistance members killed, 27 detained in last week: Police:
Three killed in Afghanistan blasts:

U.S. Has No Idea Who's a Taliban 'Leader,' Still Boasts About Killing Them:
Pakistani opposition holds anti-NATO rallies:,,16095769,00.html

Moody's Cuts Pakistan Credit Rating Deeper Into Junk:
New Details of a Battle Challenge Reports of a Syrian "Massacre":

Rebel fighters killed in Syria "massacre": @
Syria says army assault on Tremseh targeted 'terrorists': @

Syria massacre dead mostly rebels, activists say: @
Syrian Army killed armed terrorists not civilians: military: @

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria: Ban urges Security Council action over Syria: @
Syrian rebels create mayhem to blame it on Assad regime': Video - @

Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus - report @
Syria: Does video footage shows Assad forces torturing? Video @

Syria cooperating, but lack of money hurting humantarian aid: @
UN Syria Resolution 'Unacceptable' - Moscow: @

Israel kills 2 Palestinians:
Abbas asked Cuba to free American contractor:

Iraq attacks kill two, wound 16:
Pentagon Seeks to Sell Drones to Iraq, Turkey:

Young protester shot dead by Saudi forces in Awamiyah:
Tehran to give firm response to provocative acts: Iran UN envoy:

Special Report: The wonks who sold Washington on South Sudan:.
Russian parliament passes restrictions on NGOs:

Mexico: Operative Group of #YoSoy132 Announces Nonviolence Resistance Training Sessions:

Obama Can Seize telephone, Cellular and Wireless Networks: :
Did Romney Make a False Statement on His Financial Disclosure?:

JPMorgan's 'hidden' losses soar to $5.8bn: Criminal charges could result after internal review finds some traders at huge US bank deliberately misvalued trades.

European banks are technically bankrupt: Video -
Ireland shows sharp GDP fall :

Spain Will Have To Cede Most Control Of Banks: WSJ:
Hundreds clash with riot police in Madrid:

Racist: Wells Fargo posts record profits:

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

17h01 - Chaleur accablante et humidité · Un vieux record de 1952 est battu
        Avec une température de 33 degrés Celsius, samedi après-midi, le mercure a fracassé un vieux record du 14 juillet 1952. Agence 
03h37 - Cadres douaniers · « Réflexion » à 156 648 $
        Au moment même où la vague de compressions budgétaires déferlait dans la fonction publique fédérale, en avril, 185 cadres de    l'Agence des services frontaliers du Canada (ASFC) tenaient une rencontre de réflexion à Montréal, engendrant une note salée de         156 648 $ pour les contribuables. JDQ
03h34 - Conflit étudiant · La grève a coûté plus de 10 M$ au SPVM
        La supervision des manifestations étudiantes a coûté jusqu'à maintenant plus de 10 millions de dollars au Service de police de la       Ville de Montréal (SVPM), dont 7 000 000 $ uniquement en temps supplémentaire. JDM
03h30 - Hôpital Royal Victoria · Trop de grossesses
        L'hôpital Royal Victoria fait face à une pénurie d'infirmières en raison du retrait préventif de neuf employées, qui sont toutes        tombées enceintes récemment. Un problème qui force le report de plusieurs chirurgies.  JDM

Le Canada condamne vivement le massacre de Treimsa en Syrie



Ottawa fera appel d'une décision favorable au suicide assisté


Le Canada n'a pas l'intention d'envoyer des troupes au Mali


Le Canada ouvrira une ambassade en Birmanie


L'homme derrière 80% des incendies de forêt au Québec


Revenu Canada fermera tous ses comptoirs de service


Le salon de bronzage aussi nocif que l'amiante, selon Yves Bolduc


Incidents dans le système de santé: 123 morts en six mois


Chirurgie: un pionnier de la pratique privée radié pour un mois


Un manifestant israélien s'immole par le feu lors d'une marche à Tel-Aviv


Hollande à sa compagne: «Les affaires privées se règlent en privé»


