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Are RCMP & OSC fully probing SNC-Lavalin Directors for dereliction of duty ? Where did Hugh Segal suddenly skulk off to ?
The World Bank has credible evidence corroborated by a variety of sources which points to a high-level corruption conspiracy among Bangladeshi government officials, SNC Lavalin executives and private individuals in connection with the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project .. the World Bank has decided to cancel its $1.2 billion IDA credit in support of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project, effective immediately. .. . More ..

Could Police Repression at Toronto G-20 Happen Again?

What would Sir John A. think of Canada today? 'It is in very good shape'
Canada's unhealthy medicare superiority complex

Covering #cdnpoli without the language divide
Killing CBC shortwave service was shortsighted

Idealism 2.0: improved by pragmatism and experience
Subsidizing rap crap

Possible sale of 'Canadian icon' RIM will be test of foolish foreign ownership laws
The F-35 of infrastructure

Disaster and politics can be a volatile mix
Mall collapse well-handled by McGuinty

Hudak's fate may be linked to Tory MPs
Expanding export markets a 'defining opportunity' for Canada

How supply management shuts out innovators
Nude photos of judge Lori Douglas cannot defeat the unforgiving Web

Voters' choice ­ blood ties or blood feuds
Delacourt: Justin Trudeau's summer of indecision

Coren: Justin's not ready. Nice hair and political nepotism not what's needed in Ottawa
Ethics commissioner wants to get tough on MPs who don't declare gifts

NDP says it will ask justice minister to call in RCMP over Del Mastro allegations
MP pension hoard hits $1 billion

Brazeau's Twitter account deleted after outburst
Passengers given more power over disrupted flights

How applicants are stumbling on the final step to becoming Canadians
Carleton U. releases politics school $15M donation details

Harper minister ducks questions on plan to "authorize" water pollution
Senate passes huge budget bill

Government plans $50M subterranean visitors' centre on Hill
'In Canada, we've always had a reluctance to deal with our past'

Canada's favourite icons? Yes to beavers, no to Bieber: poll
Refugee health wrong priority for provinces, Kenney says

Pick a fight, win a war
Despite the bad press, the RCMP brand is still "strong"

Rescue team veterans from Haiti and September 11 turned back from helping in Elliot Lake mall disaster
Federal court asked to enforce ruling on immigration delays

Canada walks tightrope on trade fronts
Police oversight board fumbled democratic responsibility

B.C. teachers accept new contract, bringing labour peace
RIM: Kill Yourself So Others Might Live

BC liquor workers to strike in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops
Vancouver protester arrested Wednesday claims rights violation

'Leap second' adds extra moment for first time since 2008
Disease rates in oil and gas region show need for monitoring

BC 'carbon tax shift' a success, says think-tank report

Disease rates in oil and gas region show need for monitoring

Stop Harper! Take Back Canada Day Rally


UN calls for new Syria government
Summit attendees accept UN-brokered plan for Syria

For West, no satisfying explanation for Russia's stance on Syria

Supreme Court Decision Good, But Fight for "Medicare For All" Continues

Supreme Court Sides with Corporatization of Medicine
Bahrain Protesters Denounce US Support for Dictatorship

Argentinian Central Bank Targets Growth, Not Lower Inflation
PT2- Lia Tarachansky Answers Viewers Questions

US Covers Up Rwanda Supported Mutiny in Congo
"The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate"

Arizona Gov. Declares Supreme Court Victory as Latino Community Vows to Resist
Iran Suppresses Union Organizing, Arrests Worker Activists

Economic War Against Iran Continues; Still No Evidence of a Weapons Program
Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi wins Egyptian Presidency

Thousands of Israelis Join "Citizen's Mutiny"
House Passes Energy Bill, Allows Drilling on Public Lands

Honduran Scholars Call on US to Cease Support for Military and Police
Real Rio Action is on the Streets

Pt3 - CO2, the Sun, and Warming in the Middle Ages - Viewer Questions on Climate Science
Vaccination The Religious Science

Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action Not Fighting Colorado Fires
The Obamanation Stands 'Bitches'

Kyodo: No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool's Cooling System Stopped After Alarm Sounds
Big Win for Predatory Healthcare Giants

Chemtrail Tanker Up-Close with ON and OFF Spraying
Obamacare Means a Mandate For More Inflation and a Higher Gold Price

Obamacare to Unleash Crushing New Taxes, Trillions in Debt, and Doesn't Even Cover Natural Medicine
Population Centers Packed as Human Self Sufficiency Stripped

Greenspan: US Can Avoid Dreaded Fiscal Cliff but Must Endure 'Some Pain'
UN Asks: How Many People Could Live on Planet Earth?

