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NDP accuses Tories of contempt over refusal to detail budget cuts
Hours after Speaker Andrew Scheer grouped more than 800 amendments proposed by the opposition
and averted a marathon voting session that could have delayed passage of Conservative budget legislation,
the NDP raised a point of privilege that could prevent the bill's progress.
PM is spending political capital on omnibus budget bill
Bill C-38 heeds economy's need for speed

Harper's ticket to election win is the economy
Is Bob Rae the best choice to revitalize the Liberal Party?

Liberal party must embrace the big, bold change its hardcore supporters hate
Riding roughshod over Dief's legacy

Dippers fiddle as Europe burns
Youth may vote if system changes

EI reform: Atlantic premiers may have to fight
Divert some resource revenues to investment fund

Canada's Parliament is right to repeal Section 13 of human rights act
Human rights changes represent victory for free speech

Europe's crisis is about moral hazard not bad morals
Montreal's protest bill keeps going up

Canada dismisses U.S. concern over fake military parts
Justin Trudeau's best option may lie in the future

Tories divided over NDP bilingualism bill
Data on Canadian Officials Stolen in Attack on Stratfor

Paul Martin critical of Mulcair's 'Dutch disease' comments
Feds plan to limit debate twice on sweeping omnibus budget bill this week

NDP accuses Tories of contempt over refusal to detail budget cuts
Don't hydrate! Washroom breaks at a premium as MPs prepare for Commons marathon

Speaker limits budget votes but long hours ahead for MPs
O'Malley: Omnibudget Vote-a-buster 2012: How long will it go?

O'Malley: For the Record - House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer rules against Elizabeth May's point of order
McParland: Elizabeth May leads commendable effort to halt Tory omnibus juggernaut

Ministers selling Bill C-38 before expected July Cabinet shuffle
Harper applauds Spain bailout, touts 'Canadian approach' to economy

The Commons: John Baird and Peter Van Loan learn a new word
5 questions about Dean Del Mastro's election spending

PM, Privy Council Clerk declare support for bureaucrats to kick off Public Service Week
Ottawa church prays for public servants

Harper slips under Montreal protesters' radars at economic forum
NATO order last year ended Canadian transfer of Taliban prisoners to Afghans

Riel House historic site closes its doors due to Parks Canada cuts
Pentagon's Best-Kept Secret: F-35 Fighter Is Progressing Nicely

Energy lobby 'pulling con job' on shale gas fracking, Tom Mulcair says
Tom Mulcair blasts fracking plans in New Brunswick

PM's ongoing challenge is keeping his 'ironclad' national caucus unity
Before picking Justin, Liberals should study the real Pierre Trudeau legacy

Trudeau not prodded into race
Most Liberal, NDP voters back party merger: poll

Liberals a 'party of the past': poll
Ontario NDP polling gains put McGuinty on shaky ground

PM preparing Canadians for possibility of another recession
Canada's massive shipbuilding plan headed for stormy seas

Canada still welcomes strippers from abroad
Google Translation...
MPs hearing from voters on EI reforms, most want clarification

Feds to pay out $6.1-billion in severance owed to public servants: public accounts
'Embarrassment to government' considered security threat at Toronto G20 summit: documents

Refugee bill set to clear Commons
Give us facts on Alberta oil spill, locals demand

Canada's one per cent are bankers, also CEOs, scientists and doctors
Gitxsan blockade coming to an end as forensic audit begins

Students' new goal: turf Liberal government


Speaker limits budget votes but long hours ahead for MPs
Budget-bill amendments will require at least 67 votes that could take up to 24 hours

Feds plan to limit debate twice on sweeping omnibus budget bill this week
The federal government plans to limit debate twice this week to ram its sweeping omnibus budget bill through the Commons by Friday,

Interesting.  The Speaker determines 67 votes on amendments - rumour that Feds plan to limit debate on changes to 70 bills.
You may be interested in what will be precedent setting, one Bill to make completely unrelated changes becoming the pattern, so here are related articles.

