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JUNE 2nd_____

Canada's new two-party system
Liberals seriously wounded, but not dead yet

GM Oshawa job cuts show real economy hurting under Stephen Harper
'Fair wages' come from laws of economics, not legislation

More to nude Harper than meets the eye
PQ putting referendum cart before election horse

Harper's extremely generous benefits for the unemployed
New Brunswick tackles its pension pickle

Queen Elizabeth has been a special gift to Canada
years to change that assessment. The Queen has been...
Her Canadian Majesty

RCMP must put cards on the table
We must confront the meanness in this world

Church can't be bullied into accepting homosexuality
Canada's Conservative government: in picture-storybook form
Hunt nears for country's next top soldier

Consulate should stay
Oda's travel expenses cause dissent in Tory caucus

Little green car takes Edmonton photographer into the PMO prime minister, but local photographer Leroy Schulz now can.
In a Doors Open surprise, Canadian art treasures to be shown at Pearson Building

Questions and answers with Conrad Black
Commission calls on feds to set judges salaries at $288K

Alberta's own budget backs 'Dutch disease' theory: NDP

Mulcair rejects dividing regions

Mulcair denies that his NDP caucus is anti-Israel

Nicole Eaton: The philanthropist who rattles charities

Canada accused of 'complicity' in torture in UN report
Jack, and the islands, deserve better
Harper's hunting panel includes groups backed by foreign money

Ottawa inching closer to free trade talks with China
Harper urged to oppose GM shutdown

Initiative seeks pan-Canadian approach to health care
Atlantic Canada's three wise men call for the inevitable

Charest accuses students of 'hurting Quebeckers'
Afternoon student rally expected to attract thousands of supporters

Harper to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee in London
Diamond Jubilee: Nobody's talking but RCMP has given Queen a horse for Diamond Jubilee

Scientists decry Ottawa's plan to close environmental research centre
Canada's cutting-edge meteorite research may soon be on the rocks

Crews continue to clean up oil spill
U of C documents point to political donations that may have contravened election law

Elizabeth still has Canada's support
By land and air, in peace and at war, Canadians marked the coronation

Pace president updates Alberta spill
Online, offline protests of Bill C-38 planned for coming days

Committee chair's pesticide conspiracy email was 'impolitic', says recipient
Christy Clark repealing transparency and privacy rights: FIPA

First Nations Health Authority one step closer to realization
BC government balks at passing Animal Health Act

Oil-water leak puts 22,000 barrels in Alberta muskeg
Pickton inquiry gets four-month extension for report, but not for hearings

Bennett demands to see own pesticide email before commenting
BCTF supports Cowichan Valley 'restoration' budget

Oil sands sparked 'uniquely Canadian strain' of Dutch Disease: report
BC premier warns cities ditching RCMP means higher taxes

JUNE 1st_____
Opposition aims to rile up voters about budget
Era of the Red Tory is long gone

Tories governing from the extreme centre
Departing 'bully' not backing down

Mulcair is right that Alberta must respect the environment
Will party brass let grassroots Liberals call some shots?

Have the Tories changed their tune on sole-sourced contracts?
The F-35 procurement: what lessons must be learned?

Searching for the political heart of Quebec
Let's get out of UN: And do not apologize to this global collection of thugs

Oda's travel expenses cause dissent in Tory caucus
Canada accused of 'complicity' in torture in UN report

Mulcair calls for federal funding plan for cities
Harper's extremely generous benefits for the unemployed

Harper to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee in London
Harper's hunting panel includes groups backed by foreign money

Most nuclear reviews don't meet Harper's two-year limit
MPs, local media and NSMT to hit pitch Monday on Parliament Hill

Activists gear up for multi-pronged protest against Tory budget bill
2,000 jobs cut as GM to close Oshawa plant

New Brunswick plans Senate elections for 2016
Ottawa wins appeal to block RCMP union

Canada loses NAFTA case against Exxon
New duty-free limits will challenge Canadian retailers

Delet ed tweets of U.S. politicians available forever on new website Politwhoops
The hotel where political legends were made, and broken

The man Julian Fantino said was dead is alive and waiting for his apology
Federal Budget 2012: Canadian government plans to scrap fair wages law

UN tourism body disputes Canada's reason for quitting
Awed by oil sands, Mulcair calls for more environmental oversight

New bill to address Mountie discipline imminent: Toews
Protecting Canada's fisheries: an open letter to Stephen Harper

Kent tries to discredit ex-ministers' criticisms
Why are we eliminating the CSIS watchers?