Les observateurs de l'ONU enquêtent sur les morts de Treimsa en Syrie

(13/07/12) Québec 2032, une fiction démocratique »

(13/07/12) Le manifeste de la CLASSE: vertueux mais désincarné! »

(13/07/12) Faire de nos enfants une priorité »

(13/07/12) Élections et conflit étudiant : un cocktail malsain »

(13/07/12) Le savoir vivre, on a oublié? »

(13/07/12) L'exploit de la semaine »


The Foreign Minister John Baird said Friday that the latest killings to take place in Syria was "appalling" and "unjustifiable".

@ was placed after all articles relating to the "appalling" and "unjustifiable" killings of which Foreign Minister Baird spoke yesterday. Without evasion, equivocation or mental reservation of any kind Baird made his statement others are questioning.

Policy is Syria's regime must change - just as Libya's had to be last year and Iran's will have to be.

A question to all: Are Canada's current government's policies based on realities or following the directions of those it most values?


The UN called upon to act after yet another massacre in Syria

Canada strongly condemns the massacre in Syria Treimsa

WARNING TO CANADIANS ~~ don't leave your plastic Canadian money in the car or places where it will melt…
bank won't reimburse unless serial number is readable

Durability of Canada's new plastic currency questioned
Manitoba man's rip-test exposes flaw in new $100 bill

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: to the editor

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Copy to: Prof. Minxin Pei, professor of government, Claremont McKenna College: You seem not to realize that China's problem is too much growth.
With Germany selling more cars to China than to Europe, China is also the biggest importing nation
Re "China's political climate hostile to growth," by Minxin Pei (July 13).
Last year, I spent a month visiting Shanghai, Beijing and other cities of China. It has been a rewarding experience to see the world's most populous nation on the march. While the United States and other western countries are mired in an never-ending recession, China has been growing at an amazing rate of 9.5 percent a year. With its Maglev (magnetically-levitated) trains running at a breakneck speed of 430 kilometres per hour, Shanghai looks like a city of the future.
Over the past decade, Shanghai has grown like no other city on the planet. Home to 13 million residents in 1990, the city now has some 23 million residents (to New York City's 8 million). To handle the influx, the authorities have built, among other developments, seven satellite cities on the fringes of Shanghai's 2,400 square miles. With more than 200 skyscrapers, downtown Shanghai is a metroplex of terraced apartments separated by wide, tree-lined boulevards on which traffic zooms past in a cinematic blur.
In 2010, China has overtaken the United States as the world's greatest market for cars. In fact, Germany's Volkswagen car company sold more cars in China than it sold to the rest of the world. As Maurice Ohana, CEO of Ohanasia, the French trading company in Shanghai, remarked: "In 1998, we didn't even have Coca Cola here. Everyone got around on bikes. Today we're buying more cars than the Americans. In ten years, we have built 30,000 kilometres of highways and all the big cities have an extensive and efficient subway system."
Partly due to global downturn and partly due to the government's efforts to cool the hot economy, China's economy is slowing down. Still it will grow at 7.5 per cent -- a growth rate beyond the dream of the United States and most developed countries. The new plan calls for more emphasis on China's huge market of 1.4 billion people whose incomes and productivity are growing by leaps and bounds. This is why China's imports of foreign products from cars to airplanes have exploded. Minxin Fei has missed the real picture.

From: John Duddy <>
Subject: Fwd: "Progressives" Need To Address The Lies And Cover-Ups Of 9/11 -

Begin forwarded message:
From: John Duddy
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>,,,
Cc: Kent Hehr <>, David Swann <>, "T. NDP Leader MULCAIR" <>, "Bob. Lib. Leader RAE" <>, Senator Grant Mitchell <>,, "Hon. Scott Brison" <>,, Elizabeth GPC May < >, Carole Halko < >, Martha Hall Findlay <>
Subject: Fwd: "Progressives" Need To Address The Lies And Cover-Ups Of 9/11 -

Greetings from Calgary.

