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NDP threaten 30 hours of votes on budget bill
The NDP say they will move to delete 200 provisions in the bill to implement the budget,
forcing hours of votes in the House of Commons,
in an attempt to force the government to break up the massive bill into smaller pieces.
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French endures on Parliament Hill thanks to the Bloc Québécois
Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies

Justin Trudeau can attract the spotlight, but can he lead a team?
Canada in dire need of strong political parties

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair treads lightly while visiting the oilsands
Before You Blame the Oil Sands, Look at the Facts

Alberta's finances over a barrel
Thomas Mulcair and the politics of déjà vu

Ottawa should appoint naval officer as the next Chief of Defence Staff
The Queen, and a nationalism built on love

Eaton Centre shooting isn't a sign of the apocalypse, no matter what the columnists say

Cost for MacKay to 'park his posterior' in F-35 mockup: $47,000

Stop charging airport rent, Senate panel urges Ottawa
Minister, officials offer different stories of fake TV citizenship ceremony

Wildrose leader's husband quits job as Sun TV executive
Human remains still missing in grisly Montreal murder

Best Gore website investigated over Magnotta video
Labatt threatens to sue Gazette over Magnotta photo

Magnotta won't fight extradition, could be in Canada in a week
Canadian Psycho was looking at naked images of HIMSELF when arrested in Berlin internet cafe

Magnotta spends the night in Berlin jail
'Best Gore' should be charged for hosting alleged Magnotta murder video: lawyer

Magnotta's mental state will be key to his defence, Ottawa lawyer Lawrence Greenspon says
Maher: Magnotta's craving for fame was his undoing

Tories under fire for pulling plug on freshwater-research funding

Did Veterans Affairs privacy breach probe breach privacy?

Tories seek ban on 'bath salts' drug after grisly U.S. face-eating attack
NATO allies not "shaken" by Delisle case: U.S. admiral

Opposition MPs take issue with Public Works Minister Ambrose's appearance at CANSEC trade show
Peter MacKay's staff chastised DND over lack of support

Government knew last year it couldn't afford billions in defence spending: documents. 
Canada's military hunting for seven new foreign bases

Praise for the Canada First Defence Strategy Misplaced?
Shooting response shows Tories have opposition cowed on crime

'This type of conduct will not be tolerated,' Toews says in wake of Toronto shooting
Michigan, Ottawa near deal on new border bridge

Push Poll in Etobicoke Centre - A Breach of Parliamentary Privilege?
Tempers flare over Tory calls in disputed Toronto riding

May: Budget bill an outrage
All-star group decries Tory omnibus bill

Stephen Harper to have dinner with British Prime Minister David Cameron 
How the Conservatives' brief love affair with environmentalism came to an ugly end

The frayed state of Canadian South African ties
Quebec students spur long-overdue ideological debate

Quebec student leaders try to calm Montreal festival fears
Panel to announce whether Turcotte will be released

Black bear destroyed after attacking man enjoying hot tub
Anti-bullying bill passes, clearing way for gay-straight alliances in Ontario schools

Alleged stabbing incident prompted fatal Toronto shooting: source
Bank of Canada holds key overnight interest rate

Child killer Turcotte to get supervised outings
Queen calls Royal Jubilee a 'humbling experience'

CP Rail appoints former head of Alberta Treasury Branches as new chairman
Unmanned patrol boats on the navy's radar, says defence minister

Social Media Privacy Fears Are Legit, Let's Act
Enbridge Not Positioned to Pay for Gateway Oil Spill: Report

Premier Drops Promised Public Input on Sweeping Trade Deal
Among Protesters in Montreal, Visions of BC Unrest

VIDEO: 'In my heart, I am Filipina': Christy Clark
Elections BC orders BC Liberals to return charity donations

BC Premier Clark backtracks on promise to consult on CETA
As websites go dark, ministers sell Tory vision of resource exploitation

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Liberal candidate pushing for early court hearing on disputed Etobicoke vote

Harper pressures MPs to vote against motion on when life begins
The Commons: Jason Kenney again surveys the scope of history

Elections Canada sides with Tories, orders NDP to cough up union cash
Uniting progressives at the grassroots level ­ is Simcoe North alone?

NDP says DND DM Fonberg may be in contempt of Parliament for Public Accounts Committee testimony on F-35 fighter jets
Liberals must end 'top-down directives,' Bertschi says

Finley: EI rules won't force farmers to hire local workers


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US diplomats transporting weapons arrested in Peshawar
Soldier acquitted in AIDS assault case after HIV tests shown to be completely bogus

Ron Paul wins 62% at Louisiana GOP Convention as his Delegates are Arrested
News Brief: Bilderberg 2012 Alternative Media, Police State, Globalists, and tthe New World Order

Bilderberg Foreign Security, Employee Rules, Prostitutes, and Protester Arrests
"Anti-Democratic" World Government Advocate Attends Bilderberg

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Central America and the EU - An Asymmetric Agreement
TAJIKISTAN: Could Showdown With Popular Cleric Backfire?

