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Leadership race may be last chance for Liberals to get it right
Nowhere to go but down

Who will speak up for Canada?
Ambivalence rising as more Canadians 'don't really care' if Quebec separates

Who's ready for another unity crisis? Not Harper
Charities should be even more involved in politics

The debate over the state is getting stale
Federal cutbacks threat to future generation

It's hard to be an energy superpower
Premier Dad let down the family in Elliot Lake

Obamacare stunner: U.S. court deals blow to freedom of choice
ustin Trudeau's summer of indecision

Coren: Justin's not ready. Nice hair and political nepotism not what's needed in Ottawa
Robson: Liberals need more than great hair at the helm

Carleton U. releases politics school $15M donation details
Senator Patrick Brazeau picks fight with APTN reporter over story about sexual harassment allegations

Pro-Taliban rapper gets taxpayer subsidies
S. Taylor: Prime Minister's Office condemns rap video that glorifies Taliban terrorists

Covering #cdnpoli without the language divide
Refugee health wrong priority for provinces, Kenney says

Ralph Klein, Pat Quinn named to Order of Canada
Former prime ministers' graves maintenance falling through the cracks, documents show

Harper minister ducks questions on plan to "authorize" water pollution
Pick a fight, win a war

NDP slightly leads Conservatives: Environics poll
6 things that will change on Canada Day weekend

Telcos in talks with Ottawa to shape Internet 'spy' bill: documents
Canadian economy picks up as energy rebounds in April

NDP's environmental turf is thin ice for Mulcair, Preston Manning says
Visitors get $49-million welcome centre but fewer chances to tour Parliament

Locker room reno finished on the double after PMO's top gun got involved: docs
DND hit with almost 200 more job cuts, including 88 at Petawawa

New CBC board appointment raises questions of qualifications
Public servants send PM, Tory MPs 'affected' notices

'Harper Hates Me' buttons spark conflict in public service
Tories, NDP battling for small business, survey suggests

Mental illness accounts for almost half of all public service disability claims
RCMP overhaul of job descriptions sparks anger in ranks

Vic Toews reflects on his tumultuous political year
Quebec separatism no 'big deal' to many outside the province, poll finds

Feds' move to close world-renowned freshwater environmental research centre strikes a nerve: Forum Research poll
EI changes will not target seasonal workers: Finley

Anti-gay pamphleteer launches libel suit against CBC
Canadian doctors wrestling with issues around medically assisted suicide

Wine lovers limited by provinces despite federal change
Cheers! Wine freedom becomes law

Federal plan to dump immigrant backlog on hold as lawyers prepare lawsuit
Minister's comments on rescue effort 'dismissive, callous,' Hudak says

Latest Alberta budget 'essentially balanced'
Campbell's former press secretary to join B.C. Premier's communications staff

Bombastic NDP MP fundraising for legal bill donations
Feds renew health data collection agreement

Hudak urges major changes to Ontario labour law
Military police cleared in report by watchdog

Doctors make last appeal against refugee health cuts
All signs point to late-summer Quebec election

Nearly half of Canadians dislike Stephen Harper: Poll
Survey finds Canadian support for UN 'lukewarm'

Enbridge Safety Standards Not Yet 'World Class': Employee
'Journeys to the Edge': A New Journalism Model

Euro 2012, Tournament of Political Scores
VIDEO: Google Glass Takes Flight

BC 'carbon tax shift' a success, says think-tank report
As BC Ferries lost money and traffic, executives got bonus bump

Exxon CEO: Fossil fuels will warm planet, but humans can adapt


Bahrain Protesters Denounce US Support for Dictatorship
Baltimore Hip Hop on School to Prison Pipeline

Supreme Court Decision Good, But Fight for "Medicare For All" Continues Supreme Court Sides with Corporatization of Medicine
Give Egypt's Mursi Some Time – OpEd

Possible Explanation Found For Why Eating Fish Improves Memory
Earth's Oldest Impact Crater Found In Greenland