O'Malley: How long will the budget votes go on?
Are procedural tactics the best way to oppose Bill C-38?
Feeling confident about the budget vote?
Fight over budget bill returns to House of Commons
MPs facing hundreds of amendments to budget bill
Community reaction to threatened budget tie-up
15 ways to use a 450-page federal budget bill

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Bill C-38 DD

Joe--with all the things listed re C38 it is obvious that the governments main aim is total control over our very life. Everything you listed impacxts Canadians where they live. Sadly, the noose is tightening and in our 'democracy' there is nothing we can do unless we emulate the students in Quebec. All levels of government are doing this so it is no surprise that the feds are getting involved. They control the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. And all these things are controlled, not for our good but for the benefit of the controllers. It is not surprising that the environment is of no concern to the,m. We know that anything the government controls has been given a death sentence. After breathing in the smog today it is obvious how well the government does it's job on the environment. The oil spill in Alberta is just the latest destruction of the planet for the benefit of corporations. After reading articles about it you would believe that it was good for the river and the land. Nothing matters in any area except greed and profit for the corporations. That is what the 'budget' bill is all about--they win, we lose.

From: Robert Roehle
Subject: FW: Tell key Conservative MPs: Stand up to Harper, Defend Democracy

More, FYI.
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 09:13:03 -0400
Subject: Tell key Conservative MPs: Stand up to Harper, Defend Democracy

The Budget Bill is becoming a symbol of the struggle to defend Canadian democracy. Many Conservative MPs have deep concerns about the bill. Now they face a real choice: will they allow this reckless bill to pass, or will they stand up to Harper and defend our democracy?

Voting on the bill starts in Parliament this week. We need your help to create a massive public outcry right now, and flood Conservative MP offices with thousands of messages calling on them to defend our democracy and stop the Budget Bill:

Just 13 Conservative MPs can stop this Budget Bill, split it apart and start over, by simply telling Prime Minister Harper that they would deny him the majority of votes he needs to pass it.

These MPs are isolated in a government that keeps them in the dark and discourages them from representing our voices. We need a strong show of support for principled, honest action now to give our MPs the courage they need.

Click here to send an urgent message direct to the Conservative MP constituency offices in your province, calling on them to be one of the 13 heroes we need to stop this bill:

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Re: Neocon strategy destroying our economy -

Re: Real economy suffers under Harper, June 2

The real economy is hurting under Stephen Harper? Absolutely. The economics of neoliberalism, referred to also as American neoconservatism, or the "conservative movement" preferred by Stephen Harper, is narrowly ideological and provincial, showing little concern for the real economy and real people, much less people in all of Canada.

Real jobs, real employment, real futures, real opportunity, the real economy are being lost to neoconservatism, which practices laissez-faire capitalism — calling it market-based — corporatism — putting the interest of corporations ahead of national interest and the interest of the people — and libertarianism — preferring smaller government, lower (corporate) taxes, less regulation and disregard for the democratic rule of law equally applied for the benefit of all citizens.

Subject: Cornel University "Moon Orbit is Wrong" (Implies Planet-X a possibility)

Check out this video on YouTube:

From: Robert Ede
Subject: without let or stay

Let in the sense of directions being questioned, weaknesses considered and then decisions being made.  
Stay in that decisions made by the Executive held up from being implemented.
Break up the PMO's anti-constitutional (legislative) control over the (executive) PCO
Rescind in Council P.C. 1940-1121 - the executive order that created it
see Reversing the GG's Vasectomy
Your "Realty Whisperer"

From: Mahmood Elahi <>
To: "Letters to the Editor" <>
Subject: Look why booming China raising taxes

