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Federal elections commissioner steps down as major investigations continue
 With the complex and politically-charged robocalls investigation still underway, Commissioner of Canada Elections William Corbett has retired and been replaced a former justice department bureaucrat.

New documents call into question Del Mastro's claim he was unaware of Elections Canada investigation
Newly filed court documents cast doubt on Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro's
repeated assertion that he was not aware he is being investigated by Elections Canada.

Differences to bridge before Liberal-NDP merger: Bob Rae
F-35 stealth fighter jets' terms of independent review vindicate AG; winning firm must include all lifetime costs

Commons committee investigation into F-35 fiasco hangs on by a thread
Postmedia lobbying on advertising tax rules, would consider sale, Godfrey says

Jack Layton's childhood stomping grounds to be named after late NDP leader
Feds to limit debate on massive omnibus budget bill in Senate

Anger grows over elimination of monthly student bus passes
Obese father loses children to adoption on judge's order

"Robocalls" investigation to continue past June, says chief electoral officer
Voter suppression probe to last until June, elections chief says

Quebec nation debate could be re-opened in Liberal race
Lessons for Justin Trudeau from John Turner on being Liberal 'saviour'

Hall Findlay looks ready to take some political risks
PMO stands up for their protector

Feud with budget officer a conflict between Conservatives and their own ideals
Why greens go in the red: How wind turbines and solar panels are making us poorer

Tough justice -- in prime time
What's behind Canada joining Trans-Pacific trade deal

Stephen Harper's Pacific trade coup is a murky one
Harper leads on global trade

NDP's Andrea Horwath takes a hit after election collision
Feds to limit debate on massive omnibus budget bill in Senate

Why do politicians hate to apologize?
Public sector sick days cost $1 billion a year

Federal public servants take double the sick days as private sector workers
What's behind rising public service absenteeism?i

Ottawa tightening mortgage rules; no more 30-year amortizations
Del Mastro claims to be unaware of reimbursement scheme allegations

Justin Trudeau tops 'starting grid' Liberal leadership
Omar Khadr's lawyers appeal to federal government for Gitmo transfer

Conservative party campaign manager awarded Diamond Jubilee medal
Canadian military planners spin Syria scenarios as UN suspends mission

Defence executives received $2M in bonuses last year while cutting staff
Fresh hostilities break out in Tory war with budget watchdog

Quebec language police crack down on retailers with English-only signs
'We'll send you packing,' Kenney tells foreign criminals

Stakeholders cry foul as feds cut funding for emergency preparedness
Redford 'not opposed' to comprehensive pipeline review in light of recent spills

Enbridge pipeline spill adds to worry of First Nations group
Students unimpressed after Pauline Marois drops red square symbol of protests

B.C. Supreme Court to allow media 'tweets,' blogging
  Why Premier Clark Isn't Sharing Anymore

The Domain Name 'Gold Rush'
Conservatives' Refugee Health Cuts Rile Doctors

VIDEO: Burning books to save libraries: A lesson in reverse psychology
Third pipeline leak in Alberta in three weeks

More ferry consultation delays fixing problems: NDP's Coons
Oil sands jobs too few, too GHG-intensive to justify expansion: report

RCMP should release data on injuries, death: BCCLA
BCTF takes government back to court over Bills 27/28

BC to keep CETA drug patent letter secret
Quebec students cheered by criticism of Bill 78 by UN human-rights agency


Thousands in New York March Silently Against Racial Profiling
Right Wing Billionaires Push Israel Agenda in Democratic Party

CO2, the Sun, and Warming in the Middle Ages - Viewer Questions on Climate Science

Pt2 - CO2, the Sun, and Warming in the Middle Ages - Viewer Questions on Climate Science

Japan sat on U.S. radiation maps showing immediate fallout from nuclear crisis 19 Jun 2012 The government failed to make
Key Blair aide: Rupert Murdoch pressed UK leader on Iraq war, warned over delaying conflict

15,000 American forces stationed in Kuwait: Senate account
Turkish party: CIA, Mossad responsible for Syria massacres

Russia denies war games report
Syria: Russia to send marines to naval base

Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria
IDF tanks move closer to Egypt border --

Men in Afghan police uniform shoot dead Nato soldier

Outrage Over Perceived Light Sentence for Colonel

Talk of drones patrolling US skies spawns anxiety
NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say if We Spied on You

Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments
Julian Assange seeking asylum in Ecuadorian embassy in London

Six nabbed for cyber attacks on Quebec websites

Mont. GOP displays bullet-riddled 'Obama outhouse'

Fed members gave their own banks $4 trillion during bailout
At least 18 current and former directors of the Fed's regional branches saw to it that their own banks were awarded loans with often next-to-no interest by the country's central bank during the height of the financial crisis.