Iran Says EU Sanctions To Damage Nuclear Talks
Asia's Austerity: The New Global Norm

U.S. Health Care: An Exercise in Stalinist Industrial Economics?
NYPD Spent $10 Million on Radiation Detecting Helicopter

Planet X Classics
NYPD Spend $10 Million on a Radiation Detecting Helicopter

Tourism Booms in Mexico as Crime Rises
9/11 Explosive Evidence Film & US Tour

35 Reasons Micro-Nukes Were Utilized to Demolish the WTC Cores on 9/11
Turkey's Erdogan Continues Provocations Against Syria in Service of Gulf Monarchies

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare As Corporate Media Ignores It's Dangers
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Obamacare

Russia Preps Mach 7 Missiles With India's Help
Pottery 20,000 Years Old Found in Chinese Cave

Fraud Rampant in UN While Internal Investigations Come Up Short
EU Creates 'Pro-Democracy' Regime Change Slush Fund to 'Fight Tyrants'

Did Rand Paul Even Read the GMO Labeling Amendment Before Voting NO?
Alarmists Use Government Study to Claim Sea Levels Are Rising

2012 London Olympics: Undercover Journalist Reveals that 200,000 Casket Linings on Standby, American and Foreign Troops Onsite, Evacuation Plan Ready for All of London

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Read more  Nuclear Arsenal in China Much Bigger Than Believed, Says Expert

Read more  Rio+20 a Financial Success for Brazil
Read more  Genocide Charge Dropped Against 'Butcher of Bosnia'

Read more  US Army Chief of Staff Discusses Military of the Future
Read more  Chinese Dairy Recalls Milk Tainted with Alkaline Water

Read more  Purge of High-Level Ministries Started in China, Says Magazine
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READ MORE President Barroso At Intermediary Press Conference At European Council – Statement
READ MORE Euro Area Summit Statement

READ MORE Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling: First Step Down Slippery Slope? – OpEd
READ MORE Egypt's Islamists And Military: Partners Or Rivals? – OpEd

READ MORE White Man As Indian Poor's Burden – OpEd
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READ MORE Egypt: The Electoral Victory Of Political Islam – OpEd
READ MORE Cindy Sheehan: Corporate-Care And Looking For Loss In All The Wrong Places – OpEd

READ MORE Ron Paul: Americans Will Opt Out Of Obamacare With Or Without Congress – OpEd
READ MORE The Real Winners

READ MORE Judge Allows Florida Voter Purge Despite Federal Law Forbidding It
READ MORE Coal Ash, Keystone XL Dropped From Transportation Bill

READ MORE Student Loans to Become More Expensive Despite Deal
READ MORE Record Radiation Levels Detected at Fukushima Reactor
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22h12 - Étudiants · Des militants québécois iront parler du conflit en Ontario
        Des militants étudiants québécois prendront part à une tournée de solidarité dans plusieurs villes ontariennes. Agence QMI
15h31 - Présidente de la Société du Vieux-Port · Dépenses extravagantes: le gouvernement n'exige pas de remboursement
        «Elle a des comptes à rendre. Elle doit donner l'exemple, comme les députés, les ministres.» Agence QMI
03h37 - Grève étudiante · Pénurie de moniteurs
        La grève étudiante cause bien des maux de tête aux camps de jour et de vacances qui, en raison du retour en classe à la mi-août,        craignent d'être aux prises avec une pénurie de moniteurs. JDM

Pauline Marois et le carré rouge: de «en couple» à «c'est compliqué»
Couple Québec/Canada: l'inconfort et l'indifférence

Mise en garde de fin de session: les conservateurs croient toujours avoir le droit au secret
J'ai un shampooing keynésien

En rediffusion : Les thérapies alternatives ont-elles tué Steve Jobs?
Le verdict étonnant, sage et astucieux du juge Roberts

F*cking Tourist, l'expo qui se moque des touristes
Anglos et francos: une grève, deux solitudes

Montréal complètement cirque : Alexandra Royer au cerceau aérien et à la barre russe
La sortie du mois: la ferme Guyon, à Chambly


From: "Rory J. Koopmans" <>

joe hueglin my good sir, hope u and mrs. joe and all the hueglin's have a spellbinding canada day weekend my friend!
rory j. koopmans
edmonton, alberta

From: Ron Thornton

*Hey Joe:

It appears the Digest truly has become the haven of progressives, liberals, socialists, with little balance with anything one might refer to as conservative.

