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Conservative robocalls defender under investigation for election offences
 The MP leading the Conservative government's defence in the robocalls scandal
is himself under investigation by Elections Canada for alleged election law violations
related to voter-contact calls made by his campaign in 2008.

Court records muddy MP's version of election spending
Records from a court case appear to undercut Dean Del Mastro's claim that he paid a research company only a small amount during the 2008 election, muddying the waters as he resists calls to step down during an Elections Canada investigation for alleged campaign spending violations.

JUNE 7TH_____

Yaffe: Harper gives monarchy more than its due
Labatt was right to fear Magnotta contagion

Austerity and growth both necessary, and possible, to fix Europe's economic crisis
Conservatives ill-advised to revive stimulus spending if economy tanks again

As Europe burns, Harper wonders, will anyone douse the fire?
Stephen Harper's frank predictions of economic doom

Dutch disease not a Canadian issue
No denying Magnotta his brief infamy

Magnotta arrest telling illustration of power of Internet
Simple justice ignored

Cash not king when it comes to aboriginals, pipelines
Harper's new enemy: conservatives

Bob Rae to be allowed to run in Liberal leadership race
NDP Quebec caucus resists siren call of the student movement

NDP mounts unusual filibuster in closed-door Public Accounts Committee probe into F-35 fighter jets
Opposition accuses Conservative of muzzling Duncan in committee

Brian Mulroney blasts Thomas Mulcair for criticizing oilsands
Food safety laws to merge and modernize

Liberals first in line to stall budget bill
Budget filibuster could sideswipe other bills on Tory agenda

NDP MP Apologizes For 'Arse' Comment About Harper
The abuses pile Up: the PM hunkers down

Former Tory rips Harper for neglecting environment als
Tories nixed proposed Charter birthday party

350 Mountie jobs could go to civilians
Tories headed down 'dangerous road' with prison closures

MPs vote to repeal hate-speech sections of human-rights act
RCMP slims Ottawa bureaucracy in bid to shift focus back to policing

Critics want prime minister Stephen Harper ousted
Federal studies unclear on whether EI helps or hinders workers to relocate

Harper in Paris stresses need for euro plan
Stephen Harper calls for "decisive" action from Europe to stem global crisis

Former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed pleads for national unity in speech
Preston Manning on politics, Parliament and honesty

Bev Oda silent on why expense claims chang
Report warns of drop in oil sands R&D

All-party climate caucus seeks to 'educate' MPs
House votes to pick up cross-border wine bill

Toews supports electronic anklets for sex offenders
Feds to track down failed refugees collecting welfare

Senate considers expanding citizen's arrest powers
B.C. Conservative MP defends Ottawa's closure of coast guard station

Montreal protest resonates across Canada and in U.S.
Fisheries science could die on the vine due to federal cuts: academia

Earth near point of no return, scientists warn
Phil Richards on his portrait of Elizabeth II: 'Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity'

Wildrose leader hopes to mend fences with gay community
Toronto bans plastic bags

The curious case of the stolen tractor found buried in a pile of manure
'The people' are to blame for 'dumb' Toronto plastic bag ban, Mayor Rob Ford says

NL study says 'no measurable change' in MS symptoms from liberation treatment
Syria shooting at UN observers, Ban Ki-moon say

Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre remains found

NDP mounts unusual filibuster in closed-door Public Accounts Committee probe into F-35 fighter jets

JUNE 6TH_____

El Stephano, northern bull-fighter
'Province-worshippers' doom real Canada

An honourable man
Uniting progressives at the grassroots level ­ is Simcoe North alone?

Canada's monarchy makes no sense ­ until you consider the alternatives
Real dialogue needed about the fallout of the petro-boom

Magnotta ran, but couldn't hide
Fight obesity by fighting poverty

Logic has become a victim in Toronto shooting
Safe Toronto doesn't matter if you're the one shot

Harper government's dismissal of UN torture report absurd
The NHL's wrath for Grapes may bench icon

5 problems cases in cabinet that Harper must fix
Bev Oda silent on why expense claims changed

Tory MP Opitz wants Supreme Court to hear his appeal in October
Citing family illness, Tory MP shelves abortion motion till fall

DND withholding F-35 costing info from PBO, says Liberal MP
The Commons: We are an island that Louis XIV is protecting from debt zombies

