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Tony Clement's tweet makes a fool of himself
On Wednesday, Treasury Board Minister Tony Clement unveiled $2.5-million in improvements to a national historic site dedicated to Dr. Norman Bethune,
a card-carrying Communist most famous for throwing in his lot with Mao Zedong's forces against the Japanese.
Related U.S. report sounds death knell for pipeline
NDP leader and PCs are sounding alike

Survey suggests Quebec's political leverage declining
Quebec politics is stuck in a rut

An independent Quebec would be economically nonviable
How should liberal democracies deal with China and Russia?

Bethune's birthplace: a worthy investment, not a slippery slope toward communism
Why not confront Muslim extremism

New poll shows Conservatives sliding in key regions
Can Canada's plastic bills take the heat?

Tory control of Senate could last years, analysis suggests
Taxpayer advocates hit by phone scam

All donor agreements need to be public documents: Carleton U faculty association
More Parliament Hill tours to be cut to save money as budget cuts bite

Defence minister's wife opposed to Canadian troops in Iran
Peter MacKay's Iranian-born wife shocked TD closing Iranian Canadians' accounts

Canada keeping close eye on Iranian embassy recruitment allegations: John Baird
Baird defends Tory tribute to Maoist Norman Bethune

Ottawa to appeal assisted-suicide ruling
Harper loves Calgary, so get a grip Canada

Officials unimpressed with Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan's Attawapiskat knowledge, documents show
Mulcair brings anti-pipeline show to Cowtown

MacKay advised to get a good deal on jets
Canada could be drawn into Mali civil war

CSIS chief supports online surveillance bill, offers to help tweak legislation
Calgarians more satisfied than other urban-dwelling Canadians: poll

The irrational hatred of Harper
Saskatchewan MP uses military march as motivator for healthier lifestyle

Carleton U concedes problems with $15M donor deal for politics school
Supreme Court rulings align copyright with digital reality

Senate reform bill still stuck in House, one expert warns once passed its consequences will be unknown
U.S, British criticism of Canada's military efforts in Afghanistan 'wrong'

Students to challenge Liberals in coming Quebec election
B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix mobilizes to nix Northern Gateway

Ottawa leaves fracking oversight to province, industry
Harper deploys diplomats to counter U.S. climate change campaign

TD Bank agrees to meet with Iranian Canadian Congress over closed accounts
Baseball In The Time of Cholera

Increased port tanker traffic could devastate Stanley Park: report
Canada's 'brand' threatened by oil sands: 'secret' briefing notes

Europe's Copyright Drama Muddies Trade Deal
BC Booze among North America's Priciest

Late Night Snacking or a Criminal Offence?
US Firm Charged with Illegally Dumping Tons of Rock into Delta Salmon Stream

Health officials, advocates call on Abbotsford to end needle exchange ban
I Bragged about Vancouver Cycling and Global Experts Laughed

Obesity in Asia: American Fast Food Is Fare for the Rich
At Stake in U.S. Election: Erasing 20th Century Gains

From Electrically Charged Cats to Alternating Current
'Culture of Deviance' at Enbridge, Finds US Transport Safety Board

BC Booze among North America's Priciest
Metro Vancouver was more 'middle class' in 1970: study

Scientists march to Parliament Hill to protest 'death of evidence'
Sliammon group unable to block treaty vote

Call for pipeline safety review in Alberta grows to include 50 groups
Increased port tanker traffic could devastate Stanley Park: report

Canada's 'brand' threatened by oil sands: 'secret' briefing notes
Supreme Court rules against copyright fees on music, videos, printed matter

BC premier calls Enbridge's US oil pipeline spill disgraceful
Let the Children Pedal!