First, in regards to whether or not external forces should be involved in Syria, one does not need to ponder why we did or did not roll into some other nation or region having problems but rather one needs to ask if in doing so is the right thing to do, or leaving the population to its fate is proper. For example, rolling into Nazi Germany might have been proper, but the consequences were deemed too high at the time and the chances of success as minimal. Syria might be another matter...if one considers the reasons to do so as being the right thing to do.

Does anyone like Stephen Harper, or even tolerate him, or maybe just recognize him as the best of a poor lot? If he gets replaced, then by whom? What will the replacement provide us all to make this a better land, to make me feel like they might be worth my while, or my own? I shall vote Liberal or NDP because.....? Educate me.

If I can't at least be educated here, then maybe I'm simply in the wrong place.

Take care, Joseph.

Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Ab

From: "Tom Brewer"

Obviously the Defense Minister does not care, in my opinion. Make sure a helicopter is there for him but as it relates to saving jobs... Forget-it! This attitude is so obvious, in my opinion... "vote for me... Vote for me..." once the election is over... Who are you anyway seems to be the result!
Sickening as hell! We are however responsible for this attitude. We seem to thrive on being recognized however when ones job is at stake a result of government action... We are left to the ravages around us!
I'm sorry to suggest once Canadians realize they have been duped Harper anh his band might well be looking for work!

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: With cold climate, Canada doesn't enjoy comparative advantage for dairy vis a vis Australia and New Zeland

The Editor
Financial Post
Copy to: Prof. William Watson, McGill University.
With cold climate, Canada doesn't enjoy comparative advantage for dairy vis a vis Australia and New Zealand
Re Editorial: "Breathe deep on farm supply," by William Watson (June 28).

It is true that we pay higher prices for milk and butter compared to consumers in Australia and New Zealand. But we also pay higher prices for many things like higher heating bills in winter. While visiting Sydney last year, when I told an Australian that I live in Canada, he replied: "It must be very hard for you to shovel snow during every winter." Similarly, dairy farmers in Canada pay much higher heating bills vis a vis their counterparts in those countries. Dairy cows must be kept in heated barns during our harsh winter while herds in Australia and New Zealand can roam outside during their mild winters.
As such, a case can be made that Canada doesn't have the comparative advantage for dairy farming vis a vis their down under counterparts. So why not abandon such a costly operation and import all our milk and butter from Australia and New Zealand? Dairy farmers in these countries will be too happy to supply all our milk and butter. There will be no need for supply management or high tariff to allow Canadian dairy farmers to charge higher prices. This is what the free market principle of comparative advantage tells us.

A QUESTION: What "comparative advantage" does Canada have aside from raw material production
From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: Supreme Court Rulings

Re: U.S. Health Care Supreme Court Decision & Future Rulings

Why not a secret ballot by the Supreme Justices, to arrive at Rulings?, followed by the Justices' explanations.   No ONE Supreme Court Judge should be the final decision maker;  " GOD Must Have A Role! "...... " In GOD We Trust! " and " GOD Bless America! " must have meaning.

Serge Crespy

From: Robert Ede
Subject: FYI - Final Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Finance Alerts (FIN) <>
Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 9:51 AM
Subject: [] Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit

Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit

The deadline to apply for the third payment of the Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit is June 30, 2012.

You must file your 2010 tax return by June 30, 2012 to apply for the last payment!

The Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit was introduced as a temporary measure, providing $4 billion to help Ontarians adjust to the HST, which came into effect on July 1, 2010.