Ottawa launches Alberta counter-terrorism unit
At last, real debates about real issues in Parliament

Mulroney's policies on patents
Mulroney's star still shines on Parliament Hill

Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair refuses to reveal size of political financing violation

'What's his plan?' Mulcair asks after PM speaks of possible new European crisis
Harper shifts focus to Europe's economy as London trip ends

For Bob Rae, undeclared leadership intentions 'not exactly unique' situation
Rae to decide soon whether to run for permanent Grit leader

Atlantic premiers band together against Ottawa's EI 'void' Atlantic premiers defend seasonal workers
'I expect there is healthy debate about Motion 312 by all MPs'

Experts urge feds to charge road tolls, user fees to pay for infrastructure
upgrades and renewal, a new report urges.
Tories unveil plan to fight 'evil' human trafficking

Harper eager to quash anti-abortion motion
O'Malley: Woodworth Watch: Let the debate over when human life begins be ... postponed until fall?

Critics find Tory intransigence over release of information on cuts perplexing
No apologies for pricey limo tab for ministers at Davos

Government's bath salts ban 'knee-jerk' says drug policy expert
Veterans plan protest on D-Day anniversary

Secret Memo Warns Canada Cyber Threat Growing
UN tourism body says Canada quit more than two weeks before Mugabe issue arose

Harper presents Queen with portrait of herself
Best Gore owner defends hosting alleged Luka Rocco Magnotta video

Labatt learns silence is golden Liberal candidate pushing for early court hearing on disputed Etobicoke vote
Elections Canada budgets $585K for robocalls probe

F-35 production quality worries Senate panel
NDP says DND DM Fonberg may be in contempt of Parliament for Public Accounts Committee testimony on F-35 fighter jets

Conservatives Didn't Lie About Canada First Defence Strategy, Says Jason Kenney
Proposed Fish Lake copper mine offers pros, cons and no simple answers Fisheries minister accused of misleading the House

U.S.-Canada border security blueprint: "the next generation of integrated cross-border law enforcement"
Elections Canada sides with Tories, orders NDP to cough up union cash

Christy Clark's $1-a-year economic adviser quitting to rally support for the premier
Censorship impedes military inquiry, official says

MNA Amir Khadir arrested in Quebec City during protest
U of A scientist, colleagues condemn research cuts

Oilpatch workers five times more likely to be a one percenter, survey reveals
Canada's 1 per cent: How to know if you're one of them

Redford the Conqueror? Premier's new staff will try to give Alberta international influence
Protester sues 'This ain't Canada' cop after York police board refuses to charge him

Nearly half of Ontarians oppose Catholic school support, poll finds
Police apologize to crayon gun dad

B.C. school offers marijuana courses for entrepreneurs
Harper says time running out to tackle eurozone's woes

Photos: Venus transit in photos
Kandahar hit by suicide attackers

The Wrecking of Canada's Library and Archives

Senator to Harper Government: Stop 'Slandering' Charities
Residents worry oil and gas industry is making them sick, finds BC report


Objective of US and Israeli Policy is Economic Warfare Against Iran

Is Ecuador's Economic Policy a Non Neo-Liberal Alternative?

The Minimum Wage and Making Work Pay

China's Growing Fishing Industry And Regional Maritime Security – Analysis

Tunisia Rejects Al-Qaeda, Salafist Violence

Skopje 2014 Forges Ahead Despite Macedonian Crisis – Analysis

Kosovo: Time To Change The Paradigm – OpEd
EU-Wide Right To Information At Arrest Is Now Law

Out To The Wall – OpEd
Exploiting Nanoparticles To Hunt For Hidden Cancer Cells

Fitch Cuts Spain's Rating Three Notches To BBB
How Plants Make Cocaine

British Government To Boycott Euro 2012
Ferrari California: A Beautiful Work Of Art
Nigeria: Allegations Swirl Around Suicide Bomb Attack

Germany: Merkel Says EU Needs Political Union
Moroccan Youth Launch 'Parallel Government'

Saudi Defense Ties With Spain Reviewed
Towards 'Multicultural' Racism – OpEd

Neo Pan-Turkism: US Weapon For Control Of Eurasia? – Analysis
Syria: UN Observers At Massacre Site As Clinton Urges Assad To Leave

Deadly blast rocks Pakistan's southwest
US ends funding for Pakistan 'Sesame Street'