'The Resilience Imperative'
Enbridge Execs Got Big Pay Raises After Continent's Costliest Pipeline Spill

I Get Schooled by Bicycle Capitalists

Canada's economy: eight reasons to curb your enthusiasm from David Olive

Elections Canada Out To Sabotage Etobicoke Centre By-election

Logging BC s forest reserves to solve timber shortage?
Values that rub off
Diluted bitumen: a new oil spill hazard
Read Island Tides online

Syrian rebellion reaches deeper into heart of Damascus
Security Council talks on Syria

Produce testing on chopping block
A global fight against unsafe drugs


By Way of Deception: 9/11 and the Mossad
WMD Drill 'Operation Four Aces' Underway In SC

Whoever Controls the Media Controls the World
U.S. Gave Tens of Billions to Libor-Manipulating Banks

New 3-D Printers That Don't Suck
Global Elite Using Obesity Vaccines to Alter Minds and Curb Consumption

Four Reasons To Be Even Less Optimistic About The Global Financial System Than You Were Last Month
Cell Phone Corporations Help Government and Law Enforcement Spy On You

Agenda 21 Micro-Apartment Scheme Being Beta-Tested in NYC
Melinda Gates: Family Planning Means Sterilizing Women in Developing Nations

New Laser-Based Molecular Scanner Will Tell the Government Everything About You From 164 ft Away
Is Public Ownership the Solution?

The Inability To Get Public Housing
'The Resilience Imperative'

The Flaming, Frenzied Legacy of US Politics
U.S. Forcibly Injected Gitmo Detainees with 'Mind Altering Drugs'

New Laser-Based Molecular Scanner Will Tell the Government Everything About You From 164 ft Away
Melinda Gates: Family Planning Means Sterilizing Women in Developing Nations

Government to Secretively Scan You for Traces of Drugs, Guns, & Explosives from 164 Feet Away
Compound Interest and the Debt Bubble

Solving Syria (and more) at the Root of the Problem
Rothschild, Soros and Rockefeller Want Your Firearms

Pentagon Takes Over Civilian Duties and Sprays Mosquitos in Florida
Man Bites Chunk from Another Humans Stomach

Compound Interest and the Debt Bubble
U.S. Mobile Phone Companies Responded to 1.3 Requests for Subscriber Information in 2011 Alone

Video Blogger Documents Expanding TSA Gate Rape Operation
Confirmed: The TSA Is Ordering Travelers to "Freeze" On Command

The TSA's Number One Enemy: Rand Paul
Federal Judge: Amtrak IS a Government Entity

Vorticular Madness Of The Dark Magicians
Pro-Israeli Lobby in Washington Ensures America Does Israel's Bidding

"Super Mario Monti and the Dictatorship of Austerity in Italy"
Romney the 1% Job-Destroyer

Pride in America the Stupid
Obama Seizes Control of All Communications Systems With Executive Order

Codex Alimentarius: UN Food Securitization Scheme
The Libyan Election Farce

Organic Tomatoes Contain More Nutrients, Antioxidants than Traditional
NYPD arrests, detains couple for 23 hours for dancing while waiting for the subway

Globalist Scientists Say Spanking Children Causes Mental Disorders
Assad: United States supports terrorists to "destabilize Syria"

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Secret Donors vs. First Amendment: The Tricky Task of Reforming Election Abuse by Nonprofits Read the Article
Prophet Crying in the Wilderness: Montana's Governor Vows to Continue His Fight Against Citizens United
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Kucinich Explains the LIBOR Scandal
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Workers Protest Con Ed Lockout: "They Couldn't Raise Rates on Customers ... So They Went After Us"
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Congress Considers Prosecutions of Reporters Over Leaked Information
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Bill Moyers | Unions Are in Peril
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Obama's Scramble for Africa: Secret Wars, Secret Bases and the Pentagon's "New Spice Route" in Africa
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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Public Transportation System Is Failing Low-Income Workers, and More
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Paul Krugman | Blame Politics, Not Economics, for This Enduring Crisis
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Where the Money Lives: Vanity Fair Report Reveals Loopholes, Offshore Havens Behind Romney's Fortune 
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Lab Contamination May Have Led to Occupy Wall Street/Sarah Fox DNA Match
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National Reconnaissance Office Accused of Illegally Collecting Personal Data Marisa Taylor, McClatchy Newspapers: Read the Article

DoD Report Confirms Interrogators Pulled "Deliberate Ruse" on Jose Padilla; Convinced Him Flu Shot Was "Truth Serum" Read the Article
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Banning Freedom: Man jailed for home Bible study
Backdoor 'gun control' in the guise of a UN Treaty Video:

A wave of pharmaceutical company frauds

                                                              Now that Obamacare has locked us into a system of medicine
                                                              dominated by corrupt Big Phama companies, we are finding out more       
                                                              and more about what kind of 'medicine' we'll be getting.