US Senate blocks bid to restore $4.5 billion for food aid
Greek conservatives hope to seal coalition deal

Afghanistan: 21 killed including 3 U.S. occupation force troops: -
Hamid Karzai government under fire for oil deal with company run by cousin:

Karzai calls on Afghans to fight corruption:
Reports reveal Afghan govt-Taliban links:

Pakistan: Three killed in Peshawar blast:
Pakistan Chaos: Prominent PM Nominee Arrested:

Obama moves to conceal drone death figures:
Lavrov Drives Home Russia Stand on Syria :

Libya'sclashes leave 105 dead:
Snatched and detained - Libya's "jungle law":

Tunisian attack destroys 2 vehicles near Libya:
Iran: Israel, U.S. plan fresh cyber attacks after nuclear talks in Moscow:

Ecuador says it will decide soon on Assange asylum:
Julian Assange: celebrity backers face £240,000 bill for WikiLeaks founder's bail breach:

UK NatWest bank computer meltdown:
UK: Doctors take industrial action over pensions:

Nicaragua reduces poverty rate in rural areas:.
The Fed's Forthright Admission About Our Messy Economic Situation: ..

America's long slope down:
By the Numbers: The U.S.'s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry:

Top General Accused of Blocking Corruption Probe to Help Obama:

History is the Enemy as 'Brilliant' Psy-ops Become the News

U.S. Arming Syrian Opposition Fighters

Tensions Between UK and Russia Soared Over Syria-bound Helicopters

Russia's Syria Policy On the Right Side of History

Congress on Iran: Iraq Redux? Don't let your member of Congress use lies to justify action against Iran

America: Drugged Up, Dumbed Down and Crazy Dangerous

Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney? U.S. Drone Attacks May Constitute War Crimes: UN

Assange's Mother: Australia Puppet Govt Aided US Persecution of Julian Video and Transcript

Thousands Die Prematurely For Lack of Health Insurance

Quebec plunges into crisis over student strike Source
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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
JEUDI 21 JUIN 2012
20h40 - Conflit étudiant · La CLASSE prévoit un 22 juin rassembleur à Montréal
        Une manifestation nationale contre la hausse des droits de scolarité doit avoir lieu vendredi. Agence QMI
18h24 - UPAC · Jean Charest s'est rendu chez l'un des entrepreneurs accusés
        Le premier ministre Jean Charest avait participé en 2003 à une soirée privée de financement à la résidence de   l'homme d'affaires Gaétan Paradis. Agence QMI
17h59 - Homolka · Karla serait dans les Caraïbes
        Un livre publié sur le web jeudi soutient que la meurtrière Karla Homolka vit en Guadeloupe sous un nouveau     nom et qu'elle a maintenant trois enfants. Agence QMI
16h04 - Fête nationale · Ouvert ou fermé?
        Voici un guide non exhaustif des établissements commerciaux et services, ouverts ou non, pour la fête   nationale du Québec.  Agence QMI
12h00 - Commission Charbonneau · Le gouvernement se défend
        Le gouvernement du Québec jure qu'il a donné à l'Unité anticollusion (UAC) tous les outils pour faire son       travail. Agence QMI
02h39 - Policiers au travail · L'heure de la sieste
        Deux policiers assoupis dans leur autopatrouille ont été surpris par un citoyen. JDM
02h32 - Exclusif · Chantal Longpré à la CAQ
        Elle veut abolir les commissions scolaires. JDM
02h20 - Commission Charbonneau · L'empire Accurso
        L'Unité anticollusion a préparé des diagrammes qu'elle a remis à la commission Charbonneau. JDM



Saturday, it being fifty years since Aase's agreement
to be joined with me through the taking of marriage
vows, we are having a gathering of kith and kinfolk.