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Look why booming China raising taxes
Re "Political gridlock keeps traffic stalled," by Martin Regg Cohn (June 10).
Martin Regg Cohn has rightly pointed out the paralysis in the deicision when it comes to raising taxes to pay for public services. In this context, booming China can provide a lesson for Ontario politicians.
Last year, I spent a month vising Shaghai, beijing and other cities of China. It was a rewarding experince to see the world's most populous nation on the march. With its Maglev (magnetically-levitated) trains running at a breakneck speed of 430 kilometres per hour, Shanghai looks like a city of the future. While the United States and Canada are slowly recovering from the recession, China has been growing at an amazing rate of 9.5 per cent.
I saw the industrial might of China while visiting Shanghai's huge container port -- the world's largest. As far as the eye can see, ships of all sizes were loading and unloading containers with robotic precision. China has overtaken the United states as the world's greatest trading nation. In fact, China is now bankrolling America's trillion-dollar budget deficit. And all this happened at a warped speed. As Mauirice Ohana, CEO of the French trading company Ohanasia in Shanghai, remarked: "In 1998, we didn't even have Coca-Cola here. Everyone got around on bikes. Today, we're buying more cars than the Americans. In ten years, we have built 30,000 kilometres of highways and all the big cities have an extensive and efficient subway system."
Interestingly, while a bankrupt U.S. is cutting taxes, booming China has been raising taxes to pay for the infrastructure. As of Dec. 1, 2010, it began charging foreign firms higher taxes to help finance local city maintenance, construction and schools. Earlier, the government put into place an array of policies, including hefty tax breaks, to attarct foreign investment and foreign firms were charged 15 per cent, while domestic business's paid 33 per cent. Now both will pay the higher rate. Despite tax hikes, foreign firms say they would invest more in China. "At any rate, we cannot resist the temptation of China, because it is such a strong economy with relatively cheaper labour costs and huge markets," said Takeshi Uragami, general manager of Japan's Panasonic Corporation in China.
When will Ontario politicians have courage to raise taxes to pay for transportation needed by the nation's largest metropolis?

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: South Etobicoke jail like no other | Home | Toronto Sun

Begin forwarded message:

Date: June 9, 2012 12:55:59 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: South Etobicoke jail like no other | Home | Toronto Sun

We need a Devils Island like the French had, perhaps in Hudson's Bay or near Resolute

From: "Claudia "
Subject: Tell key Conservative MPs: Stand up to Harper, Defend Democracy

Canadians from across the political spectrum are uniting against the Omnibus Budget Bill. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Prime Minister Harper is becoming "increasingly isolated" as more and more Conservatives speak out against his anti-democratic attempt to remake our society. [1]

From flooding Conservative MPs with pro-democracy messages, to amplifying opposition to this bill in the media, to rallying at MP offices on Wednesday night, we have a real opportunity to bring Canadians together, from across the political spectrum, to stand up to Harper and his Ministers.

From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: Serge Crespy / Re: "Haters  will love changes to Human Righta Act"

Hi, Joe:
It's time for a 'graduated' marriage license system for all; heterosexuals and homosexuals.   Should this statement be viewed as discriminatory, or the spreading of 'hate'?
PS: I don't hate anyone !
Serge Crespy
Collingwood, ON

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Parents of Liam Reid, boy going blind, question fairness of system
               Edmonton gay community pleased by Redford's attendance  DD

Joe--a good juxtaposition of stories.  When are Canadians going to wake up and realize that our governments of any level are not to be trusted to make life and death decisions for us??  Their only interest is votes so they can get to the trough and we mean nothing to them.  Yes, gays have more voting power than a little boy going blind.  We are living with a noose around our necks because the government controls every facet of our lives.  Is it time for a NATO bombing mission over Canada for a R2P excuse???  Unless we wake up and take control of our lives nothing will change.  We are seen as nothing by our governments and it is becoming more obvious every day. 
This situation is not the first time that a Provincial government has refused medical help for a citizen and it won't be the last.  And it will only get worse. 


A few problems that people are having with health 'care' in Ontario

From: Geoffrey Laxton
Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 9-10, 2012  029

I think that this may put what Stephen Harper is doing in perspective. Read the following carefully. I suggest everyone re-read this article. The way I read it is that the University of Calgary Political Science Department was set up as a US Intelligence Operation. Inlow, Kornberg, Cooper and Flanagan were all recruited to the U of C Political Science Department. They are all linked to US Intelligence as far as I read it. Harper is a product of this.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: TANKERS/Enbridge/pipeline


RAFE HERE … below is an op-ed piece in this morning's Vancouver Province (I nearly fainted!) which is an absolute MUST READ
It's by Captain Edward Wray an 87 year old veteran mariner.
PLEASE let's pass this on to all within your reach

I write this article from the perspective of an old-timer who has a few tidbits of wisdom from my time on this planet. These thoughts are to do with the fed's and Enbridge's so-called plan to run supertankers through the narrow passages out of Kitimat. One word sums this up: poppycock.

I have been capable and qualified to sail any ship this world had to offer - and in charge of some of the largest vessels used on the B.C. coastline.