ACOA executives poised for bonuses while layoffs loom
Oda says only appropriate travel costs covered

Speaker Scheer says decorum in the Commons is getting better
Biden thanks Harper for Afghan funding

Next chapter of Quebec student crisis begins after talks with province fail
Human reproduction agency has little to show for $30-million

Clark earns Twitter kudos for rebuking Branson
Clark teeters from left to right with federal counterparts

Canadian shopaholics can get enchanced fix if they head stateside
Tim Hortons with $26/hour servers putting Windsor hospital $265k in the hole



JUNE 2ND_____

« As the "Syrian National Council" Disintegrates, NATO Tries a New Line: Al Qaeda's Central Role in Syria Makes an Invasion Necessary 

AFP Staffer Manhandled By Police During Arrest At Bilderberg 2012
Source: Bilderberg wants Ron Paul Dead

Bilderberg 2012 Day Two: Bullhorning, Interviews, Police State, and More
Alex Jones Meets The MSM at Bilderberg 2012

War Criminal Henry Kissinger Filmed at Bilderberg 2012
Exclusive Photos: Bilderberg Attendees Revealed

Occupy Wall Street bangs pots and pans with students in Quebec
Obama's and Brennan's "Kill List"

Syrian Atrocities and the Fog of War

Polluting Occupation

Mental Health Movement Resists Chicago Austerity Measures
Bill Black on “Career Limiting Gestures

Protests Against Brutal Repression and Draconian Law in Quebec
The Last Interview of Syed Saleem Shahzad

Quebec Student Movement Grows with Popular Support
Fareed Zakaria's Neo-Liberal Defense of Germany Pt1

'Tony Blair is a war criminal!' Video of protester at Leveson Inquiry

Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal

Occupy London Global Spring Day

AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec
Get ready for a Bedouin uprising

Note to Syria interventionists: Be careful what you wish for
The Flame cyber attack: How one worm changed the discourse on an Iran strike

US to assign army brigade to Africa
U.S. Should Steer Clear of Syria

Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy
India's corrupt health sector

Conscious Peace
What Can Be Done About Syria?

Sex, Lies and Jesus
Corporations Control Lawmaking & Copycat Indian Model

Deaths in Gaza border shooting
UN orders investigation into Houla massacre

US releases bleak unemployment figures
The Syria deadly blame game

`USA uses sex to control the world`
The Real Face of Debt

Violence-Wracked Honduras
Looming Economic Realities

A Guerra pela Água e a questão tibetana
Dear friends: June 7th is approaching

Obama Plans War on Syria
Israel`s Enforcer

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Read more...When You Hear About Massacres, Reach For Your Truth Detector

Read more...Making Obama's Kill List
Read more...Peace Ruining Iran War Plan?

Read the Article Mainstream Media Misses the Boat, Again, on the Medical Utility of Marijuana
Read the Article NYC Cops Successfully Enforce Regime of Intimidating Dissidents and Press; Dozens Notice

Read the Article Withholding Water: Cholera, Prejudice and the Right to Water in Haiti
Read the Article Medea Benjamin on How Drones May Be Used Against US Citizens Soon

Read the Article What the Right Gets Right About Abortion and the Left Doesn't Get
Read the Article How America's Largest Private Prison Operator Plans to Beat Corporate Income Tax

Read the Article Who Is Behind the Conspiracy Against Climate Change Science?
Read the Article Unemployment Rate Edges Up to 8.2 Percent 

The US Progression of Amassing the Nation's Wealth in a Few Hands Must End
Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying the Law Can't Touch Them
Read the Article at Wired

Big Paychecks, Tiny Tax Burdens: How 21,000 Wealthy Americans Avoided Paying Income Tax Read the Article at ABC News
The Poison of Drone Warfare Seeps Into the Future Read the Article at BuzzFlash

"First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated": When Cops, Cameras Don't Mix Read the Article at MSNBC
Corporate media refuses to cover 'Global Mafia' meeting Video:

Source Americans afraid of Obama's drones
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Without any mainstream media coverage at all, the House of Representatives passed the United States Israel Enhanced Security Coooperation Act of 2012 (USIESC).

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Source EU-skeptic Ireland votes on austerity 
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JUNE 1ST_____

New Syria 'mass killing' reported ahead of UN meeting
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton says Syria similar to Bosnia
Jar of 1930s anti-freckle cream may unlock mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance
Dark chocolate cuts heart deaths says Australian study
Chilling shots show Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann rotting in an Israeli jail are released to mark the 50th anniversary of his execution
I've never escaped from that moment: Girl in napalm photograph that defined the V ietnam War 40 years on
Stock markets sag as oil hits 2-year low
Ireland votes 'yes' to EU deficit-fighting treaty

"Liberty has never come from Government. It is always come from the subjects of Government. The history of Liberty is the history of resistance." Woodrow Wilson

"Chief among the spoils of victory is the privilege of writing the history." - Mark Alexander

Op-Ed Articles

Report: Obama Ordered Secret Attacks On Iran's Nuclear Program
Stuxnet worm was part of joint U.S.-Israel effort to sabotage computers that control Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities.

Iran Nuclear Irony Lost On The West The five-plus-one should be guided by reason, not by Israel's irrational paranoia.

Unending Wars against Mankind: Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite; humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance.

When You Hear About Massacres, Reach For Your Truth Detector When is a massacre a massacre, and how can we find truth in the fog of intense war propaganda?

"Might Makes Right" Says Conspirator of Syrian-Iranian Conquest 2005 interview profiles psychology of those behind the Houla Massacre.

Zionism A Rebellion Against Judaism When Theodor Herzl raised his flag, almost all East European Jews were still living in a ghetto-like Orthodox atmosphere, ruled by the rabbis.

