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Anti-Corruption Commission meeting with 8-man RCMP task force
According to a newspaper report published today, 'the RCMP launched an investigation against the Canadian company last October. It raided its office, seized documents from there andarrested former chief executive Pierre Duhaime, Bangladeshi-born Canadian citizen Ismail Hossain and Indian-born Canadian citizen Ramesh.'

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2006
Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India finds lapses in deal with Lavalin

Trudeau could save Liberals: Poll
Justin Trudeau would take the Liberals off life-support and make the sad-sack party a contender if he were leader,
according to a new poll that also shows the NDP and Conservatives in a dead heat.
Reaching out to Mulroney is a start for Harper
Glimmers of light in Liberal party's darkness

The age of profanity
Thomas Mulcair, would you please explain this for us?

Medal tarnished by unworthy recipients
You want to silence ME?

PMO and PCO have become indistinguishable
Harper's interest in Quebec must be more than fleeting

Jason Kenney does away with second chances in deportation cases
Compromise is chief priority

Bluenose II trust: Just open the books
Pry the Big Gulp from my cold, dead fingers ­ the nanny state overreaches

Defence Dept. braces for MacKay's ouster, other upheaval
Robocalls: NDP MP Pat Martin to spend summer fundraising for defamation defence

NDP's Pat Martin asks for help against robocall defamation suit
Ottawa public servants brace for another round of layoff notices

Summer break could leave Hill workers stuck in path of EI changes
RCI: Another small way in which the Harper Cons are chipping away at Canada

Public Service Alliance Offer Rejected By Casual Workers Seeking To Unionize
Russia set to conduct surveillance flyover to inspect Canada's military, industrial infrastructure

Jean feared 'dreadful crisis' when Harper sought prorogation: ex-adviser
Constitutional expert calls Stephen Harper government officials "disgusting rather than ignorant"

NDP drafting roadmap to solve party's Senate conundrum
Conservative party lawyer says challenge to election results is too little, too late

Feds admitted dangers of asbestos while fighting 'hazardous' label: documents
Opposition MPs slam feds' $1-million to $5-million move to contract out independent review of F-35 costing forecasts; Parliamentary

Budget Office could have done it
Failed war on drugs feeding HIV/AIDs, former leaders say

Edinburgh may turn to Canada to draft referendum
Scouts abuse review shows need for oversight, lawyer says

G20 protester launches $4M lawsuit
NB Tories hold Rothesay in byelection

Mediator told to pack up as B.C. labour dispute hits stalemate
Audits reveal a foreign service struggling with scant resources

Canada pulls out of Yemen development group
Contemplating the blue beret and the maple leaf

Shuttering Japan posts not 'consistent' with interests: Former Canadian envoy
Dallaire Demands Child Combatant Khadr's Return to Canada from Guantanamo Read more...

Enbridge's Path to BC's Future
CEO of CCC Manley Floats Gutting Canada's Supply Management System for Trans-National Profit Read more...


Nato condemns Syria over Turkish jet downing
WikiLeaks suspect wins battle over US documents

Iraqi Police Given Orders to Shut Down 44 Local and Foreign Media Agencies
Two bombings kill 12 in Iraq

New Egyptian President Worked for NASA
Paraguay's ousted president forms shadow government

Paraguay's ousted president, Fernando Lugo, denounces 'parliamentary coup'
FBI probe targets Islamic extremists in US Army

Drones vulnerable to terrorist hijacking, researchers say
MI5 fighting 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks

Fast-track justice planned for Olympics: report
Supreme Court doubles down on 'Citizens United'

Supreme Court strengthens Citizens United decision with Montana ruling
Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece

Supreme Court upholds most controversial part of Arizona immigration law
Supreme Court to rule Thursday on 'health care

Supreme Court rules mandatory juvenile life without parole cruel and unusual
Last-of-his-tortoise-species, Lonesome George, a Galapagos icon, dies at 100

UK soldiers 'beat innocent Iraqi men in black ops jails but new secret justice law means their torture will be hidden forever'
Syria arrests over 40 Germans for smuggling arms: Report

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean
Military computer upgrades 30 years behind schedule, cost $7 billion