I saw some of you at the Stampede.

And I await your reaction to this link.

John Duddy. Calgary Centre. Calgary Buffalo.

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>
Late night
Posted: 13 Jul 2012 10:37 PM PDT

Belated Friday night music...have a good late night

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Seeking a "Right" to die (assisted) vs the 'right' to be born(assisted or otherwise).

Re: (Con)Federal Justice Dept Appeal of BC Supreme Court decision on Assisted Suicide for one lady (and the rest of it)
link to blog entry

Seeking a "Right" to die (assisted) vs the 'right' to be born (assisted or otherwise).

Robert Ede,

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: you are what you eat?????

Why do we never hear about things like this in Canada?  Is CFIA not inspecting this product?  Years ago Alberta banned any honey from China, but now that we are close trading partners I imagine we are once again getting this fake product?

75 Percent of all 'Honey' Sold in Stores Contains no Honey at All
Subject: The good news about the Arab Spring   DD

When are we going to have a 'Canadian Spring' so we can get us a 'democratic government'???    Obviously the meaning of the word democracy has slipped everyone's mind.  Democracy cannot be installed at the end of a gun and bombs.
Subject: Articles on Syria that are different from the "mainstream media" versions. Plus some other links.

The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking?
The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look …
Syria: Whipping Boy of the Unholy Triple Alliance
Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki's Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don't get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
Subject:  How Your Bank Account Could Disappear...
 Rehypothecation is a heinous practice permitted by the pretend-regulators of Western markets, where financial institutions are allowed to pledge their clients'  funds as ollateral.  How Your Bank Account Could Disappear
Banksters Take Us to the Brink
Subject: true words

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." - Joseph Goebbels

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." - A. J. Liebling

"We can have a democracy or we can have great wealth in the hands of a comparative few, but we cannot have both." - Louis Brandeis

From: The Natroses
    Combination of two ideologies – fascism plus Neoliberalism = the 21st century political and economic systems global wide. No matter what stripe! Characteristics of fascism by Wikipedia - "One common definition of fascism focuses on three groups of ideas: The Fascist Negations of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism. Nationalist, authoritarian goals for the creation of a regulated economic structure to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture. A political aesthetic using romantic symbolism, mass mobilisation, a positive view of violence, promotion of masculinity and youth and charismatic leadership"
    Characteristics of Neoliberalism by Wikipedia - "Under the expansive interpretation of neoliberal philosophy, human life itself gains its value from the market. As described by Paul Treanor: "As you would expect from a complete philosophy, neoliberalism has answers to stereotypical philosophical questions such as "Why are we here" and "What should I do?". We are here for the market, and you should compete. Neo-liberals tend to believe that humans exist for the market, and not the other way around: certainly in the sense that it is good to participate in the market, and that those who do not participate have failed in some way. In personal ethics, the general neoliberal vision is that every human being is an entrepreneur managing their own life, and should act as such. Moral philosophers call this is a virtue ethic, where human beings compare their actions to the way an ideal type would act - in this case the ideal entrepreneur. Individuals who choose their friends, hobbies, sports, and partners, to maximise their status with future employers, are ethically neoliberal. This attitude - not unusual among ambitious students - is unknown in any pre-existing moral philosophy, and is absent from early liberalism. Such social actions are not necessarily monetarised, but they represent an extension of the market principle into non-economic area of life - again typical for neoliberalism"[39]"
    ""Characteristics of Fascism" by Dr. Lawrence Britt Dr. Britt, a political scientist, wrote an article about fascism that appeared in Free Inquiry magazine -- a journal of humanist thought. Dr. Britt studied the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia), and Pinochet (Chile). He found the regimes all had 14 things in common, and he calls these the identifying characteristics of fascism. The article is titled 'Fascism Anyone?', by Lawrence Britt, and appears in Free Inquiry's Spring 2003 issue on page 20. The website for Free Inquiry" Examples -