                                                              Mike Adams, of Natural News, elaborates on the virtual wave of
                                                              pharmaceutical company frauds now being exposed.

                                                              Moreover, the victims of this quackery and fraud cannot sue these
                                                              companies for fraud because the gov't has granted the drug
                                                              companies total immunity for all damages related to vaccines...


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17h14 - Papiers White Birch · Québec accorde un prêt de 35 M$ pour la relance
        Les représentants de Papiers White Birch procéderont à la réouverture de l'usine de Québec le 2 août prochain. Agence QMI
16h57 - Parti québécois · Pierre Duchesne a le champ libre
         L'ex-député bloquiste Yves Lessard a annoncé vendredi matin qu'il laisse le champ libre à Pierre Duchesne pour représenter le Parti québécois (PQ) dans la      circonscription de Borduas, afin d'éviter de diviser les militants.  Agence QMI
14h59 - Suicide assisté · Ottawa portera en appel la décision de la Cour suprême
        Le gouvernement fédéral doit déposer son appel auprès de la Cour d'appel de la Colombie-Britannique afin de demander la suspension de tous les aspects de la    décision rendue le 15 juin.  Agence QMI
13h10 - Loi spéciale · Les associations étudiantes déposent une demande d'appel
        Affirmant que le jugement du 27 juin dernier qui rejetait leur requête visant à faire suspendre la loi 78 comportait des «erreurs de droit», les associations étudiantes        souhaitent en appeler de cette décision et demandent à être entendues «d'urgence» par la Cour d'appel.  Agence QMI

Les violences se poursuivent en Syrie, au moins 56 morts


Annan: Damas a «bafoué» les résolutions de l'ONU


Dans l'antre du colonel Kadhafi


Un nouveau massacre en Syrie fait au moins 150 morts


Un homme accusé d'avoir décapité son colocataire


Les New-Yorkais étrennent leurs nouveaux BIXI


Le meurtrier de Trayvon Martin n'aurait pas agi par préjugé raciste


Russie: les ONG étiquetées «agents de l'étranger»


John Terry jugé non coupable d'insultes racistes


Chamonix accueille les familles des victimes de l'avalanche


France: mandat d'arrêt contre le fils du président équato-guinéen


L'Iran aura la bombe nucléaire en 2014, selon le MI6


Annan: Damas a «bafoué» les résolutions de l'ONU


Les violences se poursuivent en Syrie, au moins 56 morts


Bras de fer entre Russes et Américains sur la Syrie


Le plus gros scandale de corruption éclate à Hong Kong


Le Canada ouvrira une ambassade en Birmanie


Hillary Clinton rencontre le président birman


Australie: le boum minier menace la Grande barrière de corail


Le Canada n'a pas l'intention d'envoyer des troupes au Mali


Dans l'antre du colonel Kadhafi


L'explosion d'un camion-citerne fait plus de 100 morts au Nigeria


Un 21e journaliste tué en trois ans au Honduras


Le Canada redoute la nationalisation d'une mine en Bolivie


Mexique: la gauche va demander l'invalidation de la présidentielle


Un menu en or massif


Les défis du nouveau patron de la BBC


Le made in China peut-il être synonyme de qualité?


. . . GOVERNMENT and OPPOSITION PARTY in action . . .

Conservatives Attack New NDP leader

Stephen Harper's solution

.From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Painting of Jesus ....

This artist is awesome... Watch what he does!    

