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Del Mastro donors offer to speak to Election Canada if given immunity
Donors who say they were reimbursed for contributions they made to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro's 2008 election campaign
have offered to speak to Elections Canada if given immunity from prosecution.

Can't say if federal cuts would undermine oil spill response

We're Justin love
Liberals must stand for a "Confident Canada"

Harper an effective federalist champion
PQ government could be obstacle to Conservatives' energy-based economic agenda

The Elliot Lake situation is a national embarrassment
Canada can't afford Tory trade deals

Let entrepreneurs tackle tailings ponds
The time has come to end the seal hunt

"Please sir, I want some more…transparency": The TPP and lessons (hopefully) learned
Afghan prisoners and Ottawa's cult of secrecy

Military police report has harsh words for Ottawa's stonewalling
UN-impressed by UN's sanctimony

Ontario's Tories take on the unions ­ and it's about time
Locker room reno finished on the double after PMO's top gun got involved: docs

Tories, NDP battling for small business, survey suggests
Feds' move to close world-renowned freshwater environmental research centre strikes a nerve: Forum Research poll

New CBC board appointment raises questions of qualifications
'Harper Hates Me' buttons spark conflict in public service

U.S. will be allowed to share Canadian border info under new privacy charter
Nowhere to go but down

Competition Bureau chief Melanie Aitken stepping down
Pratt & Whitney Canada sent military copter tech to China

Anti-gay pamphleteer launches libel suit against CBC
G20 oversight dogged by poor communication, says report

Argument that Obama 'lost Canada' puts envoy on defensive
Del Mastro donors produce cheques that support reimbursement allegations

Alberta Tory MP knows who's the boss
Canada's cellphone companies face $12B class action suit over 'system access fees'

Trudeau to announce leadership decision 'at the end of the summer'
Ottawa seeks new operator for freshwater research station

Why the Conservatives are now friends of the arts
Seoul threatens to disqualify F-35

F-35 fighters part 2 - the Money Pit
Apparent shipbuilding delay worrisome for federal NDP leader

"Bullying" and "frequent sexual harassment" created "toxic" work environment under Brazeau: court documents allege
NDP seen as most in touch with seniors, survey suggests

Omnibus II? Opposition warns they're ready to fight another budget megabill
Web advocates want veil on trade talks lifted

Canadian financial officers fret about Europe, pipelines: poll
Defence department cutting 350 more jobs, one third in Ottawa

Hundreds of tax evasion auditors to be axed as new round of cutbacks hits public service
Atlantic fishermen fear plans to open up industry to corporations

Mulcair: Federal fisheries changes will hurt small owners
Federal government slammed for 'gutting' fisheries protection program

Canadian patriots wearing their pride on their sleeve, and elsewhere: poll
Canadians want choice in how they access health care: poll

New powers to make citizen's arrests comes with some advice. Be reasonable.
Toronto MP says national registry of stolen cellphones is needed to deter thefts

Harper government stonewalled detainee investigation, military watchdog concludes
Inquiry head won't yet challenge MacKay over Langridge documents

Territories seek aid from Ottawa to fund basic needs
BlackBerry-maker RIM announces $518 million loss, 5,000 job cuts, delays BB10 to 2013

Labour ministry, coroner both investigating Elliot Lake's fatal mall collapse
Petronas to buy Canada's Progress Energy for $5.5-billion

Syrian Rebel Terrorists Ransack Christian Churches As Corporate Media Silent
Corporate Media Tells Citizens to Not Be Alarmed Over Military Training With Tanks on Their Streets

Turkey deploys anti-aircraft guns at Syria border
Merkel vs. Italy, France, Spain – will she bend?

Muslim Brotherhood Rises Under a Military Thumb
Cuba Develops Crops Adapted to Climate Change

Q&A: Children Killed with Impunity in Syria
Haiti's "Gold Rush" Promises El Dorado But for Whom?