WikiLeaks founder wants guarantee he won't be sent to US
Bradley Manning lawyers accuse prosecutors of misleading judge

Climate change threatens to disrupt the denning habits of polar bears
Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

Sledgehammer! Turkey's False Flag Attack Kicks Off NATO's Syrian Invasion
Research: Gulf Shrimp Widely Contaminated With Carcinogens

DEA Madness: Top DEA Agent Refuses To Admit Crack and Heroin Are Worse Than Pot
WTC Destruction & High Temperature Aftermath: ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence

Transition Towns: Agenda 21 Comes to Life
Obama Administration Ends States Right to Enforce Immigration Laws, ICE Mostly Won't Respond

CNBC Admits We Are All Slaves to Central Bankers, "Is This Global Governance at Last?
Nuclear Talks with Iran End With No Progress Made, More Sanctions and Potential War Loom

For London Olympics, Britain Calls Up the Military
Egypt's New President Mohamed Morsi Has Called For New 9/11 Investigation

Don't Be Alarmed: Troops Train For Martial Law With Tanks on the Streets of America As Corporate Media Runs Cover Up
Could the Downing of a Turkish Jet By Syrian Anti-Air Defenses Lead to NATO Article Five Invocation?

Heading for Economic Collapse
The Lure Of Cuban Energy Independence: One Twist After Another – Analysis

Burma: Court Rules In Favour Of Suu Kyi's Brother In Housing Row
Inside The Fault Line Of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – OpEd

The Golden Snitch: How the Globalists Stole the Greek Election
Report: DHS Risk Assessment Study of National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility Underestimates Risks

CIA Disinfo: '380 American Rebels Killed' Story A LIE! Mysterious Michigan Blast/Radiation Update Part 1
The Osama Bin Laden Staged Media Psyop Mind Control Operation

Fraudulent Normalization of Chemtrails Continues
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L'unité nationale revient sur le radar à Ottawa

Abandon de l'aide psychologique aux réfugiés: «une régression incroyable»
Les conservateurs attaquent Mulcair dans une publicité
Appels trompeurs: trop tard pour contester, selon l'avocat du PC

Tragédie d'Elliot Lake: l'armée pourrait intervenir

Les Inuits ont leur Plan Nord
Soins aux réfugiés: la pénible remontée de Rose
Abandon de l'aide psychologique aux réfugiés: «une régression incroyable»

Les lasers portatifs et pointeurs laser inquiètent Santé Canada

Des villes en Beauce prêtes à «financer» la santé
Réduction du sodium: l'industrie résiste, les médecins persistent
Soins aux réfugiés: la pénible remontée de Rose
Les consommateurs canadiens sont moins confiants
Les conseillers financiers favorisent les investissements aux États-Unis
Bombardier confirme une commande de 274 millions
Sheryl Sandberg entre au conseil de Facebook
Les nouvelles parts du Mouvement Desjardins: oui, non, peut-être?
Baisse du moral des ménages américains en juin
Résidences pour personnes âgées: taux d'inoccupation stable
Intertape Polymer réorganise ses activités en Amérique du Nord
Le Québec fait fuir les investissements pétroliers
Les Bourses européennes restent prudentes
Hausse des prix des logements en avril aux É-U
La production d'automobiles en baisse en pour l'été
Sommet européen et Obamacare: encore plus de volatilité



Two years ago to-day was when 20 000 police were gathered in Toronto, provided with shields, helmets and  weaponry with which to ward off those attacking the G20 meeting which had been moved there from low population areas (rather than in To. at the Exhibition grounds)

The worst I saw the police subjected to was bubbles - which earned the perpetrator incarceration - with about a thousand others who for no illegal reason(s) were arrested and lodged overnight up to 40 in a cell.

Most were freed after the endangered foreign leaders left.  Cases against the small minority of police who, loosened of restraint by we're not certain who since there has been no Judicial Inquiry, power tripped are still in process. Few arrested before or during the weekend were convicted of any crime.

Both "Je me souviens" and "Never again" are applicable to this G20 Weekend in my view.