"Wow! What a gift this artist has! Thanks for sharing!!"
From: Henry Atkinson <>
Subject: Defence lawyer Solomon Friedman on the UN Arms Trade Treaty Posted on July 4, 2012

Ottawa defence lawyer Solomon Friedman discusses the proposed United Nations Arms Trade Treaty with host Brian Lilley. Solomon explains the potential
domestic, criminal law implications of any such treaty and warns that Canada should tread lightly on this issue. Originally aired July 2, 2012

From: Jean Johnston
Subject: "Intergration" or "Annexation" of Canada


I've almost finished reading this 15 page article from Global Research. It explains what is going on today, but also what has been going on since 1947. The summary is only 4 pages. Please go to Jean

Subject: The need forTaxes

On page 11 of Maude Barlow's Our Great Lakes Commons, , I quote:
 . . . A 2006 Sierra Club report called the sewer systems in many Great Lakes cities "antiquated" and said they routinely dump raw sewage in the Lakes.  The study, which examined 20 Canadian and U.S. cities, found that they collectively dumped more than 92 billion litres (21 billion gallons) into the Lakes each year.  That is the equivalent of dumping more than 100 Olympic swimming pools of raw sewage into the Great Lakes every day. . . .
Jean Johnston

From: Joseph <>
Subject:  About PrintFriendly & PDF wow this really make printing stuff off the web so much easier - Joseph

Here is a gift for you, you will love it !
I am impressed that this tool is finally avaiable, it is saving me tonnes of time.


From: Robert Ede
Subject: We have something "better than" the "U.S. President's Club" - extant nd entrenched in Law!!!
To:, "Letters (ott)" <letters@ottaw>

Dear Mr MacD & Editors,
Thank you for your piece on the desirability of establishing a Canadian club of "Institutional Memory and Wisdom" Canada needs a Prime Ministers Club (L. Ian MacDonald, Postmedia News July 11, 2012 )

Unbeknownst to many we already have something much better - a cadre of sworn-to-secrecy Canadians who can be summoned (some, any or all see ss.11&12
{and s.13 for perspective on s.12} of 1867 BNA) at any time, by the Governor General, or alternatively (& why not?), by the Vice Regal at the Cdn President's (oops, Cdn PM's) recommendation.

The members of Queen's Privy Council for Canada are members for life and the Chronological List dates back to Paul Hellyer in 1957, includes everyone on Mr MacDonald's list as well as many other illustrious Canadian notables (e.g. Charles Bronfman & Conrad Black, both called in 1992).

Who better to be called and heard when a serious question arises (too bad, so sad, that Her Excellency Ms Jean wasn't advised of this option before Her Dissolution & Prorogation decisions in 2008 & then again, when the 2nd Annual Prorogation request was 'phoned-in' by the holder of the office of Friendy Dictator).

Also sadly, the only source of History, Tactics and Strategy that we Canadians rely on LESS than the Privy Council is H.M the Queen Herself -- can you think of any person in the world with MORE education, knowledge, grace and experience (both political & personal) than OUR Monarch ... and we never ask her "to be informed, to warn or to encourage" us.

Only in Canada you say? .....pity.

By the way, did you know that the PMO took over
(let's not say 'usurped' - it was a temporary, wartime emergency measure to save the Mother country NB Job well done!!) the PCO in 1940 - by a single, solitary Order in Council PC1940-1121 passed March/25/40 (effective March 23rd) that was initiated at a time when no one held the Office of Clerk of the Privy Council (Lemaire retired Jan 1/40) and no one held the Office of Governor General (Tweedsmuir suddenly died in Feb/40)? co-incidence? read Backgrounder "Reversing the GG's Vasectomy" by Stephen(dot)Leacock ( Blog)

A .pdf version of the original document from the PCO Archive is attached.

Robert Ede,
The Majority of Canadians P.A.C.