Genetic Research Gives a Ray of Hope in Guatemala
Cuba Seeks to Guarantee Food Supplies in Changing Climate*

Asia Sees Red Over 'Green Economy'
Mauritius fisherman do not want EU trawlers

Microfinance Gets 'Divine' Intervention in India
Biofuels and Hunger, Two Sides of the Same Coin

Food Safety Up Against Biotech Giants
Climate-Smart Agriculture to Reduce Vulnerability*

Amazon Countries Want Concrete Sustainable Development Goals*
Increased Investment in Zambia's Resources Means Displacement of Rural Poor

Ethical Banks Weather Crisis in Spain
Earth Summits Fail Biodiversity in India

G20 Produces Little for Developing World or Anyone Else
Notorious Immigrant Detention Centre Closed in Spain

No Rest for Cyber Activists
G20 Summit in an Unsustainable Environment

Brazil Takes Steps to Confiscate Property of Landowners Using Slave Labour
RIO+20: Reforestation Pledges Reach Only 12 Percent of Target

Questions Mounting over G20 Accountability
After the Curtain Call, a Crackdown Begins

EUROPE: Rights Groups Call for Effective Investigations of Crimes Against Roma
Raising the Ire of the American People

Obama Bill Passes Supreme Court Muster: Healthcare for More - Or Else
Four Horses for a New Age of Apocalypse Four Horses for a New Age of Apocalypse

What's Happening to American Soldiers
Passing: Rosalie Bertell, Peace Activist, Scholar and Scientist

Turkey Joins NATO Plan to Carve Syria
The Evil of Good Wars

Hydro's Blind Gamble
Convocation 2012: A Future So Bright (and Hot!)

The Existential Question: Israel's Rights and Responsibility
Waiting for Obama on Paraguay Coup

Canada Stands Pat on Paraguay Coup
South Africa's One Party Political Corruption and North America's Two

Israel's Citizen Mutiny
Emancipation not Exploitation! Rally Against Jason Kenney's Disposable Labour Agenda

Is the 21st Century the Asia Century?
Also: Global Rebalancing of China and U.S.

Soon: Is Austerity the New Global Reality?
Not a Global Crisis, But the West's (And Keynes Can't Help)

The German Strategy on the Euro: A Pre-Summit Roadmap
U.S. Health Care: An Exercise in Stalinist Industrial Economics?

Ukraine: From Orange Revolution to Political Purgatory
Italy's Fateful Choice

France's Epoch-Making Choice
The Nordic Model and the European Crisis

Britain's Self-Defeating Blame Game
Russia's Liberal Pseudo-Politicians

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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
JEUDI 28 JUIN 2012
22h14 - PQ | Élections · Pauline Marois présente trois nouveaux candidats
        Il s'agit de Marie-Ève D'Acosla, directrice d'école, Neko Likongo, conseiller en Relations internationales et Christophe Fortier-Guay, vice-    président d'une entreprise privée. Agence QMI
21h53 - Publicité négative · Marois contre-attaque
        Le Parti québécois entend opposer le bilan des libéraux «marqué par la corruption» à la publicité «négative» montrant Pauline Marois en train de        frapper sur des casseroles. Agence QMI
20h38 - Fabricant de BlackBerry · RIM va supprimer 5000 postes
        La compagnie a annoncé la suppression de 5000 postes à court terme et retarde une nouvelle fois le lancement de sa nouvelle gamme de    BlackBerry. Agence QMI
11h02 - PQ · Sylvain Simard confirme son retrait de la vie politique
        M. Simard s'est démarqué de ses collègues du PQ en ne portant pas le carré rouge, symbole de la lutte étudiante contre la hausse des frais de   scolarité. Agence QMI
09h30 - Effondrement dans le tunnel Viger · 30 millions $ pour les firmes responsables
        Le ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) a accordé un contrat de 30 millions $ aux firmes jugées responsables de l'effondrement des  paralumes du tunnel Viger à Montréal. Agence QMI
02h46 - Animaux | Abandons · Les refuges surpeuplés
        La hausse du nombre de chats abandonnés entraîne des euthanasies massives. JDM
02h28 - 65e marche nocturne · Des manifestants énergiques
        Une centaine de personnes ont pris part à la 65e manifestation nocturne contre la hausse des droits de scolarité, à Montréal. Agence QMI


Differing views on Syria and Iran

The Globe and Mail was sent this Letter to the Editor responding to Hugh Segal's article last week. It has been sent no where else 'cause the G&M requests this be so.