I remember and will draw it into the recollection of others whenever like action occurs - because never should the equipment purchased by part of the billion dollar cost of the G20 Meeting be used again in the manner as two years ago: as though Toronto, Ontario, Canada was part of a police state due to those whose orders removed restraints from those whose role it is to Serve and Proptect.

What follows was sent out across country. 

Whether printed or not, what could be done has been.

That's all any of us can do about what concerns us, what we can


To: Letter to the Editor <phoenix.rising@bellnet.ca>
From: Joe Hueglin <phoenix.rising@bellnet.ca>
Subject: Public reprimand to establish rules of engagement.

"Dear Editor,
Two years after Toronto witnessed the G20 Weekend from which court cases are still in process against police officers (1) protesters in Vancouver are being subjected to actions going beyond acceptable limits: "Detainees said they were locked in a pitch-black garage for an hour, intimidated and banned from being downtown until August. One of the demonstrators added that she was forced to remove her bra and skirt and stared at by all-male jail staff." (2)

Not as severe as hundreds being incarcerated over night nor the physical violence of being booted in the back as experienced in June 2010, those responsible for the recent going beyond acceptable limits in Vancouver ought to be publicly reprimanded.

Protests will be increasing with the economic times and government spending cutbacks.

Clear rules of engagement must be arrived at rather than, as we have been witnessing for two years now, arbitrary actions by a small minority of police officers exacerbating tensions and potentially leading to violence, which to this point is not an expectation when public protestors interact with police.

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin
5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontarion
Tel. 905-356-3901

(1) G20 summit: Cop unmasked as protest couple file suit
(2)  Police arrest five at 'Casserole' Quebec solidarity demonstrations in Vancouver

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: DIGEST: Wake up, Joe, gun laws don't affect criminals!

Very well worded.
Subject: letter to Toronto Star (just sent) ...

Deadly puzzle ... (fwd)
http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1213806--fiorito-toronto-gun-violence-a- deadly-puzzle

Dear Sir/Madame,

I read with interest the deadly puzzle article, where Joe Fiorito waxes
philosophically over the recent and very public murder of John Raposo. I'm
wondering, however when Fiorito muses "if we do ban guns, the bad guys may
reach for bombs or knives". Wake up, Joe, gun laws don't affect criminals!
Guns have been effectively banned by law for criminal use since, well
forever. A ban on legal guns will not take the guns out of the hands of
criminals, but only from the responsible and law abiding who would abide by
the ban and surrender their firearms in the first place. Such wrong headed
ideas lead to approaches to crime which are entirely unfelt by the
criminals. The only real effect of a "ban" would be to diminish yet another
freedom for law abiding citizens in what was formerly a liberal democracy,
and to ensure that criminals maintain the upper hand over the citizens of
Canada. Beware the unintended consequences of high minded ideals -- they
can be deadly.

Robert S.
Toronto gun violence a deadly puzzle
By Joe Fiorito, City Columnist
http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1213806--fiorito-toronto-gun-violence-a- deadly-puzzle

From: Larry Kazdan
To: lettertoed@thestar.ca
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Economist Paul Krugman writes a repair m
anual for this depression, Heather Mallick

Re: Economist Paul Krugman writes a repair manual for this depression, Heather Mallick, June 24

Since Richard Nixon took the United States completely off the gold standard in 1971, many countries such as the U.S. and Canada have currencies that are free floating and non-convertible. In other words, no one can demand from our government either a fixed amount of foreign monies or gold in return for Canadian dollars. The implication of his has generally been missed by the economics profession - the spending of monetarily sovereign countries is no longer operationally constrained. These countries can never go broke as long as they buy with only their national currencies. Canada could certainly spend too much if total demand went beyond the nation's productive capacity, but with well over a million Canadians unemployed, we are far from that scenario. For those indoctrinated to argue that federal government deficit spending would automatically lead to inflation, please note that Canada's debt to GDP ratio is about 35% whereas Japan's ratio is 233%, and there is no sign of inflation there. To end this depression, our government has to radically reverse course and put much more money into the economy. Do we want more employment, more services, more infrastructure and a safer environment, or should we let Harper's Conservatives sacrifice Canadians on the altar of fiscal restraint to a god that died over 40 years ago?
Larry Kazdan,

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <impolitic@rogers.com>

New Mulcair ad

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 01:50 PM PDT

It's a Mulcair day on the blog, it appears! How on earth did that happen...