Bailout for Spain & Italy is a Prelude to 'German Empir
How India And Sri Lanka Handle The Headache Of Tamil Eelaam – OpEd

Memo To J14 Movement: Social Justice Demands Ending Occupation – OpEd
Georgia: Saakashvili Names Close Ally To Be Prime Minister

Russia, West Agree On Transition Government For Syria
China Claims To Have Foiled Hijacking Bid By Uighurs

Big Win for Predatory Healthcare Giants
World powers open Syria crisis talks

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric
Syrian opposition sceptical of new Annan plan

Annan 'optimistic' about Syria talks
Explosion rocks Syrian capital

Netanyahu to Obama regarding November's election
Warning Against 'Preventive' Attack on Iran

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READ MORE Predicting Hot Days In Europe

READ MORE Latin America: Renewable Energy Lagging In Caribbean Countries
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La famille Arora sera déportée dimanche
         Présidente de la Société du Vieux-Port · Dépenses extravagantes: le gouvernement n'exige pas de remboursement
Grève étudiante · Pénurie de moniteurs
         66e manifestation nocturne · Une cinquantaine de personnes défilent calmement
PQ | Élections · Pauline Marois présente trois nouveaux candidats
         Publicité négative · Marois contre-attaque
Fabricant de BlackBerry · RIM va supprimer 5000 postes
         PQ · Sylvain Simard confirme son retrait de la vie politique

1er juillet: Pourquoi la fête est-elle si triste ?
         Mise en garde de fin de session: les conservateurs croient toujours avoir le droit au secret
J'ai un shampooing keynésien
         En rediffusion : Les thérapies alternatives ont-elles tué Steve Jobs?
Le verdict étonnant, sage et astucieux du juge Roberts
         F*cking Tourist, l'expo qui se moque des touristes
Anglos et francos: une grève, deux solitudes
         Montréal complètement cirque : Alexandra Royer au cerceau aérien et à la barre russe
La sortie du mois: la ferme Guyon, à Chambly
         La diplomatie de l'or noir
Harper joue dans la cour des provinces
         Élections partielles: des leçons à tirer
Canicule: les solutions du Japon
         Voir Monterrey et... mourir ?
Au pays des narcos



Canadian National Canthem

Canadian National Canthem by MyMolsonCanadian

Published on Jun 26, 2012 by MyMolsonCanadian

Our anthem. Like never before. Five musicians conduct an experiment to perform O Canada using nothing but instruments made from
Molson Canadian bottles and cans. The result is something no one expected.
    4,098 likes, 68 dislikes
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: The debate over the state is getting stale, Jeffrey Simpson, Jun. 29 2012,

Re:  The debate over the state is getting stale, Jeffrey Simpson, Jun. 29 2012,

Today, no one can present the Canadian government with a dollar bill and demand a fixed amount of gold or foreign exchange. As a consequence, there is no operational restraint on our government which has the power to issue Canadian currency at will. There are of course real  limits to the productive capacity of the economy, so government must spend wisely.  But to answer Jeffrey Simpson's question about the deficit, it need not be paid down because the federal government can never run out of its own money and can never be forced into bankruptcy.  To serve the public purpose, government should spend on targeted employment an amount sufficient to assure that anyone who wants a job can get one, which also has the effect of stimulating the private sector.  With no idle resources in the economy, the deficit will adjust to its proper level, and will not, as it does under austerity, keep rising because of plummeting tax revenues and soaring welfare costs. 

Larry Kazdan,

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <> []

Late night

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 09:18 PM PDT

Have a great night!
Following the money

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 03:00 AM PDT
The big news of the past 24 hours in Canadian politics: "Del Mastro donors offer to trade details on alleged reimbursement scheme for immunity."
Donors who say they were reimbursed for contributions they made to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro's 2008 election campaign have offered to speak to Elections Canada if given immunity from prosecution.
A lawyer representing some of the donors wrote to the elections watchdog to say they will provide details of a scheme that allegedly used payments from a Mississauga, Ont., electrical company owned by Del Mastro's cousin to reimburse donors.
The lawyer specified these donors will co-operate if they are assured they would not face prosecution for accepting reimbursement and claiming the donations as deductions on their tax returns.
It is illegal to conceal the source of political contributions under the Elections Act.