Original document available upon request
The Latest from Impolitical  
Peter MacKay and the "Announceables"
Posted: 12 Jul 2012 03:24 AM PDT

No, it's not a band name, it's how MacKay is spending his summer.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay has been racking up the air mile points with his series of announcements this summer. And there's more to come, Defence Watch has learned. In June the word went out to DND and Canadian Forces organizations that MacKay's staff was looking for "announceables" for the summer months.
The criteria were lax and almost any project – equipment or infrastructure that he could announce, no matterr what the dollar amount, would be accepted. Even announcements that had been made before would qualify. So you are now seeing the results.
Earlier this week MacKay travelled to CFB Suffield to "re-announce" the construction of a couple of buildings there. But as a local journalist pointed out most of the money for the buildings was coming from the British government, whose troops train at the base. Besides that, the details about the buildings had already been announced in January and in February of this year. (the buildings will be complete in August/Sept.)

Military officers point out that the Harper government has also taken to announcing minor sub-contracts for various equipment projects, complete with a press conference/visit to the company in question from a minister or local MP .something previous governments both Liberal and Co Conservative hadn't done (a couple of these subcontracts haave already been announced for the LAV-lll upgrade, including one this week).
Such big projects like LAV-lll upgrade or the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy will be able to provide hundreds of minor "announceables" over the years.

Just a few observations...the military seem to have no qualms in providing the background to what MacKay's transparent re-announce-arama is all about. Doesn't exactly make MacKay look good so maybe some folks want to ensure he is ushered out the door from Defence whenever that bigger shuffle Harper has in mind occurs.

And how remarkable is it that this kind of politics is viewed as what works, even in this era. It's so 1950s à la Duplessis but with a decidedly Harperesque p.r. emphasis. Announcing things many times over, breaking major announcements down into as many as they possibly can...they're not just a government, they're also the nation's busiest public relations firm.

Bad environmental choices, bad economics too
Posted: 11 Jul 2012 02:34 PM PDT
David Suzuki's column today on the government's choice to close the Experimental Lakes Area magnifies the tremendous cost to taxpayers:
The world-renowned Experimental Lakes Area in Southern Ontario has served as an outdoor laboratory for this purpose since 1968. By manipulating and studying conditions in 58 small lakes and their watersheds, scientists there have made many discoveries about the effects of human and natural activity on freshwater ecosystems and fish. Over the past 45 years they've taught us about the impacts of acid rain, mercury pollution, nanoparticles, nitrogen overload, climate change, fish farming and many other issues.

That's about to end. The federal government announced it will close the unique facility in 2013. It's an odd decision, especially considering that it costs just $2-million a year to operate -- one-tenth the cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's security detail and about the same amount the government spent during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto to build a tourism pavilion with a fake lake. To make matters worse, it will cost taxpayers $50 million to shut the ELA down!

Maybe I haven't been following this one closely enough but that $50 million cost to shut down this widely valued research space deserves some attention.

If they're intent on closing it, why they would not invest some time to work out a deal to hand it over to someone or some institution in order to stave off such a wasted sunk cost is baffling.

Competent economic managers? In their own minds and in the carefully constructed myth but here's yet another example that shows it's not the case in practice.

Dear Health Canada

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:03 AM PDT
News yesterday that Health Canada has decided to do some research: " Health Canada to probe possible health effects of wind turbines." This study is going to be very carefully watched.

Early indications from its rollout are not good on the impartiality front, what with Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre immediately using the announcement to wield it against the McGuinty government to seek a halt to a wind project in the Ottawa area. Further, there was the phone call from the PMO to Wind Concerns, a leading opponent of wind energy who were very active politically during the Ontario election and who sought to defeat Liberal MPPs:
Wind power opponents were celebrating Tuesday after Health Canada announced it will conduct peer-reviewed research, in collaboration with Statistics Canada, into the effect of wind turbine noise on human health.
Jane Wilson, president of the anti-wind group Wind Concerns Ontario, learned of the study in a phone call Tuesday morning from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office.
"Wow, I said, is it Christmas? It's July!" she said in an interview. "This is exactly what we've been saying all along, that there really wasn't the science there to base policy on."
Wilson is confident the study will confirm the link between wind turbines and human health. "The symptoms that are being reported by people in Ontario are the same as those being reported around the world," she said. "So there really is something there."