I find it hard to get too excited about this. Released just after the parliamentary session has ended, what's with that? Come now, Conservative war room, timing is everything. Unless it is part of a wider concerted effort to get serious now about diminishing poll standings, à la Harper in Quebec yesterday and news of his meeting with the forbidden one and all.

Adding to the lack of excitement, it's an internet ad, after all, reports the Globe. Likely to have little impact then except for media coverage. If the Conservatives were running them all across the newscasts like, say, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is, then that might be a different story. Aren't those ads a kind of response to Mulcair anyway? The one with the Quebecer speaking and all the buses toing and froing? Anyway.

To give it its due, this ad is about the economy, stupid, to use the famed phrasing. Mulcair's NDP will cost you more. Harper strong on economy, Mulcair weak.

It also has a personal element to it. The picture is not flattering, it's Mulcair in angry, preachy mode. Nobody likes to be angrily preached to and likability, despite the ad induced honeymoon his party ran, is still an open question.

Plus, black and orange is Halloween-esque. Scary, boo, and all that.

Carry on!

Mulcair on the euro crisis

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 01:28 PM PDT
Update (4:30 p.m.): See edit within post.

This is audio from an interview Mulcair did with Michael Enright on CBC radio this weekend where the eurozone financial crisis came up: [EDIT: Removed audio, please visit link to listen to the audio - column on right hand side. Audio loads automatically and readers may find that irritating when it opens every time they visit. Thanks.]

That is a brief excerpt but I think it might indicate that the Conservative p.r. effort on Europe against the NDP may have worked. Mulcair mocks the Conservatives as having made the question of contributing to the IMF funds into a domestic partisan political game, rightly so. But he nevertheless refuses to take a position on it by stating it's not about a "bailout," it's about being at the table. A central question though, of the past few weeks, has centred around Canada not contributing financially. So if Mulcair is not willing to say that Canada should contribute and just that Canada should be at the table, then I'm not quite clear on what his position is.

It's certainly not as clear as that taken by Paul Martin yesterday and partly why I'm posting this radio excerpt for the contrast. Paul Martin can say Canada turning its back financially on the IMF was a mistake, yet Mulcair cannot, or will not. Why not? I think it has something to do with their respective comfort levels in speaking to the issue and I don't think Mulcair feels comfortable in doing so. He would rather deflect to the Royal Bank news, a Security Council anecdote and a meeting he had with EU ambassadors. But, the question remains unanswered.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Harper reaches out to Mulroney as Tory woes mount in Quebec DD

Likes Attract??? One egomaniac reaches out to another?? I wonder how many taxpayer dollars Harper had to had to Mulroney for this meeting?? Mulroney and Harper are both evil, corrupt puppets of the banksters that control Canada. Two gang members meeting in secret?? Shouldn't they have been arrested??
Subject: [On-Guard] Are we heading towards a one man government, with no checks and balances?    DD

No.  We are already there!!  Our Dear Leader is totally in charge and we must obey--including our 'elected' representatives.  And our government has the nerve to overthrow Gadhaffi and soon Assad.  It is a case of 'don't do as I do, do as I say'.

Subject: a central group of elitists controls everything
David Icke, BBC radio, June 21st 2012
Subject: they never change their game plan --lies lead the world
Washington's hypocrisy over Russian arms in Syria
Subject: another truth spoken
Subject: What would the US or Canada do if a war plane of a foreign nation was flying in our airspace???
Turkey calls Nato meeting on warplane downed by Syria
Subject: no one to vote for  
SURETTE: The conservative conscience is in turmoil
Subject: TPP is rule by corporations  
New World Order Blueprint Leaked
Subject: smile!!!!!  
LEGER: Creepy guys and border guards: privacy under siege

From: Rene Moreau
Subject: Re: Protect Your Critical Oracle Data - for Free!
To: newsletters@techrepublic.online.com