We don't know how many individuals this lawyer represents but the reference is to multiple donors. Recall that the employee's sworn statement referenced in the previous reporting (and this one) referred to 19 people in total who could possibly have been part of a reimbursement scheme. So it would be interesting to know how many people are offering to co-operate.

Regarding this policy:
Citing its standard policy of not commenting on investigations or complaints, Elections Canada would not say whether it would accept the offer or even confirm it had been received. The agency will not say if it is looking into these allegations.

Why is this the policy of Elections Canada? These are serious allegations and the public has a right to know whether they are being pursued. Elections Canada did affirm it was investigating the robocall allegations, they should do the same here and make a statement, as soon as they are prepared to do so and mindful of the public interest. Transparency breeds accountability and faith in the system.

Also, the report goes on to mention Harper's support of Del Mastro in Parliament last week. But if these allegations are proven, it would be hard to imagine that support continuing.

From: John Halonen
Subject: Only in Canada:Bank of Nova Scotia - Rulers of Canada

Wanderer has sent you a link to a blog:

From Rebecca's Comments: Nothing will happen - the Bankers are above the law Unfortunately, that is true, even in Canada. John Halonen

Blog: Only in Canada
Post: Bank of Nova Scotia - Rulers of Canada
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From: Gregg Gordon <>
Subject: 2012 Mid-Year President's Letter


SSRN delivered its 50 millionth full-text paper download early in 2012 and is currently close to 56 million downloads to date; a current run rate of 1,000,000 per month. This indicates the community's desire for tomorrow's research today and the value of broadly sharing pre-publication, interdisciplinary research.

The SSRN eLibrary currently contains 430,000 paper abstracts from 200,000 authors and has received over 66,000 new submissions over the last 12 months.

SSRN's Citereader project with ITX Corp. has extracted 7.7 million references, 5.2 million citations, and 7.9 million footnotes from our 350,000 full text papers. The team has also developed the ability to identify references from within footnotes and they will begin appearing on SSRN abstract pages soon.

Over the next six months, SSRN will continue to expand the breadth of social sciences and humanities research in the SSRN eLibrary by creating research networks in Innovation with Scott Stern and Eric von Hippel from MIT Sloan School of Management and Anthropology in cooperation with the American Anthropological Association. In addition, we will begin experimenting with non-English language scholarly research by creating a Hebrew language version of the SSRN site in partnership with Bar Ilan University.

Our mid-year distribution break is scheduled for Monday, 2 July 2012 through Sunday, 15 July 2012. During the break, SSRN's abstracting eJournals will not be distributed while we test new functionality and improve the performance of our servers. We will continue to provide support for downloads, submissions, and subscriptions but there will be periods of time when the site is unavailable.

For any requests during the break, please contact customer support at or call toll free 877-SSRNHelp (877-777-6435). Outside of the United States, call +1 585 442 8170. We are open Monday through Friday between 8:30AM and 6:00PM, United States Eastern.

I am always interested in your feedback about SSRN and our team loves to hear stories about how SSRN has impacted your life. Please contact me at or use our "Feedback to SSRN" link on most SSRN web pages.

Thank you for your continued support!

Gregg Gordon
Social Science Research Network

From: Mahmood Elahi <>
To: <>
Subject: Quebec's separation would propel Canada toward union with the United States