Wilson may be confident but others quoted in the report are more measured about what we should expect from this study. To date a link has not been established between turbines and human health impacts. It's fine for Health Canada to do research but it definitely shouldn't be tailored to anyone's political agenda and will need to pass scientific rigour. (The irony is not lost about this announcement being made yesterday while scientists were on Parliament Hill's steps protesting this government's research cuts.)

Anyway, here's some material for Health Canada to help them out with their research. They're going to do field work but this kind of material would also be something they'd surely want to consider in an impartial study: "A disease in search of a cause: a study of self-citation and press release pronouncement in the factoid of wind farms causing "vibroacoustic disease"."
In recent years, claims have proliferated that wind turbines cause a large variety of diseases. Two of these, "Wind Turbine Syndrome" (WTS) and "Vibroacoustic disease" (VAD) are frequently mentioned. Seventeen reviews of the evidence for wind turbines causing harm have concluded the evidence to be poor yet some regulatory authorities are now referencing health concerns as part of the rationale for set-back guidelines from residences, greatly reducing siting opportunities.
Methods and Findings

Google returns 158,000 hits for WTS and 298,000 for VAD. We conducted a search for all papers and citations on WTS or VAD, and searched for evidence for any association between wind turbine exposure and VAD. No papers on WTS were found in indexed journals. Thirty five papers on VAD were found, none reporting on an association between VAD and wind turbines. Of the 35 papers on VAD, 34 had a first author from a single Portuguese research group. Seventy four per cent of citations to these papers were self-citations by the group. Median self-citation rates in science are around 7%. Two unpublished case reports presented at conferences were found alleging that VAD was "irrefutably demonstrated" to be caused by wind turbines.

VAD has received virtually no scientific recognition beyond the group who invented the term. The claim that wind turbines cause VAD is a factoid that has gone "viral" in cyberspace and may be contributing to nocebo effects among those living near turbines.

Hope that helps to get our friends at Health Canada off on the right foot.

(h/t DH for study)

From: "Paul Downie"
Subject: Sailors on the Lakes at Fo
rt George

Details from Parks Canada

Saturday and Sunday, July 14 - 15 The Navy of 1812: Sailors on the Lakes Naval encampment on the grounds of Navy Hall and Fort George, with 5 tall ships (4 Brigantines and a schooner-1812 Squadron) and 22 longboats with 300 naval and military re-enactors. 1812 programming will be happening both days inside the imposing walls of Fort George from 10 am to 5 pm.
Some special events of the weekend include:
Saturday, July 14
  • 12 pm - A procession of Boats from Fort George to Queens Royal Park (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
  • 2 pm - A "Battle Re-enactment" of Boats and Men at Queens Royal Park (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
  • 7 pm - A "Battle though the Fort" re-enactment at Fort George
Sunday July 15
  • 10 am - Military Parade down Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • 11 am - Naval Salute at Queens Royal Park
  • 2 pm - Final "Battle through the Fort" re-enactment at Fort George
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: The NDP's new attack on Harper distorts and offends ­ but it might just work, Marni Soupcoff, Jul 11, 2012
Re: The NDP's new attack ad on Harper distorts and offends ­ but it might just work, Marni Soupcoff, Jul 11, 2012

When NDPers accuse Harper of creating "the worst deficit in Canadian history", they straightjacket themselves with neo-liberal ideology that will inevitably lead to the same service cutbacks and austerity proposed by Conservatives. Canada's problem is not one of financial ratios but of inadequate demand in the economy that inhibits private sector expansion. Government must fund jobs and infrastructure programs that put people back to work. At the end of WWII Canada's debt was over 130% of GDP, but golden years of prosperity followed, and the deficit gradually receded. Take care of employment, and deficit will take care of itself.
Larry Kazdan,

Revisiting Deficit Hysteria

H. Chorney
Furthermore, deficits during World War II reached over 20 per cent of GDP and the level of debt to GDP climbed to over 130 per cent in Canada and the United States and over 200 per cent in the United Kingdom without any harm being done to these economies.