Will Americans Speak Out Against Obama's Drone Warfare? While purporting to represent the world's greatest democracy, US leaders are putting people on a hit list who are as young as 17, people who are given no chance to surrender, and certainly no chance to be tried in a court of law.

Hope Burning A steely warrior who, according to a lengthy leaked insider account in The New York Times, hurls death-dealing drones at anyone who threatens the good old USA. Including children.

Obama At Large: Where Are The Lawyers? The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government.

WikiLeaks, War Crimes and the Pinochet Principle "This week's developments bear crucially on the public's right to know, and why whistle-blowers must be protected."

Coming: Even more FBI Warrantless Searches? Wow! Have presidential rivals Obama and Mitt Romney said a word about this? Don't they care when the Constitution is being ravaged? Will this come up in any of their debates or in press interviews during the campaign?

"Democracy" For Sale Conservative Groups Plan to Spend $1 Billion to Retake the White House The $1 billion total surpasses the $750 million that Barack Obama, one of the most prolific fundraisers ever, collected for his 2008 campaign.

America's Corporate Immigrant Detention Racket Who benefits from immigrants awaiting hearings being locked up in worse conditions than criminal convicts? Only private prisons.

Violence in Iraq kills 18 : Bombs targeted a crowded Baghdad restaurant and a police patrol Thursday, among attacks that killed at least 18 people and wounded 53 in Iraq's bloodiest day in more than a month

Countdown to al-Maliki no confidence vote has begun - Iraqiya spokesperson: "The political blocs expect al-Maliki to resign before the beginning of the process to withdraw confidence from him in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which is set to begin in the next few days."

Saudi Arabia's oil war plan hinted: Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies may right now be boosting oil production, aiming to plunge the market price to as low as US$60 per barrel. The ultimate goal is to cripple the economies of Shiite Iran and Iraq.

Attack on US base kills 14 in Afghanistan: NATO: A suicide truck bomber attacked a US-run base on Friday, sparking clashes that killed up to 14 people in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border, officials said.

Pakistan military denies return of US trainers: The Pakistani military on Thursday denied claims by US officials that a group of American trainers had returned to the country several months after their departure following a deadly NATO air strike that had killed 24 soldiers.

U.S. kills 11 in south Yemen: Residents said the men, who were thought to have included some foreigners, were inside a house in the town of al-Mahfad in Abyan province in south Yemen

As violence rises, US and allies "pulled" into Yemen: U.S. policymakers might talk down "boots on the ground" in Yemen but with an estimated several hundred military advisers already deployed, Washington and its allies are already being drawn ever deeper into the country.

Starving and broke: Yemen: Yemen is on the edge of collapse while US meddling isn't helping,

Syria: Armed groups carried out Houla massacre: "It appears that all the victims came from peaceful families who refused to rise up against the government or take up arms, but had rows with armed groups," the general stated, adding that facts and evidence showed the victims had been killed at close range.

'Negotiated solution' can end Syria crisis: Putin: "This is what we talked about with the German chancellor, to find a political solution to these problems. Can it be done or not? On the whole, I believe it is possible," Putin said.

Russia not supplying arms for Syria civil war-Putin: "We have a good, long-standing relationship with Syria, but we do not support any side from which the threat of a civil war may emerge," Putin told a joint news conference with Merkel. "As for supplying weapons, Russia does not provide weapons that could be used in a civil conflict," he added.

Syrian group claims kidnap of Shia pilgrims: A previously unknown armed group calling itself the "Syrian Revolutionaries - Aleppo Province" claims to have kidnapped a group of Lebanese Shia pilgrims in exchange for an apology from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Israeli soldier, Palestiniann killed in border clash: A Palestinian resistance fighter "broke into Israel" on Friday and killed a soldier before being shot dead himself in a rare cross-border attack that Israel blamed on the Islamist group Hamas.

Israeli MP: Send human rights activists to prison camps: "All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building," she said, referring to detention facilities Israel is constructing in which African immigrants will be held.

Egypt court to deliver Mubarak trial verdict on Saturday:
If convicted, the 84-year-old former ruler could face the death penalty.

Study: 13% of deployed Marines consider suicide: More than one in 10 Marines who deployed overseas reported having suicidal thoughts or plans to attempt suicide, according to a study looking at suicidal predictors.

Once-Censored WWII Documentary Shatters Cliches: The Army was so frightened that the film would hurt recruitment that when Huston tried to screen it for his friends at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, a couple of military police came and seized

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gains ground in Mexico polls: Lopez Obrador has the support of 34 percent of likely voters, putting him only four points behind the political race's front-runner.

Spanish minister says future of euro at risk: Spain saw its bond yields shoot up again after the country's economy minister said that the future of the euro would be determined in the next few weeks

Irish voters back EU fiscal pact: official results: The EU has been spared a headache thanks to the ratification of the treaty -- which would enforce stricter budgetary discipline in countries that sign up -- a "no" vote could have fuelled a growing backlash against austerity in Europe.

Paul Krugman: The Austerity Agenda: Slashing spending while the economy is deeply depressed is a self-defeating strategy, because it just deepens the depression.
U.S. Unemployment rises to 8.2% in May: The unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent in May as only 69,000 jobs were created.