The Editor
The Globe and Mail
Copy to: Prof. Donald J. Savoie, Canada Research Chiar in Public Administration and Governance, University of Moncton: In the context of Quebec's separation, it must be pointed that Quebec's separation will inextricably propel Canada toward union with the United States and Quebec will be face a gian English-speaking federation next door. I think most Quebecers understand this and this is why they are unlikely to vote"yes" in any referendum even though they might elect the Parti Quebecois in the next election. In fact, Quebec -- with its own language, own flag and its own "National Assembly" -- has achieved sovereignty within Canada. The situation is not different from Scotland where the Scotts have elected separatist Scottist Nationalist Party, but have not shown any interest to secede from the United Kingdom.
Quebec's separation would propel Canada toward union with the United States
Re "Who will speak up for Canada?" by Donald Savoie (June 29).
Donald J. Savoie has expressed genuine concerns over next Quebec referendum on separation. In this context, it must be pointed out that Quebec's separation will inextricably propel Canada towards union with the United States.
Quebec's separation, beside splintering Canada, will bring into focus the great similarities that exist between Canada and the United States -- the English language they share, their common British colonial roots and their close economic relations. After Quebec's separation, the English-speaking parts of North America will look like an organic whole with artificial boundaries between them increasingly anachronistic and before long, we might see the emergence of a giant English-speaking North American federation, surrounding Quebec from all sides.
Although as an independent country, Quebec might be able to better protect its French language and culture, its economic dependence on the giant federation would be so great that it might feel extremely vulnerable. This is why the majority of Quebecers are unlikley to vote for separation even if they might elect the Parti Quebecois in the next election. In this way, Quebec is not different from Scotland where the Scotts have elected the separatist Scottish National Party (SNP), but have shown no desire to opt for separation in the coming referendum on Scotland's separation from the United Kingdom. Scotts know that by separating from the United Kingdom, they might end up dependent on Europe's most populous and powerful country, Germany.
Donald Savoie need not worry. People of Quebec will be the defenders of Canada.

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Help me make it happen for 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts' on Indiegogo


I'm writing to let you know about 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts'

Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'Help Protect Internet Freedom in the Courts' happen.

From: Gord Elliott
Subject: Ethics commissioner wants to get tough on MPs who don't declare  gifts
Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail, Last updated Saturday, Jun. 30 2012, 9:35 AM EDT

The five MPs met the Crown Prince of Kuwait, travelled to a desert oasis and discussed world affairs with senior Kuwaiti officials. And when the $60,000 Parliamentary trip wrapped up just days before the 2011 election campaign began, they received several gifts, including Bulgari watches. Such luxury pieces sell in Canada for thousands of dollars, and MPs are required to disclose all gifts worth more than $500 in a public registry. The registry shows declarations from two of the five, both Conservatives. Two Liberals – then-Speaker Peter Milliken and Raymonde Folco – retired before the 60-day limit for disclosure, and the registry lists only current MPs. The fifth MP, Liberal Judy Foote, said she didn't think the gifts were worth $500 and only declared them on Wednesday after calls from The Globe and Mail.

It is the kind of thing that has federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson increasingly frustrated that MPs are not following their own rules. To clear up any possible confusion, she wants MPs to declare every gift they receive worth more than $30, and she wants the power to fine those who break the rules. She also wants MPs to consider whether free meals should qualify as gifts. "My sense is the rules say one thing and many MPs are doing something completely different," Ms. Dawson said in an interview this week in her Ottawa office.
Ethics commissioner wants to get tough on MPs who don't declare gifts

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: from Ron Thornton DD

Joe--what doesn't Ron understand about our country today? Does he honestly believe we are a 'democracy'? Democracy believes in the 'will of the people'. The outcome of any election is known before the first X is marked on a ballot. Voting does not a democracy make. It is involvement of the people that is a true democracy--something Canada has not had for a very long time. Does he not understand we have no one to 'vote' for? They are all controlled by the same gangsters.
As for intervention in other countries--we 'intervene' after we have caused the 'uprisings' in the first place. The 'rebels' are under the control(armed and paid) by the countries of NATO that go in to 'give humanitarian aid' after their 'rebels' have caused the death and destruction that will be blamed on the leader we want removed.
WWIII is just around the corner. And the same group that caused the other two WWs will also cause this one. The game plan never changes. Check out the real history, thot the pap we are fed by the controlled msm and the 'history' books.
Subject: Ralph

A beautiful article about Ralph Klein. Now there was a leader. I will never forget when my oldest son Andrew came out to Alberta for a visit. His suitcase was open and my youngest son saw some underwear in it. It was Calvin Klein underwear but my youngest son was so excited. He said, "look Mom--Andrew wears Ralph Klein underwear"! I wrote this to Ralph and got the greatest letter back from him. He had a great sense of humor also.
Subject: [On-Guard] No wonder seniors can't get their pensions--the money has to go to
MPs. I thought this was going to be discussed in Parliament? I guess it slipped their minds?

MP pension hoard hits $1 billion
By Mark Dunn, Senior National Reporter
 Parliament Hill in Ottawa April 25, 2012. (Andre Forget / QMI AGENCY)

OTTAWA - The pension pool for MPs will hit nearly $1 billion Saturday after taxpayers inject $23 million to fatten the golden goose.
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) said the quarterly 10.4% interest deposit is akin to raiding the wallet of working Canadians to ensure retired or defeated parliamentarians live the high life when they turn 55.