Neo-liberals on bikes …
Bill Mitchell

From: "Tom Brewer"

I'm aghast! Alberta will have rotating blackouts!!! How strange given we are lead to believe Alberta has everything good! WHAT HAPPENED IN DEAR Alberta? You would assume power would be the last thing people would have to worry about!
Tom Brewer

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: public service  DD

Joe--hundreds of thousands of public servants are losing their jobs.  Sadly the government uses the public service as the ones to blame if anything goes 'wrong'--meaning they take the blame for government mismanagement.  We are told over and over again that 'we have to pay exorbitant pay and pensions to the MPs to attract the very best' but that, as we have experienced, is not what we get.  We  get those that are obedient to the masters and their only interest is their 'entitlements.'  I guess it is not as important to have 'the best' public servants?  Just asking.
Subject: is anyone surprised?

The ghost of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is rising from his grave to haunt Israel and the Americans.
A devastating investigation by Qatar's al-Jazeera has found mounting evidence that Arafat's death in 2004 was caused by the poisonous radioactive substance Polonium 210.
Subject: If only RC would be as would be as agressive with the ways our taxes are wasted as they are with collecting them

Revenue Canada blitzes St. Catharines wait staff

An audit blitz on dozens of waiters, waitresses and bartenders in St. Catharines has forced every one of them to cough up more income tax.
The sweep by Canada Revenue Agency auditors targeted 145 people working in 4 restaurants in St. Catharines.
The pilot project was to determine exactly how much cash the taxman is losing to the underground economy in the hospitality industry.
A 2010 report on the blitz found that every worker was hiding tip income.
They had to pay more than 15-hundred dollars on average in extra taxes.
Subject: time to leave the UN
Here Is a List of Global Taxes Proposed by the United Nations Last Week
Subject: Immigration Bill C31: Auschwitz Survivor Wiesel Confronts Harper

Joe--Wiesel is a fake.  This statement by Wiesel scares me--does this mean that Canada will be inundated with israelis once they start a war with Iran???
Below are two  articles about the fake Wiesel

"Nobel Prize Winner Wiesel Lied About Holocaust Past", Survivor Claims (Special Feature)

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

Related for those with an interes: The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies
Subject: Jason Kenney wants you to thank Jason Kenney  DD

Joe--just another ploy to keep our minds off the fact that the government has not yet started to discuss the MP pension plan.  Many refugees are from countries that we have helped destroy in one way or another.  Kenney is thumping his chest that this will save money for the government.  I guess this means that the 'savings' from this move will end up in government coffers, and not go to improving the health care system for all of us???  Kenney makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian. 
If illegal refugees are getting healthcare now it is the government's fault.  Obviously they know who the illegal refugees are so why are they still here in the first place?  Sadly this is just more smoke and mirrors and the next argument will be that the 'government cannot supply healthcare to Canadians because there are too many illegals getting healthcare.  In the eyes of our benevolent government we are all illegal.  We don't pay enough taxes and we do not deserve the care of our government.  Seniors are a drain on the government coffers and you see how quickly they reduced that funding.  It is our money--why do we let them rob us at every turn?  The refugees are just the first ones to get cut off.
Subject: anything Manning touches is suspect

Carleton U concedes problems with $15M donor deal for politics school

From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Mercury: Disability Health Insurance financial interest in mercury fillings.

This email in its entirety is posted at

If insurers can see the link between mercury fillings and depression (plus other mental health), they will bring a financial interest to the efforts to stop the use.

The numbers are almost unbelievable:
· The steady rise of disability claims related to mental illness in Canada's public service continued last year and accounted for a historic 48 per cent of all claims filed."
· ". . the same problems with absenteeism exist in the private sector ­ where mental health claims are predicted to hit 50 per cent of all claims by 2014."
The full article is at: 2012-06-28 Mental illness claims continue to rise in federal public service.

Mercury is a neuro-toxin. Mercury fillings are closely associated with depression (the number one mental illness).