To TechRepublic
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

re; tech security
Has any-one there given thought to the dangers of getting 'free' security from entities that by their very nature, hate regulation and taxes and go to great lengths to undermine and lessen the effects of both. (e.g. Goldman-Sachs, who 5th columned, or infiltrated the Securities and Exchange Commission, telling the staff, 'You don't have to worry about the scams some-one else is looking after that problem', and hence no-one was watching, when the stuff hit the fan).
There is no free lunch, corporately!
They don't DO, democracy, empathy, honour, integrity, don't have citizenship, can't be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of human beings, but not the responsibilities, unless man-dated by governments and not a lot of THAT is happenin' baby!
Also, they, corporate, have built 6 super computers, at least, that are in corporate hands, work in terra-flops and peta flops, and who in the world government is regulating? A problem? Perhaps. Potentially, though, with proper news sharing, 7 billion watchers?
A set of rules, corporately, world-wide, not made by them or any-one connected to them is essential. Even the United Nations is corporate influenced and Italy is corporate governed. A Magna Carta, again, if you will, but mean-while, who would you trust, really, corporately. The banks, the hedgers, the short-sellers, the commodity traders, the derivatives traders, etc?
Food for thought?

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 10:49 PM, TechRepublic Business Specials < newsletters@techrepublic.online.com> wrote
To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; the Syrian problem, (Would you have Canada help the U.S. bring about regime change in Syria?

Has everyone forgot that the list of countries that had to be
'influenced', to change their dictatorial ways, so as to clear the
way for corporate control of the planet, included Syria? How soon we
forget, eh?
All of a sudden, the tax-payers and their sons, get to pay to clear
the way for an admittedly corporate world's goal!
Neat trick, is it not?
Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: "S Booiman"

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Jews

Dislike the comments about the Jewish people, they are human being like all.
with a believe and heritage, obvious all those that comment have not experienced
Subject: artefacts'

JUNE 23, 2012
                                     CAT-I-KNOW, KEBEC
Subject: what next

Am really wondering where Canada is going, fear that my grand and great grand children
will see Australia to be a better place, some are talking about it, sadly. Meeting with many
in the last few days learned more what they think, as many toured Europe and Australia the
sound of it is not encouraging. One strong opinion talked about the well paid untouchables,
commonly called MPs, with no opinions, no representation. The young people`s interest in
politics is not high on their list. The way they talk about any upcoming election may see less
going to the polls. Of course much of that sound has to do with a brainless premier in B.C.
as well.
Thought you'd like to know what I heard.

From: Ray Strachan <railrjs@yahoo.ca>
Subject: Computer in Hospital for 4 days.

It strikes me right in the stomach when I realize that we have already been taken over. Same people who took over Russia before I was born 80 years ago. Very dedicated people,very selfish, very tenacious.  The Russian people did not wake up until it was too late.  They were already slaves.
Christianity, The Devils Helper. Keeps us docile except when we are sent to war against other humans.
A  short statement I am taking from  Adbusters Canada Magazine. If only it were not already too late.
Hey Up There.
The rumbling has started.    The pressure is rising.  Can you not see Capitalism is heaving under it`s own swollen brain?  The fractures are splintering into every corner.  The Golden Goose is dead. The magic beanstalk dried out.   The Pot of Gold got fenced.     No Policy  can fix this.
We all should know what`s ahead.   A quickening beat of Ecological, Financial,Political,Spiritual crises. Everything about this Insanity is the same.    It`s time to wake from this dead dream. There Are Millions Of Us Out Here So Listen Good.
We are not gonna have a future, unless we rise up and start fighting "for a different kind of future".
Ray Strachan   (I don`t think the Bitching and Complaining that I have done on this subject for many years, has made a bit of difference,  its just gets worse as in a bad never ending dream or nightmare.
From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject: Re - Is it time to gather round Justin Trudeau?

Letter to the editor- Is it time to gather round Justin Trudeau?
· 50 years of spin...thats what we have gotten.