'Tis highly likely there will be no Digest 'til Sunday

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  A  POLL Are you worried about increased surveillance at airports  and borders? 7:31 AM ET   DD

Joe--I don't believe they have backed off.  In fact it wouldn't surprise me to know that these invasive things have been in use for a few years.  It is all in the wording.  If the equipment is already installed they will say that it was a waste of tax dollars not to use them!!!  Never believe a politician if his/her lips are moving when they speak.

From: John Duddy
To: <>
Cc: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>,
        "Joe Hueglin" <>,
Subject: Fw: Daily Digest June 20, 2012  007
Dear Prime Minister.
Dear Truth Seekers who participated in the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings.
Please scroll down to the comment below by Joseph@commonground.
Thanks DAILY DIGEST for letting conservative Canadians know that the truth is coming out.
Thanks Susan Lindauer for inviting the Prime Minister, MPs and Senators to come and hear the truth in Vancouver.
The success of the hearings can be measured when the judges present their findings to the International Criminal court.
John Duddy.
From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: To prevent mentally sick people from acquiring guns, gun buyers must undergo psychiactric evaluation

Ms Kate Malloy
The Hill Times, Ottawa
Copy to: Mr. Jonathn Lowy, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Washington DC: It is great to see that you are resisting the gun lobby. Recent shootings in both u.S. and Canada show how guns are being misused by people suffering from mental sickness. There must be proper screening of people buying guns to prevent this.
To prevent mentally sick people from acquiring guns, gun buyers must undergo psychiactric evaluation
Recent shootings in both the United States and Canada have underscored the need for laws to prevent mentally sick poeple from having access to guns. In Florida, George Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watchman, shot an unarmed black teenager, Tryvon Martin, and claimed that he did so in self-defence. How could an unarmed 17-year-old threaten a 28-year-old burly man? The answer is either he is a racist or paranoid. In Edmonton, Canada, a security guard, 21-year-old Bombgartner, shot three fellow security guards while they were servicing a bank machine. Bombgartner didn't have any criminal record, but found bragging in a picture posted in his website, bragging whether he would be in the news if he popped out some peolple.
In Norway, mass-shooter, Breiveik, who shot 74 people uttering racial slurs, has been found mentally sick and will possibly spent rest of his life in a psychiactric institution. The Arizona shooter, Jerrod Loughner, who killed a number of people and seriously injured a Congresswoman, has been found mentally sick. It may also be recalled that the gunman who shout and maimed Mr. Brady, President Reagan's press secretary, had no criminal record. He was delusional that by assassinating Reagan, he could draw the attention of an actress he admired. But the question remains: How could such mentally sick persons purchase guns? As such, all gun buyers should undergo psychiactric evaluation before allowing to aquire guns. In Canada, we used to have a gun registry which could have allowed the police to keep track of people with resported mental sickness. But the Conservative government dismantled the gun registry.
The only way to prevent guns from falling in the hands of mentally-sick persons will be that all gun buyers should undergo psychiactric evaluation and anyone found mentally unstable must be denied access to guns.

2240 Iris Street, Ottawa.

From: "Barbara Reid"

After many years of enjoying this Digest, and being a very active volunteer in the Conservative Party, both Federal and Provincial, for a great many years also,  I'm finally running  out of patience with all the negative rants.  I'd far rather be living here than any other country but wish there was a lot more praise around.
I happen to like what Harper has done for us and grateful that we got through the really tough time most of the world has been suffering with their finances.  With voting for him, we gave him permission to make decisions and I'm pleased that he does what he's supposed to do.

From: "S Booiman"
To: "James Moore   The Hon." <>
Cc: "Harper Stephen Calgary Southwest" <>,
         "Albas MP Dan Okanagan-Coquihalla" <>,
         "Cannan MP Ron Kelowna-Lake Country" <>,
         "Duncan John. MP The Hon." <>,
        "Fast Edward MP The Hon" <>,
         "Grewal MP Nina Fleetwood-PK" <>,
         "Harris MP Richard Cariboo=PG" <>,
         "Hiebert MP Russ" <>,
        "Kamp MP Randy Pitt Meadows-Mapleridge" <>,
         "Lunney MP James Nanaimo - Alberni" <>,
         "Mayes MP Colin Okanagan-Shuswap" <>,
         "Saxton MP Andrew North Vancouver" <>,
         "Strahl MP Mark-Chilliwack" <>,
         "Warawa MP Mark Langley" <mark.warawa@PARL.GC.CA>,
         "Weston MP John West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast" <>,
         "Wilks MP David Kootenay-Columbia" <>,
        "Wong Alive MP" <>,
         "Young MP Wai Vancouver South" <>,
         "Zimmer MP Bob Prince George= PR" <>