I've sailed every part of this coast, seen just about every kind of storm, squall or system, and I've experienced every kind of tide, current or cycle imaginable. So, I believe I am qualified to ask: Why would any-one in their right mind ever consider running supertankers through the seascape around Kitimat? Read more:

From: John Kruithof
Subject: LRT: Ottawa's Light Rail Transit

I hope the Daily Digest can be used for revealing a topic seemingly of interest only to Ottawa residents.  It concerns Light Rail Transit (LRT), a project modernizing Ottawa’s transportation infrastructure.  Indisputably a local jurisdiction, LRT nevertheless takes on national importance on two counts: 1) Ottawa is Canada’s capital; and 2) the involvement of the National Capital Commission (NCC), “a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada, whose goal is to ensure that Canada’s Capital Region is a source of national pride and significance”.  Canadians across the land who have an interest in how Ottawa is perceived as the nation’s capital should express interest. 

In a recent change of heart, the City of Ottawa decided against having an LRT station at Confederation Square, even though LRT trains are slated to run beneath it.  A station there would be of astounding value to residents and visitors alike, wanting to visit Parliament Hill, pay respect at the War Memorial, appreciate the UNESCO heritage Rideau Canal, have an unsurpassed view of the Gatineau Hills on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, as well as other cultural sites. 

In its highly suspect wisdom, the City decided to bypass all this, in favour of dropping off commuters at a proximate concrete jungle, or a shopping mall. 

This has created a local media furor, in which I humbly participated with my published letter in the Ottawa Citizen at

Readers of DD justifiably expect topics under discussion to be of more far-reaching import, but I do hope they consider the LRT issue worthy of inclusion.

John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Walkom: Is Stephen Harper's global military policy delusional or just plain mad?, Jun 08 2012

Walkom: Is Stephen Harper's global military policy delusional or just plain mad?, Jun 08 2012

In the Cold War period and up to 1995, Canada was a participant in every UN peacekeeping mission. Since then, our role has steadily declined, even though UN operations have expanded greatly. As of April 2012, Canada's contribution to UN peace operations ranked 55th in the world, with only 30 military personnel and 130 police deployed. But instead of re-engaging in UN peacekeeping, the Conservatives plan a network of military bases around the world and the purchase of costly state-of-the art fighter jets, armed with missiles, cannons and bombs. Multiple polls demonstrate that Canadians want our military engaged in humanitarian missions rather than fighting wars. But then what matters pesky public opinion when Harper's imperial decisions are applauded by his flattering circle of men in suits?
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Experts support the idea of guaranteed income in Canada, Carlito Pablo, June 7, 2012 (from Larry Kazdan 604-874-9982)

Re: Experts support the idea of guaranteed income in Canada, Carlito Pablo, June 7, 2012

Since the Canadian dollar is not subject to fixed exchange rates nor convertibility into gold, the federal government is not constrained and has the fiscal capacity to undertake a guaranteed income program. But another option would be to guarantee job opportunities rather than income. In other words, anyone who wants a job, whatever their skill set or abilities, would be guaranteed work, including any necessary on-job training. The advantage of this kind of program is that the taxpaying citizen would see tangible returns in the form of stronger maintenance of the environment, better care for children and the elderly, and a more vigorous arts sector. The job-guarantee rate would act as a minimum wage floor and challenge the private sector to entice workers away with better remuneration, rather than, as possible under a guaranteed income program, to reduce wages and benefits to the lowest possible level.

From: "rory j. koopmans" <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations: "I'm Gonna Bring Bobby Down, Even If I Have II Destroy Ewing Oil II Do It!"

From: John Duddy
Subject: Veterans Today looks at Canada and the Conservatives.

Hi Joe.

Please draw your readers attention to this article which talks about Canada and vote fraud.

Then ask readers to read the 1st. comment about the Old Progressive Conservative Party.

This needs further research.   John Duddy.

From: Joseph <>
Subject: C-38: Environment Devastation Act campaign do email on to others vs the Omnibus C-38 bill

Please read and forward your C-38: Environment Devastation Act campaign email on to others to support as well.

Am remember this "majority" government proposing such damaging changes to Canada did not have a majority of Canadian votes , they have the typical fake majority due to an out dated electoral system that allow first past the post to take all. Well that is just not good enough any more. Canada has evolved and deserves a more direct proportional democratic electoral system.