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

15h30 - Manifestation · «Un geste clair et assumé de désobéissance civile», dit la CLASSE
        Peu avant le début de l'événement, la marche a été déclarée illégale puisqu'aucun trajet n'a été remis aux policiers. Agence QMI
10h50 - Hausse des droits de scolarité · Québec s'offre une page de publicité pour faire le point
        Québec s'est offert une pleine page de publicité dans les quotidiens de la province, samedi, afin de rappeler les grandes lignes de la dernière         offre publique. Agence QMI
04h04 - Rappel d'aliments · Présence possible de la Salmonella dans les produits de marque Cuisine du Viêt-nam
        L'Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments (ACIA) met en garde la population de ne pas consommer les Noeuds de papillon au miel &    sésame de marque Cuisine du Viêt-nam puisque le produit pourrait être contaminé par la bactérie Salmonella. Agence QMI
01h39 - Grève étudiante · La ministre pète les plombs
        Pendant les quatre jours qu'ont duré les pourparlers, le climat a été très tendu à la table de négociations. JDM
23h10 - 39e manifestation nocturne · Quelques centaines de manifestants
        La 39e manifestation nocturne s'est déroulée dans une ambiance relativement pacifique vendredi soir, à Montréal. Agence QMI
18h33 - Pour ses folles dépenses · La ministre Oda rembourse les contribuables
        La ministre du Développement international, Bev Oda, aurait remboursé ses folles dépenses de voyage et d'accueil des cinq dernières années,     qui ont été passées au peigne fin par son personnel. Agence QMI
17h33 - Arrêt des négociations · La CLASSE poursuit sa mobilisation
        Au lendemain de l'arrêt des négociations entre les associations étudiantes et le gouvernement, la CLASSE soutient que la mobilisation contre la         hausse des droits de scolarité est toujours aussi présente au sein de la population. Agence QMI
14h06 - Conflit étudiant · Québec veut la paix sociale, mais pas à n'importe quel prix
        Le gouvernement veut la paix sociale, mais pas à n'importe quel prix, a tranché le premier ministre Jean Charest, vendredi, au lendemain de     l'arrêt des négociations entre Québec et les étudiants. Agence QMI
11h56 - Nouvelle présidente de la FECQ · Léo Bureau-Blouin passe le flambeau
        Léo Bureau-Blouin, a officiellement passé le flambeau vendredi, laissant sa place à Éliane Laberge, une étudiante de 19 ans du Collège de       Rosemont. Agence QMI
00h06 - Québec · La manifestation se solde encore par des arrestations
        Après plus d'une heure de manifestation illégale, l'escouade anti-émeute a violemment sonné la fin de la récréation sur la côte         d'Abraham. Agence QMI


Stand together for a fair Canada, Saturday June 2nd at Conservative MP offices. .

"You only need to be concerned over one of these to come out and express your displeasure at the way ALL of these are being rammed down our throats without the slightest bit of examination, discussion, or negotiation. And almost none of it was in the election platform of a year ago.""

There were those who heeded the call made above to visit Member of Parliament's offices to show opposition to what I call the O-B-B the Omnibus Budget Bill, Bill C-38 which wihen passed into law will make the changes listed below . I came across this just now on a Facebook site and thought I'd pass it on  :

"Some pics from the BlackMark protests today."   http ://

Anita Nickerson's List of Reasons to Oppose the Federal Budget Bill

Bill C-38 has something in it for everyone.

Concerned about the Environment? This bill:

- repeals The Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act;
- dismantles The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act;
- excludes concerned citizens from assessments of major projects like the Enbridge pipeline;
- downloads responsibility for most environmental assessments to provinces;
- gives final say over pipeline projects to Conservative cabinet ministers­regardless of environmental impacts.
- lays off the entire Canadian scientific community looking at ocean contaminants. Did you know we have a lot of coastline? Meaning there's a lot of ocean not being examined, which will impact the worldwide science in this area.
- eliminates habitat protection from The Fisheries Act;
- limits the waterways protected by The Species at Risk Act and The Fisheries Act;
- dismantles the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, leaving natural areas vulnerable

Perhaps you are concerned about Health. This bill:

- shortchanges cash-strapped provinces of expected health transfers by $31 billion;
- weakens food and drug regulations at the discretion of the Minister of Health;
- ends vital Auditor General oversight of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency;
- paves the way for private contractors to perform food safety inspections.

Is it Employment that interests you? This bill:

- forces Canadians to work two years longer, to age 67, to qualify for Old Age Security;
- cuts workers off Employment Insurance if they don't take any job the Minister of Human Resources deems "suitable";
- repeals The Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act;
- removes federal contractors from the protection of The Employment Equity Act.
brings in foreign workers and allows them to be paid 15% less than our minimum wage.

Is it Democracy that interests you? This bill:

- reduces the Auditor General's powers to hold government accountable to Canadians;
- removes independent oversight from 12 key government agencies­including the - Northern Pipeline Agency, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency;
- eliminates organizations that produce independent policy research­including Rights & Democracy, the National Council of Welfare, and the First Nations Statistical Institute;
- dissolves the Public Appointments Commission designed to ensure key positions are assigned based on merit instead of insider connections;
- allows the FBI to come into Canada and arrest Canadians on Canadian soil.