Eligible families (including single parents) receive up to $335 and eligible single people receive up to $100 from the third and final payment.

Learn more about Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit

Questions? or call 1 800 337-7222

Follow us on Twitter: @OntMinFinance


Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <> []

Memories of Del Mastro
Posted: 28 Jun 2012 03:10 PM PDT

The Del Mastro Facebook page and its content became an issue during the federal election of 2011. The video outlines the issues.

Thought I would repost given the recent news involving brother David Del Mastro. Note the reference onscreen about midway to Douglas Del Mastro, another brother of the sitting MP. Elections are a family affair, of course. This one was highly motivated!

Update (6:10 p.m.): Correction: David Del Mastro is Dean's cousin. Douglas is his brother. My bad. It must be all the "D" names.

Tweet of the day, etc.
Posted: 28 Jun 2012 12:12 PM PDT

If you're coming to Canada to escape Obamacare, I feel bad for you son. We've got 99 problems but a lack of socialized medicine ain't one.
­ Jason Sweeney (@sween) June 28, 2012

Source of the fun that has gotten attention north of the border.

Other links of note:
The decision.

A good New York Times overview of the case that highlights the surprise alignment of conservative Chief Justice Roberts with the liberal wing of the court and these quotes from him:
In the opinion, Chief Justice Roberts wrote that the decision offers no endorsement of the law's wisdom, and that letting it survive reflects "a general reticence to invalidate the acts of the nation's elected leaders."
"It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices," he wrote.

Potential legal drawbacks to the decision are noted there too.

Brad DeLong notes that Justice Scalia's dissent shows that he got ahead of himself. Or something like that.

And some excellent photoshoppage to round it out!


The first robocalls victim - again

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 03:57 AM PDT
The Ottawa Citizen published an op-ed by former Saanich-Gulf Islands Liberal candidate Briony Penn on Tuesday: "I was the first robocalls victim." It tells the story of the 2008 federal election in that riding and the strange robocalls urging people to vote for an NDP candidate who had withdrawn from the race, thereby splitting the vote to the Conservative Gary Lunn's advantage.

The funny thing is, the Citizen - home of McMaher - published the same op-ed when this story first broke back in early March, as an astute reader points out to me. She thinks that Penn's piece is being republished given its appeal at the very end for an international review of the 2011 federal election robocall issue.

I don't know why it's being republished, it could just be an oversight. It is strange to re-publish an op-ed twice within three months. Whatever the reason though, if you read Penn's op-ed again, it has even more resonance. In light of the ballooning and serious Del Mastro allegations, you can't help but think that our institutional oversight of elections is failing us. And that maybe Elections Canada really should have paid more attention to the Saanich-Gulf Islands flashing red lights.

Refugee health care protest actions

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 03:12 AM PDT
Cuts to the Interim Federal Health program kick in this weekend yet protests will be ongoing. The doctors who are leading the opposition to the cuts, Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, are going to collect data on refugees who are affected and tell the stories that they hear by sharing them through media "and with Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers, both at their offices and when they make any health-related announcements." Good on them for their commitment, it has been so inspiring to see. You can follow them on Twitter at @docs4refugeehc to keep up on their activity.

There's another effort on this issue that's sprung up, students asking that people send 59 cents to Harper to support the cost per Canadian to cover the cuts. Worth circulating.

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Letter to Editor re: UN-impressed by UN's sanctimony, Editorial, June 27, 2012

Re: UN-impressed by UN's sanctimony, Editorial, June 27, 2012

Alas for Sun editorial writers, the world is not divided neatly into good and evil with democracies on one side and a global collection of thugs on the other. The United States, Great Britain and France, those democracies who have the most power with seats and vetoes on the Security Council, also have thousands of nuclear weapons and are among the world's largest arms exporters. The only way the UN can work is if it evaluates all countries, not just some. And no country can shrug off serious criticism simply by pointing fingers at worse offenders.
Larry Kazdan,

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: who decides what is a 'security case'???
U.S. can share Canadian border info under privacy deal

U.S. will be allowed to share Canadian border info under new privacy charter
Subject: sounds more like a bunker for the MPs to hide from Canadians???
  Wonder who will search for them when the building collapses?