It is now time to educate and engage the hearts and minds of the real majority or Canadians, we the people of this fair land, to demand real democracy not this mockcracy. We are discussing "bullying" in schools and workplace, well it is time to expose the bullying going on at the highest levels of our federal government, the hijacking Harper "government". How dare they attack Canada in such a dishonest and deceptive omnibus bill.

I do not really care which politician or political party takes the initative to fight this draconian omnibus bill by Harper as long as someone does and does it fully committed to win. So I really do hope all political parties and people of good will to support this initiative and form a coalition to oppose the attack on basic Canadian values and our real environmental commonwealth. It reminds me of that quote " All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for men (people) to do nothing."

Well we are going to do something, and something together because when the people are united, and the people lead. the government will follow. It is all that has ever really changed the world for the better.


Subject: News Story from Australia relevant to Ontario

Wind turbine developments are big issue in rural Ontario and they are not getting a lot of coverage in the Toronto based media who view people expressing concerns as whining hicks from the boonies.
The problems are real and I have come across a recent a TV report from Adelaide in South Australia that talks about the impact of wind turbines on the small hamlet of Waterloo which is about 125 kilometers north of Adelaide. It gives a good overview of the problems being caused by wind turbines on one community:
I am passed links to news reports like this two or three times per week and I do not pass them on. To me, this one is worth sharing. It is not hyped and gives a perspective on impact of a wind turbine farm on this rural community. Interesting is the inclusion of interviews with people who signed leases and others that supported the project before it was erected. Now they find that they cannot live in their homes.
In the opening sequences of the story, you hear the sound of wind turbines - it is not surprising that people find this annoying.
It is particularly concerning for our rural communities given the distances between the turbines and these houses are much larger than the 550 metres being implemented in Ontario.
These interviews resonate with me as I am hearing exactly the same stories from people living in the wind turbine developments near Kincardine, Ripley and Shelbourne. This suggests that these problems are not isolated to Waterloo, South Australia. The situation is Waterloo is getting a lot of media attention but similar situations in rural Ontario continue to be ignored by the Toronto media.
I thought that this might be something of interest to your readers.


Thanks . . . we'll here more I'm certain.
From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Nuclear Power Plants for Oil Extraction from Tarsands ... ONLINE PETITION

Hi everyone,

from far across the ocean, I received a link to this petition re: NucPowerPlant for Oil extraction in Canada / Alberta ...
I signed, and now suggest you might sign on, too.

I have rarely seen a "better" example for human madness: First extract uranium, using huge amounts of diesel fuel, then use the uranium to power a nuclear power plant to generate the power to extract oil from tarsands!

Looks like the better part of the North of the Canadian provinces is set to be turned into a huge "sacrifice area" - too polluted and contaminated to even attempt to restore it ...

From: The Natroses

Could be called constraints - another lady of 85 years old - would call it another name

"Werthmann said that Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician, and spoke ill of welfare, the nationalized health care system, and the employment of women, all leading up to a strange and sudden turn to militancy. In this video of her speech, at 28:15 she says:
When the people fear the government, that's tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that's you, the Tea Party. That's liberty. Keep your guns. Keep your guns, and buy more guns!"

I grew up with the stories of the very people who were caught in Germany - stories that never seem to get any respect. Werthmann speaks the truth, and the world governments are well on their way to replicate Nazi Germany. Why else should there be a demand from all governments for more prisons and military building of the war toys?

Another, Canadian - an old tar salt would call it another name. Listen carefully, and heed his words.
"My message to British Columbians is: Don't be fooled. Stand up before it's too late, or we'll be choking on raw bitumen for generations to come - and all so a few fat cats in Alberta and China can reap billions.

Read more:

Raw bitumen are the tar sands oil - Clean up like it was diesel oil? Not in your lifetime, nor your grandchildren - perhaps your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren. Why the hurry to shipped it out in its raw state, why not processed the raw bitumen in Alberta - instead of risking the world's environment.