You only need to be concerned over one of these to come out and express your displeasure at the way ALL of these are being rammed down our throats without the slightest bit of examination, discussion, or negotiation. And almost none of it was in the election platform of a year ago."

This list was created by Anita Nickerson, who volunteered to lead the Kitchener-Waterloo Blackmark day of action. Additional thanks to Jennifer Ross for compiling this ever-growing list.

From: John Kruithof
Subject: Omnibus Budget Bill A Bad Idea

A friend of mine wrote this articulate letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen published June 2nd.
John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: "rory j. koopmans" <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations: Holy Crap

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Let's get out of UN: And do not apologize to this global collection of thugs, Brian Lilley, May 31, 2012

Re: Let's get out of UN: And do not apologize to this global collection of thugs, Brian Lilley, May 31, 2012

Brian Lilley sees the world divided into good and evil with the democracies on one side and the UN's global collection of thugs like nuclear-weapon-hungry North Korea on the other. But the United States, Great Britain and France, the democracies who have the most power with seats and vetoes on the Security Council, also have thousands of nuclear weapons and are among the world's largest arms exporters. Many of the UN's problems relate to an internal structure first set up in 1945 by the victorious powers of WWII. There have been many proposals to democratize the UN such as by adding a parliamentary chamber, first as a consultative body and then transitioning to co-decision powers. If we want to avoid nuclear Armageddon, it makes sense to make the UN more inclusive and accountable to the world's citizens rather than following Lilley's plan which would destroy a universal body and pit one set of armed and snarling countries against another.

From: Joseph <>
Subject: Re: This Sunday: NO TANKERS Photo Shoot


This message is going out to the 450 people we met at our "No Tankers or Pipelines" bake sales over the past 6 weeks.

With your help, we've now raised + $12,000 towards the cost of full page ads in the Sun and Province! Word is spreading online, posters are up on the streets, and we're looking forward to seeing you all at Sunday's photo shoot at Kits Beach. It's going to be fun. The group photo will be the centrepiece of the newspaper ads, and it will send a powerful message to Premier Christy Clark: it's time to stand up for BC.

Here are some final details for the photo shoot Sunday 4 pm at Kits Beach - happening rain or shine:
  • location: between the pool and the beach, on the large cement plaza. Look for a tall ladder.
  • please bring your friends and family! Christy Clark is Vancouver Point Grey's MLA, but she's everyone's Premier. We invite everyone who cares about this issue to be in the picture!
  • consider wearing your work clothes, your sports uniform or even your prom outfit (congratulations high school grads!) -- we want to show the diverse backgrounds of people who care about this issue.
  • consider bringing your water toys (your kayak, paddle board, etc.) so we can show what is at stake with tankers on our coast.
And last but not least, please spread the word. We could double our numbers on Sunday if all of us mentioned this on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, by email, over the fence and in church Sunday morning. Together we can have a huge impact! Useful links for spreading the word below.

See you Sunday,
Your fellow concerned citizens from Voters Taking Action on Climate Change

From: "S Booiman" <>
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
Subject: bilingualism

As sample of what could happen the hearings on bilingualism guided by the Minister of of Heritage The Hon.James Moore CP MP
cornwall freeholder  Ontario      Junw 1, 2012
LFA gets their message across to Official Languages Minister
By Tony Muma
Posted 21 hours ago
CHESTERVILLE — It was supposed to be a fundraising dinner like any other, until a group showed up dressed all in black, carrying a black coffin with white stencilled lettering that read: "Democracy is Dead and Here lies the majority."

Language Fairness for All (LFA) leader Chris Cameron and his gang were at it again on Wednesday at the Chesterville Legion on Queen Street.

The dinner was hosted by MP Guy Lauzon and Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages James Moore was the function's keynote speaker.

Lauzon said the annual fundraiser went great, despite the attention-grabbing protest.

It was fine, (the LFA) was very respectful and I spoke with Chris Cameron who was very reasonable, Lauzon added.

I think there was 30 of them, Minister Moore spoke with Chris as well.

Lauzon said the group's concerns primarily revolve around the hiring practices — a provincial matter — but Moore and Lauzon ultimately agreed to set up a meeting to hear what Cameron and the LFA have to say.

Cameron seemed pleased and satisfied with that, though I don't want to put words in his mouth, Lauzon added.

I spent a total of four or five minutes with the group, but they were totally respectful, amicable and there were no insults hurled.

St. Lawrence College instructor Laurie Branchaud remembers the encounter a little differently.

I yelled a few things into the megaphone, she said with a laugh.

We showed up early and they sent a fellow out to distract us at the main door, she added.

We had the French Canadians for Language Fairness group with us. The women of our group were irate and the man kept saying '˜Ontario is bilingual. You're all bilingual because you live here," Branchaud said.

Cameron was around the side of the building, waiting for Lauzon and Moore to arrive. When Lauzon did arrive, according to Branchaud, he brushed past Cameron.

When Lauzon and Moore ultimately realized they'd need to go through the LFA to enter the building, Branchaud said they stopped to talk.

Minister Moore was calming and had a great approach. He had a calming effect on the crowd. Guy came out with Chris and was all smiles.