Visitors get $49-million welcome centre but fewer chances to tour Parliament
Subject: But nothing will happen--the banksters are above the 'law'

A new nightmare on Wall Street? U.S. banks face criminal probe into global interest rate-fixing scheme as Barclays blows the whistle on America's financial giants
Subject: I bet we spend more time in jail than Graham James and other child pornographers
Telcos in talks with Ottawa to shape Internet 'spy' bill: documents
Public Safety Canada has been in close consultation with telecommunication companies over the logistics of Ottawa's so-called Internet "snoop and spy" legislation – talks that dealt with who will shoulder the costs of pricey "intercept capabilities," and whether it will even be feasible to monitor user behaviour in an increasingly complex "cloud-computing" environment.

More Related to this Story

From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Julian Assange needs another Houdini? Romeo Dallaire socked it to them! Conflicting reports on the departure of Elections Canada Robo-call man.

This email is posted on-line at:
Is there a bigger "David versus Goliath" story than · Julian Assange (Wikileaks) versus· the American Military Empire?
What a cliff-hanger! Will he be extradited to Sweden, or will Ecuador come through?
For Assange, it is the difference between death and life (the Swedes will turn him over to the Americans. Ecuador, into whose custody he masterfully escaped, will hopefully grant him asylum.)
For democracy it is life or death. Citizens in every would-be democracy, let's celebrate his work!
The most recent developments:
· June 20: JULIAN ASSANGE PULLS A HOUDINI. He slipped his electronic surveillance ankle bracelet, plus the police, and sought asylum inside Ecuador's Embassy in London See Why Julian Assange's Ecuador Move is Brilliant,

· And now: June 28, Julian Assange sent extradition notice by Met Police (while awaiting decision from Ecuador to accept or reject him).
History in the making. For a complete listing of the Assange postings, click on Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and scroll down.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, 2011 interview with Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Slavoj i ek:
" Information is a matter of life and death. We've learned that through these remarkable trove of documents (INSERT: documents leaked through Wikileaks) that have been released in the last year. The Iraq War Logs, the Afghanistan War Logs, and what's been called Cablegate, the U.S. State Department documents that are continuing to be released. Why does it matter so much? . . . "
Why DOES it matter so much?
Assange asserts that freedom of speech is not the jewel in democracy, so much as the freedom to communicate our ideas with each other. (WikiLeaks' Julian Assange & Philosopher Slavoj i ek, interview by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! He talks about the importance of an accurate societal record of what's happening; that societal record (independent, accurate journalism) is a driving force for him.
Slavoj i ek introduces the idea of "public reason", the independent space of communication and debate. I think of it in relation to our ability to make intelligent decisions for the society in which we live. If public reason is not carried out in an independent space (free of undue influence), we will make lousy decisions, or lousy decisions will be made for us!
But again, Why does it matter? . . .
What if no one knew, about "what's happening" to Julian Assange and why? Are you hearing it in the media? . . . Try these additional two examples:
1. 2012-05-11 Historic judgment: (Charge #2) Bush & Associates found Guilty of torture, Kuala Lumpur.
Would some people act differently if they didn't know that even a former U.S. President will be held accountable for war crimes?
It's not only the small players like Bosnian Serb general, Ratko Mladic, or al-Bashir from Sudan, or a general from Sierra Leone that will be put on trial. It is also George Bush and his pals, eventually. If we were in the dark, we would not be in a position to help.
And what if we didn't know WHO is assuming responsibility? Changing roles in the world, empowerment.
One of the major forces behind the efforts to bring Bush and Company to justice is "part of an initiative by former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad" who stated simply
"Unlawful use of force threatens the world to return to a state of lawlessness.
The acts of the accused
(Bush and Co.) were unlawful."
It's a group of international people, with leadership in Kuala Lumpur, who decided that they had to play their part to defend justice for all. Their position is well documented: Historic judgment: (Charge #2) Bush & Associates found Guilty of torture, Kuala Lumpur.
For newcomers: there's a long list of people working to ensure the arrest of Bush – see Arrest George Bush. Rule of Law essential to democracy.
Another point made in the Amy Goodman interview with Assange and i ek: the ordinariness of people who just decide to do something.
2. Click on this short video: Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence (from - Ideas worth spreading)
". . I believe that what's mostly missing for non-violence to grow is not for Palestinians to START adopting non-violence, but for us to start paying attention to those who already are . . ".
(I relate this to Julian Assange's statement of society's need to record and communicate what is happening in the real world. . . . If we don't know . . ?!)
Slavoj i ek, in the interview with Goodman says:
(the "he" referred to is Sgt Bradley Manning who is alleged to have leaked the documents to Wikileaks),
" . . There are many examples that I know of ordinary people who are not anything special, they are not saints. But all of a sudden, they see something, like probably he, if he is the one, saw all these documents, and something told him, "Sorry, I will not be pushed more. I have to do something here."
This is so precious today, because it also goes against a note which is in a way true, but it's exploited by our enemies, this idea ideology today is cynical, people are totally duped, and so on. No, they are not. I prefer her to play a little bit of simple moralism.