US says drone killed al-Qaeda commander
Deaths in latest drone strike in Pakistan

Fighters killed in Pakistan drone strike
US to shift naval firepower to Asia-

Bye Bye Ray
In Syria- Fierce Battle for Strategic Space & Energy Resources

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court
Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War

Syria & Libya: What is really going on?
Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

Syria: ANNA News Journalist Marat Musin about Houla Massacre
Happy Birthday Muammar Gaddafi (+ Audio)

Speech Delivered by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad At the People`s Assembly
White House: Syrian president Assad lied about Houla massacre in June 4 speech

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court
Reason for Hope and Despair in Palestine

The Truth About Libya, Gaddafi and the New World Order Slaves
Gold Rush in Haiti! Who Will Get Rich?
Read the Article

Turkish Court Indicts Senior Israeli Military Officials in Murders on Gaza Flotilla
Read the Article
Radicalization Within the Armed Forces: DoD Losing Sight of the Forest for the Trees
Read the Article

The Democrats Must Begin Advocating for the Working Class and Not Wall Street
Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
Fifth Federal Judge Deems Anti-Gay Marriage Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional
Read the Article at the Gothamist

Hottest Year on Record Thus Far Read the Article at the Hill
Farmworkers Face Rape and Sexual Abuse Epidemic in the Fields Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Obama: Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy Will Not Be Extended, Period  Read the Article at The Associated Press
Wage Theft From Paychecks ead the Article at McClatchy

China Bars Foreign Tourist From Visiting Tibet Read the Article at Talking Points Memo
Flase flags on the horizon (won't get fooled again)  Video:

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
22h51 - Conflit étudiant · Des manifestants nus demandent plus de transparence
        Des manifestants nus demandent plus de transparence du gouvernement dans la gestion du conflit étudiant. Agence QMI
18h22 - Gilles Duceppe · Les conservateurs s'impatientent
        L'affaire Gilles Duceppe ne connaît toujours pas de dénouement devant le Bureau de la régie interne. Agence QMI
16h30 - Ottawa · Un projet dangereux
        Le ministre de la Sécurité publique, Vic Toews, a confirmé jeudi que certains prisonniers à sécurité maximum vont se retrouver dans des cellules à      occupation double lorsque le pénitencier de Kingston fermera ses portes en 2015. Agence QMI
15h14 - Malgré leur non-conformité · Des écoles religieuses sont subventionnées
        Des écoles privées religieuses continuent de recevoir des subventions publiques malgré plusieurs avis de non-conformité au régime pédagogique,  a dénoncé jeudi la Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ). Agence QMI
01h49 - Justice · Frustrés par le système
        Les Canadiens veulent des peines plus sévères, selon un comité parlementaire à Ottawa. JDM


La 44e marche nocturne dans les rues de Montréal s'est mise en branle avec beaucoup plus de joueurs dans ses rangs. Agence QMI
22h07 - Grève dans les cégeps · Qui va payer?
        Les négociations s'amorcent jeudi entre les enseignants et les cégeps où les sessions d'études ont été interrompues en raison de la grève des   étudiants cet hiver.  Agence QMI
15h46 - Traite de personnes · Un plan d'action national pour prévenir le problème
        Le gouvernement conservateur a lancé mercredi un plan d'action national pour lutter contre l'«esclavage moderne» qu'est la traite des êtres     humains au Canada. Agence QMI
11h49 - Au lendemain de son arrestation · Amir Khadir a prôné la désobéissance civile
        Amir Khadir qu'il faut défier la loi 78 dans la rue parce qu'il s'agit d'une loi « injuste et immorale ». Agence QMI


Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>

You're doing it wrong, Larry Miller

Posted: 06 Jun 2012 02:24 PM PDT
"Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN." Such a piker. If you really want to get your Tea Party on, you need to go big. You sir, are no John Bolton.
Bolton famously said "there is no such thing as the United Nations" and if the U.N. building in New York "lost ten stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference."

Good to know the Reformers, as always, are on top of the American right wing's pet projects and are importing them here.

Oh, and what Dominic LeBlanc said.

The Harper interview

Posted: 06 Jun 2012 04:06 AM PDT
A few thoughts on the big interview last night between Harper and Peter Mansbridge on the National...