"Land Is Our Natural Ally, But Its Patience Is Not Eternal"
Urban Settlers Battle Evictions

World Bank Lauded for Publishing Sanctions Decisions
Anti-Tobacco Battle Pits Corporations Against Public Health

Dam Company in Chile Presses Gov't for Supportive Policies
Going to School Without Breakfast in Portugal

American sElections: Bilderberg Appoints US President Ahead Of November Polls
Federal Reserve Chairman: Ben Bernanke, leaving the 2008 Bilderber Conference

Water Fluoridation: Facts & Fallacies
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi and the Fight behind the Scene over His Fate

African Beauty, Threatened By Western Civilization
Introduction to nurope: capitalism is finished

American sElections: Bilderberg Appoints US President Ahead Of November Polls
Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre

Discrimination Against Arab Communities in Israel and Palestine
Wisconsin`s Recall Election

Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy
TNC Regime in Libya `Trial` of Abuzeid Dorda

Risking Global War
Cannes Film Festival makes exception to show Libya propaganda documentary

NATO is not the World Community
Big Pharma speading disease through 'medicine' Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/10874.html

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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
20h32 - Appel de Curzi · L'union des «forces nationalistes» rejeté par Marois
        Pauline Marois rejette du revers de la main toute possibilité de former une coalition avec Québec solidaire et Option nationale.  Agence QMI
18h56 - Limousines à Davos · Des dépenses exagérées, clament les partis d'opposition
        La ministre de la Coopération internationale, Bev Oda, n'est pas la seule à aimer les limousines.  Agence QMI
15h32 - Subventions pour les équipements sportifs · Le vérificateur général maintient sa position
        Visée par un rapport du vérificateur général, Michelle Courchesne se défend d'avoir fait preuve de favoritisme dans l'attribution des subventions       aux projets d'infrastructures sportives au Québec entre 2007 et 2010.  Agence QMI
14h59 - Conflit de travail à la CCQ · Le syndicat s'en remet au gouvernement
        Le syndicat des employés de la Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) s'en remet au gouvernement du Québec pour régler le conflit        qui l'oppose à son employeur, après avoir annoncé, lundi soir, qu'il déclenchait une grève générale illimitée. Agence QMI
14h20 - Santé · Ottawa prévoit réglementer la drogue appelée « sels de bain »
        La ministre de la Santé du Canada a annoncé mardi que le gouvernement fédéral prévoyait réglementer un ingrédient important de la drogue        illicite appelée « sels de bain », qui est un puissant stimulant pouvant entraîner des épisodes psychotiques et des comportements       dangereux. Agence QMI
13h56 - Projet de loi C-38 · Le NPD promet une avalanche d'amendements
         L'opposition officielle à la Chambre des communes réclame une étude plus approfondie de ses conséquences. Agence QMI
13h48 - Conflit étudiant · Volte-face du maire Tremblay
        À l'approche de la saison des festivals, le maire de Montréal, Gérald Tremblay, s'est finalement résolu à rencontrer, mardi matin à l'hôtel de ville,   la présidente de la FEUQ, Martine Desjardins, pour discuter des soubresauts de l'économie de la métropole.  Agence QMI
08h13 - Conflit étudiant · Tremblay devrait rencontrer les leaders étudiants
        Aucun détail n'est connu quant à cette éventuelle rencontre et aux sujets qui y seraient abordés. Agence QMI
06h39 - Manifestation à Québec · Changement de stratégie par la police
        La police de Québec a pris les manifestants par surprise, lundi soir, en sortant l'escouade anti-émeute sans avertissement dans le quartier     Montcalm Agence QMI
06h27 - Grève · Le maire Tremblay devrait rencontrer les leaders étudiants
        Alors qu'il affirmait le contraire dans un point de presse, lundi, le maire de Montréal Gérald Tremblay pourrait rencontrer mardi les chefs des          associations étudiantes. Agence QMI
02h59 - Salaires des infirmières · Hausse de 683 %
        Les salaires en heures supplémentaires ont bondi chez les infirmières auxiliaires. JDM
00h38 - Conflit de travail · La CCQ est en grève générale illimitée
        Selon le syndicat, le conseil d'administration de la CCQ a rejeté, lundi, la proposition du conciliateur. Agence QMI []


Any thoughts on how the Harper Government will react ?