" Bitumen is a thick, sticky form of crude oil, so heavy and viscous (thick) that it will not flow unless heated or diluted with lighter hydrocarbons. At room temperature, it is much like cold molasses ". [3] The World Energy Council (WEC) defines natural bitumen as "oil having a viscosity greater than 10,000 centipoises under reservoir conditions and an API gravity of less than 10° API". [1] The Orinoco Belt in Venezuela is sometimes described as oil sands, but these deposits are non-bituminous, falling instead into the category of heavy or extra-heavy oil due to their lower viscosity. [4] Natural bitumen and extra-heavy oil differ in the degree by which they have been degraded from the original crude oil by bacteria and erosion. According to the WEC extra-heavy oil has "a gravity of less than 10° API and a reservoir viscosity of no more than 10,000 centipoises". [1]

Making liquid fuels from oil sands requires energy for steam injection and refining. This process generates two to four times the amount ofgreenhouse gases per barrel of final product as the "production" of conventional oil.[5] If combustion of the final products is included, the so-called "Well to Wheels" approach, oil sands extraction, upgrade and use emits 10 to 45% more greenhouse gases than conventional crude.[6] "

What is even worse, the pipeline design is not suited for tar sands bitumen sludge, especially when the pipeline is not designed for sludge.

So why is it the governments, including Canada are laying off the public sector, cutting back on the scientists, and other agencies , when they will be needed the most? Shades of Hitler, being replaced by the henchmen of the big oil and mining plus forestry global concerns, to be first on the scene - to control the information of very bad news, giving comfort to the people everything will be all right? Like the latest oil spill in Alberta?

"Gord Johnston's tranquil life along the Red Deer River in central Alberta was shattered Thursday night as the nauseating scent of crude oil hung in the air and a coffee-coloured liquid lapped the banks near his home."

The people - the victims - with names, demanding more oversight of the oil industry, as well as demands making the oil industry pay every red cent for environmental damage, the story line quickly disappeared out of the national media, only to be replaced by the muffled voices of government and oil spokespersons to control the message. Just like Hitler's Germany, but people just disappeared, and hear the voices are silenced, and if not silenced - labelled as loony environmentalists.

Constraints? Many would call it a different name. In Australia, "While the retired public-housing manager receives a monthly pension of $786, the Australian government demands Djiwada spend at least half of his stipend on food or clothing in a government-approved store. It leaves little leeway for discretionary purchases, such as parts for his decrepit truck, which wheezes and rattles each time he starts it up.

Djiwada faces the spending restrictions because he's an Aboriginal and, therefore, his pension is subject to income management ­ a central tenet of the controversial legislation known as the "intervention policy," brought in purportedly to improve the lives of indigenous Australians.

The legislation was introduced in the summer of 2007, weeks after a government-commissioned report concluded sexual abuse was widespread in Aboriginal communities. The "Little Children are Sacred" report claimed alcohol was largely responsible for the abuse, and the government pledged to find ways to limit the ability of indigenous Australians to drink so much."

Eerily like Canada and their latest control measure and like Hitler's control measures of the undesirables.

Workfare on the reservations - Wow - just like Hitler did

It always help to frame the image and interwoven into the messages - people are lazy - generous welfare and IE benefits and screaming headlines of labour shortages. Labour shortages? All this weekend, television commercials beaming out to the youth, and very much like Hitler's Germany, to seek a trade - meanwhile buried in the dark recesses of the media what jobs?

"Oil-sands workers to bear brunt of wage cuts, reveals AFL analysis of Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes

Calgary – Alberta workers presented a torn-up paycheque to federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's Calgary office today to protest the way his Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) Program is ripping off working people.

"Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that allow employers to pay foreign workers 15 per cent less than the prevailing wage in the area are specifically designed to drive down wages for all workers – especially workers in the oil sands," says Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour which represents 145,000 workers. "We are presenting this torn paycheque to symbolize Kenney's rip-off of Albertans."

"The Conservative changes are a gift to employers, especially non-union construction companies operating in the oil sands, but it will hit Alberta families straight in the pocketbook and be reflected in their paycheques," says McGowan. To support his point, McGowan released a technical background document on temporary foreign workers today. The analysis shows the policy is explicitly aimed at taking down high-wage, high-skilled trades occupations in Alberta."

Anyone with the know-how of high school math, a little data, can quickly graph it showing the downward wage reduction starting in the low skilled jobs to the high skilled jobs of the blue-collared workers. Sounds more and more like Hitler's Germany, conning the peoples of Germany, but Harper is conning the people of Canada by the sleight of his hand, a little flim-flan and bad mathematics. I still wonder how any of the cabinet ministers pass math, let alone add 2 + 2 and get the correct answer. But like Hitler, the Harper crowd dances to the vision, of what I do not know, but the Harper gang are determined to change Canada into a crown colony owned by the corporations of disrepute. Although the corporations would insist that they are the good guys. Good guys? No way, just like Hitler did in Germany.