This interview seemed to have two parts to it. The primary focus was Europe, as it rightly should be. This took up more than half the interview. The European situation is a reflection of the years we're living in. We're in post-2008/2009 recession times that, as Harper notes, are turning toward recession once more. What happens in Europe in the near future could shock the world economies again. There's a good analysis in the New York Times today on what could happen in Europe and how that could affect the American election. This is how, beyond Harper's vague comments about us being "exposed to others who are exposed to others," we too could feel the heat as a result of trouble in Europe:
With an economy in free fall and 22 percent unemployment, Greece looks very close to dropping the euro and defaulting on its debts. This could potentially lead to the departure of other vulnerable nations, including Spain, Portugal and Ireland, and the dismemberment of the single currency into up to 17 different parts.
While nobody has a clear idea of how a breakup of the euro would affect the American economy, it would hurt. Citizens of vulnerable European countries would rush to withdraw their euro deposits ahead of the breakup, to avoid having their savings converted into pesetas or drachmas. Banks would fail, and financial markets would plummet as investors took their money out of risky assets and put them into the comparative safety of German bunds and American Treasury bonds.

This would very likely cripple some big American banks. And a stock market crash would wipe out the savings of many ordinary citizens. Exports to Europe would slow sharply as European economies contracted depriving the United States of one of its few engines of growth.
Look at it this way: When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008, sending the global financial system into a tailspin, its debts amounted to about $600 billion. Government debt alone in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland the most vulnerable Euroopean countries adds up to about $1.9 trillion. And the economies and government finances of most developed countries are in worse shape than they were four years ago.

There you go, pretty much a worst case scenario, so factor that in.

So what has Harper's contribution been to solving the European problems? Well, Flaherty quite bluntly told them where to go about a month back in terms of any financial help to the IMF for Europe. And Harper, as noted in this Globe report today, was preaching austerity and the need to get debt under control while he hosted the G20. That has largely been his message.

In last night's interview, he gave his more up to date present day position and said the Eurozone has to be more integrated. Yes, now that Merkel is moving that way on integration just in the last few days, Harper seems to be saying the same thing too (see above New York Times link, for example, re Merkel).

The European preoccupation serves as a reminder of the realities for politics in Canada and what a big part of the agenda that the economy occupies now and likely for the next few years. That's not just Harper's preferred focus, it's a reality beyond his control. He may make toooo much of it at times, sure, but there's no getting around its importance. It affects the ability to make headway on legitimate critiques of this government that need to be made, on democratic issues in particular.

The importance of the economy is why there is tremendous opportunity for the Liberal leadership race in particular to speak to the issue. Again - not to the exclusion of other issues, there is much more to leading a nation than being a CEO type. But it's still ground that needs to be plowed by people who want to replace Harper. He spoke in the interview in a very simple way on what his approach is:
But at the same time you do need, as we are doing in Canada, you need to undertake a range of measures, not just fiscal discipline, to ensure growth. We have an ambitious trade agenda, we are revamping our science and technology policies to get better results, as you know we're doing labor market reforms, were doing regulatory reforms. These are all things that need to be done to increase the growth capacity of our economy.

Disagree with the Conservative policies, sure. But what is the alternative vision for growth? There are a number of big planks that could be articulated.

The other part of the interview involved the questions on the monarchy and the Canadian media. Both of which seemed to show a bit of a disconnect between Harper and the reality as some of us see it.

He was glowing in describing the monarchy and what the celebrations meant, for e.g.: "sixty years of really incredible, selfless, dedicated service," and "respect, dedication, affection." In hearing him speak of the monarchy in that way, you have to wonder, is there no self-awareness in Harper that such qualities are things that he too should aspire to evoke in others? Is it just for others who have some kind of public role to achieve such standards? It is puzzling. How can a leader proceed in such divisive and secretive ways and yet speak so glowingly of these qualities in others?

The responses he gave on media seemed similarly disconnected. Where he spoke of the media needing to do its independent reporting, of there being a healthy distance between politicians and media in Canada. There was this laugher: "the media is tremendously important, and it's important for our government and all governments that we are able to communicate our story through the media." As if he is blissfully unaware of the clamping down his government has done on allowing reporters to interactively engage with he and others. Email responses have become the norm to reporters. He answers few questions. Even appearances like the Mansbridge interview are rare. But Harper speaks as if all is normal. No sense of the concerted, massive public relations effort that he has engineered in order to go around and neuter the media, not recognize its importance.

Until the next one, maybe a few months from now...