They are changing the names of towns, streets, counties, bodies of water, riding names…and I'm not taking about kebec any longer. It's now going on all over the country; it's a mess in Ottawa where they name things after anti-English language bigots and racists all the time. They are slowly wiping out our English, Scottish, Irish, United empire loyalists history. Just like they've been doing in Quebec for the last 5 decades…This is one of the main reasons we are not teaching any history from 1760 to 1982 in our schools any longer. These racist people control government, the curriculum, our money…we get a daily dose of spin, lies and propaganda. Wake up... They run everything in Ottawa, they funnel the money where they want, spin, lies, propaganda, revisionist BS … Proof - In that there is constant pressure to rewrite our history - to pacify the cranky Province of Quebec and the "french "outside Quebec - the reason we lost the Red Ensign in the first place - we must do what we can to protect and preserve our history. A history that is under constant attack. Very few Canadians are aware that we now have portraits in our parliament of French Kings - who had nothing to do with the building of Canada- the statue of General James Wolfe no longer overlooks the Plains of Abraham, the only statue in Quebec City is of the losing General, Montcalm. There are statues of three French generals but no statues of the victorious generals at the Valiant's memorial in Ottawa. That's right, no General Wolfe, no General Amherst, no Gen Murray… This historical revisionism is going on right under the noses of the Governments we elect - and they remain silent!

"First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…" PT, "How to take over a country through bilingualism…" SD. How ? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick…That's what's really going on.

"Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains." Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763. Not this phony, revisionist lie, this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, propaganda, spin that we've been living with since Trudeau, and kebec forced this upon the nation. We've been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially an English speaking country for over 200 years…just a fact.

Remember-The liberals, NDP brought in a lot of this expensive nonsense, bilingualism (forced french, only outside Quebec), multiculturalism, the charter, rights this, rights that…but the Conservatives have done nothing to repeal any of this crap federally or provincially. "Conservatives" have allowed all of these expensive, divisive liberal polices, and departments to remain. How come?

NO English speaking politician is telling you the truth, is exposing what is really going on. Not one politician has the decency, the honesty to expose the truth, to speak the truth, how pathetic. Poor Canada, what a mess.

Just like daddy, another tax and spend parasite, another arrogant piece of crap from the racist (bills 22, 178, 101…) province of Kebec. Just like daddy, another racist, pro bill 101, pro bilingual (french-metis), only outside Kebec bigot.Just get lost you scum bags Trudeau,Coderre, LeMulcair... just stay in Kebec where you all belong, where you fit right in. Yes Kebec, a racist, intolerant, xenophobic province boycotted by most informed thinking people.
Anthony Silvestro

From: "Brian D. Marlatt" <pcpartysswrc@3web.com>
To: <letters@globeandmail.com>
Subject: Re: Jean feared 'dreadful crisis' when Harper sought prorogation: ex-adviser

The Editor,

The crime revealed in this news is the greatest crime of all in a democracy: overthrowing democracy, usurpation, in our constitutional monarchy the treason of lèse-majesté.
A Governor General who submits to intimidation by the threat of treason by politicians who are willing to usurp our parliamentary democracy, its principles of responsible government and the supremacy of parliament in defiance of the royal prerogative, which is the chief defence of the sovereignty of the people, submits to an actual coup d'etat.  The Queen's representative put in such a place by a prime minister who defies parliament and seeks to avoid being held to account by calling into question parliament's legitimacy and the sovereign Herself has been failed by the Prime Minister.
The crime of the Harper government is lèse-majesté.  It is the greatest political crime of all.
This news requires the resignation of Stephen Harper who should have resigned or been required to resign in December 2008.  Ancient principle is not just quaint, it is vital, like honour, like duty, like service.  Stephen Harper worse than failed as a prime minister.  Off with his head.
God Save the Queen.

Brian Marlatt
Box 75448 White Rock, BC V4A 0B1

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe - A quote from one of the fans of the Harper government - "
I happen to like what Harper has done for us and grateful that we got through the really tough time most of the world has been suffering with their finances. With voting for him, we gave him permission to make decisions and I'm pleased that he does what he's supposed to do."