Hugh goes farther than his Leader is prepared to go at the moment but we may be at war yet again, depends on USA and Israel cause if'n they go - we go.

Dear Editor,

In his article "We must act now in Syria or pay later" Hugh Segal argues NATO and the Arab League must declare a no-fly zone in Syria and act "until Syrian command-and-control centres are neutralized." *

His justification for invading Syria are two-fold: not doing so abandons "the 'responsibility to protect' anyone else from atrocities or state-sponsored mass and lethal vilolence."; not doing so would be taken ny other states as the equivalent of "when Czechoslovakia was ceded to the Nazis decades ago without a fight." and thereby invite adventurism and rogue state aggression". *

Segal errs in both arguments he employs in urging NATO to act in Syria as it did in Libya.
There was no surety in Libya nor is there in Syria external forces are at not at work exacerbating atrocities and lethal violence to justify intervention against the existing regime.

Perhaps as importantly, in the context of establishing the acceptability of the "R2P" doctrine, is that it is not universally applied - indeed some in the Arab League he would have as NATO allies have acted against their civilian populations, without negative comment let alone responsible action occurring.

Suggesting "Iran, Russia, China and all their client states " would come to hold that the West and its partners will avoid engagements at all cost" * is specious. It is not Iran that is acting against the United States and Israel and Canada economically and threatening military action.

Thankfully to this point NATO is disregarding Senator Segal's admonition.#

Both he and those accepting the directions he would have Canada follow are advised to read "The UN Doctrine on the Responsibility to Protect" + before urging the actions taken against Serbia and Libya be taken once again.

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin
5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Tel . 905-356-3901

* We must act now in Syria or pay later

# NATO condemns Syria over downed Turkish jet, stops short of military gesture

+ The UN Doctrine on the Responsibility to Protect  

From:Art Smith
Subject: Back to Dirty Tricks (as per usual)

So you find yourselves now losing in the polls to the NDP....and your response...negative ads...what a crock...Maybe it might be better to clean up your image of secrecy and the smell and stink you left with the implementation of Bill C-38...
Enjoy your majority while it lasts...
Subject: Now isn't this Interesting?

I wonder why this is??? Anyone there that wants to face the truth about this,or will you just bury your sad asses in the sand and say its just a poll...doesn't matter!!

I would imagine if the poll had of consisted of another 10,000 respondents the percentage would have been in the high eighties!!

Harper needs Quebec,but Quebec sure the hell doesn't need him or want him..

Art Smith

From: "Tom Brewer"

In my opinion Dean Del Mastro has a lot of explaining to do! It seems as if he played "games" and look... the referee caught up to him. In my mind how many others played similar games?
I'm appalled! Our parliament it would seem, some members felt it WA appropriate to play games. We do not need this! It is time to clean "house". Our Prime Minister might be as clean as a whistle but what about the others?

From: John Duddy
Cc: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>, Joe Hueglin <>, "Bob. Lib. Leader RAE" <>,
 "T. NDP Leader MULCAIR" <>, Elizabeth GPC May <>, Senator Grant Mitchell <>, "Hon. Scott Brison" <>,, David Swann <>
Subject: Re: Join Me and Bring Back Our Canada


I will send you $1000 to help bring back my Canada.

In return from you I need one item; let the Prime Minister know we were lied to and sent to war by a big lie.
See here:-

Also see ae9/

And Patriotsquestion9/11

You will not be able to bring back my Canada if you fail to expose the big lie.