June 21,  2012
The announcement still sounds odd to me:
The Hon.Mr.James Moore’s round tables ,17 of them, how round are they is a question. it seems there is more
room for those that speak French than English. Democratically the only correct response is a National Referendum,
so there is no room for fixing the out come. – at what cost?
Host cities will include Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury, Québec City, Montréal,

Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, St. John’s, Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Iqaluit.  --- the so-called capital cities.

                                                 Ontario and Quebec have more than ONE.

3 in Ontario : Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury,

2 in Quebec:  Québec City, Montréal,

NONE in VANCOUVER British Columbia, as the name says “to English”

Victoria is going to speak for 4.3 million people, how democratic.

Suan.H. Booiman

From: "Tom Brewer"

I have to wonder if the MP Delmastro is telling the truth or trying to lead us down the garden path. It sure seems strange his actions pertaining to the election matters he is embroiled in! I find the reporting of his actions to be questionable.... And to keep in mind he's on Harper's favoured list.
We need and want the truth... Elections Canada must review everything and advise their findings to the electorate.
If this MP played games he should be admonished! If in playing those games he gained an unfair advantage then he should be taken to task... And at the least Harper should drop him like a hot potato.
No wonder Canadians are disturbed! In my opinion we need to know as much as possible and take action to ensure it does not happen again. If this individual played games to get his seat he should be dropped!
Tom Brewer

From: The Natroses

What amounted to a one minute blip in the media world - the defunding of
aboriginal youth programs - the best out of a few articles

"The friendship centre in Inuvik, N.W.T., has suspended almost all of its programs for elders and youth after staff learned the federal government is redirecting funding to job training and education for aboriginal youth at the expense of cultural programs."

"Organizers of a community-driven meeting scheduled for tonight in Halifax say the federal government blind-sided a local aboriginal youth program when it cut funding for the initiative.

The Kitpu Youth Program, run through the Mi'kmaq Friendship Centre on Gottingen Street, was told June 11 that funding across the country through the Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth Program was gone as part of federal budget cuts. Co-ordinator Glenn Knockwood and another employee were given two weeks notice.

That was after Knockwood was told in February that the $120,000 budget was being capped by Heritage Canada at $100,000 for this year."

I came across the articles in the local news file folder, to which there was many and not a single one from the national newspapers. It leaves the impression to any reader, that the funding cuts took place at a local level, and not the reality, it was the Conservative government actions to defund the cultural youth programs that take place across Canada. In the first link, "Last year, Ingamo Hall received $132,000 in federal funding from a program called Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth. That program was recently transferred from Heritage Canada to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada."

See how the Harper government is cutting services and programs? It is a pattern especially with youth policies, anything to do with children, summer student employment and the list goes on. Three million dollars is being remove from the Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth, and supposedly to be redirected to "Department spokesperson Genevive Guibert said the amount of funding has not changed, but there has been a change in focus: less funding for cultural activities and more job training for young people.
Ingamo Hall held sewing classes, arts and crafts and cooking pr Ingamo Hall held sewing classes, arts and crafts and cooking programs. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

"We are focusing our investments on programs that will equip young Aboriginal people with the skills and experiences that will help them to participate in the economy," wrote Guibert in an email to the CBC News." Â

Guess who will be the new lab rats in job training directed at the youth? Our children, including the Aboriginals, to which cultural programs as well as sports programs will be of the lowest priority for federal funding. The provinces may or may not pick up to support cultural programs for Aboriginals, and that brings the question who than, if not the provincial government?

The newly approved Canadian charities by the federal government, who will not only be carrying the ball for cultural activities but their main gig will be in job training. Note, the blip for defunding was only a minute, but today not a word of the cuts. Instead, lots of articles promoting the messages of job training for Aboriginals and their youth, plus the big one - to join the Canadian economy and by extension the global one plus the attached private sector support/charities who will be funding and profiting at the same time.