What the fans of Harper never do, provide the detail evidence to support their position, as well as the Harper government's policies and directions. If they did that, it be some hard to defend the Harper government policies, in the light of the dismal outcomes. Is it a coincidence, that all Western democracies have imposed austerity measures to social services, and as well as cuts to vital government services, transferring responsibilities to the private sector? Meanwhile, increased expenditures in military, security, border security and the selling off of Canadian assets to the highest bidder as responsible government? Probably something that the Harper fans should think about, waiting to received chemo therapy, but are put on a waiting list, because of the cuts that took place at the federal and provincial levels in either funding and services. But no the fans of Harper don't think about it, because it is all about ordinary people, shiftless and lazy according to the right of the political spectrum, who is the cause for waiting for medical treatment.

Or in the Tyee article as the writer explains, " Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have been working hard to prove my point. Growing almost weekly is the disrespect for public consultation. The dismissal of public submissions, appeals and protestations. And the beating up of those who cannot fight back (the unemployed, working Canadians approaching retirement, the military, public servants, the CBC).

This while attention to the environment, climate goals, consumer protection are diminished in priority and in enforcement.

The methodology behind the announced closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base is a perfect example of a majority government trampling on the public's feelings and wishes in a bully-like way that a minority government could not do and wouldn't even dare try.

There was no meaningful consultation of the public, Coast Guard auxiliaries, boaters, local or regional governments. The Tories did not even confer with their supposed friends in the provincial government, adding further embarrassment and exposing even more B.C.'s ineffectual unelected acting premier, Christy Clark."

It is "where a government announces several cuts, including one that is indefensibly outrageous, then, in light of ensuing public outrage, backs down from that one, satisfying the citizenry who go away happy, even thankful... realizing only much later that several other valuable programs and services were also axed."

Search and rescue across Canada has been stripped and as the reporter has stated, the inevitable outcomes are, "We all know that it will be only a matter of time when someone is severely injured or dies as a result of an accident or heart attack or boat fire in English Bay, Burrard Inlet, Deep Cove or Indian Arm." With the advent of Bill C-38, the Harper fans can have a front row seat, watching the destruction of the environment, perhaps living near a shale gas project in a urban setting, while spending reams of money fixing the leaky basement and water quality testing. Hard to praise any government that is intent on stripping consultation of the people, the legs of a working democracy, and narrowed the parameters of accessing rights and freedoms to a define set based on income.

Hard to defend search and rescue efforts of the mall collapse at Elliott Lake, when the rescuers are composed of volunteers who have not been supplied with the resources and easy access to outside resources and expertise. ""I have spoken to Emergency Management Ontario and the Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team and have instructed them to determine if there is any other way possible to reach any victims without endangering our rescuers, including the use of equipment to dismantle the building from the exterior," McGuinty said in a statement Monday night."

On the federal government site - Public Safety Canada

"Public Safety Canada (PS) provides national leadership for USAR development to ensure that program development is coordinated and appropriately shared among the federal government, provinces and territories, major urban centres, and other national and international stakeholders. The USAR program is one aspect of the federal government's commitment to enhance Canada's national emergency response capacity."

The origins of USAR - the United States
"The increasingly complex methods and procedures, and the modern ability to bring in teams from far afield has brought a very strong drive for standardization within nations and internationally, most obvious in the role of the UN's International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) in large natural disasters. [5]
Urban search-and-rescue is considered a multi-hazard discipline, as it may be needed for a variety of hazards including earthquakes ,cyclones, storms and tornadoes, floods, dam failures, technological accidents, terrorist activities, and hazardous materials releases."

How is it funded? The Toronto site was useless, but not the Vancouver site.

"Initial funding of the team involved three levels of government. It required the City of Vancouver to provide fifty percent of the funding via emergency preparedness initiatives. The Federal-Provincial Joint Emergency Preparedness Program provided the remaining fifty percent for a total of $900,000."
  • Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services
  • Vancouver Engineering Department
  • Vancouver Police Department
  • British Columbia Ambulance Service
  • Vancouver Permits and Licenses
  • Vancouver Parks & Recreation
  • Two independent Emergency Physicians
In 1995 a request for volunteers resulted in an initial group of 25 members who were selected based on their current job function, past or present rescue experience, responsibilities, interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with the demands of the USAR team.

These members were initially trained by Washington State Task Force at their facility in Tacoma Washington. Since then the team has developed its own trainers and training facility.

