Friday, June 22, 2012

Daily Digest June 22, 2012 030



Harper reaches out to Mulroney as Tory woes mount in Quebec
The potential for a national unity crisis to emerge out of the next Quebec provincial election has prompted Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do something he has refused to do for years: Meet with former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Stephen Harper held a secret meeting in a Montreal hotel with Mr. Mulroney last week...
Lessons of Watergate: why our media should heed them
Power makes politicians stupid

Parliament's best leaders have no one to lead
Are we heading towards a one man government, with no checks and balances?

When polls matter, pigs will fly
Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page fights for his independence

Political hell hath no fury like dairy farmers aroused
Liberals must not let polls distract them from the task ahead

Bonus pay for Veterans Affairs managers has to end
Harper is right to guard Canada's pocketbook

PM wisely avoids Euro money pit
'Just Society' becomes a cruel joke

We must act now in Syria or pay later
NDP out ahead of the Tories with 38% support, Liberals struggling: poll

F-35s delivery won't be complete before current fighters are retired: Documents
Del Mastro campaign checked limit before stopping cheque

McGregor / Maher: New documents call into question Del Mastro's claim he was unaware of Elections Canada investigation Maher / McGregor: New Elections Canada commissioner named in surprise move

Interim federal Liberal leader Bob Rae calls for answers from Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro during visit to riding

CIDA claims to have no records of Oda's limo expenses
How would Jack Layton rate the year that was?

Thomas Mulcair's NDP: Now comes the hard part
Enbridge staff ignored warnings in Kalamazoo River spill

Senate okays bid to decriminalize mixed martial arts
Canadians OK with OAS changes: Survey

Border agency policy spells out surveillance rules
Harper's finger poised for the reset button this summer

Black says jail gave him new perspective on Canada
Conrad Black suing publisher for $1.25M over Bay Street book

Ex-Fisheries directors urge Harper to reverse freshwater-research cuts
Europe needs to take responsibility for its own mistakes

Indian government upset over Mulcair's Golden Temple remarks
Page: Budget details or court case

Differences to bridge before Liberal-NDP merger: Bob Rae
Harper seeks to boost image in Quebec

Public service unions file grievance with Treasury Board over job-swapping
Public service sick leave program needs drastic overhaul, expert says

F-35 stealth fighter jets' terms of independent review vindicate AG; winning firm must include all lifetime costs
Tory senator wants CBC called on carpet for slashing shortwave service

Toronto condo boom prompted new mortgage rules, Flaherty says
Back-door gun registry show-down

Having trouble meeting people? UN says Canada's laws on free association 'harsh'
Assembly of First Nations chief Shawn Atleo stands tall in wake of criticism

Border-security bill threatens wildlife habitat: Critics
B.C. Liberals declare natural gas clean energy source

Hot job market feeds Alberta's record population boom
Redford issues mandates for associate ministers

Syrian military says it downed Turkish fighter jet
2 ex-SNC-Lavalin employees face corruption charges in Toronto: RCMP

Canada's inflation rate dips to lowest level in two years
McLeod : Page: Budget details or court case

Riley : Parliament's best leaders have no one to lead

a lttle paint, some WD-40, and a good dusting will do

The Wrong Trade Agreement


"Syria is the canary in the coal mine of a new cold war. It should remind us all that the price we pay for not acting is often far greater than the actual price of deciding to act in the name of humanity."

Canadian Forces are looking at optional engagements.

Would you have Canada join the United States in acting
to bring about regime change in Syria or not?

Might very well be a real question to face - not just on the DD.

CONFIRMED: US CIA Arming Terrorists in Syria

We must act now in Syria or pay later