In a video of the encounter posted on YouTube, Lauzon, flanked by Moore, offers to sit down privately with Cameron and the CLF to "maybe move this agenda forward."

Let's do the right thing.

The video can be viewed here

Overall, Branchaud said the LFA's latest protest was a success.

“We managed to get time with the Minister of Official Languages,” she added.

“Other groups have been trying to do that and we managed to do it within a few months of starting.

Subject: Article from Global Research
From: Richard Priestman

From Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, Montreal, June 1, 2012
Opposition Terrorists `Killed  Families Loyal to the Government` .

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>

A winning essay on national media coverage of the 2011 federal election

Posted: 31 May 2012 04:52 PM PDT
This is a brilliant piece of writing by Mark Brister: "National media coverage of the 2011 federal election was a failure." Not sure if it's getting much coverage but there's a lot of good stuff there. If this is the runner-up for the 2012 Dalton Camp Award on links between democracy and the media, I'd like to read the winner!

Here's one excerpt, on polling during the election, which the author titles, "the carnival mirror":
Funnelling the bewildering cacophony into a rubric of empirical order, 76 national polls ranking the relative standing of political parties and leaders were published during the 37-day campaign period.

CTV News and the Globe and Mail hired Nanos Research to conduct almost daily tracking, and pollsters like EKOS President Frank Graves were featured in regular appearances on current affairs shows like CBC's Power and Politics. Increasing competition among polling firms, differences in methodology, and sampling problems produced wild variations during the campaign on at least three occasions pollls conducted during overlapping periods produced a 10-point spread in their estimation of Conservative support. Reporting on these results was occasionally submitted to scrutiny, but print and television reports routinely omitted information required to properly interpret these polls, such as the chasm of difference between national and regional margins of error, giving the impression of a race where there was none. Amidst the fervour to forecast the election (as if it were an inevitable weather system), seat projection sites like rose in popularity, utilizing models later devalued by actual election results.
Through their ostensible representative function, metrics of public opinion can serve democratic purposes. Nik Nanos, president of Nanos Research, argues that daily surveys conducted by his firm gave voters a voice by allowing them to identify the issue of greatest concern, setting a trajectory for public discussion. Yet the overwhelming aim of polling during the election was to gauge the relative standing of parties and party leaders. "I'm totally depressed," complained an exasperated Graves, "[public opinion firms are] trying to explain the underlying social forces that are producing political change, and the media, despite protestations to the contrary, are much more interested in the horse-race side of things." More than a "snapshot," horse-race polls have become a ubiquitous electoral hermeneutic, reducing an intricate tapestry of collaborative visions into a sterile, competitive ordinal. A carnival mirror, this imagery entertains and distorts, crowding our limited repertoire of political images, warping the conception of our role in the democratic process from contemplative agents to nominal units.

Must read.

Today in secret deliberations

Posted: 31 May 2012 03:40 AM PDT
Something to watch for today as the Conservatives keep digging their democratic deficit, the Commons public accounts committee meets to decide the future of the F-35 hearings. Not in public, mind you! Where do you think you are?
The committee is scheduled to meet again Thursday behind closed doors. The effort to shut down the hearings, led by Conservative MP Andrew Saxton, comes after about seven hours of testimony from witnesses.
Liberal and NDP members of Parliament had expected the hearings to continue this week, but Saxton introduced a motion during the committee's May 17 meeting to stop calling witnesses and have the panel prepare a report.

Seven hours to assess one of the biggest so-called "accounting errors" in Canadian political history, i.e., the $10 billion gap between the cost of the F-35s that was represented to the public during the federal election by the Harper Conservatives and the true cost set out in the Auditor General's report. Seven hours is all the Conservatives want to devote to this, less than a full day's work. If they are successful, they will be preventing Conservative ministers and key witnesses from appearing. That is scandalous.

Meanwhile, at DND:
There are some in the Canadian Forces who see the Harper government's move to shut down House of Commons hearings into the auditor general's report on the F-35 project as a public relations windfall for those opposing the jet purchase.[...] At DND the talk is that the Conservatives have given the opposition MPs another PR windfall on the F-35 file. There has been widespread disbelief that the poor communications strategy has allowed the purchase to become a major political issue. This latest move will not help the situation at all, say NDHQ insiders.

They're on to something!

P.S.RT @Jezabeldiablo: .@JaneSeyd @NorthShoreNews I am a N.V. resident horrified by Saxton's move to shut down the F-35 inquiry.@Taleeb
­ North Van Liberals (@NVLiberals) May 29, 2012
MT @RobinVan: Andrew Saxton defends stopping parliamentary hearings into F35 purchases. #NorthVancouver did you really vote 4 this? #cdnpoli
­ North Van Liberals (@NVLiberals) May 29, 2012
.@JaneSeyd MT @nexbridge: I hope Saxton's constituents appreciate all the fine work he is doing to kill any semblance of transparency in gov
­ North Van Liberals (@NVLiberals) May 29, 2012

From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: What is Harper Afraid of? (Franke James' Visual Essay) AND Does this happen in Canada? -
            Government Censorship of Franke James.