They must serve at least six years to collect.

"It certainly provides peace of mind, knowing that you are one of a thousand people with a piece of a billion-dollar nest egg," CTF federal director Gregory Thomas said Friday about those eligible for the platinum plan.

To put it into perspective, the average Canada Pension Plan payout this year is $534.10 a month compared to $5,970 an average MP who retired last year receives.

While other invested plans fluctuate in value depending on the volatility of markets, MPs have no such worries because they are guaranteed a compounded annual rate of return of 10.4% paid for by taxpayers. In contrast, the S&P/TSX composite index lost 12.2% in the last 12 months.
For every $1 parliamentarians contributed to their plan last year, taxpayers gave $24.36, said Thomas. That works out to a compounded total of $4.5 million in parliamentarian contributions compared with $110.7 million from taxpayers.

"It's highway robbery," he said.

If the four million Canadians who receive CPP were paid like the average newly retired MP, it would cost $284 billion - more than the $276 billion 2012 federal budget, said the CTF.

From: Natroses

Breakdown on Responsibility to Protect

What it is - "Responsibility to Protect is a concept for intervention in a state by the international community (which preferably through the UN) for the prevention of genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass killings and human rights violations taking place, in a country which is unwilling (or unable) to stop it. At that time, the wider international community then has a collective responsibility to take whatever action is necessary to prevent it.  It is central to human security in all its dimensions. It is crucial to building post-conflict societies, supporting the rule of law,
multilateral and democratic institutions."

What it does - "Responsibility to Protect is a recently developed concept in international relations. It aims to  provide a legal and ethical basis for "humanitarian intervention" : the intervention by external actors (preferably the international community through the UN) in a state that is unwilling or unable to fight genocide, massive killings and other massive human rights violations.  The concept places a  moral pressure  on states to protect the human rights of people in countries other than their own. If a particular state is unwilling or unable to carry out its responsibility to prevent such abuses, that responsibility must be transferred to the international community, which will solve problems primarily via peaceful means (such as diplomatic pressure, dialogue, even sanctions), an expression of universal morality or, as a last resort, through the use of military force."

Conditions to intervene - "Thus, before intervention is mandated by the UN, it is necessary for the Security Council to establish the need for intervention, confirm the inability of the state concerned to co-operate, and satisfy its members that intervention would be legitimate."

Obstacles to intervene - "The UN Charter prohibits to intervene in the domestic affairs of a state. Article 2, paragraph 7: "Nothing contained  in the present charter shall authorise the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state."

"Global arms trade ($1300 billion) and continued sales of arms and other military hardware
encourages violence, conflicts genocides and mass killings around the world. Government
provided millions of dollars in military aid to military dictatorship and oppressive governments
throughout the world, many of those countries now have appallingly high levels of armed

" Last but not least, there is ever-recurring problem of generating the  political will to act. For
most countries this is hardest to find when military force is involved, even if the required
capacity is there, but it is also needed to mobilize non-military coercive action like sanctions or
bringing atrocity crime suspects before international criminal courts, and it is also a requirement
even for utterly non-coercive preventive action, like targeted development assistance, which
may nonetheless involve expensive resources and the commitment to apply them effectively.
Finding the will to do anything hard, expensive or politically sensitive is just a given in public
affairs, domestically or internationally. Its absence should be the occasion not for lamentation,
but mobilization."

Why should R2P be used as the standard - "We need methods of gaining the confidence of civil society in the assessment of alternatives to war. The understanding of "intervention" should be widened to include methods of conflict prevention and resolution other than the use of military force. It is too easy for heads of state to assert that "all diplomatic avenues have been explored". History shows that this is rarely the case. In both the Kosovo and the Iraq wars, it later emerged that the proponents of war rejected potentially hopeful back-channel diplomatic approaches."

" While R2P itself can't prevent unilateral actions, civil society and the public can use R2P as a
standard against which to judge proposed actions. R2P is meant to act as a safeguard against
unilateral intervention by states seeking to advance their status as global or regional powers by
requiring that any response to large-scale threats to populations take the form of a collective
response. R2P requires that the right authority approve any intervention."