From time to time, there are ethical miracles. There are people who still care, and so on and so on. This is very important because, you know, like, let's not leave this domain of a care for simple, dignified, ethical acts to agencies like Catholic Church and so on. Who are they to talk about it? We . . . should rehabilitate this-I know it doesn't sound very postmodern or cynical-this idea that there are out there quite ordinary guys, nothing special, but who all of a sudden, as if in a miracle, do something wonderful. That's almost, I would say, our only hope today."

Julia Bacha is a quite ordinary person (maybe!) who did something wonderful! What if the villagers' story wasn't told, in their communities?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ==
The examples
- Julian Assange
- Mahathir Mohamad
- Julia Bacha
- tonnes of other such people find Canadians looking at actions of
- the U.K (in relation to Assange). (did their Supreme Court uphold the rule of law?)
- Sweden (how credible is their position on Assange, in whose interests, and with what intent?)
- the U.S.A. (look at the actions of the American military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Sgt Bradley Manning is alleged to have leaked documents to Wikileaks, bringing light to the darkness. If time permits sometime I would like to post what has happened to him at the hands of the military beasts. Manning is an incredible hero. I wonder how the historical record will read.)
- Ecuador (how is it that Ecuador can stand up to the U.S. and Canada can't?)
- Malaysia (Bush found guilty) and
- Palestine (Julia Bacha)
Maybe our stereotypes are challenged, because "what's happening" hasn't been communicated to us.
What are Ecuadorans, Malayans and Palestinians being told about what's going on in Canada?
Indeed, what are we being told about what's going on in Canada? . . .
There's lots of really good things happening. We just have to communicate it! Democracy Now!

ROMEO DALLAIRE SOCKS IT TO THEM! God bless Senator Romeo Dallaire - his speech against Bill S-10, cluster bombs
Or, how about this? short Animation: Enbridge spills it out
And robo-call updates:

· THE NOOSE IS TIGHTENING: 2012-06-27 New evidence backs claims of questionable Dean Del Mastro donations
· CONFLICTING REPORTS ON THE DEPARTURE OF ELECTIONS CANADA ROBO-CALL MAN: ( he "resigned" or he "retired", Globe & Mail vs National Post, 2012-06-21):
Is it:
o Election-law enforcer resigns amid robo-calls investigation, G&M OR
o Elections Canada robocalls probe taken over by 'low-key' bureaucrat Yves Côté, National Post

Happy Canada Day!
= = = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = =
Email from Sandra Finley