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Franke James' work gives me such a high, I think I must be on drugs!
Try this: What is Harper Afraid of?
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When I read that Harper put a stop to Franke's European tour last year, I was going to phone her to verify – I thought it could not be true.
I went to her blog instead. It IS true - - and unsettling. But! Franke simply capitalized on it, in a Wow! sort-of-way.
Click on the video at (About getting on Harper's Blacklist)
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I called Franke just because I couldn't contain my exuberance, generated by her creativity. She was out, so I conveyed my congratulations to her husband.
They are releasing a youtube, hopefully tomorrow (June 1) with Franke's voice and music to accompany "What is Harper Afraid of?" (as I understand).
I was going to wait for the link, but tomorrow is busy. As soon as I have the link, I'll add it to this posting
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- Our first contact with Franke James: 2008-09-30 Dear Prime Minister, Will our children inherit a Canada where polar bears can only be found on Toonies?
- See also: 2008-09-22 Dear Prime Minister: Why are you making us choose between the economy and the environment?
P.S. It is REALLY important that Canadians know what's going on! If you can forward Franke's work to others, please do. Thanks.
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If you're around Saskatoon, don't forget! Elizabeth May, June 3 (Sunday), 12:30 – 1:30 pm, in the Park on the north side of the Bessborough Hotel (skating rink in winter).
From Maclean's Magazine: You GO Elizabeth, Shut down Harpers gutting of Canada.


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Ian Berg's question   DD

Joe--that MP was Grant Hill, the MP for MacLeod riding,  in High River Alberta.  Then later when he left politics he also took the gold plated pension because "his constituents would want him to" (no questionnaire  or anything--he knew what we wanted!!!) This after we had run on revamping the MP pension was and is too rich.  Werner Schmidt and Lee Morrison are the only two Reform MPs that didn't take the MP pension on retirement.
Subject: but real Canadians that lose their jobs are supposed to relocate to
 find another job???  Some Canadians are more equal?  We all need jobs to pay
 taxes for these patronage scum buckets
Is patronage the oil that keeps our democracy turning?
Subject: the truth about the killing in Syria

THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists "Killed Families Loyal to the Government" Detailed Investigation
Subject: [On-Guard] Alberta taxpayer paying to have Redford get her marching orders  from Bilderberg group.

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith attacks premier's attendance at Bilderberg conference

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: National media coverage of the 2011 federal election was a failure -

This guy's use of language & style is off putting to me....perhaps because I am lazy.    None-the-less the issues he raises should be considered.
Too bad the Corporate media will pay not pay attention to what the author is saying.   After all... the way the last election was covered was quite deliberate and achieved the results wanted by the 1% and those others hoping to join them.

From: The Natroses

Joe - both sides of the coins and.......below

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction"

Newton's third law - " LAW III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts. ­ Whatever draws or presses another is as much drawn or pressed by that other. If you press a stone with your finger, the finger is also pressed by the stone. If a horse draws a stone tied to a rope, the horse (if I may so say) will be equally drawn back towards the stone: for the distended rope, by the same endeavour to relax or unbend itself, will draw the horse as much towards the stone, as it does the stone towards the horse, and will obstruct the progress of the one as much as it advances that of the other. If a body impinges upon another, and by its force changes the motion of the other, that body also (because of the equality of the mutual pressure) will undergo an equal change, in its own motion, toward the contrary part. The changes made by these actions are equal, not in the velocities but in the motions of the bodies; that is to say, if the bodies are not hindered by any other impediments. For, as the motions are equally changed, the changes of the velocities made toward contrary parts are reciprocally proportional to the bodies. This law takes place also in attractions, as will be proved in the next scholium. [29] "'s_laws_of_motion

The physics science, but holds true in other places, including the environment. How does the governments of whatever stripe fits in, concerning their policies, services, benefits, and their authority prescribed in the laws of the land, portrays governments and the politicians as good guys, disguising their motivations and long term plans, by controlling and impeding the citizens' ability to access and control their own motions. Motions are the actions and behaviour of people, and as in Newton's third law, " The changes made by these actions are equal, not in the velocities but in the motions of the bodies; that is to say, if the bodies are not hindered by any other impediments. For, as the motions are equally changed, the changes of the velocities made toward contrary parts are reciprocally proportional to the bodies. This law takes place also in attractions, as will be proved in the next scholium. [29] "

The key words, are if the bodies are not hindered by any other impediments, and to be seen as - "if the citizens are not hindered by any other impediments."

Below is a video meant for high school students, to fully understand Newton's third law. Remember to keep the image of the fumes from the rockets being blasted, and ponder where does the exhaust goes. What happens?

Below is an article that cross my desk this morning - Homeland security?

Entitled -

Geoengineering may lead to whiter sky

What on earth is geoengineering, and what has that got to do with Homeland Security? Below is the low down on geoengineering and what Homeland Security along with other special interests will not tell you or any other citizens, the legal authority to control global climate, through geoengineering and to which scientists call it - climate engineering. Imagine having the control of the global climate where a few decides what the climates will be of any given region? Nah, impossible you said? I thought so to, but some of the top scientists have stated otherwise, and it is of no surprise to see governments and agencies like Homeland Security greatly interested in Climate and climate change, as well as well governments all over the world are now calling the environmental groups, terrorists and other unsavoury names.