So what some might say?  The paper concludes - "So the concept of R2P is morally sound, accepted by the international community, but hard to enforce. R2P concept is a challenge for civil society and the broader peace movement. Our  responsibility is to ensure that genocides and wars against humanity do not occur and if they do,  how can we respond quickly and effectively to stop killings, torture and rapes.
A small group of dissenters continues to express concern that powerful countries will use R2P
as a pretence for military intervention."

Pretty good one and much too cute for the economic and political powers not to use R2P as a backdrop to masked the real intentions of intervention. All in the name of human right abuses, and other moral sins of sovereign nations. Kinda like Afghanistan, and the moral outrage of girls not allowed to go to school compared to the absence of moral outrage in Sudan. "The on-going genocide in Darfur, Sudan has already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Darfuris and has displaced more than 2 million more. The genocide began in early 2003 when members of two rebel groups—the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA)—revolted against the Sudanese government in Khartoum alleging systematic neglect of the inhabitants of Darfur. The government responded by launching an assault against these two rebel groups. The response has been two-pronged, combining aerial bombing raids with a sustained ground assault. The ground offensive is carried out by Arab militias recruited from local tribes and armed by the government– collectively known as the janjaweed."

Where Afghanistan has 3 trillion dollars worth of minerals that could not be access by the economic powers, and what does Sudan have? Oil already own by the international oil interests.

And the background information for Sudan - "

No need for intervention in Sudan by the political and economic powers even though genocide and all matters of human right abuses are occurring, as long as the oil is flowing outside of Sudan borders. But Syria is another matter where some of the political and economic forces are calling for action now. Lets invade Syria on the pretense of human rights abuses, and just like in Afghanistan, invade, conquer and put in a pseudo-democratic government, to be able to have access to the 3 trillion dollars worth of minerals in Afghanistan's ground.,097-+

War - the only way to create economic growth and  profits. The R2P document is just that the guidelines to invade other countries, and has nothing to do with correcting human right abuses.

Veterans Today - has an article that should blow the cobwebs of some DD readers who insist to make comparisons between WWII and Syria.

" Thirty years of "biting" sanctions and sanctions "with teeth" have achieved the following: "Strong or improving growth conditions," said Goldman Sachs just last year, "combined with favorable demographics, form the foundation of the N-11 growth story." The investment bank, furthermore, estimates "a measurable increase in the N-11's share of global GDP, from roughly 12% in the current decade to 17% in 2040-2049."
It's a bad global economy we are facing right now, but Goldman Sachs' charts illustrate that Iran is still one of five nations in the N-11 pot whose "productivity and sustainability of growth" is above average. "

"The new trade deal inked between Iran and India ensures Rupee payment for 45% of Iranian oil imports, with the balance remaining in Indian banks to pay for exports to the Islamic Republic. This achieves two important things that are an unintended consequence of US sanctions: firstly, it eliminates the Dollar as the trading currency (note that oil prices have traditionally been priced in US Dollars); secondly, it significantly accelerates economic integration between Iran and one of the four largest emerging economies in the world.

D.S. Rawat, head of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India, says of the agreement: "The potential of trade and economic relations between the two countries can touch the level of $30 billion by 2015 from the current level of $13.7 billion dollars in 2010-11."

There's more. During the course of the past two weeks, Iran has purchased around 1.1 million tons of cereals and wheat from international markets – including products originating in Germany, Canada, Brazil and Australia – which it has paid for entirely in currencies other than the Dollar."

"It takes one solid idea, in a world desperately seeking them, to start the creaky shift to a new global order. Emerging economies have been nipping at the heels of the world's governing bodies for decades, demanding entry into the hallowed halls of the UN Security Council's permanent members; insisting on a seat at the main table at the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization.

When European leaders went begging for scraps at the last G-20 meeting, the BRICs found their feet and yawned a collective "no." It signaled a reversal of fortunes, that meeting, and the idea that they can forge their own path was born. The BRICs then announced their first joint foreign policy statement last November – on Syria, of all places. The idea matured."

"This week the US is putting the screws on Belgian-based SWIFT. If you've ever wired money to another country, you have used SWIFT – it is essentially the messaging system between banks that alerts them to money transfers. The US wants to cut Iranian banks out of the SWIFT system, in effect making it practically impossible for anyone inside or outside Iran to send or receive funds.

Who knows what Iran will do if this comes to pass? It will probably just join non-aligned countries to create an alternative SWIFT, further undermining the western grip on global finance. Iran, after all, decided last year not to put up with the prospect of perpetual cyberwar with the west, and is forging ahead with plans to create a closed internet system for itself.