Opposition MPs warn budget votes could take hours

Species and habitats could be at risk because of cuts, changes in Bill C-38
Website blackout in free speech fight against budget bill
15 ways to use a 450-page federal budget bill
5 ways Canadians are protesting the budget bill
Opposition vows to keep up pressure on budget bill

From: "Sandra Finley" <sabest1@sasktel.net>
Subject: The War of 1812 and the Surrender of 2012, by Elizabeth May (Harper surrendering to the Americans). C-38

Posted at: http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5595
(Harper surrendering to the Americans)
Somehow we have to help more Canadians "get it".
Talk to our neighbours. Understand WHY Canadians are protesting - get out and help them.
This brief note from Elizabeth May drives the point home.

The War of 1812 and the Surrender of 2012
JUNE 2, 2012

It always struck me as a bit odd, from when I first heard it heralded in the 2011 Speech from the Throne, that Canada was to have a major celebration for the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. It got more intriguing when the detail was unveiled that we were to spend $28 million in such celebrations, in a year when the budget was described as working toward deficit reduction.

Many commentators have noticed Stephen Harper's tendency to wrap himself in the flag - to adopt a jingoism and patriotic voice more often associated with a southern accent.

I am very comfortable with language about valuing Canada. I love Canada. No doubt about it. I consider myself a patriot. In fact, ever since receiving the honour of being made an Officer of the Order of Canada, I have taken the words of "O Canada" very seriously indeed. "We stand on guard for thee" is personal. And I tend to see it in terms of standing on guard for wilderness and ecosystems and future generations, which means standing on guard for environmental science and laws and policy.

But not until the details of 420 pages of C-38 came to light did I realize that Stephen Harper is doing something extraordinary for the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. That flag he has wrapped himself in is a white flag. He is surrendering.

How else to explain that 200 years after protecting the sovereignty of the land that is now Canada and ensuring it was not subsumed by our southern neighbour, we are passing legislation to allow US law enforcement agents onto Canadian territory to enforce US laws. What would Laura Secord have made of that plot? Had she discovered it with her wandering cow, would she have turned Stephen Harper in?
= = = = = = = = = =
Email from Sandra Finley

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <info@madge.org.au>
Subject: Many scientists worried that GM foods are behind the surge in allergies

Comment Editor
The Globe and Mail, Toronto
Copy to: Ms Fran Murrell, Co-founder of Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (MADGE), PO box 10, 287 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065, Australia : You are doing a great job by exposing the danger inherent in GM crops. You may like to read the article by Doug Sauders, a political columnist, ridiculing those who are questioning safety of GM foods as "anti-technology" and commending the proponents as "pro-science" without mentioning that many scientists are worried about health implications of GM crops. You may consider writing to The Globe and Mail to counter this misleading article.
Mr. Doug Saunders, columnist for The Globe and Mail: You dismiss critics of GM as "anti-technology" and proponents as "pro-science." This ignores the fact that many scientists are concerned about adverse affects of GM food on human health.
Many scientists worried that GM foods are behind the surge in allergies
In his comment, "Frankenfoods have moved on. When will opponents?" (Focus, June 2), Doug Saunders, a political columnist, seems to ignore the concerns of many scientists and experts about GM crops when he writes: "A Sunday in England, a lovely corner of the Hertfordshire countryside, a quiet laneway from a cricket club -- what a better place for a violent act of anti-technological dissent? That was the scene last Sunday in the village of Harpenden, where 200 protesters from across Europe had arrived to 'decontaminate' or destroy a field of a field of experimental genetically modified wheat, only to be stopped by a massive force of police and pro-science protesters." Perhaps, he may look at comments by Fran Murrell, co-founder of MADGE (Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering), a voluntary grass root organization formed in Victoria, Australia in 2007 in protest at the Victoria government's lifting the ban on the growing of GM canola. Murrel travels regularly in Australia and overseas speaking at conferences, questioning the safety of GM foods.
"I was curious about genetic modification of plants -- it struck me as a promising idea -- so I went to talks given by various GM proponents," she says. "It worried me that they were just talking in generalities, saying it was 'highly unlikely' there was any health risk from GM. That stuck me as unscientific, it was like they were presenting the truth from high to the lesser mortals. And then I met scientists who had doubts about GM, notably the British geneticists Mae-Wan Ho (author of Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare?). ....
There's been a huge increase in food allergies in children since the introduction of GM foods here in the mid-'90s. The line we often get is, 'There is no evidence it's caused by GM.' But no one is investigating it. The fact is, there have been very few animal-feeding trials done on GM foods -- those that do exist have often shown alarming results -- and our own food safety regulator, FSANZ, relies on Monsanto (the leading biotechnology company and leading producer of GM seed) to do its own safety testing. So of course we can't say for a fact that this spike in allergies is caused by GM, but we can say we're worried about it, and we have a right to be worried."
A letter from plant pathologist Emeritus Professor Don Huber to the U.S. Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsak, in January last year warned of a "previously unknown pathogen," apparently a micro fungus, pervading Roundup Ready crops. Dr. Huber suspected this bug of causing "epidemic" of reproductive failure in swine, cattle and horses, with abortion rates up to 45 per cent and recommended an "immediate moratorium."
A new European study clearly reveals ... "new side effects linked with GM maize consumption" affecting the liver and kidneys. A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences demonstrates the toxicity of three genetically modified corn varieties of the American seed company Monsanto.