To every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction - keep that in mind when viewing the video, and the science behind it, and will lead you to understand the implications of governments and the global corporations versus the citizens and more importantly the profits.

"As research on this area expands, the political implications of these technological concepts are being increasingly felt. From private and public multimillion-dollar research funds, to international convention decisions, each action by the small number of scientific and policy entrepreneurs (proponents and opponents alike) engaged in the conversation is shaping how solar geoengineering technologies will evolve to influence our future.

In many cases, the important impacts are not technological, but political. Many actions are shaping how global publics' and policymakers' perceive solar geoengineering in relation to the array of other concerns dominant in their political frames. Examples include potential implications for volatile food prices, accessible energy resources, available development pathways, preservation of biodiversity, regional and international security, and more.

Because of vast uncertainty in the causal links between solar geoengineering and impacts on such issues, suggestions of specific impacts are at best speculative (and at worst, fallacious). Nonetheless, this has not stopped engaged policy entrepreneurs from "forum shopping" for national and international institutions that might 'govern' solar geoengineering research according to their views of the issues and concerns at hand.

Blackstock's talk provided an overview of the latest science and emerging research for prominent geoengineering proposals as well as exploring recent and potential future evolution of the global solar geoengineering discourse.

About Jason J. Blackstock
Jason J. Blackstock is the Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (Canada) and a Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria).

His research broadly explores the intersection of science and international affairs, with a focus on scientific and socio-political implications of climate change and geoengineering technologies. Jason's research and policy advising range from nanotechnology and quantum physics (MPhys, Edinburgh; PhD, Alberta) to international public policy and security (Harvard, MPA; Stanford, Graduate Certificate).

He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience and was recently elected an Associate Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science."

Just wanted to make sure that no one dismisses Blackstock, nor what he has to say. because it is not the science is the problem, but the governments and others making decisions based on profit.

And remember, it is scientists like Blackstock that the Harper government has silenced. Keep that in mind, and think about the actions of governments and how they impede their citizens in almost every aspect of their lives, right down to waste management.

Yes waste management of the household kind, made an appearance in my rural corner, full of the kind where one needs a 4 hour course to understand the new regulations, the fees, and fines. Of course, some regions are more advance, but they all start off with few rules, no fines, completely voluntary, and not a lot of work for the average householder. And in some cases, where a region never has had any serious model of waster management, the rules are made up along with the fines as they go along. The latest one, which is not in the short list of new regulations, came down today - the edict - garbage will be placed on the curb (what curbs?), between the hour of 7:00 am to 8:00 am. To boot, a private contractor will be picking up the trash, probably issuing orders to the RCMP to give warnings to citizens who dare to place their garbage outside the 7 to 8 am window. I laugh and laugh when I heard the RCMP will be issuing the tickets and warnings. I told them, it is probably news to them, and besides that if they can't stopped people from parking across from my driveway on a narrow roadway, what makes them think the RCMP will be at all interested when violations are not a criminal matter.

As I stated before, some regions are much more advance and below is one. A real treat for the citizens in this Canadian municipality, and lots of fees, fines and thou shall not rules, it must be a two hour affair each week, ensuring the rules are not broken, and the trash bins are sparkling clean. If one trash bin should get stolen or missing in action or damage - the homeowner gets to buy another one at their own expense. If the trash bin is damage by the trash truck, it will be replaced by them. Now tell me, how does that work, as my daughter said, "Does the home owner have to place video cameras in the front of the home, just to prove the garbage truck guys damage the trash bin? Sure, because the trash bins cost $120 a piece, and I cannot get it independently confirmed, because I have yet to find a retail store or a supplier stating prices or the items.

Lots of money being made, and most of the new revenues for cities and towns, non-profits, as well as the private guys are making a boat load of money by sucking the residents out of their money over and above the high property taxes being paid, for less and less services. And should a citizen complain, the citizen will get the new label as being anti-environment, as I was for daring to phone them up and question their authority. The Stewardship Boards are self-sustaining. that is they do not get government grants but are funded through the fees, fines, and the pricey trash bins and bags as well as eco-taxes. If not the rest is downloaded unto the citizens, as another expense, and if not, the heavy fines will come down reigning upon them.

Now imagine what kind of power if geoengineering gets into the hands of the few, and what could happen on a global scale, compared to the waste management policies and what is happening on a small scale, where a few benefit profit wise, while the majority of citizens have just lost access to reasonable garbage services according to their pocketbooks. Whose nets and trash bins will be stolen? The ones that cannot afford to replace them? Who will get the most fines and warnings? The ones that cannot afford the supplies to obey the new regulations, and for some, they may be physically unable to.

And the ones that cannot afford the pricey price tag associated with being a good little environmentalist in waste, they will be the ones creating the little unauthorized garbage dumps and the midnight raids to the garbage receptacles of business and apartment buildings. Of course all against the rules, and to which the little kingdoms of the stewardship kind, have reserved most of their wrath and heavy fines for daring to disobey them.

To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction - how very true, especially when governments and global corporations are determined to hinder and impede citizens from reacting to their policies.