Each step the US and EU take to hinder Iran's flexibility is countered with an innovative solution – one that includes more and more non-western players who are keen to craft a new global order. They used to worry about that kind of confrontation with the west, but the collapse of the current order has left few obstacles in their paths – and even offers incentives.

Like the proverbial finger in the dyke to block a leak…the water will always find another way out and possibly even bust open the dam. A warning to Washington: the burden of anxiety will always fall on the one who needs the dam most."

Connect the dots to the domestic policies of sovereign nations, and more so for Canada. Take note of the network connections that reinforces the messages of the political and economic powers, that asks citizens to ignore the realities, and take it upon themselves to adapt and adopt the siren cry from the political and economic powers on faith. Much like and in the same way, people and their relationship to God, and yet the political and economic powers are not gods.

Why do people like the one in today's DD, insist on ignoring the realities, but are literally convince...."Dairy farmers in these countries will be too happy to supply all our milk and butter. There will be no need for supply management or high tariff to allow Canadian dairy farmers to charge higher prices. This is what the free market principle of comparative advantage tells us."  May I asked, what free market?  Yeah right, a free market under the pretense of free trade agreements. As soon as the ink was dried on the NAFTA agreement, Canadian retail prices, including dairy, eggs and poultry became a lot higher than the United States, and to where 2012,  free trade agreements are the vehicles to interfered and manipulate the free market mechanisms.  So this DD reader is happily passing the messages of cheaper dairy products from other countries, but never considers what it might do to the retail prices of domestic dairy products, nor the inevitable outcomes of the big international farming corporations of swallowing the smaller farms, and the regulation regime of the thou shall not rules, for the smaller farms to abide by the international free trade agreements. Or look at the fishery sector, and the yahoos in Alberta,  happily paying outrageous prices for their lobster, that may or may not be lobster or caught by Canadian fish harvesters.  Or the high death toll in the fishery, and the subtle blame unto the individuals who work in the fishery.

Is it a far stretch since the advent of the rise of only a few international fish harvesters, processors and marketers, the fishing deaths have not only increased, but as well as the decreasing role of government, the cuts to government funding and services and the globalization of the fish markets.  The free trade agreements have only served the fish market, its profits by turning the fish products into a luxury food. Watch it happen with cheese, and like fish - for most folks it will be eating cheese that tastes like plastic, and fish filled with toxins. But who cares, as long as politicians can pontificate on the virtues of free trade agreements, and state the numbers of the increasing government revenues, jobs and prosperity? Right guys and gals?  The ordinary folks still have choice, just like they do in buying the loaf of bread. If a consumer wants a better quality than the plastic bread of $3.00 a loaf, then they can choose to buy the bread with a higher quality of flour grain, no preservatives and pay the premium price for it. After all, the free market is all about the price right guys and gals? And not at all about the quality of the food and its connections to long-term health.

Yes, free trade agreements are good?  Really?  What about the Canadians - the senior citizens? "Canadians over the age of 65 now have the highest insolvency and bankruptcy rates in the country, according to the latest family finances report by the Vanier Institute for the Family.  "

Note why senior citizens are declaring bankruptcy, and the solutions that given to avoid bankruptcy. Solutions that often means stripping the senior citizens of their prime asset, their home, as the government on both levels move to reduce benefits and CPP pension restrictions in the light of the rising cost of basic living. So much easier to declared bankruptcy, especially when the reality of being hired at the local fast food chain at the age of 68, is unlikely  if one has arthritis.

Informed opinion relies on the evidence, and when the scientific evidence is remove to support only the ideology and self-serving interests of the political and economic powers at the expense of its citizens - the free trade agreements no longer work on the principles of the free market, but on the principles and tenets of PROPAGANDA.

On propaganda to justified the outcomes of self-serving government and economic policies. "The grip of Islamist group Ansar Dine on northern Mali and their imposition of Islamic law or Sharia has recently been tragically demonstrated in Timbuktu. A couple who had a child out of wedlock, publicly received 100 lashes each [fr].

This video of the sentence being carried out, shared by MaliWeb [fr] on YouTube [WARNING: Graphic content], shocked many Malians and they reacted strongly across social media.
Read more:

Or this little ditty - "Enbridge can't say if federal cuts would undermine oil spill response

Read more:

Who needs common sense, when propaganda serves a useful purpose. Right Ron?  "What's most damning, however, is what the commission has to say about the stonewalling of its investigation by the Harper government. The politically explosive detainee controversy broke in 2007 and threatened to topple the minority Conservative government in 2009.