    CBC radio – Chris Hedges – Days of Destruction "For his latest book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, out this month in paperback, Pulitzer prizewinning author Chris Hedges collaborated with awardwinning cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco to produce a heartfelt, harrowing picture of post-capitalist America. Together they explore the country's 'sacrifice zones' - areas that have been offered up for exploitation in the name of profit, progress, and technological advancement - and show in words and images what life looks like in places where the marketplace rules without constraints." A 1937 documentary called The River "The results of planless exploitation began to appear. The grasslands were plowed and the forests were cut over. There was no covering to hold the moisture, and more and more of the topsoil was washed away. In 1937 the river could no longer hold the excess water, and the worst flood in United States history was the result. The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration, and Red Cross were all called out to reinforce the levees and rescue the sick and drowning. The sharecroppers of the South suffer from the waste of the valley. They live in the richest river valley in the world but are ill-clad, ill-housed, and ill-fed. There are views of miserable living conditions among the sharecroppers. The final sequence suggests the program which the government has undertaken to rehabilitate the river valley. The Tennessee Valley Authority is presented as a part of a program to reconstruct and conserve the resources of the valley. Civilian Conservation Corps boys are shown planting trees on cutover land. A model agricultural community is built and farmers are instructed in scientific tilling of the soil. The Tennessee Valley Authority provides electricity at a low cost to the people of the valley." In the year 2012, things have not change much in the Mississippi Delta where prosperity is fleeting for most communities and their citizens. They too, are at the mercy of the global political neoliberalism economic systems, just like the poor people who are being flooded out and shades of insurance companies not covering nor will the municipalities and politicians of spin to lure the good citizens into a false sense that help is coming. Massive storm floods Edmonton streets

Lightning, hail damage homes

Or the other unexpected event, but predictable where ever deforestation takes place – the land slide
3. "The home furnishing giant Ikea, founded in Sweden in 1943, is facing heavy criticism for the logging and clear-cutting of old-growth forests in the north of Russian Karelia by its wholly owned subsidiary Swedwood."

4. Too Poor to Bury Your Spouse and A 105 year old woman faces two year wait for nursing home spot – are two examples of how government of the fascism + neoliberalism plays its role, by facilitating reductions in services, cuts to the funding core by limiting access to such services and/or to meet a criteria, before one can take advantage.
Government funding can now be redirected for the corporate pals to profit and to be sure – overprice at the expense of the taxpayers, and opportunities for the politicians to spin their yarns, to justified their ideologies at the expense of their citizens.

"On Tuesday, the Canadian Press reported that a Toronto-based construction company, Bird Construction Inc., has been awarded the contract to build the $38.5-million North East Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Nova Scotia. The 200-bed facility is due to open in 2014.

Turns out there's a connection between the company and Enbridge Inc.: a man named J. Richard Bird, who also has a strong connection with the federal government. The 62-year old Harvard Business School and University of Toronto graduate served as a member of the Minister of Finance's Advisory Committee on Financing from 2009 to early 2010."
Over at iPolitics - The day the earth moved in Ottawa
Sometimes us regular citizens can cause the earth to move figuratively speaking – that is giving the political and economic powers to pause, before they go back to their spin and profit making at the expense of its citizens, the environment and having our great grandchildren pay the price, as the U.S. Government of the day decided to have the future grandchildren of the 1930s to pay the price for the environmental and unsustainable practices of the day.
Who owns Africa resources? Something like this should be done for Canada too.

" Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it"
From Rick Mercer – in one minute – New Board Game
Below the last image to end on a more serious note -

Next post - Submarines, citizenship and the sun-flu virus (latter created by moi to described an affliction since the 1700s, that targets the political and economic powers. For now an old ditty of the 1800s era will be sufficient

The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
But leaves the greater villain loose
Who steals the common from off the goose.
The law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.
The poor and wretched don't escape
If they conspire the law to break;
This must be so but they endure
Those who conspire to make the law.
The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
And geese will still a common lack
Till they go and steal it back.
(Unknown Author)