This little ditty in the business pages - "Agrium Inc.'s announcement that it is hiking its dividend is welcome news for investors in the nutrient maker and marketer, however at least one analyst sees room for even more increases."

Boy, the fertilizer business has come a long way - really nutrient maker and marketer? Sounds more and more like Hitler's Germany and how he cowed the press into his corner, much like the corporations has done here in Canada. On Agrium's web page - "

Feeding a Growing World...

Agrium Inc. provides nutrients, products and services around the world. We are the only publicly traded company that crosses the entire agricultural value-chain. This means that our focus on growth begins in our manufacturing facilities and extends right out to the fields where our customers use our products."

Feeding the world eh? How many people lack the necessary food and diet to sustain themselves in this world? Too many to count, but in Canada's back yard, I suspect the Inuit would not used the word constraints, but something else, considering what I seen on the news today, downplaying the constraints. "Outraged by $15 bags of apples and other skyrocketing costs for basic groceries in Nunavut, a handful of Inuit protesters gathered in Ottawa Saturday to demand solutions.

Protester Simona Arnatsiaq says it isn't an option for Inuit to move to wealthier parts of Canada as millions of immigrants have done.

"We are indigenous to Nunavut," she said. "Why would anybody want to move away from their homeland to ease their pain?"

Arnatsiaq says even traditional hunting isn't a solution, complaining that bullets and rifles are too expensive and blaming global warming for hurting animal populations."

I suspect the Ontario parents would have another word than constraints - and in Hitler's Germany he had another solution......"Liam Reid's family has struggled to pay for his care at a U.S. hospital while another boy with the same rare eye condition has received 49 treatments paid for by the Ontario government.

If Liam, nearly 3, does not receive surgery to correct the vision in his left eye, he will go blind before he is 4 years old, said his mother, Kristina Reid. Liam has a retinal condition called advanced bilateral persistent fetal vasculature syndrome or Norrie disease.

"With only two kids in Ontario with this, how can one be funded and Liam not?" Reid asked. "The out-of-country funding process needs to be investigated."

I suspect some New Jersey residents would call it differently than using the word constraints.

"Under New Jersey Statute 4:22-18, having an unrestrained pet in a vehicle is considered animal cruelty, and drivers who don't have them restrained will be subject to fines that range from $250 to $1,000 and as much as six months in jail..........Incidentally, a ticket for a person not wearing a seat belt is only $46. In regards to distracted driving, the fine for texting while driving is only $100, although lawmakers are trying to double it."
Read more:

I bet a few Canadians would call the latest revelations by the Harper government, threats to the government are threats that are embarrassment to the government.
No wonder all of the above are buried in the press, and the nightly news becomes a series of sanitized news clips showing the good side of government and the idleness and immorality of ordinary Canadians, to justified the constraints that government is insisting upon. Much like the Germany of Hitler's , and everyone thinks Hitler's was just a bad leader. Hummm? It sure looks like the same techniques of Hitler's, is being used across the world, and not just in Canada.

One of Washington's thriving industries is the business of destroying political opponents (sometimes called "oppo") while making allies look good (under the rubric of "perception management"). These techniques (and the flood of money) are changing U.S. politics, says Danny Schechter. "

A set of people who would call it a dictatorial mandate, propaganda and other adjectives but never the word constraints. I see it as tyrannical methods - a clone from Nazi Germany- with a fancy dress on hiding the steroids - man made - to inflict on the population, no matter what species it is.

" Over the last several years, Alberta has killed more than 500 wolves using aerial sharpshooters and poisoned bait in order to conceal the impact of rapid industrial development on Canada's iconic woodland caribou.

Independent scientists say that declining caribou health stems chiefly from habitat destruction caused by the encroachment of the tar sands and timber industries. But in a perverse attempt to cover industry's tracks, the Alberta government is ignoring the science and shifting the blame to a hapless scapegoat: the wolf. "
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And for a little laugh, that is since laughing is still legal - especially laughing at the politicians.

A whole series of short clips brought to you by Almost Politics

After all the government and its politicians cannot do the one thing they probably dream about in their toss-turned beds - make fun of the Canadians especially the ones who dare to opposed them, by showing up and voicing their displeasure.