The watchdog says Ottawa's conduct during its long probe threatened its independence, and lamented the "overall attitude of antipathy" shown by a government that insisted it, not the commission, would determine what information should be disclosed."

The high flying helicopter taxi minister - "Defence Minister Peter MacKay's office said the report – which cleared the eight MPs – is more proof that Canadian soldiers did nothing wrong.

"[It's] one more investigation demonstrating that no credible evidence was found to support the allegations against our men and women in uniform," said Josh Zanin, Mr. MacKay's press secretary. "We are proud of their professionalism in the conduct of the work we ask them to do."

Propaganda guys and gals, and the continue use of tactics by any government no matter the stripe, to justify their economic and political policies on the grounds of moral superiority. The actions of a government are kept separate and in a silo of their own, from the outcomes of the intended targets of the economic and political policies. So Ron, justifies his stance by the insistence of keeping the government and their actions in a separate silo, by asking readers if not Harper, who than?  A question that is very much like asking if God exists. Often answered by the moral codes of individuals and moral superiority, based on faith, since the existence of God cannot be proven. However governments and the actions of governments can be proven by the political and economic  policies and the outcomes of such policies.  Harper is the worse of the bunch in Canada, because of their insistence of being the only ones on the moral high ground compared to their counterparts. The Harper gang is the worse, because policy formation is done on the ideological and dogma of the their Conservative beliefs, and their ferment rabid belief, almost religious fervor of being on the moral high ground. The evidence - does not matter. The outcomes - does not matter. In the same way, the Crusades - "The chronicles report a spontaneous youth movement in France and Germany in 1212 attracting large numbers of peasant teenagers and young people (few were under age 15). They were convinced they could succeed where older and more sinful crusaders had failed: the miraculous power of their faith would triumph where the force of arms had not. Many parish priests and parents encouraged such religious fervor and urged them on. The pope and bishops opposed the attempt but failed to stop it entirely. A band of several thousand youths and young men led by a German named Nicholas set out for Italy. About a third survived the march over the Alps and got as far as Genoa; another group came to Marseilles. The luckier ones eventually managed to get safely home, but many others were sold as slaves in Marseilles. The sources are scattered and unclear and historians are still not sure exactly what happened. [47] In more recent times it is considered doubtful that there was any such expedition."

Isn't it like 2012 - the political and economic forces asking people to believe them, no matter the outcomes, and if anyone opposes and questions the political and economic forces - they become the road kill?  The latest from the Minister Kenney - all about believing in their words, and calling the others who opposed the changes to health services for immigration.  "Note from uploader: Kenney is also asked about the values of Canada in the eyes of new Canadians, he displays a stunning example of Conservative paranoia, that the integrity of our country is being threatened. It's all about fear, very revealing. "

If not the above - the below image

Employees at the Canada Revenue Agency who wore this button to  

"Management got wind of the buttons and the CRA's collective bargaining, interpretation and recourse section sent a notice to all regional human resources representatives and the message trickled down to CRA offices across the country.

According to the union, the notice said the buttons are "considered to be derogatory and damaging to the employer's reputation" and that if employees are wearing them they should be advised to take them off immediately."

Say whatever you want, the forces that have the authority and power over individuals, often get very upset, when an individual expresses to the one with the authority, you personally hate me. Children do this often, especially in the social institute called school, and more often there is more truth to the statement of a child, 'The teacher hates me', than the responses of the school, based on their authority to justify discrimination practices resulting from school and education policies.

For Canada Day - food for thought

"Unite to end poverty in Canada, Unite to save our Forests, Unite to protect our bodies from industrial poisons and toxins, Unite to lead Canada out of the Fossil Fuel era and towards a Sustainable and Fertile future. Unite to keep oil out of our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Land. Unite to end corporate government in Canada. Unite for an elected Senate, Proportional Representation, and an end to political bribery, Unite to bring true Democracy to Canada."

The Canadian Revolution

And a celebratory to the much despise symbol - the Beaver - despise only by the Harper gang, as well as the wolf, caribou, and any other animal that gets in the way of economic development and their vision of prosperity. Bill C-38 proves it, and a host of other videos showing the killing of wildlife in and around where ever their is mining and oil development.

We Are the Beaver