Three articles alone in the NP today - "Â Private sector support represents an important part of what indigenous students need to succeed. Through funds provided from companies across the country, we can develop bursaries, scholarships and internship programs. Plus, firms large and small can offer these students mentoring help to give them the knowledge they need to prosper and thrive.

With more private sector commitment to supporting the ongoing educational improvement of Canada's indigenous youth, their success will definitely be on the horizon. I'ts time for Canadian companies to take the lead."

"But the fact is that no matter how much governments spend on remote native communities such as Attawapiskat, they cannot prosper unless they participate in the broader economy ­ something that is impossible when the local population has little education, and therefore few job skills to offer those few prospective employers willing to set up shop hours from major commercial centres."

"Finally, corporate Canada must also play a part in this holistic approach during the pursuit of employment. We must recognize and accept the non-conventional paths that aboriginal candidates take to end up on our doorstep. Appreciate that their challenges are unique and their accomplishments are greater in relation to the considerable obstacles they have faced. We have a vested interest in the social and economic progress and growth of all Canadians.

We have the opportunity and the responsibility to reverse the education gap among aboriginals. To move forward together, as one Canada."

Now from one of our esteemed MPs - "Rainy River Member of Parliament John Rafferty rose in Question Period to blast the Harper Conservatives for de-funding the Biwaaseaa after school program in Thunder Bay while wasting billions of tax dollars on other 'misguided' projects and events.

'By all measurements it is a program that should be replicated, not cut," Rafferty said before putting the question to the government."They [Conservatives] can waste billions on limos, gazebos, jails, and jets so why are they cutting valuable programs like Biwaaseaa?"

Rafferty's question came after he learned of the de-funding of the highly regarded youth program which will be wrapping up operations in June. Biwaaseaa, is an afterschool program for aboriginal youth in Thunder Bay that provides lunch, after-school snacks, recreational activities, First Nations cultural teachings and emotional support to 500 students at seven elementary schools at a cost of just $5 dollars per student."Â

"When I visited Attawapiskat last December, I met a two-month-old aboriginal girl named Caley. I still remember her lock of dark hair and peaceful face as she slept.

While Caley's mom and dad do everything they can for her in troubling conditions, there is a crisis in Aboriginal communities across Canada that is robbing hope for children like Caley, and their families.

There is no fundamental human right more basic than the right to eat when you are hungry. In a country as bountiful as ours, truly no Canadian child should want for food.

Yet this National Aboriginal Day, June 21, tens of thousands of Aboriginal peoples, including children, will experience hunger, and the insecurity of not knowing when they'll eat next – which is why I'm asking you speak up and sign our petition."

Is it a coincidence or is it deliberate planning of the Harper government ?  I would say deliberate planning on his part, for the eventual goal of removing the birthrights of the Aboriginals, by hook or crook.Â

Who are the charities, backed by the federal government and big business? Just a few below, and manned by the Aboriginals of the elite. Brought and paid for? Perhaps, and it certainly shows in their actions on not speaking up on the high price of food in the Great North, or at the very least, downplay the negative effects of not having reasonable access to food,  and rather use the negative health realities, to insert the private agendas who may or may not have the best interests of the Aboriginal communities.

"Over the past four-and-a-half years we have been working on implementing a meaningful, structured and long-term partnership with the Aboriginal community.

Our Aboriginal relations philosophy, strategy and programs are guided by the following principles:
  • Our programs must be sustainable;
  • Our programs must have a clear benefit;
  • Our programs must be community based; and
  • Our programs must be supported by the Aboriginal community.
To provide some structure to our guiding principles we have developed an Aboriginal relations framework that comprises four key areas of focus: 1) Education; 2) Empowering Youth; 3) Economic Development; and 4) Employment. We call our Aboriginal Relations Strategy and program outreach "Horizons".

"In 2004, he started the Foundation, raising funds to improve education and make physical activity a part of a better future for aboriginal youth. Self-esteem is at the base of it all; his programs are interwoven with values inherent in First Nations' rich heritage."