John Duddy.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  Supply management splits farmers, economists DD

Joe--does anyone actually believe that Supply Management is good for anyone but governments? And if Canada removes SP that will be a good thing--EXCEPT--does anyone actually believe that a SP method will not be applied to the TPP? Who would believe that any government would miss an opportunity to rake in more money for doing nothing but dictating supply and costs? SP will jsut be named a different name but it will still apply. It will be another step to the NWO and corporations will call the shots. SP is nothing more than the XWB under another name. Yes, get rid of SP but watch for a more horrendous method to be put in place. Governments want control and they will never relinquish it.
Subject: N.B. farmer says Ottawa did nothing to get him released from Lebanese jail DD

Shades of Bill Samson, Mahar Arar. After the Elliot Lake mall collapse we should realize that Canadians mean nothing to our government. Just pay your taxes and shut up.

Above is more on the issue. There is no proof that the potatoes were rotten when shipped but he can still be arrested by Interpol as a hardened criminal.
Probably they were handled poorly in the shipment and potatoes can go rotten very quickly.
Subject: Segal is an insane liar
HUGH SEGAL: We must act now in Syria or pay later

US-backed rebels said committing Christian genocide in Syria
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
Check out my blog:

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Fw: MOVIE-----2016

This is worth taking the time to hear.....and forward to all.


This is extremely interesting!

An extremely important movie is coming this summer - - It is called simply "2016". The speaker here is Dinesh D'Souza, college president in New York and author of many New York Times best sellers. The movie is from Gerald R. Molen, producer of Academy Award winningSchindler's List, Jurrasic Park, Brave Heart. It explains in plain language who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being reelected for another four years. Watch this short informative video preview of this movie which came out only yesterday and share it with others. The preview has already been seen by over 1.2 million people. Within a very short time it will have been seen by tens of millions! After you see the preview, listen to what Dinesh has to say about Obama.

Please take the time to hear this and pass it on.
Click here:

From: "Stephanie McDowall" <>
Subject: (Natives) Real Canadian history - 1701, Great Peace of Montreal

Subject: Real Canadian history


MNN. 27 July 2012. The Great Peace of Montreal was completed on 25th June 1701. It is the treaty that established the invaders' right to live here. Canadian history omits it.
The French sued for peace to end their 92-year war with us, called the French and Indian wars.
This treaty legitimized their presence on Great Turtle Island. All immigrants agreed to live according to the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace, through the Guswentha, the Two Row Wampum. They would stay on their boat, not interfere with us, live in perpetual peace and could never own any of our territory.
[] []

Our younger brothers agreed to become of one mind with the natural world. The Kaianerekowa is the great medicine that comes from the minds of humanity, to create peace and take care of each other.
This is the only legal means by which anyone other than an ongwehonwe can live here.
From the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico indigenous nations took part in the solemn ratification ceremonies.
In July 1701 we took the wampums to the British at Albany, who had taken over the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1684. They agreed to the same terms. From here the Nanfan Treaty 1701 gave the British permission to live with us in peace.
In 1710 five Iroquois chiefs from each Haundensaunee nation went to Europe for the first and only time. One chief died on the way. They took the wampum belts to explain and ratify the Guswentha with the monarchs. All 13 royal bloodlines attended. Teeyeeneenhogarow, Sagaweathquatiethtow, Honeeyeathtawnorow and Etowohkoam were dubbed the "Four Indian Kings".

The hierarchical heads turned the visit into a big circus. They didn't want peace. Only war, 'ordo ab chao'.
As a patriarchy they couldn't let their women exercise female power. Without it, the peace could not be adopted.
The American Revolution was the first false flag. It was waged to destroy the Great Law constitution of peace and turn it into the US constitution of war. In 1779, the Americans sent 13,000 soldiers to Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to try to destroy the peace forever. They could never extinguish the fire of the people.
The British parked their ships in Quebec and took the year off so the Americans could try to finish us off.
Under international law when such a treaty is broken, everything goes back to one day before the treaty was ratified. In this case, June 24, 1701. We never surrendered anything. They reneged on living peacefully. They are squatters.
Once their hierarchy is gone and they give rights to their women, they can trace the roots to the Tree of Peace and establish peace with us.