The Vancouver team has since evolved and developed an USAR training program that was adopted by the Federal government (PSEPC) and considered the national standard. The program is being distributed by the Federal government and used by other municipalities and agencies who are developing their own team.

The Vancouver team have offered our USAR training to candidates from City of Toronto, Canadian Forces – Esquimalt - BC, Delta - BC, Yellowknife - NT, Saskatoon – Sask., Victoria - BC, Montreal - Que, West Vancouver - BC, North Vancouver - BC, Coquitlam - BC, New Westminster - BC and Canadian Coast Guard – Victoria BC"

Where are the experts and scientists within the government levels, especially at the federal levels? Probably working in the private sector, after being tossed out by the very policies of the Harper government, who have the expertise to figure out the math and physics know-how in collapses of building. Are the experts across government and private industry on a list at the USAR locations to access and avail of their expertise? No, and not in Canada, because the USAR is a very expensive show of display on the pretense of safety and are really the mop-up crews after a disaster.

What about the private company that owns the building? The private company will ultimately be sued for millions of dollars, just like the oil company in Alberta is being sued for millions of dollars - "Residents, vacationers and business owners are launching a class-action lawsuit against a Canadian oil company and are seeking $75 million in damages after they say a major spill earlier this month devastated property value.

Merchant Law Group filed the suit Friday against Plains Midstream Canada after a pipeline spilled 475,000 litres of sour crude oil into Red Deer River and Gleniffer Lake near the town of Sundre earlier this month ­ one of three major spills in the last six weeks."

Just like the BC mud slides and flooding, where deregulation and lowering of environmental standards has been the cause, and the Harper government as well as the provincial levels choose to fund at great expense, agencies that are virtually mopped-up operations, rather than to prevent disasters just as the collapse of Elliott Lake mall.

So the Harper fans - what is the evidence that supports your proposition that the Harper government has done a great job? Let me know, including the people of Elliott Lake and the residents of Alberta that are being negatively impacted by the vast network of oil pipeline crisscrossing Alberta. Or the people of Canada, why Border Security insists on the right to record and monitor citizens at their border, but the citizens are not allowed to record and monitor Border Security staff.

The CBSA's ability to violate the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens, and engage in invasive searches that some would argue are unreasonable in a free and democratic society, was enhanced by a 2009 change to the Customs Act. The amendment created "customs-controlled areas," which gives border agents greater abilities to question, examine and search travellers within customs areas.

Having your private conversations monitored by government agents is something you might have expected at a crossing into East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall; or perhaps in the modern-day Korean Demilitarized Zone. It is not something that should be taking place in a free country like Canada. Unfortunately, the border is treated by the government as a sort of no-man's land, where constitutional rights have no bearing."

This time though they left an audio recorder rolling while Canadian Border Service Agents searched their Motorhome. You can listen to the CBS agents comments in this video, including joking about sexually assaulting people."

So Harper fans, what does that tell you about the professionalism of the CBS, or is it more telling of the Harper's ideology, dogma infiltrating every aspect of Canadian society, conditioning the Canadian populace for lower standards of expectations regarding government services at all levels.

Leaving off with a version of Oh Canada - "

"O Canada we've all agreed to
stand for the true north strong and free
with glowing hearts from sea to sea
we stand on guard for thee

O Canada on Native land
we wash the oil from tar and sand
from pipe to power this darkest hour
from sea to shining sea

But who stands watch for the earth below?
stands for the ice and the melting snow?
who for the land to call our home?
Oh Canada I don't know"

Does the Harper fans stand for environmental destruction? Time will tell, when they too are faced with an environmental disaster not of their own making, and greatly upset, because they have no avenues for legal redress. It is what happens, when the Harper fans are myopic and cannot see the horizon in the distance, leaving trails of smoke fumes in the sky. The Harper fans are exchanging their support for the Conservative government, for the magical thinking that somehow they will be protected from the negative economic and environmental forces that they read and watch so much as they go about their lives. Next thing they become aware of the fire lapping at their doorstep, a fire that could have been prevented, if only the Harper fans had corrected their myopic thinking of self-serving interests and protection.