"The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation is now Indspire. The new identity signals a new day for Indigenous education in Canada. And Indspire's new tagline, says it all: "Indigenous education, Canada's future." The new name combines key notions of Indigenous and inspiration to highlight Indspire's mandate. Gaining widespread acceptance from Indigenous organizations across Canada and the world, the term Indigenous means "of the land", and is literally expressive of Canada's original peoples.

"As the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, we were well-known for our work in recognizing Indigenous role models and achievement,” said Roberta Jamieson, Indspire President and CEO and Indspire Awards Executive Producer. “Yet achievement is difficult without a quality education. This compelled us to play a more active role in improving and even transforming Indigenous education from the very onset of learning."

Indspire will continue its best known activities, including the distribution of bursaries and scholarships. Since 1985, the organization, through its Education Program, has awarded more than $42.7 million in scholarships and bursaries to more than 11,500 First Nations, Inuit and Metis students nationwide.

Recognition and celebration of First Nation, Inuit and Metis role models remains vital to achieving its mission. The annual national gala of Indigenous achievement remains a cornerstone. The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards will now be the Indspire Awards. The celebration is also highlighting the importance of Indigenous education throughout the event, and increasing the presence and recognition of young achievers who can encourage their peers."

Please note - since the Harper government has come into power, organizations like the above, except for the last one that has been around for a much longer time, but has undergone a transformation in name, as well as direction, all emerged under the Harper government. All backed up and supported by big business,  to take care of the many fires emerging from, sub-standard housing, the high retail costs of consumer goods and foods, questionable water standards, sub-standard education and some will call it third-world education standards, and many health concerns that comes from living in third-world conditions. Meanwhile the Harper government with a compliant national media, are busy beavers in de-constructing for the ultimate goal of no longer being held responsible for funding of the Aboriginals.

Has anything change for the vast majority of the native people in Canada?  Not a whit, and most are too busy defending their reservations from big industry  and government who has not delivered their promises made so many moons ago.

And from another organization that is despised by the Harper government - "Centuries of racism and dispossession have denied Indigenous peoples around the world the opportunity to enjoy such basic human rights as the right of self-determination, the right to cultural identity, the right to life and the right to health. On this page you will find the latest postings from Amnesty International work in support of the human rights of Indigenous peoples -- including opportunities to speak out for justice. You will also find links to statements and resources from our allies and partners"

Thinking about the headlines in today's newspaper, not only the indigenous people of Canada, but anyone of the working class -Economic genocide some would call it. Others would call it lowering of basic living standards. Considering that in India, one of the South Asia countries, and a trading partner with Canada - the women are fighting the right to pee in India

"Another country that takes all of the jobs from North America, where most of half of the population have no toilets in their homes. Economic prosperity for only those of a certain social-economic class, and in Canada - the same thing is taking place, but under different optics of a high industrialized country and economies.


This just happened to come in to-day:

From: PMO <pm@PM.GC.CA>
Subject: Statement

From the Prime Minister's Web Site ( )

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on National Aboriginal Day

June 21, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark National Aboriginal Day:

"Today we celebrate the rich and diverse culture of our country's Aboriginal peoples and reflect upon the important role they have played and continue to play in shaping modern-day Canada.

"Aboriginal peoples have made immense contributions to our nation. First Nations fought as allies in the War of 1812 and in every major conflict since, and their cultures and traditions continue to be an integral part of Canadian identity. The enduring relationship between the Government of Canada and First Nations is one based on mutual respect, friendship and support, and we are committed to working towards deepening this bond.

"Our Government has made strengthening this relationship a priority. For instance, in 2008 we issued an historic apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools, and in 2010, we endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. In January of this year, we also participated alongside First Nations in the historic Crown-First Nations Gathering to set the context for renewed collaboration.

"Moving forward, we will continue to build on these accomplishments in order to improve the lives of First Nations people across our country, and ensure that Aboriginal peoples benefit from full participation in the labour market and the same opportunities for self-sufficiency and prosperity as their fellow Canadians, including in the areas of health, training, education and governance. We will also continue to implement our Northern Strategy to benefit Aboriginal peoples living in Canada's North.

"I encourage all Canadians to share in the celebration of National Aboriginal Day by participating in the many events taking place today across the country."

The Prime Minister's Office - Communications