Mohawks have not been to Onondaga since 1779. We had to leave our home communities to save our people and maintain the peace. Canada imprisons us here to continue their illusion of freedom, that this war was real. It was all theatre. The Mohawks will return to Onondaga to stand up the Tree of Peace.
That's when our traitors will have to return to a proper mind with us. The women will give three warnings to the errant leaders. If they do not heed their warnings, the war chief drops the black wampum. They may grab it before it hits the floor and redeem themselves. If it hits the floor, the warriors smash in their heads with the war club to remove their errant minds.
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

From: "Stephen(dot)Leacock" <>
Subject: Montrealer who wrote to Queen (AND GOT a reply) - requests intervention on C38 by GovGen

From: Chantal Dupuis <>
Chantal Dupuis: Queen Elizabeth Writes Back After Getting Letter From Quebec Resident Calling For Stephen Harper To Be Fired

Montreal, June 26th 2012.
Governor General of Canada
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
Rideau Hall
1, promenade Sussex
Ottawa, On K1A 0A1


His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston,

I address myself to His Excellency for a follow up concerning a request I sent to Her Majesty The Queen in December of 2011 : «Official request, to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, for the dismissal of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada ». (1)

Her Majesty answered to me and unfortunately refused to dismiss the Prime Minister.(2) I wrote back to Her Majesty (3) and she answered to me again.(4) In this second letter though Her Majesty told me that she acted through her Governor General and therefore Her Majesty transferred my request to His Excellency.

I also sent to His Excellency conjointly with the Members of the Senate of Canada and the Members of the Supreme Court of Canada , a request of intervention.(5) I have not received any answer yet.

I may seem insistent, it is because the hour is constitutionally out of control and His Excellency have the power and duty to intervene. It seems that the people with Honourable titles supposed be defend our Constitution as well as Canadians are not doing what they are expected to and what they are being paid for.

A majority of people thinks the role of Governor General is one of decorative purpose. Since it is not, now would be time to remind Stephen Harper and his Conservative party who the real boss is. When a Government is more preoccupied with satisfying the partisan friends than serving Canadians, there is clearly a huge problem. The Stephen Harper government wants to rush Bill C38 into Canadians' throat without customary debate and refused any amendment by the Opposition, as if it was a perfect budget bill. I am sorry here, but this budget bill has more than just budget clauses and just this fact is wrong and it is a big enough reason to divide C38 into multiple bills to be properly amended. If it is passed as is, it will make future generations victims of bad governance by the Conservatives and it is unacceptable. I know that through this budget bill, His Excellency's salary and pension will almost double but His Excellency's duty to act now goes beyond His Excellency's personal interests.

The BNA/Constitution of 1867 says in section 55 that His Excellency hold the power to Withhold Royal assent that would end Bill C38 with no discussion and no debate but His Excellency could also Reserve the Bill for the Signification of the Queen's Pleasure which would be best. It would give time for a referendum on the Bill and it would not be perceived as a slap in the face by your Office toward the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council (which the PM somehow also controls).

For all the reasons I wrote to Her Majesty, the attacks and disrespect constantly demonstrated by the Stephen Harper government in the House of Commons toward any opposition shows an evident lack of leadership. Election frauds and over spending are even bigger reasons for removing the Conservatives from the House of Commons. His Excellency have to act rapidly and use the power conferred to you through your function of Governor General of Canada.

I'll finish with the only reasonable affirmation ever made by Stephen Harper: « When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern. » His Excellency should take this wise advice, put a reservation on Bill C38 and dismiss Stephen Harper, to the benefit of all Canadians.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter and act upon it. Have a great summer taking care of Canadians.

Chantal Dupuis
Montreal, Qc

C.C. Her Majesty The Queen