"For the first time in the world, we've proven that GMO are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized. ... Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems," indicated Gilles-Eric Seralini, an expert member of the Commission for Biotechnology Re-evaluation, created by the EU in 2008.
Our heavy reliance on GM crops, their toxins, and herbicides could also be dooming the monarch butterflies. They are being attacked in two ways: the destruction of the milkweed their larvae exclusively feed upon and the direct poisoning of the larvae.

There are fewer monarch butterflies. A recent study of the area in Mexico occupied by wintering monarch butterflies found a statistically significant decrease in the numbers of butterflies in 2009-2010. The numbers were at an all-time low, following a 15-year downward trend. Although the winter of 2010-11 saw an increase, the total remained low. The study proposed three factors contributing to the decline in monarch butterflies: (1) degradation of the wintering forests in Mexico, (2) "loss of breeding habitat in the United States due to the expansion of GM herbicide-resistant crops, with consequent loss of milkweed host plants, as well as continued land deveopment;" and (3) severe weather. The study questions the long-term survival of the monarch butterfly and its migration.

Research by Bob Hartzler of Iowa State University found that numbers of milkweed plants declined following the introduction of Roundup Ready crops. Roundup Ready crops are genetically engineered to be resistant to herbicides, specifically glyphosate. Another study published in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity also shows that the increased use of glyphosate herbicide is killing milkweed plants. Milkweed has been shown to be very susceptible to glyphosate, the herbicide in Roundup. Roundup Ready seeds are genetically engineered to be resistant to glyphosate, so that the crops will survive the application of the herbicide–only the weeds will be killed. However, milkweed is not resistant so that the use of glyphosate on Roundup Ready GM crops kills the milkweed in and around crop fields. In addition, due to increasing resistance of some weeds to glyphosate, which is now being applied to crops in even larger amounts than initially intended. The widespread use of more glyphosate could escalate the killing of the milkweed. Can Doug Saunders, a political columnist, call all these voices of dissent "anti-technological?"


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: is there any country the USI does not control and dictate to???
New book confirms US-Australia plans for war on China
By James Cogan 4 June 2012
Subject: from the Natroses DD

'started with Germany in 1933, and since than every democratic country has followed the model, that put Hitler in power. The difference between Canada and United States and Nazi Germany is that  Nazi Germany used brutal force, including murder, but what is shared for all democratic countries and 1933 Germany,  enabling legislation ensures economic control over the general populace, and by doing so, ensures compliance by the general populace.'

I have to question this statement. We haven't used brutal force in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria????
Hitler tried to protect Germany from the invasion of the banksters, Wall Street and to get back the lad taken from Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. German citizens were being murdered in the Danzig Corridor and no one seemed to care. Well Hitler did and is considered a monster for protecting his people.
Never forget that history is written by the victors. The jews killed over 20 million in Russia and no one did or said anything. In fact Stalin was considered an ally. Sadly we forget the truth while supporting genocide by israel and our own countries. Where is Hitler when we need him? We ain't seen nothing yet.

Subject: Pls support MP under fire for supporting IAW / Appuyez la députée du NPD attaquée en raison de son soutien à la SAI

    June 2012 On May 31st, pro-Israel lobby B'nai Brith issued a press release putting NDP MP Megan Leslie under harsh pressure for supporting Halifax Israel Apartheid Week, and for referring to the "illegal occupation" of the Palestinians. CJPME encourages Canadians to let the NDP know of their support for Leslie's stand on social justice for the Palestinians.
Click here to send an email to Thomas Mulcair and other NDP MPs to ask them to give their full support to Leslie

Subject: Great Moment in Human History
From: "All Saints Monastery" <synaxis@orthodoxcanada.org>

Today is the anniversary of a great moment in human history. On 5 June, 1989, one single man, carrying only a shopping bag, stopped a convoy of the world's most disciplined army at Tiananmen Square. He stepped in front of the convoy of tanks which was moving to stop a pro-democracy demonstration in the square. For one brief moment in history, he came to represent the power of courage and the greatness of the human spirit. Then, he simply walked away and remained a nameless, faceless monument to the aspirations of mankind. He should not be forgotten. (Archbishop Lazar).